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    1. Donald Trump, Ice Cold, Game Design

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:15 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-05

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Fus You, Donald Trump!

      I am on top of a tall building, perhaps the Empire State Building. There is some kind of gathering there. I get closer and I see the president of the United States is there. Donald Trump is surrounded by secret service people and reporters are gathered. The president is standing near the edge of the building where there is a really tall railing designed to keep people from falling or jumping off. I get closer and I hear Trump saying something about opening a new coal mine that will employ hundreds and make money for him and all his rich friends. When a reporter asks about air pollution Trump says the coal burns clean. I get closer and Trump sees me, then says he can have whatever woman he wants. He reaches to grab me. I tell him if he touches me I'm going to fus him. He grabs a breast and laughs. I drop down to get a better angle and I fus him... FUS-RO-DAH! Due to my angle he flies up into the air and right over the barrier at the edge of the building, disappearing from sight. I wonder if he will make a crater when he lands, or maybe he will bounce? Secret service seems at a loss for what to do.

      So Very Cold
      I am in a strange place. It looks like an old style castle or fortress. I am not very focused on what is going on around me because I am so very cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside. It feels like I might have swallowed some liquid nitrogen and I am currently freezing solid. I walk through the halls looking for some possible source of warmth. There are people around but they all seem distant and cold. They look like Assassins from Assassin's Creed. I need to find warmth or I will freeze through. I go through some more halls and rooms not sure of where I am going. I enter a bed chamber. There is a bed there with an Assassin sleeping in it. I feel warmth from there. I need that warmth. I stumble over to the bed and practically fall into it, crawling under the covers and up against the sleeping Assassin. He wakes and looks at me. It is AltaÔr Ibn-LaʼAhad from Assassin's Creed. He puts his arms around me and holds me, I feel his warmth and now I am able to fall into a peaceful sleep.

      Design a Game, Design a Reality
      I am in a school, I am in a computer class. Everyone is working on our projects. My project is to design a video game, and I am working on a creepy one. I have just finished modelling a student desk and I am placing multiple instances of it in an empty and creepy looking classroom. It is coming out quite good. I make the room dark and add spots on the wall that are cracked and peeling, just enough to make it look abandoned. I add some marks that could be blood stains near a door that will lead to the next room. I need a bathroom break. I lock my computer and get up. I head out the classroom doorÖ and I find I have walked right into the room I was just creating! How can this be? I havenít even finished making it yet! I walk into the room and the door closes behind me. I turn back and the door is gone! I am thinking this might warrant a reality check when I wake.
    2. Some Dreams

      by , 05-21-2017 at 05:31 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A flash of being at Bjork's house. She seemed to be in a kind of exhausted mood.


      Me and Bjork are in Donald Trump's oval office. Apparently she had convinced me to go there for some reason I can't remember. Trump is trying to get us to help him with a plan for North Korea without causing a global war. He is assuring us that he is not trying to start WW3. Bjork has her fingers in her ears while he talks and starts dancing around going, "lalala!" It's quite comical. She says that's all fine and dandy but, what is he going to do for the environment? Because so far he's completely ignored that. I say that if a thermonuclear war happens there won't be much of a habitable environment left to fight for, so first things first. Trump says his briefings on North Korea are of major concern right now. With a plan to... Bjork goes into her "Not hearing it" dance again. Trump says to me, "Can you get her to stop that? Can't you control your woman kid?" I say, "She's not my woman." Bjork stops in her tracks and glares at me. "What is she then?" He asks. "Complicated?" I shrug. She looks sad for a second and asks, "what DO you mean by that?". I say, "Ambiguous dream fragments.. creepy hypnagogic imagery that feels like I'm being remote viewed.. I don't really have much to go on here. And when you wake up you have a boyfriend, are across the continent, probably has no idea that I even exist, and have 20 years on me. Exactly what should I call it then?" Trump is like, "Sheesh you guys aren't gonna help with this are you. and wait, she's that old? You know it only gets worse when they get older, you know that, right kid?" Bjork thinks for a long time while I get that watery feeling like I'm gonna wake up and says, "See this is why I wanted some dream time to myself to think about this, and I can't believe that you actually think.." I wake up.

