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    1. TARDIS and Dimension Jumping

      by , 06-30-2017 at 09:23 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Okay, I am literally typing this out in the middle of the night because this might just be the coolest dream I've had yet. No, I wasn't lucid, but not all cool dreams need to be lucids as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, here's the boring stuff.

      Fell asleep at: 10-11:00ish

      Woke up at: 2:30 AM

      I was in my home when suddenly I find it: The TARDIS. I inspect the humble machine, and having not watched the show (I know what the TARDIS does but the dream worked with it differently), I'm curious. And I think, "inter dimensional travel? Okay, let's start small before we do anything drastic." And I use the TARDIS to send me to a parallel version of my house. Nothing was too drastically different, but then I notice something, a box with candies and junk food. I quickly take the foodstuffs (Without suspicion, since I was just in a parallel universe and I probably looked like that universe's version of me) and bolt it for the TARDIS.

      If I haven't told you already, the little telephone booth was in my washroom. Maybe another interdimensional traveler found his way to my dimension before being stuck there when I took it. Or my dream just sorta threw it in there.

      In one of the parallel universes I had to distract DCs by means of drawing attention away from the TARDIS and how out of place it was. They made it to the washroom to do some laundry where I maintained conversation with them until they left the room. I then hopped back thinking I didn't have much time left. The DCs represented my sisters.

      I then wind up at my school. I step out of the washroom containing my precious when I wind up getting myself lost. See, in the real world, I have a pretty shit sense of direction. Tell me to go somewhere and it'll take me forever and a minute to recognize what you're talking about. I'm not stupid -- even though I have the reflexes of a sloth.

      Anyways, it was getting dark out but there were still people running around. Apparently some kind of big event was going down. There were carts, unfinished rides, and crowds everywhere. Feeling like I needed the assistance I found my friends Shanna and Rudy as well as a parallel version of me. And I say something along the lines of, "I am an alternate version of you, me. I come from a dimension where everything is the same, but different, and I need your help. I don't know where to find the washroom that contains my TARDIS. You know what that is right Shanna?". They tried helping and were pretty cool with the fact that I was from a different world.I mean, you can't really argue with that when you see an exact clone of somebody in terms of personality and appearance now do you?

      It is also worth noting that parallel universe me had longer hair. That helped differentiate us.

      But after some time had passed and I felt like we were getting no closer to finding the TARDIS, I eventually split up with the crew. It was a mad dash to the TARDIS and I was running around all of the school's grounds to find it. Daylight had come, and I eventually found the "appreciation center". A place with high ceilings, a podium, tons of small sofas, and tall windows where the sunlight streamed in. It was apparently a lounge/book reading area.

      I go back outside and go through the bushes when I see an old man copying my movements. It wasn't anything too scary, as he was just mocking me for how stupid I looked. I did the same and made an old man voice that went along with his movements. He walked off, but after that the dream ended.


      1. This has been the longest regular dream I've had so far. Even though it probably happened on the first REM cycle of the night.

      2. Dimension hopping and stealing from parallel universes with no consequences was both fun and exhilarating.

      3. I can always count on my friends (And myself) when times are tough. I know that probably wasn't a major theme throughout, but I thought it was too heartwarming to pass up. Thank you subcon for not trying to make me feel bad.
    2. Outside Lurker

      by , 11-25-2014 at 10:52 PM
      Winter. Saw someone breaking into cars parked outside. I quickly hid behind the curtains but I was not fast enough. He saw, started walking around the apartment building, looking inside windows. We started turning off lights, triple-checking door locks, closing curtains.

      Later that night:
      Some kind of pretty vial, said to contain LSD. We come from another dimension and brought it with us.

      August 4th, 2014: (word for word from paper)
      Several dreams, do not remember them all. One of them was lucid, involved, being given shots for being 'crazy' because I had trouble talking, not sure if this was toward the beginning or the end. Floated around to maintain lucidity when started to lose it, gripped a metal object. Felt it, it was so real, cold, etc. Woke up at 3:40AM. Laying in bed until after bf left for work. Fell asleep again around 7ish, in and out. Saw a taxi from the sky, it drove into a river. Then I woke up inside a taxi driving on the road (snow covering everything in both scenes). I asked "Where am I?" and a voice out of nowhere said "[Friend's Name Here]'s House." and I opened my eyes to my bed. Vibrations/being pulled into wild. (I guess I got lazy at this point because that was the end of the page and no more notes)

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    3. 02/07/12: Sickness Dreams

      by , 02-08-2012 at 12:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: I haven't posted dreams for quite a few days due to the fact I have been sick. I started out last Thursday by tossing my cookies and I haven't felt good since. So some of these dreams are fragments from when I was sick which means they might make even less sense than they often do… which is saying something! It seems that when I am sick to my stomach I start dreaming about food… which makes things worse! >.< I hope to get back to posting dreams regularly now.

