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    1. Some Short dreams

      by , 10-22-2014 at 10:07 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I am writing in my DJ and I reach my arm over a girl who is in my bed. I assume she is my wife. (I am definitely not married) I am watching it like it's a movie, so in third person kind of. She got annoyed because I never do that and it woke her up.

      Dream 2
      I found a game on YouTube that was called something Beach Island. It was rated 19 and up. I was looking for a game with some sexy ladies in it. In the game, you had to survive on the island and a side goal was to bang chicks along the way (which was totally different from surviving on an island ) I wanted to play it but my mom didn't want me to because she had heard it was REALLY bad. I ended up getting it and I hid that I was playing it from her. She walked in when I was playing and almost caught me.

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant/store and I am talking with a friend about the carnival we are at. I ask him when we have to go back to school and he says whenever we want. Apparently, you can miss school for the carnival. My friend said that obviously he was going to stay all day.

      Dream 4
      I am in the parking lot of a park with my Cross Country team.

      Dream 5
      I was watching a video and some girls in my grade were at a party having "fun"
    2. Video Games and the Teen Soap Conspiracy

      by , 01-24-2013 at 12:37 AM
      01-22-2013 -- I'm somewhere watching television with some young friends. Or perhaps playing video games. It keeps changing back and forth. Or even playing some kind of live board game type of game. One of the video games turned live game involves a small blue ball, half physical, half made of energy, that appears, then grows until it is three or four inches in diameter.

      You have to take the ball and roll it at a target perhaps a meter away. You have to roll it, because the target is very small, too, and if you try and toss it, it is almost impossible to hit. Roll it, and if you roll it soft enough to control the aim, you probably won't register a hit. Roll it harder, and you lose control to be sure it will hit the target. Very challenging. The kids I have been playing with decide to leave, and as they do, their grandmother starts to give them instructions.

      It turns out to be Bonnie M., and since she and I are no longer on good terms, I decide I probably ought to leave, especially since she is wearing a rather see-through mesh bathrobe with only a pair of panties underneath. I start to pack up the game, and a playing piece that seems to be almost a cross between a blue poker chip and a pog accidentally flips into my mouth and I start to gag on it slightly. I manage to spit it out, wipe it off, and pack it away in the box.

      Oddly enough, Bonnie seems to want me to stay around and watch TV with her, like old times. Meanwhile, she has turned into a grade school teacher, and we are sitting in her classroom, which includes her TV, chair, and a class bookshelf. I am scanning the books, and am very pleased to see, along with other titles, Gordon Korman books and Three Investigators titles. There is also a cat that I am petting.

      We start to watch TV, and she is watching a sort of teen soap opera kind of show that involves a smooth blond kid kind of like Paul-Mark Gosselaar, but without the pranking. He is with a bunch of other students that are trying to get him to sample a pranking sort of item that they claim will turn him into an Incredible Hulk-style monster for a few minutes, but he refuses to try it.

      He is kind of a foreign exchange student, is imperfect in the language, and is really driving them crazy because for some reason he would make an incredible football player, but he has absolutely no interest in playing, and they just can't talk him into it. Meanwhile, he has got a sort-of girlfriend who is a cheerleader, but doesn't mind that he refuses to play football. She is played by Hayden Panettiere, of course.

      There is a coach played by Jane Lynch, but she is a strange one, and is lecturing the cheerleader on not wearing a skimpy enough costume, and having the nerve to wear panties, which means the coach can't perve on her when she is making out with her boyfriend. Very odd. All this seems to be taking part at the Buena Park Mall, and time is passing very quickly.

      I am trying to remember as much about the show as I can, because it seems to be turning into real life, and the government now seems to be after us. It is an odd sort of conspiracy, because as long as we don't realize anything is going on, they leave us alone, but as soon as we start to notice there is anything to notice, they are after us. I try to hide by acting normal, and try to go back to Bonnie's classroom.

      I want to take the time to write all of this in my dream journal, but I need a little privacy to do so. I open the door to the classroom to walk in, but it is now filled with students and adults, and a young Flo from the Progressive commercials is just finishing reading a paper on how her ultimate goal in life is to advertise insurance. I suppose she'll be successful at accomplishing it.

      The person in charge has been staring at me, standing in the back of the classroom, and refuses to go on or call up any more students to read their papers until I am gone, so I walk out of the classroom and shut the door behind me. Meanwhile in the quad, the coach is trying to remove the cheerleaders panties while all the students are arguing with Mark-Paul to play football, and I can't seem to write properly. I am trying to write my usually tiny print notes across the top of the page, but I can't seem to help jumping all over the page in my writing. All the time, I seem to be getting advice on job hunting.
    3. Disneyland Paris, People Peeing, and Constant Dream Issues

      by , 01-06-2013 at 07:57 AM
      01-04-2013 -- [This one contained a bit of everything, failed dream checks, eventually becoming lucid, the switch from writing my dreams on envelopes to using a fully proper dream journal again for the first time in years (bought two weeks ago), remembering several other recent dreams in the dream ... all kinds of great things.]

