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    1. [Dream #16 - 2/2/2016] A Dream About DreamVeiws

      by , 02-02-2016 at 06:33 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      An image depicting a diary

      Quite funny how I had a nap due to being depressed about my former situation and this dream was what formulated from it.

      I remember being on the site and looked at my Waking Journal following the post right after the one I made earlier about whether or not DreamViews was the right place for me and found that one of the staff had replied stating something and mentioning some user with some very hard to understand name would be able to help me. I then went and looked through the introductions section and found that person with an overly large signature of Shadow the Hedgehog wearing a black trench coat and some some sort of Sonic'esk avatar. I couldn't read what that individual said but I was awoken by my mother yelling at me me for taking a nap and to stop sleeping my days away and to make her food.

      Notes: None to note.

      Date — 2/2//2016

      Went to bed — I cannot recall, I was depressed and just laid in bed before I took an unexpected nap.

      Woke up — 12:00PM

      *Time logged — 5:15PM

      Total sleep — N/A

      Stress level throughout the day — Depressed


      *Daytime — RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — N/A

      Perceived Length — 10 Minutes

      Emotions — Worried, Stressed

      Awareness — None

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    2. The Diary of Aina...part 1?

      by , 08-06-2013 at 11:00 PM
      I dreamt that I was playing a board game with three others. We were in a worn down building and sitting around a table close to the window, inside a room that was part of a corridor. It was dark, cold and cloudy outside: perfect weather to be sitting inside and playing boardgames with a few friends!
      We were two teams playing against each others... our side was losing. But then I managed to do a brilliant move that caused us to win!
      That was the last game for the night, everyone thanked each other for a good game and stared packing up. We had been drawing the score on a nearby wall and I began cleaning it away. But then, a piece of the wallpaper fell of! Beneath it was an older wallpaper, and on it was some writing...it looked at it and saw that it was a part of something called the "Diary of Aina".

      It was then that I think I became lucid!
      I was interested in the writing so started reading it aloud. But when I did, I spoke in another persons voice. A voice that was darker, almost hissing and that sounded very sinister. And it was then that I felt a presence, like someone staring straight into my neck! I dared not look around, even though I knew that there would be nobody there. I knew it was the spirit of Aina, and it was in her voice that I had spoken. Through me, she told her story.

      I continued reading it aloud, hesitant at first, and always it was not me speaking. But quickly I realised that I could not stop even if I wanted to, I was not even looking at the text any more! My friends were looking at me with a confused look, they didn't know what was happening, and thought I was just acting strangely. The voice kept talking until it was done reading the part of the diary that was written on the wall. By then I was terrified, and I forced myself to wake up. It was hard, but it worked.

      Now I regret waking myself up of course. But the interesting thing is that I know that it was not the last time I will encounter that diary. I know there are pieces of it scattered around the dream world, still waiting to be found. If only I could remember what this one said...but I think it was a story of sadness and anger.
    3. Dream hopping

      by , 07-14-2013 at 11:38 PM
      Pre bed: 100mg B6

      Dream quality and recall: Dreams were vivid but recall was challenging due to the fact that I continued sleeping after the lds. It took me a while to journal the lds and by the time I did, the non-ld memories almost vanished. Still, taking into account recent busyness, heat and other distractions, I am very happy with the results.

      Early dream fragment: It is the 5th of July and I am watching lots of fantastic long-lasting fireworks in the sky

      Early dream fragment: I am doing dumbbell exercises, it feels really good

      WBTB: Was very sleepy but made an effort to review the tasks. Said a mantra a few times, then fell deeply asleep.

      Dream: I enter grandpa's room and discover that grandma has forgotten some kind of a diary she kept hidden behind the door. I wait until she is not around and peek in the diary to find out it is actually my diary. So, I had forgotten it in 2007 and she hid it and has been reading little bits ever since. This is terrible because this diary fully describes my views, plans, etc. I want to take it back home, but my mom comes snooping around, so I have to be careful not to attract her attention.

      Fragment: I am with a classmate going to a class meeting. We stop in front of a building.

      LD1: For some reason am in someone's store that resembles an outlet of a totally unknown brand. I spend some time checking out clothes, mostly interested in pink and purple ones. There is a cardigan I like but it turns into a net? Classmates are also there, I am trying to get their attention. A woman working in the store comes to bring us what looks like orange juice, but she claims it is beer. My whole class is gathered around something like a long table and we are having a drink. I first wait for everyone to get served but soon notice that some are already drinking. I feel drunk. Other classmates tell the story of a girl with the same name as mine, about how she lived in some city where women are emancipated. I think this refers to me, but later find out that they are talking about another classmate because they say her family name.