      02/02/12: Food Poison
      I am in a game of Oblivion, looking around for stuff to steal, specifically I am looking for food and potion ingredients to steal since once I make a potion out of them they will no longer be flagged as stolen. So I steal a bunch of ingredients, make a bunch of potions, and sell them. In Cyrodiil, crime DOES pay! So I pick up some ingredients from a house I just broke into, I decide to eat a couple of them since that will also boost my alchemy experience level… I'm not sure of the reasoning behind that one… I eat some bread, cheese, and lettuce. I steal more food and leave. I eat a sweet cake for dessert and wash it down with an ale. I am heading for another place to get more ingredients when I start feeling yucky. Sick, like I might puke. This feeling wakes me up, but I am able to ignore it and I fall back asleep right away.

      Back in Cyrodiil, I am still stealing food, and I am still feeling sick. I wonder if somehow the stolen food is tainted. I wonder if the fact the food is flagged as stolen makes it tainted somehow… eating stolen food will make me sick while eating the same food not stolen won't make me sick. That idea seems absurd, but to counter the sick feeling I go into a shop and buy some food and eat it. That only makes me feel worse… and I wake up again… this time I get up and toss my cookies.

      02/03/12: My Ex-Boyfriend Wants to Eat WHAT???
      I am playing Oblivion on my laptop computer, and I realize my ex boyfriend is in the room with me. He is watching me play Oblivion, and I am collecting ingredients for potions. I collect a piece of mudcrab meat from a dead mudcrab. James says that looks like it would taste good with chocolate syrup. Yuck… I collect some more ingredients and James now says he wants to eat venison with chocolate syrup. Yuck again. I tell him that sounds gross. He says not if you put it in a blender and mix it up with some eggplant and the crab meat and maybe a bit of split pea soup… he is starting to gross me out. Just listening to him makes me feel nauseous. He says if I throw up he wants to keep it… nothing mixes ingredients together better than a human stomach. Now I think I am definitely going to puke… I wake feeling ill, but fortunately I don't toss my cookies this time.

      02/04/12: Keep Eating, Pig!
      I am sitting at a dinner table that is piled high with everything yummy I can think of, so many sweets I can't count it all. All of it is stuff I really shouldn't eat on my diet. Chocolate cake, ice cream, pies, more cakes, candy… so much of it! I think I want to cheat on my diet a bit, so I eat a cupcake. There is a voice speaking to me that I can't locate the source of. The voice tells me to eat all I want, these sweets are calorie free! Yay! So I eat a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of lemon meringue pie. I am now quite pleasantly full. I get up to leave the table, but some force pushes me back in the chair and says I'm not done yet. Eat everything! Um… that is way too much for me to eat at one time. I tell the voice that. It keeps saying to eat. I finally eat a bit more, but that makes me feel sick. I say if I eat more I'll puke. The voice says good, go ahead and puke! I wake up feeling sick, but I don't toss my cookies.

      02/05/12: No Dreams
      Note: Today was one of the first days my stomach was feeling better, so I was able to sleep through the whole night… it must have been a deep sleep, as I didn't remember having a single dream.

      02/06/12: Weave Spell
      I am in a concert hall, and I am wandering through the place just exploring. I see there is a band I don't recognize playing there, but I do recognize the lead singer. It is Bret Michaels from the band Poison. I am surprised to see him there when I don't recognize the group. I discover, and this doesn't seem odd to me, that I can step sideways and move through dimensions, just slide from one to the next. I do that and the band changes. Bret Michaels seems to slide, too. He appears and keeps singing. Is he also a traveler? I side step through several more worlds, and he follows. I go outside of the concert hall and I find there are trees around, and it is night. I don't see Bret Michaels now. I hear someone approaching. Just a bit too late I get the feeling I don't want to be seen. An old man and an old woman emerge from the trees with a shotgun. The man points the shotgun at me. I grab it by the barrels… it's a double barrel… and I bend the gun like it's made of paper. I hear some strange chants coming from the trees, from all around. "Weave spell, inerevum sancotatum, weave spell," it says over and over. The gun is changing forms in my hand, responding to that chant. It is trying to reform around my hand and aim at me again. I block that effect, but I seem to be in a contest of wills with the unseen spell caster. I am still doing that when Bret Michaels comes out of the concert building and plays guitar for a bit… which causes the elderly couple to retreat into the trees.

      02/07/12: Unconscious Theft
      I am at school, though it isn't one of the classes I am taking in waking life. I am taking notes in a notebook, writing down as fast as I can to keep up with the instructor. When the class ends I get up to go get something to eat. I head down to the cafeteria and buy a burger, fries, and a drink. I am sitting at the table eating when someone from my class comes over and is pissed off. I wonder why. I then see that I have their backpack and purse sitting beside me. I don't even remember picking that stuff up… when did I do that? She wants to know why I have her stuff, which is a logical thing to wonder. I am thinking that if I tell her I have no clue, and I don't remember picking it up, that will sound like a lie… so I tell a lie. I say she left it behind, and I was holding on to it for her so no one else would steal it. I add that if I hadn't run into her again I would have taken it to lost and found. She doesn't seem to believe me. She says she left it in the classroom because we have another class there later today, I know that! Now give the stuff back! She takes the stuff and leaves in a huff. I realize I do have to go to the class again today, but I don't really want to go to class with that person who clearly thinks I stole her stuff intending to keep it. And the fact is I have no idea why I stole her stuff, I don't even remember doing it. So I am considering ditching today.