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    1. Wonders (with a flying gorilla)

      by , 11-13-2015 at 05:13 PM
      Morning of November 13, 2015. Friday.

      An unknown male (of about thirty) works for a large company related to technological development. He does not seem competent or interested in doing his job and seems to see himself as a “victim” in his employment and tasks.

      There is a scene where a young dark-haired girl, probably a young version of my wife (as her father seems to be the head of the aforementioned company) is at an auditorium to give a long speech related to some sort of award she won; something related to educational or developmental milestones. The employee cannot seem to get the loudspeaker system or the microphone to work, though is also involved in something unrelated to his job, such as playing a computer game, in addition to getting everything working. He does not seem to care about the functionality of the setup that much. The audience seems patient but eventually grows annoyed by his antics. Oddly, the employee sits in the center of one section of where the audience sits, where he is working on the electronics and sound deck. People are gossiping about him due to his incompetence and poor work ethic. He is reminiscent of the Dennis Nedry character (Wayne Knight) from “Jurassic Park”. It seems the speech is never given but he is not fired as a result.

      Later, he goes into the girl’s room when she is not there. (The room is unfamiliar to me.) He opens a drawer in a small desk. He looks through her diary. He finds about five diamonds, loose in the drawer with other items such as pencils made by the company. They are synthetic but supposedly the same as (and indistinguishable from) natural diamonds. He takes a couple of them. He starts to see a conspiracy in the advanced technological development that the company is utilizing that is kept secret from the public. He may sell the diamonds and not reveal where they came from.

      There is a vivid scene where I am fully in-body and making some sort of drinks. The first one I make, I am able to drink, but the second one is unusual. There are three smaller cups, though two almost bowl-like. I use something like cocoa liquor and water and some other liquids to make some sort of fantastic chocolate drink. I am looking forward to how great it will taste. I use a stirring rod to mix some of the elements in the main bowl-like container (though parts of the drink are still in the two other containers). As I am stirring, all the liquid vanishes (from all three containers) leaving a very subtle and brief pale sparkling. This annoys me greatly. My delicious drink just vanished.

      The last segment involves the Dennis Nedry character. He seems angry about the secrets kept by the company. He injects an unknown liquid that was in a secret room at the company’s main building. It seems he may reveal, to the media and the public, that the company is keeping too many secrets. Eventually something splits apart from his arms and I get the impression he will disintegrate. However, it turns out he has grown wings. He seems upset at first and starts going through a second change. This time, he grows larger and becomes a huge gorilla with wings. He starts talking in a loud commanding voice how he is now superior to humans and flies away.

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    2. 2/22/13 - Diamonds

      , 02-23-2013 at 07:18 AM
      I was somewhere familiar but I couldn't quite place it. Then I was at a jewelry store looking at oval diamonds for an engagement bracelet. I was confused, who is this for? Turns out I was getting married to a woman and she wanted a bracelet instead of a ring. I didn't buy it because it was heavily included in the stones. By now, I was really confused because I remembered I am already married to a man. And here was this girl I didn't even know planning my wedding to her. Trippy.
    3. The Jewels

      by , 11-01-2011 at 05:49 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      Very vivid dream when I took a nap a few minutes ago. Interesting too.

      The dream started out pretty normal. I was off to school one morning and I was walking with my friends. This school I went to was a sort of museum. It held tons of priceless artifacts, and we were always told not to touch the items. Well, we get to school and some random guy walks up to us. He tells us we need to get these three diamonds or else really bad things were going to happen. My two friends and I agree to this and go into school to set up a plan.
      The dream skips to the night where we have infiltrated the school and we go up to the diamonds. We open the case and grab them without setting off the alarm. We are standing in the middle of this hallway when suddenly the diamonds are forced out of our hands as they float above us. We are pushed back by a strange force coming from the diamonds as some strange government looking men come up to us. They ask for the diamonds and they promise if we give them to them we won't be hurt. I quickly jump on and grab the diamonds as we make our escape from these men.
      The next day I begin to feel odd about this. It feels like a movie I have seen before. While waiting for lunch at school me and my friends start talking and I swear everything we are saying is right from the script of this movie I can't think of. We need to find out what to do next to keep these diamonds safe from whoever wants them.
      As we exit school we are kidnapped and put onto a moving train. They somehow got the diamonds and were going to use them for evil. We push the men off the train and grab the diamonds, saving the day. I then wake up.

