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    1. Book Store Peculiarity

      by , 03-26-2019 at 09:26 AM
      Morning of March 26, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,090-03. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      I enter a second-hand bookstore in La Crosse in late morning, with no recall of my waking life. I am still subliminally aware I am dreaming.

      The bookstore represents one from real life from years ago though is oriented differently. The checkout is perpendicular to how it was in real life, though the entrance is in the same location. The young female cashier reminds me of the one from real life, but there is also an unfamiliar man behind the counter.

      I am here to retrieve about five of my dream journals. I put them here not to sell but to have for later access but in a bookcase with public access. They are journals in hardcover form from 1995 to 2000; designs I only saw in Australia, yet their presence does not trigger recall of living in Australia.

      There are other books I temporarily left here. I walk around the store and pick them out. I have an interest in four similar books of a set that seems to be about the pre-Capetian House of Bourbon (a play on a street name that intersects with our present home). They all feature heads of kings. I take these as well although they are possibly not mine.

      I am wary about walking out without saying anything. I think about what I should say about taking my dream journals and other books home, as I am uncertain if the cashiers remember the dream journals are mine. I walk out with no reaction on their part other than a puzzled appearance.

      False “memory” fascinates me in subliminal mode dreams. Another factor that has always interested me is how my dream self, even without dream state awareness, knows how to manipulate dream content without recall of my waking life. Instinctual dreaming typically takes priority over waking life memory.

      A checkout is a feature in my dreams since childhood and links to the waking process, indicating that I am leaving the dream state as I would exit a store after looking around.

    2. Creating Dream Journals

      by , 11-09-2018 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of November 9, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,953-02. Reading time: 2 min 34 sec. Readability score: 52.

      My family and I are living in Cubitis (false scenario - Zsuzsanna has never lived in America). There is a computer set up in the northeast corner of the living room (another false scenario - computer technology of this nature did not exist when I last lived in Cubitis). This is a typical false scenario when my dream self recalls my present life status regarding marriage and family, but no recall of where we live, validating that the unconscious mind and valid memory is not viable in non-lucid dreams.

      I had been looking at the dream journal website. I am planning to capture all of the content in scholastic loose-leaf binders (3-ring binders), similar to the appearance of my dream journals from 1968 to 1979 (after which I used much bigger binders). I have a dark blue binder full of content from 2018 (and I erroneously perceive 2018 as being “last year”). There is a white rectangular label that reads “2018” on the cover.

      Over time, I create more binders (out of nowhere, on thought alone) by writing over the label on the first binder first, and then on each next label. I write a “7” over the “8” of 2018, and an additional binder appears on the table for 2017 content. I do this several times for different years. I start looking through them when I have about six. On the first page of one journal, someone had written information about a dream, but the small paragraph seems to be solely made up of several distorted (misspelled) variations of my first and last name. However, I know that it is not related to me, but I find it curious, for example, “clauc lc duc dua ld cluc u alc ac au.” I can make no sense of what it is about. I consider that the entry might be at least partly in Latin.

      I accidentally write a “1” over a “0”, so that it reads 2108 in the resulting new journal (which was supposed to be 2008), which suddenly expands, fanning more pages than any other binder and causing the binder to be too full to close, but the pages are all blank. I will it away and continue with other content. I go back to 2001 (when the dream journal website was first online) before waking.

      Literal dream space threads are common even in my non-lucid dreams. My dream self’s real-time focus is typically on the dream state itself, and its dynamics and mediation (whether in subliminal, liminal, or lucid modes), therefore “interpretation” (or what people call “meaning” rather than genuine concurrent causation) is a major misconception, probably the biggest misconception regarding any subject in human history. In fact, it can be clearly understood that creating events and features by thought or anticipation is evidence that I always know when I am in the dream state whether or not I am lucid, and non-lucid dream control is a primary factor of my dreaming history.

      As shown by my keyword statistics on one website, reading is one of the most common activities in my dreams, though words and phrases often change when looking again or change into gibberish. The only activities more common than reading in my dreams are music-related and flying (not counting interaction with water-reinducers or summoning related simulacrums). This developed out of personal will to become more aware in the dream state (and it is a more common “reality check” for some oneironauts, though I do not use “reality checks” as it undermines reticular formation function). I got this idea from my mother, who often dreamt of reading, and her knowledge of how writing typically changed in the dream state when looking again, thus I have always used reading as a potential precursor to stabilize the presence of my conscious self identity in the dream state (not as a “reality check”).

    3. Writing in my Dream Journal in Cubitis

      by , 07-26-2018 at 09:41 AM
      Morning of July 26, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 2 min 48 sec. Readability score: 56.

      In my dream, most of my current conscious self identity no longer exists. Only one identifiable thread remains for this excursion into the absence of self.

