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    1. Day 37 & 38: Picking Up

      by , 03-25-2018 at 05:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 37:

      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:10 AM

      Dream 45: Scarlet Red Dress

      I'm touring the streets of some sort of rustic, European city; though it definitely reminded me of Spain more than anything. Walking the cobblestone streets, I find a beautiful girl coming out of some nondescript boutique. She had black, curly hair, slightly tannish skin, and was wearing a red dress.

      As if straight out of a schmaltzy romance flick, I immediately pull her aside and start dancing. We were dancing for about 5 minutes straight, and I gotta admit, it was pretty fun (And, well, you know...). The dream then shifts to something I wish to forget.

      Dream 46: Monkey Business

      My sister and I are, again, caught in another perilous driving situation. She's driving a really big truck, about the size of a schoolbus (and twice as wide), while driving on an incredibly narrow street.

      Through this colonia, my sister finds a way to make things worse. There's a schoolbus right in front of us, but we were too late to stop ourselves from crashing into it. Instead of students, however, a flurry of chimps are pouring out of the bus. The noise they make is so shrill and so loud that it wakes me up entirely. Turns out it was the fire alarm that was making that horrible noise.

      Day 38:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 47: Kev' In Da' Shop

      Well this came outta nowhere. In some random coffee shop, I'm sitting in my table alongside a couple of unidentifiable DCs, when Kevin Hart walks in through the door. I don't question it, though, and I stare at him blankly.

      He walks over to the magazine rack and starts talking. I think he's doing a skit, but I can't quite remember what he was talking about. He was walking around, cracking jokes, and just generally having a good time.

      Dream 48: Sun's Song

      I'm in the living room, just minding my own business. My mom and dad are preparing to go to bed, so they both go into their room and leave me alone in the living room.

      As I'm sitting on the couch, I notice something peculiar. The sun has already begun to rise. "That's weird." I say to myself. I go over to my room to ask my brother what time it was: 2 o' clock.

      Immediately I rush outside, telling my brother to bring his phone. In the process of getting out of my house, the sun has risen and set in a matter of seconds.

      Once I get there, I notice it is extremely windy. My brother brought my two puppies with him, too. They looked hilarious what with the wind blowing all the fur on their face to the side and them sticking their tongues out.

      Dream 49: Hotel Construction

      A timelapse of a beachfront hotel plays out. For about 5 minutes, I see the entire construction progress. Oddly enough, it was all done in Minecraft.

      The perspective then switches to a first-person POV, my POV. I'm talking to my dad about something I can't quite remember, but I remember feeling a little bit down after that conversation. The sun was setting, and so I decided to walk into the hotel myself.

      Inside, I spot my brother and my mom, and I also decide to chat with them. It wasn't exactly uplifting either, and I only wound up feeling a bit more melancholic after it.

      Dream 50: Hot Demon Girl

      Playing Doom 2016 when a cutscene pops up. There's this attractive looking lady, about in her 20s, in this gray and dusty hallway. She is slowly making her way towards me, and progressively getting more demon-like as she does so.

      I pay particularly close attention to her eyes, a muted gray color, yet representative of her beauty and humanity. Even as she gets more, frankly, disgusting, her eyes remain quite nice. The dream ends with her transformation into a full-blown demon.
    2. Fight and Attempting to Fly (LD #16)

      by , 12-24-2014 at 05:05 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      From the Morning of December 20, 2014.

      Woke: 6:30

      I am walking down the street from the YMCA. My dad is in his truck circling around the area. I keep walking along the sidewalk and all of a sudden I realize that I'm dreaming! I turn around and I can see my dad's truck parked against the curb, but my dad isn't by the car...it's a different guy. I walk toward him and I realize he wants to fight as he runs toward me. I smile at this, as this would be my first dream fight ever. I get a little nervous though as I see him jump several feet into the air to come down and slam a monster punch into me. I jump without thinking and join him in the air, throwing a punch. We both miss and when I land I quickly spin around throwing another punch. But this time it feels like my arm is super heavy, and my punch is being thrown very slow. He grabs my arm and throws it out of the way. I try throwing another punch and it is also slow.

