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    1. Dream - Trapped In Suburbia & The Explosive Feud

      by , 07-12-2017 at 08:42 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 10 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 150 - Separated Sections

      Dream 150 A – Trapped In Suburbia
      I was riding my bike around a random area of the suburbs. I then said to myself that I wanted to ride to WB's place but I could go past a certain point. It's like I would keep pedalling but there was some sort of invisible wall there. My grandmother then comes home with these three bottles of juice. My brother said that it would be best if the juice bottles were all stored in his room but I didn't agree with that. I said that one should stay upstairs and the other two can go down with him. Then when I opened my bag, there was one big bottle of juice but the others were weirdly sized. The second bottle was actually two medium bottles and the third was all these micro sized bottles. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 150 B – The Explosive Feud
      I was in the garage and I could hear my parents talking in the backyard. I wanted to know what I was saying and so I asked them. My parents then got really mad at me but I've forgotten the rest of the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. Quaint Town, Strange Brothel in Cafe

      by , 01-30-2017 at 07:11 PM
      First thing I remember, I was sitting on a horse in a quaint town. There was another guy on a horse who was leading the way. He showed me how to speed up and we galloped through the town. He disappeared while we were riding. I stopped when I saw a boy trying to open a big warehouse door for a delivery. I helped him open the door and a man from inside the warehouse took it and secured it open. Then a large box was delivered (a piano?) A woman handed me a money order and said that I could cash it at the local bank and she gave me directions. I asked her about a bookstore in town. She told me there was a new one that would be opening tomorrow.

      I walked through the town admiring its quaintness and thinking that Peg and I might want to move here. I saw where the new bookstore would be opening. It was to be mostly a used book store. People walking on the street seemed to be pleasantly buzzed. I mentioned to a middle-aged, female, passerby that it was a little bit like the movie, The Stepford Wives. I was not sure if she would get the reference but she did and agreed with me.

      I went into a diner. I had a bag with clothes in it. I noticed a woman smoking at the table next to me. I asked her to confirm, “We can smoke in here?” At first, she seemed to think I was messing with her and kind of gave me a snarky response. Then I looked and saw that there were ashtrays on all the tables. I thought, “Peg would love this place.” I lit a cigarette and decided that I should take a selfie photo of me smoking a cigarette in a restaurant. By this point there were more people wandering up to nearby tables and chatting, mostly attractive women. I took the selfie and noticed that there was a flirtatious-looking woman in the background. It occurred to me that Peg might not be that happy with me hanging out at this place. I tried to text her the selfie on my phone but I could not find the photo. There were a bunch of photos that I had not seen before, of a wedding that my sister Christine had attended. I struggled with the phone for a minute but had to give up on sending the photo. (tech fail)

      Then an attractive woman approached me and asked me in a flirtatious manner if I wanted to go downstairs. I asked her what happens downstairs. She said something like, “Generous men buy subscriptions to our magazines.” I thanked her but said maybe another time. Then a young guy approached me and asked me about my refusal to go downstairs with the woman, intimating that I would have a good time. I told that man that I was married and politely refused. An older gentleman sitting nearby said that I should have gone downstairs but not engaged in anything saying that this would make me intriguing to them.

      I was getting ready to go and I started organizing the clothes I had in my bag. A middle-aged woman took my lunch tray and began walking off with it. I said that I still had to pay and she stopped. I worked out the payment with her. There was also a large pile of change that I had left on the tray. She tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it as a donation to the women who were selling magazine subscriptions.

      I walked through a different room, intending to exit the restaurant through a different door. There were some little private boxes that were like free standing closets. I realized that men were meeting women in these boxes to chat privately before going downstairs. I ended up stepping into one of these boxes. It was a particularly small one, about the size of a phone booth. A woman stepped into the box and spoke with me for a minute explaining that the magazines were around $12 per issue. That seemed kind of expensive to me. But I said that I could probably buy a three-month subscription. We left the box and I was presumably going to meet her downstairs. But then I was captured by a group of men and put into a primitive box with sticks going through the top so the box could be carried by several men. I was afraid that they were going to send me to South America to be a slave.

      They brought me to a darkish room downstairs where there was an auction going on. They were auctioning off men for sexual encounters with men and women. I was not too happy about this. Some people told me that it was not that bad. One gave me a clear plastic glove to make things less messy.
      By then Peg had showed up and we discussed the pros and cons of the two of us working at a place like this. I guess it paid pretty well. But we would have to have sexual encounters with people of either sex. I think we were leaning against the idea. But then I woke up before we had decided.

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    3. A game conjuring a spell

      by , 06-16-2014 at 12:36 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Nap after work:

      .../I'm with my little kid in front of a crossroad where an old woman who's dressed in tattered clothes, sits still. The place is surrounded by rocks, it looks like the entrance to a cavern without roof. I cannot see the sky from here. It's not possible to go through unless the creepy lady stands up. Then, I realize she's a witch and the purpose of the game is that my daughter has to talk to her asking for permission to go through. I ask my kid to speak to her. My girl hardly builds a sentence and asks the creepy woman to please let her pass. The woman reacts and stands up with very tedious movements. My kid notices something is left where the woman sat. It's a toy which reminds me a little Garfield's figure I had long ago. This one, looks like the combination of a serpent and that cartoon character. We get in, then a voice says something about the worse demon from hell. I see a disgusting creature getting downstairs pulled with a chain by a masked man. It's hard to describe, it looks like the combination of a serpent with human arms and legs, and some other bugs. Its head looks like the head of a tapeworm. The voice describes the creature. I think apparently they are trying to build the most terrifying monster from hell. It talks about some glands, when I see some glandular bags fall from its neck. They drop a fluid and the voice says it's some sort of poison. It's more disgusting than terrifying to me. Then there's a sort of religious preacher who asks me to think about the most lovely moment I lived. I have to build an image about it. I don't remember what I thought but he says the image must appear in front of my eyes in order to create the proper spell. I don't remember what I recalled but he says it's good because of the heart beats where pretty intense. Then he asks me to think about the worse moment I lived with my wife and I have to remember all the hate a felt. I remember a discussion we never had and think it's good for the occasion. Then he says the purpose of this spell is to conjure both feelings and turn them into one or something like that. Then I'm standing on a known dreamscape from my grandparents town. It's close to the cemetery. I remember I had a situation where I felt a more intense feeling, when I was editing some videos. But now he asks me to remember a table I had when I left the city of my university. He says this table did love me and is waiting when I come back. He has a table in his hand and unfolds it. I think it would be nice to have my table back because of the drawings I made on it, although perhaps my cousin has already sold it. Then I'm walking to the cemetery when I see a couple of buddies having a beer in a corner at the bottom of some stairs. I notice I have a Coke in my right hand, and it's cap is in my left pocket. I put it back and walk to my pals. Now I have a cassette in my hand. I see it's a Heavy Metal band from the 80's, and I want to show it to one of them. He says something about he likes "Vibrato". I remember I had this tape before and there's a song with that name. I look for it but I cannot find it anywhere. I see the box has sort of magnifying glass attached to it, and I can clearly read the titles of the songs with it. I just have to move the box a little to surf on the titles. Then I find the song "Vibrato" under the live show section. I'm wondering when the magnifying glass will be broken when I start hearing a chorus in Spanish which stands for "Where is the lord of the Holy Hell?"/...

      * Woke up by some people making noises with a trumpet or some...

      .../There was something about my older daughter having a bad or shower on the bed and it was a little bit complicated/...

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    4. Waiter Assassin

      by , 12-19-2012 at 09:03 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I took a woman out for a date. RF and another person (a woman) suggested a place. I found the place too pricey. We changed to KFC. There were meals that costs over P400. I had to clarify if that was for two or just for one. Then I realized I left my wallet in a different pair of pants. I whispered to her the dilemma and she seemed displeased.

      The waiter was planning something nasty, so I threatened him, creating the illusion of heat (or cold?) in his balls and eyes if he ever tries to do his misdeed.

      I am walking with RF and V in Quiapo. V looks a lot thinner. Afternoon. I have to get stuff, but it was too late. I remember I should get AM's Smartbro. I thought with panic "That was today?!" I told RF I have to go back. It's already night. I didn't want to go back and forth with the pieces of paper, so I left it with him, grateful that he took it.

      Going back, I needed to take a tricycle. Gg was already there, and we live near each other anyway. The driver does not seem to want to move. Gg was singing to get him to drive, I think. No go, so we took a jeep. I was worried the driver of this one won't hurry either.

      We were going downstairs. By "we" means me and some person. It seems to go underground. Then I'm in a mansion with some people. There's an old guy who looks European, and one who seems to be the husband or partner of the woman I was dating. He doesn't seem offended, but I think he was the one who sent the "assassin" waiter, but I sensed it's all in the past now. I keep walking around the 'circle' in the mansion, hoping to go up a set of stairs, but I ended up walking on the tables. I was reprimanded, and I apologized for not noticing I was already walking on tables. I jumped down and looked for the stairs.
    5. Stairs

      by , 10-13-2012 at 03:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream last night about playing Sims 3. For some reason, the game was able to fast-forward really far (not fast-forward as in the highest speed; it actually skipped a whole ton of days). After it fast-forwarded, one of my Sims was old, and there was this random ghost woman going around turning everyone into ghosts.

      One other Sim asked, "What happened to my Alex?!" (referring to the one who was now old). I (as in my Simself) just hugged her, glad that she was okay and not old and/or a ghost.

      In the next dream, I was in this building with some girl, and we had to find this old guy who reminded me of Walt Disney for some reason. We had to go all the way downstairs, probably down to the bottom floor. We ended up going down many, MANY flights of stairs, and I woke up before we even got close to the bottom.

      I woke up from that dream but soon fell asleep again. I had to go to the Girl Scout store with Cherise, a leader I kind of know from a troop in our service unit. She didn't look the same as she does IWL, though. Instead of going to the newer store, we went to the older one, which is further away (I've only been to the new one a couple times, so my subconscious probably picked the other one because it's more familiar).

      We had to hurry to get there before it closed, because it apparently closed at 6 PM, and it was almost 6 when we pulled into the parking lot. When we went inside, I remember thinking about the previous two dreams and what I would write in my dream journal. Oh, also, when we got inside, we had to climb a bunch of stairs to get to the shop (the Girl Scout shop isn't the only thing in that building IWL, but it's on the first floor, so I'm not sure why we had to go up stairs in the dream).

      I think it's kind of funny how I have a dream about going down stairs followed by a dream about going up stairs.
    6. The Giant Shadow

      by , 10-15-2011 at 09:40 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I'm in a lab building, with some people. I went into another lab building with a person. A portal. Some lab-coat people run out of it. We tried to shoot them with lightning/fire from our fingers, but they just passed through us. Ghosts?

      We entered the door/portal, and there are more lab-coat people running from the direction we're headed. I tried shooting more, but nothing came out of my fingers.

      We kept walking, and walked down stairs. There were five levels. I was on the last level, and sensed great evil from it. I decided to walk back up. My companion urged me to go, but I complained why it has to be me. Why can't it be him or someone else. I cowered in the corner, hugging my knees. Now it looks like a castle, the walls are made of stone. I "saw" a giant shadow walk.

      McDonald's. A Korean actor posing for a commercial for a noodle, that comes with the coke float of McDonald's. Walking in Lacson St, night, yellow lights.