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    1. 31th of August: Games, death and concern (4 non-lucid dreams)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:36 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      1:00 - 6:40
      Demonic Crime Scene
      I'm a disembodied observer inside a game world. I follow a playable character around as a youtuber, Rockleesmile aka Nick, talks about the game. I just see the game, but Nick's voice is easy to recognize. Nick is giving praise to this game and calls it Dead Space 2. The playable character does look like Isaac, but the game is an open world puzzle game with monsters that remind me of Dark Souls. Then Nick shows me the jetpack and how fast you can go with it. I am impressed. It looks fun. My memory here is a bit fuzzy, but I feel like I took over the playable character for a while to just fly around the level.

      I continue as a cameraman. Nick explains that he has been stuck on this level for a long time. He goes into a large metallic building with wandering demons and two robots. These robots switch between a sad expression to a happy one. The two seem to be important to the puzzle. I force Nick to focus on this. With my influence, he solves the puzzle. The two robots start to fight and draw attention of a tiny demon that is wandering outside. This little black, transparent blob that's no bigger than my fist. The demon is annoyed by this fighting inside the building. It slaughters all the robots and demons inside the building. The path in no longer blocked.

      I manifest a body and go deeper into this building. There's a crime scene and I have to solve puzzles, a lot of evidence on the ground. There is a cross on the ground made of black smoke. Red light shines from inside the smoke periodically. There are glowing red marks on the ground, about 15 of them. There is a big orb floating in the middle, I know that it's a soul. It's black, indicating that it belongs to a demon. There is a calendar on the ground and small vials on certain dates. I investigate these vials, at least one of them should have glowing green liquid inside. I break the first one I pick up. I notice that it's hard to do things that require precision, I feel like I'm drunk. (I should have RCed.)

      WBTB from 6:40 to 7:10

      Short dream: Hanna and Tuomas called me. They asked why I hadn't contacted in a long while. I started telling them about my health problems. As I focused on talking, my mind wandered like it does in waking life. The result of this inside a dream is a new dream scene. I was flying above a small fantasy village, like Shire from LotR, while still on the phone with Hanna. Hanna and Tuomas were very understanding. (It's like I see a dream with my mind's eye, while focusing on something else. I do it all the time. I also woke up after this.)

      Fighting Tooth Fairy
      I see a map and believe that I'm on a sailing ship. I'm trying to find the dock. I zoom in the map, but it doesn't help me too much. I force my vision out of the map, we are about to crash otherwise. As the map closes, my vision is in the sky, same angle as Diablo-games. The ship hits the dock and disappears. The crew is safely on the dock. A bit bizarre, I think. The wooden planks of the dock are a few centimeters underwater.

      Dream skips a bit. I'm a cameraman again, following my brother's character. He went inland from the dock and is fighting a fleshy bull monster. I tell him how the monsters in this area are difficult. A charge attack will straight up kill you. Then I remember that my brother is level 38 and I was here at level 20. I tell him he might be ok. My brother is using a bow and arrow.

      The next monster he encounters is a massive black salamander like creature with a large head and a huge mouth. The monster has small dragonfly-like wings. Reminds me of Dark Souls a lot. The arrows are not doing anything. I notice that the monster opens it's mouth periodically. I tell my brother to aim for it's mouth. My brother does so and it seems to work. A bright white light shoots out of the beasts mouth. Then we see a huge crystal inside it's mouth. The monster stops fighting us. It congratulates us on figuring out his weakness. I ask what the things around his neck are. "Extra teeth. I'm a tooth fairy."

      The monster goes back down to a small canyon it crawled out of. We approach the edge of it. There is a small giant lying dead in the canyon. The corpse has some sick armor on. "Can we take those boots?" I ask the tooth fairy. "Sure, you earned it. Just take the boots though." The boots are shiny white metal. (And I think the real name for these are greaves and sabatons) I still have no body and my brother's character seems to be gone. A female knight in white armor takes the giant's boots and puts them on. She now has the complete set. She looks badass. (I woke up and focused on recalling as much details as I can, fell asleep for a bit more.)

      Short dream: People gathering outside, getting ready for a competition. There are teams of 3-4 people. I see this vividly. I just stare at each character, because I don't usually see dream characters this vividly, their faces are often blurry. Not this time, I see everything clearly and without needing my glasses. (Some level of awareness, but not quite lucid.)

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    2. Tales from the Dream Realm: Part 2

      by , 08-14-2014 at 06:03 AM
      Chapter 1: Brain Grubs
      The events that transpire I can’t well explain
      I stuck some white grubs into my brain
      Carnivorous grubs these creatures were
      And when I did this nobody stirred
      One after one I placed into my ear
      They crawled through my eardrums but I could still hear
      I did not scream nor did I care
      You must understand I wasn’t all there
      What happened next? Well they ate my brain!
      Why I did this? I can’t well explain.

