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    1. My Wind-up Key Tattoo

      by , 10-05-2018 at 07:52 AM
      Morning of October 5, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,918-01. Reading time: 2 min 51 sec. Readability score: 54.

      My conscious self as in waking life experiences its annihilation in the non-lucid dream state, and as my subconscious self, I lose viable memory of who I am and the contact with my unconscious mind that I possess in waking life. All that remains within my temporary dream self’s fictitious mind is the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state, and the essence of non-lucid dream control and its dynamics gathered from a lifetime of knowledge of the dream state.

      Wanting to liminally return my incomplete dream self essence to at least partial coalescence with my conscious self, I create a school setting to metaphorically learn my way back to my conscious identity to pull myself at least partially out of the illusory dream state into the liminal pre-wakefulness range of a more realistic self-awareness and mode of discernment. The teacher is an unknown female standing near the center of the classroom of which is mostly featureless. I am in the room near the doorway, to its left when facing it. All of the other students (unfamiliar), male and female, several adults and children of different ages, are outside the classroom, in the hall. They are all unsure if they want to enter the classroom but are listening to the teacher. The class is just beginning, so they have time to consider their choices.

      I am sitting on the wooden floor with my legs out, with the bottoms of my feet facing the doorway. All that I am wearing is a white t-shirt. I do not feel embarrassed. After all, I am in a dream and not wearing clothes as I sleep in a bed, even if that understanding is only subliminal. (Even as a child, I knew my transient fictitious dream self was not my conscious self as in reality. That may be why I have rarely ever had “bad” dreams other than when biologically premonitory.)

      My illusory erroneous “I am” adjusts to the scenario. I am not lucid or holding any essence of my current conscious self identity, but being near the doorway is a factor of liminal emerging consciousness. The preconscious avatar awakens and comes into existence to my left, still malleable and passive. I allow the five youngest denizens (from a prior unification star ritual in a previous lucid dream) to cheerfully enter the classroom and continue behind me to begin their studies. I do not recall the purpose of the lucid ritual in my non-lucidity.

      I decide to converse with the preconscious avatar, an unfamiliar male of about thirty in this incarnation, liminally attempting to transform him into a potential dream state reinducer. On the right side of my right foot is a tattoo of a big golden wind-up key. In reality, this side of my body is exposed to my real environment (as I sleep on my left side). Yellow is the color of potentially viable consciousness within the dream state. That is the link to my true self, to my conscious self identity as in waking life, and the potential for my conscious self identity to manifest within my dream self. This wind-up key is autosymbolism (and a liminal reminder that my dream self’s physicality is not real) for beginning the transition of my true conscious self into my fictitious non-lucid dream self so that my conscious will can more viably maintain the simulacrum and perhaps sustain the dream state for a time.

      The avatar marvels at my tattoo, and that amuses me.

      My precursory lucidity holds his attention, though he does not attempt to dominate the process.

      “I got this when I was in New York,” I deliberately lie, though as it is a dream, it could very well become the “real” backstory should my dream last for several more minutes. “The tattoo artist was a man named Gabriel Vartez.” I pull this name out of nowhere. “Vartez” has no familiarity though “Gabrielle” is Zsuzsanna’s middle name (though my dream self still does not viably remember my current conscious self status here). I am describing this fictitious event to him as if it were a significant encounter.

      “That’s interesting,” he responds with admiration, “Gary Vartez?”

      This erroneous response annoys me, but I do not say anything or indicate my annoyance. Instead, I choose to wake peacefully.

    2. Role Reversal in Reinduction (with Ian Somerhalder)

      by , 02-07-2018 at 08:27 AM
      Morning of February 7, 2018. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am sitting at a small round metal table that is implied to be at an outdoor restaurant. However, it is actually the backyard of my present home, though my dream self does not perceive it as such. It seems to be early afternoon. There is an unknown male of about thirty years old who is sitting across from me. I am ready to eat what I think is a hamburger.

      The other male looks on as another male approaches the area behind me. He seems to be a young Asian of about twenty. He places an object of about the shape and size of a cupcake on the pavement. It has another feature in the center that looks like a vertically oriented drinking staw. The other male tells him that he is really rude and implies that he is up to something.

