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    1. cxxi.

      by , 07-21-2020 at 01:28 PM
      11th May

      Dream:Earliest dream. I was in some place in the countryside, the dream was very vivid. I had my boots on, some pants, some t-shirt and my leather jacket. H was walking with me, I remember feeling the gravel beneath my feet.

      In the dream I was recognising the place. I'd been here before in some other dream. This prompted me to tell H about it and he sort of dismissed it and even though I tried doing some reality checks with my hands, I didn't become aware of the dream state.

      In my dream mind, this place wasn't exactly like how I remembered it from the other dream anyway. There was a gravel road and some buildings and some gravel plots along it, but the original place I was remembering had a normal road and it carried on, it didn't end abruptly like this gravel road. It reminded me of the southern areas of my country. There were pine trees and short grass that looked a bit dry. The dirt was fine and dusty and caramel coloured. The sky was a little bit cloudy but mostly clear and it seemed like the sun was setting. I remember looking all around me to try and identify anything from the original dream, but I felt there was nothing. The surroundings looked vast and vague at the same time.

      After walking along the road with H for a while, we eventually came to a very large gravel lot, like a parking lot, clearly meant for that use. I remember H telling me to wait here. He had to get some book, or something, from town? I said I'd wait. I didn't know what I'd do in the meantime and I had the feeling that it would be a long time. Then my awareness transitioned to some other place.

      A dream city. H wasn't here and though I have forgotten the dream plot exactly, there was something about a family that had to get to where I just was (the gravel/pine tree area). I was here to speed things along somehow? Something about a gang going after this family.

      Then details are missing; I remember getting into a car, a silver convertible and also trying to fix down a panel on the boot or something. Then the mom of this family, who was driving, started the car before I'd even sat down and put a seatbelt on. She raced through the streets and I had little balance, tipping backwards and holding the open and swaying door with my right hand. I was partially sat on her son's legs, eventually he managed to help me in, but it took a while.

      Some other part of the same dream. The chronology of the sequences is muddled. I went into a tall building and I remember carrying my black backpack and climbing lots of stairs. I didn't feel tired at all and my legs didn't hurt. Along the way, some young adult (early 20s) tugged on my backpack to have an easier time climbing. I resent that he'd done that but I said nothing and only gave him a look that made it clear to him not to do it again.

      The staircase was very much like the one from my university. Very narrow, but no lift at each landing. Eventually I got to a pretty high floor, and it looked like my virtual gallery in some sense. There was a high open space that my fear of heights creep in a little, because there were no railings at all. I remember wondering what H would think of that.

      Just behind the stairwell I'd come from, was a platform/floor and I climbed over its ledge without too much effort. It led down a dark unlit and narrow corridor. At the end of it was another stairwell, to my left. It went both up and down. There was a door directly in front of me. A white service door to my right after a short and narrow yard-long hall. Light came through the edges of this white service door and the stairs going up also allowed some natural light in from above, but not much, as it was still very dark in here.

      On the stairs, a bunch of young adults (early 20s again) were sat on the steps. They looked at me, but more like through me. I looked back for a moment, but then ignored them. I tried opening the door in front of me but it was well shut and locked. I went back through the narrow corridor I'd come from and then skipped over the gap with the stairs and took a left turn. My mind blocked out the open space with no railings.

      There were corridors and rooms this way. Many contrasts of dark and narrow halls with natural light from some windows. The floor was carpeted, not sure what colour, but I remember a cleaning lady. It just looked like a hotel in many regards but the rooms belonged to specific people who worked here or something, like an office area in a university. I can't recall the rest of the dream.

      - In many ways, the last part of the dream was just some mish-mash of my first university's building and my general concepts of offices and temporary living spaces. The presence of the people in their early 20s ties in with the "university" feel.
      - It can feel a bit annoying to ask H about the reality and have him only make me dismiss what I'm thinking about, though since then I have tried to imagine the situation occurring differently.
      - My leather jacket seems to have been a recurring feature for some recent dreams but I haven't found any particular reason why just yet, since I have not worn it in a long time. The only thing that comes to mind is that feels like a bit of a shame that I just let it sit unused for quite a long time, but on the other hand it is usually too hot for me to wear it.
      - Dreams where physical activity occurs are always refreshing for me in some mental sense. Being able to do intense physical activity such as climbing many flights of stairs can feel rewarding and the amount of inordinate pain I would get from doing it in real-life makes it feel like a waste of my energy and time. In dreams my low thresholds of pain don't really materialise and it is often the only time I get a break from feeling pain and discomfort throughout a day.
    2. Lucid goal achieved

      by , 09-02-2018 at 03:56 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Between 27-31 08 2018

      It was a dream on a country house, itís night, I want to drive a motorcycle, I wear the helmet and take my niece with me, sheís wearing my wifeís nightclothes. I sit and start driving across a country road. It starts raining and itís hard to see in the dark. Driving becomes a hard task since the motorcycle behaves weird. Sometimes I feel like itís a bicycle. We get to a shore, the landscape is awesome! Itís already day and I can see some weird animals in the water. I realize the feeling, I know itís a dream. I tell my niece itís a dream. I donít care much about her after that. I get to sort of ruins, there are some old doors when I remember one of my lucid goals was to get into a corridor with doors on the sides to explore old memories. I get into the last door to find that corridor. Itís there and I get into the first door on the left, must be my oldest memory I think. I find a small room. Thereís only a two floor bed with wet towels on it. Thereís no more place to walk around, the room is the size of the bed. I see a stuffed animal hanging on the wall, it look like a fox in detective clothing or something like that. I see a second one . I wonder if I saw it as I was a little kid. I try to see more things in this room. I see some stickers which I remember but cannot tell where do I know them or if they are recent stuff. I try to pay attention on the fox until I start losing sensibility
      I woke up then...
    3. In-House Train

      by , 12-07-2017 at 11:59 AM
      Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

      I am seemingly at our present address, though it is distorted. There are two main parts to my dream.

