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    1. War at a cult complex, and a simple grassy field

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:01 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was tied up on a chair in a large room. In the center was a big steel door on the floor, and there were people in robes standing all around it. They all stood there as the door on the floor slid open and a woman tied to an altar rose out of the hole. Just as that happened, I went lucid. Instead of untying myself, I decided to sit there and let it play out, just to see what kind of story I could play along with.

      They left the woman on the altar and started to come at me, so I willed the rope untied and jumped up. They were all super surprised and WTF. An alarm rang and people were running everywhere, and I shot through the window out into the sky. In the sky there were lots of jets and people with jetpacks flying around, and I realized it was some kind of war. People were fighting each other. The guys in the building were the bad guys, so I joined up with the good guys and flew around watching the action. I noticed the building I came from was getting bombed, it was a giant complex, and soon there was a massive hole that took out a whole floor.

      As I watched, an older lady flew up next to me, prepared to fight. So I tried to shoot off a Kamehameha, but it just fizzled. God, why can't I ever get DBZ stuff to work? Bleh... well, as soon as I attempted that, she started saying THE WORD, and I knew she was about to fire off her own Kamehameha. Just as it shot out of her hands, I freaked out thinking if I got hit, I would wake up, so I threw my arms forward and desperately tried again, AND IT WORKED. Mine met hers and overpowered it, and I destroyed her.

      After that, I willed my clothes to be like the robes the guys in the complex were wearing, and went inside to try to save that woman. It was a lot of fun sneaking around like a spy. I was able to find her, but some other guys saw us and chased after us. We took a detour into a small hallway with a long booth, and sat down on the booth waiting for them to pass. But then I woke up.


      A really strange dream where I was in the car with Cory and we were driving around a roundabout over and over without exiting it. I was holding a mechanical pencil and the shifting car caused me to stab myself in the right upper arm. It hurt like a bitch, and the stick of lead was stuck in me. I grabbed it to pull it out, but it was super long and started freaking me out. Once I pulled it out, I saw there was more in there, and eventually I was squeezing my arm trying to pop the other sticks of lead out. It was pretty freaky.


      Another lucid dream. I was standing out in a grassy field. Off in the distance was the treeline of a forest, and there was a barn. I walked along in the field, kind of amazed at how vivid this dream was. The grass was super super green, and I was barefoot and it felt nice. I kept walking along, not really wanting to do much but enjoy it, because sometimes it's fun to just relax.

      As I continued along, I wondered about summoning up Seru, so I attempted it. I tried a trick I read about on here where you reach your hand behind you and they grab on to it. Didn't work. Just as I was about to give up, he walked out of the forest onto the field, but there was something off about him. Only after he moved closer did I realize it wasn't actually Seru, it was just some random DC that looked like him, and he looked SUPER PISSED OFF. He just kind of loomed over me giving me this terrifying look, and then he took off quickly. I tried to follow him to see WTF was going on but he was too quick for me.
    2. The betrothed princess, Majin Buu, and a bigfoot episode of Supernatural

      by , 06-29-2015 at 05:42 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was a princess, the daughter of some super rich king who wanted to marry me off to some prince I'd never met. On the day we were supposed to meet, the king hired all sorts of people to doll me up, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion experts, etc. First I was sent to the hair stylist, who was this young lady with light neon blue hair up in two ponytails on either side of her, and her hair had streaks of other colors in it, mostly pink I think. I was so in love with her hair and asked for something similar, so she gave me the same style but made mine super colorful and rainbow-y. After that, they sent me to the makeup artist, and I was really nervous because for some reason I thought I had guy-stubble on my face and I was afraid the artist would get weirded out and not cover it up, but she said she could do that easily. After that, I worried over the dress selection, because I seriously badly wanted a Victorian style dress that poofed out at the bottom, and I thought they'd give me some ugly straight one. But they had a huge dress selection to choose from so I felt better. Later on, the king told me the prince didn't really like me, but that wasn't the point. The point was to marry so they could combine kingdoms. I got so upset and told the king that I refused to be just some object he could use to take over countries with, and I ran away.