      Looking at it, my head turned around to my right trying to discern what it might be, I am somewhat wary, wondering if it is some sort of small explosive, not as a threat, but something that will just make a loud noise. The Asian male goes back to sit with at least two other people to the right of the back of my house (which my dream self does not yet recognize as such). Soon, water (or what seems to be water) starts spraying directly upward from the feature that resembles a drinking straw. It makes a soft fizzing sound.

      I turn back around to get ready to eat, but the back left leg of my chair seems to have vanished or melted as a result of the unknown object and the “water” that came out. I feel my body almost fall to the ground but I am able to stand up in time. I am very annoyed. I go to where the young male is. I find a thin hardcover book and start hitting him on both sides of his head very hard. He eventually seems very dazed and is mostly on the ground on his left side. I do not want to kill him, so I eventually stop.

      I walk to the back door of my house with only a vague realization of where I am. Ian Somerhalder (the actor) is sitting on the steps (right side when facing the back of the house from the backyard).

      I say, “I did not want to be too violent, I just wanted to get the message across.”

      Ian says, “Yes, you used just the right amount of physical strength and force.” I am aware on one level that I am making him say what I want as if I had total control. (This is a recurring dream factor, where I somehow know I am dreaming and controlling what the characters say, yet not with a viable memory of the dream state or active lucidity.) I turn to go into my house at the subliminal call of the waking prompt.

      This dream uses the same basic waking autosymbolism as always, but the roles are curiously different. I recognize the variant of the mechanism, as it has happened often before.

      Doorway waking symbolism is rendered as my dream’s exit point (a doorway symbolizing a shift in the level of unconsciousness, in this case, fully waking).

      In this case, the preconscious (Ian Somerhalder) is passive and under the control of my emergent consciousness in liminal space, somewhat different than the typical non-lucid RAS mediation, though he is still by the doorway during the transition.

      The unusual form of an attempt at water reinduction softened the hypnopompic kick which atypically did not wake me with a start but of which I was aware of in the dream state. I (subliminally) decided to wake myself anyway.

      It was my dream self (personified subconscious) that tried to bring the personified unconscious out of the dream state by hitting him with a book (an emergent consciousness factor which has been recognized as such since early childhood, as only the conscious self can feasibly read and understand large amounts of text, as in the dream state, it is typically unstable and often changes when attempting to read the same text the second time). The final position of the personified unconscious as I had been striking him matched my sleeping position exactly. I typically do not dominate RAS mediation other than in dreams of the first part of the sleeping period or in apex lucidity, based on my awareness of the dream state (whether or not I am lucid, as there is always a factor which seems to indicate dream awareness at one level or another) and whether I want to wake or not.

    3. The Preconscious Spews Four Birds (via RAS)

      by , 09-16-2017 at 10:23 AM
      Morning of September 15, 2017. Friday.

      I am in a library that is not very well-defined and in fact seems to be “blank” on two sides. I am with two unfamiliar people, a younger male and younger female. They seem puzzled about where they are. A door is partly open behind us.

      An unfamiliar older male appears in front of us (though more as if there the whole time). He makes a remark about “holding the door” so that we can leave the dream (though I am not fully lucid). “This is the waking transition,” he says. “Only this and nothing more.” (This is a line from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”.)

      Four miniature birds quickly protrude from between his lips. The little birds are in a two by two arrangement (that is, two rows of two). I recognize the one on the upper left as a miniature blue crowned pigeon. (All four exotic birds are of a different species.) The impression is created that the man’s “tongue” (somehow made of the four birds) is pointing to the door on the opposite side of the room to show us the way out.

      Despite my waking symbolism being of the same basic patterns for over fifty years, it is always quite different in how it is specifically rendered. This dream combines doorway waking symbolism (of the threshold type - meaning threshold of real-time level of consciousness) with return flight waking symbolism.

      Doorway waking symbolism is when RAS designates the potential exit point of the dream state as a doorway. (The reticular activating system or RAS is a set of connected nuclei that is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transition and is behind the formation of waking symbolism as such, often in my case by way of the personified preconscious, which is usually unrelated to real life, other than sometimes triggered by environmental noise or change in perceived light through the veil of sleep, but in my case, often linked to the transpersonal Source with prescience.)

      Return flight waking symbolism (inherent to the dream state itself based on being unconscious - even used as such in comic strips and movies by showing birds flying around someone’s head when knocked out) occurs in over twenty percent of my non-lucid dreams, and has for over fifty years. This is also based on RAS due to the biological dynamics of the inner ear often triggering a falling sensation upon the return to wakeful consciousness. This is automatically unconsciously associated with birds, airplanes, flying under one’s own power, UFOs, and other flight symbols.