      I am about 15 years old again. My mother is alive and present at one point, but I am unaware of my father. (This is the typical absence of viable memory and “means” nothing. In other dreams, I remember my father and not my mother. It is because the dream self does not have viable access to the unconscious mind, contrary to popular misconception. The preconscious has limited access, but the dream self does not. Additionally, the preconscious always knows it is dreaming when the dream self does not, which is why RAS avatars and emerging consciousness simulacra are rendered in the last dream of a sleep cycle to initiate the waking process.)

      There is a thread of awareness that I am in bed asleep in reality, though this is a common factor of subliminal presence, not an indication of lucidity, as my dream self is not aware of being in the dream state.

      I am writing in my dream journal. As I write, I notice a gentle rain outside. My bed is in the northeast corner of the room, lengthwise to the north wall, the head oriented east. I see the orange grove beyond the carport, though the rendering is different from real life. I am looking through the open jalousie louvers of the carport door. (This setup is likely my subliminal awareness of a doorway representing a dream’s potential exit point, a typical form of reactive representation in the dream state since early childhood.)

      As I write, I vaguely recall that other people read my dream journal, but the recall is not full, that is, I do not remember that the Internet (or computers) exists. The thought about other readers is there, yet it does not trigger the emerging consciousness factor or RAS activation until later (and there is not a separate preconscious waking process in this dream, mostly because it is not the last dream of my sleep cycle).

      On one level, I am aware I am dreaming. On another level, my dream self does not hold this realization. This enigmatic state has been common to my dreams since early childhood and is not lucidity, but is one of many reasons why I know “interpretation” is not a valid concept. (Other than with factors such as literal prescience, I am aware of the processes that underlay experiences in REM sleep.)

      My dream self is perplexed by the recall of how anyone could believe in “interpretation.” (My dream self remains without recall of the Barnum effect as a factor of causation.) Even as a young child, I sometimes went into several pages of why dreams held the causes, meanings, and effects that they did. I was more sarcastic of disinformation agents and empty-headedness at age eight than in my tamer rants as an adult since my 2004 online presence (probably because my mother often shared invalid beliefs about dreams she heard from people in her time, though most of which I still see on the Internet to this day).

      As I am watching the rain and listening to its peaceful sound, I write in my journal, “When I am dreaming about rain, it means that I am dreaming about rain. You idiot.” (This is somewhat ironic, as I know water and its specific dynamics typically correlate with ultradian rhythm, the extent of muscular inactivity in sleep, and the dynamics of the glymphatic system. Still, this is in stark contrast to the asinine rubbish that “water represents emotions.” Additionally, even from when I was a toddler, I have always used the essence of water to reinduce the dream state as with its usage as such on virtually countless commercial recordings.)

      This dream mainly came about in response to the typical infuriating nonsense people sometimes leave on my posts on one site (as the site does not have the option to delete or block comments, so I remove the entry and repost it). It is unfeasible for me to post the same extensive paragraphs of information about RAS mediation each time as explanatory notes for a particular dream.

    4. My Father Coughs up Blood (prescient)

      by , 01-24-2018 at 08:19 AM
      Morning of November 2, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am in the semidarkness of an unknown bedroom but I am able to see clearly in my immediate area. I have my dream journal open in front of me as I am lying on my stomach on the floor. I perceive that I am only about twelve years old. My single bed is next to me to my left, closer to the doorway than another single bed and closer to the center of the room, though my head is presently nearest the foot of my bed and my feet are closest to the doorway. My father’s bed is closer to the corner of the room, his head near the wall where the doorway is. He is lying on his back with his head opposite mine. Our beds are about two feet apart. My father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) begins to cough. His coughing intensifies after a short time.

      I sense something is wrong as an unknown male (about twenty-five) comes into the room and helps my father get out of bed as he is coughing, apparently to get him ready for an ambulance. As he coughs when walking past me to my right, a large drop of blood suddenly flies from his mouth and lands on the lower right of the right page of my open dream journal. A smaller drop hits the back of my right hand near my fingers. I have concern for my father and a lesser concern about the page’s status, though I get the impression that the blood spot might eventually fade. I remain where I am, slightly puzzled. I start to think of how my father is old and his organs are not functioning like they used to. I wake shortly after he had left the room with the unknown male. I vaguely sense my mother is present but I do not see her.

      Inexplicable threads: Zsuzsanna had seen an event in a movie related to someone dreaming about blood coming from their mouth prior to my sleep. (I had not known of this prior to my dream.) Additionally, I developed a bad cough shortly after this dream, the worse cough I have had in my life so far (though there was no blood, only mucus). As a result, I consider this dream as both prescient and influenced by Zsuzsanna’s thoughts, with three layers of synchronicity (as I had also recently reflected on a dream from March 1975 relating to watermelon as blood and flesh and coming out between pages of my dream journal).