      Then I am in my house in the living room and luckily still lucid. I rub my hands together and tell myself that this is my dream body, my physical body is in bed so I can do anything. I am trying to fly which I have failed to do in the past so I needed to reaffirm to myself that I was just dreaming. I remember that I fell asleep in a chair sitting on it the opposite way, so this was indeed my dream body. (That was a false memory, as I was in bed) I remembered it was easier to fly if you jumped off something. I ran upstairs to my balcony and got a running start and jumped off. I stuck my arms out in front of me and was able to float but not fly. I crashed into the floor at the end and while it didn't "hurt" I felt a little pressure on my head where it hit the floor and it was more uncomfortable than it hurt. I zoomed back up the stairs (literally zoomed...like ran at superhuman speed) and tried again...and got the same result. My dad stepped into the house and I got an idea. Maybe if I left the door open I could just pick up speed and fly out. So I put the door on its magnetic door holder and went back upstairs. I jumped off again but the same thing happened. Then I decided I should find a girl. (I always do this if I can't complete something ) I decided I would create a false memory of them moving to my neighborhood and I walked outside. I picked a house across the street for them to move into, but decided that a house farther down the street would do better because IWL people were actually moving out. I "remembered" that a hot chick had just moved in and I visualized it. I started walking down the street and looked over at the front of the house across from me. Detective Lassiter from Psych was at the doorway, and some girl with red eyes and who was demonic was on her knees talking to him. I got worried because I was afraid that seeing the demonic chick would cause bad things to happen. She turned around and stared at me, so I quickened my walking pace down the street. I got a couple steps along before I woke up...

      Next time I have decided that when I fly, I need a bigger space. Not a cramped area like my house. I also need to jump from a higher platform. Mostly I just need the space though because that way I would be able to fly up instead of having to direct my flight downwards. I think having to fly down was the cause for me not being able to fly because I would hit the ground.

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    3. 6/5 Princess in the Sky

      by , 02-16-2013 at 06:06 AM (Link's Adventures)
      I was riding in a hot air balloon to go visit a kingdom in the sky to visit my friend, who was a princess(why do so many of my dreams have princesses? .-. and this whole dream was in anime form). So I get there and land and after I step out of the air balloon, my princess friend leaps at me and gives me a big hug. I smile and hug her back, though I admit that I was wondering what she was thinking, we were right at the edge of a landing platform on a floating kingdom. After our little embrace, she grabs my hand and takes me to meet her other friends.

      There are 6 of them, and they are all royalty from nearby kingdoms, I was the only non-royal sadly lol. We hanged out around the kingdom for the rest of the day, though I don't remember much of it. The next day the princess wanted to go look around and shop on the ground, though that was a blur too. Then, the day after that I was making a deck, it reminded me of yu-gi-oh sort of, I remember all the cards seeming dark.(foreshadowing perhaps? ) Then I headed to where I was supposed to meet the princess that say, but one of the guys was blocking the door, and he was with the princess.

      I got a bad feeling from him at that moment, and well I was very right. He attacks the princess with claws that formed out of his hands, cutting her and her blood splattering on the ground. This pisses me off and makes me worried for the princess, so I attack him, slamming him through the glass door, getting some glass shards into him as we hit the ground. Now his attention is on me though, and he was not what he appeared. He cuts and slices at me with his claws and snapping at me with razor sharp teeth, his eyes glowing a demonic red. I punch and kick and cut him with glass and fight for my life, as the princess helplessly watches.

      He attacks her again as I weaken, and I hold him back, choking him with an arm around his neck. Sadly, him not being human, but a demonic being of some sort, he twists his head 180 degrees, and bites into my, blood gushing out, even though blood is flowing from multiple wounds already. If it was in real life, I would have probably been dead or unconscious. Not only that, he slashes at my chest as he does, leaving deep, painful cuts in me. I continue to do whatever I can to kill him, desperate to finish him off. I finally twist his neck too far and kill him off, so tired, and with so little blood in me. I wasn't sure how I was still standing. But it wasn't over, and a young looking girl, another member of our group, attacks too, also a demonic being.

      She attacks, and I defend. She jumps on my back, slashing into it, giving me more wounds, and I slam her into the ground. I kick and punch and smash until she is dead, and the princess comes to me when I finish the other demon off, hugging me tightly and worriedly, thanking me and helping me stay up. But before anything else can happen, the dream ends.
    4. Girls, Past Stuff, FA, Rejected and Punching, Eva Can Fart (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 01)

      by , 10-06-2012 at 05:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girls (Non-lucid)


      There's a group of women coming at me and saying,

      "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Brandonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn."

