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    1. The Dentist, the forests, and the dream house.

      by , 04-15-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I had many dreams this morning, pretty much all focused on landscapes and scenery. I didn't actually record them throughout the night so I thought I'd share here, sort of going through my thought process.

      I was playing minecraft I believe, a new update that introduced a large height limit and bigger and taller biomes. The mountains were large, the cliffs were tall, and the grass was spread wide. There weren't as many trees as one would come to expect. As I flew around and explored the view became more lifelike and less blocky. There was a real neat sheet of ice that went from a lake all the way up this mountainside. I tried to get a better look at it, but I was distracted by the other cool things around. Everything I saw gave me a sense of amazement, even though there was not much really to look at. I saw a big row of some sort of structure. They seemed to be cave entrances, or dungeons or something of the sort. There must have been over 50 of them side by side, and they had redstone mechanics to get inside. I left them alone and flew higher to better investigate the way this mountain was built.
      I think the dream above was influenced by this post from reddit, even though the two look nothing alike.

      I woke up somewhere around here. Realized I was in the same position I had been when I went to sleep. I was on my side facing the left which is the opposite side I normally lie on. I normally find this position hard to fall asleep in. I turned over on my other side and feel back asleep

      I now found myself trying to explore more of the area I was in before, however it looked nothing like it did before. I wasn't in minecraft anymore. I was in a wooded area of a mountainous forest. There was a lot of debris and trash lying around. It was kind of like exploring a place long abandoned. There were the typical rusted cars and fallen trees that looked like someone made them into shelters. This particular dream felt like it happened a few times throughout the night.

      I woke up from the previous dream lying again on my side facing to the right. I lied on my back and went back to sleep.

      I was now at the waiting room at the Dentist. I was called in at the same time my dad was in the other room. The dream skipped past the actual cleaning part, and went straight to when the appointment was over. I was standing outside the door of the dentist's room and my dad had come out of the room he was in. I could hear my dentist tell me my teeth were good and to keep doing what I have been doing with my teeth. She then said she still had some work to do but I walked away.. I said to my family that she was clearly lying. She even paused before she said what she did. This is something a dentist actually did tell me once and it caused me to actually stop taking care of my teeth for quite some time. I knew my teeth were bad, yet the dentist in the dream was being lazy and also didn't want to hurt my feelings. We left the building before mother could get her teeth checked.

      At some point throughout the night I realized I was actually in a dream. I couldn't see much. The dream felt sort of unstable in that it kept fading to the void. I tried engaging my senses but it didn't seem to help. I touched a wall but couldn't really feel it. I tried walking around and grabbing a ladder but it was starting to feel like I was watching myself do it instead of doing it myself. I got to the top and looked at my hands and they were all blurry. It was like my eyes were crossed. I did indeed have 10 fingers, but I couldn't focus on what I saw. I woke up fairly quickly. The dream took place in a shack on a mountain. Must have been a beautiful view outside, but alas, it was not meant to be.

      Another cool dream was exploring a house I had seen. Actually come to think of it the house appeared out of nowhere. I recall being in a very tall cave. There was what looked like mincraft tnt lining the ceiling and walls far away, but mostly it was just a dimly lit open area. Like it was all excavated out for some project. I really felt at home(hah get it) here. I wanted to explore and see what cool things may be in here, but suddenly I saw a house forming around me. I started to get irritated that the cave was disappearing around me just for some stupid house, but I looked around the newfound environment anyway. It was a modern house with all new appliances and glossed marble floors. It was a single story home with perhaps 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. I say 3 because when I got to the end of the house there was a bathroom and then a bedroom. I felt disappointed that I had reached the end of the open house exploration without seeing anything that really caught my eye. Until, at least, I saw a small doorway in the bedroom to another room. It was an odd shaped door and it led to another bathroom. I was interested now, and I saw the bathroom had a urinal, claw tub, and a large and expensive shower. I was sold on the house now. This extra bathroom made the whole house worth it.

      I was again in the forest, kind of like the one before with the abandoned car and such. This time I had myself a dog. It was either a lab or a mastiff and it was on a rather short leash. It led the way as we explored the area and tried to find civilization. It wasn't long before we got into a town and I had to pee. I saw a street sign with the town name on it but I don't remember now where I was. I gave up on the idea of relieving myself due to there being no way to deal with the dog without the fear of someone stealing him if I tied him up somewhere. The dog and I swiftly left the city and went onto the next, going through yet another forest. I found some tree to wet and we continued our journey. We would up in another town and the dream ended.