      Biological prescience relating to my health validates that my father represented me in this dream. It is additionally validated by the doorway waking symbolism, as I am usually the one to exit a dream as my emergent consciousness.

      RAS mediation was atypical. Instead of the personified preconscious directing attention at my dream self, he escorted my father from my dream (additionally validating that my father represented my conscious self identity in a prescient sense, even though I was completely unaware of my current real life in my dream).

      This dream’s waking symbolism is oriented to my dream self’s right as it most often is. (This may be the result of sleeping on my left side.)

    5. “Lost Girl” (and the animated forehead tattoo)

      by , 06-03-2017 at 08:49 AM
      Morning of June 2, 2017. Friday.

      I am on the porch of the Barolin Street house (where my wife Zsuzsanna and I and our children have not lived in real life for years) in Bundaberg. However, in my dream, it is implied to be in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978).

      Even though my dream self is probably implied to be around forty-six years old (I am presently fifty-six), there is also an ambiguous hybrid facet of my fifteen-year-old self. There is a small bookcase on the south side of the porch facing south (though north in the Cubitis orientation), where no bookcase ever was in reality. It is within the open area rather than the back of the bookcase being against a wall. I am vaguely focused on a dream journal as well as a textbook and a couple other books, including a volume from a set of encyclopedias. (These books were in the lower shelf.)

      Now and then, I shift into my teenage focus. I look out through the porch windows toward where the neighbors have just driven back to their house. They are walking around near their car, which is parked just outside of their small open carport and facing their carport. Thus, as is typical of this recurring dream scenario, I first see only Lisa’s parents and wonder what is going on.

      After a time, I am more within my older perspective and looking at the books again. Still, Lisa appears, having phased through the side of the porch. I acknowledge her presence as she stands facing me, though she remains behind the back of the bookcase. When I look up at her, she seems to be about twelve years old.

      Curiously, I notice that she has an animated tattoo on her forehead which has two frames (at the rate of about one per two seconds). The tattoo is somewhat pale and transparent with an embossed essence rather than having much contrast or color, though I can still read the larger of the two frames. It reads as “LOST GIRL” (in uppercase). I do not consider this to be strange at all though I also do not consider any meaning of any kind. The second frame, when it appears in the animation sequence, is not written large enough to read from where I am seated. It appears seemingly as an address (possibly of a dance studio) as on an envelope. To the lower left of the “envelope address” is what looks like a small icon of Earth with a pair of wings. It seems we are both in the process of moving. She stands attentively but we do not speak much.

      The preconscious in this dream is of a very atypical essence. It almost seems to be awaiting instructions rather than initiating the waking mechanism, though me facing the bookshelf implies my thinking abilities emerging, thus the preconscious may have already “done its job” by remaining behind the bookcase as I face it.

      There are several meanings (layered meanings in addition to the native real-time meaning), none of which are significant to my present conscious self status. Firstly, it could be a residual thread of how I view people who believe in vicarious “dream interpretation” as “lost” (as I am near a bookcase and with a dream journal), though who am I to judge people who, for whatever reason, believe that things like chiromancy, tasseography, or reading ‘possum bones in a circle cast in the dirt somehow “works” for them. On a personal level, it may simply mean no longer being my teenage self in Florida and the residual effect of traumatic transitions that will always remain a part of my life experience regardless of how happy and loved I have been most of my life, especially over the last twenty-five years.