      One part involves Jim (August 1, 1947-June 10, 2008, half-brother on my motherís side). He is sitting next to me on a bench, to my left. A doctor is also present. My dream self is unaware that he had died. However, the doctor is talking about Jimís overweight physicality. (This was more relevant to the 1980s, before he lost a lot of weight.) There seem to be other people present at times. There is some sort of surreal concept relating to individual internal body parts relating to being fat and which one is affected first, with some sort of odd association with stencils. Jim does not speak but the doctor does, touching Jimís shoulders and arms at times.

      This eventually shifts into a different dream scenario. It relates to also being at our present address. However, there is apparently a train, designed like a subway train, which seemingly goes north to south near where our bed is in reality. I stand in the semidarkness looking at this setup, though I do not consider it strange or intrusive.

      Two men who work for this subway system, formally dressed, though reminding me also of movie ushers based on their uniforms, are performing an unusual task while moving out from and back into the different train cars. They are working from north to south, putting some sort of small metal hanging objects over the door handles. Some of the hanging objects are different but some resemble a smaller detached handle of some kind, though each reminds me vaguely of a broken handcuff (though not seen as such by my dream self). However, I realize that they relate to some sort of signifying of a particular subway carís status, possibly relating to how many passengers are allowed in the next journey or which cars can be used in what way.

      Next, there is a pointless and contradictory conversation where I tell them that one of the handles does not need the marker as such (as there is already one on the adjacent handle of the same set of doors), even though I am not certain of the purpose of their job. They say that it does not matter how many of the objects are used but then soon contradict themselves by implying that there is only a limited number of these objects and that all must go where they should. I do not say anything or even fully notice this contradiction for a few seconds, then I wake in realization that their comments made no sense.

      Decoding template follows:

      • Dream type and explanation: Doorway waking symbolism; with emergent consciousness triggered by illogical contradiction (liminal space cessation trigger), as intelligence is not typically extant in the dream state.
      • RAS symbol to dream exit point: Our sleeping area was replaced by a train, symbolizing the return to waking life and oriented north to south as how we rise from bed in reality (that is, our feet are oriented south).
      • Preconscious factor: The subway workers as ambiguously associated with movie ushers (as a movie theater symbolizes detachment from the real world; that is, symbolizes the dream state itself).
      • Additionally, the otherwise unknown act seems associated with setting up rope barriers (as in a movie theater) yet without the rope, and yet also implying ďreleaseĒ from the dream state (broken handcuffs on door handles, a door representing a dreamís exit point).
      • The first part of my dream relates to a desire to remain healthy, though I am not obese (as Jim was throughout the 1980s).

      Tags: doors, fat, train
    4. Snakes and a water-themed in-between place

      by , 10-28-2015 at 10:06 PM
      In the previous scene, I'd been doing shots with a man who drinks live snakes, one every day. The bartender gives me a dead one, since it's my first time; it'll go down easier. Now I'm walking around half-submerged ruins where I've been before. There's meant to be a door here, though I hadn't seen it the first time around. Now that I'm searching, though, I spot the fold in reality that's hidden it, pull it through so that it becomes solid. It's set in the base of what had been an empty stone arch.

      The other side of the door is an in-between place, and I go slightly lucid in order to pause and enjoy the view. It's a stone bridge hanging in space, pale stone, low and sloping walls on either side, and something like coral growing over it in patches. This space has the quality of light seen from underwater, and floating above there's some enormous, amorphous, diaphanous shape, jellyfish-like. It's all very pleasant.

      Along the bridge I run into two women with the tails of snakes, mermaid-like, who are frozen in place, and whose verbal words don't match the meanings I hear - the verbal words are friendly, the underlying meaning is to get me to come close enough and stay long enough for them to kill and eat me. I find them pleasant, too; I can't blame them for being hungry, this place sees so little traffic, and I don't intend to stay long enough for them to kill me, so they're effectively harmless.

      When I leave the in-between place, it takes me to a scene where an Egyptian woman with a clipboard is consulting a guest list. I have to wait in line behind some snake-haired triplets while a dead human woman talks to the woman with the clipboard, trying to justify why she belongs inside, citing the royal status of her lover.

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    5. An invitation

      by , 10-16-2015 at 08:39 PM
      After going just slightly lucid, I try to travel through a particular door, but it resisted; it warped instead of opening. I gave it a mental push and found that I didn't have access to the dream on the other side; I need the dreamer to invite me in.

      I've drawn the attention of two children on the other side of the glass door. One of them is the dreamer, older than her current dream form. I talk to her, trying to get her to invite me in so I can pass through her dream, get to where I want to go. Not being lucid, this child version of her instead goes off to tell her parents. Irritating. The other child stays, but its invitation would be useless so I ignore it. She doesn't come back.
    6. #223. The Fugitive

      by , 09-19-2015 at 06:50 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      My husband and I are visiting the UK. It's incredibly difficult to find a parking spot.

