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    1. lxxi.

      by , 01-26-2020 at 03:07 AM
      Remembered this fragment much more clearly earlier on but wasn't able to write it until now.

      Dream Fragment:

      Was in Wintergrasp from WoW; I remember the snow on the ground felt a bit "real" and I think the atmosphere was a bit more blue-ish than it probably ever was in reality. The battle was going to begin in just over a minute and the place was more deserted than I expected; but as the timer finished the place was crowded. For some reason I got teleported to a cave like the starting cave from AV and likewise there was a large metal gate in the same style. I could clearly see outside was still WG however, and I was going to be defending. I remember the gate opening but some details are missing now between this part and the next.

      The next part I remember is next to one of the east walls of the fortress. I remember fighting outside the walls for a bit but can't remember exactly what class I was playing; either a warrior or a death knight with a two-handed weapon.

      I got on one of the rocket turrets mounted along the east wall and pointed it quite directly at a few enemy players fighting some of ours on the ground below. I was mostly aiming at one of the sloped areas, where most of the fighting was taking place. I don't remember seeing the siege vehicles at this point. I can remember seeing the characters in much clearer detail than would be possible in-game, especially when this area was current content - I think there was a mix of horde and alliance in the enemy forces.

      I remember during the dream I was feeling a bit of allure (pre-lucid?) towards the player characters in general as I could see them in quite clear detail.

      Edit, some side notes:

      Back in WLK I did play death knight, warrior and paladin classes a lot, the latter two especially compared to the previous expansion and the original game where I mostly just played rogue.
      Though the snow had a more real quality to it, as I could sort of feel it crunch like it would if it was fairly deep, nothing else about the environment seemed more realistic.
      The focus I took on the player character models is not uncharacteristic of something I would do when actually playing anyway, as I always liked seeing the different equipment on all the characters, but in this case it felt different because the characters I took more note of felt like they were “zoomed in”, in terms of detail. I remember I had felt it was odd/different.

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    2. My Shocking Out Of Body Experience

      by , 06-16-2017 at 09:09 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I know I have been off DV and I really have missed everyone. Please forgive me.

      I wake up at 3 AM as part of my subconscious WBTB.
      I am certainly awake at this point as I move some objects on my desk for verification in the morning along with a standard RC. I soon settle down back to bed. My green phosphates make psychedelic patterns as I consider a WILD. Dreamlike imagery of a valley with huge waterfalls flashes by... Suddenly, I am lifted and thrown to the side of my bed! I look at my bed in shock AND I AM LYING DOWN ON MY BED! I don't see a cord, and I guess this was the resolution of a ridiculous argument about it's existence to another person. I look out the window at the serene night. I wander my eyes across the suburban scene until suddenly, a planet sized dodecahedron soap (you know like all reflecting rainbow stuff) arches across from the east. I decide to take action so I fly through the window effortlessly. I love this move and I do it in almost every dream possible! Now it is daytime with a little suggestion, and I find a fictional bridge across water.

      I swim fluidly (a rarity in WL) and fly up to the side of the bridge. I notice small holes in the bridge and more soap bubbles bubble out...

      I now fly with a companion to a rundown building. I phase through the door feeling a surge of the blue affect me. I find myself in a hall filled with people. I sense a sense of shock as they are still, silent and staring. There are three doors and a staircase. I choose the stair case and I sight a passage to my left. I float down it and locate a room to my right. The door is open and an elderly woman is wearing a mauve dress. I talk to her and she alerts me that the people downstairs are my ancestors...

      I have taken to a more detailed dream account as I realise that small details slip the mind in the long term and including them provides a better read. I wonder what my really long dreams shall take up!
    3. 3/23/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:22 AM
      Honestly one of my favorite dreams of the year! It was so vivid and memorable and I woke up kind of wanting to make a book out of it! I loved it.

      Ashley and I get caught up in this guy's attempt to outsmart the mob. He had a flash drive and he's trying to get it to someone else (not sure why, I get the idea there's some sensitive content?) and we have to help and stay with him for our own safety. It's never explained but I get the feel that we accidentally know too much; the people hunting us don't care we shouldn't be involved, and they'll kill us for what we know and to get to the flash drive.

      We are on the run, having left our lives behind. Again it's not mentioned but it's just the feel that I get. We've reached New York - our destination - and we're outside a public library. We're trying to get money from some machine, change from dollars so we can make a call. Mob guy gets a few quarters from a stranger while we're fighting with the machine, and he goes off and makes a phone call to verify where we meet the other person. This person is gonna take the flashdrive and take the blame from us. We'll be free, able to go back to our own lives.