      I "woke up" in a car without my shoes on. My family texted me to meet them at some restaurant. I got up after a few moments and noticed it was very early dawn and my dog from the previous dream as happily sitting at the end of the road. I noticed a bank across the way and saw my family's car in the parking lot. I walked over and they told me they were going to the restaurant next door, but had to pick up cash first. I agreed to meet them there, but had to go back to the car to get my shoes...
    2. Dream - Jells Park Dentistry & The End Of The World

      by , 10-01-2017 at 12:36 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 27 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 201 - Separated Sections

      Dream 201 A - Jells Park Dentistry
      The dream started at Jells Park on a nice day. I was approaching a playground that I realised hadn't been there before. Just as I am asking myself what the heck it is, Dreamy WB appears behind me in an Oktoberfest outfit with her hair frizzed out and tells me it's the new “Wooden Fleet Playground”. In real life there are only 3 playgrounds, so this must have been the 4th one in the dream. I rush for the wooden swing, sitting to face the lake but unfortunately the sun is going in my eyes. I turn around to face the carpark.

      Dreamy WB then starts talking to me and that's when I become aware of my upcoming dental appointment. I asked Dreamy WB if she could attend to stop me from being nervous and she said she could. I then said I would ask the dentist if it was okay for her to attend the appointment... I was going to text him on my phone. I told Dreamy WB it was someone called Collin. I looked to see if I had a contact for someone called Collin in my phone.

      I found someone called “Colin Ho Ho”. I actually called him but he said that he wasn't the dentist and that it was another Collin. He additionally told me to look for Collin in the park. I thought I had soon found the right Collin but when I spoke to him, it was “Colin Ho Ho” again... Some Asian looking guy. He ended up telling me though that it would be okay to bring Dreamy WB into the dental appointment.

      There was now no one else in the dream... Dreamy WB and I decided to flake out on the grass. We then decided that we should practice our position for the dentist. I lay down on top of her while her arms buckled over me. I had to check to make sure she wasn't obstructing my mouth in any way. To check, I put a finger in my mouth and started moving it around. At one point, my finger hit her cheek bone and there was also some of her hair going into my mouth. She sunk down slightly to make it so the second time I did the finger check, there were no interferences. It was agreed that we'd take that position at the dentist. The dream then ended.

      Dream 201 B - The End Of The World
      I don't remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some unknown place. There was this strange event going on... I've also forgotten what the event was. It was taking place in this staged area and the audience were up, sitting on steep steps. I went to this place initially with my brother NB but I was separated from him. I battled the rest of the audience so I could sit next to him. When I sat sat next to him, I perceived a bad energy descending into the dream. I started to become internally scared. My intuition was telling me that the world was coming to an end. My brother started to look scared too but not as scared as I was. I told him I would go and look for someone who could save us.

      I ran out of the auditorium and through an empty foyer. I encountered Dreamy WB who held the exact same appearance as in Dream 201 A. I ran up to her, panicking like anything. I ended up rapidly tugging on the white part of her dress and saying to her something like “who initiated the end of the world?!”. She said that she did as there was a reason for it but that she could also save me. She didn't do something straight away... In fact, she had vanished. I looked at the floor, noticing it was like the bottom of a swimming pool.

      Then the water started to rise. I screamed in fright because I couldn't see Dreamy WB anywhere. When the water gets a few centimetres higher, the front door of the building swings right open and she comes in, body surfing on this rubber board. As the water is now at my knees, she pulls me onto the board, bringing me close with one arm while she uses the other arm to control her direction. She explained to me what purpose the board had but I have forgotten the exact explanation. I do remember her commenting on the board's colours which were, at the time, black and cyan.

      I then looked around while still clutched close to Dreamy WB and saw many people on these boards, each in pairs. On another board was my brother, with whom I recognised as Noah the substitute dream guide back in Dream 141 C. Noah was holding NB in exactly the same way that Dreamy WB was holding me. Back at our board, she then told me that she could change the colour of the board and it would have a slightly different use. The colour of everyones' board changed to orange and yellow but the structure of the board ended up being no different.

      She then looked right at me and gave me a really wide smile. She then said that the next thing she would change it to was a special board. The colour combination changed to red and lime and she was still smiling. Dreamy WB was right to say that the board was special... For some reason, despite the now deep water below, I couldn't help but smile and laugh with her. We weren't on the special board much as the dream soon ended.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Batteries Are Charged (Receive 5 hugs from Dreamy WB)
      >> 1. Tight hug at the swimming carnival (136 A)
      >> 2. Hugged me after the hissing kitten (164 A)
      >> 3. Hugged me when I found her at the hairdressers (167 A)
      >> 4. Hugged me when the water was rising (183)
      >> 5. Held me in a hugging position before the dentist appointment (201 A).

      A part of Dream 201 B that I think was absolutely amazing; not only was I saved but the dream had remembered the sheer terror of my brother and he got saved too! It was the sweetest thing to have Noah, the so called emergency dream guide, return and be a support for not me, but my brother. I'd like to be creative and think all those other boards were miscellaneous dream guides with their miscellaneous dreamers.

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    3. Dream - Am I Seeing Double?

      by , 04-28-2017 at 01:51 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 29 NOV - 2016

      Dream No. 76 - Am I Seeing Double?