      We're wandering through a series of buildings that are all interconnected, and I'm opening new doors, creating new spaces that sometimes lead back to the previous ones. We run into my grandmother.

      There's a contest that we somehow become involved in, and there are little children hurling chunks of ice. I talk to their parents disapprovingly, and somehow win the contest, described as the "yelling" person.

      We're fugitives now, trying to escape the UK. My attempt to get us free passage out of the country fails when I can't get the three images on my ticket to line up (like a slot machine), despite exerting dream control. There are dogs coming after me, and I send bolts of ice magic at them, freezing them in place, because they can run faster than I can.

      I find myself in an empty field, looking up into the night sky. I start walking, and realize that there's a lunar eclipse in the sky. I'm flying towards it now.

      I'm looking at a brick building, and decide to run up the side, Prototype-style. I'm having trouble with it, though. Instead, I run as far up it as I can and grab on, allowing the mechanism on the side of the building to buoy me up.

      I look at the moon, which is a cube in the sky, and try to fly again. I can't.

      A cabin in the country, where a man is offering lessons on writing a novel.

      My husband and I are running through a parking lot, but the cars and semis keep trying to collapse on top of us. We're trying to get back to our parking spot.
    7. Two lucids in one night, and control training with my dream guide

      by , 08-26-2015 at 01:33 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      So tonight I flew to the moon again. Sorta. I went lucid and decided if I focused mostly on my flying and strengthened that, it would help me in other areas. Since flying involves ki, as do the big attacks I want to learn. Like... how am I supposed to fire off a successful Solar Kamehameha if I can't even control my ki enough to fly? So yeah.

      I aimed for the moon again and this time it was a bit more smooth of a flight, still sorta shakey, and as soon as I landed on it, I saw this huge asteroid floating just above it. It was totally going to hit the earth, and I guess I could've stopped it, but I didn't really care I guess? I mean, I'm hanging out with the bad guys trying to learn a move that can destroy a solar system, so the earth is doomed anyway.

      There was a door there on the moon so instead of hanging around to see the asteroid, I went through the door. On the other side was a long hallway with glass windows everywhere, so I tried to summon up someone to tell me where I was. This girl with green hair and a billion face piercings showed up, and instead of talking to me, she took me into a room and kept trying to make out with me. I told her I didn't really float that way, and also that it was weird kissing someone with facial piercings. So she started taking them all off and that's when I nope'd outta there and ran back into the hall. Seru was hanging out out there and as soon as I saw him, he smiled and turned away and then flew off down the hall. So I took off after him. My flight was kind of shakey so I realized I was still controlling my flying and he wasn't, he was just sort of leading me on. I noticed he did help me with some other things, like floating through walls and stuff. He would fly around randomly and I flew after him, through walls, outside, inside, etc. I felt like he was testing out my flying abilities so far.

      The last thing I remember, though probably the last thing that happened, was I pulled out of the glass windows in the hallway into the outside, and the hallway was kind of suspended in the air and I could smell the beach and hear water. That's when I woke up.


      Next dream started out non-lucid. There was a new Disney movie that was a crossover between Little Mermaid and Cinderella. Like they met and had adventures or something. I'd acquired an illegal bootleg of the movie from it's premiere before I came out in regular theaters and I got together with most all of my family and we sat around in a living room and watched it. The quality of the tape was really really poor and we were all disappointed and I was a little embarrassed I didn't check the tape beforehand. But we watched it anyway.

      A few minutes in, the image on the TV became really clear and vivid, and there was a scene of Cinderella standing on the beach looking bored, and the camera panned over a long pier that ended at a platform with a boat and some people mulling about. This was not part of the movie. I looked around and all my family members were just frozen, like they stopped existing.

      When I looked back to the TV, Seru was just standing there underwater, looking at me. And I suddenly became lucid again, but I couldn't control what I was doing, I just knew I was dreaming. I was pulled into the TV and down into the water, and I guess into his mind? I don't know, I just realized I wasn't in my own body, I was hanging out and seeing things in his first-person perspective, like I was just along for the ride. He sent me this weird questioning feeling, but I wasn't sure what he was trying to ask. He looked up and I saw we were directly below the platform. He shot through the water underneath the pier until he got halfway to the end, then he stopped and crouched down low and sent me another questioning feeling. I had this weird feeling like he was trying to fall into the background and suddenly I found myself in complete control. The questioning feeling he was giving me faded away and instead he seemed amused.

      I was totally in control. I was totally Seru! I mean WHAT.

      Well, I wasn't really him, he was still hanging out in there, but I still was in control of his body. Could a lucid dream get ANY COOLER than actually being a badass dude with infinite power and dream control? NO WAY.

      I wanted to test out some of his abilities, not any of the destructive ones, but I wanted to see how he flew and how he teleported around. I thought to shoot up through the water into the air, but real-Seru kinda sent me a thought telling me not to get the attention of the people on the platform because they would be annoying and follow us. And he couldn't banish them since I was in control. So I continued along the bottom of the pier and the water grew more shallow until I was attempting to crawl along all sneaky. I thought I was far enough away so I shot up into the sky and hovered there. It felt AWESOME! Like, I didn't even struggle to hover there! Usually once I stop flying and stay still I fall, but I had DREAM GUIDE POWERS, heck yes!

