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    1. 12/01/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:45 AM
      I was driving on a highway with Desirae thinking of why people have been saying I've gotten buffer. I thought maybe it was from the boxes of coin I carry around. I noticed the snow covered mountains in the distance and the river below me. The further I went, the colder I knew the water was. I said "The water is so cold here." I was suddenly swimming in it and doing some underwater obstacle course with Valery. I had trouble going through one and when I did, Valery was blocking the way to the surface. I woke up gasping for air.
    2. 9/5/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:42 AM
      I was in some room in Venezuela with my duty belt on the floor. I was keeping it a secret because I didn't want people to know about it and tell the government or have it stolen. The room then turned into a warehouse and I was with Laurie. There was a bedroom where we would stay in. I knew I was still with Desirae but she was somewhere else and we would keep in touch via text. She was freaking out cus of some stuff so she had her cousins send me mean voicemails. I got in a work van and parked it near a door so I could see who would come in and out of the warehouse.
    3. 8/22/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:19 AM
      I was in some sort of junkyard at night playing with Desirae's boobs. They felt good so I didn't it for a while until I noticed that she didn't have a head so Laurie and I planned on burying her. After. I was playing a computer game that was a combination of Sid Meier CIV 5 and Command and Conquer Generals. I was playing online with people but I didn't realize it until we started attacking each others bases.

      I was on a NM highway where there were a few cars and mountains in the distance. To the left, there was a building and I was going down a hill. I was going so fast that I had to slam the brakes to slow down.

      I was in a city with a river flowing through the middle of it. I was with Nathan and the Strogg from quake started invading. I had a black, large caliber pistol and a few magazines. The belt I had didn't have a holster but the belt itself could be used as one. I adjusted the belt like the one I have in the waking world. I killed a few Strogg even though they were hard to kill, eventually getting split up with Nathan. I looked for him and a specific street. I asked an APD cop where it was but at first they ignored me.
    4. 6/28/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:22 AM
      I was driving my car with someone and we came up on a gate that was half open. A car went by and passed through the closed part of the gate so I drove through the open part. I heard something and wondered if I hit the gate. I got out and there was a huge gash and lots of scrapes on the right side of the car. I freaked out and said "Let this be a dream" and counted my fingers. I counted 5 so I freaked out even more. I drove and wondered how much it would be to fix.

      I dreamt Desirae was texting me.
      Tags: car, desirae, panic
    5. 5/3/2014

      by , 05-08-2014 at 02:04 AM
      I was at work and Desirae was with me. We were making stops and both getting out but we were running way behind and messing everything up. We went to her Dion's and picked up a bowl full of some sort of soup. I asked if there was any deliveries, to which the manager said no. I was carrying out the cart of soup but there was a crack on the floor and I fell. Some people passed me and I said "That's what happens when I put on more weight on one side", trying to be funny. I was going to the truck and asked Desirae if there was any deliveries and she said yes.
    6. 4/27/2014

      by , 04-27-2014 at 11:24 PM
      I was driving with Desirae back home from a suburban neighborhood. She was going pretty fast and I tell her there's a cop behind us. She doesn't see him because he's in a civilian van but I can see his badge. We had ordered McDonald's but the drinks got delivered to some house in another suburban neighborhood so we went there. Once we arrived, we stopped at the house, the cop pulled up and started going into the house, which was his. I notice he's with Valencia County. We tell him about the drinks and after a while, he comes out with them and with one hand, gives me the drink and the other hand he shakes my hand. It threw me off guard. I'm suddenly in his house and get my keys to leave. I struggle with getting the right key but get it eventually. I'm in my car and notice Desirae already left and the guy motions me to go away. There's a green van that pulls up and I assume it's his wife. I start driving and am in Belen on Reinken and Main street. It's dark because all the lights are off and it's real cloudy with black clouds, like if it's going to rain. Someone tells me never to come by again and I assume it's the cop but notice it's another person. I think that's werid and that he might be hiding something so I decide to become a private investigator.

      I was riding around on a bicycle and appeared in Venezuela. I had music playing and was trying to find out how to get to my uncle's autoshop but got lost in some alley. I eventually made it out of the alley and onto a mansion where my family lived. I was riding my bike on the roof and made it into the mansion through a window. My family had just finished eating and they said that my mom had just left and after that, everyone started leaving.