      Chapter 2: Trashcan Girl
      So my friends and I were strolling through a camp. I don’t know what friends I was with, nor do I know what kind of camp it was but it was not the kind of camp a person wants to be at. I am guessing it was something like a refugee camp but I cannot be sure. I do know that this camp was inhabited by Chinese prostitutes and their pimps. It was the hour of twilight and my friends were wandering through the streets of this camp and came down a dark ally. There was a trashcan in the middle of the ally. We didn’t think anything of it until a prostituste popped right out of it. She climbed out without saying a word and just stood there. Confused, we were about to say something when another prostitute came in with their pimp. She peeked in the trashcan for her fellow night girl and was shocked when she could not find her. Of course Trashcan Girl was standing right fucking there but, you know, whatever.
      “Excuse me,” she said to us, “But have you seen our friend. She was just in here but now I can’t seem to find her.”
      “Here I am!” Trashcan Girl suddenly exclaimed. Happy to have found their friend the three of them leave the ally and continue on with their business leaving us to try and make sense of what had just happened.

      Chapter 3: Ponies in Dead Space
      I was not in my own body but rather I was a passive observer as I observed through the eyes of another denizen. And who was this denizen? Non other than Applejack! Applejack was walking through a giant medical spaceship. It was like a moving hospital where injured travelers could go. A necromorph outbreak had taken place on the ship but the workers were doing all they could to make sure that this did not interfere with their work. After all, they had important work to do. People were counting on them. Applejack was on her way to see my grandfather who had come in contact with the infection some how. He had not come in direct contact with a necro so he could be saved but he had to go through some sort of industrial grade decontamination machine.

      Applejack was following the way-point that was programmed into her rig armor to find my grandfather. She came across Pinkie Pie and Rarity who were playing cards at a table in front of a giant window that gave view to a big brown nebula in the background. They were having a personal conversation each one discussing some problem that was going on in their lives. Applejack attempted to chime in with her problems but they were still talking to each other.

      “Darn it!” she said, “Why are y’all ignorin’ me? I got problems too.”

      The princess Twilight Sparkle walked in and she said to Applejack, “You barged in to vent your problems but you completely disregarded theirs. I don’t excuse their ignoring you but what your doing is worse.” So Applejack left them to keep talking and her waypoint took her down a narrow corridor. I was able to feel what she felt as I saw what she saw. So when she became nervous about what may be waiting ahead, I could feel as though I were there myself. Before continuing Applejack made a point to check her Strife Specibus to see what kind of weapon she used. I don’t remember the weapon she had. She also checked the fetch modus in her sylladax and saw that she had some kind of modus that turned objects into apples. With all of this noted she continued on. She turned the corridor to find herself in between two steel shelves much like the shelves we have in the Walmart backrooms. There were three pallets of mulch that were blocking her way. She proceded to climb over them. She was half way over when the dream ended.
    3. Walton's Laboratory

      by , 07-04-2014 at 07:08 AM
      So there are several weird things that take place in the dream realm. There are some things that people didn’t know. For example, Walmart’s warehouse (at least at the one where I work) doubles over as a massive laboratory in which revolutionary experiments are held. The laboratory is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside and right now they are going through a bit of a rough patch. I was a high ranking technician in the lab and I was forced to leave my department to go help another department with something.

      The laboratory was massive and resembled the interior of the USG Ishimura from the video game “Dead Space.” Much like the Ishimura the backroom laboratory had been overrun by zombie alien monsters known as necromorphs. The necromorphs shunned the light so they did not go where the light was. I was safe so long as I remained in the lit areas but due to sporadic power outages there were certain dark areas where the necros lurked. The infestation was being taken care of by necromorph exterminators to that we could continue our work while the necromorphs were dealt with. We were each issued RIG armor (also from “Dead Space”) and firearms that we may be able to defend ourselves should we ever come across any necros.

      Now it was quite the hike from point A to point B and according to the waypoint that had been programmed into my RIG, the quickest rout was a straight shot through various departments. Honestly, I thought for sure that I would not have clearance to pass through these departments and that I would have to take the long way around but much to my shock: I was greeted warmly as I passed through each department. In fact I had a very good reputation throughout the entire laboratory.

      Unfortunately my waypoint kept pointing me through dark areas that the exterminators hadn’t reached yet. I had my gun drawn and ready in case I ran into any necromorphs in those areas. Luckily those areas just so happened to be vacant at the time that I passed through them. As I got closer to where I was supposed to go I passed by some massive dark areas that had been fenced off by the exterminators. Needless to say, I made a point to avoid those areas. Now here’s where things got complicated. The way point began to fade as I got closer to the objective and it pointed me in the direction of a dark area that had not been fenced off. I trembled as I stood before the area as the thought of setting foot in there frightened me. Luckily I did not have to go in there because the waypoint suddenly pointed left into the brightly lit break room just before the darkened area. I did not know why the waypoint led me hear but at that point I did not care. I saw a friend of mine, Alec, sitting at one of the tables and one other person there. He and I went to the fridge to get sodas for ourselves but we could not find any. That is where the dream ended.
    4. Dream Journal Entry 17: Necromorph infestation -05-01-2013-

      by , 05-01-2013 at 01:58 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two fragments.