      I looked around. We were in some kind of small bay leading out into the ocean. On one side of the bay was a beach, and on the other was sheer cliff. The pier extended out from the beach to the cliffs. I smelled the beach and heard the water, and I realized that was where I was being led to by Seru before I woke up the first time. He totally invaded my non-lucid Disney dream and pulled me back there and gave me lucidity.

      Wtf how is that even possible?

      Anyway, apparently I wasn't far enough away because the guys on the platform started shouting and were running down the pier in my direction. Real-Seru felt annoyed but also amused. I took off over the cliffs, across some grasslands, getting my bearing on things. I felt a little weird at first, since I had wings there and I had to figure them out, but I noticed when I lifted them my flying was much more smooth. Like, super smooth. It was epic. In the middle of the grasslands was a log cabin-ish house. Real-Seru was focusing his attention on it, so I went down there and went inside.

      In the entryway, I opened another door and saw what looked like the room I'd been in when I watched that Disney movie. He shot me another questioning feeling and an image of teleporting doors. Apparently trying to teach me some door teleportation... not something I've ever had any luck with. So I backed out of the room, closed the door, and reopened it. Nothing. He gave me an impatient feeling. I didn't focus enough. So I imagined being at a new place and opened the door again. IT TOTALLY WORKED. I was in some fancy room with a fireplace in a completely different house. I walked in and looked around at all the statuettes and furniture and kind of was amazed that my mind rendered this scene so quickly. It made me feel hope that I could teleport to a city if I wanted to.

      He sent me an urging feeling like he wanted me to try that. But before I did, I noticed this cat on the table looking at me. Oh my god, it was SO CUTE. Like all its cute features were multiplied in cuteness by a hundred, and... I just wanted to hold the cat real quick haha. So I picked it up and cuddled it, and got a disapproving feeling from real-Seru. He probably just didn't like the idea of his body cuddling a kitten. I wish I could've seen it from third-person, it would've been hilarious.

      Suddenly I heard people coming into the house, they were coming for me, the guys from the pier. Real-Seru was urging me toward the door, but I was so freaked out by the sudden change that I jumped out of the window and started flying, kitten in tow. SUPER annoyed feeling from real-Seru. He'd wanted me to teleport away using the door, me jumping out the window with a cat wasn't part of his "training", haha.

      I held out the kitten while I flew and concentrated, and it disappeared. How did I do that? I have no idea. SERU POWERS.

      My flying was still smooth. There was another building, it looked like a grocery store, and I figured I could go down there and find another door to mess with. I descended through the roof and landed in the refrigerated foods aisle, and all the shoppers freaked out screaming and ran away from me. At first I was confused, but then I remembered I was still Seru, so they probably assumed I was gonna eat them or something. I hovered, and then shot off down the aisles, testing out flying in small areas. It was a bit rough, I kept running into shelves and forgetting to keep my wings up for stabilization, and also people kept running away from wherever I was which was really distracting. Real-Seru was getting a huge kick out of it though, could feel how giddy he was. We got to a door, probably leading to a backroom or something, and he grabbed my attention and focused on it. I landed and walked up to it, totally ready to attempt a teleportation to a 'busy' scene, something I've never been able to do. I thought of a city and opened the door, and there it was!

      I stepped into the scene. It was a quaint little city scene, with square buildings on each side and lots of people walking around. It was night and street lights were on. It looked like something out of a Leonid Afremov painting. As soon as the people saw me, they started running as well. Real-Seru was giving me this feeling like 'do whatever you want now, you teleported' so I jumped in the air and flew down the street, focusing on various things to change my heading. My attention kept falling to the people running around and each time I thought about them I'd shake a little in my flying, but overall I did awesomely. I woke up at some point as I was flying around.

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    8. I can haz dream guide, and another moving dream

      by , 06-29-2015 at 09:11 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I woke up into a lucid dream from sleep paralysis, and as I was laying there I saw a blue sky overhead. It morphed into different types of sky, like cloudy, rainy, night, day, etc. I tried getting up, but found myself anchored to my body, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pull myself out of it. It felt like a rubber band, I'd pull forward and get snapped back. I finally closed my eyes and imagined myself bursting forth upwards, and even though I didn't exactly "burst forth", I still stood up. I looked down at my hands, and a few of my fingers were missing. I investigated my surroundings, because it looked like I was in a different house than usual. There were all kinds of strange things. Rooms that were creepy and worn down, staircases with picture frames on them that whizzed by at high speeds, and other stuff. There were so many doors to open! I kept exploring because I thought maybe the house represented something. As I moved along, I made it a little secondary priority to find Seru, because I've been wanting to make him my dream guide, figuring he could help me achieve my solar kamehameha quicker. I looked behind many doors and called out to him, but nothing. I opened one door and went into the room, and it was a pretty scary place. It looked like something out of Silent Hill. It was completely empty with stains all over the wall, and there was a single tiny window with metal bars over it. As soon as I realized I was a bit scared, I knew that meant something freaky would show up. First I attempted to leave through the window, but I couldn't phase through, nor could I punch out the wall. I heard something coming, so I flew up into the corner of the ceiling and stood still. A weird humanoid thing that shambled along came in, and it had a huge lumpy black thing in place of its head. It was a bit... terrifying. As I floated there by the ceiling where it couldn't get me, I thought "You know, this is a long ass lucid dream, and I'm not going to waste it hiding from scary shit. I'm looking for Seru and I'm exploring this house that may or may not represent my subconscious, so FUCK THIS GUY." and I immediately landed on the floor, marched up to the creepy thing, and said "FUCK YOU BITCH. Now you will tell me where Seru is or so help me I will kick your ass so hard!" ...it stopped shambling and turned toward a direction, so I left it and went off that way. Soon I came across an old guy lazing around on an armchair, so I asked him the same thing. He was absolutely no help whatsoever. Figured. I continued on, trying to control things, trying to summon things, but nothing worked. Nothing's worked at ALL lately. So I just gave up. I slid to the floor and just cried and cried, thinking what the fuck is the point of lucid dreams if I'm always trapped in some house every single time? I felt so friggin hopeless. While I was down there crying, suddenly someone came up from behind and wrapped their arms around me, and I was all "Great, now more scary shit's come to mess with me." But nope, I turned around and it was Seru, yay! Immediate tears-b-gone! He flew me through the house at super speeds and I tried to take in all the things around me, and then we both flew straight through the house and out into the open blue sky. I felt so happy to finally break free of the lucid dream houses. I know the whole being locked in the house thing symbolizes something, maybe one day I'll figure out what it is. But anyway, I totally got laid. Like, up in the sky. HELL TO THE YES. We... um, kinda went at it for a while, and I was thinking I'd wake up before I got awesome dream-orgasms. But I didn't! Then I asked him if he'd be my dream guide, and he gave me this little knowing smile, so... maybe? He seems to be able to break me free from the houses, so that would be nice. Plus possible solar kamehameha tutoring? I guess I'll find out in my next lucid.