      The place mainly featured in this dream was called Killester but it actually resembled Camelot Rise more than it did Killester. So what I remember first is that there were actually two of me! We know that dreams are typically played out in first-person mode and the person in this mode was indeed me... But only one of me. The "me" that was in first-person mode was the one from the real waking life, I was visiting this so called Killester while on my travels through the dream world.

      As I was at Killester, I came across Dreamy Mr H but he was looking at me strangely. This is actually where I come to the realisation that there was another one of me, my dreamy clone. He's going something like this, "Karla, I thought you were going somewhere. What are you doing here?" and that's when I said "I wasn't going anywhere but Dreamy Mr H is still in doubt. I then tell him, "I'm not the Karla you think I am". I actually originate from the Earthly dimension" and that's when he gets a look of massive shock and amazement.

      I think the dream then skipped to Dreamy Karla's perspective (note, she is not in first-person mode and I can actually see her when the dream camera is in her scene). So what's going on is that Dreamy Karla is speaking to Dreamy WB's little sister, Dreamy LB. By what was going on, apparently Dreamy LB was due for her check-up at the dentists, or at least Dreamy Karla thought so. I thought that Dreamy Karla would be a lot more humble than I am... But she spoke in exactly the same way, using some slang and an extremely Aussie accent.

      She said to Dreamy LB, "Let's go for a nice drive in my ute. I know a good dentist that's about one and a half hours away. Dr C (I've forgotten her complete name), she's really good). Dreamy Karla could see the fear in Dreamy LB eyes, so she added "Dr C knows what she is doing. I've been there so many times and she's so patient and gentle in what she does". Then when we're sitting in the ute, Dreamy LB tells me that she has this text on her phone, something about someone else going to take her in her own time. That's when Dreamy Karla asks her "When's the last time you had a check up?" and she replies "February". After a short pause, Dreamy Karla says "And it's November now. Come on, let's go, it's not gonna hurt ya". And so Dreamy LB gives a little sigh with an "Okay Karla".

      Before they drove off, there was just one more thing that Dreamy Karla had to do. She goes to Dreamy LB "Now, we don't want others to see where we are going. So I'm just going to deformat this map and then we can head off". A zoomed camera projection of the map showed with the location point in red and the roads in grey. So with the power of the mind only, Dreamy Karla moved the red point off to the right of the map a bit but what she didn't was also the roads being manipulated. Still, she and Dreamy LB got started then the dream faded from that scene.

      What it did fade to was back to my perspective. I was walking towards one of the gates and what's when I see Dreamy WB. As I was only visiting the dream world, I was amazed... The comparison with the Earthly WB was phenominal. So I approach Dreamy WB, saying to her "Oh wow, you're so much more beautiful than the real WB". Dreamy WB looked extremely slim and curvy and was wearing a dark denim jacket on top of a black/really dark navy pencil dress. When I said that comment to her, she didn't really say anything, only making some sounds of appreciation. Over the fence, she hugged me long and hard, it was like 10 - 15 seconds before she let go.

      The dream then skipped to the time-frame that Dreamy Karla and Dreamy LB had gotten back from the dentist but there was also someone else who went with them. A friend of Dreamy Karla's, Dreamy KH, decided she wanted to keep them company. I was walking around the block of this certain area that resembled the suburb of my old house but then there was this open space up ahead and in that open space somewhere, was a large van. I had suspicions about that van... I thought that van was once Dreamy Karla's ute, just by the way it looked. I stepped inside and it actually looked like the interior of a house!

      Now this is going to sound weird but it felt like Earthly Karla's character no longer existed from this point on, or if it did, she (being I) rarely spoke. Although I was in the house-truck, the dream would only focus on Dreamy Karla's perspectives. Actually, hang on a sec... I was the one being weird! I was actually the one putting the house up for sale on Dreamy Karla's behalf... But I was making out like the house was mine and not hers.

      Okay, back to what was actually happening. I was giving the commentary to Dreamy Mr H and Dreamy Ms A, along with their kids but these kids are not their kids in real life. They were two stranger kids of whom I know nothing about in the Earthly dimension. One very interesting feature of the house were these oddly shaped pillars that could come down as a decoration or space divider. Each time they came down, they were a different colour and a different shape. After a few times of the pillars going up and down, I woke up.

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    4. Dentist much?

      by , 03-22-2017 at 08:25 PM
      I had this dream that I was racing to the dentist office to get there on time. 9 or 10 am.
      When I got there, there was a whole bunch of people waiting as well. I was shocked at how many.

      My mom and son were in the dream somewhere doing something- like maybe my mom was watching him? I can't remember.

      I sat down and when the dentist came in he called a lot of people to the back. I was curious as to why so many were called back all at once. Like maybe 10 mins later I was called back and there was all the people he called sitting in dentist chairs in 2 rows facing each other.