      A library typically represents having more of the conscious self identity present within the dream state (due to the growing neural energy required to read and better understand text).

      Tags: birds, doorway
    4. A Word Usage Argument (fully explained)

      by , 07-27-2017 at 07:14 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2017. Thursday.

      I become aware of being in “my apartment” in the King Street boarding house. (I have not lived there in real life for nearly thirty years.) My bed is on the opposite side of the room as the door.

      In actuality, based on the real layout of the King Street boarding house and where I am, “my apartment” in my dream would be the King Street bathroom; the larger bathroom on the west side of the mansion (second floor). Adjacent to the north wall is a composite element, the Cubitis southwest bedroom’s large closet (which in real life was at ground level in a one-storey house).

      My dream self has no memory of my current conscious self identity and does not see my location as unusual or mixed up even though it is, as usual, a brand new composite.

      I need to use the bathroom. I go over towards the closet and notice one just outside the closet’s left sliding door (but facing the closet). I see that someone else had used it and not flushed. However, I also see that there is soon no water and I lift up the toilet and see there is no pipe or in fact, any sign of plumbing, as if it was just a container to empty elsewhere. This annoys me, as I do not feel like doing this. (I am unsure of where the water went, as there is no sign of a leak anywhere.)

      Going into the closet, I see a second toilet, out from the west end. It has also been used by someone else. I consider using it, but then see it is like the first, water lowering but with no plumbing. (In reality, with respect to the mixed-up layout, the King Street toilet would have been in this general location, though both of my dream’s toilets are in incorrect orientation otherwise. The King Street toilet faced south, but the two toilets here face north and east.)

      I am aware of an unknown female in the hallway. I am not sure if I should open my door. Still, I do, and she eventually starts to make fun of me for what I had written on a few documents downstairs that are on the chest of drawers in the foyer. These documents are apparently mathematics tests that I had checked and graded recently. I do not have a full understanding of what she is saying, but she does not seem to understand my system of grading or supposedly very clever usage of the language. This “unknown” female is actually my wife Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister Crystal. However, my dream self does not recognize this fact.

      Soon though, I notice my King Street landlady standing just outside my door (and the other female is gone). She is also annoying me by questioning my grading terminology. In particular, she complains about me having written “cooked” on one test I graded. I explain to her that “cooked” is a common word for “finished”, meaning that the test was successfully completed at possibly a hundred percent. I then decide to make fun of her, but I am not sure how. I start to make fun of the word “fantabulous”, but it seems she agrees with me that the word is idiotic and apparently would not use the word either. From here, I wake, having to use the bathroom, with a vague memory of the lyrics to “Wake Up Little Susie“, which I haven’t heard in years.

      This dream contains, intriguingly, six common forms of waking symbolism:

      1. Bed recognition waking symbolism (a subliminal awareness that my physical body is in bed and asleep, and as such, is a real-time dream state indicator).
      2. Toilet waking symbolism (a biological indicator that I need to wake up and use the bathroom, which is why the toilets in my dream were not usable - and note also that my “bedroom” was in the area where a large bathroom was in real life).
      3. Water lowering waking symbolism (a common type of waking symbolism which has several layers of meaning including a biological need to wake and rehydrate).
      4. Doorway waking symbolism (the personified preconscious, in this case my landlady from years ago, transmuting into my emergent consciousness due to her beginning to agree with me, is also a type of coalescence waking symbolism, but I only typify it as such when it is a more dominant factor). A doorway typically symbolizes the dream’s exit point, though may also serve as a trigger into lucidity. I first realized this when I was four years old.
      5. Alarm clock waking symbolism (subliminal until briefly after hypnopompia).
      6. Failed flight waking symbolism (subliminal). As I have already explained hundreds of times since 2004, “failed flight” (and waking symbolism in general) has nothing to do with so-called dream interpretation and is unrelated to real life other than when literally extant (environmental influence) or premonitory (such as my dream of the missing Malaysian flight shortly before it occurred).

      The potential staircase reinduction symbolism remains unused. This is validated by the graded tests being downstairs (deeper into the dream state) and my dream self acknowledging this by saying “finished” (that is, my dream is finishing).

