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    1. Dream - Budgeting For Graffiti & One Pair Only & Back To Canberra & Filming Time

      by , 08-05-2017 at 11:11 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 2 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 167 - Separated Sections

      Dream 167 A - Budgeting For Graffiti
      I found myself in this random shopping centre, looking through the window of some jewelry store. I then realised that I had this “budgeting test” to revise for. So I went over to the side without a window, facing out to the mall, and started writing on there with white chalk. The maths in the dream was actually logical as well. I remember writing “$2 x 6 kg = 12” and “$4 x 4 kg = 16”. It was a few times of writing it and then rubbing it off and then writing it that I realised I was doing a crime.

      I was graffiting on the shop wall! I thought the shop owner was going to come after me sooner or later and so I had to get out of there and seek help. I paced through the mall, looking in every direction, while calling for Dreamy WB. The two times I called, there was no response. The third time I called, looking up the escalators, I used her alternate name, shouting “Miss T!”. Then while walking back from the escalators, I whisper to myself, “Dreamy WB...” to affirm the fact that I need her help.

      Then my friend LA appears as a hologram and she says to me, “she's back that way”, as she points towards the direction of the jewelry store. I walk over into the hairdressers and there's where I see Dreamy WB, casually standing at the back of the salon. We end up hugging each other really hard for a long amount of time and then as she takes me out of the salon and back towards the jewelry store, the dream ends.

      Dream 167 B - One Pair Only
      I was having my 19th birthday party a month before my actual birthday in real life. It was a huge gathering of family and friends and lots of things to make a good party. One of the mums brought me pairs of shoes as a gift, two of them to be exact. One pair were flat red shoes and the other pair were high and pointy red shoes. My mum came up to me and said that I could only keep the flat pair. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 167 C - Back To Canberra

      The class of 2017 were back in year 11 and were due for their Canberra camp. I decided that I wanted to go and visit them. I forgot what happened in the first few scenes of the dream. I then remember that I was skipping and gliding along this footpath beside a main road and the area I entered into looked like the front of Chisholm Institute in Dandenong. When I was on the premises though, the place looked nothing like Chisholm.

      I was led to some long, outdoor subway which was like a hub to get to all these other places. The places were crowded and there were lots of fast food restaurants on this platform. Somehow, I got tangled up and disorientated in this crowd of boys but soon got out of it. I assess my surroundings and figured that one of the platform exits led to the Canberra camp site. I ended up having second thoughts on going because I just remembered that WB's cabin was right next to Ms L's. The dream then ended.

      Dream 167 D - Filming Time
      I don't remember what video the SML crew were making. I can remembered though that the only ones who claimed to be doing any work were Logan and JJ. They had accused Chilly, Tito and Pablo of doing nothing and just standing around. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Recuperating (Receive 3 hugs from Dreamy WB)
      >> 1. Tight hug at swimming carnival resembled quality of Dreamy WB (136 A).
      >> 2. She hugged me while taking me away from the hissing kitten (164 A).
      >> 3.
      Gave me a big hug when I found her in the hairdressers (167 A).
      - The T-Ol-Essa (Call Dreamy WB by her alternate name)
      >> The third time I called her for help. I said "Miss T" instead of "Dreamy WB".
    2. [02-02-2016]

      by , 02-02-2016 at 06:54 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was inside a lab. There was a disaster of some kind that opened way to the Earth for many strange creatures. I entered a dark hall that joined up with warehouses. There was a small room in a container to the right, which opened up to another hallway. I went iside, and met strange, green humanoid monsters with snakes instead of hair. They were really quick, and charged at me, but I managed to shot them down, then place turrets to protect myself from other creatures. I moved on, and saw soldiers. I tried to get their attention, but it was a mistake. They tried to shoot me down, but in the end it was that turret I set up that killed me.