      I sat in the first chair on the left.
      The dentist was working on the lady next to me.
      When he was done he asked everyone "who's next?"
      Then He turned to me and said that I was right next to him so he's going to work on me, I said the other ladies were sitting before me and he said something like it doesn't matter. So I assumed we all had the same appoinment time.

      He was going to clean my teeth but I told him I was only there for cavities. Then I thought it was weird I'd have him work on uncleaned teeth but I only had a cavity appointment. Everyone else was there for a cleaning, I don't know how I knew that but I did.
      I told him I havent been to the dentist in a long time, I said that I bet I had like 10 cavities since I didn't go to the dentist regularly.

      He looked at my teeth, counted my cavities . There was 7 or 8 on bottom and 3 or 4 on top. He laughed and he said I was right there was 10.

      He then went to fill them. There was a blue light he used to have the cavities dry, he pointed it in my mouth. He then used a brush and got the white cavity fillers ( like if you were putting on acrylic nails ).
      He placed the fillers on the cavities and a lot of them were in the middle of my teeth, in front, behind my teeth.

      It was a quick thing- filling 10 cavities and I remember thinking that.

      I was done, he told me to go to the front.
      I paid and then left.

      Then I woke up.
    5. Los Angeles, California

      by , 07-07-2016 at 12:25 PM
      The dream started when I rode in a car to the house of my late grandmother (mom's side) who passed away six months ago. From there the telephone rang as I was told that I had a dentist's appointment soon. A week later in the living room of my dad's house, I sit in the recliner in the living room asking my dad if he had any money to pay for a plane ticket, as it was all the way on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Dad had his TV tray with his big laptop on the table and his female friend who visits was sitting on the couch.

      A few weeks later in the dream, I find myself in Los Angeles...but unfortunately, it looks like downtown Raleigh. I hear a rendition of Ain't It Fun by the band Paramore that is the work of British pianist Sam Yung (it's also on YouTube), and just as soon as the first verse ends (when he stops playing for a few seconds), the actual song's chorus plays with band frontwoman Hayley Williams' vocals just like it sounded on the band's 2013 self-titled album (which I enjoy, by the way), bass, electric guitar, percussion and all. I remember saying something about copyright. I also remember being on a bus near the back when I heard it. I suddenly have this feeling where there really wasn't a dentist's appointment in LA and that I may have been tricked. As soon as I heard Williams' vocals, I jumped and felt a funny feeling in my right leg and stomach. (I think this may have been my first lucid in a while.)

      I remember dreams I've had from 2013-15 where towns and cities in southern California (Los Angeles (twice), Hemet High School, but one scene later) look like places in North Carolina that I may have been before (dentist's office in 2013, downtown Raleigh in 2014 and a random section in Wal-Mart in 2015 that looks like none of the stores I've visited in the state), leading me to think the two states are fighting over me and/or my writing works. I've also had Paramore dreams before, but Williams' hair has been different colors than the trademark red or orange.

      (I credit the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games (I saw the game show on PBS first when I was younger) for inspiring me to do research on the two states in 1998-99 in the 7th grade.)
    6. 2/3/2016

      by , 03-02-2016 at 08:09 AM
      1) On a wooden ledge high up, feels like it's the outside of someone's house. The wind starts up and I'm not normally too afraid of heights but I became absolutely petrified and couldn't move.

      2) I found an old friend sitting on a bench. Somehow I managed to get him to tell me why he looked uncomfortable, he had sciatica. I blirted it out to another friend and he looked really angry with me.

      3) With my daughter in a room. The door opened and a dentist called me through, we walked into her room. She bent down next to me and I made a funy joke about her putting her hand in my pocket.

      4) A flying cat - it landed on the ground and found it's mother lying on the ground dead. Very emotional at the time.
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    7. Chad the Dentist

      by , 12-30-2015 at 06:28 PM (I Have a Problem)
      I was sitting at a table talking to someone about a dentist named Chad.
    8. Dentist, muffin eaters

      by , 04-03-2015 at 08:26 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at the dentists room. I was talking with a man at about his fourties. He was a little bald and had somewhat square chin. I looked around his room, and saw that it's unprepared to be used for dentistry. I tried to find a good sitting place. There was a chair hanging on chains, but it literally flewn when I tried to sit on it. The dentist started conversation:

      - Haven't I seen you before?

      - Well... It might be possible, but rather not.

      - You were with some girls, taking bought products right?

      - And it was last friday?

      - Yes! Why did you escaped from the school with them?

      - We had no more lessons and...

      - Ah... I see.

      I almost taunted the dentist, but I stopped myself. Then my mother appeared and dentist told her something about teeth illness he found out without ever making health examination. He just took samples of my spit and told that we should wait.

      I went outside, and saw the dentist entering car of my family. He told to me:

      - And don't try to go anywhere else. My brother controlls all the dentistry here!

      After that he went away. I shouted after him:

      - Yeah!... It's very incutlural... I mean very incultural to enter someones car!

