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    1. DBZ Battle and Flying a Helicopter

      by , 09-11-2017 at 02:07 AM (My Dream World)
      DBZ Battle:
      The dream begins at my apartment. For some reason, I'm an old man and there are Dragon Ball Z characters fighting outside in a team battle. Goku and Vegeta are in the same team fighting an unknown character who got paired up with me. I'm in my building's corridor, watching them fighting below, from a sort of balcony. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't fly or use Ki and I'm weak, so I can't really fight with them. Suddenly, I remember about Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly and a try flying and suddenly I start floating up a little. I them realize that since I can float, this must be a dream.

      I got back to the floor and think about how to get stronger. I take a stance, flex my muscles and begin screaming really hard, like a DBZ character powering up. Suddenly, my muscles grow and I become really buff. I climb up to the balcony and think I should get another power up just in case. I think that since I'm not saiyan I have to use Kayoken. I imagine myself activating it and I get a transparent aura around me. I prepare to jump down but get scared since Iím afraid of falling in dreams, so I take the stairs instead.

      When I arrive down there with them I immediatelly attack them, doing all sorts of cool moves like punching them and grabbing them and throwing them back down, cracking the ground. There was also a moment where I launched a ki blast at Vegeta from behind, altough it felt kinda weak so I went back to physical attacks. I was completely overpowering them. I even hit my teammate by accident at some point! Unfortunately around here my memory gets kinda hazy and Iím not sure when the dream ended, but it was sometime during the fight.

      Flying a Helicopter:
      Iím inside a military helicopter along with some waking-life friends. I think we are heroes and are going to a mission or something like that. Iím scared while riding the helicopter because itís really high up. Somewhere along the way, the helicopter runs out of fuel and we have to land on the middle of the street. We get off the helicopter, trying to figure out what to do now.

      I suddenly get lucid and think about flying and taking the helicopter with me using telekinesis but then I have another idea. I use a power from a manga called My Hero Academia. Itís a gravity cancelation power which allows the user to remove gravity from objects it touches. I touch the helicopter with one hand, making it weightless and now I can carry it easily.

      I fly around carrying the helicopter and my friends inside it and I stop somewhere because I want to try fusing the helicopter with something. One of my friends dares me to fuse it with an airplane but Iím more interested in fusing it with a car. I try to fuse it with a small car nearby but I canít get it to work. I even make up some magic words but nothing works. This is the last part of the dream I can recall.
    2. pokemon

      by , 12-06-2012 at 02:21 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      There was this pokemon collection that I had...like toys but they actually did things some kind of way. We we combined all of our stuff together, and had them displayed all around. They were telling me some that I had were super rare because of their sizes. I told them I must have gotten lucky because most of the one's I got were that size. We also had dragon ball z toys. I had several different forms of Boo
    3. Hijacked House Party, Crazy Food Fight, Exploring The New House

      by , 02-14-2012 at 07:02 PM
      I'm on a roll with lucids lately! This night turned out to be more interesting than I had anticipated. (Not that I suppose I ever expect certain things out of my dreams....) I smoked a bowl of wormwood before going to bed so I'm sure that helped, though it's hard to say because I've never used it before. But anyway, on with the dreams!

      #1 - Hijacked House Party

      The dream starts with my parents and I having moved into some enormous new house that looks like only extremely rich people could possibly live there. There was a good amount of time in-dream spent with me wandering around the house checking things out, but most of it I don't remember other than sliding around the floor in one room because it had a smooth wooden flooring (like a school gym or something?) and two gigantic TVs, one on each side. I saw my dad walking around in the room next to me and overheard that my mom was going somewhere and saw them go outside, so I went outside through the other door in the room I was in (there were two front doors right next to each other ) to say goodbye to her. After she drives off I walk back inside to find that there's a party going on with loads of people over. :O I walk around and go to one corner of the room where some people are talking about a new Pokťmon game pre-release. There are a bunch of (imaginary) Pokťmon games on the floor and I point out that the one they're talking about now being "pre"-released I've already had for a long time, as well as a bunch of these other games. They just brush me off and keep talking, and I pick up one of the games and pull a Game Boy Advance out of thin air and put it in. I believe it was at this point I became lucid, it's hard to remember exactly (but I'll get to that). I'm walking around the party watching the game load up and laughing because it's happening so terribly, it doesn't even remotely work correctly. Eventually I just drop the GBA out of my line of sight, never to be seen again, and start focusing on my surroundings. I tried to stabilize by looking at a table with an interesting oak pattern on it and touching it to see how real it felt. After that I started listening in on conversations and heard that the party was being thrown by this girl D who I went to high school with. I decide to shift the attention to myself so I change everyone's perception of me to D (I don't think there was any actual shapeshifting involved accept maybe some clothes switching, everyone just suddenly saw me as her) and they all started complimenting me on having such a great party. (This actually made me sad when I woke up because she died of a drug overdose not that long ago, but I didn't remember it in the dream.... ) After that I woke up.

