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    1. Undersea Resturant, Minecraft Basement, More to come.

      by , 09-25-2014 at 02:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was having some dream involving Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was an episode involving Zuko on this barge where he was fighting with this waterbending master. And he lost.
      He wound up frozen inside of a small iceberg. Also frozen in there was a letter that he had written for his father, the fire lord.
      I then became a character, a waterbender who was passing by and came across him frozen in the iceberg. I melted the part of the berg with the note in it and read it. I can't recall what it was about, but he was trying to earn his father's respect through the letter, just like in the show.
      Then, because I was a character on the show I went on to do my own thing. I 'remembered' that I was near a secret underwater restaurant. It was very far underwater, maybe a quarter mile, so the only way to get down there was by using waterbending to make a bubble around your head.
      I swam down. The restaurant is in a dome shape with a small row of windows around the top. There was an airlock that automatically let me in. I get inside. The restaurant is rather small. There are a couple of windows showing the underwater landscape, but it is pretty dark because we are so far down.
      The restaurant only has two workers, a cook and a server. They have a very limited list of items on their menu and ironically, no seafood.

      The dream glitched. I was back on the surface of the ocean, with a man and a large group of kids on board a modern cruise ship. We were now going out to eat in a very upscale restaurant. The kids were rowdy and bothersome, and I wanted the quiet and loneliness of the undersea restaurant back.
      I actually became somewhat lucid, and teleported myself back. But the place didn't feel the same.

      I was working with a construction crew on a house somewhere in the desert. The house was actually going to become mine, and I was helping them make design choices. I told the builders that I wanted another level under the basement, because in the context of the dream, I had some type of anvil looking object with a crystal ball on it that might be a target for thieves. Whatever this thing was, I had to tend to it regularly. I wanted them to hide it in the second basement.
      At first they were going to build the second basement right under the first basement. But they said there was a layer of hard rock there, and it would be easier to just dig a small shaft through the hard rock then carve out the second basement in the softer rock below. They said this will cost me more money. I say that I don't care and that I will pay them $1.2 million if I have to.
      At some point the construction site began to look like Minecraft and I was mining through stone with the other workers to finish the house. Somebody made a mistake and mined the wrong stone and had to fill in the area with dirt and cobblestone.

      I know there was much, much more last night. I think there might have been lucidity at one point. If I remember it, I'll have to edit this entry.

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    2. True Love: Unlocked by Water-Bow

      by , 08-05-2014 at 01:33 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Inside a large indoor pool area, there is an extravagant show being performed with several attractive female divers, all dressed up with large winged costumes, and lots of sparkles, but definitely in just bathing suits underneath the fancy stuff. I sit down next to a glass table, mildly interested in the show, an announcer barely heard in the background. A cardboard box flap pokes me annoyingly in the arm, sort of stuck between my arm and the table. I lift my arm up to free the flap and move the box, just exactly as the announcer asks if there are any volunteers from the audience. He looks right at me as my arm is in the air, and waves me forward.

      Panic stricken, I slowly stand up and wave at everyone. Some assistants escort me to the stage near the pool, below the 8 or so attractive divers. I guess I wasn't really paying attention at all. It turns out that there are other volunteers as well, and we are going to take part in some sort of competition against each other with the help of the women above. One volunteer per diver. We are lead up to their platforms with very little instruction as the announcer excites the audience for what's about to happen. The diver I'm standing with is just about my height, and very tan, like she comes from a country where it's just normal to be very tan. Actually, even more beautiful up close. I try not to get too distracted. Our eyes meet, and we smile at each other. Basically everything she's wearing is sparkling at this point.

      She informs me that we are doing a trick-dive competition, and I am to go just ahead of her, and support her from below the water, while upside down as she stands on my feet. If she weren't so pretty, I would normally hesitate a bit, but don't even think twice. We get the signal, and I jump off the 100 ft tall platform, face first, and dive deep into the pool. Holding my breath, I feel her land gently on my feet, and dance or something, I can't really see. Then she tugs me up to the surface. Relieved, I take a huge breath at the surface as we swim to the edge of the pool.

