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    1. Bunch of Fun, Vivid Semi-Lucids and NLs - August 24

      , 08-24-2018 at 04:39 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 24 2018

      Yesterday afternoon I discovered SAT which pretty much describes what I called "relaxed ADA" in previous posts. I did this throughout the day, and started doing more consistent RCs (noseplug, question surroundings and past actions for ~30 seconds at least, then finger through palm to make sure) throughout the day. Before bed I didn't do meditation or anything, just progressive relaxation and a little MILD. I also did some autosuggestion that I would do an RC every time I woke up, since I've been having a lot of FA's lately and wanted to convert them. Then I fell asleep pretty quickly (and pretty early).

      My first dream was of a huge, squarish/adobe-style mansion. I had the understanding that it wasn't mine, but rather I was staying at it. My fiance was staying there with me, and we had some R&R in our shadowy corner of the mansion, where we could still see some sunlight on the terrace. She was wearing an outfit I'd seen recently IWL. Occasionally we went on the main grounds and met with others staying there (non-WL DCs, but they were friends, not random lodgers). I remember semi-consciously shaping events and character actions, but I definitely wasn't fully lucid and never did an RC. It was a fun dream though, one of those simple and joyful NLs that you remember fondly afterwards.

      I woke up after this dream and didn't do much MILDing, fell asleep pretty quickly. I'm a kid with three sidekicks, young Hermione and two other kids our age. We're all walking around an outdoor/indoor farmer's market that morphs into an oversized shopping mall. We start avoiding Darth Maul and his gang, they're trying to catch and kill us, or rather wipe out our existence. At one point we're flying around near the ceiling of the mall, dodging slow-flying homing darts. We're also avoiding the big stinky guy from spirited away (not noface, the stinky guy that turns out to be a river spirit). He apparently has the power to reverse-age us if we get to close to him. We eventually find our way into a room with a closet/armoire named Percy. He can take us back to some years ago before this happened. I think this part of the dream happened twice, in different ways. The first time, we all got in and were saved. The second time, only I made it into the armoire and shut the doors tight, with Darth Maul's fingers gripping the edge of the door. He was making some kind of persuasive argument, appealing to my emotions, and I felt sorry for him, but in the end I was able to shut the doors and I made it out. Flash-forward to several years later. My friends who didn't make it out were reincarnated and are the same age as me now (several years older). We are all at a smaller outdoor farmer's market. They are all the opposite genders now. One of them has discovered a new strain of blueberry, which is oblong.

      Our curtain dropped IWL and I had to put it back. I went back to bed quickly after that. My next dream was an NL. I was in my high school gym and it was the last day of high school. I was in the top row of the bleachers joking around with my friends during an emotional and apparently important speech by Coach M. I got called out and cried in the dream. Several of my high school friends were there also, and they're some of my dream signs, so I should have recognized them. Despite this, I didn't question anything. I walked towards the exits and on the way out had a heart to heart with Coach M. Once I was out, I walked under the overhang and got made fun of by my friends for crying, but then we were all cool again.

      Slight dream scene transition and I'm in the HS parking lot, where I see someone taking my dog into a black SUV. I run after them and I am flying on the street (I think I was semi-lucid here but I can't be sure; again, I definitely didn't do an RC or anything). I see one of my WL coworkers in the air on a flying machine (think chitty chitty bang bang). I ask him for help. As I fly forward and he flies towards school, I communicate with him telepathically and have him drop down some electronic turnstiles/gates to allow me access through where this black SUV is taking my dog. The gates and general scene remind me of the new Jurassic Park movies for some reason.

      Somehow from here I end up in a version of Disneyland with fiance. Again, she's wearing an outfit that I saw IWL recently, a business-ish dress this time. Everything is frozen. There's a huge blue bioluminescent flower that's completely frozen. The entrance feels more like a shoddy amusement park than Disneyland -- the sign for it is like 8.5x11 and just says in small Denny's-like font "Disney". Fiance is wearing ice skates, I'm wearing her thin slippers from WL. I get a strong sense of deja vu as we enter and hop over a cold puddle. I can feel the ice crunch underfoot and feel the cold, but not in a bad way...very vivid. I make a comment about taking a swim or something similar

      From here I end up at a pot luck that looks like a huge Thanksgiving feast. I brought my own meal though, and I feel bad about it because it's not enough for everyone. I say my hellos and then head to the back where there's a darkened living room (fireplace behind/to the righ of me) and I'm in a chair/recliner. There are some older folks and family members around me and fiance eventually joins me.

