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    1. Lucid - that random dild coming in handy

      by , 12-09-2018 at 08:08 AM
      Well I got lucid again. The dream was very vivid, and the feeling of it was very "real", just like I want it. Since I started up my lucid dreamning training agin (abut a month ish ago) I have had about 10 lucid dreams. Which I think is pretty decent, since 4 years ago when I was practicing lucid dreaming, I barely got lucid, and had a hard time stabilizing and controlling the dream. I guess I have come pretty far (compared to then). I feel like I get lucid a decent amount, so it's been easier for me to work with the stuff I wanted to. For an example one of my "lifetime goals" was just to do some physical training in a dream, and experiment with this. I already have been able to fulfill that goal lolz so that's nice. I will def come back to the physical training in dream, when my dream control, stability and lucid frequency (haha the amount I get lucid) gets better. Only a matter of time I guess?
      Well this lucid was the random dild I dislike. Normally I don't like these since the induction technique I feel is just like rolling dice. Either you are lucky or you aren't... well tonight I got lucky lol. And it felt good. It actually felt like this technique can have some consistency to it.
      Dream: I ant totally remember the dream, since I feel like I used up all my memory on remembering all the details of the lucid part, and trying to deild back into the lucid dream after I woke up... well I def remember I got lucid.
      Me and 2 friends from my climbing gym just got of a train, and onto the train station. I don't remember the city we were in. But I remember it definitely was not Scandinavia or Asia lol. We walked over a 2 laned road, and as we were walking a car came speeding by. We started running instead of walking, and barely made it across the road. While taking the last step across the road, I got very aware of everything. It was like everything kinda slowed down, and I had time to think and feel my body and surroundings. (I often do this in waking life to RC. I mean the focus and feeling part). While feeling my body I noticed how I jumped over the curb and gently landed on the soles of my feet on the sidewalk. I could feel the impact on my soles, and it felt "real". I Odis the nose plug RC and damn... i was dreaming! I looked in front of me, and my friend was standing there, all happy since we made it across the road without being run over lol. (I have always had problems with summoning stuff. People, items and surroundings, I have always had trouble controlling). It's always been a goal to summon/say hi to a friends in my dreams. But I have never been able to summon them, or go to a place where they were... so this time, I was aware of my past failings, and wanted to try something new, which I had tried once before in a dream. I asked my friend in the dream, if he knew where my other friend were. He looked around and pointed to a house nearby, and told me my friend was in there. He lead the way. We walked into this old house, and went up a flight of stairs and into a room upstairs. And sure enough my friend was there lol! We talked about training, as we always do lol. And my friends answers were pretty fking profound lol. I got exited about or conversation lol, and woke up!
      I didn't move as I woke up, since I wanted to deild back into the dream and continue the dream where it left off. I tried for some time, but I was too exited to fall back asleep.... dang. I def need to hear what these dream characters have to say haha.

      Well the way I got lucid wasn't as rng as it used to. Normally something strange happens, or dream characters talk about dreams, before I question my awareness. But this time I questioned my awareness just by myself. This is a step in the right direction I think. And a step towards making dilds more consistent and on MY terms.

      Nice! If you can't so the dream control (summoning friends or whatever) just let the dream characters so the work for you lol.
    2. DJ#19: Crazy Grandma

      by , 06-05-2015 at 08:30 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      1: I was playing a MOBA, some sort of cross between dota and smite. My friend was telling me to play this Athena character, so I obliged and started a game. The teams met in the jungle right off the bat and there was a crazy fight where I got around 3 kills. The scene then shifted so I was playing starwars battlefield 2 with my brother and friend, I think this was a re-imagining of an actual thing that happened many years ago.
      2: My mum and I were packed up to stay at a hotel near our house. My brother was sick so he couldn't come, so my grandma came over to look after him/the house. We eventually found the weird pink hotel but we went back to the house, not sure if we'd forgotten anything or had a feeling or whatnot. Anyway when I got back I found all of the pots and pans being stacked inside of eachother trying to cook stuff. There were three pots inside eachother, all warped out completely with burnt pasta and sauce filling them. All of the cookware was ruined, so I tried to arrange everything and turn off the heat to salvage what I could when my grandma entered the room. She was super confused, asked me what I was doing, so I obviously yelled at her, "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING!!!". She said she was trying to make a Thermomix out of our pots and stuff, and I kinda went on a rant about how stupid that was and how she was crazy etc. It got tense when my mum entered the scene as well, but then the dream started to dissolve. As it was I realized that it was a dream, but by then it was too late and I woke up.
      I wanted to have a lucid so badly as I woke up lol, so I attempted for the first time to try a WILD/DEILD. Within a few seconds of me visualizing the dream continuing on I started feeling really heavy with vibrations. This triggered my gravity awareness RC which I've been practicing the last few days, which might of contributed to my failure as I got too aware/awake too early, idk. Anyway these super intense vibrations washed over me and I felt myself starting to get sucked into sleep/dream, when a voice appeared in my head sort of explaining what that dream had been about and the lesson I had learned from it. While this was really cool it brought me back and I couldn't complete the attempt. Factor in a noisy brother who was going to the toilet at the time and meh. For my first attempt though, it was a case of close but no cigar .
    3. Nintendo's Downfall (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 07:17 AM
      I had two dreams last night, I tried a FILD and a DEILD the first time I woke up, but it didn't work