      Settle Things in the Past? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is a voice telling me to take care of something from my past....
      False Awakening Trolling Me (Non-lucid)


      OH MY FREAKING GOD, IF I DID AN RC, I would've been lucid RIGHT THERE and then.................


      I wake up, and I noticed that my mother is in my room, and she's just staring at me and the window to the right of her. The whole bedroom in the dream looked almost exactly the one in waking life. Even the setting of the light emitting from the red blinds is there, somewhat.

      It's obviously morning time in the dream, and the nightlight is also sitll on I think, which is another thing I wasn't aware of that wasn't on in waking life. I look at my mother, and ask her what she wants with me. She looks at some stuff on the bed I'm on, and I noticed that in front of me, there's some random things like a white rag with a turquoise font on it.

      That same color font automatically makes me assume it's mine, so I grab it, and then I threw it along with the other stuff on a wooden foldable chair.

      Wait a second....the wooden foldable chair is supposed to be RIGHT next to me to the left, NOT on the bottom left side from where I'm still on the bed! Dang it LINK!!!!

      I look at my mother again, who's sitting down on a foldable chair still, and I think she wants me to wear a jacket or something like that without even talking to me. I just wanted to go back to sleep, so I grabbed it and wore it.

      Then I go to sleep....

      I get Rejected and Punching Someone (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking down an area that looks similar to the environment in waking life near the Blocker Building at my University, except on the left side, there's a huge sidewalk slope. The whole atmosphere looks as if it's going to rain, seeing as there's a gray sky all over.

      I'm on top of the same slope I mentioned above, I'm going down it and noticed someone familiar. I don't even know her name in waking life at my University, but I go up to her and get my left arm around her shoulder and walked with her for a little while.

      She immediately rejects me within the first 10-15 seconds, which leaves me wondering why. I saw that she was looking for someone to pick her up. There's a guy driving a black car, and I assumed it was her boyfriend. The car door on the right opens automatically, and the girl leaves. She was wearing a green shirt, along with a long white dress skirt, and I think a white laced dress shirt kind of jacket.

      Then after that, I go inside of a store to get something, and I get this urge to just find some random stuff and just waste my money in doing so. Then there's some kid pencil tapping on the metal shelf opposite of me. There's a lady that asks,

      "Who is making that noise??

      I look to the left, and the person looks like a guy named Brian that I knew in middle school is the one doing the annoying pencil tapping. He's wearing a maroon or dark red shirt, and I get pissed off at him, and threaten to punch him. He still makes the noise, and I yelled at him, and he finally stops. He tries to look back at me, but I am way too pissed for him to try and defend himself.
      Eva Can Fart Too (Non-lucid)



      So I'm walking casually near a section at my University where you can lock your bicycles. It seems to be morning time as well in this dream, the trees look the same like in waking life, almost at a stage where the leaves are losing their natural color and are turning brown.

      The flooring looks the same outside, brown cement, and there's even the dirt patch with the small tree on the left side of one of the walkways to get into the bicycle lock area.

      Before I even get the chance to go in there, I see a blonde in a Black Latex Catgirl suit.

      She's fairly tall, at least from 5-10 feet away from me, and she has her cleavage showing. It takes me a while to process this whole visual, and then she turns around and flaunts her ass at me.

      She tells me,

      "Come on!!!!"

      She shakes her ass more,

      and I'm hoping this came out of her mouth, but I hear a


      Dear mother of god, level of traumatizing is just.....too much.

      "Come onnnnnnnn!"

      She turns to the side where I'm seeing a complete profile view of her body and face


      After that, things just go to hell from perspective, and all I'm seeing and hearing is her butt shaking left and right and PBBBBBBT farting sounds.


      Women do not fart!! That's impossible!! >.<

      Exchanging Souls (Non-lucid)


      Some statue that can move and talk like a human being is giving this random demon girl orders that if she takes someone's soul, he'll reduce her count by a lot.

      I'm like hardcore paraphrasing here, there were some digits involved, but it doesn't really matter. The demon girl agrees, and all I can remember about how she looks is that she gave off a light violet aura around her body.

      Then when she leaves, the statue guy starts talking to himself.

      Oh and I had another Dream where I'm at a Political Science class, and the teacher has on the board of some concepts on previous exams.

      The second exam had a low average, and some girl said, "oh because of the trade exchange" concept or something like that.

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