      I was in my old apartment in Venezuela and was arguing with Desirae about something. Anders Breivik was there and he was helping her destroy my bike. I got pissed and went into my room, where Anders pulled out a gun and shot at me 3 times. I freaked out, grabbed my ar, chambered a round, and called the cops telling them what happened. I leaned out of my doorway and shot a girl who was coming at me with a knife. I camped out in my room because I thought Anders might be waiting for me in the living room or kitchen. Eventually, the cops caught anders outside the apartment somewhere. I think I had a false awakening during this dream.
    7. 4/25/2014

      by , 04-26-2014 at 12:13 AM
      I dreamt that I was talking to Desirae about my insurance bill. I remember dreaming that it was due on the 24th
      Tags: bills, desirae
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. 4/19/2014

      by , 04-22-2014 at 04:55 AM
      I was in Albuquerque when my car broke down so I did parkour trying to get out of the city. The sun was setting and I walked a lot. Suddenly I made it to the top of a very tall building. I was scared on the way up because the railings were unstable and there was bobwire blocking parts of it. Some guy from the prison in Santa Fe was there and I tried telling him that I worked at a prison but he was pretty stupid and didn't know what I was trying to say. Some guy appeared with his car on the roof and he fell with it into the highway. Another guy also fell. Me and the C/O walked away after some cops showed up and we came to an elevator. I was asking which was the best way to get back. There were 2 elevators and I picked the one with some teenagers because they were headed the same way I was. I teleported and was watching a murder show about some guy that killed some kid. I was on a bed and the guy turned into Desirae and I was begging her not to tickle me. The dream slowly started turning into a nightmare but I woke up.

      I dreamt I was with my family and I had a daughter. She had peed under the table while I was eating and I asked people to take her to the bathroom for me. Everyone said no, that it's my responsibility. I got mad and took her to the bathroom. I put her on the toilet and turned around to wash my hands. I said to myself "This family has no fucking respect." When I turned around again, my daughter was gone. I looked all around the bathroom and even stuck my hand in the toilet, thinking she had fallen in.
    9. 4/17/2014

      by , 04-17-2014 at 03:16 PM

      I was walking down a road passing several streets. I kind of knew I was dreaming and was trying to remember every street name I saw, which were the names of people that I worked with at the prison. I came to a stop and the area changed to a more lively area, with trees and better colors. Desirae was standing right next to me. She told me she knew I was dreaming and she was waking up to get ready for work. I almost had a false awakening and I got mad because she almost woke me. I yelled to the dream to show me a cool name on a street sign but it just turned to a piece of wood. I continued walking and it looked like I was in a college campus. I somehow became lucid. I walked towards a chubby woman with brown hair. She was kinda pretty. I asked her how she was doing and she said she just got off church. She walked off and as I followed behind her, I stabilized my dream by rubbing my hands and telling myself repeatedly "I'm dreaming". We continued talking and I found out we had a date planned together but neither of us knew when. I found Valery and we started walking. The woman started going into her apartment and I said "You should lose some weight" in hopes that the next time I see her, she'd be skinnier. I also told her "I do love your dress, though". She seemed upset that I suggested she lose weight.
      Valery and I kept walking and I said "Let's fly." Valery and I started flying. We flew over two people and almost over a roof. Everything felt so amazing and I felt so happy. I started losing focus because my emotions got to intense and I fell. I tumbled onto the ground and as I got up, I did stabilization techniques and reality checks of my hands and watch. My digital watch was going crazy, even when I tried to make it count time normally. I kept walking with Valery and thinking that we might be sharing the dream, told her to remember we flew together. I also told her to remember the yellow dress she was wearing and what I was wearing. I wanted to get her to wake up so I started yelling at her to wake up. She then started crying saying something about her vacuum yelling at her or something.
      I then woke up.
    10. 4/15/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 04:58 AM

      I was on a ship filled with people when someone threw a homemade bomb into the crowd. The bomb got tossed around like if it was a "hot potato" and it finally blew up on some guy. He went flying and we thought he was dead but he slowly got up and started running off the ship. His head was blown open and I could see his brain. While he was running off me and a girl chased after him, especially the girl but I realized he was too wounded. I said "That guy is wolf food now..." We were then in an island and as we were getting back into a bus, I started fighting people. I beat up a lot of them but then I got thrown off the bus. I was locked out but some girls that were in the bus were nice enough to hand me a few bottles of water. I told the girls I'd be back to help them. I went into a big house that looked more like a motel on the inside. There was a TV playing music and as I walked towards it, I said "I haven't had a sad dream in a while." A fat lady was walking towards me and I asked her "If this were a dream, would I be able to change the song to a song from Tangled?" The replied
      Yes, but it would play before the current song" That confused me but all the talk about dreams made me do a reality check. I started counting my fingers and noticed I had a lot of them. I realized I was dreaming.
      I looked around the house and there were a lot of stuff on the counters. I noticed my dream blurring and getting disoriented so I rubbed my hands and then looked at them to stabilize the dream. I faced the TV and tried to make fireballs but the only results were sparks or embers coming out of my fingers. I thought about maybe taking a pill that would give me the ability to use fireballs but didn't. I flicked my index, middle finger, and thumb, which caused a glowing crescent to come out and fly towards what I pointed. The crescent curved in the way my palm faced. I tried different positions of my palm and the crescent would react to how my hand was. I turned around and went down some stairs into a dark room. I flipped a light switch and a few lights started to go on. I yelled while raising my hands "Let there be light!" and the room lit up. I looked at stuff on the counter and then decided to go back upstairs and into another room where I heard Blacksher calling out to L. Hernandez. The place looked like Denise's room. I saw Desirae on a counter laying down. I asked her why she was there and she said she was sick to her stomach. I asked with what and she said with Vygil or something. She looked really pale. I then went to Blacksher and she was saying something and I wanted her to shut up so ducktape replaced her mouth. She was trying to talk and had green skin. I let her have her mouth again and left towards Desirae. All 3 cats were there and I wanted Lucy to turn into a tiger. I pointed to Bugaloo but realized it was Bugaloo. I saw Lucy and flicked a crescent on her and she started turning into a tiger.