      First dream, I was in some sort of city and shopped with one of my school friends. I was soon in some sort of gift shops where they sold expired credit cards and one of my other friends was there and thought it was the coolest thing to buy expired credit cards that were years old, wrecked and pretty much useless. Then I was in some sort of plant shop and I don't know what happened.

      Woke up, went back to bed

      The second dream I was shopping at something like EB Games or JB-HI-FI and I had soon discovered that Nintendo was going out of business, all because of one game that entirety of the world didn't like. People were also migrating to higher tech consoles (that don't even exist yet). Next I was walking through a shopping centre and bumped into Fred and George Weasley (they've been in a lot of my dreams recently, they might be a new dreamsign). Then I woke up soon after that.
    4. a dild/deilld hybird

      by , 04-06-2014 at 08:01 AM
      Last night I was having some very interesting dream that took place in a kind of always oscillating maze of consistently changing but similar locations, this all took place in a tunnel system with a maze like quality that went from swimming pools, to stores to city's and the like, with many dream charters in all the locations, which changed location and over all appearance, the swimming pool now is far away from where it once was in the system and store is now somewhere closer to where the pool was originally. The city was night then day.

      I left after a while and ended up in my car and started driving down a highway, during this drive things got weird the dream world started collapsing literally around me vividly with very obe like experiences while my "body" was still in the car. When I finally was not floating out of the car anymore and was again driving it I realized three things : I'm dreaming, This dream has already been very long, and this dream is showing signs of extreme rapid unrepairable instability. I came to the conclusion I can fight it, more than likely will exit this unsaveable dream anyway, and will loose any sense of self awareness I had and move my real body instantly. Especially since I'm in an extreme excited mood, trying to patch up my leaky ship.

      Or, what I ultimately chose, I could just let the dream end it's natural course, while holding onto lucidity through to the other side. I then remembered I had always wanted to try a deild where you start out with a dild (when you do deild it's from realizing a dream just ended after the fact and catching yourself from moving which can lead to a wild like re-entrance into a new dream) what I was about to try was purposefully existing one dream while holding onto a single lucidity through one dream, exit reform into the other dream. So The following is what happened. I was in awe at how Singular Depth and Vision became. The more the dream went down the path of destruction the more it looked infinite and faded , I didn't fight and just let this ending happen, while passively taking it in. The Singular feeling ended with a feeling of nothing but completely black space. I was no longer in the dream, and felt the feeling of strong sleep paralysis. I knew it was time to just ride it, and it faded into a very vivid dream. There a villain wanted me in a duel. We had a strong and very long battle I dodged what looked like blue astral projectiles of some sort. And I gained a sort of electric discharge attack out of my penis yes I beat a villain with my *beep* It sure was fun getting my new "power"
    5. Possible WILD-style Entry, Sexual, FA-like Transition