      This is probably one of the first dreams where the story that started in the dream was actually finished!
    4. 18th Shared Dreaming Attempt - MischiefManaged Dream

      by , 08-14-2011 at 06:41 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      MischiefManaged Dream

      Fragment, alarm killed my recall…

      I’m inside a mansion, standing in the hall. Walls, floor, everything seems to be made of gold. Right in front of me is a huge staircase to the second floor – stairs are decorated with diamonds. I’m holding an earflap fur hat and for some reason it’s really precious – I’m on a mission to deliver it somewhere.
    5. Dream Tarot Cards

      by , 08-05-2011 at 03:29 PM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      It was a fragment, but I was at a Tarot Card reading, and I drew the red Ace of Diamonds. I looked up what it is, and it's the same as the Ace of Pentacles, which means:




      using material force
      focusing on concrete results
      having a real-world impact
      working with the physical
      achieving tangible results
      improving the body/health
      becoming involved with nature

      having the means to reach a goal
      enjoying abundance
      drawing to you what you need
      seeing efforts rewarded
      increasing assets
      experiencing growth

      being practical
      using common sense
      getting down-to-earth
      taking advantage of what works
      being realistic
      grounding yourself in the real world
      accepting the tools at hand

      proceeding with trust
      believing in the good faith of others
      feeling safe and protected
      knowing you have total security
      operating from a known position
      having a support system
      knowing the situation is stable
      consolidating a firm base


      An Ace-Ace pair shows that a new spirit is entering your life.
      It draws on the energy of the Ace of Pentacles:
      --- prosperity, abundance, trust, security, groundedness
      plus one of these:
      --- Ace of Wands: creativity, excitement, adventure, courage, personal power
      --- Ace of Cups: deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, compassion, love
      --- Ace of Swords: intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity, perseverance


      The Ace of Pentacles is a symbol of possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust, security and groundedness. In readings, it shows that a seed of productivity has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. It might be a feeling of centeredness, desire for results or need to focus on practical matters. On the outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event.

      When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its solid energy could work for you. Now is not the time for fantasy, drama or daring. It is a time to be real and centered. Seek out comfortable, reliable experiences that make you feel secure. Build a foundation of trust in your life both within and without. Your common sense will tell you what to do. Focus also on the natural world to help you stay grounded. Enjoy your body and all the joys of material existence.

      The Ace of Pentacles can be a sign that you will be able to make your dreams real. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality. You can now attract all the wealth you need to get your projects going. Tap into the material force of the Ace of Pentacles, and all your enterprises will flourish.
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    6. Strange dream from the past

      by , 03-19-2011 at 04:35 PM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      I am in a classroom at my school, it is a class in "art". The teacher teach us about photoshop and all it features. I am talking to a few of my actual classmates about a party wich will start in a few days.

      I find myself in a basement.(At the actual party.) Me and a few classmates are drinking "HD-cola."(WTF?!) One of the guys at the party takes my HD-cola and pour in some milk into the bottle.(wtf?) My cola starts to crawl some larvas up from the bottle.(wtf again?)

      I gets teleported to a Minecraft cave with a iron pickaxe, mining some diamonds.

      I gets teleported to a class room again and braging to my friend about my diamonds that i found earlier in Minecraft.

      I wakes up.

      PS: Sorry for bad english
    7. A few fragments here and there...

      by , 09-25-2010 at 04:57 PM

      I was playing an AvA match on global agenda (online game,AvA is basically complicated capture the flag) but like,I was IN it. Anyway, I turned invisible and snuck past my enemies,and when I was behind where they were firing from cover,I threw a grenade. Took almost all of them out. I then proceeded to try to capture an area,which was going fine until the enemies came back. I took care of them though,but then realized my team lost another point. So I went to go capture a different area,while all the enemies were trying to kill me. And there was this one hawk lady thing, shooting claws at me. But my gun jammed so I had to go back for a new one (which obviously was annoying). Anyway,after the match was over the place turned into a beach resort/theme park type place. And I went into this shop and put the shoes I was wearing back,and got different ones. Turns out the shoes I was wearing I had rented from that place but forgot to pay. Suddenly my mom was there and she said to follow her, and I did, and she took me to the customer service desk. Where the guy fixed the renting thing. Suddenly I was teleported to what I think was another dream..

