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    1. Demons or Double Bass?

      by , 01-15-2020 at 12:33 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am on a computer, looking through files. I’m trying to find papers from an earlier part of the dream where I’d stayed after a math class drawing, and the teacher had brought over a stack of graded assignments he’d apparently been working on while I sat there. I’d just glanced at them and seen that’d I’d done really well on them before taking off, but now I want a closer look, and this was apparently where they were.

      I scroll through small pictures, some of which began to move. One has expanded to fill the whole screen. It shows a house on fire, people running out. It scrolls past a small stage on which two double basses stand, one the traditional sort, another more metallic – electric by the look of it, but still a roughly double bass size and shape. It sits in a sort of flower-shaped metal pad. It catches my attention, and I’m struck by the level of detail.

      I am now – not sure in what order – both present in the dream and lucid. I’m in a park-like area, a clearing with groves of trees and some woods not far off. Another stage is nearby, this one a roofed circular platform on which sits another of those big electric basses. I consider giving it a try – that could be fun. But it occurs to me that I’ve never produced frightening scenarios in lucid dreams before, and I should try it at least once.

      Surrounded by demons is the first thing that occurs to me for some reason. That’ll do. I will them into being. As I focus on the intention, everything around me grows dark, swirling and immaterial. I’m floating, moving vaguely backwards. But nothing else seems to be happening. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll give that bass a try after all.

      I let go of the intention. The original scene immediately returns, and I walk back towards the area I started out in. But not far from it, by a ridge in front of a forested area, I spot a strange figure. Its head looks like a skull, bovine in shape, with horns that curl around to the front and knot around each other, and it’s wearing a black and white herringbone tweed blazer with a thin purple scarf and a long grey-black skirt. It looks like I managed something, at least, although I can’t say it’s especially scary.

      As I approach, it waves its hand, causing a small sphere of darkness to shoot towards me. This startles me a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I keep walking towards it, ignoring its attacks. As I pass the pavilion, I notice the instrument sitting there looks different now. There are also now a number of cats up under the roof, lying in big cat piles that seem to extend upward into tunnels. They seem to just be waking up. The grey and orange tabbies stay where they are, but a few black cats stretch and jump down onto the stage.

      As I turn back towards the figure, I see that it is now a cat as well – a small black one. I pick it up. It doesn’t look happy with being held, but it makes no attempt to escape.

      At that point, I wake up.

    2. The Vengeful One

      by , 03-16-2018 at 12:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 03-15

      The Vengeful One

      I am in a strange neighborhood. At first glance everything looks normal, but when I look closer I see that everything is actually a twisted version of normal. It’s hard to describe what causes it, but the atmosphere is creepy as if this place is haunted by a malevolent force. The place looks a little familiar but I can’t place when or where I have seen it before. I walk down the street until I see a woman come out of one of the houses. It is a woman with long dark hair and wearing a kimono. She runs right over to me and says she’s glad I finally made it. She says the demon is hiding in that house at the end of the street. I look and I see there is a large house at the end of the street that looks out of place in a neighborhood of average homes. It also looks even more rundown than the other homes, it definitely looks haunted. The woman says there’s a barrier around the house so she’s not sure how I will get inside to get rid of the demon. I tell her I’ll handle it. I even have a song already in my mind to use, The Vengeful One by Disturbed. I absently tell the woman she can sleep soundly in her bed tonight, for judgement falls upon the demon at first light.

      I go down the street towards the haunted house at the end. Everything seems surreal, the road leading to the house seems to somehow get longer as I try to approach the house. The house seems to be retreating. I wonder if the demon inside is already trying to avoid facing me. I walk faster, then I run, then I jump into the air and fly like they do in Dragonball. With me flying I am finally able to overtake the house and I land on the sidewalk in front of it. There does seem to be a barrier around the house. I call to the house for the demon to come out and face me. A strange growling voice from inside asks who dares to disturb him. I am still thinking of The Vengeful One by Disturbed so my answer is, “I'm the hand of God, I'm the dark messiah, I'm the vengeful one!” I tell the demon to come out and face me. When I get no answer I focus on sensing where the demon is. Somehow I suddenly know the demon’s name, though I do not remember it to record it here. I call the demon out by his name knowing he will have no choice but to emerge now.

      I see something happening around the house, and in the yard surrounding it. There is smoke coming from some of the black windows. That smoke solidifies into humanoid forms of pure darkness. Those things start coming towards me. Apparently the demon is sending his minions out before him. I find I have two guns holstered by my side, hidden under my Assassin robes. I pull the big revolvers out and I start firing at the dark figures as they come at me. This fits into the song, too. “When you die, you'll know why. For you cannot be saved, you remain enslaved. When you die you'll know why!” My guns make deafening cracks of thunder as I fire, each shot is a headshot somehow, it’s like the bullets are attracted to their targets. “When you die you'll know why. For you cannot be saved, you are too depraved! When you die you'll know why.” And as I blow away the last of the dark specters there is movement around the house, like a cloud of smoke rising off of it. The smoke all gathers at the front of the house and solidifies into another of the specters, but this one is much bigger and has huge black horns on his head and he is wreathed in fire.