      I turn to one of my best friends and say to her that we better leave the place and go outside. I am not sure what we did there but I am overly bold and become lucid. I turn back to all the guys from my class that have been passively following me and say some things to them I don't any longer remember. I recall how long this dream has been going and have very little time left, so decide to hurry up. The scenery around me is absolutely beautiful. We just left a lone building and there is only grass around, hills, trees. It seems like fall is just beginning, the colors are very pleasant to look at.

      My brain is more asleep than usual and the only task that comes to mind after looking at the scenery is flying to angel falls.
      (which is so totally CL!)

      I lift off and do some maneuvering that I can't exactly recall. I keep on flying over some fantastic hills, but I just feel this is going to end very bad because I have no idea where I am going and I am in the air for too long. (Also my expectation was set very deeply on a subcon level).

      I decide to land and end up facing what looks like a small waterfall. There is water pouring over some rocks just in front of me. While I know this isn't what I am looking for (too small), I go as close as possible to this water falling down the rocks, trying to feel the water on me as the dream fades away and I end up in the void.

      I spend some time in the void, just waiting there. (I couldn't remember any advice as what else to do, but that was fine)

      LD2:It's a bit hard to remember what the first image was that I was looking at here but I am lucid from the start. It is an open area, with lots of vegetation again. I try three tasks, not fully sure about the sequence of but mostly likely in this order.

      I look around and see some hills and trees in the distance. Once again it is all very beautiful and this makes me happy. It also reminds me that I was headed towards Angel falls. The vegetation makes it just perfect for the task and I stare there and day dream for a very short while. I feel like I want to rush forward and just get there. However, I just passed a few DCs and I remember I had another task I wanted to do "ask a DC".

      I turn to this overweight mid-age woman and she makes some kind of word-like sound like "nah", I ask her where my phone is and she says "outside". This cannot be possible, as I know the phone must be somewhere at home, so I object and ask for further explanation. She says something else that I can't exactly remember but it means that this the answer. I am not satisfied with the answer she gave me, so I look around and there is another DC woman more or less the same type, but different face. I go to her and she makes exactly the same word-like sound like the other one, I find this very strange. I proceed to ask her about my phone and she just answers "but didn't you already ask". Well, yeah, but I want to ask again, and it is none of her business, just tell me where the phone is. I am annoyed with her and start some senseless explaining. After a while, I give it up and move on.

      Still in the same place I decide to do the fireworks task and look around for some fireworks to swallow. The problem is that I am not in a room where my mind easily makes all kinds of objects but in the greenery and there's only grass and some small bushes there. I somehow remember I can do a summon from my pocket. I have the memory that my pockets are currently empty but still decide to search in my pocket. It is indeed empty but I manage to scrub something there, I hold my fist tight for a second and then I expect to see a mini-firework in there. Unfortunately, it is just a purple brown pill. I become confused thinking I really had this pill in my real pocket and that's causing the problem. Anyways, I concentrate on the pill, trying to make it look at least a bit like a firework but in vain. Somewhere after this intense concentration the dream fades.

      I don't remember anything from the void here anymore.

      LD3: I appear in some kind of public building restroom, still lucid, where I am looking myself in the mirror. I feel some pain in my tooth and have a closer look. Yeah, something is not quite right there and that worries me that I might actually have done something to my real tooth. I vaguely remember Penny talking about tooth dreams, and try to ignore the issue. Yet, I keep on checking myself out in the mirror until I zoom in to see and feel my entire row of teeth in a painfully twisted position. Dreams can really get crazy, I think to myself, remembering how Checker's fingers were twisted or something like that.

      Finally, I brake my teeth fixation and walk around, trying to exit the restroom. Slightly worried that the dream might destabilize, although there wasn't an indication?, I decide to rub my hands and see if anything feels different. I remark that everything feels absolutely normal, and rubbing my hands on this occasion does not feel different from waking life. I also remember to jump a bit supposedly to stabilize, but it's more like some mischievous act of fun. I jump a few times, although cautiously as I don't want to destabilize the dream by losing the sense of my feet while mid air.

      Trying to leave the restroom, I walk around in this building, but get lost in a maze of corridors. I go back, then try again and end up in some creepy looking corridor, lit by a single old bulb, shining bright. The whole place looks like from some kind a cheap movie scene and I don't like it at all. I don't want to be there. I get paranoid, staring at the corridor which turns to the left and soon some kind of a non-human thing is summoned by me.