      *Note: Mostly slept on my sides last night. I think this results in more vivid semi lucids and non lucids, which can be nice every once in a while Interestingly I don't think I had any FA's.
    2. Oliver’s Terrarium, Mail-Order Pills, Dream Sign Attack

      by , 10-17-2016 at 11:12 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2016. Monday.

      The time seems to be early afternoon in all the outdoor scenes. In the first scene I am in our residence but I am not sure where it is implied to be. Our youngest son Oliver has a large terrarium that extends from floor to ceiling though it looks like an aviary. It is directly in the corner of the left side of the room, about two and a half feet square. He seems cheerful. Zsuzsanna is concerned about him seeing the turtle he had brought home the day before. I look in and notice that the turtle seems propped against the back of the cage on the right. It is on its right side and a bite had seemingly been taken out of it, shell and all, probably by another animal in the cage. I am not sure what to do with it but Oliver does not notice.

      My attention falls on weird animals in the cage. There are a few spiders with black disk-like bodies, the bodies of which are almost as big as my fist, though their legs are nearly three feet long. The legs are thin and closely paired so that it looks like they have four legs instead of eight. One seems positioned head down, its legs on two different large branches so that I mostly view it from the top of its body. I look to the right side and notice that the cage, at least on that side, is designed more like the front of a jail cell with the bars sparse enough for any of the animals to easily leave the cage. The side facing me does not seem of this appearance. I comment on how they could get out, but it does not bother me that much.

      In the second scene, the personified preconscious appears as an unknown male of about my age and is presently sitting in another area of the room, though does not yet attain a more dominant presence. I watch three mole crickets crawling about on a pillow. Two are their natural color but the smallest of the three, in the middle, is pure white. I reflect on the idea of them possibly crawling on a person in their sleep, but there is not that much concern. A mole cricket is a tertiary dream sign that symbolizes going deeper into sleep in real-time, two of them symbolizing Zsuzsanna and I but the white one in the middle representing moon induction (circadian rhythms factor) and shared dreaming on the spiritual level as analogous to the Blue Pearl event (inviolable telepathy between soulmates, specifically twin flames as Zsuzsanna and I are).

      The personified preconscious points to an unrealistically large detached crab spider head facing us from the right side of a pillow across the room on a bed perpendicular to the bed I had been looking at near the center of the room. “Something should be done about that head on the pillow,” he says. Despite this incredibly obvious dream sign of him directly exposing his role as the personified preconscious, my dream self remains completely clueless and no lucidity is triggered.

      In the next scene, we end up in a small dimly lit room which has the essence of liminal space (even though I am not near waking yet). He sits on a wooden chair while I seem to sit cross-legged on the floor. I am facing him as he talks about money but he seems sarcastic about a certain business I do not know the name of (although he had apparently said it a few times but my dream self remains unaware of some of what he says). He seems to mimic advertisements and promotional gimmicks. “Make lots of money,” he says, mocking the original supposed speaker and waving his arms around seemingly in frustration. “Have you heard of Amway?” I ask him after watching and listening to his routine for several minutes. He glares at me as if I am unbelievably stupid and had not heard a word he had said, as Amway is apparently what he had been talking about all that time. I feel embarrassed but try to explain that I had heard him, though my pretense is not very convincing.

      In the next scene I find myself near an intersection having apparently mowed our front lawn recently. My (fictional) house is on the street that is perpendicular from where I am standing near a bus stop. I contemplate how I have to mow this whole area, but after a short time, I realize that it is not my responsibility and the city council will do it at a later date. Despite being near the bus stop, I am not interested in (subliminally) shifting consciousness. However, five young people get off. They do not regard me at this time.

      Despite my cursory faux memory and brief acknowledgement of my dream house (which seems vaguely based on the Loomis Street house though the rest of the area is not as such), I soon go into the backyard of our present house, though the gate is on the wrong side; at the north end of the fence near the southwest corner of our house instead of the south end near the northwest corner of our shed. A young unfamiliar black woman, who seems to be a teacher, is there with Zsuzsanna. Zsuzsanna has seemingly been given something that was stealthily taken from the personified preconscious. It seems conspiratorial. There are apparently two batches of mail-order pills. I take the two packages from Zsuzsanna’s left hand. One of them is a C4 manila envelope (yellow) padded with bubble-wrap and the other is a white C8 envelope with lesser bubble wrap. I open the larger package to find that it contains several cylindrical prescription bottles of pills of some kind. (None of us take prescription pills in real life.) There is also a receipt. I look at it and read it closely. “These pills cost eighty-six dollars a fortnight,” I say, seeing the total price listed as $86.00 under $79.95 and the shipping and handling fee of $6.05. “It's eighty-six.”

