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    1. The Decent

      by , 05-03-2012 at 04:38 PM
      After the gator dream, I found myself on this small wooden platform, about 5 foot across and 8 foot long, with my 3 friends. It was attached to a rope and we were being lowered into a dark chasm. It stopped 4 times on our way down, where I needed to do stuff by swinging around on a rope in a giant roomlike area. The chasm often narrowed, then expanded back out again forming rooms or cavernous area. There was stuff in these areas, like objects on tables and shelves. I had to swing around on this rope and gather certain things before we could proceed downward again. It was very deep and dark, and we all were concerned that we could fall off this thing, or the rope would break, or whoever/whatever was lowering us would just let the rope go and we would fall. Good thing none of that happened. The second area down is where I remember swinging around the most and gathering stuff. At the third area, I had gathered a pack of stuff and handed it to my friend Michelle. She was holding one from before, and when she took the one I gave her she almost fell. Good thing she grabed the swinging rope in time. She swung out and was really scared, but she stopped and her reverse momentum carried her back to the platform where I could catch her and then she was safe again.

      We deceneded into the fourth area, it was opening up so much you couldn't see very far in the dark. Obviously we had some kind of light source, not that I paid attention to it. I grabed the swinging rope here and swung around but didn't find anything in the darkness, not even the sides of the cavern. Once I returned to the platform, we decended again and finally made it to the bottom. It finally opened up to daylight near the bottom of what could be described of as a huge overhanging cliff, we were going down through it vertically. Well we were on the ground again, and made it back to the SUV. This time I sat in between the two girls, and they were pressing against me as we rode in the back seat. We were on the move again. I was setting against a pillow, so I handed it to Michelle to use instead. She thanked me for it, and curled up against it to go to sleep.

      This seems funny now, a DC going to sleep.
    2. The Dream which Didn't Obey (First Decent LD!)

      by , 01-07-2012 at 12:07 AM (Tales of the Observer)
      Colors of text and what they mean:

      (These were inspired by KingYoshi's DJ entries)

      Dream info:

      Lucid/Non-lucid: Lucid (lost lucidity at some point)
      Type of induction (if lucid): None (Aware from the start)
      Duration: 1/2 minutes
      Vividness: Not vivid


      I had this dream a long time ago, but decided to post it now. I was lazzy
      I'm lucid. I don't know how, I just am. I know my family is near me, so I ask my mother "Am I dreaming?" She says negative. For some reason, I ask her this several times (I probably asked others the same too, I can't remember) and always get "No." as an answer. I still know I'm lucid.

      I try to change the dreamscape. I close my eyes, and then open them. Doesn't work. I try it several times, but it was fruitless. "It's amazing how aware I am," I note to myself (Which is ironic, because I was far from being totally aware). I remember I always wanted to start a lucid in a car, so I tell my mother we should use it to go somewhere. "Sure," she answeres, and we go out of the building. I, trying to change the landscape for the last time, close my eyes and shut my ears with my palms, but there is too much noise. I am not concentrated and I can't do it. I try to calm everyone around me to no avail.

      (I believe I lost lucidity at this point, I just know how this continued)
      I was in a shopping mall, near a restaurant in it. I look to see where the plates should be (It's the kind of restaurant where you take a plate and move in the line to get food from several places) and instead, there are caldrons. I don't know if I took one, I just know I am in the line. While I don't see the person next to me, I know she is my online friend from Romania. She is taking some delicious meat. I decide I should take the same. I eat the meat and find it delicious (I felt taste, which is rare for me).

      This was probably the end of the dream. I wake up either then or a bit later, being very enthusiastic about having my first LD that lasted for more than a second!