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    1. 15 Apr: TV program and documentary at the cinema

      by , 04-15-2021 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Watching tv with other people. Some famous reporter, sided by two other tv personalities are sitting behind a table, in what appears to be a hotel room, decorated with antique tiles and vintage wallpaper. But something is weird and I realize they are balancing to the sides at a certain cadence. I say they seem to be on a train and indeed they explain they are doing a special emission from an old train. They show a little bit more of their surroundings and then announce some guest who comes in from another wagon. I say the train should be called the lusitano express as in orient express but from Portugal.
      I go to the toilet and then go with dad to some movie festival. The film we go see is playing at a small cinema in a mall. My dad acts weird when we get there and then he whispers that I have peed my pants. I feel embarrassed, but hide it with my shoulder bag. So I go all the way down to the basement, where the restrooms are. I clean up the best I can and then we go watch the movie. It's a documentary about this poor simple man with some mental problems who is a good christian and does nice things. But then it shifts and he is acting strange, gathering certain items secretly. Then he goes into some neighborhood with buildings that look like my mom's apartment building,but a bit more recent and upgraded. We don't understand what he is doing until flames erupt around the base of a couple buildings and he runs away. Some people in the buildings notice the flames or the burnt smell and warn all the residents, who manage to get out. Some are fighting the fire the way they can, with buckets of water, blankets, etc. The firefighters arrive and they control the fire, but there is considerable damage to some apartments, especially on ground floor. Then we notice the residents are all middle eastern refugees and we watch as they start talking to each other, offering support. Some older man learns that a younger man from Syria has been going through difficulties and says he does not eat breakfast as he can't afford all meals. The older man is outraged and says out loud to everyone else that this can't be and that the other man should have asked for their help and they would have helped him have breakfast everyday. It is so heartwarming to see their sense of community in contrast with the hate of the other guy we thought was a good person at first. Then the documentary shifts to scenes from the kind man when he was still in his country. There is a scene in which he improvises a raft to go to a small bank of land in the middle of a river, looking for something in the middle of rubble and trash. Turns out it was a kitty who was crying in pain, looking pretty bad, with burns and lack of hair throughout the body. He rescues her and brings her along. The kitty is now beautiful and pampered. I am about to cry but I hold my tears.
      Then some jerk sitting to my right side, starts complaining out loud about his feet hurting, because of his shoes and he seems annoyed the film didn't end already as he needs some relief. I feel like yelling "just take your shoes off" but I keep calm and ignore. The problem is that random dudes from nearby rows and seats also start making comments about the length of the film and expressing sympathy for the hurt feet guy and it's becoming too disruptive. Fortunately someone shushes most of them. I just need to turn to a guy to my left who says no one has the right to shush him in a free country. I tell him to shut up. Meanwhile the movie ends and lights are back on and the guy seems like he wants to apologize to me, which makes me let down the guard. But then he tries to hug and kiss me as if that's ok and I push him back. He insists on kissing me so I defend myself by making him trip backwards to the ground. But the guy is very tall and his head and neck hit the armrest of a seat and he almost breaks his neck. I feel deeply concerned by his well being but don't show weakness and pretend it was on purpose. I say "that's your punishment and if you don't start respecting women and other people in general, next time I'll really kill you."
    2. 25 Feb: Almost abducted, injured at the hospital

      by , 02-25-2021 at 08:57 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Visiting some island and something is off. I am heading to the local library and the streets are deserted. When I get to the library, I am almost kidnapped by aliens. I hide behind the shelves but they kinda mock me saying they can see me using infrareds. Some lady comes out of nowhere and rescues me, She takes me to a decontamination shower saying that I got radiation because I contacted with the aliens. Then she takes me to an area not yet taken by the aliens and she reaches out to the police.

      My foot hurts but I still go on a trip to the US with some friends. One of them is doing a documentary about the health system and takes us all to a hospital to inquire about costs. We use my own case to ask how much they'd charge for an appointment and right away they ask for $1000 just for just a blanket to wrap me up as I await consultation. I then show my foot to a doctor and it is swollen, two small toes feel numb and my veins are red and popping. I am freaking out that I can't afford treatment but also afraid I can't go home like this either. The doctor says I seem to have a liver problem and I am like "What? I think I just broke a bone."