      My first thought is, “Boss fight!” as if I was playing a video game. The demon snarls at me and breathes fire, growling that he is going to annihilate me. I fire my guns at the demon but the bullets disappear into his dark body with no effect. He laughs and says he doesn’t know who I am but my weapons are useless against him. I focus on the song Battery by Metallica and bolts of light energy lightning strike both of my guns. “I'm the hand of God! I'm the dark messiah! I'm the vengeful one!” I advance on the demon, choosing specific spots to fire now… certain parts of the demon that somehow appear more solid. I’m not sure how I am seeing those spots, but I am certain they are weak points. The bullets are charged with light energy and fly at the demon in streaks of light, exploding on impact. The demon just seems more pissed off. He bares down on me as if he thinks he can scare me, looming over me and bathing me in his dark shadow. I point both guns right at his head, right at his dark and empty eyes… and I fire. His head explodes, then his entire body becomes smoke and flows into a black orb that was behind the demon. “No, you don’t!” I yell as I fire bullets into the orb. At first it doesn’t seem to be doing anything but then I see swirls of light in the orb. Cracks of light form in the surface of the orb and then it shatters, the shards dissolve into light.

      I focus on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter soundtrack. An orb of energy forms in front of me and then ascends over the neighborhood, shedding a bright light on everything. The light energy seems to permeate the entire neighborhood and beyond, the light seems to wash the shadows and darkness away as it spreads. I am figuring this should make sure no new demon comes to take the old one’s place… As the song is coming to an end the orb of light disperses and bathes the neighborhood and the surrounding areas in sparkly golden sparks of light that settle on everything, finding their way into even the smallest crack and deepest shadow. I turn around and I see the woman from the house coming my way. I ask her if she is ok or if the demon harmed her. She says she is fine, the part of the demon in her was banished the last time I was here and healed her. I look around to see if there is anything else that needs to be done, but everything looks normal now. The neighborhood no longer looks twisted and creepy. The woman says she’s going to make cookies if I want to stick around. But I don’t get the chance to stick around, everything fades to black and I wake up.
    3. 17-12-06 Sewer Pig-Demons, Tank Farm, Getaway

      by , 12-21-2017 at 03:28 PM
      I'm in a room (in the sewers?), trapped. I look for a key to get out. Eventually I do. Eventually I'm driving a big vehicle (a truck?) through an industrial area closely resembling one of my (many) previous workplaces (tank farm, BASF). Someone sees me. It's my worst enemy from that time, Paul. I try to flee but give up after a short while. Turns out if not him at all, but a female fire safety officer (or whatever the role is called in English, we call it "veiligheidswacht" or "brandwacht). We talk for a bit, then I manage to leave. Back in the sewers now. A man-sized demon sees me. I flee, quickly climbing a ladder to a higher level. I crawl through a narrow space, but my passage through the next small room is blocked by a kind of smaller pig-demon. A fat guy is also stuck in that room. I kill the pig-demon with five shots from my shotgun. I got outside, onto the streets. My getaway driver arrives. The cops are watching from behind the windows of the building next to us. I tell the fat guy (who had a Hispanic name) to hurry up and get in the car before the cops get suspicious.
    4. 17-11-11 Back in Time (School), Fighting Lizard Demons

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:43 AM
      In the first dream, I was (for the umpteenth time) in my old school, but a good ten years back in time. Oddly students were seated in the hallways instead of classrooms. I left the building and flew off to look for girls (subconscious awareness this wasn't real and I could do with my DC's whatever I want). But suddenly I remembered doing a certain thing to a certain person would accidentally prevent another thing (that's supposed to happen) from happening. I was in the past, after all.

      Long, and complicated dream, can't be bothered to write it all down. I'm half human cop, half lizard/demon. I'm in the police station, and walk over to the coffee machine to get some coffee. I get weird looks from the other officers who are seeing me for the first time (the first half-demon cop on the squad). I notice they made the buttons of the coffee machine bigger so I could still use it (I had very big mutant hands).

      In a later scene, I'm still the demon-lizard-guy from before. I'm in Hell, fighting off big demons attacking the "base camp" of the good guys. I'm having to solo several big demons, wrestling them by their horns. The humans were reluctant to join in the fight because I looked rather demonic myself. I couldn't get hurt but was still getting thrashed pretty hard by the demons, who were a lot bigger than I was. Luckily, Thor (from the MCU) suddenly appeared and joined in the fight. He knocked out a few demons with his hammer.
    5. Darkness Rising

      by , 08-22-2017 at 12:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-21

      Darkness Rising

      I am in a pretty normal looking small town, but there is definitely something wrong here. It only looks normal at first glance. The more I look the more off things seem to be. There are people around but they all seem scared of something, and there is a negative feel to the place. No one talks to me, but I am able to overhear what is going on. The town is getting corrupted by evil energies. People are being murdered and left in obscene positions throughout town. No one can move the bodies, anyone who tries suffers a horrible sickness and then death. A young girl was hung from the ceiling and her parents grieved to leave even her body like that. A young blonde girl looking and acting like Diana from Grimm managed to use telekinetic powers get the girl's body down without becoming ill. The family is having a funeral today with a public viewing after.

