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    1. 11/12/14: 2 DILDs, 2 DEILDs

      by , 11-15-2014 at 06:00 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Wake up around 2-ish, decide to induce. I practice MILD, then follow it up with SSILD. I suddenly "come back to myself," as though I had been in deep thought. Am I dreaming? I nose pinch and can breathe easily. Lucid. I get up off of the floor and fly up to the ceiling. I pass right through and into darkness. I fly through darkness for a bit, before imagining that things are brightening up around me--things do begin to brighten up. I realize I am flying over snow. I see the snow and think it would be fun to transform into an arctic fox (in dream remember sivason talking about this in his DJ). I touch down on the snow and begin running on all fours. I then attempt my transformation. I do feel some sensation in my body, and think it might be working, so I life a hand up out of the snow to check. Nope, still a hand! I wake up.

      I sit like this for some time, and finally settle for lying supine. I notice the clock reads 3:00, which isn't as early as I thought. I feel some relief. I notice, however, that this guy wants to come into the upstairs bedroom with me:

      No thanks. I manage to shut the door on him, though he does try to open the knob. I lock it, then examine the wooden door. It is flimsy wood, but I feel confident he can not get through. It then occurs to me that I might be dreaming. I nose pinch. Lucid. I open the same door (the xenomorph is gone) and I try flying down into the kitchen; however, I just fall. Some DCs are here but I ignore them, and head towards the front door. The house has become my house growing up. I think about phasing through a window, but then decide not to. I think decide to phase through the front door. I am having difficulties so I just open it and go out. I continue to try to fly, with minimal to no success. A dog runs up to me and I befriend him. I try to remember the TotMs but cannot. I wake up, and DEILD, but can't remember the dream later.

      I wake up and DEILD again, into a blackness. I wait for the dream to appear. Suddenly, a cartoon bobble-head pops into existence, along with an interactive computer screen. I click a button with my finger, and make a "click-click" sound with my mouth before realizing that sounds stupid. The screen adjusts to show characters talking with each other. I try to focus on the action. Some bobble-headed kids hanging out by a trash can (?) or maybe in a kitchen, discussing something. I realize, however, that I would like to be in the cartoon, so begin stretching the screen with my finger. I manage to make the screen surround me almost entirely, but am still not able to merge with the cartoon. I then notice there are viewing options. An interactive porno would be just the thing, I think, and begin searching through the selections. I find a good one but then I wake up. Try to DEILD again, and seem to have transitioned, but when I check, I am fully awake. I get up and start the day (yuck).

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    2. "Dream Difficulties"

      by , 11-08-2014 at 05:56 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Wake from an NLD. I lie still and wait to DEILD. Body begins to roll to the side, which signals beginning of REM sleep. I roll off of the mat and fall through space. Eyes flicker open somewhat, and I can see stars in a black sky. I accidentally open my WL eyes, though, because I can suddenly see light streaming in from beneath my sleep mask. I close them and wait for my "dream eyes" to open on their own. They do, and I see I am flying swiftly over a dark, deep purple ocean. The stars are still out. I can feel the wind on my face. Ahead of me, on the horizon, a white number one appears.

      Memory is fuzzy here. Certain I did not lose consciousness, but unsure of how narrative unfolded entirely. I land down in the water, and there is some sort of game being played by a bunch of DCs. I try to persuade one of them that she is strong enough to lift me up and throw me out of the water. She says she is not. "Oh come on," I say. "Look at those triceps!" She laughs and tries to throw me. She just sort of pushed me out of the water. She says she can't. "But really," I say, "You can." I'm trying to get the dream to bend to my will a bit! She tries again (and throws me a bit higher) and reiterates that she can't do it.

      I mess around for a bit more (can't remember what I was doing--interacting with DCs, asking questions and what not, and I specifically remember rubbing my hands to stabilize--and then it occurs to me to complete the tasks of the month. I think about what the tasks are, and remember the leaf task. I am in a back yard. I begin thinking I will materialize the leaves by pretending they are on the other side of a wooden fence. I say, "You're around this fence!" and run around the fence. I briefly see the outline of what looks like a pile of leaves, but then that pops out of existence. I try two more times, and nothing happens at all.

      I run around for a bit, thinking I might find a pile of leaves somewhere. Nope. I then think to call for help on my phone, and pull it out of my pocket. I figure it will take too long to punch in the numbers though and toss it away. Instead, I head inside to get help from a DC.