      Apparently the call he makes was traced. He tells one of us to watch him, and if he gives the signal were being watched, we need to run for our own safety. Turns out he's in love with one of us, don't remember which one, and he wants to protect us more than the flash drive now. I volunteer to watch while Ash finds us an escape route.

      Now it's kinda blurry. He's approached by someone and a lady comes up to me asking if I've seen her son. While I'm distracted the mob guy disappears. I look up, hes gone, and I panic. I run back for Ash and I'm not sure exactly what happens. It gets a little choppy. I remember running through the library. I remember thinking it was a false alarm and then somehow we're actually being chased by police. We find a little boy, maybe the same one the woman asked about? And I remember thinking that he's caught in all of this now too and we're gonna get him killed.

      At the end of the dream we've jumped ahead a few years. I've broken away from Ash and the guy (I think she's who he fell in love with). I'm gonna go design candles and alarm systems (?) and apparently I'm the one who invents Scentsy. Apparently the company I run off to join is part of the mob and I don't know it yet. I'm about to close a deal for the company and I'm faced with this mob guy; the one that I suddenly realize is who we were gonna give the flashdrive to. He set us up and he's what caused us to run that day in New York.

      I panic; I somehow know it's him, and he recognizes me. He grins at me. I can't run now, and I don't have original mob guy or Ashley to help me now. I wake up with a start and an urge to run to New York and start a really weird business.
    4. Magic Shop; Extremely Detailed Dream

      by , 10-12-2014 at 01:48 PM
      The dream started with me at home playing video games and apparently I suddenly owned a PS4 and was playing some sort of new fighting game on it. Then my friend invited me to eat at a mexican restaurant and suddenly I was sitting down at this restaurant which I dreamed about in another dream. I remember the food was rice and beans.

      The dream shifts to me pulling off some sort of a heist, I'm in a room with a paper shredding machine and a safe full of money, and I can't tell which of the money is real and which is not and I have to shred up the counterfeit money. Then the group I am with is walking around outside buy rather expensive looking houses. I think my dad was in the dream too, and the group I was with was playing some sort of a game. I remember someone else in the group thinking that my dice was their's. As the dream continues, I was away from the group and am with my friend Kevin as we approach a Magic shop.

      The inside of the magic shop was surprisingly detailed, and stayed relatively consistent. I walked in and to the left was where the counter was, on my right there were graphic tee shirts for sale. The woman who owned the shop was an older woman and wanted to know what I was looking for. She pointed at items around the shop, asking me if I wanted a tee shirt or maybe a pair of hand cuffs. For some reason I kept looking back at the handcuffs hanging on the wall, but I told her that I wanted an item that could be used for all sorts of magic tricks. She shows me a collection of "fat pack" boxes. (Their boxes for storing Magic the Gathering cards that have art on the sides.) Then she shows me a rubik's cube and tells me it's very useful for tricks and that she is going to show me one.

      She takes the cube, places it on the counter, and begins hitting it with a hammer. I start to get bored of this and look at my friend Kevin who is waiting outside. I look back and she continues to hit the cube with the hammer, knocking the squares off to reveal another rubik's cube underneath, this one is a rectangle that has a different number of squares on each end. I was blown away by how complex the thing was only I started twisting it into a T shape.

      I remember her also showing me a black box with a picture of a cat on the side, but I left the shop as another man asked to see some DVDs for sale and the dream became me riding in the car from "Nightrider." This is when I woke up.
    5. astronaut, ufos, aliens

      , 02-24-2013 at 10:01 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday, 2/24/13

      It's 12:44am, just woke up after 2 1/2 hrs of sleep. Went to bed at 10pm, being wiped out after 2 long days of work.

      DR 1 - 12:30am
      I'm at home with somone. That someone is getting his coat on and leaving. I ask him :Are you leaving, Mr.???

      I'm home alone, and it's at night. I see some lights in the skies and something like a spaceship. Then it disappears. I go from window to window, pushing my face against the window screen so I can see more out, then stopping, when imagining, what if alien face was just outside the screen.