      Out somewhere with Dale, seems to be a shopping mall. People are gathering around in the area, and taking seats in much the same area we are. It seems some sort of show or presentation is about to take place. Some people start talking to us, but whatever we're waiting for never seems to actually happen. There is one lady here who seems to be an interpreter for the deaf, who is talking in sign language, and Dale is replying the same way. Odd.

      Her pants are half-undone, and her underwear is peaking out, yet oddly she seems to be wearing sweats. This is the first point where I start wondering if this might be a dream. The thing ends, and Dale disappears. I'm wondering where he might have gone to. I walk a little bit south, and end up taking a seat on a curb, waiting for Dale to turn up again. Instead, Dave D, a childhood friend, wanders up, recognizes me, and starts a conversation.

      We talk for a while, and he eventually morphs into a high school friend, Chris V. I am getting kind of hungry, and want something to snack on, so I reach into my pocket and bring out a small brown sack. It turns out this contains the jawbreakers I bought a couple of days ago in this dream. They aren't very good, have kind of part dissolved, and are rather sticky. Yuck. Won't make jawbreakers there again!

      Chris is drinking a beer, and I continue to talk to him. He reaches the point of having to go to the bathroom, but for some reason he doesn't want to get up, so he just kind of hauls it out and starts peeing on the ground and himself, still chatting away like nothing is happening. As it starts to spread, I grab my backpack and put it on my shoulder to keep it, and my new dream journal, dry. After he is done, he stands up and walks away without a word. Very strange.

      His pool of pee is still spreading, so I step off the curb and start to walk across the street. I pass some people carrying a bag with the Carl's Jr logo on it, and wonder if I am back in California? On the other side of the street, there is a kind of courtyard, so I take a seat on a bench that is maybe 30 or 35 feet in from the street. I am far enough back that I am afraid nobody will find me.

      But just a minute or two later, Dale walks right up to me, and we start walking and talking, back to the area where the dream first started. I tell him this weird situation I just ran into with Dave ... erm ... I mean Chris. Wait a minute.... As I realize Dave turned into a Chris, I really ask myself if I am dreaming, and try to push a couple of my fingers through my palm. Nothing happens. So I guess I am not dreaming.

      Dale and I are in Disneyland Paris, and I ask him where we are going now. "Don't say Fantasyland, please ... from here, that's the furthest place in the whole park!" His reply is that he thinks the furthest place in the park from here is actually Splash Mountain, which is the other direction. I don't argue with him, but I know a short-cut to Splash, which begins right about where we are. But it seems we are walking to Fantasyland.

      We reach the new Orleans Square type of area (which actually doesn't exist in Disneyland Paris) and find ourselves standing outside the Phantom Manor. The line is quite long, stretching outside the queue, so we probably won't go on that. Somehow we find ourselves listening to an argument involving different cast members and guests about homosexuality, and I'm not getting involved with the conversation, but can't help but think it is not something to argue about in the middle of a theme park.

      Dale has disappeared again. I glance at the line, and he isn't there. I glance in the direction we were walking, and he is nowhere in front of me. I have no idea where he has gotten to. I continue walking, hoping to find him, and pull out my cell phone to give him a call, but my cell phone keeps cutting out. Just then I get a call, but it isn't from him. It is from a performer at the Adventurers Club that was trying to warn me off her in a previous dream [might have been in this dream, though I didn't remember the warning off bit when I was typing up the dream]. We're arguing about how strong a weak a person she is, but again the call keeps breaking up, so the conversation can't really get anywhere.

      By this point, I am now deep into Fantasyland, near the very end of the park. There has still been no sign of Dale, but I am trying to push both my cell phone and its charger back in my pockets, when I find the wires running from my pocket to another guy's hands. He was trying to pick my pocket and got caught. He tries to act nonchalant, but really, how caught in the act can you get?

      As I continue walking, a couple of other people are trying to steal things from me, and I am starting to get worried. I remember reading about how bad the pickpockets are in some tourist areas in Europe, and moment by moment I am carrying more and more stuff, which would make me easier and easier to steal from. I think I now have a video game system in my hands, as well, or maybe a microwave. Very bulky.

      I've now managed to wander right out of the theme park, into a residential street, and since there were no limiting gates or turnstiles, I am hoping it is a residential area for cast members. But whatever it is, I obviously don't belong here. I turn around and start back for the archway that I just walked through to exit the park. But there are now several punks trying to steer me off the path, and away from the gate, to somewhere they can mug me for my stuff, since pickpocketing hasn't succeeded. I push past them, and force my way back into the park.