      Near me is a blond girl. She attempted to assist me earlier in the dream, but I rebuffed her because DCs are too unreliable. I now ask her if she knows where any leaves are. We go inside the house, and she nods and points to some storage boxes. One of them is black and I open it up. Inside there are only Christmas lights. "These are just Christmas lights," I say, and then get annoyed. This always happens. DCs always trick me and waste my time. I run out of the house. The DC runs after me, trying to get me to come back. I ignore her. Looking around, I see a bunch of leaves lying around on the grass. I think I might be able to rake them up, but then pull an Ophelia and scoop some up in my arms. Some of them are crackly, but others are rotten and gross. I make a very small pile. I look at it and decide I'm not jumping in that.

      I try to think of the other basic. Oh yeah, tell a kid they are dreaming. I am on a path in the woods, and a jogger is coming towards me. She is a kid, maybe like a high school student, but I check just to be sure:

      "How old are you?" I ask.

      She stops running and faces me. "16."

      "You're dreaming!" I say.

      "If you don't shut up, I'm going to hit you," she says.

      I back off, and she continues jogging.

      I continue on the path until I find a small cabin/mobile home (don't ask) in the woods. Inside are some DCs. More conversation that I can't remember. However, I hear voices up inside a treehouse-like loft. They are discussing someone messing up their abilities to dream. I ascend the wooden ladder up, and see two people I know semi-well from WL. However, I understand that they are DCs and not their real selves. They are crouched over a dream journal. When they see me enter the room, the girl (it's a girl and a guy) moves to cover up the DJ so I can't read it.

      "It's just me," I say. "The dreamer." They are smiling now in a mocking way. I sort of lose it here, and demand to know "why you guys (meaning DCs in general) always tease me?"

      "Because we can," the girl responds.

      "But lots of dreamers get help from their DCs. They teach them fun things like how to fly. You guys always try to trick me."

      The girl now laughs and says, "You can't even fly."

      I get mad and grab the guy in my fist. He instantly turns into a small, faceless rag doll. The transition was seamless and sort of shocked me. The girl disappeared altogether. I fling the doll down on the ground and leave.

      Back in the house, I remember the advanced task--cut off your hand and serve it up for Thanksgiving dinner. I look around and see a half-eaten plate of food: there is some cornbread there and some other stuff I don't remember. I realize that if I hadn't scared the DCs away I could have served them my hand. I leave and begin running back to the first house (where I tried to complete the leaf task.

      Once inside the original kitchen, I approach the block of knives. They all appear to be light, serrated blades, and I am not keen on sawing through my wrist. I am hoping for a cleaver, and find a small one, but it is not heavy enough. I finally settle on a knife that probably does not exist in WL, but resembles a butcher knife. I RC to make sure I am dreaming. I then (to be honest, fearing the pain) test the knife by slicing into my index finger. I don't feel anything, and think maybe I missed (lol). However, a line appear on my finger, and I start bleeding. The dream quickly fades and
      I wake up.

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    3. WILD #4: "Swimming Pool"

      by , 08-05-2014 at 05:26 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Woke up around 6:00 AM, DJed a bit and then MILDed for about five minutes. Drifted off to sleep and had this:

      7:45 AM: Maybe a FA? My wife tells me to not worry about having an LD: "It will happen soon." I am in some broken down, burned up city scape (day residue from watching clips of The Matrix yesterday) fighting colossal enemies that grow out of the ground. I am using one of the pole blasters from the movie Stargate. In the dream, the weapon is given to me by a hermanubis:

      Do you think during a lucid dream?-hermanubis.jpg

      I blast one of the creatures a few times, then point the pole at some lit up squares above me on a burned out building. This activates an elevator. I plan to use the elevator to travel underground and attack the enemy's legs. At some point during this bit, I become aware that I am either dreaming or watching someone else's dream (??? C/R exactly).

      I am running down some hallways. I see an odd-shaped item behind glass used for fires. I cannot tell if it is a fire extinguisher or an oxygen mask. I remove it and spray some gas out. I inhale some of this. It smells quite odd but seems safe enough. Not sure what happens after this.

      After awaking from this, and feeling a bit worn out of trying to MILD, I decide to give myself a friendly auto-suggestion (as I have done in the past) and then practice SSILD. I practice SSILD for a little while. During this time, my wife wakes up and gets ready for work, the construction men are walking all over the roof doing who knows what, and I am just lying there.