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was at a house, in the backyard. There was some wooden platform, with the center part being stairs. On both sides, on the platform and on the ground beneath it, was a car or truck or other vehicle.

      Dream 2 (fragment): I was hiding in a room, with some two friends of mine. Outside was a circular area. In it were apparently some Necromorphs from Dead Space (presumably the first one, considering how they were running in circles), as well as some other people I know. One of my friends was evidently injured, and apparently died, and her last words were apparently to promote me to General?

      Later on, someone else came into the room, and that friend spontaneously came back to life (not as a Necromorph, though).
    5. Suda51 and...survival horror?

      by , 06-10-2012 at 09:15 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Remembered two dreams from last night. The first was relatively short.
      Suda51 came over to our house for dinner. Needless to say, I was excited as hell to meet him. We greeted each other, and then he pulled some mashed potatoes out of the fridge. "Tabemasuka?" he asked. I was confused at first, but rembering that I knew Japanese, I replied, "Hai! Tabemasu."
      okay, so the next one is a lot more crazy compared to the last one. And I remember more.
      My grandma's house, on the outside, looked like this huge, foggy, dark mansion. We were headed there to spend the night; that is me, my friend/rival Seth, and two 10 year old kids who I don't know IRL. We spent the night there, and the next day, loaded up our Gamecube controllers. They were our guns.
      We headed down to the basement of my grandma's house
      which strikes me as funny now, because last night, I was sleeping in one of the guest rooms IN that very basement as I was having this dream... The basement looked pretty normal, just like I remembered it, albeit a bit darker. One of the kids flipped the lights on and we all headed over to a darker corner near the end of the basement. Seth and I stood back as the two kids slammed open the storage room door and went in, Gamecube Controller Guns at the ready.
      "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I heard a shout come from the hallway. TWO shouts. The two boys. I feared the worst.
      "What is it??" I called out. "Is it a necromorph??"
      apparently my mind was fixated on Dead Space at this moment Without an answer, the kids came stumbling out. I held up my Gamecube gun at the storage room door, preparing for whatever despicable creature might pop out.
      A few moments passed...and then............... two guys popped out of the storage room, looking exhausted. I held my gun down and stared in disbelief. "That's all you were screaming aboout? Oh, c'mon!" I walked over to the TV, and the kids followed. They hopped down, and started playing Resident Evil 4 on the gamecube. I stared at them.
      "Guys, we're supposed to be hunting."
      A hand clasped my shoulder and a voice said, "Don't worry about it, they'll be fine." I turned around to see a man I didn't know. He was dressed in a stylish jacket, had pale skin, slicked back brown hair, and wore sunglasses. He held his hand out. "Mind if I play?"
      For some reason, I didn't question it. I handed him my Gamecube Controller/Gun, and he stared at the TV as he played RE4.

      And that's all I remember. Pretty weird dream.

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    6. Dead Space 3: School Zone

      by , 03-12-2011 at 06:11 AM (Living the Dream)
      Dead Space 3: School Zone (Non-lucid)


      I'm at my school. Only it is now Dead Space themed. The lighting is super low and there are windows and vents everywhere. I know that this was deliberate, as many people were talking about how this was "to scare people." The weird this was that they were trying to basicly scare themselves. I remember that there was this room, it was compact and on each wall there was a poster. These posters were scary as shit, so I kept asking to get out. I see one of my teachers walk in and say, "No, you gotta stay," but I walk out the now open door. She follows me and says, "Tell you what, if I don't see you the rest of school, you don't have to go back in that room." I think that that is resonable enough, and head up the stairs. I sit at the top and hear some people coming. They turn the corner and I see it is a girl and the teacher. I think Oh, shit, just don't do anything too big and she won't notice, and sure enough, she walked right by. I go back down the stairs, when I see that the downstairs is normal (besides the whole Dead Space thing) but now there is a hallway that wasn't there before. I go down it, now with my dad, and try to find something. I know that this hallway was straight from Dead Space 2 as I have never seen it before besides in Dead Space 2. We find who we wanted and turn a corner. The hallway was just a big U, and I'm now back where I started, only now I'm trying to talk to another teacher. Then I woke up.
    7. Dead Space 2 - New Dream Environment

      by , 02-17-2011 at 04:38 AM
      For a long time I've had Resident Evil themed dreams. Since Dead Space 2 came out, I've started having Dead Space dreams. I think its interesting because I loved Alien & Aliens, but rarely ever had dreams about them.

      I was in a social dream with people I don't recall. I walked down a hall way to find a bedroom that was massively gritty and futuristic. Lo and behold, I had the Detonator which launches proximity mines. It was the last weapon I purchased before going to bed and I hadn't used it yet verses any Necromorphs. The mines have three aqua colored lasers and the weapon was as realistic in the dream as it is in the game.

      I was now alone in a space station of tremendous detail and nearly identical to the game. I eventually came to a wall that was covered in bloody tentacles and gore. I launched a proximity mine directly in front of it, and it exploded when the wall began to undulate.

      What's interesting is that I hadn't yet seen a wall like this while playing Dead Space 2. Shortly after resuming my game the next day I did.

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