      Relevant lines from “Wake Up Little Susie”: “The movie wasn’t so hot, it didn’t have much of a plot” (meaning that my dream was not that involving or interesting); “We fell asleep, our goose is cooked” (failed flight waking symbolism in a very clever “hidden” thread, which has happened many times in the past); “Wake up little Susie”. (Note that my wife goes by Suzi.) The lines “The movie’s over, it’s four o'clock” relate to my dream ending at about four o'clock.

    5. No Explosion After All

      by , 06-18-2017 at 11:12 AM
      Morning of June 18, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in an unknown bedroom which is seemingly implied to be part of our home. I have some sort of booby trap set up. It is a jury-rigged device with an explosive. It is set up like this to prevent any imposer from having more access to our home.

      The setting has the essence of some sort of unlikely composite of the lounge room of our present home and my fourth grade portable classroom that was north of the main building, with the classroom layout here mirrored from right to left when inside. When the imposer comes in through the doorway, there will be an explosion.

      I consider the setup. The imposer will perhaps not be killed; only surprised. I talk to Zsuzsanna about the setup. Our bed is longways (adjacent to the wall) just to the left of the entrance. (I am not even sure if there is an actual door covering the entrance.) The foot of our bed comes up to near the entrance directly on the left side. The booby trap is right at the foot of our bed.

      I consider that perhaps it is not that great of an idea. I tell Zsuzsanna that the explosion will probably be big and that it might destroy a part of the house or even reach us.

      I go over to the device and pick up an oversized nine-volt battery. It has two wires at the top, each connected to what would otherwise be snap connectors. The two wires then lead to the explosive pack. However, instead of two polarized snap connectors at the top, there are two smooth electrodes with the same positive polarity implied for each, each of the appearance of an electrode from a singular cylindrical battery. I remove the wire from one, which will probably prevent the pack from exploding. Still, I also remove the second wire. I now know that I have disabled it.

      Of course, this setup makes no sense. In the first place, the nine-volt battery, other than being over twice the size it should be, would have no polarity in reality due to its invalid design. In the second place, one could not wrap wire around a cylindrical electrode (as it would just slide off). In the third place, there does not seem to be any kind of tripwire for when the imposer comes in, but just a small container of some sort on the foot of the bed, attached with two long wires to the oversized nine-volt battery.

      Still, as would be expected, disabling my fictional device caused a softer waking, with no hypnopompic jerk. I find it fascinating how the majority of dreams are internally premonitory (in a biological sense) of the waking mechanism, especially related to the seemingly infinite ways a dream renders the lead up to waking symbolism.

      So what is happening in this particular dream? Well, the bomb is at the foot of the bed. When I disable it, I (or rather my unconscious essence) have done something biologically that prevents the type of hypnopompic jerk that is like my leg spontaneously kicking upwards. The location at the foot of the bed validates this quite obviously, and the different locations relate to the subliminal awareness that my hypnopompic kick might also disturb Zsuzsanna (so thus I am talking about the imposer, as subliminally expecting my emergent consciousness factor rather than the preconscious). It is also to the left of a doorway. A doorway symbolizes a real-time shift in consciousness, often the symbolic state directly between dreaming and waking up, as has been validated in thousands of my dreams since early childhood (and which I have typified when only about ten years of age as the “threshold” type). Zsuzsanna is to my left in my dream as she is in reality in bed as we are sleeping (a repeating orientation in my dreams.) Additionally, the battery and wires represent nerves and disabling it is symbolic of softening the nerve impulses of my real physical body. As with common symbolic (but subliminal) reinduction, this is not clear to me until directly after waking.

      I have, since very young, always found it far more meaningful and important to understand the true meaning of non-lucid dreams than the pretend game of “interpretation” in the naïve sense. To each his own.

    6. Blue Kite, Allosaurus in Doorway, Little Winged Man

      by , 11-11-2016 at 05:11 PM
      Morning of November 11, 2016. Friday.

      I find myself on a beach in daylight but possibly towards early evening. In the first segment of my dream, there is a focus on a blue kite that is near the shore but over the ocean. Who it belongs to is undetermined. The end of the string is apparently caught in some large jagged rocks and cannot be reached. I decide that it might be mine, although that may not matter since I do not see anyone attempting to retrieve the reel. Still, my “mission” seems to be to get the kite.