      I see an image of an astronaut in full white space suit running in the skies, slowly, as if having problem because of the suit. Then I see, he is just a reflection of a guy running on the ground. Little further up he comes up on a berm with other guys in russian uniforms and I realize, they were there excercising. (military, not fitness). (I saw pic of astronaut in andrej's post)

      There are another lights, this time on the sidewalk. There is also a woman standing. Dressed in bluish robes. I'm scared of her.

      From another window I see small light high up in the skies, then next, then next, turning on one by one. I'm thinking I'm seeing my first real UFO.

      DR 2
      I'm cleaning the kitchen. There is a small piece of baked salmon leftover, so I eat it. I see another one underneath, I hesitate, but take a small bite. Doesn't taste bad, but I realize this second piece is a leftover from before and I'm pissed that I didn't notice. I look closely and there is small white mold on it.

      DR 3
      I have a small, humanoid shaped robot of blue color. He is shiny, like from plastic. He is inteligent, I can talk to him. So we talk. I ask him what's his name. Don't remember what he told me, so I call him Justin or Jason. I call him and then look if he came, don't see him. Then I look down and he is right next to me.

      WBTB of about 1-1/2 wake up in morning 9am

      I standing in front of the door with 2 kids. I'm attaching flashlights to their belts. We are going in a maze. Not haunted, but not kosher either. Behind the door is a snack bar, I'm thinking we should get some water. But the lady there is nasty and for some reason I can't buy water.

      We enter the maze. It's kind of an amuzement park. It's all inside of a building, rooms are different sizes. I decide to take the right path. I'm thinking if this was a good choice. If there are any statistics, that builders of the maze knew, as to which path majority of people take, left or right, and if it had any impact on what types of attractions were placed on each path.

      But to the left, the path is narrow, some kind of a small room that bends to the right. On the left path, the room is big, well lit, like a library. As we walk, I see on the right side some kind of rails on the ground. As small train like ride comes and stoppes there. Then another one and another one. Then they all go accross our path to the other side at great speed. I see this as a obstacle course. if we don't time it right, they will collide into us. I want to stand there and observe the pattern, but the little boy with me says let's go and he starts going. I grab girl's hand and we dart accross. We make it ok.

      I turn back and I see a tall monkey, like a skinny godzilla. (worked on godzilla movie IWL). He is about to throw a biggish purple bouncy ball at us. I pick up the girl and she kicks it back to him. By now it's not a gorilla, but 12 foot tall A. Lincoln. (i don't like the commercials for his movie).

      Next room is small. There is a something looking like a large sleeping bag on the ground. One side is opened and it has couple rows of large teeth. It looks like entrance to shark's mouth. It's an exhibit. Girl puts her foot inside and the things pulls her in. I walk on the outside to the end of the "sleeping bag" and I see her squirming there. There is another something inside. I shake the thing and she comes out naked. The thing inside took her clothes.

      As we keep walking, they start to shut the lights off. it's ok, because we have flashlights. Every time we came to brightly lit area, we turned our flashlights off, to conserve the batteries.

      *It's noon and I'm sipping mint tea from 3 bags of tea. Took 50 mgs of B-complex at 11:45am. Planning on taking a nap.

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    6. Sunset

      by , 10-02-2011 at 02:32 PM (Just Dreaming)
      Sunset: (non-lucid)


      I'm walking with my friend in the woods behind our school. We want to find a new way to get to school that is adventurous. It is about noon-time, the sun is high in the sky, and there isn't a cloud in sight. There is a circular, small, lake that is in front of us. I figure that we should find a way to go around it, so we just start to walk on the edge of the lake. The edge is almost like an obstacle course, only it is made out of wood and brush. It's a really hard journey, but we eventually make it to the other side of the lake.

      There is another wooded area on the other side of the lake. It's nice walking in an area that is easier to go through. It's still nice and sunny in this area, even though there is tree cover. After a while of walking, we reach a greenhouse that is on the edge of a large field. I stick my head inside the greenhouse to see what they are growing, and the whole area is filled with cannabis plants. I'm amazed by the sheer number of them, and the fact that they managed to fit so many into such a small greenhouse. After I'm done admiring the peoples farming work, I realize that the sun is going down. The changing sun has transformed the field into tones of orange and red. My friend and I go and sit down outside of the greenhouse to watch the sun set.

      This is probably one of the most beautiful dreams I have ever had. I completely think that me starting on B6 has helped this dream.