      I fail to recall that eighty-six is the number implemented when the personified preconscious gives up on my non-lucid dream self (having “eighty-sixed me”), thus no coalescence, implicit or not, at the waking stage. This is validated by the fact it comes in the mail, which represents communication between dream self and whole conscious self identity.

      The preconscious essence flows into the five children (and I do not focus on the fact that we have five children although these children are unfamiliar) who had gotten off the bus earlier and so naturally they approach our home to impose upon us to try to get me to either wake or become lucid. Zsuzsanna and I are sitting on chairs outside of our fence, our backs to it, our youngest daughter and youngest son sitting between us (which is not something we had ever actually done). A boy somehow throws a large mattress fairly high into the air above our heads (probably subliminally associated with our youngest son now sleeping on the top bunk of a bunk bed), but it misses us in coming down, landing immediately to Zsuzsanna’s right. I get the impression that he had been trying to throw the mattress over our fence (beyond liminal space and out of the immediate level of consciousness). I still do not grasp such an obvious dream sign. “Are you trying to kill someone…such as a baby?” I yell angrily at the boy.

      The entire orientation soon changes without a clue on my part. We are now all in our backyard on our side of the fence yet the five children (who must have teleported with us) are now leaving through the gate, the boy somehow carrying the mattress again (which does not at all resolve logically from a conscious viewpoint since he is seemingly carrying it on his right side as he would a textbook). I am so angry that I decide to follow them. As soon as I step outside of the gate, my consciousness shifts into the waking stage and I realize I had been had.
    3. Prison dream and terrible assault..!

      by , 08-08-2016 at 12:36 AM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments


      So I found myself in prison one again, I was on the landing just hanging around and wasting time when a guy came up to me, it was Chris Taylor, a lad I went to school with, but as a man..! He was agitated about something, but wouldn't say what, I figured out that he was pissed off 'cos it was my release date and Joy was coming to get me, he apparently had a thing for Joy..! All of a sudden for no reason and with no questioning from myself, the scene changed to a bar-b-q in a very large garden..! It was still in the prison, though it was more like a gated community than a prison..! Someone had made a makeshift fire in a compost bag, with bricks round the outer edge and the coals in the centre..! Suddenly three hefty black guys came along and started shouting about who had stolen their compost..! Brazen as you like, the guy next to me owned up and when they asked why, he said 'well I had a bag of sand to make it in, but I wanted a black bar-b-q'..! They reached over the fence and dragged him over, it was spiked at the top, so this did him no favours, one had a ball hammer and one had a sledge hammer, they took him over the road to a space of waste land where we could all see..! Everyone assumed they were going to hit him with the hammers, but what happened next beggars belief..! They forced him down onto all fours, took the ball hammer, spun it round and placed the but end of the hammer between his arse cheeks and took a swing with the sledge hammer..! They made contact, but not fully and so they tried again, once more they missed, but in the act of trying they were hurting him none the less..! I got up to leave and realised I was still imprisoned, but wanted no more of what was happening, I knew though that if they saw me try to leave that they would then start on me..! I walked to a clear spot, checked no one was watching, then I looked to the sky and took off..! Much in the same was Neo does at the end of the movie..!

      I think then that I feel into sleep proper as I didn't wake immediately or at least I don't remember waking..! The next thing I know is the dog waking me for the toilet..!

      Prison will now be added to my dream signs..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    4. Non-Lucid followed by a spoiler for content of the dream & dream signs

      by , 04-01-2016 at 05:50 PM
      Non-Lucid: I was in a flood & was helping a big family that was all split up & we finally found them all & no one seemed to be hurt. Then we were doing the normal emergency protocols for a big flood. Then I noticed we were in an unusual big manufactured home. There were alot of children. And then the dream took on some really odd turn, which I will now use a spoiler due to the content.