      I dreamt I just moved to a new place, but I couldn't get into the house, so I had to sleep in the pod. I climbed up on top of all of the boxes and laid down at the top, so close that my nose touched the ceiling if I shifted. I remember seeing a creepy spider web only inches away from me with multiple spiders on it, and it kinda freaked me out but if I didn't bother it then they wouldn't mess with me. In the morning, my cousin Janessa opened up the pod and saw me up at the top, and told me to get the hell out and called me stupid for sleeping there instead of elsewhere. I was annoyed she was bugging me, but tried to inch my way out, but I couldn't see my path and wound up getting my head stuck, so she had to push me out the way I came in.

      I had a bunch of 'dream bits' as I started waking up in the morning. There was a group of people I was a part of, and we stole a bunch of gold, enough to fill up the entire trunk of a car. We were all excited and everyone left, leaving a girl and guy to watch over it. They kissed and took all the gold and fled. Then later I was at some restaurant to meet someone, it was some kind of shady deal. When I got there, the waiter at the front was embarrassed and said some other man who was at the table I'd reserved hadn't left yet. I realized it was probably who I was meeting, so I said it was okay and went over to sit down in the booth across from him. He was kind of shady looking with a business suit, and we waited for the other guy. The other guy came, and he was super handsome with blonde hair and a chiseled face, and was also wearing a suit. I don't know what we discussed. At some point, someone died. I think it was one of the people from the trunk gold.
    9. Ignored by a barista, and getting trolled by Akiko

      by , 06-12-2015 at 04:33 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (I'm back, bitches! Not that I ever stopped lucid dreaming, I just went back to my paper journal again... I've found I do better when I'm doing the digital journal, for some reason it's harder for me to remember things when I'm laying there writing in a notebook. I have to move around a bit and then the images start coming back to me... which is like the exact opposite of what's supposed to happen, but whatevs.)

      I was hanging out with Cory and some of his friends and we were walking around a plaza. It was one of those old-timey plazas with the brick ground and the fancy white buildings that you see as state capitols and whatnot. After a while of walking, we all went into this coffee shop, and I was annoyed because I hate coffee. The barista took everyone's order but he totally just ignored me, or forgot about me, who knows which. But then I got self-conscious and didn't want to bother him, so I just kinda grabbed Cory's sleeve and whispered "Hey, he forgot to ask me what I wanted..." So I told Cory I wanted a hot chocolate and he relayed my message to the barista. We took our drinks and sat down in a room, maybe the living room of one of the friends? But we were showing each other our Perler bead art, and I pointed to the one on the wall of my Creation of Adam, which I was super proud of, but this one guy had this HUGE friggin piece of Vegeta's portrait and I was blown out of the water by it. So jelly.

      I woke up in bed in the dark and looked around, thinking I'd just randomly fell awake for some reason, but then I thought "Waaaait, maybe this is a dream." so I pulled my hands out from under the covers, and sure enough, the number of fingers I had was fluctuating all over the place. I got out of bed and rubbed my hands on some things, trying to make stuff more vivid, which worked, and then attempted the spinning technique to change the scenery to something nicer. A nice snow-covered forest. But... it didn't work. I saw it for a moment as I was spinning, but when I stopped I was still in the bedroom. Then I thought "Well, fine. Maybe I should just go look for Seru, that could be fun." and I set my intention on him and opened the door, but he wasn't there. As I walked out the door and into the living room, I saw Akiko from one of my fanfictions sitting on the couch, so I decided to ask her where Seru was. But before I could ask, she started talking about random things and I didn't want to interrupt her (even in dreams, I'm not going to be rude...) so I sat down and listened. After she was done, I asked her where Seru was and she seemed a little put out by it, and got off the couch and laid down under the table, pouting. I walked over to see if she was okay and she looked at me and said "He's in ward B, the med unit. The cadets are there, too." So I turned around and suddenly I was in some kind of hospital or laboratory. I looked up and there was a sign that said Ward B. There were people in lab jackets wandering around past me, so I stopped one of them - a red-haired woman in glasses who kinda reminded me of Sarah Palin - and asked her where the med unit was. She gave me confusing directions, and when I started off in the wrong direction she pointed me the right way. The med unit was full of people, there were stainless steel tables everywhere and lots of instruments, and I walked around looking at things. At the back of the room were some double doors, and when I went through them, there was dear ol' Seru. But he was... in his imperfect form. Figures, I guess I wasn't specific enough for Akiko. He gave me this weird look like I grew a second head, and I realized there was a huge gash on top of my head. How did that get there? I set my intention and waved my hands over it and it disappeared, good as new. Of course intention would work for my head, but not earlier when I needed it to. But yeah, there was Seru. I didn't really care what form he was in, I had fun anyway. I guess I'm just a pervert like that, but I like orgasms. Ha.
    10. 4/10/15 - Amazon House