      Then I appeared in the same hallway again, but it was different. More monsters appeared, and those that were there before were stronger. I had that weird feeling that comes with lucidity, but I haven't realised that I'm dreaming. I just tried to shoot at monsters with my finger. After I killed creatures, soldiers appeared and I died again.
    3. The Stars Are Falling

      by , 11-03-2015 at 06:45 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I was in my new house with my roommates, which turned into a boat. The roommates were now gone and there were lots of people. We were in the middle of the ocean. I was standing on deck by my dad and happened to look up at the night sky. I saw what I thought was a shooting star, but it was going so slowly and went across the whole sky. Then I saw another. "Dad, look!" I said, "I keep seeing shooting stars, but they are moving so slowly!" We see another, only this one gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.. until it crashes into our boat. More "stars" come crashing down as we run to take shelter. "It's the space station!" someone said. Apparently the space station had broken apart and crashed to earth! It was chaos on the boat. Many people were injured.

      There were two twin girls, about 20 years old, with long blonde brassy hair. One of them had been hit. They were in a room on the top of the ship. The one that was hit in the chest had died, and was talking to the twin who was still alive.

      Back on deck, we see life rafts filled with people. One of the ships near us had sunk. The ship in front of us just passed by and did not see the people on life rafts, and our ship was about to pass right by them too. "STOP THE BOAT!!" I shouted. I ran over and started pulling people from the life rafts into the boat. I first pulled over children, then the rest of the people, including a morbidly obese man wearing khakis and a blue striped shirt(only including these unimportant details because I'm trying to remember everything).

      Dinner is served on the ship, as people are finally starting to calm down. The obese man has a plate filled with one large chicken breast, two rolls, and potatoes(again, useless detail). I finally decide to eat.

      Then, I'm in the room with the twins again, as an observer. The living twin wants to die to be with the dead twin. The dead twin is trying to convince the living one to stay, but the living twin is adamant on dying. She didn't want to be alone. She started to say, "I'll be honest, it feels kind of peaceful..(talking about dying)"
      .. and then my alarm goes off.
    4. [15-05-2015]

      by , 05-15-2015 at 05:42 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With family we had a free trip around the world. First, we decided to enter a secret government laboratory placed under our house. We went to the basement and opened a trapdoor. It was dark inside, light's weren't working.

      We concluded that there was a disaster in the past, and decided to go out of there. Suddenly, a GUI of a graphics editing software appeared. I could make new layers, paste objects, alter them - and they appeared in reality.

      I changed the main background from a dark, abandoned laboratory into a sunny beach. Then I edited the whole image to my liking, adding more and more details. My last change was to make reality look like it was painted by an artist.
    5. [09-05-2015]

      by , 05-09-2015 at 04:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The fall of civilisation

      A huge disaster killed many people and made all the governments to cease in existence. Survivors grouped together and made their own, small towns to start anew. I was a lone wanderer. I travelled a long way and stopped at a fortifications made by society of farmers.

      I spent a few days there, and people were upset about me. I noticed that one of the farmers had trouble, and he was preparing his rifle. I asked him about that, and he told me that he has problems with wolves. I decided to help him, and readied my own weapon - a small, one gun made out of copper. It's magazine could hold only one bullet.

      When the night time came, we moved to the fields. Wolves jumped out, and we started to shoot them. When I noticed that I used my whole ammo, I jumped straight into the group and wrestled with them. After a while we killed all of them.

      The farmer asked me if everything is ok. I looked at my legs and saw blood spilling out of many deep bites. I told him that everything is right. We moved back to farmers city. It was nearing midnight. The farmer told me to wait for news from the local rulers.

      I decided to not wait for him, and went away. I walked slowly, and when the morning came I spotted another city on the way. It was ruled by bandits, that weren't hostile towards me. I left my one bullet gun with guards, and went inside to see what I can find there.
    6. College Meteor Bombardment (The end of the dry spell is upon us)

      by , 12-02-2014 at 04:41 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in college attempting to work out some kind of scheduling mishap or something. There was a weird thing happening where next semesters classes overlapped with this semester and supposedly I had to attend the classes from both semesters for a few weeks until this semester ended.
      I met one of my old science teachers from High School, and was very happy to see him. (He was one of them cool teacher who stays in touch with youth and makes class fun.) He was trying to help me get the scheduling worked out.
      I think he was teaching a class, but it was being taught in this trailer/manufactured home that had been set up on campus. It was a chemistry class and the trailer/manufactured home had a hazmat feel to it. We had to wear gloves and goggles.
      At one point, somebody was yelling and we ran outside. They said to get a good view, and I climbed up on this random wooden platform.
      A huge meteor was entering the atmosphere. It looked as though it were arcing and not going to impact anywhere near us, but it actually started pulling up, following a reverse arc, and impacted about where my dorm was. (I was across campus) A second or two later a massive shockwave rolled through knocking down the wooden scaffolding and sending me flying. All the windows went out.
      I got up, pushed a 2x4 off of me. No major injuries, my ears were ringing a little though.
      "Woahhh!! Dude! That was sick! I've never seen anything like that!" A male DC yelled out. Somebody said that all the classes had to be cancelled because all of the windows were gone. I felt better about not having to do two semesters worth of classes in one semester.
      I remember looking up in the sky and seeing several more meteors coming down on us.