      Or so I thought. I'm in bed in the middle of the night and I still have the perception that my house is the huge rich house we moved into, but my room seems otherwise normal. I open up my phone to start typing up notes about the dream but music keeps mysteriously turning on and getting louder each time so I have to get up and turn it off or it'll wake up my parents. Whenever I would get up I would notice there were a bunch of strange things and gadgets in my room that were not normally there, like a camera aimed directly at my bed. However, of course, it didn't clue me in to anything and I brushed it off. -.- Then I actually woke up, cursing myself for not doing RCs whenever I wake up, and almost entirely forgetting the dream. Luckily I managed to get it back, obviously, but it's still kind of faint in my memory.

      #2 - Crazy Food Fight

      This one I remember less of, just some key details. There was some kid trying to take over the world, we found him in a bank where we broke into a vault and discovered a restaurant in it. We sat down and started eating with him, but then it broke out into a food fight, then a fight where we were just throwing anything we could find, then half way down the line it turned into a third-person view of a really crazy Dragon Ball Z fight. The kid had both of his legs blown off, but he pressed some button that allowed him to escape and left Goku and Vegeta to train for several years while they awaited his return.

      I have no idea where that came from, I never watched Dragon Ball Z and I haven't even thought about it in at least months.

      #3 - Exploring The New House

      I'm back in the new house we moved into from the first dream and I'm exploring it some more. I remember this one sort of in snippets. First I in my parents' bedroom at night and my mom was sleeping, and we discovered that there was a family of teacup pigs that lived in that bedroom. They were so cute!! Next was during the day some time and we were having a close friends and family party. Still in my parents' bedroom, Hammond Druthers from How I Met Your Mother (Bryan Cranston! ) couldn't stop marveling at how amazing the bed was. I walked out into the kitchen and found a cat who was apparently left by the previous owner, Lady Gaga. (We're living in Lady Gaga's house!! ) The cat was fat but cuddly and loving, he didn't mind that I just held him for a long time. :3 In a rare case of me actually remembering other senses from non-lucid dreams, I can distinctly recall how fluffy he felt. Though it did disturb me a bit that we seemed to have left our old cats (one of whom is actually not with us anymore in real life) behind at our old house too. :\ I went and found my dad to talk to him about it and some kids kept following us everywhere and making it hard for us to have a private conversation, but we finally managed to ditch them. I don't remember what my dad said, but I think it revolved around us just leaving the cats behind. T-T Heartless! (Though I guess that's what Lady Gaga did, too. >_>) I went walking back out in the kitchen, which I'm pretty sure was a separate kitchen from before, and talked to some family members briefly before wandering down another new hallway. The kids from before followed me down there and tried to attack me! They had these Q-Tips that would apparently give you an ear infection if they were put inside your ear, and they were trying to use them on me. I managed to overpower them and stuck one inside both ears of the first kid and one of the second, then it became a third-person view of some kid named Crush, those two kids, and a couple other random kids. They were still in the hall but it became dark and trailed off into oblivion and apparently a portal to hell opened up. Everything went monochrome and the kids all started hanging on to these ancient-looking stone columns which had appeared on the walls of the hall to resist being pulled in. Demons were manifesting from the portal and reaching out toward them, but none of the kids seemed frightened except Crush. They all tried to get him to look at the demons and called him a scaredy cat when he wouldnt, but then finally one of the kids left to turn on the lights and it all disappeared. Next, the two kids who attacked me were sitting under a tent in front of an empty grave dug in sand on the beach of the jungle. Another kid with a tribal look and a heavy African accent emerged from the foliage and told them that they needed to get Crush and tell him to go to some area and do something (the details of which I've totally forgotten) so that he can complete his destiny. They begrudgingly agree to do it, but it seems like they may be plotting something against him because they clearly don't like him, and I think they blame him for the ear infection thing. After that I woke up.