      Again at a doctor office, but for some exam in which I need to fully undress and they have no other place for me to do it, but at the waiting room. I do it, but then spot some old pervert trying to film it on his phone. I yell and take his phone away but other people are sympathetic with the old man, who claims he was just messaging his family.

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    3. ccxxx. Kitchen nightclub, City of all, Stealth ops train

      by , 02-20-2021 at 01:19 PM
      20th February 2021


      Me and H are a nightclub which we own in the dream. It's like an expanded and stripped out version of our kitchen. It's a shady place. Though we don't allow drug dealing, it still happens, some people even talk openly about it in front of us. The lighting is moody; a mauve or red-like ambience. We have just recently installed some kind of small curtain things around these arcade console things lining the walls of the club.

      The place is very busy, packed pretty much. I recall seeing people were playing WoW in some form on these arcades, the curtains were supposed to provide a bit of extra privacy at a glance, but they didn't drape very far down, so someone standing up would mostly have the upper half of the screen blocked from their view.

      Eventually me and H cease to exist and it becomes more like I'm watching something I think. There are still two club owners, now they are a couple too, a tall and muscled man and a woman, somewhat Arabic in look. Both could be from my native country.

      Some person they talk to at one point who is using one of the arcades, reveals something important about gossip that's going around? This person asks the wife if she is wearing the new... whatever it's called in the dream, but it's slang for a skirt-type of clothing which is now considered to be sexy and naughtywear. More stuff happens at the club but I don't recall it.

      (recall gap)

      Then like I'm watching a dramatised documentary of some kind, there's an implicit feel of it being in some place like Jerusalem or Russia. I see backstreet, vacant type of places.

      Small bits of life for people of different religious backgrounds are shown. It's implied that in groups, sometimes people bully single individuals of other groups, despite the fact that this place is supposed to be a place for all to come together. I recall a scene where this Catholic boy is being chased away by some Orthodox teens or something.


      An earlier dream. In a subway, me and a large organised group of individuals, part of some stealth ops type of thing and with appropriate gear. We are boarding a train and I remember we go through tunnels. Recall is too vague for details though.
    4. ccxiv. The dark pyramid and a strange town

      by , 01-22-2021 at 11:42 AM
      21st January 2021


      (not the earliest point I can recall in the dream)

      I'm in a dark and sooty room at the apex of a pyramid. I don't remember seeing the outside, I just have this knowledge intuitively. There's also a bottomless square pit. The soot is dark brown and seems to have an increased build up the further up it is on the inner apex. I don't know how I'm able to see, there's no light source but things look just bright enough.

      There's some kind of machine near the middle of the room. By the looks of it, it should be fixed down to the ground but it isn't. It has a main moving part, a piston or pushrod of some kind. It jerks around out of control indefinitely. I think something but the recall is gone.

      The scene changes a bit and a white lady with light curly hair appears? She starts speaking like she's in a documentary, she mentions the machine but then there is a focus on a puppy that appears in the room. The puppy is an integral part of the room, I feel or she explains, and an integral part of whatever purpose the machine is supposed to serve.

      She explains that someone has to come and feed the puppy every day, but that otherwise it must always remain her. I touch the dog, it's a gold labrador at first? I say something aloud about it being unfair for the dog, or something.

      (recall gap)

      In a Japanese town, but it just looks like any town in Britain or the USA, it has more "room" like the latter. I think to myself it's odd that it's a Japanese town. All the people I see around are distant from me and I can't tell what their ethnicity actually is, making me suspect it's not really a Japanese town. But I don't investigate my suspicions further, some kind of dream plot drags me around the town; I'm being chased, or someone else is, and I'm following.

      A man, he was being chased. We arrive at a house that's also a restaurant or inn. A pub, effectively? There's a flagpole outside on the garden, I notice the ground is covered in snow. For some reason I fear this man is going to defecate on his own snowy lawn. He doesn't. The flag flying on that pole is one like that for India, I notice. Three horizontal stripes, top to bottom; green, white, red or orange. With a stylised black sun in the middle.