      After WBTB


      I'm paying my guitar in a room in my inner world house. People are gathered around me listening. I finish playing. Everyone seems to enjoy it. My dad is on the couch and tells me to stop playing wanker stuff. It sounds terrible. The kids mouths drop and Asuka shoot my dad the dirtiest look ever. I get really upset and leave the room. I think for a moment then run back into the room. I stare my dad dead in the face and say, "You ever talk to me like that again and I'm gonna pound your F'ing face in!" His eyes widen and he tries to sink lower into the couch.

      Work related dream yay!!!

      I'm in J from work's truck. we are driving around something like Didsbury looking for a McDonald's location to work at. First he tries to find one by a school? Nope, non there. So he drives by a hospital? Nope, none there either. This dream pretty much went on like that. It was kind of funny watching him get stressed because he couldn't figure out where he worked. At a church location we walked all around the lot and inside of the church looking. But no cigar.
    3. 2017.04.09 - Brother's Games / Trump's Gopher

      by , 04-11-2017 at 12:14 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Brother's Games

      Recall Begins:

      A vast world spreads before me. From the heights above the treetops rises a great plateau, towering above the pathway upon which I stand. I Know that I must scale this great wall before me, with nothing but a parasail, stamina, and great determinat... wait a second, this is another one of those "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" dreams. Jeez, I haven't played that game in weeks and it's still the physics engine my mind chooses for everything.
      I make my way up a mountain trail with light shrubbery about. Up the trail, there is a checkpoint, to stop and inspect travelers. I know they're searching for me. Nonetheless, I continue up the way until I arrive at their inspection station, where they begin searching my goods. They're checking my things, which I'm not too worried about, but I'll be in trouble should they decide to pat me down, for concealed within my sleeve is a home phone. The shape of the phone protrudes through the fabric, but I stand on the other side of them in hopes they will not spot it. I feel its buttons against my skin within my tunic, and I am severely startled when they begin to pat me down. Surely, like this, they will find the home phone concealed on my person. When all hope seems to be lost, I re-initialize the dream, sending the guards back to their original positions, not knowing I was ever there. I had all my things back, but one thing remained: my position within space remained the same, and as I was standing on the other side of the guard station, I had managed to slip past them. I continue onwards into the cabin which they had been so zealously guarding. Once inside, I find /...fragmented details.../ in the entry way. Up the stairs, however, I find a console, running a copy of my brother's game "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Of course, with his permission, I fire the game up and begin playing, although the game's graphics felt a lot more like "Ocarina of Time".

      Recall Ends.

      Trump's Gopher

      I traveled from my home to my day job, a 7-3 shift as a crew trainer for Donald Trump's Cabinet. I was still being trained on the position myself, by my waking world coworker J and some other guy whom I do not know. I also sucked tremendously, but Mr. Trump himself was much too busy to take notice and fire me. For the job itself, I had to appear to be a girl. Not entirely sure why, but one blond wig and a costume change later I was working hard at my job to... erm, actually, nobody ever came. I mostly just got paid to snoop around Mr. President's communication equipment he used to send messages to Vladimir Putin. Instead of using old school, U.N. approved touch tone wires to send messages, this setup sent the message by LED cables (wtf????). These cables looked quite spectacular, with towers soaring across the wide mountain range away from the high altitude plateau upon which we built the... some kind of administrative office, but it was definitely like a ski lodge. When I got home, my family seemed to have left on a vacation without telling me where or why. Dream me took no issues with this, and instead headed to the basement to play a game like "Space Engineers", but also it was "League of Legends" and I was a Singed player chasing down a Lux. I almost had her, when these weird bug robot things started flipping me over their heads, and they just kept doing that for awhile (during this process I was moved inside a kind of land rover). Eventually, my craft ran out of hp, but it didn't explode until they were done tossing me. Then the ship and I were transported to my starter platform (all still in my basement), where I tried fixing the ship up for another round of getting tossed around by the bug robots. After 3 times of this, and having to scour for materials each time, I just started taking the ship apart so I could build something new with the components. The frame fits quite snuggly as a house roof.