      Round two is basically the same. Apparently, one team was eliminated that first time, and we are to do that again. This time, my shorts ride up too far for this kind of show, and quickly get everything back inside before exiting the pool. A few more rounds pass like that, with me just thrilled to be with this girl.

      Now, standing atop the platform, I notice we're the only team. It is the final challenge. We must do something difficult to win a worthy prize. I don't really know what to do. I'm lucky enough not to die upon impact when I hit the water, let alone do anything fancy. The girl up there with me just tells me to hold my breath for a while, and she'll do the work up top.

      We jump, and it seems like I'm falling in slow motion this time. I take a huge breath of air, but realize I was a bit too early, so I let it out fast and take another huge breath immediately before I hit the water. For some reason, I am immediately out of breath, despite the huge breath I just took. It's not that big a deal though, just uncomfortable, and I can push through it for some time. It gets more uncomfortable, but still bearable.

      The pressure on my feet from her standing on me is lifted, and I see her dive down next to me. I return right side up, but no longer need to breathe under water. We can talk underwater now as well, but that's just normal. She tells me that we've won, and has a huge smile on her face. She gives me a big hug, and then we both look over at a giant treasure chest that is sinking to the bottom, together with a large ornate crown and a really fancy looking decorative bow. I put the crown on her head and tell her she deserves it because she did all the work. It makes her look even more beautiful.

      Picking up the bow, I draw it back to full power and tell her something about it being a really cool bow. Probably endows the user with some sort of power or something like that. A look of terror quickly comes over her face as she reaches out to stop me from dry firing it (wet firing it?), yelling something like it's going to kill me. But too late, I let go of the cord, and the two of us watch the pressure wave float toward the treasure chest. It hits it, and breaks the lock open. That wasn't supposed to be able to happen That treasure chest was magically sealed, and only certain people were to be able to open it. Plus, the bow was cursed, and was supposed to harm the user. I wasn't even aiming at the treasure chest at all, I was more focused on showing off the bow than anything.

      Inside this treasure chest, amidst the gold lining, and shiny gold plated walls of the box, all glowing radiantly, is true love. Sweet, I've found true love! I look over at the girl, and kind of doubt it's her. She's not really my type, but what the hell, if it's true love, that's good enough for me. We hug again and look into each others' eyes, still speechless in amazement of what just happened.
    3. The treasure of the pillar

      by , 08-11-2013 at 09:58 AM
      I was part of a group of archaeologist. We were going to do a archaeological survey in a ocean. The strange thing was the way we got to that ocean. Because the first thing I remember is us falling towards the ocean surface and then diving into the waters. So either we arrived by flying there or by some kind of portal or something else. I could see the horizon and sky, so it was not underground, but I have a vague memory of it still being in a different place then our normal seas. A different world even?

      When we hit the water we dived into it immediately, we did not have much choice anyway since we were travelling at quite a high speed. The water was actually pretty warm and it felt nice diving there. I remember that I saw that it was very deep: The waters were so clear that I could see 100 meters straight down but still I couldn't see the bottom. All I saw was darkness...and some distance from me a rock pillar, shooting up through the darkness. I swam towards it, and when I reached it I realised it was only a decimetre beneath the surface. I climbed up on it and signalled the others that I had found land...even though it was just a few meters across.

      I began digging there and found piece upon piece of gold items! This treasure was just what we were looking for!

      This dream is actually very similar to another dream I had recently: Salvaging in a underground ocean
    4. Got to go back to the beatiful Town, the beach particularly.

      by , 08-10-2013 at 11:10 PM
      So I was back at this beautiful city I come upon in my dreams occasionally.

      I was back at the beach this time (like my 4th dream of this place over the past year or more). It seemed to be a lil further down the beach.

      First thing I see right at the edge of the water is a fkin huge fin just go back and forth and submerge, then one even closer. Brain decides hit must be a drop-off, no way a fin that big could belong to anything that could hide in that shallow of water without it not being.