      by , 02-04-2014 at 06:41 PM
      Will be another quick entry. "Possible" WILD because I am not sure that I maintained awareness all of the way to the entry. Mostly data for myself...so those easily bored, beware. Go to bathroom after 4 hours, hmm...usually 90 minute increments (though 120 minute increments seem more common if less sleep the night before, but not enough data recorded to support that yet...previous night didn't sleep great though). Woke up recalling a dream about lucid dreaming and relaying them in two different ways. Back to bed quickly. Woke up from the actual LD about 25 minutes after laying back down so also supports the idea that I might have woken up to go to the bathroom in the middle of REM since I got back to REM so quickly...or REM rebound...Anyway no big plans tonight but did the old mantra that never seemed to be consistent: "The next time I am dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming" maybe 5 times but I think this was not the key. I think it was a combination of nightmarish SP-like HH's raising my awareness just before the vibrations hit. I don't remember the "villain" but I remember thinking it was based off of a paranormal movie. Regardless, I recognized it as not being a real threat, felt the vibrations and nudged them on. I felt myself being carried into the air but I flew back to the floor and happened upon a sexy DC woman. I removed her pants to reveal white cotton underwear bunched up in places as if it wasn't the right size. I removed those and was awe-struck once again at how realistic a DC's skin could feel. I removed her bra and for was surprised that the breasts were not larger but they were just right and so realistic to the touch. At some point during all of this sensuality I heard a DC of my wife waking up across the room and I went over to her and she said that she was dreaming of silk purses and silk dresses. I wondered if this was some form of a false awakening for me but clearly still a dream since I was in a studio apartment nothing like my house with a kitchen and bedroom adjoined with no wall between. I had been getting busy with the sexy DC woman in between the futon(?) where my wife was and the kitchen but she had disappeared. Thinking about FAs I started actually waking up and I attempted my idea of what I think BB's awakening test/teleport technique must be or at least what I think an effective one would be for me but apparently I was too awake to go back in despite staying calm and still...probably finished up that REM cycle..? 104
    6. Miscarriage/DEILD Attempt

      by , 10-18-2013 at 10:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm with Kayley and her family (P&D) at a random house. I find out that she has lost her child due to a miscarriage. I'm trying to sleep on the couch, until Kayley's boyfriend arrives. I begin to rub my head due to have a headache/pressure in the head. The boyfriend asks what's wrong? I begin to tell him about my issue, but not long after I seem to stop talking out of my mouth and begin to start finishing the rest of the convocation through talking in my head. I tell him I'm sorry if you didn't get everything I was saying, because I finished the rest of the convocation in my head and couldn't help it. He understands and is all cool. I pass him a empty bottle of something, where I had my sweaty hands around the lid. Kayley and her BF decide to bake a cake. I joke around by saying is that gluten free cake?! and Kayley says yes in a sarcastic manner. I look at the mixture in the bowl and it looks pretty chunky, with apples through it. I'm thinking about maybe helping them.

      Dream Fragment: (DEILD attempt)
      I see myself in the mirror, and my body looks very defined, ripped lean muscle. I see the dream fading and I catch it and turn it into a DEILD. I focus on the last scene I saw in my dream and the scene begins to open up, but I get too excited and try to enter the scene too early, which ends my attempt.
      I've been impatient lately, I really need to just let it flow and happen
    7. The Big Guy/DILD/DEILD Attempt

      by , 09-27-2013 at 02:07 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Time Lucid - 30 seconds
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I was in my house, but it looked different. I saw a big guy, I think it may have been Brendan McC(BM). He was on choking a guy(Guillotine choke), half the size of him, in length and width.. I had to step in and help this guy out, so I jumped on top of him and started raining elbows to his face. I felt the strikes were not as forced as I wanted them to me, but as I focused on them, I got into the rhythm and was now throwing quick elbows, trying to cut his face up.

      I was now in my bed room and I was expecting BM to come in and say something to me. His friend Clint S, came into the room. He said a few things which were nice and he smiled.

      I must have become aware in my dream, and did a RC by looking at my hand. I think it was smaller then usual, but wasn't convincing. I tried my nose plug for the first time in a dream and it worked perfectly. I smiled, and kept plugging my nose as It felt really cool to do.

      I got up and went down the hallway. My penis got the better of me and I was looking for some females to have sex with. I started thinking about how the lucid would last for a long time (in a way, trying to convince myself). I tried turning a light on, expecting it to turn on but nothing happened.

      I started to feel myself waking up. As I woke up, I could have attempted a DEILD but decided to write the dream down, as I've been on a bit of a dry spell for a week. I didn't end up writing anything down and went back to sleep. I was now in the same dream but wasn't lucid. I saw my old cat Lily come from under the bed. She looked a bit different. I patted her head and felt scabs on her head, which were a lot worse then when she had them in reality. I was pretty amazed that she was here with me, because she had ran away from our previous house. We had moved again after that.