      Spoiler for Graphic nature, followed by personal life event:
    5. Our brain cells are our Minions and we should learn to love them...the cute little buggers.

      by , 11-16-2015 at 05:01 AM
      Although it is currently a barren dream time for me (lucid or otherwise) I take comfort that it's less than a month since I had a LD (albeit a short one) I duck and dive my way through my dream attempts (a little bit of this, a try at that) and my naturally paranoid nature hints that I often seem to be blocked at every turn...almost as of some outside force is either toying with me or hinting that dream attempts will harm my health.

      I remember a comment by Terence McKenna that his ego screamed that he was dying when he started a new psilocybin trip because it would strip away his humanity and that ran entirely counter to its natural function...that kind of feeling maybe. I toyed with DEILD last week and programmed to wake up much earlier to the dreams-end and got hints of the old “ill feeling” that so distracts from dream-recall and re-entry...and that feeling of dread soon disperses once its job is perhaps done, so is that maybe not real?

      I'm doggedly working my way through Ratey's brian book. I've jumped forward...as is my way...to a section about dreams and how the 40hz oscillation ramps back up when REM sleep starts. I determined to WBTB last night and had headphones and a Youtube vid primed to see what happens...and slept right through the night, without waking, till 08.30 (a very very rare event) See what I mean? Mr paranoid.

      I'm interested in DMT, psilocybins etc and maybe their effect (even in small doses) on dreams. With my new-found respect for our frantically hard-working neurons I've started thanking them for any dream crumbs they see fit to throw from the table. (that's not my mad idea...I read it here first) Last night I told them I'm up for dash of pineal activity to maybe pep-up my dreams and any cooperation in this matter would be much appreciated. Hey! I'm as sane as the next man! (and the way this World's going that's not much of a recommendation.)

      Against the current grain I woke an hour after I went to bed (with just a hint of a dream) then an hour later with a (what is lately) a rare clear and vivid dream fresh in my mind...so much so that I determined to get up specially to write this out.

      I'm being pursued by a doggedly-determined but apparently loving female vampire through a neighbourhood (most of my dreams normally not even vaguely menacing) I duck and dive everywhere and I'm looking around for a weapon of sorts. I don't seem to be terrified...just a bit anxious (as you would) and I'm as determined to escape as she seems to be to drink my blood. Come back dear, it won't hurt...much...that sort of thing.

      I'm moving towards what I take to be maybe a 19th century hostelry and I can see the landlord? looking-out at me. I get a clear feeling that he's about to close the frontage of his premises (as if he's encountered this before and doesn't want to get involved) Then I wake up. Phew.

      I now realise that I didn't feel ill and maybe should have tried for a DEILD lucid but a combination of my surprise at this (nowadays) rare event...and perhaps my understandable reluctance to go back into that scenario thank you very much, I just got up to pen this

      So...encouraging. Ever onwards (I must stop saying that) I'll keep reading, experimenting, flitting from one thing to another and reporting back every small victory.
    6. school dreams and lucidity

      by , 08-10-2015 at 04:09 PM
      it's been a while, goodness. i haven't even been all that busy. but onto some dream stuff!

      i'm going off to college for the first time this saturday so recently i've been having a lot of college dreams, as well as dreams about senior year events. as many as i've had it's been hard convincing my subconscious to take these situations as dream signs, so! lucidity hasn't happened in a school dream yet

      but i did become lucid last night in a dild fashion! it was a ridiculously simple dream. i was just sitting on my bed when i suddenly felt the need to look at my hands. without my glasses they looked normal, but with my glasses on they seemed to have only three fingers each (maybe because i wear my glasses nearly every moment of the day?). i wasn't able to change the dream scene, but i did change the time of day to night, which made it easier for me to think clearly! not very eventful, but definitely a valuable experience in trying to command my dreams.
    7. Talk to your brain

      by , 03-15-2015 at 12:15 PM
      Better...albeit just 2 small, mundane and slightly odd dreams recalled. Thanks Ed...you threw me a couple of bones.

      My boss/teacher? (DS) tells me "look up dieters." ??? I scan through a large journal and apparently find some references. (D/S looking for something) I tell my boss/teacher...adding "It should have been entered in the index."

      My boss (DS) and I are wrestling with a long roll of computer-printout paper. I mean really fighting... this paper must be made out of carbon fibre or something. Eventually I tear through the paper (where's the physics in that?) and he presumably falls backwards (if the physics is working at all) You know, I really felt as if I'd won a major disagreement...small victories.

      I have a handful of dream signs and that's a good thing I think, because they invariably pop up and surely increase the chances of lucidity when conditions are right...which they're not at the moment.