      Things seem to calm down though. My wife stops in to say goodbye, and I decide to roll over and sleep. As I roll over though, I decide to give SSILD one last shot. I do the visuals, then the auditory senses, and then come to my body. Here though I decide to just rest (instead of repeating the cycle). I suddenly feel the onset of REM--sort of like rushing sensation, but also a bit like a heaviness. I feel my body starting to slump over. "No, body--do not fall over!" I think--I don't want this to mess up the WILD! But of course, it isn't my waking body, but my dream body, and I begin to feel myself rolling outward in a semi-circle. At this point I realizewhat is going on--we're WILDing!

      When I cease rolling, I have landed in some beautiful master bedroom--not my own!--and slowly get to my feet. I wait for a few moments, in case the dream is not set yet. I then carefully nose pinch. I a little air blockage but not a big deal because I am already sure I am dreaming. I immediately remember my 3-step task and begin to complete the fourth step. However, as I usually use my pocketses to summon items, imagine my dismay when I realize I am in my underwear! I still attempt to summon my phone from my underwear. I reach in, and pull my hand out real fast, saying "phone: be there!" I momentarily see the black outline of the phone in my palm, but then it disappears. I try this a few more times. I finally decide to do some other stuff, since Sensei said the goals for fourth step do not need to be completed in order. Before leaving the master bedroom, however, I decide to take off my underwear (?) as I feel they are useless to me

      I place my hand on the wall of the bedroom, phase it through, and then phase through the entire wall. I then think of what else I wanted to do. I decide to look for StephL. This house is very nice--lots of wood and glass and sculpture and art around, and the floor is marble--and I feel odd shouting. I decide to contact StephL telepathically:

      StephL, I think. StephL! I try a trick. Ah yes, I think, I remember now--I look around a bit and see a cabinet--StephL was definitely in that cabinet! I run over to the cabinet, but as I approach it becomes smaller--too small for anyone to fit inside. I realize it is unlikely she will be in here, but I open the tiny door anyway--empty!

      I continue my rounds. I suddenly feel something bump inside my pocket (wait--pockets! WTF! I thought I was commando! ). Hey, I think--I bet that is my totem! I reach into my pocket and BAM! pull out my f***** totem. Fourth task complete. I am quite pleased as I know I have managed to get some points now. I pass a life-size version of my totem resting on the ground, and squat down in front of it. I feel it in both hands, still quite pleased with myself. I then continue my search.

      I enter another master bedroom. On a very large bed--probably king sized--my wife is sitting, nude, wrapped up in sheets. She is smiling at me. I begin to walk over to her, but then remember I am on a quest. Sorry sweetheart! I turn and walk out of some glass doors into a screened-in pool area. Coming up out of the water is a beautiful, porcelain-skinned girl with long, blonde hair. She looks at me but doesn't seem ready to talk.

      "Are you StephL?" I ask.

      "No," she says. "My name is Katerina : some Russian patronymic that I don't entirely catch. She is treading water, and her mouth goes under the surface while she is talking, so I miss that bit.

      "Can I swim too?" I ask. So much for my quest.

      "Yes," she says, "But I am getting out."

      I jump into the water, come up and then swim over to her. My fingers somehow get tangled in her hair. I pull them away gently, as I do not want to pull her hair. She lets me touch her. She is wearing a full-body, dark teal wet suit. She then says something demeaning to me, or kicks off of me, or something. This gets me kind of riled up

      "I like girls who are a little mean to me," I say.

      She is now climbing out of the pool, but she lingers a minute. "You're lucky I like retards," she says.

      I laugh. "What?"

      "Yeah," she says, "Retards--boys I can be mean to."

      We are now sitting on a ledge, still in the water. I move in close and slide my hands along her waist. She feels nice. I suddenly remember the contest. What was I supposed to be doing? I slide back a bit, because I have thought of a good final task.

      "Do you mind if I try something?" I ask. She shrugs. I quickly and forcefully push my hands out at her, with the intention of using TK to knock her backward into the water. Nothing happens. I try a few more times, and remember how CanisLucidus knocked over a speedboat rather effortlessly. I try doing the motion lazily, not caring. The girl looks bored. Oh well.

      I move in close again.

      And I think that is enough, Dreamviews.

      I will say
      that the dream ended with me feeling like things were destabilizing; I focused a bit on my senses and managed to hold it together a few more moments before I woke up.