      An evil man kidnapped me and locked me in his house. It was kind of a shitty house, and I remember seeing a round wooden table next to glass patio doors. I was so scared but determined to escape. I acted really nice to him so he would wind up trusting me, and then I secretly opened the patio door so his pug ran out. He was freaking out over his dog escaping so I told him I would go out and get it. So I ran out into the yard but instead of chasing the dog I ran along the fence until I found a spot low enough to climb over, and I did and took off running frantically. I knew I wasn't a very good runner but I tried, and by the time I got to his front yard, he intercepted me and held me in place, smiling and laughing all creepy-like. He told me he didn't care if I screamed because anyone passing by wouldn't bother to help anyway, so I started screaming and reaching my hand out to people walking down the sidewalk, and they just turned their heads and kept walking. The neighbor did the same thing but went into his house. I felt so hopeless and desperate, and I couldn't believe nobody would help me, but the man kept holding me and laughing. But suddenly this Worgen guy from WoW came up and told the man to let me go, but he didn't. He acted all nice and invited him in for tea, so the Worgen said okay and said he'd save me afterward. I told him to be careful because he was only level 98 and the man was level 100, but he didn't care. The creepy man wound up catching us both. After that, I was saved by Majin Buu, who flew me away on a cloud. We were both sitting on the cloud and flying through the sky, doing loops and such. Suddenly we saw another person flying towards us on a cloud that also had Majin Buu sitting on it, so we stopped and said hi to each other.

      I was standing in a house by the window, looking up at storm clouds. There was a serious amount of rotation, and I saw one cloud close to the ground start rotating pretty fast. I made a joke that it would turn into a tornado... but then it actually did. When I went out onto the porch there were tornadoes everywhere, but it looked like that one was heading away from us, and as soon as I pointed that out, it turned around and came toward us. They told me to get back into the house and hunker down in the hallway, but I was like 'fuck that shit' and made a mad dash out into the road for some reason. They called me insane and said I'd die, but I kept running and running, hoping to find a safe place before the tornado caught up with me, I felt scared but at the same time confident I'd get away. I saw a big school and ran inside quick, and the school was empty and dark. On the floor was a small window, like the kind you see on the bottoms of houses that lead to the basement, so I hoped it was also a basement. I could hear the tornado close and dived into the window, squeezing through. The basement was huge with a concrete floor and a sloped roof like an attic's, and I grabbed at random plywood boards in an attempt to protect my head. Then I saw another person down there, but we didn't say anything to each other, we just nodded in approval like 'I see you were smart enough to come down here too'. When the tornado finally hit, I realized I'd left the window open, and it was trying to suck me out, so I grabbed onto a rafter and held on tight, and survived.

      Sam and Dean saw an article in a paper about bigfoot terrorizing a small town way in the forest, so they went to check it out. The bigfoot was killing everyone, people were dying left and right, and there was blood everywhere. They did some investigating and were up on a wooden porch when they found a glass jar filled with congealed blood, so they had it DNA tested and found it belonged to nearby people who hadn't died yet. They went to check them out and found two terrible teenagers with skin the color of a corpse and crazy eyes. They realized there was no bigfoot, it was just the bloodlust of the two evil teens, and they made up the bigfoot story to the sheriff to hide their own murders. Sam and Dean were kind of pissed it wasn't 'their kind of case' after all and left the teens to the cops.

      Apparently I lived in an apartment complex that was in some city that Seru destroyed before his tournament. Everyone was dead and the complex was falling apart, and there was a flood that went up halfway to my knees. But I was happy and excited, and spinning around through the parking lot singing. I was going to go see him. The scene cut to a news station surrounded by debris, with the only road leading out going directly to Seru's arena, so the reporter just said 'fuck it' and they got in their van and decided to go out there, even though they knew he already killed a bunch of reporters. The dream never finished their story, so I have no idea what happened to them. After that, it cut to me at the arena, and I remember seeing him standing there looking all passive but... I can't remember anything about our interaction. Thanks brain. Thanks for making allllll my other dreams super-detailed but completely forgetting the one part I'd want to remember most from this one dream. Ffffffuck that.
    3. Used colouring books, joining the CSI team, and Piccolo failing at life

      by , 06-16-2015 at 03:26 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Cory and I went to some thrift stores to buy a gift for my brother. I think there was someone else there with us, but I can't make out who it was. We were browsing the books, and I'd found an old full length mirror I liked and was carrying it around with me. It was huge so when we got to the books I had to set it down so I could help browse. The friggin mirror wouldn't stay upright and kept falling over on me, so I got pissed at the thing and leaned it up against a bookcase that was filled with nothing but Dean Koontz novels. I laughed thinking that his books sucked so much people were falling over themselves to give them away to a thrift store. After I put the mirror down, I went over to a shelf that was filled with colouring books, and it seemed weird that you could buy used colouring books. I opened a few, but they were surprisingly uncoloured. There was a sudoku puzzle in one of them that had one number somebody had filled in. I guess they gave up pretty quickly? After that, I picked up a super old colouring book, that was so old the pages were browned. It had lots of pages of animals that looked like the cartoon animals in movies like An American Tail and such, and Cory walked over and saw it. He commented that it reminded him of the TV show Dallas, which made no sense whatsoever but in the dream it made perfect sense. In the end, I grabbed a big handful of them and said that would be one of my brother's gifts. A handful of colouring books... awesome gift, I guess? We got in the car, me in the passenger seat, and I put all the books in the dashboard slot where I usually kept my phone and iPod. The book on top caught my attention and weirded me out. It was a Lisa Frank book, all colourful and girlish like Lisa Frank books are apt to be, but... it was overly Christian. The title of it was something like "Christian children become one with God at the end!" and I was just like... WTF? I remember thinking that it was wrong, and that since God was loving, He'd let everyone in no matter their religion. Then I had this weird feeling of fear and realized I was kind of an asshole so maybe I'd never get to do that when I died. Then we drove off to the next thrift store to look for more gifts.