      Not much but thanks Ed...it shows you care.

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    8. Feb 11, 12, 13 Fantastic Flight Scape! Jacuzzi Threesome! Healing Light

      by , 02-14-2015 at 01:21 AM
      325am wake from fantastic flying lucid dream. Starts with wife and I getting separated on these outdoor terraces and stairs in a nice setting somewhere overseas it seems like. I retrace my steps and try going where I think she ended up by going a new way and eventually find her with our fashion friend G who is having a show. The models are coming. We are inside this huge and busy fancy conference center wide hallway area and wife and G jump up on side wall to sit...no space for me so I stand. At some point I something catches my eye maybe this train carrying stuff for a traveling pro soccer team. We may be in England. I get on the train unknowingly and a guy comes delivering a slice of pizza like at a sporting event and I say not my order. Guy to my left claims it and I switch to a train going back the other direction so I can rejoin wife. I start swinging out from the train involuntarily at first but as it gets more and more fantastic flying and hanging on, I realize I'm dreaming and let go and fly. No longer concerned where my wife is I explore this huge conference center by air. It has different sections with different themes. Huge atrium. Huge auditorium. Big outdoor "Polish training" area on the rocky underside exterior (left side of complex). On same side is a parking garage and this is where I start to get the attention of security and start having flying issues where I decide I have a jet pack to assist and reach around my right back side to push the ignition button. That helps for a little while but I am now flying in a limited height area in the parking garage and security is trying to grab me. I throw a few bursts of energy from my hand but I feel a little tired of all of this chasing and let them pull me down and I wake up smiling. I am leaving a good deal of detail out (lazy, sorry) but the lucid section went on a good 10 minutes or more. Wow! Apple juice I think played a part in the vividness and wealth of visuals and scenes built after an early 3 hour WBTB. 353

      *Jacuzzi threesome!! Walking past freshmen but big sports recruited freshmen and I convince a few of my group to call out "we smell (freshmen)!" (nothing like me to do this back in high school, much less now.) One guy with us says those guys will kick your ass. I think maybe they are recruited out of the ghetto and he probably has a point. Enough of that and we walk on. Memory gap and myself, wife and a sexy woman go into a separate hotel room from the rest of the group - this must be a dream! I head towards the big jacuzzi in our room get undressed and ask if anyone wants to join me. My wife climbs in and my hand motions to the sexy woman with us to climb in also. Their clothes disappeared in an instant when I looked back to invite them in. My wife didn't object and I held them each - wife on left and other woman on right and gently nudged them towards each other for a kiss. So hot!!! I think this went into an FA because I don't remember anything more after this.

      I had one other sexual dream of a woman stripping bare in front of me but the memory is hazy I think I tried to go back in too many times and it was also a late late dream where I sometimes (but no more if I can help it) get a reduction of vividness and clarity. Not clear enough to mark as a 3rd LD, so I won't.

      9am S has a little sister? No that's S (herself), her hair is just cut shorter. So cute in her bobbed haircut. Others here sitting in family room. Someone is performing or drawing attention and #deceasedFatherInLaw comes in standing tall and so much like I remember him. I almost say this is a dream out loud but I decide no need to. I am firmly lucid. I mess with a few DC's in the room and head towards the front of the house but that section is dark and the whole dream goes black. I stay calm and can feel I am still in the dream realm and decide to start to imagine my favorite water "rebirth." At first I get a slightly musty smell. Interesting. I start to feel the slight sensation of being in water and I wanted it to be significant waves but near shore and I started feeling it more and more but when I expected to see the shore I instead found myself indoors standing between a kitchen and family room. I see a door and am intrigued as to what might be on the other side. I open the door and it is dark and I don't want to lose visuals again so I keep one foot in the door and peek left and right. Visuals form down to the right but no DC's. It is 3 cubicle looking sections each with an old fashioned school desk facing a teachers desk in a very classic stereotypical scene. I look back inside the door where I came from and see a few DC's now including an attractive woman. I start to make out with her and lift up her top and while I am caressing her breasts her head becomes a boiling cooking pot full of some delicious looking beef stew. Weird! I then remember that I had some goals I wanted to do and I think about my memory pegs. I skip past peg 1 and 2 for some reason, perhaps because peg 3 was an older important goal I had forgotten about and hadn't re-prioritized until a day or two ago. The goal is to heal my back with a ball of white light. I decide two is better than one so I hold out both hands and just know and feel the white light in each hand and reach around to my back and place the white light on each side of my lower spine. It feels like it did something and I decide to reinforce the idea by bounding around the room pain free. (It seemed as if I hardly noticed the pain the next day, though I was sure the damage was still there based on less direct signs). After relishing my pain free back I pause to think about the next peg I wanted to do and seem to have trouble in the few seconds before fading all the way back to bed.