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:58 PM
      I'm on the sidelines of a basketball court outside. I'm watching GOT7 play basketball. I suddenly realize that this is a game and I'm controlling them. I really suck at this type of game and I get annoyed that I can't make them play well. I decide that enough is enough and I stop controlling them. When I stop, a door appears and a digital clock lights up above the door. It's a countdown set for 23 seconds. The door opens and a bright blue light is shining inside. The countdown starts. I immediately know that I need to get in there before the door closes so I run and go inside. The room is huge and filled with anything and everything you could imagine. It's also big enough to have a living space. I taking everything in and decide that I should hurry and take what I want. Jackson appears behind me and I tell him to hurry. I see a shelf of DVD box-sets and wonder if anyone will notice if I take them all. I face Jackson and we both get excited and start to gather stuff we want. Then the door closes and we're locked in. I realize that I have to survive so I start to collect everything I'll need. I gather clothes, makeup, bags, bathroom necessities, etc. I stop in front of a little white jewelery box and see a bunch of perfume bottles. I pick one up and I really like it. Then a girl walks up behind me and starts spraying me with perfume. She just keeps spraying and spraying and I get really angry and turn around quickly to look at her. I tell her to fuck off. I say that with perfume you only need 1 and a half to 2 spritz of perfume.
    11. Glitchy Dream House Tour (LD #115)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 01:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This dream was long, not very vivid, and pretty glitchy, but stuck to the higher levels of lucidity for me.

      Anyways, I recall being on a small tropical island. There is a large mountain made of a tan-colored rock in the middle and a wavy coastline of coves and peninsulas circling the island. There are a large number of palm trees, of course. The sky is clear and the sun is coming down on us, but the sky had this kind of yucky yellow tint.
      I am sitting on the beach, talking with Manei about many different things. I can't recall most of them, but I remember (and this is very strange) one of us was talking about programming an MMORPG game, something like World of Warcraft, and we were talking about the creatures that you could mount on in the game. The only mount was this huge eagle, like the ones from LOTR.
      But the creature has customization. You can change different aspects of it such as the wings and the head to make it look more like a dragon or another creature, but no matter what you do the graphic model is the same and the mount always looks like a bird.
      I can recall this one option for the creature that makes the wings look distressed. Some of the bird's feathers will be missing. This is supposed to be a very rare option to unlock.
      At this point, one of the large bird creatures comes down and lands on a large rock on the island. It has the distressed wings and looks like some kind of zombie or demon because of the other options that have been picked.

      I tell Manei I want to explore the island. It seems rather small. So I start flying, but hover no more than a foot or two across the ground, and float along the beach attempting to circle the island.
      The dream glitched and I recall telling her that I was leaving to explore the island, and actually leaving twice. The second time I nearly circled the entire island. I recall there being another, smaller island offshore that I wanted to go to.

      I also recall looking in the water. There were thousands of these smooth brown round stones just out past the shore. Each one was about two inches across. They all looked the same. For some reason, I thought that they were actually eggs of some kind.
      I also recall there were huge wooden chairs on the island. They looked like sculptures that somebody had built out of fallen trees and bamboo found on the island, and tied together with vines and grasses. Some of them were overgrown by other plant life and collapsed, or had sunk into the beach due to erosion.

      Just as I was going back to ask Manei about the giant chairs and what they meant a huge dream glitch occurred. I was now in a completely different location.
      There was a huge home made out of dark red bricks in front of me. The front end of the home was built into the top of a steep hillside. Manei followed me through to the new dream.
      Marcus was there. (Hey, long time no see...) and he seemed thrilled to see me. He told me that this was his latest work. It was a dream house for me and all of my dream characters to live in. He told me that he has a tour all planned out and wants to show me everything the house has to offer.
      So we follow him in. The front room goes through two floors and doesn't seem to be decorated at all. It also feels like the front room of my grandparent's house. Marcus states that he isn't quite done building the house and the interior still needs some work. He then states that the house has (between 4 and 8, cannot recall now. I think it was 4 at the time, but was supposed to be 8 in the future) robot butlers. One of them is in the front room and it looks as though he is getting ready to paint it. There are a couple of human workers in here too.
      He then shows me the kitchen. It is huge, with a walk-in pantry and refrigerator. It feels like my friend K's kitchen. He says that there are three floors above this and five floors below this. (it was a huge house.)