      What is going on with my mind and this jungle?? I need to get lucid in it again and explore it more fully.
    4. Between two worlds

      by , 01-13-2012 at 08:26 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Loads of dreams last night...tried to focus on Kaomea, and I saw her. I was going through her dream journal with my phone in my bed, and dozed off while I was reading it....but I think my eyes were still open. Either way, I had vivid HH of plam trees in my darkened room. It was if they were surrounding my bed. The first dream seems like two dreams are happening at once. The thing about it, when the other one switches up really fast, it's all in black and white....just really weird, and hard to keep up.

      I"m at some public area, and I think I'm treating someones broken arm or something

      *dream immediately changes scenes*

      I'm in a helicopter with Kaomea...everything is black and white. And I don't know whats going on.

      *dream changes scenes again*

      I have this thing stuck in my leg. I'm explaining that the Army put it there, and it's for allergic reactions. I can use the eppy whenever I want to, but I never had use for it. I'm slowly digging it out, and I can visualize the tissue in my leg and placement of the device in relation to my finger. I finally pull it out and wonder if there's anything left in it. The pin is orange, and my wound starts healing immediately. Too late to rethink putting it back in there.

      *scene changes again*

      We're arriving on the front lawn of the white house.

      *scene changes again*

      I have blanket over some girl, and I'm wrestling a demon out of her. She finally stops struggling, and when I remove the blanket...she's pretty calm. I asked her if she remembered anything that just happened, and she was drawing blank. "Good", I said, and took her to her mother who was T. All three of us walked to the kitchen where my friend D's mother was, and I introduced them all. I had a hard problem recalling her name...before I could even question why I didn't know it....

      *scene changes again*

      I'm running down the side of a skyscraper, and gravity obviously has no effect.
      *dream(s) finally end*

      At the house
      I'm at my house with J, and I notice his mothers ex is speeding off in an old orange car that I've never seen before. J was explaining the model and make, and I was watching the guy drive down the ditch before jumping on to the road. Just then my nephews came over, and C had on an army shirt. He was playing with it, and he ripped it up. I asked him why would he do such a thing, and I play wrestle with him a bit and tell him not to do that to his shirts...especially those shirts.

      *scene changes*
      I'm in the middle of the air in the world of Dragon Ball Z. I'm showing someone this technique that I thought he should have already learned. There are several floating mountains that I demonstrate on. First I gather my energy, and then I let off a Ki blast. When it flies....I fly faster than the blast itself, and intercept it. The blast hits me, and I use that gathered energey to shoot another blast that's way powerful than the previous one. It obliterates the floating mountain into pebbles. I did this several times before waking up.

    5. November 1, 2008

      by , 10-25-2011 at 11:30 PM
      MY FIRST LUCID DREAM!!!!! Started off as me going to a voice audition for Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. I asked how much Id make, it was a lot. Anthony tried to talk me out of it. Then, we were sort of in Lemming Ball Z, but it was a different game. Afterwards, I went home (old house) and watched TV. Alann called and said "Don't change the channel! They are about to be awesome!" Then, zombies came into the house, which was set up differently by the way, and chased me upstairs. Instead of my right, my left foot had a broken toe. But when I got upstairs, I realised this (of all things), and did a RC. I HAD SIX FINGERS. I knew I was dreaming. I was healed (my foot), my vision was perfect, and I was in control. I also felt the mirror in the bathroom. It was soft, like rubber tension while still feeling smooth and hard like a mirror. I though to my self to keep things simple; I didn't want to wake up too soon. I made a paperclip appear on the bathroom floor behind me. You have to really concentrate. It's harder than I thought it would be. Since it was my first LD, it was still fuzzy like a regular dream, except details were amazingly close (the bathroom floor for example) and the quality was slightly better than a normal dream. And I remembered everything in the dream. Next LD I hope to fly.
    6. Beat this game

      by , 01-10-2011 at 12:55 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      My brother and nephews were at my house, and my brother had this DBZ game set up in the living room. I'm thinking it's one of the old school ones that never made it to the states back in the 16bit era. Anyway, he's asking me to beat the story mode or something for his kids. I started going through it, and my alarm went off for realz.