      1045?Amazing dreamlets I continued with amazingly vivid clarity and very imaginative. Deep kitchen sink and swimming in clean water as a miniature.
      Me tiny at my water fountain.
      Me as a human looking at a tiny me to that me and then again down to an ant wondering into the nest through the tunnels and down to the queen ant.
      Me in my bathroom downstairs. Enter toilet, nah. Sink drain, nah. Fresh water plumbing yes! House pipes to big main to treatment plant to aqueducts to reservoir to waterfall and river feeding reservoir to swimming with the salmon upstream!!!
      1104 wake. (Not as good as an LD but amazing vividness for daydreaming).

      sharing a bed with several people perhaps a hotel on a trip and I suggest laying sideways for more room for all. I end up next to #wifeSister #sisterInLaw and she doesn't mind that I see her in bra - I am dreaming - and we both get frisky. I touch her breasts and think about going downtown but not appealing to me. But! I stick my ahem in her mouth and she starts slow as if falling asleep then starts doing it how my very nicely like she is getting rather excited. Nice! Others on bed start moving around including wife. I don't seem worried. #GirlFriday is here also! She sits up on her knees on the bed and starts unbuttoning her red short shorts! She gets up and goes to corner just behind the door and finishes removing her shorts but just out of view. So hot! I think about shining my phone light over at her but have some doubt now.

      Trippy elevator ride! Going up at angle again. Warpy feeling. We want to stop at 164th floor and we seem excited? Goes one past. stops several other floors before 165(?) picking up passengers.

      Side notes:
      Got a very bright white light at awakening in right corner of my right eye both 2/11 and 2/13 long before sunrise - completely dark!. Weird! Very strong hypnopompic hallucination. On 2/11 I noted: Bright light! I thought moon was shining through window into my eye but no! Even considered if a flashlight could have been weilded by someone. On 2/13 it was still fascinating but I had a better idea of what was happening.

      My use of SSILD seems to have become too rote and I have switched over to dream control and dream sign based visualization as I fall to sleep especially at WBTB but it has also worked (resulted in an LD) after a seemingly too early WBTB after only 3 hours of sleep. Visualizations seem to be instrumental in creating DILD triggers. Some quick dream sign mantras the night of my most reliable dream sign (deceased father in law) may have played a part that night. I pretty much dependent on some form or length of WBTB to become lucid reliably.

      Changing up RC triggers.
    9. House of Dream Signs (NLD)

      by , 11-22-2014 at 09:06 PM
      I was in a small shop when blood dripping from overhead stained the white shirt I was wearing. I looked up and I could see small circles of blood pooling and dripping down from from the ceiling in two separate places. Where could it be coming from? The explanation that seemed most likely was that the vampires were leaving their victims on the roof again. If so, I was going to be very annoyed, because sometimes it was days before anyone found them and by then they were going bad. I wondered if I should go up and check, but remembered that there was somewhere I needed to be shortly so I would have to hurry home to shower and change my shirt.

      Back home, I had sufficient awareness to notice that the place looked unfamiliar (like most of my dream places, it resembled nowhere I've been in RL), but then I remembered that we had just moved here. I walked around admiring the new house: it was much more spacious than the last one, and had great atmosphere. For instance, in my room there were places where tree roots were growing down over the wall, creating beautiful lattice patterns and giving the room a pleasant rustic feel. I remembered my last landlord was always paranoid about tree roots growing near the house, but in this case their growth had been shaped in such a way that they formed a wonderful symbiosis with the architecture. There was a shallow pond my room too, unless I'm remembering a different room, and some kind of fish or crustaceans living in the pond.

      I found my mother in the yard just behind the house. She was engaged in some kind of task, using a tree stump as a base to scrub the blue pigment off of some pieces of paper (as far as I could make out) and wanted me to come help. I also noticed a little pool or pond in the backyard that I thought I should take a closer look at when I had more time. But it was already 11am and I needed to be at my next engagement by 11:30, which barely left me time to take a shower. My brother came out to help my mom instead, so I excused myself and went back inside the house.