      • Contrived convenience: Contrived convenience is a common type of erroneous dream rendering where the presumed errors in memory are based on the real-time linear convenience of the particular dream. If not for contrived convenience, many settings, features, and events in dreams could not be perceived by the dream self at all. For example, in this case, seeing the activities of my Cubitis neighbors near their small carport would not have been possible if my dream had correctly rendered the liminal space factor as my Cubitis home’s carport rather than the Barolin Street house’s porch (as the real-life limited view from the Cubitis carport was only to the north, and only partly west and east). Also erroneous is how Lisa somehow came onto the porch through the porch’s side. That is, she somehow phased through the porch wall (and windows), which is where my dream self’s attention was focused, rather than entering normally through the porch door which would have been somewhere off to my right (where I never directly looked). (This term is also used to describe “reality” or linear time as experienced by an individual but I will not get into that here.)
      • Dream sign (dream journal): A dream sign (my systemic definition only) is a carryover of the conscious self’s current status of being unconscious and within the dream state. The most obvious type is being in bed. Others include not wearing shoes or socks, being undressed in public, a bed in an incorrect location, and even thoughts of one’s dream journal. Dream signs, like so many other features and events in dreams, have nothing to do with erroneous beliefs in “interpretation” (in the common misuse as a synonym for meaning) that is still so popular with the public.
      • Flight symbol: Flight symbols occur as waking symbolism in over one in five of my non-lucid dreams (closer to one in four, or at least over twenty percent) in the tens of thousands of my non-lucid dreams that I have documented and closely studied and decoded. This is obviously because of the subliminal yet anticipatory nature of the purely biological hypnopompic jerk or sleep start, that is, the perception of falling as a natural shift in consciousness from sleeping to waking that often occurs even in infants. It is hard for me to accept that there are people who believe that biological dream dynamics have some sort of “interpretation”.
      • Personified Preconscious: The personified preconscious is typically a dominant dream character of a very specific recognizable essence of whom, while usually a different character (either male or female), initiates either the unification, disruption, or cessation (depending on the unique dream self incarnation) of the dream self’s transmutation into whole consciousness within the waking transition. The waking mechanism might be based on anything from activating more threads of the current conscious self identity with augmented emotions (for example, the dream self getting aggravated by feeling imposed upon by a trait unrelated to current conscious self identity) to blissful coalescence (for example, hugging the personified preconscious and feeling bliss or love in coalescence). The preconscious is transpersonal, sometimes the opposite of the conscious self identity, and is often completely unrelated to the current conscious self’s persona or identity (contrary to the ridiculous belief that every dream character comes from current conscious self identity or status, which could not be more wrong).
      • Porch as liminal space: A porch as a dream setting is usually a real time metaphor of my dream self’s transition into wakeful consciousness. It represents the state between being in a house (temporary limited dream self’s perspective) and the outside world (conscious self identity’s perspective). It is a factor of my most common waking symbolism, which I have fully validated thousands of times since early childhood.

    6. In a Science Group with Three Strangers

      by , 05-31-2017 at 09:09 AM
      Morning of May 31, 2017. Wednesday.

      In my dream, there is firstly the common water induction factor (which has been relevant to at least one to two dreams per night for over fifty years), and it is rendered as the ocean this time (deeper sleep and a potential link to the collective unconscious). There is the typical ambiguity of being indoors and outdoors at the same time. My dream progresses from my first location of a computer setup and bed to a more relevant (to real life) waking symbolism setting where I am then in our present home (though still with a sense of being outside even though I see Zsuzsanna sleeping in our bed in one of the last scenes).

      I seem to be part of an Internet group with three people of whom I do not know at all and had never met; two males and a female. Our virtual presence on the webpage is shown as a small paragraph (of about five or six lines) with a current photograph in the upper left corner of each person’s profile paragraph and present status. We talk to each other with microphones, though we sometimes type messages.

      Our talk is mainly about a large plesiosaurus that is not far from the ocean’s surface in the area near the beach. It does not pose a threat of any kind regardless of its cliché “sea serpent” associations. The unknown female seems to talk the most over time. Eventually, there is mention of how the creature had apparently been bumped by another animal underneath. This event does not seem problematic but dominates the last part of the online conversation. Oddly, one male talks about the event as if it was he that had been nudged.

      Eventually, it seems as if the others are offline and probably sleeping. I somehow see a scene where a very large dolphin nudges the stomach of the plesiosaurus (while swimming in the same direction just under it, implied to be to my left), though this is seemingly not an aggressive act. I notice that the dolphin is of a very unusual mottled pattern, mainly of purple and pink, almost reminiscent of a bed sheet pattern (though I do not make this association while in my dream).

      I decide to contact one of the others to report this. I wake up one of the males (by calling him with a telephone) and he seems somewhat confused and annoyed in being woken up at first. I describe how the dolphin is a very large but likely unknown species. Eventually, the scene shifts to where we are physically with each other in an area that seems modeled after the southeast grounds of my middle school (where I was last present in 1975). I mostly sit on the ground while the other three walk around, though one male talks to me (while standing) for a short time. Somehow, the location still seems the same on one level.

      The unknown female dominates the rest of the waking transition, which becomes distorted and illogically sustained. She tries to tell me something that I have to ask her to keep repeating (at least six times) as I do not catch the last word (a very common dream event). I think she might be saying the word “blue” at the end of the question but I am not sure. The phrase itself seems mostly like gibberish. Eventually, I just say “yes” and tell her my last name, which may not be what she was talking about (though my surname does at least rhyme with “blue”).

      I go over to where Zsuzsanna is sleeping (the indoor dynamics becoming a little more dominant than the sense of being outside) and there is the essence of where we live now in reality. She does not wake. (This is a typical dream setting shift where I walk from the grounds of my middle school in America to within our present home in Australia without my dream self regarding the impossibility at all. Still, this linear symbolism validates that dreaming of a school is often an attempt by the limited temporary dream self to get back to current whole conscious self identity, which is then indirectly shown as still being asleep in reality, though my dream self only sees Zsuzsanna in this case.)