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    4. Learning to Fly (lucid!); "Dad, you're a jerk"; "Don't Tread on Me!"; "Field Trip! (Lucid!)"

      by , 07-29-2014 at 06:44 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      DV Member

      5:17 AM: I am making a t-shirt for my club. I want it to feature quotes from Metallica, and I feel our members will like this. I show some designs: it is a chessboard with the words RED and BLACK stenciled on first row of squares. Writing is in red and black, lol. I know I will have to pay for this, especially to use Metallica's words and music, as they are so serious about being reimbursed (Napster!). A club member discusses the pros and cons of the project. In particular, he discusses how many people we are trying to reach are not being so due to poor storytelling skills on Sensei's part. Sensei favors good vs. evil conflicts, with good always prevailing. My club member (a WL friend) gives an example here discussing the merits of a literary work, in particular, a work in which Tannhauser (in this work, evil) has his "flesh tanned" at a Christmas dinner (some kind of medieval punishment). He then becomes a good guy and wins "the curried Christmas turkey breast" in some sort of competition (a joust, maybe) and defeats someone evil in single combat (swords). The idea is that Sensei's rigid preference for good over evil is excluding people from the club. Due to Sensei's popularity, this literary work is not nearly as damning as the club member hoped it would be. It is also expressed to me that I should use different Metallica material as this is the last time I will be combining Metallica and club slogans, for some reason (I've chosen stuff from Kill Them All but now consider whether it would be better to use Garage Inc. or And Justice for All. Multiple WL friends appear in this dream.

      7:11 AM: My father and I have a heart-to-heart (day residue). He is writing a blog about President George W. Bush leaving office; president is spelled "presdent"-- I sigh at my father's poor spelling! He calls my mother and begins talking on the phone. He is trying to explain about new cellphones, but uses a lot of technical jargon to sound smart. She says, "Speak English, man!" He then suggests taking a Vicodin to "calm herself." I shake my head. He sees this and asks what is wrong. I tell him he is being really rude. He hangs up on my mom; he does not think he has been rude. I put it to him this way: "If someone told you to take drugs every time you got annoyed, you'd be pissed." He still is not getting it. "Dad, I need to say this," I say, and make it clear I don't want to be interrupted. I then have a personal conversation with my dad that I would rather not relate on the Internet!

      1st fragment: I am riding my bike at my workplace. My boss is discussing new for the fiscal year with a bunch of suits outside in our courtyard. I am riding around them on my bike, not a care in the world. I am surprised at how light I feel, and jump the front tire over concrete steps and bumps. I notice that I am not riding my wife's bike, and am surprised--the tires are different. I also realize I have no helmet on and decide to be extra careful while riding. I almost fall from the bike from riding down too steep an incline, but manage to catch myself very lightly. Again, I think this amazing, but don't make the connection

      2nd fragment: I am with my wife. She is hiding folded up dollar bills (day residue) in the little door of the car gas tank, for if we ever need money for gas. I begin to tell my sister where the money is, then decide not to.

      FA: I feel I have woken from all of these dreams. My wife awakes, excited. "Did that really just happen!? Did I really dream that!?!?" she asks. "Tell me that was real!" She is crying happily as she gets her DJ out. I assume she has had some poignant experience and I say nothing, so that she will not be distracted and forget. She then gets up and uses the RR. I am worried she will forget her dream before writing it down; I don't want her to lose her dream and be sad.

      (WBTB and WILD attempt--7:30ish)

      8:29 AM: I am riding in the car with my mom on the interstate. I suddenly become cognizant that I am dreaming. I nose pinch to confirm. "Isn't it funny," I ask her, "that none of this is real?" I then nose pinch again (just to be sure--leaping from a speeding vehicle is almost never a good idea) and then open the door. The pavement and road shoulder are moving incredibly fast. I just step out, and the world slows down around me; I land safely on my feet. I manage to fly around a little bit! I get up in the air, and say "Look, I am higher! I'm higher!" Each time I say this I am lifted higher into the sky, or rather, the ground drops farther and farther away. It comes into my mind that I am tricking the dream (doh!) and the ground resumes its normal position. I am messing around with flying some more when I remember my 3-step task. I reach into my pocket and summon my cellphone; it is there. I open the lock screen and read some texts; some stuff from my dad, but all gibberish. I toss the phone away. I approach the wall of a building and phase my hand through; it passes through like a ghost, which has never happened before. I am already phasing my body through the wall, and the normal feeling of passing through jello or plasma or whatever returns

      Inside is an odd shaped room--sort of bottle-necked with a square body and long-necked hallways. I can't remember exactly what occurred in this room, but I know I did not encounter any DCs or eat anything . . . lol. I see a mirror and wonder if phasing through a mirror is a task (old TotM, I believe--heard about it from podcasts). I phase through (a first for me, actually) but C/R what was on the other side. I suddenly realize I've been running about for a bit and have not seen any DCs--I forgot about my mom at this point. I leave this building and decide to summon a WL friend. "Jane (not her real name) be around this corner!" I say. I run around the brick side of the building, onto a cement patio with a picnic table. Sitting on the picnic table is my friend. She appears for a moment, and then changes into an old crush from high school. She looks really good and I almost lose it, lol. Her DC is stable, and looks exactly as she does in WL, except for dream glamour that always makes distracting DCs incredibly beautiful. We have a conversation.