      I passed a room that was entirely filled with an inground swimming pool, leaving just enough floorspace to walk around the edges. I gazed down into the water and was surprised how deep it was. I think my dad was in the room; I remember asking about the depth and then noticing the large black numbers marked on the side of the pool that confirmed his answer: eighteen feet. I reached down to touch the water and was delighted by how warm it was. This was much better than an outdoor pool because we could use it year round! And it was the third body of water I'd seen in the house so far. "I'm really starting to like this house!"

      There was more but my recall gets vague after that. One thing to note, though: this dream was little more than a concatenation of dream signs! Mother, father, brother, unfamiliar house, no less than three bodies of water—somehow I went from one to another in a state of total obliviousness, and yet the dream kept throwing them at me as if to say, "Erm, excuse me. Hey. Hey! Notice anything?"
    10. Sleepless in South East Essex

      by , 09-07-2014 at 01:12 PM
      Last night the wife went off to babysit our grand-daughter so the night was mine. Whether to really go for LD or maybe get a woman in? I chose the marginally less difficult option and retired slightly earlier, read some LD stuff and went to sleep at midnight as per usual.

      Somewhere in the Middle East and there was a palpable air of impending unrest...it seemed to be labour organizations v Government. A local well respected and moderate man had disappeared. "Why him?" someone said.

      OK short, sad but early...a good sign...one fish in the net...then it slowly fell apart. I decided to set my alarm for 5.30 am in time to WBTB and catch the REM happy hours. It took me at least 2½ hours to get to sleep...I lay there and heard the woman next door idle her engine for at least 5 mins before setting off for her boot fair.

      Her daughter's friend rolled up then waited as the daughter thundered back down the alleyway to get something she'd forgotten...amazing how one slightly-built girl can sound like a rampaging water-buffalo. Bang! door shut...Voom! off they went. Then the wife got home and I decided to WBTB again.

      Walking in a large town for quite a while (although I don't remember much about it) I passed one guy who I thought was laughing at my age and I boldly challenged him. He said he was merely sweating because he'd just come from the gym??? Then he started DC speak about some girl and I reversed direction.

      When I felt I'd gone far enough I ran really hard (DS = impossible to run hard) back to the town centre. On the way I passed a really amazing landscaped hill, with beautiful plants, statues and waterfalls. I couldn't resist climbing the hill then somehow decided it was somebody's front garden and I stopped climbing. By standing on tiptoe I could just see a large mansion at the top of the hill

      So...it occurs to me that if I had pushed the lorry over the cliff edge on my dream of 4/9 I would have seen a really amazing vista and if I had climbed the hill last night....why so inhibited?

      I'm a space (trooper?) with an automatic rifle and I'm pursuing aliens (who looked a lot like the Mangalores, from the film "The Fifth Element") on a planet that looked suspiciously like 20th century suburban London. They moved unfairly quickly and I never managed to hit one...I also threw grenades but never actually saw explosions.

      Then they disappeared and I spent what seemed like ages looking for them (the mega mega mega dream sign) Then I'm closely followed by a young male (noooo...not again!) But he merely wanted to know what I was doing.

      I went all show-offy and I explained that the aliens were "Karjons" (good name...wonder if it's been used before?) and I was hunting them. Then he launched into DC babble and I woke up. I wish I could condition myself to RC before I get up as well as I seem to be primed to wake at the sound of DC chatter.

      All that was left to do was explain to my incredulous wife that I hadn't slept for 11 hours "if you take off the time I was up + the time I was sleepless I doubt if I slept for more than 8 hours" (well...I'm convinced)

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. showing off to impress a woman

      by , 08-25-2014 at 12:18 PM
      I had 2 choline, some purple grape juice, some blueberries & strawberries...Oh! and I binned the partridge's carcase. I'm glad that's all gone...I didn't like it a bit...

      Only one dream last night but it was long and vivid and that's reassuring. I awoke a few times but couldn't catch a dream....although there was no sense of departing REM (I'm now getting an increasing amount of the eye effects and slight body tremors I had so clearly before I temporarily quit LD'ing.)

      Long and pretty vivid dream set in a power station (DS) I was appropriately suited and booted and I was tasked with showing a young woman around the station (Why? who cares...I'm not complaining) She was with a party of women and we left her mother and the others and started ascending.