      I might write a ramble later today.
    7. Ora-Revealing Scuba-suits (LD#106)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My family was living in some kind of communal shelter after a natural disaster had struck our home. I cannot recall what the disaster was, but it was pretty widespread, having taken out a very large area of land and severely damaged the global economy. I think that it may have been an asteroid strike.
      We were living out of a mobile home, and I was tasked with riding around the community to fetch relief supplies, and trade with the other people in the community. Most of the other people living here are also living out of mobile homes. Some have tents as well.
      I can remember the community being set up near the freeway. There were hardly any cars on the freeway, though, occasionally there were some military convoys or supply trucks would come. It felt like we were close to home (In Michigan.)
      I went to the 'back' of the community that ran into the wilderness. I can recall their being a river there, actually two rivers that converged. There were also large sandy slopes in the hilly topography of the woods. (Sand dunes=dream sign).
      My parents were talking about how they wanted to build their new home right in this area where the three rivers meet. They talked about how they had met with a contractor and showed me a concept sketch of their new home. It was a modern, exotic design, like falling water that we were going to live in.

      Somebody was showing me an alternate ending to Avatar: The last Airbender. I cannot recall every detail but Aang arranges a duel with Azula on a small island. The island is small, and has a tropical forest on it, with a tall wooden pagoda with red roofing tiles in the middle. Azula does not go crazy in this ending, and Aang knows how to bring out the Avatar state at will.
      They start fighting and rush one another with fire, Azula using her trademark blue fire attacks. They blast one another and cause an explosion, blowing both of them back. Azula unleashes another fire blast and Aang uses airbending to jump above it. Azula follows using a firebending jet-pack. Aang loops around in the air and uses an air whip to send Azula flying back toward the ground. She lands on the beach of the island, making a rather large crater in the sand. She gets up and prepares to preform a lightning attack. Aang comes down and dodges. When he lands on the beach, he preforms an earthbending attack that causes Azula to fly out over the water and skip across the surface like a rock.
      Aang makes an ice surfboard and chases after her. It's implied that the fight continues for awhile longer, but I cannot recall what happened after that.

      The first thing I can recall was being on the beach, lucidity was clawing its way into my brain. It felt like I was on the island that the duel had taken place on. Manei is there wearing this very strange looking outfit that is something like a scuba suit, with this blue and white swirly pattern all over it.
      I look around, and there are many other people on the beach, all of them wearing these scuba suits. As I look around, I see people taking them off and putting them on. They seem to be unisex, and very large when taken off, shrinking to accommodate your figure. They seem to come off in six parts, two legs, two arms, upper and lower body, and when they are taken off they become dark grey.
      Manei explains that these are special, high tech suits that reveal your ora or your personal energy field or some such spiritual nonsense, but they only work if you put them on, then swim in the ocean. She takes me over to a booth where you can ask to borrow a suit. I can recall there is a card table set up and someone sitting at it. Underneath the table are six bins, one for each part of the suit.
      Then something strange began happening. I noticed behind the table there was another table, with someone tied to it face down. Wearing one of the suits, but missing the right arm piece of the suit. The pattern on the suit was moving and changing colors in places from green to red and back again. The boy, who had spiky brown hair was shaking, and looked to be in a lot of pain. He was shaking and gritting his teeth as if he were having a seizure. There was a small open cut above his right eye.
      I asked the person at the table what happened to that guy and they wouldn't respond.
      He looked up at me, and just stared at me for a second. I didn't recognize him, and I was waking up. I just looked into his face, looking at the white under his iris. (The way people look when they are straining to look upwards at someone.) I could feel some kind of energy coming off of this dream character. I felt like he was causing me to wake up.
    8. Aquarium Disaster, Wonderous creatures