      I see that I have the journal of the unknown female. It is somewhat like a mix of dream journal and real-life diary. It also has a number of scribbles and references to pills (and apparently illegal drugs), something about “taking the cruel pill” and odd illogical forms of supposed art, which is mainly just random lines, partial sketches, and random words. The fact that this unknown female is so undesirable in the last stage of the waking symbolism is a subliminal incentive for me to wake at this time and join my real partner in life. (In fact, the personified preconscious as such is often very annoying and imposing, but this depends on which part of the sleep cycle I am in, and time and time again, for over fifty years, is precisely linked to my circadian rhythms dynamics.)

      Despite the unusual nature of this dream in regard to the sea serpent, it is a very typical lifelong-established combination of dream signs (residual subliminal memories of having fallen asleep) and dream state induction symbolism and waking symbolism. The bumping of the dolphin against the plesiosaurus is a symbolic carryover of a recent dream where I drove a car between two vehicles in the street and nudged the streetcar (so that it rolled to the intersection without a conductor). This is symbolic of nudging Zsuzsanna in my sleep in real time. (In fact, many dreams have dynamics based on current environmental factors, something that people who believe in “dream interpretation” in the popular but naïve usage of the term completely ignore.)

      Projecting (and expanding) my imaginary dream body as a streetcar in one dream (without my conscious self identity being able to link to it to “drive” - depending on the stage of sleep) and as a plesiosaurus in this one, may be purely incidental, though a plesiosaurus, when passive, is symbolic of being in a more relaxed sleep while a streetcar rolling to an intersection is waking symbolism (though also analogous to rolling over in my sleep without being fully awake). (The plesiosaurus symbolism as such has occurred since around age six.)

    7. A Dream Journal Check in a Dream

      by , 05-11-2017 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown and unfamiliar room. This does not at all come to my attention though. I had been thinking about checking a number of my dreams to make sure the online entries are all accounted for based on a set of fifty-four dreams in a particular dream journal in notebook form. The dream journal website I am looking at is fictional and seems to not have had much activity for a few years. I think I have the patience to check the main details of all fifty-four dreams.

      I look through a few web pages at some dreams that had been posted by others over a year ago. I have my fifty-four to check even though it probably does not matter since the site seems mostly unused (although I do like to have backup copies of my work other than on hand where I live). I do not recall the titles even though I am able to match and confirm a few. Curiously, additional details, at least a set of five for each title, vanish from the paper by my will alone, leaving only the title, to validate the most complete online version for each.

      I notice that my notebook has two odd “pages” before the main area with dream documentation. The first page is apparently a sample of corduroy that supposedly represents clothes I have worn. It is folded around a thin piece of cardboard and flat against it. The second page, upon looking at it closely, is an actual shirt of mine, also attached to a cardboard page. I do not question why I would have this at the beginning of a dream journal. Over time, I become annoyed by the shirt, which is made of normal thin cloth but seeming to be more and more bulky, even preventing the binder from closing fully. I consider that I eventually might take out the sections.

      This is a very odd variation of being annoyed by wearing clothes in some dreams, likely related to a subliminal realization that I am asleep in bed and actually wearing a shirt (due to being slightly cool) which I hardly ever do. The number fifty-four may be related to my age (as it is close to my real age), though is not correct (though normal dreams rarely contain correct information of any kind anyway). I also find it amusing after I wake that I would have to look through over 3,500 online dream journal entries rather than just 54.

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    8. Simple Continuity..!

      by , 08-05-2016 at 01:46 AM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments

      The past two nights I have slept right through, which is really unusual for me..! Normally I wake up numerous times before sleeping proper, sometimes as many as 8 to 10 times a night, it sounds a lot 'cos it is..!
      So anyway, when I wake, I usually use it as an opportunity to WBTB, but sleeping through robbed me of this option..! I'm not too upset, it was nice to sleep for once (twice) and I did still dream..! The mistake I made though was not recording my dream when I woke up..! I still have vague feelings, but no solid imagery..!

      I remember there was some flying involved, I'm not surprised I remember that, I always seem to recall flying dreams, my mother was there and so was Joy..! I recall a drug theme, trying to get some, but unable to, which is usually the case..!

      So, this entry is just to keep my motivation up (simple continuity), I would normally forget, as I did and then just give up..! I'm determined not to do that this time, we'll see..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    9. Why traditional dream journals are counter productive

      by , 03-26-2016 at 03:44 PM
      Hello everybody^^

      While I have not had that many lucid dreams I have years of experience trying to achieve them. I made this account solely for this post. All I seem to see over the internet is people recommending writing dreams down. Most of the time I couldn't read my hand writing, I had so switch on the lights thus becoming more awake than I wanted to be during the nights and it took ages. Now I use a pre-installed app on my phone to record my voice and deactivate the screen lock for faster access before going to bed. I also turn down the brightness and additionally use a screen filter.