      I follow a procession through town and no one notices me. I follow them to the funeral behind a church. I stay out of the way as family members say their goodbyes. Everything is peaceful. Soon they tell the people outside they can come in as long as they’re respectful. No one has been disrespectful, but as soon as the people come things seem to change. I get a feeling of dread it both looks and feels wrong. Diana looks over at an antique dagger hanging on a wall. She takes it down. She cuts some fruit left for the people with the dagger and it instantly turns rotten. She touches some people gently on the face with the flat of the blade and they look like zombies. She says they can be saved, however. She finally reaches a little girl who acts scared. Diana says not to be scared, the dagger reveals corruption, it doesn’t cause it. She touches the girl, gets a shocked look on her face, then runs the dagger through the girl’s neck. The mother is hysterical, but the reason is revealed… the girl turns into a monster as she dies.

      Diana says she’s sorry, but that wasn’t the woman’s daughter, that was a demon. The mother wants to know where her daughter is, Diana doesn’t know. The monster body dissolves into the ground. The ground shakes and cracks open, a demon much larger comes out, laughing menacingly. The demon says he has won, they killed an innocent! Diana says no one is foolish enough to think killing a demon counts as killing an innocent just because it was disguised as a child. She steps towards the demon, but then stops. She says he’s stronger than she thought. The demon says now she will belong to him. Diana looks at me and says she needs my help. She knows I can wield light energy, and we can send the demon back to hell. I don’t know how she knew that, but I go to help her. She creates a whirlwind of light energy pulling the demon back into the crack, but he resists. I use the song Battery by Metallica to hit the demon with a bolt of lightning. With a roar of anger the demon loses his focus and is sucked down into the ground. The cracks close themselves. Diana says it’s ok if I have to go, she knows how to remove the corruption from the people. I wake up.
    6. Hell is in an Uproar

      by , 06-11-2017 at 04:40 PM (The Secret Life of Demons)

      In an office building, looking around. Actually, feeling a bit lost and uncertain of what I'm looking for. While here I see my mom in one of the offices. I wait in the hallway for her to come out and pretend to appear surprised when she calls my name. I turn around and we chat for a moment about nothing specific. I can feel that she's happy to see me... I'm less pleased to see her. I love her and think she's great. It's just unfortunate she's working in Hell and it's this aspect that saddens me. They treat her decently and it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, it's just unfortunate. She has to get back to work so I tell her I'm just running errands and I'll see her later.


      I'm still in Hell, but now I'm pushing a cart with a few supplies in it. I need to take it somewhere. A man is escorting me; I'm rather fond of him for no particular reason. He seems warm. We arrive at an elevator and I'm hesitant to ride with the other riders. They are surrounded by darkness and I can't tell where the darkness is originating from; whether it's the elevator itself, an individual inside the elevator, or the collective within the elevator. I know enough to hesitate, and my escort informs me we'll take the next one. I exhale a sigh of relief. I didn't really want to explain my preference to wait, so I'm relieved he reads me exceptionally well.

      We wait, then I enter the empty elevator. My escort has vanished and I'm with two women. Once we enter, a secondary door forms. I walk through the elevator and start laughing. I'm on another level without having to go up or down, just around. The two women I'm with are confused, so I explain we're on the right level. They're still confused. They don't seem very adaptive to changing reality. I explore on my own.

      Starving Demons

      I'm observing a group of three women eating at an exclusive restaurant. Still in Hell. They are visibly disgruntled and I realize they've run out of money. They can't afford to eat more than an appetizer. A fourth woman arrives and I'm staring at her beige colored necklace around her neck, it's quite interesting--looks like a belt. The fourth woman offers to pay for their meal. The three women, as it turns out, had planned poorly resulting in their current unfortunate series of events. The fourth woman had prepared by being more than evil (though I still believe she's a demon, not all demons are created equal). The fourth woman had been kind to others, regardless of origin (she was nice to the non-demons), and as the world changed she was able to change with it. The other three had not been kind and now they are unable to sustain themselves (food source went away).


      I'm observing a pair of demons outside. One is normal and nice. The other demon is possessed by hatred. Understandable. The nice one is trying to convince the other one to abandon the hatred as it's consuming her and will eventually claim her life. The nice one retrieves what appears to be the child of the possessed demon. Makes sense as family bonds are a decent method to tame emotional hatred. This doesn't work and the possessed demon is on the verge of attacking its offspring. It's very unfortunate to see things have escalated to this degree. I'm considering stepping into the body of the possessed in order to pull it out of that state. It just needs a gentle tug--but I never get to see the outcome as it's time for me to wake.