      by , 05-20-2013 at 11:19 AM
      I came home to find our main aquarium on the floor over turned. Miraculously it was unbroken but either all or most of the water was drained. I quickly set it back up while very nervous, refilled it, and started trying to save the creatures. As I found them on the floor I proceeded to add them to the aquarium. It was dark and I had trouble seeing. one of the weirdest creatures I found and added was a tiny blue aquatic bird. I somehow caught it in my fist. It's fluttering was hurting my hand, but I held on and plopped it back into the water where it swam / flew safe. I knew that there were supposed to be others like it, but did not know whether they were safe inside or still missing. the aquarium was full of lights which were time and looked amazing, but made it hard to see anything else. I wondered whether I had plugged everything that needed to be plugged into the electricity back in, and whether all these plugs were indeed aquarium related, but I had no time to check, I had to try to save the creatures. While crawling on the floor under the stand, I saw something rolling fast: it was a Malaysian trumpet snail (this is a real creature from my tank, unlike the blue bird, but in reality it could not roll like that). I caught it and into the tank it went. I wondered whether my favorite fish had been saved, but could not check yet, must go on searching. I thought, well, at least now don't have to worry whether the tank is overstocked or not, but that thought did not make me feel better. I was confused that the plants seemed to be missing, even though in reality I have tons of aquatic plants, and yet the tank seemed rather full already.

      I woke up without completing the strange rescue.
    9. After the Storm

      by , 02-07-2013 at 04:27 PM
      This was a nice, very vivid LD where I was reunited with a long-gone childhood pet. It was more difficult than usual to connect to my tasks and goals. In fact, I could remember very little from waking life. I'm wondering whether this is because it was galantamine night, which required me to use an extremely short WBTB.

      And my ever-reliable nose pinch RC let me down!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #63: After the Storm

      I'm walking with my 3-year-old E in the back yard of what I think is our family home. The yard is vast, wild, and overgrown. As we walk, a Golden Retriever comes up to us and starts sniffing my hand. He looks almost exactly like the dog that I had when I was a kid, but I dismiss this as coincidence.

      I wonder how this dog got into our yard. E, the dog, and I walk to to edge of the property and I see that the entire fence is destroyed. Nothing but a couple of snapped fenceposts remain. Looking further out, I see that our next door neighbor's house has been utterly destroyed.
      I think that this must be a dream. I perform the nose pinch reality check and can't breathe. I try it again and still can't breathe. "Oh shit," I think. "This is really happening."

      The three of us walk further through town. Everywhere we look, houses are toppled and people sift dispiritedly through the rubble. I tell my son, "E, I think there's been a big tornado. Daddy's going to figure this out."

      We walk across an empty four-lane road. Some of the shops on this road are open, which strikes me as odd. I RC again, pushing my finger into my palm.
      My left hand stretches like stiff taffy and I know that this is a dream.

      I look down at the Golden Retriever and realize that he really is the same dog that I had when I was a boy! He's been gone almost fifteen years but now he's somehow standing right in front of me. I scratch him behind the ears. He just looks off into the distance with that big, goofy doggy grin. Even though I know that this is all a dream, it feels like a reunion.

      E pets the Golden and starts fiddling with his ears. The dog pants and stares contentedly up at the sky. I decide that now is the right time for me to break off on my own.

      I walk further along the road. I know that I had lots of plans for this lucid dream but I can't remember any of them. As I'm pondering this, a steady flow of traffic starts on the road and in a few seconds, cars are whizzing by in both directions. I remember a conversation with Xanous and Alyzarin about how they like to play in traffic during lucid dreams.

      I start walking across the road. I'm halfway across when I suddenly realize that the cars are driving on the left side of the road (like in Great Britain or New Zealand.) The next thing I know, a small, strange, open-topped car is barreling toward me. Suddenly I'm scared that this car is going to flatten me and I try to force-push it to the side. The little car swerves to the left and its brakes squeal. I float up into the air, drifting slightly away.

