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    1. I it was real

      by , 05-19-2012 at 10:49 PM
      IM in my room and i can move things with my mind i make penciles and stuffed animals all over my room float and turn i have realy good controle . I think this has to be a dream and i look at my hand, a couple of my fingers are smaller than normal but then they flash back to normal.I think back to whenever i can move things with my mind im usly dreaming so i keep thinking its not real, but i realy want this to be real so i let it go.i see a can of arizona and i make it rise then i make a crushing jester with my hand and its smashes to gether like someone sqeesed it. I have coal from outside and i make it rise then i smash both my hands together and it turnds to black dust in mid air i leave my room then and go to my kitchen.I am in my grandad house my mom is cooking a big meal i think it might be thanks giving i make a spoon in her bowl spin around brittnee says somthing about it like it a normal thing for me to do everyone one acts like it normal. I smash some more cans of arizona and they spill on the table and i use my powers to make the juice rise and shoot into my mouth.
    2. What it feels like to be INFALLIBLE

      by , 05-06-2012 at 09:29 PM
      IM in the back seat of a car and my seat drops deeper into the car.Surprising me i feel like .A. but me in the back seat of the car,my friend is in the front seat, i look up at him and he says to sit tight so i do. The car door open and .A. looks at me and tells me im dreaming. I get out the car and look at my hands and keep saying im dreaming and try to anchor my self in the dream. I somhow end up in a candy store with a girl from school I feel she still .A. just looks different. a man comes in to buy candy and i sense he has a lot of cavities. I grab a bag of candy and say i dont want to fuel your addiction or somthing like that but i offer to by candy for him i think i dont have any money but then im like im dreaming so i think there a lot of money in my pocket and when i reach into my pocket there a wad of money i stick the hole wad on the counter and say somthing like keep the change.I remeber (in the book lucid fiction in the story infallible) the guy does the same thing. Then some other stuff happends thats not apropriate for dream views then i wake up but it realy a false awakening so thats sucks.