      My dreams have always involved Hell being the winning political party. I've been a permanent resident of Hell, but I've also resided in lighter areas too. As I grew up I traveled vast distances and met many wonderful beings, all over. I came to understand that origin and residency don't necessarily make individuals good or bad. Individuals choose who they want to be. There are demons in Heaven, just as there are angels in Hell. It's a horrific race war, even on the spiritual planes. Now that Heaven has the upper hand due to recent events, the demons are struggling to adapt. Their food source has been severely diminished and their hunting methods and way of life must change or they will perish. I'm here to ensure the demons survive. Why? Because demons are spirits too. Life should be protected and everyone deserves the opportunity to live. Personally, I find it hilarious to see demons miserable. It's a nice change of pace.
    7. 1/09/17

      by , 01-09-2017 at 04:59 PM
      Multiple false awakenings and paralysis made for one hell of a night. Enjoy the terror I just went through to make it easier, since everything runs together, I bold the spots where I have a false awakening and my commentary when I'm awake will be in italics

      I don't really remember the dream leading up to this point, but I remember getting ready for bed. My boyfriend's already asleep on his side, and I've got an unknown person (I knew him in the dream, but I dont know who it was now) sitting on my side, leaving just enough room for me to lay between them and my boyfriend.

      Instead of getting in on the side, I decide that it makes sense to crawl into bed from the bottom. I'm halfway up the bed, and I see a small shadowed figure flicker in front of me. I remember saying, "Oh hell no, that's it for me. I'm done," and I wake myself up. I reflect on what a weird dream that was, sitting up in the dark in bed to gather my thoughts. The end unsettled me, so I was trying to calm down.

      I'm just beginning to lay down when I feel the bed shift from behind me (my back is to the side of the bed, I'm facing my boyfriend). I immediately think cat just as a hand grabs my upper shoulder. I let out a squeak of alarm and jolt awake. And of course, I've got some sleep paralysis going. I rarely ever experience this, so it's making me panic. I'm trying not to. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, and I want to move to keep myself awake, but I can't. I try to call out to my boyfriend but I can't talk.

      I get this slow, cold dread that trickles through me because I'm realizing there's a good chance I'm not actually awake again. I have no way to confirm if I am or not. I want to force myself to stay away but I just can't. I feel the bed moving again, like someone crawling from the end of the bed up to me, and I throw myself into panic overdrive.

      I jerk awake and though this time I'm sure I'm awake, I still can't move. I can barely keep myself awake but at this pint I know if I fall asleep I'm right back where I left off and I don't want that. I slowly, slowly come out of the paralysis and I roll over. I get up and check the light in the bathroom (my reality check is to make sure lights stay on when I turn them on. It's always my tip off, more to let me know if I'm in a false awakening over lucidity). It works, thank god. I'm exhausted but terrified to sleep.

      I finally make my way back to the room. I lay down, and toss and turn for a good ten or fifteen minutes. I shut my eyes and try to drift off a few times but keep rolling over. I lay on my stomach and hide my face in my pillow and really do my best to sleep.

      Again, I roll over. Damnit, I thought I was asleep, and I'm still just lying here. I've had it. I don't feel very good, and I'm going crazy just laying here. I untangle myself from my blankets, and pet my cat for a few moments, since he's lying on the end of my bed. As I put my feet over the edge to stand up I turn on my bedside light. It flickers and turns off and I have half a second to panic and think "oh no, oh my god I'm asleep" when hands grab my ankle and I scream, jolting myself awake and also waking my boyfriend.

      He's not mad, he understands I'm terrified at this point. He motions me to come over, and I do. I scramble back and lay down, my back to him. He wraps his arms over me and hugs me tight, reassuringly. The man from my first dream is back, but again I know him, and to me it makes sense that he's there (still no idea who he was). He sees I'm terrified and he lays down, facing me, and hugs me too.

      I shut my eyes and try to fall back asleep. The bed trembles like someone's running over the mattress. My eyes snap open and with no warning about 3 or four hands and arms wrap around me. One around my neck, one around my waist, one around my lower legs, and one like, goes up the leg of my shorts and comes out the waistband, and at once they all haul me back to my side of the bed, telling me something along the lines of "you aren't waking up again".

      I wake up into paralysis again but the terror is so great I manage to whimper out half my boyfriend's name before it completely takes over. He doesn't wake up (jerk) and I'm stuck laying right where I was when the demons were dragging me. I am terrified, I have no idea if I'm awake or not and no way to tell. I'm trying desperately to keep myself awake and I can't. I want to keep myself awake until the paralysis wears off so I can check the lights, but I keep dozing. At this point I'm not sure if I've already fallen back asleep or if this was just me being paranoid and scared, but I remember dozing and then jerking my eyes open again when I felt my bed begin to shift, like someone was crawling on it. I thought I was awake, because my mind was like, "no this isn't happening. Things like this only happen in your dreams", but now I don't know if I was actually awake or not.