      While standing near the rocky area I look back and notice an allosaurus in a doorway. The size orientation does not make sense as I get the impression it is a normal doorway (even though it is out of scale relative to distance), yet the allosaurus is also supposedly large. It looks like a model of one, such as the one from “Land of the Lost” (1970s television series) but is “walking” against an invisible barrier so that with every step forward it sort of slides back. It is almost comical. I do not want to miss out on my kite retrieval but I also do not want to be caught by surprise though I eventually decide it is no threat. The implications do not make much sense. The wall that the doorway is in seems incompletely rendered and not fully in the immediate setting, fading out around the top and ends.

      Looking out towards the ocean, and at the same level of the blue kite (and to the left of it by about ten feet perhaps) I see a small man with wings wearing only a dhoti. He is very quickly (to an unrealistic extent) scribbling random unfamiliar symbols (except for a spiral) onto his chest and wings. I notice most of the supposed writing continuously falls off (which of course is not really that logical), becoming ash or ash-like. I feel a sense of both amusement and puzzlement.

    7. My Brother’s Former Dog

      by , 07-04-2016 at 01:04 PM
      Morning of July 4, 2016. Monday.

      I am visiting my brother Earl (May 23, 1940-November 29, 2007; half-brother on my mother’s side) and his family mostly as they were in the late 1980s. It seems to be the Saint Cloud Street house except that there is another house adjoined to it on the west side of it with an unlikely unlocked door in the middle of the living room wall, that one can actually go into the other house through.

      A dog is heard whining, the sound of which carries through the walls and closed door. It turns out to be my brother’s former dog that he had given to his neighbors previously, perhaps months earlier. My sister-in-law seems annoyed. (This dog was a black Labrador named Gypsy. He had it in Florida when I was a boy and had kept it indoors at my sister Marilyn’s house for a time in late 1978 when he was living in a place for a time that did not allow dogs. For some reason, it would bark furiously at my brother-in-law when he came home from work though did not actually attack. He had a different dog at the Saint Cloud Street address though, which had seizures and would start shaking and just fall over at times though quickly recovered each time, thus this dream confuses the two.)

      My brother opens the door to go directly into his neighbor’s house and he leaves the door open. This makes me feel a bit strange, as it seems like a severe imposition. His neighbors are apparently not home, though I consider that one of them, an older male, may still be in bed, but this is only a vague possibility in the back of my mind - no evidence manifests. My brother goes in and gets the dog and makes comments about its nature and how his neighbors may not have been looking after it properly or feeding it enough. He carries it in an impossible way. It sits across his upheld hands somewhat like a statue, only about the size of a large cat, in lying position, and it whines and shakes very oddly. He takes it into another room of his house in the back. The door to the adjoined neighbor’s house remains open and I continue to reflect on what an imposition this is on my brother’s part. I feel a bit wary with possible upcoming embarrassment should these people return home and see the door open as such.

      Updated on Thursday, 10 August 2017. The doorway waking symbolism here is oddly sustained. My emergent consciousness is not rendered as a dog very often, especially a nervous dog. However, this dream predicted certain aspects of my physical body a year later (related to unexplainable anxiety, which I only had at one other point in my life in my twenties). It is also an interesting marker because July 4th (the date of this dream) also relates to pets such as dogs and cats being spooked by fireworks and sometimes running off and remaining lost for a time.

    8. 6/18/14 - junk in the window

      by , 06-19-2014 at 01:15 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I was standing outside and I knew my sister was waiting for me in the building next to the building that I was staring at the window. The window is full of useless crap, but I see this thing that I feel I owned before, not that specific one. It was some stupid toy of pool or baseball or something, and I considered buying it again with $20, but then my sister called me from the door of the building next door, so I went with her into the building.
    9. Gibberish - TOTMs

      by , 03-03-2013 at 02:10 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Ok this WILD was really "forced". I had started with MILD but it was failing. I just don't think it works well with Galantamine. I had several failed WILDs that began with FA's. Finally after a couple of hours of failing a waking I really had to try hard.

      I tried visualizing a repetitive hand motion but it just wasn't working. I tried passively observing HI but it became weak and almost non existent. So I resorted to just focusing on my cheek bones and chest. For some reason this feels natural and works.