      "Hey (insert my WL name, lol,) it's really great to see you! you look good!" she says. She is wearing short shorts and her feet and legs are sandy, as though she's been walking at the beach. "You look good, too," I say, though I am cognizant that she is not real. She notices me oggling her and offers to have sex with me (which started out as one of my NL goals in several lucid dreams). I begin to comply, but then back away. I say, "I've been trying really hard not to get distracted during dreams, so I think I won't this time." She smiles and gives me a thumbs up. "Good job," she says, and then begins talking about her life and stuff. Admittedly I lose interest at this point and begin thinking about the tasks. I realize I should listen attentively (dream yoga and all) but then think, "I don't have time for this." I interrupt her: "What are some good lucid tasks for me to accomplish?" She sits for a moment and thinks. "How about flying?" she asks. I groan. "I'm terrible at flying." I look at her. "Do you know how?" She smiles and nods. "Show me, please!" I say. She holds out her hand and I take it and we walk out to an open area. I am very excited: I am finally going to get to advanced flying, and my crush from high school is going to teach me. Sweet! She looks up into the sky and then jumps. Nothing happens. She tries a couple more times and shrugs. I leave, annoyed, and decide to find someone who does know how to fly in this damn dream.

      I run about the dream landscape, doing lots of high jumping (onto the backs of cars, up onto buildings and such). I find a hotel that seems to have people in it. I enter; it is packed with DCs. I look around at all of them: who would know how to fly? I ask one. She gives me a weird look and says she does not know how. I see a headless woman carrying a tray of something; surely a headless DC would know how to fly? I approach and ask, and she replies, "Um, I don't think I want to buy any," as though I am a salesperson. I ask a man and he looks disgustedly at me and says, "Oh, a dream question." I finally look around and shout, "Quiet!" Everyone stops talking and looks at me. There is still music and laughter coming from the ball room. "Tell them to be quiet in there too," I say (C/R if they shut up or not, lol). I say, "Who in here knows how to fly?" The DCs look around at each other. Finally a girl my age raises her hand and says, "I do." She asks me if this is the only way "Santa will bring me wings for Christmas" (A DV reference). She agrees to show me, and then proceeds to waste a lot of dream time screwing around, looking out of windows, rummaging through stuff. I keep asking her to hurry, because the dream will end soon, and she tells me to be patient or something. At some point, I begin to feel odd tactile sensations--someone brushing my hair, and tickling my body. I am not sure if these are random dream sensations or my wife trying to wake me up IRL. I move away from the area I am standing in and the sensations fade. I realize the dream will end soon and I quickly try to scan back through the events, in order to remember the dream better. As I am doing this I
      wake up. I think to DEILD, but then realize I will forget this dream (In all, this LD lasted about 45 minutes!)

      3rd fragment: I am trying to open a car door. The handle snaps off in my hand. I flip it around and put it back on backwards; the handle works fine even though it isn't installed properly. I realize this is odd and wake up.

      4th fragment: I have a somewhat lengthy dream, but am under the impression that I am merely deep in thought. In the dream, I am teaching a class on lucid dreaming. My students and I are back in the previous LD environment, with one of my WL friends leading the pack, lol, explaining what she wants to see in a dream. I look out of a window and tease them by saying, "I think I see a rat catcher!" We are walking through a beautiful wood-floor home, with many staircases and sunlit hallways. My high school crush passes again, and we meet eyes. She pats my stomach as she passes. I am suddenly aware that I am actually dreaming, and not merely deep in thought imagining myself to be dreaming, but I run out of REM time and wake up.

      4 fragments: 2
      3 dreams: 3
      1 LD: 5

      WBTB (sako!): 2
      WILD (unsuccessful): 1

      RC/stabilize: 1
      Interact with dream character: 2
      flying: 4
      basic summoning: 4
      Gain invulnerability: 4
      Hand through object: 4
      Use electronic device: 4

      Phase through object: 8

      Three-step task
      Summon phone, hand through object, walk through wall: 30

      I am getting 73 total points. Let me know if this is not correct!