      Finally the paralysis wears off, and I'm scrambling up. It's morning and light's coming in from the window. My boyfriend is gone, in his place are my mom and my uncle, and WWE diva Alicia Fox (who is apparently my best friend, even though she's not even one of the diva's I actually like...). I tell my mom, "It's happening again. The false awakenings are getting worse" and she and my uncle share a look.

      "The demon's are trying to take you," my mom explains. "If you hadn't woken up when you did, they would have dragged your soul from your body and you wouldn't have been able to wake up."

      "What do they want from me?" I ask, following the three of them to the living room. My uncle turns to look at me.

      "We don't know. But you'e not falling back asleep. We're sending Andrew (my older cousin) instead. He'll ask them what they want."

      This strikes me as really stupid and dangerous, and I shake my head.

      "No. I need to be the one to go." Mom and my uncle try to argue with me and I don't let them. "They obviously want me, and they want me alive. If they wanted me dead they would have killed me. And if we send Andrew instead of me, they'll kill him. Let me go."

      As we're having an argument over who's going, Alicia goes and hooks herself up to this machine that induces dreaming. Straps with little sensors on them go around her waist, wrists, and ankles, and a cap goes on her head. She's standing in my room (now with no beds, just this contraption) hooked to this thing, and her dream is broadcast on TV monitors.

      She confronts the demons. They need me for something (no idea what) and Alicia wants to go in my place. They tell her she isn't good enough and she gives this huge, long speech about how she can handle whatever they throw at her, etc. At one point she rips off the sensor around her waist (that was apparently holding her in place) and throws it down in defiance. This turns into a promo for her for wrestling. There's a crowd of fans watching her, and as she stands up to them the crowd starts chanting "Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!"

      Apparently that's for her, and her parents (standing with me watching her) cry with happiness that the crowd loves her. The wrestling show ends and the crowd leaves. I'm walking to my car (because now it's at an arena, not my apartment) and I see two divas I actually do care about. They're playing basketball and their ball gets away from them. I get excited because now I get to hand it to them and meet them, but when I turn, they're already walking away and someone else takes the ball.

      The divas meet my eye, and I give them a sad smile. This morphs into me going on a picnic with a whole car full of WWE Divas and the last memory I have is taking off my watch and laughing with two of them as I slowly wake up.

      As I said sleep paralysis is really uncommon for me. I can count on one hand the number of times I've experienced it. I dont know if it counts having that paralysis in a false awakening but it was really weird now that I think back on it.

      EDIT: As I've been thinking over the dream throughout the day, I remember a few pieces I've left out. We're having really bad wind here right now (category 2 hurricane force winds) and I remember I was really worried about my bird feeder. One of my false awakenings had me waking up and going out to the balcony to check on it. It was broken, and I remember trying to get the broken piece from under our patio furniture when someone/something made me rush back inside and leave it for morning.

      I remember at one point as well explaining to my mom, uncle, and Alicia that I knew this was a dream that we were in right now because the lights wouldn't stay on. Alicia asked why that mattered and I gave a lengthy explanation about reality checks and how this was mine, how it worked, and then said, "it isn't gonna work this time though because one, I need some more sleep, and two, we're in the middle of something."

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    8. Evil Spirits

      by , 12-01-2016 at 11:48 AM (Crusader's Journal)

      Dreamed a school where I studied. Then outside, somehow the dream become lucid. I had a some purpose in school from dream, but could not get to it, I was returning to the void repeatedly, and trying again by teleportation or flying into the image, which visualized itself.
      In one of these attempts this brought me not to school, but into some dungeon! There my awareness has increased because I feel danger, but no fear. I wandered through the stone tunnels and caves, the catacombs, mostly brown-red colors. There are different demons, devils probably, and skeletons. At first I fighting with them, they were weak, and I had a some intuition skill. Then I remembered about the cross on my neck, and decided to try his power. I'm in the hall, where a few demons, I take the cross in the hands and start to pronounce something, with meaning "cross destroy these demons with wave of light", and really white light wave arose from the cross and destroy demons, sprayed them into the dust. I stayed there longer, walking and banish new demons, I just touched the cross to him without any other action, and they crumble to dust. In one of the tunnels, I met two vampires, they got out from under a dirty stone floor, vampiric red-black faces and black robes. I also banish them by cross or another. Then I decided it was time to get out of here, and I found exit. There a slight fall in recall, and I'm back in the body, but not wake up.
      I do not quite understand what was going on, lying in the body with weak awareness, and I repeatedly whirl by itself like a vortex, very quickly, to feelings of tension in my head, something like static electric and vibration, almost painfully, and then I stopped for awhile and whirled again. Awareness has increased, and I realized that I should go out. I wish to fly up from the body, as planned, but it did not work, and I started to try the second option - to roll out from body. I rolled towards the right shoulder, and rolled out not at once, initially I felt that flew off the bed and again quagmire, darkness, I look into it and saw something a little. I do not much wanted to go out, probably after previous bad experiences (which are not written on this site), and I lay back on the bed, feeling the surface. I'm not wake up and decided to try again to roll out, rotate quickly, long time with high speed.
      Next, I was outside in the yard, it turned that I was rolling about 30 meters, through the walls, and outside the house. Vision opened, and I smoothly flew on the ground. Draw attention to the space, it is very clear and bright, with peculiar feeling. Just ran quickly about 300m compared on real, not seen anyone, landscape and buildings were 90% as in the real world, only the facades looked a little differently. And awake.
    9. Meeting with Demons

      by , 11-03-2016 at 10:49 AM (Crusader's Journal)