      Recall Ends.
    4. Splendid Competition Night # whatever number this is :p

      by , 01-27-2017 at 08:35 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Only a few quick dream fragments and one full dream from last night.

      While admittedly I haven't been doing spectacularly well this contest, it's still been extremely helpful so far. I mean, now I'm actually writing in my DJ regularly, and that's awesome for me.

      Fragment 1: I was talking with Tess and this girl, and the girl's boyfriend was there. Both the girl and her boyfriend were true dream characters; I have never seen either of them in the waking world. Apparently, it was like a double date or something so romantic things started happening, but I don't quite remember the details lol.

      Fragment 2: I recall a series of random images culminating in...Donald Trump. Yeah. I don't know. xD I guess he's all over the news these days so it makes sense that he'd find his way into my subconscious mind.

      Full Non-Lucid 1: I was at my film development class with the other students. I was actually accepted into the computer science animation emphasis program in the story of the dream (now if only it were real...). The professor acted differently. I think he was super nice and not the really harsh art critic that he usually is. I think he asked me to go fetch some donuts for the class or something. I don't remember precisely. But hey, if you're going to actually accept me into your program, I'll buy you all the freaking donuts you want!
    5. Mr Secretary

      by , 12-16-2016 at 11:39 PM

      I am Donald Trump's choice for Secretary of State (the Exxon-Mobil exec). I'm at the cork board discussing a list of other candidates for Cabinet posts with my future boss. We point and gesture at the list. I see my sleeve cuffs. The shirt i wear under my blazer is dark blue, almost black (like an SS uniform?!?!?!)
      Tags: donald trump
    6. Basic TOTM

      by , 05-25-2016 at 06:14 PM
      I made lunch for D and I. Meat, guacamole, sour cream, and strawberries. We packed it up and left. D filled up my car with gas and he was unhappy with the price. I went into the store and someone thought it was weird there was numbing gel in the infant section and I explained itís probably for teething. They didnít believe me and I told them that babies can teethe around year and I know because I went to school and learned that. Then I saw a bunch of celebrities hanging out in the store and the next thing I know Iím lucid. I see Donald Trump and want to talk to him for some reason but everyone thinks itís a bad idea. I get his attention and heís trying to get away from me and slip into another room. I donít know what to say to him. I ask him what he thinks about Hilary dropping out of the final debate with Sanders. I tell him not to give me side-stepping political answers. He basically says that one of them offended his sisters. I go outside and wonder what I should do next. I have a small group of dream characters encouraging me and reminding me of goals. I remember the totm and try to stretch my arms out but it doesnít work. I start walking up a hill and think of the taste thatís in my mouth. It tastes like a familiar herb. Itís the taste of the flower that Iím looking at on the ground and I know Iíve eaten it in fancy restaurants, but I canít quite name it. I see my mom and sister which confirms further that this is a dream. I kinda feel bad for not saying anything to them, though. I think of what to do next and exit the dream. I donít DEILD because I think Iím awake and begin a dream where I write down the LD and am really angry because itís the end of May and once again, I finished the totm when itís basically too late.
    7. Running from Trump