      Then this guy pops up right inbetween where I saw fins, and I realize/decide it must of been the fins he was wearing. I thought sharks because the last time I was at this place..... you can see little ones all over the place in the clear water and occasionally a real big one.

      I mention to the guy how I mistook his snorkel fins for shark fins. He starts talkin about how there are a few big ones down there, talking about a thousand to 1500 feet depth. Whic his like.... impossible. Anyway he says he had to hide a for a bit when one cut off his route back and that he had to wait for it to be clear.

      I was like flabberghasted hearing this because... in the back of my head I recognize the place as one from my dreams. He had already continued on his way, seeming to be done diving.

      I look back at the beach. Its a smaller one than the one up the coast, this side seems to be an easy 500 yards long, coming to the end of the coast before it begins wrapping back towards the other direction.

      Seperating the two beaches is this Mountains bit of sand, hundreds of feet up, rather steep looking also.

      Looking back at the water I can see several women in their bathing suits on this raised bit of sand out in the water, still close to the shore, but probably some thigh deep waters between it and the mound of sand. What was odder far out in the distance..... was polar bears? on like... an iceberg. For some reason I think they were chained up, but they were pretty far out there.

      Wokeup/went to a different dream before I could got exploring some more of the beach/town.
    5. Finding a Home

      by , 08-05-2013 at 06:37 PM
      DR1- My Girlfriend (in my dream) and I were looking for a new place to live. We drove past a really nice tower, and I was instantly, and with ease, doing all I could to keep my vibration high so I would attract a living situation that would be best. As we drove past this tower, I looked at the small field behind it, and in the ditch beside the road I noticed a burrow where I assumed that homeless people would sleep. As I looked at the back of the tower, I noticed this tall grass and oat straw covered a considerable portion of the back of the tower too. As we continued driving to look for a place, we passed a town-home complex, that had a stucco exterior. There were these weird unattached balconies, and every one had a large flatscreen TV on it, not any of them being used, all with white screens. I was intrigued by the town-homes but ultimately knew my heart was with the tower. After our cruising, we stopped to ingest some sugar. It seemed like we were doing a drug of some sort, but it was definitely sugary, and it didn't get me high in my dream.

      DR2- I was making consistent trips back and forth to do freshwater diving. I had 3 buddies I was diving with, whom I could not identify on waking. I was riding a bicycle to and from the dive site, which was very refreshing.
      All 3 buddies were living in the same house as me, and one of their mothers I believe was the owner. She had said she was taking the other 3 on a freshwater dive in a further dive site. She didn't have room for me in the car, and I wouldn't be able to make it in time on my bike. They left shortly, and I went to visit another friend. As I got to my friend's doorstep, one of my old rivals stood in my way. He wasn't aggressive as I remember him from the waking world, almost as if whatever he didn't like about me was not an issue anymore.
    6. Salvaging in a underground ocean

      by , 07-30-2013 at 05:52 AM
      Most vivid dream I have had for quite a while!

      I was part of a group of divers, the group was a mix of my friends and family members. We were on an island that looked Mediterranean, with beautiful blue water. The island was made up mostly of sand, with some rock and hardy vegetation here and there. I remember exploring it, but I can't really remember what I did or if it was before or after we were diving. I do remember a great staircase, winding its way to some peak in the middle of the island, and some kind of park.

      We jumped into the water, our goal was to salvage an old ship that was on the bottom. But actually it was on the lower bottom: First we dived down to the bottom and down there was a hole that lead us down even further into an underground sea. And on the bottom of that sea I saw her: Half embedded in the mud was a old world war one steam powered ship. A real beauty even in her condition.

      Something happened down there, I can't remember what, but we got in a real hurry. Three of us picked up the ship, which was actually quite light, and began lifting it towards the hole. Only when we reached the hole did we realise that it didn't fit, actually it was barely enough space for the three of us. We decided that, since we were in such a hurry to get to the surface, to leave the ship behind to make another try later. We crammed together into that hole because we all had to go in the same time, it was like an elevator. And eventually we reached to higher ocean.