      Gibberish WILD - TOTMs 5:43AM

      This time my SubC was a little tricksy. I thought I might have felt a very brief vibration but wasn't sure. I tried forcing it and focused on the back of my neck. Nothing. I tried rolling my eyes to strengthen it. Nothing. So, I waited a bit focusing on my cheek bones. In a few seconds it felt like my head was thumping up and down on the pillow. Ah, now we are getting somewhere. I felt something like a shift. It was subtle. I tested it by moving my left shoulder back a little (I was lying on my right side). It felt sluggish and exaggerated. I open my dream eyes but I am still unsure. I do a nose plug RC and blow through. It's always a surprise when that happens.

      I transition out of bed with a little difficulty but manage fine. I can see the bedroom door. It doesn't look right. Its always really dark in my room so I hurry out. I pause. We have a couple of bookcases immediately to the left full of books in waking life. This is where I placed the note for TOTM. I look for the spot but don't see it right away. The room is dark but there is somehow a nightlight behind the bookcases shining through. I notice several books are missing but that doesn't matter now. I look and find the folded sheet of computer paper. My wife had written something without me knowing what it was before hand. I wanted to add a little spin to it. I pick up the paper and examine. It looks exactly the same. I open it.

      I find that I have to tilt the paper toward the light to read it. To my surprise it was just a bunch of gibberish. I really focu on it and try to make sense of it but it's just a string of letters and numbers on two lines. I thought to memorize it. I committed the first bit to memory but thought whats the point? It read something like this:


      That's my the password to my account! Wait no. It's not. I'm ok.

      I just look at the paper incredulously. For some reason I whisper, "What the crap?.... Ah shit." I think to try and force it to make sense but really I was satisfied enough to have done the TOTM. I toss the paper aside and move on. I walk into the living room but everything is going dark now. I start rubbing my hands and thinking of a new location. I rub my hands for quite a while just walking around in the void trying to make something appear. I can't decide where to go. I lose focus and wake up.

      I stay still and DEILD. I feel like I have to force it the way I did the WILD. Really it's just that I have no vibrations and I have become dependent as making it my signpost for "GO" time. I stay patient and calm. This time I feel a definite but subtle shift. It almost feels like a brief dizziness. I take a risk and do a nose plug RC. I blow through and transition out of bed.

      I walk back into the living room but feel the dream ending and going dark again. This time I resort to making out with the hardwood floor and rug. I mean really making out. (You gotta do what you gotta do) The feeling of the floor on my tongue is exactly what I would expect. While I feel the rug in my left hand, I even put a leg up and slide up and down on the floor. It was not sexual per-say just really about getting as much tactile sensation as possible.

      Anyway, after I feel stable I notice the room is brightly lit and vivid. I look up and see our old boxy awkward looking TV where our newer flat screen should be. I smile and think this would be something to break. I sit up and punch the screen but it's solid and hurts my hand a little. I try again with the same effect. This time I think to aim beyond the screen and really follow through. My hand just phases into it. I give up and look around for something else to break. I see an empty beer bottle on top of the TV. Perfect! Thanks SubC! I step back and throw the bottle hard into the TV screen. The bottle shatters into a million pieces and makes a really nice and clean glass-breaking sound. Satisfied I walk out the front door.

      But I pause. I think, "I wonder what this dream is about. I wonder if I am in my house for a reason." Standing halfway out the door, I turn and look at the room. I was surprised to see that the room was completely furnished and surprisingly close to real life. Usually my LDs have very little furniture. The only odd thing that I see is an extra doorway where there should be window. It is completely dark in there and I think I better not go that way. Besides I have another mission in mind. (I kind have wished that I checked it out, now that I think about it)

      I slowly step outside. The front porch and yard is vivid and realistic. I feel self conscious because I feel like I am in just my underwear. I touch and feel myself and see that I am right. I tell myself it doesn't matter in a dream. I want to find the TARDIS and see where it takes me. I look around as I walk down my sidewalk. Something catches my eye to the right. I see a ground level sign about 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. tall mounted on a brick foundation. The sign is light up from inside. It is white with blue lettering. I think its some church sign. I walk up to it and look closer. It reads:

      FA MILY

      I find the sign to be annoying so push my shoulder into until it tips over and crashes on its back. I hear an electronic short circuit and the light goes out. Ha! I broke two things.