      This works wonders give it a try and don't hesitate to comment!!!
    10. Motion OST + DA + CMood + YWave + DILD

      by , 12-13-2015 at 06:57 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am living in India, it appear to be night as I look around the wide field of the desert. I kept my body lying down on the ground for a form of cover as I am expecting snipers to take their shot when they see me. I do routine check ups to make sure I have not been followed. I look around and realize my eye sight is beginning to get blurry. I soon couldn't see a thing, this is bad I thought. I want to get down there so that the power there could be obtain. However I decided to retreat and assume this could be an enemies attack.

      I go down from the hill and back to my base. There was an elderly woman seeing on a couch telling me she is tired of complaining about her life. I told her I am done for the day and went in to a room as she continues to want television. The dream scene has now change in to the room I am usually in. It is dark and from the shades from the curtains covering the window I can tell it is night. I had awoken from the usual leaf blowers who carry the loud machines. I decided to went for him to be done however he began banging at the window.

      And demanded that I let him in. I had a feeling something like this could happen and notice that the window was beginning to crack. I got up and tried to go to the living room, I then continue to open the bathroom door and lock my self inside. I hear him bash through the door with a weapon and for some reason the restroom tiles kept making sounds with my feet against them. This allowed him to know where I have been hiding. My eyes stare at the door handle as he uses some ping pong racket to phase through the door handle.

      That didn't make any sense to me but he's here and I begin to tense myself for a fight. To my surprise the door opens up to a boy who looks 13 years old wearing a purple hoodie and khaki shorts. I get out the restroom and demanded what is going on. He looks at me expecting me to stay still but I push him aside and can see my family inside a car while the front door is opened. The boy look at me as he prepares to attack but I ignore this and walk outside. I am still frustrated but is now more curious to why everyone is outside. It seems they were preparing to leave, the sky is now sunny which is odd considering it has been dark not too long ago.

      I go back inside the house as I just remember the boy was still inside. I look for him and can see he is in the kitchen making himself something. I prepare to grab him but he quickly pulls out a knife. I told him to calm down and that I wasn't going to try anything. I then check my father room and notice he has stolen some of the pages in my dream journal.

      More irritated than before, I turn around to go look for him no longer caring that the boy is wielding a knife. However no one is in the house, go outside the front door and see that everyone has left. The sky is now dark with a couple of bright red showing the sun set was just ending. I begin to think maybe I can still catch up to the car even though I didn't know where it was. I begin running anyway and soon notice that the pathway around this area is now different from how I remember it. This isn't right I said, I soon realize I am in a different location. This place look very expensive and the people around here were all well dressed. I see railings and a fence, so I ran to it but realize as I got directly in contact with it that it was much bigger close up. I look down one of railings and can see I am on the top floor. I tried finding a way down passing through a couple dancing and see a slide that looks like the mouth of a sea creature. I slid down it thinking it was odd.

      I walk pass other people going through a small tunnel , one guy pointed at this board we were all near to and said all the numbers mix with words were quantum mechanic. Some were debating with his assumptions as me and others struggle to get through the line. I manage to get out and enter this weird grocery store, I decided to get a couple of things since I was on my own now. That is when I met up with the kid who stole some of my dream journal. He continue to follow me through out the store. He then grabs my head and makes funny gestures. I turn around ask what did he want. He tells me to be quiet and continues to put his hand on my head. I told him why did he rob me? He replied that it didn't matter and that he just did it to do it. I yelled out that wasn't good enough and demanded to know why again. He decides to say that he has robbed me plenty of times before and that it has become a habit for him.

      I told him I had been aware of numerous items going missing lately. It made me angry that he didn't have a good reason for stealing. I snap and threw all the grocery items I had in the cart in the air. I told him I am ready to fight as he begins to tear up. I couldn't believe this, suddenly a woman working in the grocery store came to his aid asking what is wrong. He drops to the floor and continues to cry. I grab the child by the neck telling him he should know better. The woman grab my arm trying to throw me off the boy. I elbow her and could hear a lot of people beginning to hear the situation. I then ran off from the store. Passing a police officer while looking for a car.

      The sky was now grey and partially raining. I find a car and enter inside and continue to drive off. Many of the cars were driving fast and some were trying to slow down as the rain made the road very slippery. I tried driving up to the next lane however due to how fast I am going I lost control and landed on a muddy swamp. My car wouldn't move anymore and I had now transition in to third person point of view. The car took a turn for the worst as it was getting suck in to the muddy swamp. I can feel myself getting out of the car and having trouble breathing through the piles of mud. I started thinking I should try to wake myself up now. But I manage to get all the rocks and mud off of me before drowning.