      The car has stopped and its driver, a woman of about 30, is leaned forward toward the steering wheel. Her eyes are squeezed shut as if she's in pain. I run or fly to the side of her little open-topped car, freaked that I've hurt her somehow when I did that force-push. "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

      She doesn't respond, but she's clutching at her stomach. There's something horribly wrong with her. Her stomach is badly distended, stretching all the way down so that it rests on the floorboard of her car. I pick up her enormous, stretched stomach off of the floor and start feeding it back into her body. It takes some effort, but in the end it spools smoothly back into her torso as if nothing had ever happened.

      She looks at me and smiles. I notice for the first time that she's incredibly attractive and I kiss her.
      (Guess I got over the stomach thing!) I pull away before I get myself totally distracted and she drives off, waving as she goes.

      Again I try to remember my goals and again they won't come. I finish crossing the road and leap about twelve feet into the air, perching on a crumbling arbor by the side of the road. I look out over the ruined city and see that the destruction stretches for miles. I can't even seem to find my house anymore. Is the destruction getting worse? What's happening to this place?

      I consider where to explore next but
      the dream soon ends.
    10. Fixer Upper

      by , 01-23-2013 at 02:02 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Fixer Upper
      Seemed like this fragment was toward the end of a longer dream that I don't recall. I'm moving into a new house with coworkers. They have found a place and take me with the realtor to see it. I realize it is my old house on Daisetta. But I don't say this right away. In the living room is my old furniture, now very worn and dirty. In the backyard, it looks like a mudslide. The hill of dirt has overflown the retaining wall and piles of dirt have spilled into the yard. The swimming pool is have full of sandy dirty. The tiles on the pool lip are mostly broken and gone. I wonder if I should say that I know this place. I wonder if I should ask what happened. My coworkers don't seem to mind all the damage. They are talking with the realtor like it's a "fixer upper".
    11. (Hyper Real) Lucid: Lava, Tsunami, Smoke

      by , 04-09-2011 at 09:54 PM
      The only other dream I've had in the past year with visuals this realistic and intense was Nightmare: Alternative Life. I can't stress this point enough, the visual quality of this dream was so acute and vibrant it makes my regular dreams seem low resolution. It was extremely stable and consistent, and I'm at a loss to understand why these dreams are so much superior to ordinary dreaming.

      I was driving down a main road in the California Bay area called El Camino. It was late afternoon and there was traffic. The flow was moving slowly. The location I was in looked like mesh of two cities I regularly drive through. I looked over one of the rolling hills there which is covered with houses. Suddenly the ground started to violently shake and I heard a huge ripping rumbling noise that muted out all other sounds.

      A volcanic stream of gas and lava shot out from behind the hill far into the air like an oil well or water fountain. It was glowing red and orange and raining lava all over the area. I could hear screams and utter panic. Car began to drive off the road and out of lanes. I made a U-turn onto the sidewalk and my tire hit the curb hard and instantly I got a flat. I noticed a Police SUV was also attempting to use the side walk to get closer to the blast...

      Just then, another volcanic steam erupted further to the south behind the hill in the direction I was now facing. It became obvious the roads were too chaotic to to drive away on. I jumped out of my car and looked at my tire. It was destroyed. I looked around at the panic and chaos for a moment. I thought "There is no way I can rescue my GF or Mother." I heard a man screaming. I looked up at the hill and there in the distance a person was getting doused with lava.

      While he was burning to cinders a Tsunami wave rose up above the height of the hill (which was at least 100ft) I could see through the aqua-green water against the bright sky. It came crashing down through the lava streams and put out the crisping man while still in the process of turning to cinders. I turned and started running full speed in the opposite direction of lave fissures and Tsunami. I started desperately looking for something nearby to climb on top of.

      I saw a cement 2-story building just off of El Camino with a large climbable tree next to it. My plan was to use the tree to get on top of the building as quickly as possible. The tree and building were in a depression in the ground. I jumped from the sidewalk area directly into the tree. I turned back and the water was about 20-ft away and quickly came crashing into the building and tree. Instantly the corner of the building exploded into rumble. The roof started to collapse and the tree I was on lost several branches when the water struck.

      I jumped out of the tree still heading further east, out of the ditch like area and onto another segment of sidewalk, part of another street running east. Water and junk was pushing me forward. I fell on my face, got up, and started running across the street to another large mostly dirt hill. The shape of the terrain was causing the Tsunami to fan outward before completely flooding the street I was on, but there was still a shallow sheet of water and debris ramming against my back.