      I look around and see a cop car across the street at some gas station. I worry that the cop saw me and will come arrest me for vandalism. I run back to my yard and feel somewhat safe. I think to run to the back yard and hide but I figure I'm better off not looking too guilty. Then I just forget about the cop and remind myself that this is a dream.

      I look up at the sky and see two moons. One is a normal full moon and the other is a reddish orange full moon. Both are a little blurred. I note this as strange but normal for my dreams.

      OK focus. I want to find the TARDIS. I look around expecting to find it. I imagine the unique sound it makes when it's teleporting. I stand there looking and waiting. The dream is fading. I realize that I was idle for too long. The dream always fades when I do that. I remember the success of making out with the sidewalk I had last week so I run and jump and do a belly flop on the sidewalk in the exact same spot. I start licking the concrete and feeling the grass. But I eventually wake up.

      Updated 03-04-2013 at 05:13 AM by 5967 (Typos, Detail, Moon Part)

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    10. [Friendly Thing - A DEILD Attempt]

      by , 10-26-2012 at 09:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Friday, October 26th, 2012]
      (Later that day.)
      (WBTB... I was trying a new technique where you are supposed to wake up after 6 hours of sleep, get up and get a
      drink and go back to bed. Then you will wake up off and on- and you must tell yourself that you won't move upon
      waking. If you wake up without moving, correctly, then you'll be free to try a series of techniques for spurring on
      OBE's and lucid dreaming, directly from it.)

      I got to a state on the edge of the twilight dream world... I could feel my body vibrating slightly... accompanied by

      another familiar feeling that I recognized, but couldn't quite explain... like a strange numbness.

      I tried rollling my body- didn't work... tried levitating my body and it worked. My legs began to float up into the

      I floated up above my body and saw a yellow clothes hamper in my room with a face on it.
      I became excited and threw myself towards it.
      Then I flashed forward to a door way, and some figure was folded into himself in a ball on the floor.
      It made unintelligible sloppy growls- but I decided that it wasn't unfriendly.
      I began to growl sloppily back, as if I were conversing with it.

      <I woke up.>
    11. up from the depths

      by , 01-10-2012 at 01:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A voice saying, "Up from the depths." A view of a woman in some kind of white robes and head covering, carrying something and walking up a dark stairwell, up toward a lit doorway.
    12. 14th Shared Dreaming Attempt- Nonconformist's Dream

      by , 08-06-2011 at 04:24 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      NonConformist's Dream

      I am in this hotel, I'm Frodo, and Sam is with me. We're going up this elevator, but we're having trouble getting in. We both had just leveled up, and are able to change our skills. I get a skill called Admin, which lets me get a job promotion much easier. When the elevator stops, we get out, and there is a filing cabinet sitting there. It instantly opens, and something catches my eye. There is a file that says "Stephen Greer, UFO Phenomenon" though I don't get to look at it. I'm walking down the hall, and there is a tall Dutch/Welsh man named Hans there, along with 2 of his kids. In the room next to it, there is a business man there. Me and Sam go inside the room. The man is pretty shady, and I think that we were trying to steal something from him; a file or something. We tell him to follow us into another room, and Sam leads the way. Supposedly I have had a dream in this room before, and the business man and Sam were re-enacting it. I inched my way to the door, hoping that the man wouldn't notice, then ran over to his office. He did notice and ran after me, and I was caught. We were both standing in the doorway when Hans came over and decided to have a little 'talk' with the man. Hans came back with blood on his hand, and he told us we had better leave. We went back down the elevator, and out the door. Sam was now Edward, and I was my regular self. We were in a big business area that was outside, but it had a roof. There was a line for people who wanted to do jury duty. Ed said he wanted to wait in line, and I asked why, because there was a courtroom much closer to his house than this one. He walked away.
      I am in a Jeopardy game show, with 1 girl 1 guy and me. Instead of earning points for answering questions, you would earn a prize that was worth points, like a doughnut, or a sweater that was worth a million and 6 points. The other guy was very stupid and got kicked off the show, and it seemed as though the whole crowd was women. Then, there was this man named XX100 who came on the show, who supposedly had been on the show before. The host took up arms, which was an azure Katana and dagger. The 2 began fighting a mighty battle, and I felt as though I was controlling the host like a puppeteer does. Soon the host had XX on his knees. XX was in a full suit of armor, so he removed his helmet, but to his surprise, he was wearing a ski mask. 3 to be exact. It was like something out of Scooby Doo. When he was finally unmasked and you could see his face, he was a white man with a shaved head. He kind of looked Scottish. He began to say something, but for the life of me I barely remember dialogue.
      I am in this amusement park(maybe) and with a whole big group of people. We are going through the shower rooms, boys on one end and girls on the other, but it didn't really matter, because you could see each other and we were all equally naked. The dream didn't start off like this, but I can't remember any more.
    13. Late Entrance