      Before he even has the chance to move closer I know that the only way out of this place is to phase through the wall in front of me and I do so.

      I immediately end up in the void, but am still a bit paranoid that this thing might follow me into the next dream. I try to reason this whole situation, that he doesn't exist anymore, and feeling with certainty that once in the void, it is over. From then on, I remember to concentrate on Angel falls and on appearing on top of it. I do my best to create sensations that I am there.

      I don't remember what happened, I just found myself in the next scene.

      LD4: My memory gets even worse as I fall deeper into sleep. I am on the street, facing some building. My concern at this point is recall. I realize that I have been having dream after dream with no opportunity to journal. I try to remember how many lds so far, four, try to recall some details as I feel they will be lost. Using either my fingernails or some other object, I write down the number of dreams with a key word next to each to help with my recall once I wake up. This whole task is extremely difficult and towards the end of the process I begin to hear non-lucid dream thoughts interfering in my head.

      Soon I lose lucidity as a Heroes of Might and Magic scene develops in the building in front of me. There are the two players' armies and obviously mine has been defeated because I didn't send reinforcements, while the other player did. The armies look quite 3D life-like with the largest beast looking quite scary.

      NLD: Someone informs bf about his dentist and that some kind of refund is due because he did the dental work in a hurry. Tom Wilkinson is the dentist.

      NLD: I am in a tram, there is a strange looking skinny old man in front of me. He is dressed like Gandhi, also has some kind of flat drawers on his chest, as some sort of a medallion. We talk for a short while and unfortunately I can't recall more detail anymore.

      Soon the dream ends and I am in my body semi-conscious and extremely sleepy. For some reason my physical body decides to change position, so my legs move. This is what wakes me up a bit more and I decide it is better to journal before I forget everything.
    4. Painful rejection

      by , 03-31-2013 at 08:55 AM
      31/3/13 Same conditions as last night -.- I recorded my voice this morning instead of writing it out.

      I started heading to a rec centre/youth club with my friends Emma and Aaron to go a an old friend called Josh. I was dreading it as I had two pieces of paper that contained information about me and Josh that I had typed up (rather similar to a diary entry) on a website.

      Once inside, we all sat down and Josh started saying that I needed to remove the diary entry as he would never ask me out, I had written that we were dating. I was crushed. Aaron took his side speaking to me as if he was my father; telling me off severely.
      Soon after I left in hysterics, felling humiliated (I know even the dream version of me is a drama queen).

      Suddenly, I was on my way to a biology lesson with my friend Charlie and this kid Evan from school. Evan was being loud so this scary teacher came to tell him off whilst me and Charlie ran too our separate lessons. The assistant teacher of this lesson was taking our names and when I told him he spelt my name wrong he answered "Sometimes people get names wrong, even yours" I sat at the desk still feeling sad.

      Recall massively improved from last night, dream signs are emerging.

      Teal = Awareness dream sign
      Purple= Context dream sign

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    5. taking back my diary

      by , 11-22-2012 at 02:22 PM
      i had a dream that i was back at the place i lived before college (in the room i shared with my sister)....and my "mother" had taken my journal/diary (mental hurricane is it's name)....and i had gone back to take a few things before leaving for good.....and it looked a lot different than it had when i lived there.....the room was where my bedroom was.....but was decorated like the room i shared with my sister.....and there were candles in there and my computer was gone........and i took my diary back.....and it turned out she had been using it.....and i hid it in a bag under plastic ninjas and then left

      i carry around a plastic container with a bunch of small pastic ninjas in it...that i keep in my school bag.......42 with back up ninjas (54).....because you always need a back up ninja.......not a back up plan involving a ninja......because that would mean your first plan didn't have a ninja....and that's why it failed
    6. 01/09/12: The Lost Books

      by , 01-09-2012 at 11:58 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Hidden Realms
      I am with a couple of other people in some kind of an archaeological dig site, we are looking for an old diary that contains a lot of information about the people who used to live there. The dig site looks more like a mine than a typical archaeological dig site, and I am down in a tunnel digging around for any sign of artifacts. I find a few pieces of a clear crystalline substance and put one piece in my pocket. Someone there with me, a woman, says not to do that… if they catch me stealing that gem I will be put to death. I decide it isn't worth the risk and I drop the crystal back on the ground.

      I continue looking. I don't find a book, but I find a large chunk of the crystal. It is the size of a small brick. No one is around me now, and I think maybe I can jack this one… it is sure to be valuable. I hide it in the bottom of a backpack I am wearing, under a lot of clothes and stuff. I'm not sure why I had all that with me, but I did.