      Side note.
      As the last dream ended, I attempted a DEILD. I think I left it a bit late. I saw imagery in the top left hand corner, which was pretty small. I tried focusing on the dream scene but it faded straight away (mistake, should have passively been aware of it)
    8. Street Basketball/Dream Fragments/A Struggle When DEILDing

      by , 09-20-2013 at 01:14 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment
      David was in hospital with his hands wrapped. I saw a few photos of him. He was being congratulated for staying calm?

      Dream Fragment
      I was at the basketball stadium outside.

      Dream Fragment
      I was on a jetty. I think I may have been with someone that was famous.

      Dream 1
      It was night and I was playing basketball by myself in the middle of a street. A car drove passed and they must have said something to me or they were hanging out the window. I shot the ball and it went over the backboard. I jogged after the ball as it was rolling down the street. I could see the car in the distance, I thought maybe they were thinking I was chasing them. I saw them crash into a ditch, but I ignored them and went after the ball, which rolled into a houses front yard. I couldn't find the ball.

      Dream 2

      I attempted the DEILD and I must of only just been conscious or struggling to get the scene to become clear, as I could only feel sensations of body contact at some points.

      I was at Daryl's house and I remember my ex being there (Marls). She had gone to the toilet and I must have been in her bed. I could hear someone calling my name. Silly me responded ''Yeah....?'', but I said it out loud from my waking body, as I wasn't in the scene completely. I remember her in the bed with me, and I was intending to have Sex. I could feel her pushing my body away as I was taking up too much of the bed. I even took off my pants off at one stage.

      (Could have this been because I was blinded by my sleeping mask?)
    9. Short Lucid Dream, Failed DEILD Attempt (February 28, 2012)

      by , 03-06-2012 at 10:52 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Short Lucid Dream

      I was driving a car through the mountains of West Virginia. There's not really much to say about the drive other than the scenery was beautiful. I became lucid during the drive when I noticed that I was sitting on the right side of the car. The driver's seat is supposed to be on the left. As I was thinking about all the things I could do now that I was lucid, I drove by a massive car wreck. There were over 20 cars blocking the road on the left. I decided to get out of the car so I could check it out. For some reason I felt like an alien was responsible for it, and I wanted to have an encounter with the alien. Right when I started walking towards the cars, my vision started blurring. I realized that I had forgotten to stabilize and panicked. I tried rubbing my hands together, hitting the ground, and even licking the road. It slowed down the wake up process, but it wasn't going to improve anything. I then decided to just lay back and hope for a DEILD attempt.

      Failed DEILD Attempt

      When I woke up, I only moved around a little bit before remembering to DEILD. I layed still and went into a sleep paralysis. I could feel my body locking up and hear a loud static sound. My vision then looked fuzzy as if the tv was on the wrong channel. I then started to wonder what would happen if I tried using Daydream Awareness during this. I started daydreaming about my room for some reason. It soon felt like I was being sucked into the picture of my daydream.

      Eventually the feeling of my body being squeezed to death was a little much for me. I decided to cancel the attempt and break out of it. I had apparently made it into a dream, but I never realized it. I didn't think I was dreaming because I had broken out of sleep paralysis and everything looked so real. As I'm thinking about my failed attempt and what went wrong, a man runs into my room with my cat. He threw that cat onto my feet and the cat started biting and clawing my foot. I started flailing around and tried to kick him off. The last thing I remember of this dream is throwing him off my foot and into a wall.


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    10. A rather epic FA leads to a flash of lucidity

      by , 02-03-2012 at 06:02 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: February 2, 2012 11:15PM (USA Eastern)

      I am clicking around the 'net and almost fall asleep in my chair. I decide that I should hop in bed and take a quick nap. The time is ~9:45pm. I lay down and fall asleep very quickly.

      I awaken from a minimalistic dream, standing in darkness. I realize that I had just awakened, but I must still have my eyes closed because I cannot see anything at all. Knowing this, I decide to make an attempt at DEILD. I concentrate on keeping my eyes closed and then I try to remember where I was just a moment ago. I remember that I was laying in my bed, trying to remember what the dream was about. I cannot recall even the smallest detail, other than I was just dreaming.

      Suddenly, I make the realization that I am not laying in my bed, but I am standing. Before I can gather myself together and stabilize, I wake up.