      by , 06-29-2011 at 08:06 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It is night, and I was going to go to S's boarding house. I already texted him, but I didn't get any reply. I was going in, but the gate going into the area was just closed. Then somebody knocked and was allowed in. I went in with him. The people who let us in said that we should not go in so late, or at least be silent, because the people near the gate are annoyed by the noise of the gate. It's already midnight.

      I waited a bit while they were talking, and then I went further into the place, following the cement path. On the left, I see houses, and then a sea beyond it, with a hint of a coming dawn. I see some houses are so open that I can see the people's bedroom inside. The "doorway" is very wide, and has no door. I also see some people with their bed outside of the house, and there are even some people sleeping on it. It looks like a very small village, with most of the place open ground. There are also some foreigner-looking people sleeping.

      I finally reached the boarding house, and I saw G and S there. S was sitting on a chair outside the house, and G was leaning on the table. Upon seeing me, G stood up and S made a "gun" sign with his fingers pointing at me (with his right hand). He also asked sarcastically if I was still alive, and I answered yes, with a tinge of disappointment, probably because I was expecting S to fetch me by the gate.

      G asked for down payment for the boarding house, since I will be staying there.



      Beds outside the house
      Wide "doorway"
      Location is different from the actual boarding house location
      S is sarcastic
      Repetition (this is based on what happened last week, where I went to S's boarding house)
      Speed of time: midnight to dawn in almost an instant
    14. Late Entrance

      by , 06-29-2011 at 08:05 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      It is night, and I was going to go to S's boarding house. I already texted him, but I didn't get any reply. I was going in, but the gate going into the area was just closed. Then somebody knocked and was allowed in. I went in with him. The people who let us in said that we should not go in so late, or at least be silent, because the people near the gate are annoyed by the noise of the gate. It's already midnight.

      I waited a bit while they were talking, and then I went further into the place, following the cement path. On the left, I see houses, and then a sea beyond it, with a hint of a coming dawn. I see some houses are so open that I can see the people's bedroom inside. The "doorway" is very wide, and has no door. I also see some people with their bed outside of the house, and there are even some people sleeping on it. It looks like a very small village, with most of the place open ground. There are also some foreigner-looking people sleeping.

      I finally reached the boarding house, and I saw G and S there. S was sitting on a chair outside the house, and G was leaning on the table. Upon seeing me, G stood up and S made a "gun" sign with his fingers pointing at me (with his right hand). He also asked sarcastically if I was still alive, and I answered yes, with a tinge of disappointment, probably because I was expecting S to fetch me by the gate.

      G asked for down payment for the boarding house, since I will be staying there.



      Beds outside the house
      Wide "doorway"
      Location is different from the actual boarding house location
      S is sarcastic
      Repetition (this is based on what happened last week, where I went to S's boarding house)
      Speed of time: midnight to dawn in almost an instant
    15. The Doorway

      by , 04-27-2011 at 02:24 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      (Straight from the dream journal)

      A house on a lake- the doorway is so small I must crawl and contort to enter. Jamie (who is sometimes Cole) own it with Tyler (dating Jamie, in real life and in my dream). Heather (who is sometimes Dylan) are moving in. Skeptical because I am insecure if they want us. Two bathrooms but space is limited.

      There was a lot more to the dream, but it trailed off into a strange "field trip" and I didn't write it down. However, later in the dream, I did come back to the house. Semi-lucid, I was tired of the small doorway, and tried to "will" it bigger. Still semi-lucid, I noticed that the reason the door was so small was because of the unfinished brick entryway. Never will I be able to explain how the entrance was set up, but it was kind of half buried yet fully accessible. Eh.

      I rarely do researched dream interpretation beyond what I think my dreams mean, but I did look into this one. My dictionary really helped me understand what this possibly (to me, what this DEFINITELY) means. Tons of gratitude to You, subconscious self.
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