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    7. The First

      by , 09-14-2011 at 06:13 PM
      It seems when I dream, the different dreams just come and go, so I'll skip to the one that contained lucidity.
      I was in a hotel in a large, busy looking city (or at least that's what I saw from the window) along with my girlfriend, and a women who appeared to be a nurse, from maybe a 1940's era.No one was injured, so I still don't quite understand her presence in this. I had come to the conclusion that we had traveled back in time, and I was trying to figure out a way for me and my girlfriend to get back to our time. When i opened the door that was in the hotel room, it led to an identical room, and for some reason, I came to the conclusion that it would be possible to get back to "our time" if we back into this door. We did this, through many hotel doors, all of them taking us to identical rooms, but not taking us home. Eventually we stopped and took a break. We sat down, and I told the nurse that maybe if we went to sleep, me and my girlfriend would wake up in our own time. She then brought us milk and chocolate chip cookies and we began to slowly eat them at a small table in the hotel room. The setting of the hotel room was of a gorgeous Victorian era, that completely contradicting the setting of the polluted city outside the window. I had finished my cookies, stood up, and started walking to the window, and then I though to myself "How could we have traveled through so many hotel rooms, and seemingly end up where we were in the first place? How did we even time travel in the first place? Time travel isn't possible, I must be dreaming!" It was then that the floor beneath me began shaking, almost crumbling (Inception-like?). I remembered the things I had read online of how to stop myself from waking up from a dream, and I had rubbed my hands together and focused on the feeling of it. After everything re-stabilized, I ran to my girlfriend and told her of my realization. I guided her to the window with me, and as we walked past the bed, I noticed a crimson red comforter sprawled about on the bed. I thought to myself "That comforter is green" and then watched in amazement as, from the center of it to the edges, turned a dark green. We arrived at the window and I looked about at all the buildings that were a little tall, but not quite as tall as the one we were in, as we could easily see over them. We then noticed a car heading towards us, or rather the building we were in, with a speed that clearly said the driver had no intentions of stopping. They planned on crashing into the building. With a wave of my right hand, I had easily picked the car up and sent it flying into a distant part of the city, diagonally to the right. A man had then some how jumped from the ground level up the window seal and stood there starring into the room. He was wearing a leather jacket, with a black matching hat, and ripped up denim jeans. His face had cuts, all that was in his eyes were whites, and as he smiled grimly, it was easy to see he was missing teeth. He was easily comparable to a zombie. When he attempted to climb into the window, I waved my right hand and sent him flying in the same direction as the car was sent. My girlfriend had went back to the table to sit down, the nurse was straightening the bed up, and I had moved a few feet to the right of the window and was leaning against the wall. Some how a hog and climbed onto our window seal and had sneezed violently. I watched, in slow motion, as the snot traveled through the air, and hit the nurse in her back. I waved my hand, but nothing happened. I tried maybe two more times, but it wouldn't go away. I then closed my eyes and thought to myself "This is a dream. That isn't a hog, it's a small bunny." I opened my eyes to see that the hog had transformed into a small kitten, with a slightly large head, white fur with patches of black, and big green cat eyes. I picked it up, took it to my girlfriend and she said "it's so cute" in the voice she does whenever she see's something adorable. From there, I believe* I woke up, quite eagerly at the fact that I had had a lucid dream.

      * I say I "believe" I woke up, because I don't remember how the dream ended, or even exiting the dream.
    8. Over Priced Lunch Is Overpriced

      by , 04-18-2011 at 12:10 PM (Just Dreaming)

      The only background info you need to know for this, is that my schools lunch prices are extremely reasonable in real life. Also, this dream was extremely detailed

      I was walking and talking to my friend Eli on the way to lunch. It was hard and raining out. He was wear a black shirt with blank pants, like he almost always does. He asked me if the geometry quiz would be hard- and I realized that i never even studied for it. I made a mental note to myself to study for it during lunch.

      As we got to lunch, it wasn't really the crowded. He sat down at the table we usually sit at and I went for the lunch line. I didn't really know what to buy, all of the food looked different, so I just grabbed some pieces of meat they had and a piece of bread. As I started to walk towards where you pay, I checked my pocket like I always do in real life. I had $5 and my ID.

      The lady looked at my food, and kept looking for a few seconds. She said that the total was $25. I was astounded and just looked at her. I said "Are you sure??", she just smiled and said "Yes". I told her I only had $5 and asked if I could put it back. She just said that once the food has been moved, you cant put it back. She said that they would have to start a loan for me to pay it off.