      by , 05-21-2016 at 06:22 PM
      Me and someone else sneak out of a bad situation through the woods. We lie about where we were going and we zig-zag through the forest. There is a thin layer of old snow on the ground and everyone is barefoot. I wonder if it is cold but figure the sun is shining warm enough. We went through someoneís yard that was full of cacti and flowers. We ended up squatting in Donald Trumpís house. Me and my girlfriend lived there a few days. Then I started getting increasingly uneasy. We could hear Trumpís voice from a few floors down and I kept urging my friend to keep quiet, which upset her. She thought I was denying her friendship, I just wanted both of us to stay alive. That night she was telling me her life story and I was falling asleep when someone came and checked on the room. We hid between the bed and the wall. As I lay there I started falling asleep uncontrollably. After they left we heard housekeepers vacuuming and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got caught. I was terrified of getting caught. I understood in a way that this is a dream and if we get caught it will become a nightmare. What if I never wake up from it? I make the decision that we have to leave. I grabbed my stuff (some clothes, my phone, and laptop) and propelled out the window and down the building. The housekeeper yelled something sarcastic out at us as we left like ďgoodbye visitorsĒ. We went to a little shack building right next door. I had to go back to the room for something and when I came back down an elk met me and spoke with me telepathically. He was basically like Oberon. We washed his slobber off of our hands in the snow then He guided me to cave where there were a couple more animals I could talk to and some kind of magic man. He kept changing to look like Jon Snow and he was scaring my friend. In the night I fled and was followed by two men who obviously knew how to fight. One of them was B. I went under a building and we were basically sparring on monkey bars. I told B, "Iím sorry but Iím going to have to kill you to protect myself." He laughed and then turned on the lights to show me that it was a training session and they had built this jungle gym in my favor. Eventually I drove back to see my friend. I asked A.W if she knew where the shack was moved to and she said it was the street after hers. I went and there were lots of similar looking shacks but the one I was looking for was first in line. Itís address had the number 30 or 03 in it. I went in and my friend was living with a man and working for Trump. I was disappointed.
    8. Sensing a Genetic Mutation and Escaping Donald Trump's Fortress

      by , 05-15-2016 at 01:40 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I'm not sure where I was, I believe it was some sort of job but I'm not sure. Everything seemed to have an outdoor/indoor feel at the same time. Everyone had to drive or walk through this sensor, and it would detect something. Most people didn't have to worry about the sensor going off, but it always went off for me. It wasn't a bad thing, I would just have to go through an extra step to get past. I saw a top view of me driving through the sensor and it blinking red. I then approached a lady sitting at a computer by a tunnel/parking garage looking thing and she'd do some things on the computer and I was free to go. The lady was very friendly to me every time.

      I then became curious as to why the sensor went off at some point. Back in first person, I asked someone about it. They said something about some sort of 'mutation' (genetic). Now I was really curious: What was going on with me? I asked 3 different ladies who worked wherever it was that we were if they would tell me what about me made the sensor go off. They all told me they would tell me. I was happy with that.

      The end of the work day approached, and still no answers. I went to ask 2 of the ladies again and was basically ignored or the ladies were in a rush. I started to get anxious: Why won't they tell me? Is something wrong with me? Am I sick? Do I have cancer? I finally approached the third lady, the one at the sensor computer. She was getting ready to leave for the day. She was getting her things together; she put on her long black coat. I kept asking her over and over what was going on with me. I asked so many questions very frantically: "Do I have cancer? Is it detecting my HPV? We got rid of it years ago but is it back?" No answer to any of them. Her young son then came up to her, and she hugged him, gathering him up in her coat. She appeared to be upset; I saw some tears. I kept asking her and telling her that she promised she would tell me. I then saw her face quite close, I side view of it, and she had a golden cross hanging from her forehead between her eyes hanging down to the bottom of her chin. She was still visibly upset, and didn't tell me a thing.

      I woke up from this one feeling anxious. It took me a little bit to get back to sleep.


      I was back at this job thing from the last dream. Someone taught me how to circumvent the sensor system so it wouldn't go off when I went through. I saw an above view again of the area and my car successfully circumventing it; it didn't go off and I really expected it to.

      I was then inside of a building, working. I was sitting somewhere that had lots of swivel chairs attached to a desk; it reminds me of something like an air base that you would see in a movie, I guess. I had on a headset and was talking to people that I worked with on it.

      Some younger guy with slicked back/still wavy shiny black hair, someone very close to the top of the company and definitely miles over me, said something that I didn't like, and I went off on him. He didn't like that at all. My seat was shot forward on a track to an opening in the blue wall that had a red arrow pointing up to the left side of it. Before the chair could enter the hole, I very quickly jumped to the side to avoid whatever was going to happen to me there. I then realized it was an ejection hole, and I would be catapulted from the building. There was another opening beside it, and I knew it was an escape, so before anyone could figure out what I was doing, I scurried through. I climbed up and to the left.