      The man invites me inside. Seemingly the chase is up.

      (recall gap)

      I'm shown some kind of machine. H is with me. The man leaves for a while; he said he'd like us to fix this machine for him. It looks like it's bare, i.e. no aesthetic coverings, etc.

      It has some kind of plastic platters. Looks like many random bits off CD players, tape machines, etc. But the size of the parts is different from what it would be in those machines. H tries to adjust something and the large top platters ping off towards the back left side. We are annoyed, but conclude it probably helps us anyway.

      (rest of recall is too vague)


      - The machine at the pyramid's apex looked like it was some random thing cobbled together from different bits of wood and maybe some metal. It looked very crude and it was equally crude in behaviour.

      - This pyramid's apex felt almost like the mix between a loft and the inside of a regularly used chimney.
      -- The room and its contents felt like they had some strong symbolic associations. Could be an interesting place to try doing some dreamwork.

      - When I questioned the town's Japanese-ness, my awareness of the dream overall increased but I was instinctively taken by the dream plot before I could really think about it further. I realise now I could have thought about it further while running but I didn't.
    5. Strange creepy gaster dream | [27.08.2020]

      by , 08-27-2020 at 12:06 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Strange creepy gaster dream
      It was sort of about Undertale, but not really. The only real character from Undertale was Gaster. They were sort of travelling worlds, but I don't know if it'd be permanent or not. I was happy for them, though. But then Gaster told me something unsettling. He said that the darkness was coming. My happiness faded away immediately. I tried asking him what he meant, but he didn't reply, and then they were gone. I saw that they were flying away, but something was wrong, they were only flying into a void, everything around them was the blackest it could have been. I tried warning them, but they disappeared. In the evening in my home, with my parents doing stuff around the house, I heard some documentary saying "Imagine if it was entirely dark and you couldn't see anything." or something, since apparently this darkness is like a natural disaster. I looked out the window, and no light was there. I was afraid of the window not being closed, and I didn't remember how the handle of it looked when it was closed, so I thought about opening the window and closing it again, but then I thought that'd be a bad idea. I don't remember anything else.

      This time I remembered to do my mantra when I went to sleep. Now I just have to keep it up and I'll have some lucids again.
    6. 25 Feb: Aliens at a library, injured in the US, perv at the hospital

      by , 02-25-2020 at 07:50 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Visiting some place like an island and weird thing are going on. I am at the local library which is deserted and I am almost kidnapped by aliens there. I hide, but they kinda mock me, calling me childish to think they can't spot me. They claim they have infrared cameras. Some lady comes out of nowhere and rescues me, she is the library director or something. Takes me to a decontamination thing, saying that I contacted with the aliens, so I am now contaminated with radiation. Then we go away and look for the police.

      My foot hurts, still I go on a travel to the US with friends. One is doing a documentary about the health system and goes to a private hospital to inquire about costs. I use the opportunity to show my foot, it is swollen, two small toes feel numb and the veins are red and popping. They charge 1000 dollars for just a blanket to warm me up as I wait for treatment. I am freaking out that I can't get the treatment due to costs, but I am also afraid I can't go home like this either. The doctor says that I seem to have a liver problem and I am like "what? no. I think I just broke a bone".

      Again at a doctor office but for some exam in which I need to fully undress and they have no other place for me to do it but at the waiting room. I do it anyway, but then I spot some old perv filming me with his phone. I yell at him and take his phone away to delete the photos or videos he was taking. Other people are sympathetic with the old man who claims he was just messaging someone and plays the innocent victim but I do not apologize.
    7. Documentary

      by , 04-15-2019 at 09:43 AM (Into my world)

      this dream is short but for me it was very interesting and strage.

      I'm in a documentary, I see the scenes but I'm not a part of it, I'm the voice that explains the things.
      the documentary is set in the African savannah, and I'm telling you how the man evolved.
      our predecessors were called Eres'al, they were bigger than us, with hair all over their bodies, they had strong arms with big hands and they walked on all fours; in practice we were something very similar to a gorilla.