      I looked over at Eli sitting on the other side of the room and just wished that I could sit there and didn't have to go through this crap with the lunchlaides. The lunchladies just started to talk with the other lunchlaides about the situation with me. I honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal, but they were going crazy over it.

      I didnt have an alarm set, it was early than when I usually wake up, and I woke up pretty fast. Maybe I was trying to go lucid but forgot that part?

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    9. Porno Pokéman'

      by , 04-08-2011 at 11:04 AM (Just Dreaming)

      1st Dream:

      I'm sitting in bio class in my old seat that I sat in a few months ago. I'm looking at the board but I don't actually see my biology teacher. I look to my right, and Nicole is sitting there smiling at me. We start to talk via telekinesis and all of the sudden, Headmaster Smith comes into the room. He's look at me, so I stand up and say "Me?" only I don't actually remember any noise coming out of my mouth. I follow him to the hall, we're we both sit down and he takes out a laptop. On the laptop is my project that I did a few weeks ago for Graphic Design.

      The project is a magazine call "Stalin for TIME". It actually looks exactly like the project I made in real life, which is also call that- only there are a lot of communist puns all over the cover I don't see much text on this one, and the pictures look different. I ask him what the problem is then he points to the screen. I look closer at the magazine and all of the cover stories are about porn stars and actually have nude pictures of them on it. The magazine in real life only had pictures of Mao, Stalin, and Russia on it. I start to think to my self "Wait, that's not right...". I was SOOO close to becoming lucid! Damn my logic ! But as I think more, I "remember" that I actually did add those to the project at the last minute.

      Headmaster Smith tells me that the school board voted- and I'm "going to be kicked out for good". I get a sad look on my face and for some reason he says "I actually don't mind it that much. I think they are very beautiful. Just change them to non-nude porn stars and I wont kick you out." I tell him through telekinesis that I will fix it.

      I some how wake myself up here- or at least the dream wakes me up for some reason. Maybe I tired to go lucid and lost control? One thing that I noticed- is this dream is extremely detailed. I can actually see the make up on Nicole's face and the shine of the sun. I think the reason for this is me trying out ADA in this class for the past few days. Damn that stuff really works . Also, I didn't want to write this down at 3am- and I wanted to get more sleep so I just said to myself "I'm going to remember this dream- this was a good one."

      2nd Dream:

      I don't really remember much of this one but I will try my best.

      I'm in some kind of ally that I have never seen before, its in a big city. I walk to the side and all of the sudden I'm in a different ally. I see Latios running around in a circle- so naturally I throw my Pokéball at it and catch it. I turn around and look down, towards the ball. It is level 40 and I start to get excited because "That's a lot high than my other Pokémon" I look up and I'm in my house's bath room. My friend Stephen is in the bathroom also, and he tells me that the power is out and I should look for flashlights. I start to look in the closet for some and I find a lot of them right away.

      I wake up from my alarm and the strangest thing happens- I just sit in bed and say "What was that dream I had at 3?"- then I suddenly remember the hall way, then I remember the class room- and as I sit down to write this I remember the part with Nicole at the start of the dream.

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    10. Bad Company

      by , 04-07-2011 at 10:55 AM (Just Dreaming)

      The dream starts off by me spawning in a forest. As I look around, I realize that I'm at Isla Inocentes (my favorite map from Battlefield Bad Company 2)- only the color of the area seems to be more of a green color, compared to the fall look of the map. I realize now how detailed this dream was. I think it might have something to do with me starting ADA a few days ago- although I never really did any exercises for it yet- I was planning on starting over the weekend.The area that they spawned me at is on top of that hill before the last base in Rush Mode. I hear some tanks rumbling off in the background, so I go and investigate by walking straight down the road. There is a T-90 right there just looking at me. I look down at my hands and I'm holding a RPG, so I bring it up and hip fire it at the tank. I hit the tank right in the treads, but it doesnt seem to do anything. I quickly run into a building on the left hand side- so the tank cant get a clear shot at me. I stay in the building just for a second- and I run out the front of the building and see an infantry tank (i'm blanking on the name right now :S).

      I jump inside of the tank, just like you would in the real game, and start to take fire at the back of the tank. I notice its doing a lot of damage on the T-90 and right as I think that it starts to back up extremely fast.
      I dont really remember much of the chase- but I remember where we end up. We end up somewhere in Laguna Presa. The tank starts to slow down as it reaches some port by the sea. I take aim at it and destroy it.

      Isla Inocents: (from the game)

      Laguna Presa: (from the game)

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