      I try hard to immediately settle down, but my eyes are wide open and I am too alert and excited to re-enter the dream state, much less return to sleep right away.
    11. Attempts at DEILD Dreaming

      by , 11-23-2011 at 05:07 AM
      A week or so ago, I noticed that I had briefly woken from a dream, then re-entered the dream when I fell back to sleep. There was no lucidity, but I managed to go back to the same dream. Thanks to this awesome site, I've learned that I experienced something similar to what's called a DEILD, a Dream-Exit Induced Lucid Dream, or chain-dreaming. I decided to use this method as a means of getting lucid.

      Last night I had a dream that guy friend from the UK (who I've crushed on for a while) spontaneously showed up on my front porch. We hung out for a while, and then he insisted on giving me a back massage. IT WAS NOTHING DIRTY SO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER YA PERV. So he gives me a back massage, and it feels really nice, but then I woke up.

      I was rather enjoying that dream, so I tried to go back to it by laying still and focusing on what I remembered dreaming. Things kinda went awry, but not terribly so. Instead of the back massage, my friend and I ended up with some other friends in a magical elevator. It would take us to a floor that led to a store in a mall, then a floor that led to a rainforest, then a floor that was in the future.

      Clearly, I still have some work to do on this technique. But at least I have a start.
    12. Lucid, DEILD fail, robber gets owned

      by , 11-04-2011 at 05:01 PM
      Me Jo and my bro are all in a building walking around, we see some familiar people and some I dont reall recognize. Apparenly we are in really big church builing, its the size of a mall and its actually really huge Me and jo walk around visiting places seeing stuff and looking around. We go ino a restroom and some guy tries to grab johanes iphone case apparently and we get mad and say why would you steal in a church. We walk out but later decide that we want to find the guy who tried to do it, I think I see him but then we run somewhere else, I see a guy with a gun call johane and try to lure him into coming near him. Hes on the left in some convenience store. I quickly run in after him and try to warn jo, and Im scared but then I realize, this is ll just a dream, it cant really be happeneing!. I become lucid and aware and I RC. Then I fly onto the top of the area and find the guy crawling on the ground trying to sneak by my friend and kill him, so I start divebombing near him, and yelling kamehameha, instead of using it, I kick him in the face, and the dream starts fading so I stabilize. I end up in my room, false awakening and I try to write the dream on my laptop beside my bed, but I start feeling SP vibrations hit me and also realize that this is still a dream. I experience sleep paralysis vibrations, very loud noises and a turning over of my body floating in bed and I get up lucid. I yell at my house lights to turn on and they do but too bright, making my vision blurry. I try commanding my eyes to open but I try too hard and instead I open my real eyes and become awake.
    13. Lucid Dream #8

      by , 09-12-2010 at 02:49 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 6/10
      Vividness: 5/10
      Length: ~5 min.

      A huge building was to my right and a parking lot was to my left. Across the street was my friend Kaleb, I ran over there to tell him that he was dreaming. So I got over there I said "Kaleb, hey what's up?" He didn't say anything. Next thing I know he starts to earthbend at me. So I tried to earthbend back but it didn't work. I took a few seconds to try to concentrate but still no luck. So when he finally put the god damn rocks down I went over to him and said "Hey Kaleb, your dreaming. Come on look at me, become lucid." I talked like that for like 10 seconds but he didn't go lucid. I was hoping that I was having a shared lucid dream, he kept mumbling "No, no, no, no" over and over again. So I grabbed him and we ran very fast across the street. I was like "that's cool" so I tried to fly this time. I picked Kaleb up and I ran and jumped. Flying into the sky, then my feet started to hurt and it started to rain. I didn't think about it but I turned around in mid-air and changed the scenery. I was sitting on a chair and someone else was in a bed, smiling at me. I was like "stay there OK?" He nodded. I was in a farm house. I changed the scenery in front of me and behind me successfully. Then someone knocked at the door, I appeared down there and some broad wanted my help. I was like "OK" and we were in a black car driving. Somehow I just knew that I was in Europe. Probably because of the snow. Then I was in a different car with some blonde broad yelling "he was a nice man, how could you possibly lock him out of the school?" at me. I said "I'm sorry OK" then she calmed down. Then
      I asked her "Miss, what's your name?" "Mrs. Akinson" She replied. My math teacher. Then a car crashed into us then I was driving. When I woke up I tried to DEILD. But it didn't work. The End.