      Second falling asleep.
      Winter in a dream. Dreamed that I ski, regional competition of skiers. I met a neighbor on the track, he said that necessary to enter to the top eight for a cash reward, I think the top eight is cool. And I skiing without skis, I'm soaring in the air over the track. Then I decided to slide up to my house, a neighbor following me. When I come up and wait him, I'm doing such fun circles near the door, without skis but as with it. It seems a logical conclusion of dream, I realized that, and lucidity come to me.
      Think I need to talk with him, went to him, he said "I will go" I asked him "Who are you?" he ask me the same "and who are you?" I say "I'm a man and I have a physical body". More I remember bad, but the main, he said about himself, he is an essence, has no physical body, and even said his name "Lord of the Shadows". The feeling was such that he had no choice when I asked a question and he must tell the truth. He still looked like a neighbor.
      After that a second one appeared here, he looked like an old man, who lived here few years ago, but now has moved. First essence which is Lord of the Shadows gone into the house, probably because speaking directly with a person it's hard to him, and his friend came to help. I stayed on the street and spoke with the second, he said me that they are essences and feed mainly on human fear, as well other low feelings. He said that Lord of the Shadows is their boss. While talking with him, I already felt slight fear inside, but I knew I should not show it to them.
      Then main moment, old man asked me "do you have gold?" I said, "yes golden cross - holy cross", I instantly realized that he was afraid of him. He became to move away from me, I said "Don't be afraid I will not get it" I wanted to continue talking. His face expression changed, it has become a vampire, but I was not afraid, it was clear that he is not rival to me. But actually, perhaps it was not quite so, and I have been greatly tense, everything went black, and I wake up.

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    10. [25-10-2016: Diablo, Short DILD]

      by , 10-25-2016 at 06:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some medieval city, wandering around streets protected by tall castle walls. I went down a downward ramp to an archway, but something wasn't right. There was Diablo - Lord of Terror waiting for me there. He looked somehow weirdly undetailed and kinda blurry compared to everything around. I noticed a health and energy bar appearing on left bottom corner of my vision. The demon shot a powerful wave of flames and thunders at me. I unleashed a blizzard at it, but eventually my power has ran dry and Diablo killed me. I respawned close to the ramp and archway. I moved down there and faced Lord of Terror once again. This time however I opened up menu with my equipment whenever my health and energy ran low. In the equipment I could see my clothes - a white shirt, jeans trousers and some shoes. I also had loads of potions named by their colours. I only used blue that restored energy and red that restored health. This time again we used wave of flames and thunders and blizzard. I managed to beat Diablo and instantly got teleported to my house. It looked like it was before renovation, with old furniture. It was dark, only some spotlight coming from nowhere lit up center of the room. I realised that it was a dream. I spotted my younger sister standing in the spotlight. I noticed that her eyes were strange - they had no pupils, only an iris that was shrinked. She had a devillish grin on her face and was tilting her head to the sides. I came closer and she said "I've been possessed by the demon from Annabelle doll!" I thought to myself "It's a dream, I can banish that demon" and waved my hand at her head saying "Begone!". Her eyes instantly turned back to normal and then I felt a presence behind my back that made me uneasy. I thought "Damn, I spawned that demon and it's behind me." Before I fully turned back, I felt a strange sensation of touch on my back and then I lost lucidity and woke up.
    11. Putting the visions to paper

      by , 10-14-2016 at 08:54 AM
      I've had numerous reoccurring dreams over the past decades. I tend to hold onto what some may consider nightmares. But I have made efforts to try and retain that information by sharing with personal friends. Many of them have heard my ramblings of the Black House and the more recent above ground cemetery of the dead. I have met and talked to a few family members who have passed and passed their messages onto other members in which the message made some sense to them. I'd like to note the martial arts guy whom I've seen there. He's goofy and a prankster. No one comes to visit him though. He seems to appreciate me noticing him.
      Other projects that I need to write about include a breathing church and a couple other hellions that are products of torment. Not to spill all the beans at once, I want to explore these places further and more importantly record what I find.
      Lastly, I'll make note of the Fields. I'm sure that it's not the actual name of the place but more so a name to reference that vision in my life. While the fields doesn't seem to be a reoccurring dream/nightmare (thank God), but it is an experience that I had when I was extremely sick and delusional. My belief is that I had died for a short period of time. So, the fields is that special place in Hell for some.
      Again, this is me putting the mind to paper. Not expanding on this now but pushing out important topic that need covered.
    12. 16-10-03 Growing Plants on Mars, Demonic Presence

      by , 10-04-2016 at 01:16 AM
      The first part of the dream took place in a very barren environment, kind of resembling Mars. I was there with a few others (not in space suits). They were planting seeds to grow vegetables, perhaps in an effort to terraform the place? I asked what one guy was planting, and got excited to start doing it myself. I think we were near the mouth of a cave? We were 'colonizing' this little valley, and even though it was dry, barren and rocky, it felt like our new home.

