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    1. Felt Like 1 Hour LD Epic, Breathtaking Scenes, Supplements Experiment Inspired by Gab

      by , 11-07-2016 at 11:09 PM
      Sun, 06 Nov 2016:

      1040pm-210am(like 3:10am) [email protected] with time change!!

      225am 2x alpha gpc (600mg) after first recording dreams from 1st part of night.

      (Stay up 55 minutes more and then take…)

      320am 8mg galantamine + 500mg choline

      Wake ~630am finish writing quick notes 7am

      (2 previous attempts had gpc 1.5 hours before the g+c=terrific results also; and 1 hour before=quite good result. So anywhere from 55 minutes to 90 minutes between the gpc and the g+c is producing nice results)

      Only posting the occasional LD here on DV, too time consuming.

      Phone screen app tease, doesn't finish loading, aha phone not working right, must be a dream, vibrate float around vaulted ceiling for a good while. This was DILD in first REM segment after WBTB.

      *Epic LD!! (2nd REM segment after waking from first, WILD style entry with vibrations)

      flying while singing-2songs with the background music-mostly the classic fly like an eagle - The Steve Miller Band, switch=i want to get away-I want to fly away-Lenny Kravitz, switch-back to classic song when Kravitz song doesn't have the same exhilarating effect. Flying, singing and enjoying the music for a good while.

      ocean view!!! amazing view down a good size drop off, sunny day, people in the water and on the beach so colorful I was almost in tears at the beautiful, consistent, lasting scene my dreaming mind was providing to the point that I got concerned about dream stability due to the strong emotions. I calmed myself and then started to edge my way down to that beach but visual issues so I flew back up to the busy market scene I started from.

      Cousin M and another cousin. I enjoy seeing them. It feels as heartwarming as if we were actually together and not many many miles apart.

      I meet a beautiful young lady maybe only 19 or 20. We are attracted to each other but I am not as sexually charged as other times. She tells me she is a virgin. I asked her if she wanted me to show her the ropes. So cute-she said not yet-I say okay-Let's meet BackHereInDreamlandEveryYear around the Summer until you are ready.

      I meet another mate and she is game to have sex but says that her boyfriend is controlling and won't like it so I will have to take care of him first. I say show me where he is. She takes me a short distance to the covered but open structure where it is a little dark inside and her boyfriend is there with a guy and they seem to be having sex. There is also another set of 2 guys seemingly having sex also. The boyfriend sees me with her and he comes out wanting to fight and I smash his head with one powerful clap, more like a cartoon smash with no gruesome effects. The other 3 guys come out to challenge me and I do the same exact thing to each of them, dispatching with them quickly so I can get back to sex with my new "girlfriend."

      Handsome face slap. I see a DC guy with a strikingly handsome face and I give him a friendly light slap on his handsome mug. I say I am not into you but damn you are a handsome looking guy.

      I see a mirror and take a look. The visuals of me in the mirror are distorted. I think of goal/peg#4 show me the best way to have more lucid dreams-I see a version of me graying and wearing glasses…hmm…are they reading glasses maybe suggesting to read more? (now I think it could represent time, I can have more LD's by simply putting in more time, with the passing of time). I tell one of the DC's: next time tell me this is dream and for me to look at my hands. I repeat this 4-5 times and practice looking at my hands in the dream where it may be better reinforced I am thinking.

      I see another mirror on the left side of the room and interested to see what I get and this time I am a blondish graying woman in a old fashioned dress that looks like it might be a traditional dress from Europe, maybe Holland but it is not very decorative or fancy. I open up my dress just to see what's underneath but get interrupted. A lady much like the one in the mirror is telling me where she is from and what her name is. I think I could look this up later. I summon a pen and paper and start writing the details. I tell her I can't bring this paper back to the waking world but I can memorize it better once I write it down and I can show you my written understanding of what you said. Her first name I had to rewrite a few times but in the end it was "Pots." I thought during the dream how that is "stop" spelled backwards but ignored that and kept trying to make progress, hoping to get something I can look up when I wake. There was her last name given too but it has slipped from my recall. At first she seemed to indicate she was from the early 1900's (before 1910, seems it was 1908 or 1906) but later she was giving me details that were tied to some time in the 1730's (thinking 1733 or 1737). I wasn't sure what I was missing between the two sets of vastly different time periods there but perhaps it's just the way numbers and words can change in dreams, but at least it wasn't gibberish.

      I wake feeling like I had an hour of lucid dreaming but there are memory gaps in the above.

      Updated 11-07-2016 at 11:26 PM by 61674 (add the blue text, signifies lucid)

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