      This animals became human because some individuals, in addition to looking for food and avoiding being eaten by others, found time to devote to themselves to stop and reflect, this with time led their minds to evolve.
      We can see this big gorilla laying in a field and looking at the clouds that float in the sky.

      The next part of the documentary take place on the bank of a river with a waterfall nearby, wee can clearly hear the sound of water falling from a big cliff.
      there are see a man and a woman, still very primitive and naked, who haven't yet learned to speak approaching for the first time. both of them had never seen a human being of the opposite sex, so they are very shy and wary. they approach slowly and when they are a few steps away from each other they stretch their hands until they touch each other.

      In the last part wee are in an African modern village, there are people who walk among the huts, others who cultivate the fields. then the camera zooms into a school without walls where there are a lot of children writing on their notebooks, the teacher is explaining something and on the other side of the room wee see a cameraman who is obviously doing a bad job because he isn't suppose to be in the scene.


      this dream is hilarious, I'm thinking about how it would be if they really did show a documentary like that on focus hahaha

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    8. 181015: The Dictator's Wife and the Dangers of Junk Food

      by , 10-18-2015 at 09:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I had a few dreams before all of these, but stupid me lacked the energy to write them down as I woke up and fell asleep again. I believe they may have been variations on a theme that follow on into the dreams below.

      Dream 1: The Dictator's Wife
      The sun is setting, I see trees, I'm outside a summerhouse kind of place. I open a fridge, I see bottles of health drinks. I take one. A car pulls up, it's big like a camper. Out comes a dictator, pompous and wearing an elaborate uniform, he reminds me of Gaddafi. He is with his wife, she is a blonde, white woman with huge hair and a skirt, a jacket with padded shoulders, she is like a televangelist's wife in appearance.

      She is very vain and stuck up. Her face is painted on the doors of their car and on walls inside the camper. It looks like her husband was a bit cheap when it came to the painter because despite being able to make out the pictures are of her, they look like they were painted by a child. This doesn't seem to bother her.

      Dream 2: Dangers of Fast Food
      It's like I'm on a train, her face is on the walls here too? I get out, I'm in a newly built, modern town, I see modern looking apartments. The sun is rising, the sky is a faint and gentle morning blue. As I walk I'm suddenly faced with a documentary style explanation, with stock footage and all, of why fast food is dangerous and bad for you. It is full of fat and even the healthier options, like a fillet-o-fish, are full of bad stuff, I see one in in a wrapper like an ad, except it is dripping with vile grease.

      I make it to a parking garage with a McDonald's drive-thru. Two men, one older and one younger, from El Salvador, walk to the drive-thru. They do not know the dangers, and even being told them doesn't seem to have an effect. It smells too good, the older man says.

      It cuts to them lying on the ground, their backs against a bulletin board, stomachs bloated, they couldn't help themselves. The president of El Salvador comes across a grassy lawn, he has come to help his countrymen to understand the dangers and to help them get up. The older man gets up, telling the younger one to be sharp, this is the president after all.

      I see a train with a conductor. He is going up the civil service ladder. More documentary footage rolls before me, showing how the civil service works and how people go up from the lowly ranks of ticket checkers to conductors all the way to officials in government. Conductors in the first car are the most prestigious and get the best benefits because they are in more danger if a car full of explosives drives head-on into the train.

      To my left I see a burnt out train car, the tracks in front of me being where the scene has faded into reality, a train passing by with a conductor being visible.

      Behind me there is a hospital room. I enter it and there are green tiles on the walls, curtains. A child has been brought in. He has diabetes. His vain mom refuses to believe he could have it. Another, poorer and more humble mother, is also with her child with diabetes. She accepts the news gracefully. A creepy kid in big coke-bottle glasses distorting his eyes, slowly puts a syringe of insulin into the richer kid's neck.