      Then we found what I think was a gravestone inside this shallow cave. I knelt down next to it with another person. I put my hand on the stone, to telepathically learn more about it. I waited a while for "the visions" to start. The information appeared in front of me as text on a HUD (heads up display). The first tidbits of info looked normal, she was a woman, middle-aged. But then, the "screen" showed that she was demonically possessed. "Associated with Lucifer: 100%" or something of that nature. I instantly knew we were in trouble, as we had woken something up.

      Next scene I'm in a very dark basement area. The narrow halls were dug out of the rock. It was very hard to see. The demons were already manifesting, and I knew we had to get out of this confined space, before they found us. We were going in circles, so I pulled up a digital map (like in a video game) and navigated to the exit this way. I think I guided two more people (kids? women?) and urged them to flee with me. On the upper floors, the building looked more... building like (no carved out of rock), but it still looked under construction. Large demons (10 feet tall, easily) pop up out of nowhere, slightly reminiscent of Hell-Knights from Doom 3 and 4. They charged at me, and all I could do was flee, and 'kite' their attacks. At some point I got tired of running, and tried fighting back. There were these large 'orbs' floating around. They looked like giant soap bubbles. I jumped to grab one, and tossed it at the giant demon. It hit, and to my surprise, the demon died! I possibly proceeded to whack a few more of 'em this way. That is, until I got to their "boss". He was a large, shapeless "blob" of skin and gore, with a human face sticking out of it. It's hard to describe, but it was really gross. I tried reasoning with it, but it didn't work so well. While trying to talk to it, I touched it... but this made its face morph into a horrible abomination, which was a sign I was making it angry. So yeah, we ended up fighting. It shot those "bubbles" at me, which I intercepted mid-air and threw back. Sadly, the bubbles did not damage it. They just bounced off. I think gravity was a little weird (lighter than normal) because of the aerial acrobatics I had to pull off to catch those bubbles, and throw 'em back before hitting the ground again.

      The outcome of the fight was undecided.
      Tags: demons, mars
    13. [05-09-2016]

      by , 09-05-2016 at 10:11 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some dark building with a dude in heavy tactical armor. It was really dark, I felt great sense of danger. There were demons, skeletons and zombies wandering around hallways. The dude moved onward, shooting all monsters with a shotgun - one shot and only a bloody explosion was left after them. I followed him, but more monsters came and from time to time some grabbed me. I tried to fight them, but they were much stronger than me. Suddenly a grim reaper appeared - it had black coat with chainmai. Everything was black and white, the dude met with reaper and offered him a great assortment of scythes.
    14. [10-08-2016] #12th competition entry

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was a doom marine, wandering around the dark UAC station. With double barrelled shotgun I cleared my way through corridors, tearing through demons. The corridors seemed endless and empty, but I haven't felt lonely. I was full of energy and rapidly cleared my way.

      Attempted WBTB, failed

      Second dream

      It was a western, wild west. Known outlaw Bumble Jack was terrorising a few bigger cities, in most of which he had his dark business running. He corrupted sheriffs of these cities to have no troubles, except for sheriff of city in which he had main base, as that man was no threat to anyone. I was a dozen of years older. With my wife and son we were just going to move into the city of Bumble Jack, unaware of that. As we approached town gates, we were ambushed by his thugs. They wounded me and killed my wife and son, I escaped to city's sewers and lived there for a dozen of years. One day when I was sitting and reading a book in my hut, which I made in a small cavern joining with city's sewers, a vice sheriff of the city appeared. She was a tall blonde woman, quite pretty. She asked me what I've been doing there for all these years. I replied that I was dealing with rats. She asked how many I've killed, and I said that none.

      At the same time, the sheriff of the city climbed up a neon on a bar, in which Bumble Jack had his base. All townspeople have gathered to see this. Sheriff shouted to them to climb up the roof, help him get upper and that they'd deal with bandits next. But nobody wanted to deal with them, people went back to their houses to watch tv.

      Then I appeared in front of the bar with vice sheriff. With strong kicks we busted doors to bar open. A huge group of thugs appeared to deal with us. No one used gun, it was a fistfight. Together we kicked their asses, not getting hurt even slightly. We entered one of side rooms and found women and children tied up. Bumble Jack was about to sell them at the black market and get really big money. We freed them and showe them the way out, but then I noticed that someone was taking some tied women for himself. The vice kept freeing people while I ran after that man - it was my friend's sworn enemy. I chased him into the bar room, barkeep haven't cared about him. The man said something to me, but I was angry and didn't listened. I grabbed his head and smashed it against a bar counter, then still holding his head, I gave him a strong kick in teeth. He have fallen on the floor, unconscious.