      Like most dreams it was ridiculously inaccurate . It involved a vertical climb through a maze of pipework and machinery and I was showing off, climbing with alacrity and shinning through narrow gaps in pipework. On the way down through another section I almost collided with a welder and apoligised.

      When I reached the bottom I looked up and saw the young woman climbing back down the "up" section (she'd clearly given up trying the near impossible) Then I lost sight of her and I was looking around trying to find her (mega DS) Eventually I gave up looking and crossed a road to join up with the group of women.

      I edged through the crowd and located her mother and asked her where her daughter was "Her? She's gone home" she replied ...and I don't blame her!

      Having quit before and lost all dreaming ability I started from scratch again 19 days ago. I've logged 22 dreams of varying quality...9 of those in the last 4 days (41%) I'm waking at night without need of the alarm clock and my sensitivity to the onset of REM cycles is returning fast

      I'm working on recall and ADA and I'm feeling optimistic. Whether, once we've LD'd we always carry a residual ability I'm not sure but things are moving much quicker than last time.

      I MUST work on "bringing the mind home" to relax. I'm losing too much time trying to get back to sleep.

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    12. My Current Dream Signs

      by , 07-14-2014 at 10:14 AM
      Dream signs I've noticed:


      - Flying
      - Fire/fire magic
      - Talking with no sound coming out
      - Turning on light and it doesn't light up the room
      - Running, but at an extremely slow pace
    13. Dreamed about a lucid dream induction machine but didn't get lucid :D

      by , 06-23-2014 at 01:22 PM
      Last night i dreamed about unpacking the foc.us tdcs device , its a tDCS device that i want to buy to induce lucid dreams, the funny thing is that i asked my self how i can be unpacking it while i didn't even order it but failed to recognize it was a dream since i really wanted to try it so i didn't care about reasoning so much, the device looked old and used and i wondered again how can it be used when am the one unpacking it , but failed to get lucid again .
    14. Dream Sign Back, DILD, Image Incubation Possible Partial Success

      by , 02-25-2014 at 07:54 PM
      2/25/14* Quick entry, mostly notes to self.

      Recent dream signs: trips, stars, deceased father in law (he's back!), ex's family.
      Trip dream sign continues but perhaps too vague to trigger DILD. Image incubation for Scarlett Johansson showed some likely residual results the last 2 evenings. My daytime practices, for the most part, have been lacking. I was thinking the other day how Scarlett looks like my ex-girlfriend's sister S who I haven't seen in 25 years and what do you know, I talk to some of the other siblings for the first time that I recall in a dream...the two younger brothers especially and explain why we parted ways among other things and woke up with some sadness. It is odd that the DCs brought up by this thinking/possible incubation were those that I dealt with the least: the two younger brothers and the other sister M. Last night I got sister S who looks the most like Scarlett. This got me questioning the scenario and what would you know, here you go old standby dream sign - my deceased father in law I catch out of the corner of my eye and know that I am dreaming. I also hear my ex-girlfriend's father's voice as if he is about to come around the corner but then I wake up needing to go to the bathroom...too much water I guess. Stars dream sign present 2 nights back but also seemed to be residue from seeing Winter's Tale movie where stars are an integral part of the characters...gotta read that book! Also interesting that night was that I went back into a fantasy Winter's Tale themed dream after awakening from the first one and going to the bathroom and it seemed to continue to some degree throughout the night (I was focused on sleeping and not journal entries, oh well). 110
    15. Almost lucid

      by , 08-15-2013 at 07:38 PM
      Sooo this is my first Dream Journal (new to the site..). I had a really weird dream and wanted to share it:

      SO i was playing on my keyboard for some friends in my house, and went to turn up the volume. When i did, the volume of the keyboard stayed the same. Something in my head clicked that this might be a dream because an electronic device was not working. I turned and looked at my friends and sort of "felt around" to see if it felt like i was in a dream. It didnt, it felt like real life. So i turned back to my keyboard and tried turning up the volume again, and this time it worked. The volume went up and i continued playing. After that i chatted with my friends and some more happened but not of it is really relevant. The thing is when i woke up i was confused because i had been so utterly convinced that my dream had been reality. The dream sign (electronic device not working properly) caused me to check if i was dreaming or not, but when i checked everything told me that i wasnt dreaming, that it was real. This has happened before (asking myself if i was dreaming then convincing myself i wasnt). But even my lucid dreams dont feel this real. What do you guys think? Am i doing something wrong? Comment please, and thank you
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