      Another car had lost control and landed in to the swamp as well. He however was too far in the swam to even get out of it. I decided to leave and run up the road, however the road seem to have been slice off making me drop down. I landed on some grassy rocks and continue to walk from there.

      That is when I saw this very odd building. There was this voice in my head telling me that I had to go up there. I decided to listen and went up there. There was this weird creature that told me if I am ready for the next challenge. I didn't give an answer and woke up.
    11. 121215: Jumping Around the Suburbs, Getting Institutionalized, Infiltrate a Cult

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:24 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a suburban area near my place, it's dusk and the summer. I'm lost and don't know where I am. I make it to the edge of a sports field. I'm balancing on large wooden planks, like bleachers or a workout stand. I jump to a table across from me, it's a massive pounce that surprises me. I make it to the wooden table. Jumping off of the wooden table I feel my left hip is stuck, I try to work it with my hands, did I hurt myself? I try to move it and it feels more and more uncomfortable. When I start to feel panic I wake up and see my hip was in a weird position.

      I enter a place that looks like a small daycare center by a play park. It's a mental institution and there are some people with clear problems there. I walk around and bump into a young student adviser from school. She says that I'm going to be institutionalized for a week. She says she'll pay for it with her insurance and this makes me feel grateful but this surprises me anyway and I'm a little upset. Why? She says I should know that this is for my own good and I know in my heart why I should be observed for a week. I shrug and agree with her. It does make sense. (Did I have a tearful breakdown before?) As I get hunched in a corner of a room and get comfortable my mom comes in. Is she being institutionalized as well? I talk to her and it seems that she is visiting me. The young student adviser teases me, is my mommy visiting me in the mental hospital? I feel a bit embarrassed but the sting goes away fast, she was just teasing in a friendly way. I get out after only a day (?) and leave. I'm in the center of a small town, walking around a large building in early afternoon sunlight.

      In my dream, I try to remember my dreams during the night (!) and draw a little man holding something. The thing is important.

      I'm learning how to use a new computerized milling machine that works with DOS. There is a lot of different icons to look at. I try to think of something nice to make and a teacher says that I should make a blade for a turning machine. This confuses me but I like the challenge. I work and mill a long piece of square metal with another guy. In the hallway outside, it is a grey day outside. The walls are white and square. I talk to an older guy. We are going to infiltrate a cult. I say I'd be good at it, I've seen a lot of spiritual circles and know how they work. I talk quite a bit and worry I'm annoying the guy. I go to a desk that has two bowls of fruit. I take an apple and start eating it as I wait for the guy. He appears and sounds angry. Was I allowed to take an apple? He then says people are allowed to take fruit, just take the ones on the bottom first since they are older. I feel relief.
    12. 061015: At a party/reality TV show shoot, bike seat sinking, seeing a friend

      by , 10-06-2015 at 09:10 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking down a gravel path on a misty grey day through some woods. I'm with a long-haired Swedish reality TV star, he his pretty good looking. We get to a modern looking house my some rocks, do I see the seashore beyond? We enter and their is a group of my friends who are in the creative field sitting in a circle. There are some of their friends there as well that I don't recognize, they all look very fancy and well-dressed like hipsters. I think this is going to be a reality TV show we are all going to be in. I feel special that they wanted me here.

      I worry if my friends are angry at me. I sit down by a bed. One of my friends offers me a beer that I politely refuse. I try to lay down in a cool way on the bed. I do my best to be social, I don't need alcohol.

      I'm leaving the place, on the same road on a bike. Some middle-aged people pass me on their bikes, it gets hard to pedal. I get up to rest and see that the seat has sunk down, my knees were almost to my head. I adjust the seat and feel relief that the difficulty in pedalling wasn't due to my poor shape.

      Waking up in the middle of the night and try to relax, falling asleep only to wake up again. A vague memory of seeing my friend Minna.

      I have memory of writing into my dream journal after waking up, upset that I didn't remember any of my dreams.
    13. 220915: A person swinging in a parking lot, a fast moving statue?, painting a dream as it happens.

      by , 09-22-2015 at 02:35 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a concrete park hall kind of place in the middle of a suburban area full of trees and apartments. It is a grey day, sunlight comes from openings in the walls. A guy is swinging around there, there is a Chinese-styled ceiling. I want to join and swing around as well, it looks fun.

      I'm sitting by some trees by a road, tall apartment buildings surround me on all sides. Feel oddly meditative. Next to me there is some kind of statue, it's to my right, I think it has something to do with meditation as well? It is round and not obviously supposed to represent any kind of specific form. It suddenly shoots off like a rock from a slingshot, weaving through the buildings. What's that all about?

      A dark basement, large, industrial, only a yellowish lamp to one side. Old women there, we are all going to be convicted of crimes. I draw the halls into my dream journal.