      Then the barkeep seemed suspicious, so I kept an eye on him. He weirdly leaned over a wall. I asked him what he's doing, and he said "I inform". I shouted "Informant!" then Steven Seagall appeared behind the counter and said "Calm down, everything would be fine."

      Third dream

      I was in my house, it was a dark night. We had visitors who have just left, the house was tidied so that nobody could find anything. I wanted to brush my teeth, but couldn't find my toothbrush. I asked mother and she said that grandma have hidden all teethbrushes. I searched around the bathroom and house, then I asked grandma and she showed me where the teethbrushes are. I took mine and went to bathroom.
    15. [30-07-2016] #1st competition entry

      by , 07-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Fallen asleep at 0:25, woke up at 4:00. Tried some WBTB but no lucid results.

      First dream

      It was a grim, overcast day. It was in some huge haunted mansion, deep inside woods, an alley with elms growing on both sides was leading to it. I was a witcher and with some other witchers we were fighting a huge monster that was moving so quick, that it was hard to tell how it exactly looked like. The monster had something to do with the mansion and forest and I knew that there was a reason why it was there. We were fighting bravely, using only swords.

      Some time later I was back in my mansion in some city. I was wearing a black suit, preparing for a funeral of a man that died helping us. Suddenly I heard someone knock to my door. I went out of my changing room, went downstairs and opened the door. I saw another man in black suit, but I didn't knew him. He asked "Are you Geralt of Rivia?" I confirmed and the man entered my mansion. I realized that it's an ambush and tried using some sign to eliminate him, but he was quicker. He touched my chest and I felt like something really heavy lied on it. I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding heavily. Then a shot - he had a sawed-off shotgun and shot me in my chest.

      Then I turned into someone else - a little girl. I checked a book for forest spirits and other wraiths living in forests, then left my house and went to the elm alley, heading towards the haunted mansion.

      Second dream

      I was in some kind of huge city, in my house in a flat. Suddenly something happened, I left my room and saw all the people running in panick. There was no time to ask, demons attacked and we had to defend ourselves. There were huge armies of enormous bald men with yellow glow in their eyes. They were spitting out fire and lava, entering rooms and killing everyone in sight. Somehow I was able to tear my way to a shopping mall, where I had to stop on moving stairs. Stairs going down were taken by demons who attacked everyone on the stairs going upwards, igniting them with pyrokinesis and throwing fireballs. A few times I saw a little boy, whole in blood, going up the stairs. He was grinning ominously to me, demons did him no harm. I decided to fight back instead of escaping this time, fighting fire with fire. I thrown fireballs and used pyrokinesis at demons, but my aim wasn't very accurate. Once I hit that strange boy with fireball, but again he wasn't even harmed, still grinning to me. I managed to send demons back for some time, so that people could arrange hospital in nearby shops. I went there to help them, I saw that weird boy again.

      Suddenly I found myself at the backside of a car, with someone who was giving driver a syringe. The man had black hair and was wearing a pale blue shirt and black trousers. I had two pillows with me, but as the man left the car he took one of them. We drove forward, but I told them to drive back so I could get my pillow. Driver did as I said and we took both the man and the pillow inside.

      We drove to a huge cathedral, thousands of people gathered to see a pope making a mass for successfully banishing demons back to hell. The pope came closer to edge of some platform and said "To destroy devil, we have to take it's power!" A hellish pit opened up and people started to take power, but it came with enslavement as heavy chains or barbed wires grown all around them. I shouted out "No!", people have disappeared and I was left with a demon that possessed pope. He spawned a minion - it was a humanoidal demon made of salt that was hard as rock. It had spider like mandibles, eyes covered by round glasses made of salt and it had also soldier clothing made of salt. We were fighting, it was really hard to harm the demon. I used an attack and run away tacting, running all around the chamber. The demon jumped in front of me and with high pitched voice of little girl said "We will destroy humans!"

      I started fighting with more ferocity, managing to destroy one of demon's hands and distorting it's face badly. Then the possessed pope appeared and fixed his demon with one gesture, then said "Come on! That line was great! You know how hard it is to train a demon like this?" I ran to give it another punches and then the pope said to demon "Look, he's coming back! You could say your line again!" He treated the demon like a child, probably it had a mind of a child. We continued our battle, punching, dodging, running away and chasing. Suddenly the salt demon disappeared and pope appeared. I saw a door to the side of chamber open up and release devil's source of power. I thought "Someone succeeded in getting to the switch deep in hell." I quickly ran towards it and not minding force field that pained badly, I jumped and put my hand into power source, scrathing it all over with nails. It burnt slightly. Pope appeared and said "And what you wanted to achieve with this? You stand no chance..." Suddenly the hellish realm (as getting through cathedral's doorway was walking through portal to it) started to fall apart. But I managed to escape in a capsule that I found.
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