      I believe in this dream my lucidity was low, since it didn't feel as real as previous lucid dreams. I could still control myself, though. As for the Glowing Crescents, I'm going to use that as a way to point to things that I want to change, like I did with Lucy. If I want to change, for example, a tv into a radio, I'll use a Glowing Crescent on it while. I think this will help me with changing stuff.
    11. 4/7/2014

      by , 04-08-2014 at 01:51 AM

      I dreamt I was with Desirae somewhere and was teacher her about Lucid dreaming. She ends up getting crushed by some wood but she's still alive. I remember her eyes looked really strange. Her pupils were really really small and her eyes where a very bright blue

      In my other dream I was somewhere with a lot of sand. I remember there being water or a pool. Someone told me I had to stay outside in the sandstorm and a few inmates were working on the dirt on some tractors. I went inside and someone was mad at me so I left and went to some place where there were monsters and volcanoes.

      I dreamt that I was in a country with a police state. Artists were banned and people had to swipe their IDs to do mostly everything. I met a person and she was part of an underground group. I was a woman during this part. We went to her apartment and she was with another woman. I was a guy again. I was also with a black dude. We started asking questions as to why all this was going on. I started talking about Youtube and the women got surprised and started whispering. I said something about Youtube again and for them to show it to us. The black guy started telling them something and I said something also. I got up on the bed they were and started saying "This can't be happening... this is a dream" One of the girls said "This isn't a dream". I looked at my hands and counted my fingers saying "This is a dream this is a dream this is a dream" in hope that none of the dream was true. I then slowly started realizing I was in a dream and said slowly: "This is a dream..." and realized I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands to stabilize the dream and then looked at my hands again. I looked up at the girls and used some sort of magic on them, which pushed them away. My eyes kept closing and I yelled to my dream "Keep my eyes open!" and they opened. It was hard to keep them like that. I decided to get out of there and did a dream spin. While spinning, I saw purple arrows pointing left, which was the direction I was spinning. I was telling myself "Take me somewhere I want to be, somewhere awesome and real" I ended up in my room, on my bed. I found it weird that was the place I wanted to be. It was hard to get up and keep my eyes open. There was also a noise coming from my right ear, like a fan or a small motor. I woke up and was in the same place and position I was in while in my dream.

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    12. 4/4/2014

      by , 04-04-2014 at 07:16 PM
      In my first dream I was a test subject for GladOs in an Aperture Science lab. I was going through all kinds of trials and tests. Suddenly I see Desirae and I know I'm getting rescued. Glados gets disabled and we think we won. Suddenly, she starts getting her control over the facility back. I started telling Desirae to hurry up and to help me pack. We went to the elevator where we would escape but rooms started changing and the room that we came from became some stairs. I ran into the elevator and Desirae was still packing stuff I told her it's now or never and she was still closing the last briefcase so I grabbed her hair and pulled her in right before the elevator doors closed and we started descending.

      I was in Belen running back home. I was running pretty fast. I was roomates with Katey. She went off to work and I was with a few animals and had found my laptop. I went to sleep and had a dream that I was lucid dreaming. In the dream, I was in an arid desert as a young deer or elk. I started hearing more elks appearing and I suddenly know I'm in the death realm.I hear someone say Cesar is coming and I think it's my uncle. I see another elk and ask why he's here and he doesn't wanna answer. I ask again and he gets mad. I say sorry it's my first time doing this and they tell me I can't be looking so young and so they transform me into a bigger elk. I ask something else and wake up to my dream. I rush to my laptop to write my dream down but there's animals all over my backpack where my laptop is so I yell at them and they move. There's someone at the door and I answer. Suddenly Lieutenants and Captains are doing inspections of the house. It's pretty dirty. The Captain then turns into an elk and starts mowing the front lawn with his antlers. All I care about is remembering the dream so I could write it down.