      And entered the car. With father we drove away. I asked what about mother and sisters, but he told me that we'll meet with them. When driving back I saw some classmates going out of bus. Then on a crossroad we almost got smashed by two crazy truck drivers. After taking rest of the family we drove home.

      I was entering the kitchen, while everyone was playing with muffin eaters. Weird bugs you had to feed with muffins. One looked like a spruce branch, and was the most intelligent. Second was brown, and behaved like a small chicken. I remember also one resembling hedgehog. I feed them with muffins.
    9. Dream I Had

      by , 12-17-2014 at 03:34 PM
      Last night, I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was in my elementary school gym, sitting there and waiting for a dentist appointment. Meanwhile, I was arguing with my brother over if there was poison ivy in the forest behind our house. We were fighting to the point of punching and kicking, until the principal told us it was time for my dentist appointment. I walked into this room, and it was so weird; some people were getting haircuts, and others were getting their teeth cleaned like a normal dentist. One of the girls on my swim team named Sabrina was the dentist. Oh great. I sat down in the chair, and she just counted my teeth with this metal thingy and said I was good. Yay! Then, I went home and my mom said that my brother, sister, and I had to go to bed. It was only 2 in the afternoon! She sprinkled some magic dust on us, and we fell asleep until it was two the next day. I woke up, and I was eating different colored tortilla chips out of a plastic baggie on the top bunk of our bunk bed. I was rotating like a clock around the bed, and for every different side I was on, I ate a different colored chip. I kept rotating around and eating different colored chips, and the crumbs were falling down the sides of the bunk bed. Some even landed on my brother, who was sleeping on the bottom bunk. I hoped he wouldn't notice or freak out, so I just ate the chips until I woke up. The End.
    10. The Cool Kid's Table, Tooth Adventures and Texas Graduation

      by , 07-22-2014 at 12:03 AM
      I am sitting at a table in my old high school's cafeteria.*

      *I am not sure if this is merely a fleeting fragment of a separate dream in and of itself or if it is a precursor/transition to:

      I am in New Orleans, sitting at a table - circular, black wrought iron - on the sidewalk outside of a series of buildings that include: The Boot, The Mushroom and Crepes a la Cart. At my table are a mix of people I knew from high school and college. There are a few more tables, of the same type, on either side of me. They have the same general mix of high school and college acquaintances. I vaguely recall that one of the adjacent tables has the "tier 1" cool kids and my table has the "tier 2" still-cool-but-not-as-cool-kids (reminiscent of the popularity hierarchy of lunch tables at my middle school).

      One of the kids, either at my table or the adjacent table, ask if I had sex with this one girl; she is sitting at one of the two tables (my recollection is hazy as to which). I, at least in my dream, was certain that I did in fact have sex with her (I have no idea where the absolute certainty in my dream came from). However, I don't answer the question directly, instead I nonchalantly shrug off the question in a way that indicates that I did, but I prefer to be a coy dick about it.

      People get up and start to leave. A guy at my table is frantically looking around. I see, now that everyone has gotten up, that there is a bunch of junk strewn under the table. I bend down to look and see a man's bra* on the ground as well as a wad of money. The guy searching tell me he is looking for a credit card, which I see it on the ground, under a chair, and hand to him.

      *Literally no idea why - however I explicitly clarified that the bra was a man's in the dream journal I use upon walking up (it is to be noted that I wrote it in a half-sleep daze).

      Next Dream:

      I am looking in a mirror and see that one of my bottom teeth, in the middle of the bottom row, is sticking out higher than the rest and is quite loose/wobbly. I doesn't hurt though. I decide to get it looked at. In order to get to the dentist I go to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans and use this pseudo-helicopter contraption I find there. It is incredibly small, similar in scale to a smart car - if not smaller, and very high tech; there is just enough room inside to sit down comfortably. From the Hospital it autopilots me to the dentist. Directly in front of me is a flat screen monitor that displays where I am as there are no windows. The screen shows me circling the entire world, in maybe 30 seconds, before crossing back over North America to New Orleans. During the trip these mechanical arms come out and give me a shot of something into my mouth which I vaguely remember as fleetingly numbing my mouth (possibly Novocain).

      I land on the roof of a building and flatten/fold up the pseudo-copter so that I can carry it around with me; it is very light. I make my way down to a hallway with doors for medical and business related offices on either side. My dentist (in the dream - not reality)* is in this hallway. However, I find a different business when I walk into his office. I slip out before anyone sees me and walk back and forth down the hallway thinking that I may have used the wrong door. After a few rounds I check the sign outside the should-be office door. Apparently, the dentist had changed offices, but did not inform me.

      *He is, in reality, an old family-friend and a physician my family often goes to in NYC, but for whatever reason he is my dream dentist.

      At a stand still I look down the hallway and see Hulk Holgan (HH), in a business suit, talking to a tall black man with short dreadlocks also in a suit. I listen in and hear that the man has hired HH to do a commercial for his burger chain. HH asks for a few minutes to get ready before the commerical starts filming and the chain owner walks into his office.