      I exit the mines with the backpack and tell the people outside I really need a short break. They say I can have 10 minutes… and a drink of water, and a small snack… then back to work. I agree to that and head over to the tent where we take breaks. I hide the backpack out behind the tent in a thick cluster of bushes then I go inside. I take a drink of water and eat a cheese sandwich. I am thinking it is about time to go back to work. I wonder if the backpack will be safe from discovery. I figure it should be, and if it is gone, at least it can't be connected to me!

      Tower Heist
      I am with a partner and we are breaking into a tall building to steal something from the penthouse. The target of our theft is an old book, I'm not sure what is so important about the book. My partner is a big black guy, he is large as in he is tall, muscular, and a bit on the overweight side. Getting in to the bottom levels of the building isn't a problem. It is publicly accessible. Getting higher up is a bit more of a problem. We end up climbing through the hatch on the roof of the elevator and scaling up a maintenance ladder in the elevator. That isn't too difficult… and we get to the penthouse rather easily. This is going easier than I had expected. We get in the penthouse and look around for a while, my partner finds the book we're looking for.

      Then someone comes into the penthouse… we need to get out… but the exit is blocked. We go to the window and out onto an outside deck. It is a long way down… My partner has a rope with him and a roll of tape that looks like electrical tape. He says it will hold any weight, and I have no doubt of it. He tapes the rope to the edge and lowers himself over, climbing slowly down and cursing that he hates heights. I lower myself down after him after slipping the book we were after into the waist band of my jeans. We lower ourselves down quite a way and then run out of rope. My partner tapes the other end of the rope to the building and then somehow releases the upper end with a shake of the rope. It doesn't occur to me that this could happen by accident… Now we are able to lower ourselves the rest of the way at which point my partner retrieves the rope and we are able to make our escape.
    7. Wednesday, February 22-23rd, 2011 - (3 Dreams)

      by , 02-25-2011 at 08:25 PM
      School Mall and Water Park (Non-lucid)


      Log: 9:30pm Wednesday, February 22-23rd, 2011
      Hours: 8:30m Alarm: 6:00 Audio: None
      WILD: No

      Yet again i woke up naturually, but this time it was at around 2 in the morning, and a second time at around 4 in the morning. When i did the waking up, i immediately and alertly sat up and said, " Yup, i woke up." And then checked the clock.

      I was on the second level of the school, and i needed to go down to the first floor. As i was walking down the steps that lead into the East Atrium, the step wound more than usual and there were numerous couches lined up in the outside of the stairs. They were out of the way so people wouldn't trip or be blocked by them. There were names engraved in the couches. The intercom was saying something along the lines of the fact that the names of really scholarly people and people who have achieved great things at Lakewood High School. I aspired and knew that i would be on ther ein the very near future. So as i got closer to the bottom of the stairs, i saw Mr. Castagna and another administration official. I was fairly far away and i could hear them anyway. They were talking about me as i walked down. They said things about how well behaved i was and how shocking and delicious my smell was. I smiled and kept going trying to avoid them so they wouldn't see me. I saw a glassed in room where there was a water machine thing. It was a water park of some sort. My whole family was there, and i wanted to avoid them, so i went in, tried it out, and left before they could see me, and afterwards i was out in the hall of the mall and as they came out i ran to hide form them. And that's all i can remember.


      New Semester Math Class (Non-lucid)


      This dream starts out in my math class. It's the start of a new semester and all new people are in the class. Jacob was there, and for some reason i came in late. I was flustered as i looked for papers and things and tried to get ready. People were talking around me and there was one girl in particular who was talking to me, i was listening, but not intently. Jacob was talking andi could hear him talking in an extreme New York accent, and it was relaly entertaining. But the thing is, he only did that when we had a class together. I was talking about it and laughing about it as the class went on. And then it ended.

      Afterwards, i had a false awakening in which i told Jacob about the dream i had with him in it. I've done this a few times before where i tell people about dreams i've had with them, but in a False Awakening.


      Walker's Diary (Non-lucid)


      This dream was short and sweet. Walker and I were in my living room talking with some other people, and he was writing in a diary that had the word "Wednesday" on it. I was curious as to what information was going into his dairy. So i wanted to grab it. Before i did i figured things in it would involve what he has done wrong and what he's gone through. So i grabbed it, and he chased after me, and instead of trying to get me, he grabbed MY diary, causing me to give his back. Then it ended.