      I then was out, escaped. I was with a few others. If we got caught, I knew we'd be in big trouble.

      Then, something about Donald Trump. He was our leader (not President per say but he was the man in charge). He was going into a swimming pool to get something. He entered on a shore-like area. I can't quite remember details, but I saw him super inflated or something. Something had also happened to him because of something I intentionally did, as he hadn't come back in a long time.

      We all somehow ended up back outside the "job". We were on green grass in the daytime. The job looked like a small castle or fortress. One of the people I was with, and older woman with short, grey hair, was on a stage and said something into a microphone because she was used to talking through it (she was a performer, a singer or speaker), and too late did she realize her mistake. The door opened and I saw a view of who was there waiting for us: I watched a slow bottom to top shot happen of this man. He resembled an executioner; we was in heavy black armor that had the face mask down. The helmet was embellished with long spikes poking off the forehead. He was holding some sort of big weapon in his right hand. Fuck. We are screwed.

      I then knew that Trumpy-Pants was back and he was going to be the one to deal with me. I feel like I was really the only one taken away. Not sure what happened to the others.


      Yikes. Too much anxiety for one night.

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    9. Boring and not so boring; Office, Kung Fu

      by , 11-04-2015 at 04:49 AM
      It was very dark out the whole dream, like midnight dark. I was working in a several story high office building, but it wasn't like a skyscraper or anything. Just a several story brick building, very boring on the outside, and it looked a lot like the building from The Office.

      Anyway, the woman in the cubicle kind of behind and across from mine was maybe in her mid to late 50s, stocky but not fat, with frosted dark blondish hair. She wore a sort of suit jacket and shell with a skirt and some low heels. Her jacket was sort of a pinky color, her skirt was more of a taupe. I can't remember if she wore glasses, but I don't think so.

      There was another woman there, a middle-aged black woman who was very no-nonsense, and I think maybe she was supposed to be one of the Human Resources people.

      I vaguely recalled the older lady leaving, but I turned round to talk to her and she was gone... I asked where she went, and the other woman told me she was gone - as in, gone for good, she'd left the company. I was a little bit surprised by this, since I hadn't realized she was leaving, otherwise I'd have said goodbye.

      So the other woman was leaving for the night, and I didn't want to be in the building all alone, so I decided to leave, too. I got out into the parking lot and she got into a very tiny white car that looked sort of like an older BMW but very, very small. I recall thinking that it was a very expensive car, and that someone else in the company had one, too. Anyway, she drove off. I didn't have a car. It was extremely dark outside, and sort of rainy.

      I briefly woke up. When I started dreaming again, I wasn't lucid, and the office building had turned into a really swanky hotel. I went back inside. The lobby was really brightly lit, and I recall there being a lot of gold stuff... maybe the carpet was even a gold color... it was fancy in the "trying too hard to be fancy" sense, where it came off as not being as fancy as it was trying to be (but still pretty fancy). Not exactly gaudy, either, though.

      Suddenly I was a kung fu master who had somehow ended up getting a job at this hotel... for whatever reason. I don't recall what it was. I just recall going into sort of a ballroom/meeting room and everybody was completing handwriting assignments. Not quite calligraphy. I recall a professor coming through and grading them by marking them with streaks of watercolor, and he gave me a really bad grade, which I was pissed off by because my handwriting was clearly very good! I'd just written in a different language than everybody else. So we argued about it - I don't recall the exact words, or even if there were words at all, I think there was more of the sense that I was protesting than me actually saying anything specifically and the assumption that an argument had happened - and then eventually he wiped off the bad mark he'd put on it.

      After that, I went out into the lobby and Donald Trump was there with his daughters. He was arguing with the receptionist.


      So I ordered a FitBit yesterday. My boyfriend has one because I got him one for his birthday, and I'm interested in the heart rate tracker and sleep tracker. It's hard for me to tell how much sleep I get, and I know I wake up a lot.

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