      On our way to the surface one of my friends were attacked by a jellyfish, and started complaining that he was in pain. We laughed at him, how could he be hurt by such a small thing? But an older person that was with us told us not to laugh, they might be small but they hurt like hell.
    7. The Lying Game Dream

      by , 10-22-2012 at 06:21 PM (My little adventures in dreamlands!)
      There is a TV show The Lying Game. I was dreaming it and I was Emma (Yey!) I totally love this show So if you know this show you are going to know the characters

      I was laying in my bed and eating delicious cookies then Sutton entered the room. She said something about leaving with Ethan. After our little talky she left.
      I arrived to school with Lauren and I wanted to give her a cookie (the same type as I have been eating while laying in bed) she said that I should give it to homeless people and not her. I saw a young version of Rebecca at school. (SPOILER: She is the mother of Sutton and Emma). While I was walking to class I asked a guy is there any new students in school. The answer was negative.
      After lessons I was walking down the park and I saw Carly Rae Jepsen. She was sitting on a car with two other girls. They were wearing blue jeans suit (or something like that). I waved and ran to her. She looked at me with weird face and asked: Are you OK? I answered: Yup, I'm better when ever.
      Late at night I visited my friend (His name wasn't told in the dream so we will call him a friend). He was sitting at dinner table with 3 other guys. The friend told us: There aren't any new students in school... So, who will be a dork again? My eyes caught a nice cake. So I grabbed a piece and ate it. The taste of the cake was amazing so I ate rest of the cake. (I think the guys got angry on me and thought that I should be a dork).
      Next day the guys took me to a lake. They climbed into a tower near a lake and shouted: Emma climb over here and jump to the lake! The lake is 40 meters deep down here. I got suspicious so I took a branch and looked at depth of a lake. It was max 1.5 meters.
      Yup they were trying to make me dork and see if I will do what they told me to do. If I was listening to them I would have to suicide in the name of those "friends".
    8. Stopped a Robbery

      by , 08-11-2012 at 01:20 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in the Olympics but the event is very strange. We are diving under water for something, then people had to exactly repeat the dive. I am cracking mad jokes and people are laughing. Bowler Brian Voss is there too.

      Dream 2:

      I am at a strip club with my wife and I am talking to some guys that showed up from their softball game. We are talking about beaches in Orange County. I am trying to get my wife to have a couples lap dance for $100 with me and I almost had her. Finally she gets mad and walks out of the room. I get a lap dance by myself from the stripper who is very pretty - blond with some actresses face.

      After a while two guys appear in the left periphery of my vision and the stripper goes into the back room. The look on her face gave me the feeling that this is all a setup and the two guys who walked in are going to rob me. There are now just the two guys who just walked in and another guy next to me. One of the guys walks towards us and starts asking strange questions while his accomplice locks all of the doors. I know that I am in big trouble.

      The guy who was asking questions walks towards the door that my wife exited through and starts shooting at us. I blocked the bullets by picking up the pool table and moving it up and down depending on where he aims the gun. Somehow I know that he is going to go outside and kill my wife so I decide to fight. I throw the pool table at the man with the gun and the guy next to make follows my lead. He jumps on the guy after I throw the table at him and kicks his ass. I finish him off by gauging his chest with a pipe. His accomplice is dead now too - not sure who killed him. My leg hurts and someone is helping me wrap it.

      Dream 3:

      I am having trouble with my hair gel at a big party.
    9. Dream Frags

      by , 08-13-2010 at 08:42 AM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      Don't remember a huge deal of last nights dreams.

      I was dreaming of the simpsons and Mr Burns was really ill. Then it faded and suddenly my best friend Stuart was standing in my living room telling my mum he was going deep sea diving. He asked me did I want to come and all of a sudden we were standing on a dock with wooden slats, I could feel how cold the wind was and see the water all round the dock. At the end of the dock was a building with glass doors and I followed Stuart in while telling him that I needed a snorkel. He said that we could just share his. Inside the building I remember that the wall looked like it was made up of mostly green light, with pink and yellow at the top corner.

      Then I woke up.

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