      Marcus then took us downstairs. There was a huge three-story deep room here. There were two levels of walkways circling around a huge multilevel courtyard. On each of the three levels there are ten doors. He states that this area allows room for thirty people to each have their own private bedroom and bathroom.
      I ask him if perhaps this is a bit much, given I only have three two recurring dream characters and they are both right here. Perhaps a more modest dwelling would suit us better. He doesn't really respond.
      We actually get into a bit of a scuffle here. I tell him that having such a huge house is wasteful. He tells me that this is just a dream and there is no such thing as wasteful. Well I suppose the only way it could be more wasteful is if we didn't live in the space.
      I see where there must have been an error with construction. There is a place where the walkway doesn't connect and some of the bedroom doors open out over nothing. I use dream control to construct the part of the walkway. Marcus thanks me.
      We continue downwards. There is a saltwater pool down here, and the room lets out onto the lower side of the hill where outside there is another pool. There are two hot tubs, one outside and one inside. There is also a sauna. The entire room is covered in tiles save for one corner, where a robot butler is hard at work tiling the wall. This one is actually wearing a butler's clothes and I think that it looks funny.
      Marcus tells me that the bottom most floor is where the laundry room is, along with most of the utilities, and that the robot butlers work down there.
      Then I see that my parents are swimming in the pool there. I 'remember' that they are visiting to see where I am living. My dad gets out of the water and stands next to me. He starts giving me this big grumpy lecture about living on my own and being responsible. I just ignore him, because I really didn't get enough of that in WL.

      Yet another dream glitch. We are back at the front of the house. I notice three very sporty looking cars parked in the drive. One of them has large wheels, no top and is black. Another is a large white hummer limo. And the last one is a sports car that was either orange or yellow.
      There were a couple other massive houses nearby, some even dwarfing mine. I recall one made out of tan bricks next door. I recall there is a stepped waterfall running between the two houses that leads into the outdoor swimming pool on the low side of the hill.
      The rest of the tour happens very fast. I almost feel as though the information is being 'downloaded' into my memory. I see flashes and am bombarded with loads of information before waking up.

      Spoiler for Giant House Recap:
    12. 8/25/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I woke up on a bed because I could hear the sound of a heavy breeze coming through an open window. The breeze sent printed pictures under the closed door to the outside of the room. I knew the breeze was telling me to go out of the room. I wondered why but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. A powerful man's voice kept telling me I was dreaming, and that I had to go look at one of the rooms. I replied "I can't go back to the dream, it's already too late, I'm already awake." The voice replied, "You are in a dream; look at your watch," upon doing so, I realized that my watch looked normal except for the area where the date is shown was blank. I realized I was dreaming!
      I calmed myself and stabilized the dream. The voice told me "Someone is waiting for you at the open door" I went out the room and down the hallway to the left. As I passed the open doors, they shut by themselves. In the third or fourth door, I saw some sort of cat run out the room. I tried talking to it but couldn't speak. I reached the end of the hallway, which opened up into a small room with an open window and very big vans outside. I turned around and saw an open door. The place was dark and I said "Light!", which made a flash of light appear. The area lit up for a few seconds. I entered a room with an open door. The room itself was a little dirty and dark. I noticed two beds and said "Light!", making the flash of light appear again. I saw a woman on one of the beds, which startled me. I walked towards what I saw was an older woman, around 50, wrinkles, but attractive, skinny and a darkish skin tone. We made introductions and she told me her name was Lisa, but that I could call her whatever I wanted. She was very vibrant and outgoing and she told me she was what I refer to as a 'Dream Guide'.
      We chatted for a while and I eventually asked what the water in most of my dreams represented. She went on a long explanation about her being in prison and her being a native, and about a bear or something. I don't remember. I then asked her if the way I was woken up, with the wind, had any meaning. She smiled and said no. She started looking a lot older and my dream got blurry. I lost awareness and as I was waking up, Lisa told me I looked good at the grocery store.
    13. Exploring an Abandoned Apartment Building

      by , 09-04-2014 at 06:05 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 17, 2013 Ė 8:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I'm roaming around in an old abandoned apartment building. The air smells musty and the paint is peeling off the walls. There are no lights, but I can see with whatever light is coming in the windows. I walk into a large room which has a bed and some other furniture in it. There is a door on the other end of the room which leads into a hallway with a lot of doors. I open the first door and see an old wooden stairway leading into the attic. The plaster is broken off the walls and I can see the lathe strips. There is a bare light bulb hanging by wires from the ceiling. I close the door and open the second door. There is an empty room with a large sliding door that goes outside onto a deck. I walk out and from the deck, I can see that I am on the fourth floor. I can see the air conditioners on the roof of the building next to me. I go back to the hallway and open the third door which leads out to a parking lot. I walk into the parking lot for a bit then stop and try to figure out how I got to the ground level without walking down any stairs or taking an elevator. I turn around and look at the building and I can see the 4th floor deck which I was on a moment ago.