      As I walk by HH offers to give my tooth a look. I readily agree and offer, in turn, to help him with a slogan for the burger commercial. While checking out my tooth, HH tells me that he was thinking of using "like a million dollars" as the slogan. I think for a second and try "better than cashing a paycheck" which he likes more. HH then pulls out my tooth and I immediately feel better. However, there is now a large gap in the middle of my bottom row of teeth. HH says that I can get a filling later, but it wouldn't close the gap, only make it more stable; I'm not too happy about that, but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

      I look around see LaMarcus Aldridge (LA) standing next to HH and me. He offers to go get food with me, but HH tells me not to, that it isn't such a good idea. I ignore him and, with LA, I walk down the hallway. We head outside into a fairly hard rain and I realize that I am at the University of Texas. LA jogs over to an outside basketball court where the University of Texas basketball team is practicing. LA joins them as I walk over to watch the practice. Right past the end of the court, on the side closest to me, is a line of marching band drummers practicing.

      The drummers are in a single file line and all decked out in marching band uniforms. At one side of the line is an administrative-looking older gentleman handing out diplomas and shaking the hands. I walk wast the line and see, about 8 feet beyond the drum line, an adjacent line of brass players (trumpets, etc.) playing their instruments. I keep walking and move past the brass line coming to a small and long hill that levels out into a paved parking lot. The father of an old friend of mine is standing at the top. He shakes my hand and congratulates me on graduating (I think - the dream gets hazy and I wake up around this point).

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    11. Unusual dentist visit

      by , 07-04-2014 at 03:50 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      The dentist tells me Iíll need to eat something. She gives me a saucer with a small strawberry on it and then leaves to clean up. Apparently thereís going to be an operation or something.

      Me and mom can hear the water running and wonder whatís taking so long. I figure she must be taking a shower rather than washing her hands.

      I talk to mom about how I hate strawberries and wonder if I should tell the dentist how I puked the last time I tried one. I might be fibbing there, but close enough.

      I end up hurrying out of the room to try and find something else to eat. I find a basket of pears [thatís actually peaches] and slice off some of that. Somehow I end up with some kind of cake stuff on the plate too.

      Iím looking at a magazine and mom suggests I trade it with the one I have [something to do with the date on it?].

      Then Iím looking through a book, which has scraps of paper in it. I figure some of them were used as bookmarks by the last person to read it. I come to a paper with Spike Spiegel on it. It has a place to sign your name and the date, and something about putting down what power you have but it was some strange term. I didnít know what to put there so I just out my name and date [though I donít remember what it was].

      I canít remember if it was in the magazine or book, but a Ďdateí was written: 1-2-1.

      Back in the room with plate in hand, a guy comes in and starts talking. Iím wondering who the heck he is but apparently heís taking over or helping.

      Inspirations: Talking about our teeth issues, mom has peaches in the fridge and I have coffee cake, I saw a Spike Spiegel post on tumblr recently, been reading food magazines lately, have had a lot of doctorís visits lately and was thinking about my teeth
    12. The Daytime Work Still Matters!! Almost WILD=Awareness DILD

      by , 01-20-2014 at 05:50 PM
      Just a quick entry mainly for myself! Don't neglect the daytime work! I did have a strong cold Monday night and Tuesday(1 week ago) that didn't help me feel like doing daytime work, but I slacked way too much on my daytime self-awareness work (a la Sageous) and it showed, taking me 8 days to get my next lucid. I strongly believe that after you have the necessary experience and knowledge, that dry spells are either self-induced or related to things changing around you (new job, new task, sickness, travel). Of course consistency is not to be expected when you are first starting off. I am only talking about after you have some significant consistency. For me, partly because I was sick but mainly because I wasn't putting in enough daytime work towards LDing. Looking back, I could have done some quick RRC check-ins no matter how sick I felt.

      SSILD, *swinging visualization(motion based) WILD attempt becomes DILD

      I was so close to wild this morning but at some point I realized that I was just a little too far from sleep, the most crucial element! So I focused on drifting off and lost awareness but was able to DILD. I was getting my teeth checked for some issue that had been bothering me (only according to my dreaming mind) related to the teeth pushing up against my lips. The dentist took me to the x-ray machine and I mentioned the braces I had as a kid and he asked if I had the old x-rays and I said that I could give him the name of the orthodontist to request them. Anyway, this x-ray machine apparently swings you around the entire office as it x-rays your teeth (you've seen those, right? haha) and I think I was semi-lucid at this point, going around the office in my underwear on this machine. I see this odd guy looking in the window of the office and immediately realize yep, this is a dream, awesome machine (I think my swinging visualization during the wild attempt brought on this amazing x-ray machine/theme park ride thingy). I decide to really look around at all the details of the office (influenced by daytime work where I really look around in wonder) as I am being swung around. I also decide to go nude and made my underwear disappear (no flasher IWL, haha). There are several people working in the office including a good looking receptionist (reminds me of walking past some people dining on an outdoor patio of a restaurant IWL and my thought of all the things I would do if this were a lucid dream right now!..awesome feeling of empowerment.) I remember my goal to fly over some local landmarks and scenery and fly up from the machine (the roof is immaterial...or was it?). In flight my vision started fading and I begin to think that the dream may be ending, visualize the swinging of the x-ray machine, maybe I can go back there and stabilize) but slowly but surely I feel myself returning to my sleeping body. It may have also been the end of my REM cycle, but I want to work on stabilization in moments like the above. 98
    13. Wisdom Teeth