      I made it to the hill when I started to notice the intense heat coming from behind. The lava gas stream was now emitting hot black smoke and the earth was shaking. I was running up the dirt hill, and falling on my face every few feet. When I was nearly at the top, there was huge clouds of pitch black smoke drifting eastward and engulfing me and other people. My body felt exhausted. I fell again and could feel wind buffeting me from random directions.

      I had the clear thought: "Maybe God expects me to die this way."

      With my last once of energy I dragged myself to the top of the dirt hill. There were other terrified people staggering to the top of the hill. I looked out to the East towards the bay. The ocean was drawn back and there were rivers of lava merging with ocean water creating columns of steam.

      There were no other places to run.

      I thought, "I need to call my friends and family but I knew my phone had been soaked." I pulled it out of my pocket and sure enough it was completely dead. I looked at the front of it, and then the back of it, then the front of it again. My phone didn't look right. It was smaller and fatter than real life. On the front of the phone in big white letters was written: "3-Mega Pixels."

      I thought: "This is a dream! Because my phone doesn't look like this!" I was relieved, but I really wanted to see what this dream was leading up to so I put my phone back away and "pretended" I wasn't lucid. The lava, flood, and darkness subsided. Not everything was destroyed. There was an apartment building near the hill that's upper floors had survived almost unscathed. A group of people made there way over there as there was no real way to reach any other place. (Things get hazy at this point.)

      The survivors began to live in this apartment. Time elapsed in the dream. Days at least. I remember us living like rats. We were cut off, and no one came to help us giving us the impression that this disaster was on a global scale. People were so morbidly depressed I remember one bulky man ripping his shirt of and crying like a baby. I felt so awful for him that I assured him this was nothing more than a dream...

      After that, I walked out onto the balcony (a common dream location from my past) and looked out over the bay. Which had swelled larger from the Tsunami. I looked up at the stars and they were crystal clear. I could see the little dipper in the sky. I said out loud "Since I'm only dreaming, how about some meteor strikes now too?" --Nothing happened at first.

      But as I starred at the little dipper, a superimposed image appeared over it. A slow fade in of a traditional Santa Clause with a bag of presents and sleigh appeared. I was surprised and disappointed.

      Clearly this dream was influenced by the recent tragedy in Japan which I watched live as I was awake late that night.

      Supplement: Liquid Gel Multi-vitamin and 500mg B5 directly before bed.

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    12. Nightmare: Terror Garden

      by , 04-07-2011 at 08:14 AM
      This dream occurred about 90-minutes after going to bed in the first REM stage. I took a liquid gel multivitamin and 500mg of B5 before bed.

      My GF and I were playing a cooperative video game. I remember fighting a giant turtle like monster and she was getting overwhelmed and overly excited playing it. The visuals were very 3D, even holographic, and her character was able to paint cross-hairs on the beast. (There was no fear attached to this part of the dream.)

      We decided to go out. It was nighttime outside and all the street lamps were off. My GF was suddenly afraid. The darkness was making me apprehensive too which is not normal. I went to close my car door and it wouldn't shut. I moved the seat belt a little thinking it was caught. Then slammed the door even harder, but it bounced even more.

      I looked down at the frame and discovered my wallet and cell phone were lodged there. I figured my phone was broke, but for some reason I didn't want to stay in my drive for another moment. I slammed my car into reverse, in a maneuver to shut the door finally using a hard left spin.

      We jammed down my darkened block and near the end on the right hand side standing in front of a car was a cowering German Shepard dog. It was crouched, and it was trembling with fear wetting the street in front of the curb with urine. This was a big healthy looking animal, scared out of its wits.

      We drove further and came to near to the spot of my last posted dream Neighborhood: Magic Garden. Standing in the middle of the road was deranged looking huge Rottweiler dog. It was starring me down hard. I rolled down the window this time to attempt to lighten the atmosphere with puppy talk. It just rolled its head, looking at me dead in the eyes with barely contained hostility.

      We drove past and reached the exact spot of my last posted dream Neighborhood: Magic Garden There, kitty-corner to where the magic garden had been was a decimated house with the entire front end smashed wide open. I could see a couple inside. Dead. Nude. Frozen in positions of absolute horror on their sofa.