      I'm in a large area on a terrace, it is overlooking an overgrown jungle scene, like a forgotten temple. I see a guy swinging on a vine, as I think how similar this is to the dream I had I look down at my dream journal and see I've almost completely painted the whole scene, now I won't forget it. It's almost as if it's real now, not just a vague dream.

      I see a friend after being chased by a menacing person like Hannibal Lecter. We paint together, although we make nothing memorable, it's nice to get practice. I tell him about Daoism after he mentions having read the Daodejing.
    14. Mad Magazine Dream Journal, Sister, and Giants

      by , 07-05-2015 at 01:05 PM
      Morning of July 5, 2015. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,730-02. Reading time: 1 min 52 sec.

      In real life, I had been working on a document about prescience in dreams regarding details from April 9 (1970-1990) that preceded my marriage on April 9 in 1994, sometimes integrated with a curious unrelated influence from television (which probably relates to prescient awareness of potential broadcasts and pop culture trends).

      In my dream, I am living on Loomis Street, and I am about twelve years of age. My sister is alive and rather young (mostly as she appeared in 1967, though I was six years old then). I do not recognize how wrong the setup and perspective is though I consider that something is different.

      Being about twelve, but still active in dream research, I am puzzled by an “empty dream journal” supposedly started when I was about four years old. There was not always enough paper to write on, so I used my sister’s copies of Mad Magazine to write in, in any blank space, as well as older issues of Dig and Help! I get an impression that having records since birth relates to my “destiny,” and I decide to copy some dreams into the issue of Mad Magazine that is otherwise free of handwritten lines. I briefly recall the wedding date. I think about how impersonal the “dream journal” (Mad Magazine) is. I know that the April 1967 Mad Magazine cover (date, not time of printing) has a clue for me regarding Yin and Yang, Corona Borealis and Corona Australis, and similar concepts.

      The cover features Alfred E. Neuman with a blue magnet, and under that is the reverse, a red one coming up from below, suggesting a pull (from an unseen “opposite” persona or character) from the “other side,” for me, a play on blue American mailboxes and red Australian mailboxes. I talk to my sister for a short time saying that I did not know this magazine existed as such. (I have no concept or memory of “Yin” other than the date relevance of September 13). I continue to write in it, one to two lines on at least six pages, now seemingly unrelated to dreams, but perhaps questions. I think about the cover and how only I could understand its connections to my life.

      I transition to a dream type that mostly only occurred around age five; being in a world of giants. I sometimes dreamt of adults and children older than me as towering over me. In this case, a tall African woman (or spirit) in traditional tribal dress seemingly speaks to me in modern English or at least cheerfully communicates. Although we are indoors, she seems about twenty feet tall or more. I am of the correct size, but tiny in contrast to the setting. Next, after some ambiguous abstract scenes, is a situation where a friendly dog approaches me.

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    15. Late to the Battle (NLD)

      by , 06-04-2015 at 10:19 PM
      I was lying on the floor in a foyer outside a kind of auditorium space, updating my dream notebook. Inside the auditorium I could hear the sounds of an epic battle taking place between a group of human defenders and a massive demon overlord and his infernal minions. The demon overlord kept shouting ominous things in his deep booming voice, which was a mildly annoying distraction as I tried to write.

      Finally I finished my entry and decided to go inside and intervene. I wondered if I should have helped the people earlier in their fight, but told myself that if I solved all their problems for them, they would never learn how to do things for themselves. That made me think of Aslan, from the Narnia series, who was always a bit of a dick that way: let the kids attempt to do something, wait until they inevitably failed, and then swoop in as a deus ex machina to save the day. Today I was going to be that dick.

      I went into the auditorium and conjured a metal sphere in the air above my hand, then sent it toward the huge demon. It began circling his body, and as it did so, metal parts began extending from the sphere. Soon it had transformed into a metal suit that completely encased the demon. The headpiece had a transparent pane, so we could see the spray of red when the suit dissolved the demon's body. The suit then retracted into a floating metallic sphere again, leaving nothing but a red mist in the air where the demon had been. The sphere now targeted the smaller demonic underlings, killing them with high-speed impact. Then it found its way up past the ceiling of the auditorium, which was another transparent pane, and overhead we could see the sphere shooting in all directions, crashing into the flying vehicles that belonged to the demon city that towered overhead. Our victory would be thorough.

      I started chatting with some people around me, expressing condolences for their comrades who had fallen in the battle earlier. "Where were you?" someone asked, and without thinking I admitted, "In the next room." Then I worried that they might be upset that I had taken so long before coming to help, when they realized I had been right there and could have come at any time. I didn't think it would improve matters if I tried explaining that I had delayed my arrival in order to update my dream journal.
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