      Dream 3: Doing my homework
      It's a hectic day in class. People are being noisy and belligerent. In class on desk we are given homework for the holidays. As people leave I decide to do it right there, it won't take too long. We have to copy an ad from a piece of paper onto the back of a newspaper. It's for some find of mech or ghost thing. (Imagery is from Ghost in the Shell). I copy the green fonts on the newspaper's black background, the letters look like gibberish, but it could just be the font. As I do this an Asian kid, one of the "too cool for school" kinds, asks me why I'm doing the homework now, it takes only a few minutes and can be done the Sunday before school starts again. I say I rather do it now so it's out of the way.

      A teacher with a new haircut comes and asks me if I know how to make electrical drawings for houses. He shows me a picture of the electrical wiring of a house, it's a square and the right upper and left lower corner is clipped off. I try to ensure him that I can.
    9. Some fragments and one more Riff...

      by , 08-11-2014 at 11:05 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm attending an open air metal festival organized by a friend of mine. It's the last participant band and I see many attenders going up to the hills during the pause. Apparently the show is taking place out of the city. There's no lights out of the place. Lot of people seem to be drunk or high. I don't care. I'm hearing a riff in the background which seems to be very familiar although I cannot distinguish which one is it/...

      * Woke up with the riff in my head and I realize I've heard it before but just in dreams. I hum it into my voice recorder and I hope I won't forget about it. It has keyboards but I don't know how I'm going to record that because I sold mine long ago.

      .../I want to connect my deck to the equipment because I want to record the show but I don't find proper cables, mine are are tangled. I think I could use my voice recorder, but perhaps the signal output could be too much for it. I go on trying to put in order the mess up in my hands. I see a couple of guys using my deck to make a sound test or something like that. I think it's great to have my deck used for the concert. I talk something with them/...

      .../I'm watching a documentary of a black metal show boycotted by punk-rockers, some of them get on the stage and try to pull the microphone off the singer's hands who has his face characteristically painted and hardly tries to keep the pole in his hands. After that, I turn to see the opposite happening at a punk show where some black metal fans are doing the same but with some flags painted with spray, hanging on the sides of the hall. They hang themselves to pull those things down and move along a line that holds all the flags, it looks they are having fun doing it and I follow one of them until all the flags are on the floor.
      At one side, next to the gate, I see a TV playing the trailer of the documentary with Ozzy Osbourne's "Ultimate Sin" playing in the background. Then I see him shaking hands with Madonna and giving her a classic long arm bracer. Then a bride gets out from a plane, she's wearing a very hot transparent tulle wedding dress. She holds a baby on her arms while greeting some public that apparently went to see her. She seems to be a famous Hollywood star, and it looks like it's related to the Heavy Metal scene because of the context/...

      .../I get to the tribe, the cabins have no front wall and they look like market stands, selling clothing. I see some jeans when I hear a voice telling something about Curt Cobain related to the mark of the jeans. I think it's sort of company that earns lot of money by selling cheap things although hiding its real brand. I see the different logos in the jeans, although according to the documentary, its the same producer.
      Then I see a kid at the shore of a river in the middle of the jungle. It looks like the Amazonas and the kid is lying on the floor of the entrance of his cabin. The water sometimes gets into the house taking the kid out of it. I'm trying to take a picture of it and post it telling something about the war and its consequences although there's no war around, I want to start a scam too/...

      * It's nice to see this jungle again because of it's related to some epic dreams...
    10. Thumbelina

      by , 01-30-2008 at 02:37 AM
      Original dream dated around late January:

      I had a dream about a tiny girl the size of a thumb, a la Thumbelina, but the whole thing was done in the vein of a 1940s or 50s/60s cartoon. She had curly blonde hair, and all of the mice and other small animals helped her out. At one point, they set up a go-kart rink type thing with a soapy floor, and they drove around it on match-boxes tied to sponges. It looked really fun.

      Original dream dated early February:
      I had a dream that I was helping a biologist film a documentary on birds who could bend space. He was studying how the insides of their nests were much larger than the outsides (which were woven from grass and not much larger than a makeup case), and theorized that the inside existed, just somewhere else in space/time. It was really interesting watching the birds build.