      I find myself being followed by Pluto, who it turns out was one of the 'people' trying to pickpocket me (find myself thinking of one of the Capital Steps parodies, 'You're a Pest'), but now that we're back in the park, he has to behave. I need to use the restroom by this point, so I go into one, and find they have very, very large stalls, but with very low partitions, so while in them, you can see the rest of the restroom. I remember something about people reaching under stall doors to steal stuff, so I am trying to set down all my stuff far enough away from the stall door that it is safe.

      Again, I have more and more stuff with me, including my backpack, my dream journal, a towel, extra clothes, more electronics. It almost seems to be multiplying. Others are now walking in, and some of them are women. I again start to wonder if I am dreaming, since this is one of my common dream situations, but I think 'I'm in Paris. They could have some unisex bathrooms. As long as there is no nudity where I can see it, this probably isn't a dream.' Then one of the ladies takes off her top, and we've got boobs!

      I notice a sound, glance down, and notice I am peeing on the floor, facing away from the toilet, watching these people. I turn around and finish my business, while thinking more and more that I am dreaming. I try pushing my fingers through my palm, and again it doesn't work. Then I remember a recent dream where I proved I was dreaming by looking at my hand, where my fingers were damaged, wrinkled, bent at weird angles, or even cut off, and I bring my hand up to my face and stare at it.

      It looks perfectly normal. I continue to stare, and as I do, it seems to wrinkle and whither slightly, but not enough to prove I am dreaming. Then suddenly, my fingers and thumbs start to stretch and morph, and I am suddenly turning into Edward Scissorhands, and am terrified, wondering what I am going to do ... then I start to laugh and it registers ... yup, I know I am dreaming now! Time to have some fun! And I immediately wake up.
    4. She's Dangerous and Paradoxically Naive

      by , 02-22-2012 at 05:57 AM
      I remembered a lot of details about my dream, and I wrote them down when I woke up a couple hours earlier than usual. Then I went back to sleep, but when I woke up later, my journal was blank (it's kind of ridiculous how often this happens- I'd have so many lucids if I could just remember to RC while I'm 'journaling' in the morning). I remembered the dream I had just before I woke, though, even if don't remember anything about the one I thought I wrote down.

      This area seems to have several groups in conflict. I am not sure which side, if any, we are on. Mostly just trying to survive, I guess.

      She's not really human, although she can talk and stuff. She's... a pet. She killed someone. She wasn't supposed to. Then she tried to hide it, but I found out. She killed him in his bed, and now she doesn't want to go near any bed, so she won't sleep. She does some dangerous stuff with the microwave, almost starting a fire. She set the microwave timer for way too long, and she doesn't know to keep certain materials, like metal, out of microwaves. I catch it in time though, and take the stuff out of the microwave.

      I'm microwaving a pot pie. There's another one, already cooked. After it's done in the microwave, I'm fiddling with the crust. There are slight burnt spots and undercooked spots, so I'm trying to take those bits out. My friend's dog is on the counter. I tell him not to eat the pies, not that it's going to do any good. It's really awkward for me to try to keep the dog out of the pies while I've got my hand full of gooey crust bits that I picked off the pie. I pick up the dog and put him on the ground.

      'She' has to be taught so many basic things. I'm looking at some cookware to get her for her own place, but I'm not sure what to get because she is so bad with microwaves. I find some socks at the store like a special pair my friend has, that look like monster feet. They're sized small. I try them on. They feel like they'll fall off at any moment. Some crafty person at the store adds beads to something I had. She talks about how she does this simple modification with inexpensive beads, but people find it impressive, so it sells really well.

      We're trying to get on the bus. We almost miss it, and it's moving as we get on and try to find seats. We show something to the other passengers... books? The guy I'm with... it feels like we are 'her' parents or something similar.

      Someone says they've never seen "Let the Right One In". We put it on the tv. I explain how it is an awesome movie, but they'll have to put up with the subtitles because it's in Swedish. The first scene is very vivid. In fact, it's more like I'm in the scene than watching it on a screen. Some kids are running around in the village.
    5. The Green Rooms

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:40 PM
      I run into my ex-girlfriend. She is walking so fast I have a hard time keeping up. I ask if she is avoiding me. She says yes. I say one more thing and then leave her alone.

      A series of rooms. In each one, there is a challenge involving fighting (or possibly fishing) before the next door will open. More than one room has a stream with eels. A lot of these rooms are quite large and have natural type features- streams, animals, trees, plants, etc. The room I'm in now has giants. The lights go out. Fighting in the dark is difficult and scary.

      I journaled in my dreams again, so I missed writing down the other part of my dream because I thought I'd already written it. I've forgotten it now. I hate when that happens.
    6. Epic Recall Fail

      by , 02-18-2012 at 07:36 PM
      I wrote down my dream in detail and then a while after I woke up I realized that my dream journal was completely blank. Now I can't remember anything about my dream because I didn't write it down or mentally review it on waking because I thought I'd already done so. I hate when this happens. I'd have so many easy lucids if I could just remember to RC every time I write in my dream journal.