      Everything was black except for someone talking to me about how to cheat halo. (I don't even play halo) Then I was in a room with my brother,and we both had assault rifles. Turns out we had to get through an area infected with zombies. (I had watched I am Legend,a zombie ish movie the night I had this dream) Me,of course being the zombie killing/strategist from months of playing Left 4 Dead, took charge (being that I always want to be leader,also had something to do with it) and we slowly made our way through the house without much incident. Except for my brother falling through broken stairs into a room with a giant mutated zombie dog. Which he made it out of. Then,we fell through the floor into a room that looked like the stomach of something. And there was this big grey blobby creature talking to us about some evil plot or another. About how he was going to become so powerful, but he needed this diamond thing. And he wanted us to find it for him. Then suddenly we're outside, zombies trying to kill us and all. We shoot the few that are there, and start to go on, but then I realize that shooting ones that used to know us, without killing them cured them. So I went back for a couple, and they helped us. Suddenly we're in a river in a canyon. Me and someone else crashed on this indent that led to a cave in the wall. (my brother wasn't there anymore) We found a platinum and gold diamond ring (rare much?) and we ran into the cave (cuz it was a store) to get another "fake" ring, so we could give it to that evil dude who wanted a diamond. And as I get to the jewelry counter, there's this little girl that's right next to me that thinks I'm her mommy. (or daddy don't remember) And I tell her that I'm not, but I'll let her get anything in the counter (it turned into one of those cheap prize things from arcades). And she got 3 rings. And then the dream ended.
    8. Diamond Girl (semi-lucid doorway waking symbolism)

      by , 11-12-1976 at 05:12 PM
      Night of November 12, 1966. Saturday.

      I am in my older sister Marilyn’s apartment on Rose Street which was similar to my parent’s rented apartment on the second floor and across the hall in the same building. In her broom closet (which is larger in my dream), there appears to be some sort of “portal” into another world. A tall girl made of diamonds is ready to emerge. She is actually like a large living diamond which is shaped mostly like a person but with many seemingly both transparent and reflective facets. It is not a threatening event but is rather eerie. My sister Marilyn does not seem all that surprised or interested. (It almost seems incidental to the location, like someone coming to wait for a bus, perhaps). No clothes are implied. (She does seem to take on a fashion show stance at one point, hands on hips with upper body slightly slanted to her left side.) She may be some sort of being from a different planet as this is the feeling I eventually get. There does not seem to be a floor in the broom closet so I am not sure how she is standing in place. In fact, the broom closet almost seems to lead into outer space. (However, there is also the idea that she may have come up by way of an elevator from the tavern below the apartment.)

      Notes on Tuesday, 8 March 2016: This dreams ends with semi-lucid doorway waking symbolism. This type of dream outcome is sometimes triggered by the reticular activating system when environmental noise is present and based on the implied need to wake up and answer the door (which does not mean that the environmental noise is an actual door knock as the mind is unconscious and does not correctly perceive the real environment). Here, my emergent consciousness is rendered as a goddess-like being, the diamonds possibly analogous to the many facets of whole consciousness upon fully waking. Outer space relates to subliminal consciousness, the stars being neurons (in direct contrast to when awake when stars would represent the opposite, “seeing stars” as becoming unconscious or nearing unconsciousness). But why the female form? This causes me to question the doorway transition in this case as to whether it represented my ideal wife-to-be (even before she was born), Zsuzsanna. “The Biomagnetic Monster” (1965) dream could be seen as implying other people are connected while in the dream state though become “smaller” (less “present”) during the waking transition.

      In “The Big Diamond” (1974) dream, it is implied that my emergent consciousness is a huge diamond (also representing whole consciousness - though the diamond is only half above ground - the other half below ground being my dream self). The only other character in “The Big Diamond” dream was the actress Michael Learned. She was apparently born on April 9th, which indicates prescience as that was when Zsuzsanna and I married.

      In “Tulpa Triumphant” (2014) with my personal alternate title being “Zsuzsanna Triumphant”, my wife is seen as the “only true female that exists in this world” (or my dream state), which resolves to the reason for my dreams rendering her as the very accurate “mystery girl” long before we met. My dream may imply that all other females I have met or seen are only a facet of the “big diamond” while my wife Zsuzsanna is the diamond itself (symbolic of Corona Australis or Yin Incarnate, Virgo, Hathor, and so on, though not in the superstitious sense).

      Diamonds represent the power of whole consciousness and thoughts that mirror (and reflect) various patterns into other areas of existence, as it is the conscious mind and expectation that builds the realm of the unconscious.

      But what if the origin of this dream in this case is the influence of the justifiably infamous “Mystery Date” (board game for girls) television commercial (from 1965)? How is that for irony?