      by , 11-15-2013 at 09:42 AM
      Original journal entry dated April 23, 2002:

      This one was about an old friend of mine. I haven't had any dreams about him in a really long time. I had a dream that I was having my wisdom teeth pulled and I was REALLY messed up on painkillers when I left the dentist's office... apparently he'd been the person who had given me a ride, he tried to help me walk but my legs were jell-o so he had to kind of half-drag me to the car. I realized that, since an old friend was in it, this was going to be a sad dream, so I woke myself up.

      note: I have since gotten my wisdom teeth removed; a different friend took me home from the office.
    14. Playing dentist

      by , 07-21-2013 at 09:44 AM
      I think the dream took place in a hotel or something similar.
      I was there with two friends. For some reason both of them had dental problems. They asked me for help with their problem and although I didn't know anything about being an dentist I agreed to help.
      I went to a nearby fridge and took out two bottles of booze that I handed to them. "Here's some anaesthetic" I told them with a smile. They began drinking it, but one of them hadn't realised it was booze and became really angry with me. He said he was going to work tomorrow and if he couldn't drive then he couldn't work. I told him not to worry, I was going to call his boss and take all the responsibility for getting his employee drunk.
    15. Dream hopping

      by , 07-14-2013 at 11:38 PM
      Pre bed: 100mg B6

      Dream quality and recall: Dreams were vivid but recall was challenging due to the fact that I continued sleeping after the lds. It took me a while to journal the lds and by the time I did, the non-ld memories almost vanished. Still, taking into account recent busyness, heat and other distractions, I am very happy with the results.

      Early dream fragment: It is the 5th of July and I am watching lots of fantastic long-lasting fireworks in the sky

      Early dream fragment: I am doing dumbbell exercises, it feels really good

      WBTB: Was very sleepy but made an effort to review the tasks. Said a mantra a few times, then fell deeply asleep.

      Dream: I enter grandpa's room and discover that grandma has forgotten some kind of a diary she kept hidden behind the door. I wait until she is not around and peek in the diary to find out it is actually my diary. So, I had forgotten it in 2007 and she hid it and has been reading little bits ever since. This is terrible because this diary fully describes my views, plans, etc. I want to take it back home, but my mom comes snooping around, so I have to be careful not to attract her attention.

      Fragment: I am with a classmate going to a class meeting. We stop in front of a building.

      LD1: For some reason am in someone's store that resembles an outlet of a totally unknown brand. I spend some time checking out clothes, mostly interested in pink and purple ones. There is a cardigan I like but it turns into a net? Classmates are also there, I am trying to get their attention. A woman working in the store comes to bring us what looks like orange juice, but she claims it is beer. My whole class is gathered around something like a long table and we are having a drink. I first wait for everyone to get served but soon notice that some are already drinking. I feel drunk. Other classmates tell the story of a girl with the same name as mine, about how she lived in some city where women are emancipated. I think this refers to me, but later find out that they are talking about another classmate because they say her family name.

      I turn to one of my best friends and say to her that we better leave the place and go outside. I am not sure what we did there but I am overly bold and become lucid. I turn back to all the guys from my class that have been passively following me and say some things to them I don't any longer remember. I recall how long this dream has been going and have very little time left, so decide to hurry up. The scenery around me is absolutely beautiful. We just left a lone building and there is only grass around, hills, trees. It seems like fall is just beginning, the colors are very pleasant to look at.

      My brain is more asleep than usual and the only task that comes to mind after looking at the scenery is flying to angel falls.
      (which is so totally CL!)

      I lift off and do some maneuvering that I can't exactly recall. I keep on flying over some fantastic hills, but I just feel this is going to end very bad because I have no idea where I am going and I am in the air for too long. (Also my expectation was set very deeply on a subcon level).

      I decide to land and end up facing what looks like a small waterfall. There is water pouring over some rocks just in front of me. While I know this isn't what I am looking for (too small), I go as close as possible to this water falling down the rocks, trying to feel the water on me as the dream fades away and I end up in the void.

      I spend some time in the void, just waiting there. (I couldn't remember any advice as what else to do, but that was fine)

      LD2:It's a bit hard to remember what the first image was that I was looking at here but I am lucid from the start. It is an open area, with lots of vegetation again. I try three tasks, not fully sure about the sequence of but mostly likely in this order.

