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    1. Lucid Dream 244: Yoshi, The Young Phenom

      by , 07-14-2011 at 06:40 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 19, 2011
      Lucid Dream 244: Yoshi, The Young Phenom
      Series: Star Power, Episode 2

      I was in a locker room getting ready for the upcoming hockey game. I was on the Tampa Bay Lightning. My friend Diddy was also on the team and we were sitting on the locker room bench beside each other. Our coach, Denzel Washington, entered the locker room and told us it was time to roll. We all got up and marched out through the hallway. Our skates were tapping the ground in unison as we walked out of the locker room and down a long hallway. I lead a chant to the beat of our skates tapping the concrete..."Everywhere we go-OOO....people want to kno-OOW...who we ar-RRRE...so we tell them...we are the LIGHTNING....the mighty, mighty LIGHTNING." We reached the end of the hallway and stepped onto the ice. Some skated to the bench and the rest of us skated to the center of the rink.

      I can't remember the very start of the match, but it was a finals game against the Rangers (which isn't even possible ...both are in the Eastern Conference). I noticed Diddy break on a pass by the Rangers, so I streaked down the right side of the rink. Diddy stole the pass and made an absolutely beautiful pass to me as I approached the net. I one-timed it for the first goal of the match. Instead of a face-off, the referee just threw another puck into the rink. The previous puck simply vanished. One of the Ranger players retrieved the puck and started heading toward us. I read his move and stole it from him and streaked down the center of the rink, all alone. I faked a slapshot and did a quick "flick of the wrist" shot in the vacant part of the goal (the goalie fell for the slapshot fake). The game carried on and I can't recall everything that happened, but the first period had ended and we were up 4-0. I had all 4 goals in the first period, but my skates had broken. I took off to the locker room to find some more and I suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason.

      I couldn't wait to get back out on the ice whilst lucid, so I searched the locker room for an extra pair of skates. I a pair of old boxing boots/sneakers. The ones that almost lace up to the knee. I put them on and just acted like they were skates. As I stepped back into the hallway, I heard the familiar clank of metal on concrete. I looked down and noticed they now had blades on the bottom and had changed color from a dusty brown to a lime green. I skated on the concrete and toward the rink. As I stepped out onto the ice, the entire crowd erupted with cheers. It was an amazing feeling to have that many people going crazy for you.

      There was a faceoff this time and as we were lining up for it, I could hear the broadcasters talking. "The Lightning has found themselves a player to build this franchise around." The other broadcaster responded. "This Reed kid can really play. Once these playoffs are concluded, the coach and GM are going to be working out a long term deal for sure." I was skating around getting a feel for the rink. It felt much like the dreams where I have skated around with my tennis shoes. I started skating backwards as the Ranger with the puck approached. He quickly passed it over to his teammate who started his slapshot. I skated over in front of him and allowed the puck to slam off my chest. I then kicked it out in front of me and took off. I was zig-zagging defenders as I made my way toward the net. I lifted the puck into the air with my mind and then swung at it like a baseball. The puck zoomed at light speed, ripped a whole in the net, and tore a hole in the rink wall. The goalie didn't even have time to react. I was even surprised at how fast it flew. They called timeout for people to come repair the whole in the wall and I lost lucidity at this time.

      We resumed play and we ended up winning 7-0. In the locker room we were partying. Everyone was popping open the champagne battles and we started playing champagne pong. Me and Diddy were dominating. I woke up sometime during this party, but I can't remember exactly when it was.

      Series Details
      "I thought I told ya...I'm a STAR...you see that ice...you see them cars...." In the dream series, "Star Power," I take on some of the most glorified positions in the world. Living the life of the rich & the famous. A movie star, nfl star, rock star...you never know what I will be next,so stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    2. Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge....

      by , 02-04-2011 at 08:31 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 3, 2011
      Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge
      Series: Star Power, Episode 1
      around 6:30pm

      I had a few uninteresting normal dreams last night. I decided to attempt a WILD during a nap and this is what happened...

      I began to feel the body buzz and soon SP fully set in. There were flashes of a beach and ice cream and some other random stuff I can no longer remember. A dream scene started to slowly come into focus. It was blurry, but I could see a man hovering over me. A narrator began to speak as the man started raining hay-makers, rocking my head against the ground in the process. Narrator, "Everyone has those moments...where they feel like all is lost...like their down and out...your life flashes before your eyes and you think about all the choices you have made to this point...wondering where you went wrong...many accept defeat...killing themselves from the inside out...me...I do things differently..." The dream had seemed to have stabilized.