      I was in my house and talking to Desirae. I ask her if she wants to have sex but she says no that she's gonna go have sex with someone else. I get mad and ask her what she means. She says that she doesn't want to have sex with me but instead wants to go to someone else's house and have sex with them. I get even more upset and tell her to leave and I'll have sex with someone else too. I leave and go to a lake on some plains. I see on the news that there's going to be a meteor falling and a news agency from Venezuela is going to record it. I go along with the news agency and we hop on a homemade boat. We go into a place where there's a lot of shanty homes and downed planes that say something about Atlantis on them. We see a plane take off from under water. We sail around waiting and looking for when the meteor is going to fall. I was with a fat lady and the news reporter. I remember the water splashing on us and it tasted gross. Suddenly, we see the meteor coming in. We record it and it lands and we see it glow as it enters the water. I say it's probably about 20 feet or around 35/40 meters. We go towards where it landed and then the fat lady jumps in and grabs the meteor. It turns out it's bones of a small animal. The bones run away and jump into the water so I grab them again. We decide to head back so we park the boat near one of the planes and start climbing up the shanty houses. The bones suddenly turn into a white rat and Shaniqua. I put shaniqua into a container so I can throw the white rat to the house I need to jump to, where a few people are waiting. When I get back to Shaniqua, I find out I microwaved her for a few seconds. She seems confused and stupid.
    13. 4/1/2014

      by , 04-01-2014 at 10:54 PM
      I was in a quiet city that was made of white stone. The city was on the coast and it looked European. It was like I was playing counter strike and I was rescuing hostages as a terrorist. I was killing the CTs and then my pistol ran out of ammo so I tried knifing them but then I died. I was then in an apartment playing TTT and after playing for a while, I died again.

      I remember riding my motorcycle down NM47 in my other dream

      In my other dream, I was at a huge party and there were tons of people. We moved the party inside and then Desirae got mad cus the thought I was gonna cheat on her and she walked off. I was then in the tower with C. Williams and some other person. We were sleeping and suddenly we hear someone coming up the stairs. I try to get my boots on in a hurry and then Lt. C. Martinez shows up. He notices that I didn't have my boots on but doesn't care. He says if anyone works the kitchen for them not to fall asleep. He looked tired and so I told him to go to sleep and that I'd watch his back. I then went to the parking lot and got in my car. I put the keys in the ignition and the car turned on so I took the keys out and the car started moving. I pressed the breaks but they weren't working and the car started going in an oval and would get bigger in circumference. I grabbed the radio and called Williams and told him to help me out. He started running to the tower and I told him no, to turn around. The car ran down part of a trailer and then I snapped to use my emergency brake. The car came to a stop and a lot of people gathered around. Benito was there and he was disappointed, saying something about money. I was then back at the party and it got crazy and fires started and everything. We started shutting it down and I had no way of getting home because Desirae was mad and had left. I found Dorina and showed her the party. A police helicopter was hovering and shinning his light into the room of the building, which was pretty high up. I asked Dorina what that meant and she said that I had made it all the way through. I felt happy and music started playing. The sun started rising and sunlight was starting to shine in the room. The dream ended then.

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    14. 3/24/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:32 PM
      I was in an apartment with Desirae and kept arguing with her because she wouldn't clean the guns but instead would microwave the guns to clean them. I told her they probably don't work anymore and I checked the night sights of the P229. They still worked. I got on the computer and there was porn of girls with horse dicks and Desirae asked what it was. I told her I didn't know. I started playing a game where I was out on an island surviving with a group of people. I was exploring and suddenly started getting attacked by a helicopter. I got into a helicopter but as I was lifting off, I got shot down. I ejected and entered another helicopter. Same thing happened with that one so I got into some sort of tank and started shooting at the helicopter. I got mad because my mouse wasn't working and I kept pulling it. The cord was stuck on something. There were a lot of other vehicles driving and flying around. They had a box with their team color hovering above them. They were shooting at each other and the car that was teamed with the helicopter I destroyed tried to ram me into the water. I pushed my brakes and the car ended up in the water himself. This took place on the beach. I sped back to base which was in a sort of forest. My car looked like a camero or mustang and as I approached the gates to my base I remember thinking "They'd better be on their toes and open the gates. Especially since I'm out here" The gates opened as I drove towards them.
    15. 3/22/2014

      by , 03-23-2014 at 12:20 AM
      I had mostly fragments last night.

      This is all I remember: A pole in the middle of something, a man showing off for the military, Vampires?, and Desirae
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