      I look around and see some hills and trees in the distance. Once again it is all very beautiful and this makes me happy. It also reminds me that I was headed towards Angel falls. The vegetation makes it just perfect for the task and I stare there and day dream for a very short while. I feel like I want to rush forward and just get there. However, I just passed a few DCs and I remember I had another task I wanted to do "ask a DC".

      I turn to this overweight mid-age woman and she makes some kind of word-like sound like "nah", I ask her where my phone is and she says "outside". This cannot be possible, as I know the phone must be somewhere at home, so I object and ask for further explanation. She says something else that I can't exactly remember but it means that this the answer. I am not satisfied with the answer she gave me, so I look around and there is another DC woman more or less the same type, but different face. I go to her and she makes exactly the same word-like sound like the other one, I find this very strange. I proceed to ask her about my phone and she just answers "but didn't you already ask". Well, yeah, but I want to ask again, and it is none of her business, just tell me where the phone is. I am annoyed with her and start some senseless explaining. After a while, I give it up and move on.

      Still in the same place I decide to do the fireworks task and look around for some fireworks to swallow. The problem is that I am not in a room where my mind easily makes all kinds of objects but in the greenery and there's only grass and some small bushes there. I somehow remember I can do a summon from my pocket. I have the memory that my pockets are currently empty but still decide to search in my pocket. It is indeed empty but I manage to scrub something there, I hold my fist tight for a second and then I expect to see a mini-firework in there. Unfortunately, it is just a purple brown pill. I become confused thinking I really had this pill in my real pocket and that's causing the problem. Anyways, I concentrate on the pill, trying to make it look at least a bit like a firework but in vain. Somewhere after this intense concentration the dream fades.

      I don't remember anything from the void here anymore.

      LD3: I appear in some kind of public building restroom, still lucid, where I am looking myself in the mirror. I feel some pain in my tooth and have a closer look. Yeah, something is not quite right there and that worries me that I might actually have done something to my real tooth. I vaguely remember Penny talking about tooth dreams, and try to ignore the issue. Yet, I keep on checking myself out in the mirror until I zoom in to see and feel my entire row of teeth in a painfully twisted position. Dreams can really get crazy, I think to myself, remembering how Checker's fingers were twisted or something like that.

      Finally, I brake my teeth fixation and walk around, trying to exit the restroom. Slightly worried that the dream might destabilize, although there wasn't an indication?, I decide to rub my hands and see if anything feels different. I remark that everything feels absolutely normal, and rubbing my hands on this occasion does not feel different from waking life. I also remember to jump a bit supposedly to stabilize, but it's more like some mischievous act of fun. I jump a few times, although cautiously as I don't want to destabilize the dream by losing the sense of my feet while mid air.

      Trying to leave the restroom, I walk around in this building, but get lost in a maze of corridors. I go back, then try again and end up in some creepy looking corridor, lit by a single old bulb, shining bright. The whole place looks like from some kind a cheap movie scene and I don't like it at all. I don't want to be there. I get paranoid, staring at the corridor which turns to the left and soon some kind of a non-human thing is summoned by me.

      Before he even has the chance to move closer I know that the only way out of this place is to phase through the wall in front of me and I do so.

      I immediately end up in the void, but am still a bit paranoid that this thing might follow me into the next dream. I try to reason this whole situation, that he doesn't exist anymore, and feeling with certainty that once in the void, it is over. From then on, I remember to concentrate on Angel falls and on appearing on top of it. I do my best to create sensations that I am there.

      I don't remember what happened, I just found myself in the next scene.

      LD4: My memory gets even worse as I fall deeper into sleep. I am on the street, facing some building. My concern at this point is recall. I realize that I have been having dream after dream with no opportunity to journal. I try to remember how many lds so far, four, try to recall some details as I feel they will be lost. Using either my fingernails or some other object, I write down the number of dreams with a key word next to each to help with my recall once I wake up. This whole task is extremely difficult and towards the end of the process I begin to hear non-lucid dream thoughts interfering in my head.

      Soon I lose lucidity as a Heroes of Might and Magic scene develops in the building in front of me. There are the two players' armies and obviously mine has been defeated because I didn't send reinforcements, while the other player did. The armies look quite 3D life-like with the largest beast looking quite scary.

      NLD: Someone informs bf about his dentist and that some kind of refund is due because he did the dental work in a hurry. Tom Wilkinson is the dentist.

      NLD: I am in a tram, there is a strange looking skinny old man in front of me. He is dressed like Gandhi, also has some kind of flat drawers on his chest, as some sort of a medallion. We talk for a short while and unfortunately I can't recall more detail anymore.

      Soon the dream ends and I am in my body semi-conscious and extremely sleepy. For some reason my physical body decides to change position, so my legs move. This is what wakes me up a bit more and I decide it is better to journal before I forget everything.
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