      Since I was absolutely getting my ass kicked the entire time the narrator was speaking, I thought it would be silly to just stand up like nothing was wrong. I slowly rolled up to one knee and the guy (who appeared to be a gang member) kicked me in the face, knocking me flat one my back. I spit out a mouth full of blood and rolled over to my side. I spotted a good size shard of glass laying on the ground next to me. I stealthily snatched it and began to laugh at my attacker. He up beside me, hovered over my face and said, "What the f*** is so funny b*tch? You haven't had enough?" I immediately spit in his face and sank the glass shard into the back of his foot. I then ripped it through his achilles tendon, causing him to topple over in agony. I scrambled to my feet and scanned the area. I pulled a nearby road sign out of the concrete and beat the guys head to mush. I took his gun and began performing some stabilization techniques. Everything seemed very clear and vivid. My friend Ryano came running up to me and asked if I was ok. I told him that the guy had pistol whipped me before I could get any information from him. Ryano looked at the dead guy and muttered, "Damn!" I then took off down the street and soon the dream scene changed.

      I was in a building with white walls that were lined with a zebra-like black stripe pattern. I came upon a section of the building that had many mirrors set up. I heard someone approaching, so I ducked down behind a structure and located the person using the mirrors. It was Ryano. He was talking on a radio to someone. Ryano, "Russell couldn't get the job done...No, he is dead...I don't know, his brains are splattered along the f***ing sidewalk...Don't worry I handle it myself..."
      Somewhere around here I lost lucidity. I snuck around behind Ryano and put a gun to the back of his head. I whispered in his ear, "Traitors burn in hell." I then pulled the trigger before he could get a word out. He dropped dead, face first. There wasn't any actual gunfire, noise, or a wound, but he was dead. I grabbed his pistol and took off running toward the front of the building. 5 well dressed agents closed in on my position and we engaged in an intense gunfight. Again, no actually shots were fired, but people dropped whenever I hit them. After taking care of the agents I hauled ass toward the front of the building. I suddenly fell fast first, because I had been shot in the back of the leg. As I hit the ground, I turned a shot the agent who had popped me. I scrambled to my feet and began limp/running to the front of the building where I heard, "Aaaannnndddd CUT!" There was a film crew and the front and we all had been acting out a movie the entire time. The director spoke for a few moments, but I don't remember what it was about.

      The next thing I remember, I am at a very fancy movie theater. I'm with Cort who was wearing a white dress, white gloves, a diamond necklace, and a diamond tiara. She looked absolutely stunning. I was wearing a suit. We were watching a movie scene that contained myself, Denzel Washington, and Ian Mckellen. We were in a office that looked like it belonged to a very wealthy man. Mckellen was sitting behind a desk, me and Denzel were standing in front of the desk. My character was watching the door and Denzel began to speak. (I don't remember all of the dialogue, but here is some of it)...Denzel looked pissed as he spoke, "Did you really think you could just ship me off and the past would never catch up to you?" Mckellen replied, "It was to protect you. We..." Denzel interrupted with an angered voice, "Protect me from what? You weren't protecting me. You were protecting yourself!" Mckellen was now raising his voice. He slammed his fist on the table and stood up, "We raised you like you were our own. Gave you everything you could ever want! Loved you like any parent would!" Denzel smiled and replied, "What about Teressa...Jermaine...little Michael? You left them to die. Never even mentioned they were my family." Mckellen sighed and calmly said, "It couldn't be helped." Denzel then pulled his gun and pointed it at Mckellen's face. Mckellen gave a faint smile and spoke, "Are you going to shoot your own father?" "You aren't my father." replied Denzel as he pulled the trigger. Mckellen fell face down onto the desk. My character spoke, "We need to go...NOW!" There were some action scenes next with some gunfights and whatnot. The movie abruptly stopped during the action scenes.

      Some people in the theater began screaming and pointing at the ceiling. There was a massive crack in the roof and it was slowly growing. We exited the theater immediately, and I met up with Chris R, Sardaddy, and Just H. We took a smoke break and talked about the movie (which was the premier of my first big supporting role). The movie was called "Warranted Revenge." I awoke during the conversation.

      Series Details
      "I thought I told ya...I'm a STAR...you see that ice...you see them cars...." In the dream series, "Star Power," I take on some of the most glorified positions in the world. Living the life of the rich & the famous. A movie star, nfl star, rock star...you never know what I will be next,so stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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