      Mom was hanging out with me at the grocery store while I went shopping for food. The store was kind of neat looking, like the walls and floors were made of old wood, and the display cases were made of logs and sticks and stuff. It was very quaint Southern style. Mom was super excited to see me, and she just kept talking the whole time even though I was trying to concentrate on getting food... which required a boatload of concentration apparently. The whole time I was there, wheeling my cart through the aisles, I was incredibly stressed out over a situation involving a lack of money. I think I was afraid I couldn't afford the groceries? Weird. I was hoping mom would feel sorry for me and pay for them. We passed through the bakery aisle, which is where the bulk of the dream took place. There were so many delicious looking things there! I eventually picked out these red velvet whoopie pies and placed them in the cart. But they were so good looking that I just popped open the box and started eating them there in the store. And oh my gosh, THEY WERE THE BEST WHOOPIE PIES EVER. They were so soft that I just could not even. I just couldn't even, bro! But yeah, they were so soft that it was hard to pick them up, I'd grab one and it would break into four pieces and so I'd just eat that one piece. Somewhere along the way, I grabbed a food that I can't remember now, but it looked weird so I thought it had gone bad. There was a string hanging out of it, so I pulled on the string and it slowly came out. But it was super long! It kept coming and coming and we were both so amazed and grossed out by how long this string was. After it was out, it was all slimy and gross so I threw it on the ground.

      I either woke up in this room or walked into it, but there were CSI guys wandering around everywhere and two bodies surrounded by police tape. When I walked in/woke up, friggin Sara Sidle from CSI came over to me and was annoyed that I hadn't gotten there earlier. Apparently I was part of the CSI team and didn't realize it, but then it hit me and I remembered that I was. We went to look at the bodies and she told me they'd just gotten married. Poor couple. So I was helping out, taking photos, dusting for prints, and such. At one point, Sara came up to me with what looked like a handheld mat cutter, minus the razor, and told me that they'd failed to get the prints off it, but it was the most important piece of evidence so she wanted me to take it to get retested. So I took it, but then I freaked out because I'd touched it without wearing gloves. I took it to the prints lab, which was Wendy who was the prints girl from the show. I was stuttering and embarrassed that I'd touched the evidence without gloves, and she was slightly annoyed but okay with it. She said she'd just rule out my prints.

      I was hanging out at the Kame House (I think it was anyway, since some of the Z Fighters were there) and we were all anxious because something bad was going to happen. Like a bad guy was going to show up or something. I remember definitely Krillin, Master Roshi, and Piccolo were there. When night came, we all came to the consensus that Piccolo would stand watch, since he's always standing around staring off at nothing anyway. He was pretty disgruntled about it and wouldn't even speak, but he was okay with it. So we all went to sleep while he stood there. I think I was sleeping on either the floor or a futon, but we were all sleeping in the same room, and I had a super-comfy blanket and a calming skylight over me, and Piccolo would totally never steer us wrong so I felt pretty at ease. The next morning we woke up and whatever bad thing we thought would happen wound up happening (Ugh, I wish I could remember what the thing was...) and we were shocked as hell that Piccolo hadn't been able to stop it, or at least woken us up. What a dick.
    4. Nerrrrd

      by , 04-23-2013 at 07:17 PM
      I started some new medication last night that I was a bit worried about... I'd been on similar medication in the past, and it caused me to stop dreaming entirely.

      This was not the case with the new medication, though. I dreamed plenty

      I wasn't lucid, but I think in the back of my mind, I had some idea I was dreaming, because the whole time I was thinking, "This is the nerdiest thing ever":

      I dreamed I was in some sort of... mountainous, forested region. There was a train running through there. Anyway, Goku from DragonBallZ showed up and we were fighting the forces of evil together... there was a team of "good guys" who were all women and their names were themed on colors of the rainbow (and matched their hair). Color coded for your convenience. There was also a team of villains who were named after seasons.