      Turning down that street and driving further, the entire block was covered with thick green moss, huge fallen trees, and ripped apart houses. I could hear a massive number of frogs in the distance.

      --At this point I whimpered out loud and it woke me up. My heart was racing, I was terrified, and I could still hear the din of hoards of frogs in the distance... The sound faded and it merged with my air filter which was set on low.

      I don't have time to post my next dream from last night, it was much more terrifying and extremely realistic.

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    13. Disaster anxiety

      by , 03-23-2011 at 01:21 AM (Insights from Id)
      Note: In order for this dream to make sense, you must know that right now I live in a suburb of Tokyo. My family has actually been given potassium iodide, but have not been directed to take it yet (and probably won't, we're pretty far away from Fukushima and aren't in any real danger).

      I am walking down an unknown hallway trying to get home. I see my one-year-old daughter, and she has a pack of potassium iodide pills in her hand. She is waving them at me as she toddles over. "You don't need those." I say. "We're very far away from the power plant." I take the pills from her and we exit through a door at the end of the hallway. I get tired of waiting for her to walk, so I pick her up and carry her. I see that I am at a part of the base where you have to cross an offbase highway and reenter through another gate. My house is on the other side. I see that (in my dream but not IRL) the crosswalk that goes over the highway fell in the earthquake and I have to cross at street level. As I head to the gate, the gate guard grabs my daughter from me and begins to strap her to a gurney. She starts crying and I scream at him to give her back, but they won't listen. Out of nowhere comes my husband, who decks the guy with my daughter and snatches her away. My son is with him.
      We get back to my house and grab our luggage, and get into the car. As we are heading out, the gate guard on the other side stops us and says that if we leave, we need to take some gurneys with us. We pack them into the back of the van and head off down ruined streets (again not IRL, the area I live in didn't get much damage).
    14. inside looking out

      by , 02-13-2011 at 08:17 PM
      I was running around on this wide open field, bumping into people I was supposed to know. Some of them were talking to me about what I wanted to do and how something could be solved. I walked away from them and came across some other people who looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place where I had seen them. There was this peach room and I was trying to protect myself from some kind of disaster that was going on outside.

      Every time I closed my eyes I would wake open them to see my self at a different place, with a few faceless figures outside. The figures became less and less, and soon there was no one around. I would walk outside, looking for people but I found none.

      One time I walked outside and crossed the street. For the first time in a long time, I saw someone I knew walking towards me. He was smiling, and he soon walked into a building near and I tried to follow him, but the building disappeared and I was in a blue room. I walked around, confused, but I didn't see anyone. There was no one there and I started to leave when something hit my head. I was put in this yellow room with old weaponry on the walls, and I sat there, unable to move. The person who had attacked me was gone,m but I saw him leaving the building and literally disappearing. I had no idea what happened, but I had a feeling I had been waiting a long time, hearing as foot traffic with no figures passed through. At one point I fell asleep on the bed, and woke up to shuffling. I heard some piping being dropped and after a moment someone opened the door and dropped on of the pipes he was holding.

      "My god!" he said, "There's a girl chained to a bed in here!" Some other men came in and gasped as well. They tried to talk to me, but I couldn't find the words. Finally I felt my voice come back and someone asked me how I had gotten there. I told them about the attack and the people asked when that had been. I told them I didn't know but it felt like a while. Then one of the men said that no one had been seen in these parts for several years because some kind of security breech, radiation attack, and asked how I managed to survive. I said I didn't know, and the last thing I remembered was going into a building where someone I once knew had been, and that he used to be a guard.

      The men broke my hands free and called a professional to have a look at me. Someone with a brown briefcase came, and said I was doing fine, though a bit beat down. One or two of the men left, and I thought I would never see them again, but then they came back with a little food and drink and asked me if I was okay. When I nodded, I was taken outside, and was surprised to see no longer empty cement with no life, but family's going to and fro and trees and grass with seeds and creatures.

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    15. Tidal Wave

      by , 06-25-2010 at 09:28 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I don't remember much about this dream, except a tidal wave was involved. I was with my mother in our van.
      At some point there was already a flood (waist-high water) and people were seeking shelter, when they suddenly noticed a big wave of muddy water coming towards them and tried to waddle away desperately. Some lady tried to climb on a bin, others tried to climb trees. I could feel the fear.

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