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    1. Lucid Backlog, 8/31: "Flying Car"

      by , 09-06-2014 at 07:02 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Haven't been around much due to work--it's a 60 hrs plus gig, so not much time for the good stuff. However, here are some of my offerings from last week

      (??): I am in a car, flying high above the street. I realize immediately that I am dreaming, and that this is a dreamlet. Despite this knowledge, I nosepinch anyway and lose the dream.

      From now on, if I know (and I mean really know) that I am dreaming, the hell with those reality checks. That's the devil tryin' to get in my head!
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    2. "Love's lucidity lost!"; "Movie Night!"; "Dropping the DILD ball"

      by , 08-03-2014 at 08:20 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I feel like most of the lucidity pegs were in the holes last night . . . not sure what I was missing, really. Maybe my awareness was low. I have been trying to up that a bit today . . . .

      (??): I awake with the distinct impression that I had just been lucid! Unfortunately, not a single memory. Not sure what awoke me either--maybe just the autosuggestion I give myself to wake up and remember stuff! I take it as a good omen, though, and go back to sleep . . .

      5:44 AM: I am in a movie theater with my wife and mom. Mom asks my wife why I keep pinching my nose (!). My wife explains to her that I'm "testing reality" and then my mom begins to pester me about RCing. I yell at her while walking down the hallways toward the movie. I ask her if she would rather spend the evening alone, and threaten to sit in the car for the rest of the night if she doesn't put a sock in it. She somehow transforms into one of my professors from college. He wanders down the hallway lamenting, "Literature!" as though I had turned my back on it forever.

      My wife and I stop in front of a movie poster. It has black and green detail -- similar to night-vision goggles -- and is about lucid dreaming. She asks if I want to see it and I realize I have wanted to see it for some time. I check the run time (134 minutes!) and then check my watch (!). I realize we will not be out until very late. I am suddenly not so keen. Wife wants to stay now, however. She shows me where our theater screen will be. We will not be sitting in the main theater, but out in the hallway. Our screens are in front of us, to the left, and above us, to the left. She indicates them with a laser pointer, and a little smiley face appears where she points it. She tells me "This is a good thing," indicating the seats. Our view is obstructed by other movie goers. I tell her this is not a good thing and that we have terrible seats. We end up staying. Before the movie starts, we are asked to stand and clap our hands and sing to some music. My wife joins in with everyone. I just stand there because I don't want to sing.

      (??): I am walking down a sidewalk and I realize I am dreaming. I also can distinctly feel the vagueness of the dream world. This is not a visual-quality issue, but more of a "this is a very unstable experience." Probably due to being fairly awake while trying to LD. I observe the dreamscape and allow the action to move of its own accord. I continue to mosey along, and then enter a shop to my left through a glass door. The shopkeeper or cashier is positioned behind a counter to my right. She sees me and my NL body attempts to walk past her; I choose to smile at her as I pass. As I make it to the back of the shop, I decide to test stability at this point. I feel that if I can just manage some concrete physical action, then the dream will be good to go. I nose pinch. I of course can breathe but this destabilizes the dream and I wake up, breathing deeply. Really a great time to DEILD, but I wasn't able to pull it off. Think REM needs to be a little more strongly asserted to get there!

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