      I start to question things for a moment, then decide to do a test. I jump up off the ground lightly and I could feel that I was much lighter than I should be.
      I become lucid and fly toward the deck on the 4th floor. I land on the deck and say, ďFuck yeah, I know I was dreaming. Can't fool me.Ē I look down and see that there is a guy standing on the ground looking up at me. I go inside the building and everything looks the same as it did when I was there before. I go to the end of the hallway and into a bedroom and find a bunch of clothes laying on the floor. I turn around and walk out to find something more interesting when I suddenly wake up.
    14. Rooftop garden becomes naked TOTM (LD #97)

      by , 07-08-2014 at 12:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay, so I'm with my mom. We're at this strange place that is something like a rock quarry only while we are there we gain the power to control plants and cause them to grow.
      So there was sort of a long chunk of time where absolutely nothing interesting happened. We filled up the rock quarry area with various forests and gardens. She asked me to check on her car at one point. I'm gonna skip to the good stuff.
      So we are walking around. The quarry area is not thoroughly filled with plants and forests and we come across something that we do not recall adding. A dark forest. All of the trees look dead, and there are skulls lanterns hanging from the trees. Dark clouds linger over the woods.
      My mom stands at the edge of the woods and asks why somebody would make something like this. I told her that we came through here and filled this area with pines not too long ago. At this moment two feelings came over me simultaneously. One of them
      waslucidity. The other was the feeling that there was some evil presence encroaching upon us.
      I told my mom that this was a dream, and that I felt something evil approaching. She ran off, leaving me. I stared into the skull woods for a few seconds and could feel fear sweeping over me. All of the skulls begin to rotate to look at me. I feel like I had better change the scene.
      Dream spinning. I close my eyes and hold out my arms. I open them and now the skull woods is surrounding me. Skulls are looking at me from all sides. The evil presence is more powerful as well. I attempt to dream spin a second time, and this time I do it for several seconds until I feel carpet on my feet that I suppose were bare.
      I am now in a hotel hallway. Something still feels off. A few of the lights are flickering, though the hallway looks to be a part of a fairly upscale hotel. The room in front of me has a glass window going from floor to ceiling. I knock, expecting my guide to come, and I see a toddler approaching the door. I open it and kneel down and talk to the toddler.
      "Hey little buddy..."
      I notice the toddler's eyes look off. They look more like those of a doll than an actual baby.
      "Where are your parents?"
      The toddler takes out a large knife and smiles at me. For some peculiar reason, even though I was lucid, I did not think to confront this nightmare. Aw man, I'm going for two.
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      I shut the door, lock it and rocket down the hall in flight. I turn right two times and then stop. I knock on a door that is to my left and hope and wonder as to what I will find. Hopefully not another psycho baby. Upon knocking on the door it nudges open. I look inside and the room appears empty. There is a large blanket-covered bump in one of the beds.
      I make my way in, and the blanket covered bump comes open to reveal a man, probably in his 30's with black hair and a thin beard. He rolls over to reveal two bare-chested females, one blonde and one brunette, who... well I don't know they don't look very attractive, neither of them. They look to have almost exactly the same body.
      The man rolls over. He looks somewhat annoyed at first and asks what I am doing. I tell him that I had just escaped a skull forest and a psycho baby. He reacts about how you would expect. I then asked if I could join in whatever 'fun' he oh so obviously was having here. He told me I could.
      Naked TOTM time, and perfect setup. I throw off all of my clothes. The brunette recoils in terror. The blonde looks more confident, and she smiles at me. I don't know what they saw, I didn't look down. I kneel down and look at the blonde. I tell her that I've been waiting to try lucid sex with someone for a long time. She then gets confused wondering what 'lucid sex' means, but looks to brush past it. I look off to the ceiling for a second hoping that I won't make a mess in the bed.
      Probably not, these girls aren't very attractive, and I'm probably not going to get that into it.
      Then, a knock on the door.
      The man grunts. "I'll get it." I put my pants back on. The man gets out of bed, and I realize that one of his hands is missing. He asks me to help me fit his broken robot hand. I attempt to aide him, but a broken robot hand is a broken robot hand, and all the fingers are missing. Whatever. He plugs it into a port on the end of his arm, puts on boxer shorts and we go to the door. There is nobody, just a couple sticks of dynamite attached to a remote detonator with blue duct tape.

      The man screams some curses. He runs out into the hall and looks down at it. Confused, as if he is waiting for me to tell him what to do. One of the girls yells "Just kick it down the hall." He does but the duct tape sticks to his foot. He falls over and his head goes through the wall. He screams. I then shut the door and the competition and the explosive out. .
      Now then, ladies, where were we?

      I wake up.

      Probably should have laid down some stabilization at some point. Would have had a little more warning for that...

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    15. Maze House

      by , 12-02-2013 at 07:55 AM
      So when I first recall the dream, I am with a group of my friends about to enter into a house. It looks perfectly normal on the outside: a standard, middle-class American house, painted a medium blue in color and two stories. I am unsure why we are going inside, but I am with my friends so I follow them on in.

      Coming inside I find us in what seems to be an exceptionally long hallway with only the way we came in and another door that continues on into the home. My friends quickly run through the next door, leaving me behind. Running to catch up with them, I'm surprised to find that when I follow through the door they are no where in the room, and I come upon a kitchen. It's completely void of life and when I holler for my friends I get no response. Concerned, I turn back around and go back through the door that I had just entered through.

      However, to my dismay, I am not back in the hallway. Now I'm in a bathroom and there is a girl sitting on top of the toilet cover, a laptop in her lap as she steadily types away. I'm highly confused at this point and attempt to speak with her, asking her where my friends are, but she seems to blatantly ignore me and continues typing on her keyboard. I leave her to go through the door I entered once more and find myself in yet another room. I am steadily freaking out at this point, quickly running through doors and rooms to try to find my friends and get myself out of that house. Occasionally I come across people but they act as if I do not exist at all and ignore any interaction.

      I run quickly through as many doors as I can, and I finally come across a door that looks different, this one painted entirely black as opposed to the plain wooden doors that made up all the others. I reach for the knob and slowly open the door. Just as I open it all the way, an external force in reality awakens me and draws me from the dream.
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