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    1. Teaching Others to Fly in a Lucid Dream

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:59 AM
      12-19-2013 -- [Two detailed lucids today, surrounded by days of nothing even memorable. Sigh! But these two dreams were really cool!] I am in a supermarket that seems familiar, though I cannot identify the exact chain or location. There is a bit with managers and entering through turnstiles or something that seem vaguely reminiscent of other recent dreams, then soon I am wandering the aisles. Eventually I come across an aisle that has snack cakes, and among the various offerings are the Little Debbie Christmas Cakes that I enjoy. But for some reason the packs have been broken up, and the individual plastic-wrapped two packs are being offered for sale, and a few of them are a new strawberry flavor, rather than my usual preferred chocolate flavored ones. Since I don't know if they are any good, I decide to open one and eat it, to test how I like it, so I can decide if I want to buy a bunch of them or not. I figure I will just take the wrapper to the register with whatever else I decide to purchase, and pay for them all at once. I don't really like the strawberry ones that much, but I still want to get some of the chocolate.

      Suddenly I find I have left the store, and I don't know why, but I am kind of worried about it. I never paid for the one I ate, and even if I go back, they are going to be mad at me, and darn it, I don't even know why I left! I find myself in an odd blend of California and Omaha that I have dreamed of before. I am on a freeway that is a cross between the 22 in California and I-680 in Omaha. I am trying to figure out exactly where I am and where the store was and get back to it, and I seem to be driving Joe L's Lexus SUV. I am just starting to turn a corner while muttering about pizza, and a nearby cop hears me and calls me over. I am worried about a ticket or something, but no, he just points to an NYPD (New York Pizza Deli) and says it is his favorite. Soon after, some rough looking guys in a beat up van (who look like they could be real trouble) are flagging me down ... to make their own recommendation! Nuts, all of them!

      Soon I am back on the freeway, heading north, but the car has disappeared, and I am now flying along. Soon I am flying through a building, and some woman is attacking me, saying something about how because I am flying, I killed her husband. I think my dead mom is trying to argue with her about it. Meanwhile, I am just trying to get away from the crazy woman when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I glance back to find a ghostly angel flying above me. I think it is Louie Anderson [and it took me perhaps 45 minutes to find him on the internet to identify him ... though it turns out he is not dead in real life, like I thought], who apologizes for her, saying she doesn't really mean it, she is just upset about his death. Though I had nothing to do with Louie's death, somehow I help his wife to easily pass on to join him, and the two of them fly off to heaven.

      Meanwhile, they have carried me far higher into the air than I usually manage to fly on my own, and I find myself up around maybe thirty stories in the air, and am flying back toward the ground. I am worried about hitting the power lines and such, which are everywhere, and almost forming a net waiting for me, but the positive aspects of the dream hold, and I easily sail through them without getting caught up, until I am back at a level I am comfortable with, 20 to 30 feet in the air. I am now getting fairly close to where I think the store is, but I find myself flying through the middle of a generic shopping mall (not one of the specific ones I often dream of). I am now flying south through this mall, heading for an exit, but there are a couple of sisters (at least I assume they are sisters, as they look quite similar.) They are large women, bulky, but not seriously fat. They remind me of a cross between one of my relatives and a balloon artist named Patricia Bunnell. They are kind of chasing me and trying to catch me for my daring to be different and unique, and having the ability to fly.

      I speed up and try to fly to the exit, but they sense what I am doing. "He's trying to escape," they scream, and rush to the doors ahead of me, blocking them off so I can't get through. So I turn around and start to fly in the opposite direction, figuring I will lose them, and find another set of doors to exit out of. Problem is, others start to chase me, more out of interest than the anger the two women were showing. One guy and his wife are close, and he manages to grab my leg even though I am right up by the ceiling, because he is 9 or 10 feet tall, with long arms. Darn it! I keep trying to slip his grasp and fly away, and as they hold on to me, they both figure out how to fly, and are soon able to fly on their own. "How is this possible?" she asks. "It's a dream," I reply. "We're all dreaming?" I don't want to be rude and tell her she is probably only a figment of my imagination, so I hedge and say "I only know that I am dreaming." "Well, how did you get so smart about dreams?" And I start to explain to her how I started making lists of my dreams back in high school, and by now have thousands of dreams written down to learn from. I also hint at the fact that since I know I am dreaming, I might find somebody to have some fun with.

      By this point, right as I am considering landing and trying to lose myself in the crowd, we exit through some doors on the west side of the mall, and the couple let go of me, and decide to fly off on their own to their own adventure. I'm pleased to find I am finally free, and am about to soar off and resume trying to find the grocery store, when suddenly somebody else latches on to me. I find it is a tall, attractive, rather Nordic blonde with a thick Nordic accent. "How?" she demands of me, as we drift through the air. I start explaining about knowing you are dreaming as I wrap my arms around her. I tell her she is warm and safe and protected. I won't let anything happen to her. I steal a line from Douglas Adams and explain that flying is really quite simple ... you just have to throw yourself at the ground, and miss. But I stress it's the bit about missing that is important, because otherwise it can be kind of painful. I wrap my arms further around her as she chuckles, very close to feeling her up as I continue this wonderful new technique of seduction by teaching flying.
    2. Lucid: Do You Really Want to Mess with Me in My Own Dream?

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:48 AM
      12-19-2013 -- [Sleeping poorly, kept waking up, but I think eventually I was only dreaming I was waking up. Weird stuff. Lucid. Sex, rape, and violence ahead.] I am driving along in Joe's SUV when somehow the power steering goes out, but it is really strange and kind of intermittent. I think I am trying to do some sort of mystery shop or something, though I am not really sure. Anyway the steering is almost impossible at one slow speed, and then works fine at another speed just slightly slower or slightly faster, and I am trying to get the perfect speed so that I can actually manage to drive the car. I think there is a tiny bit about talking to my sister (maybe), or perhaps not. The first bits are rather choppy, as again, I think I am drifting in and out of sleep. Maybe.

      I find myself at a hotel, and I seem to be kind of changing out beer barrel-like bottles of soda syrup for the fountain drinks, and as part of a mystery shop am somehow taking one of the large barrels and trying to load it into the bike with a basket that the car has turned in to. I manage to get it into the basket, and am trying to get the bike lined up so that I can try to drive out of here, when a couple of crazy (but kind of attractive) Oriental women come driving up in their car. I am somehow several yards away from my bike, all of a sudden, walking toward it, when they start to back up right into where the bike is sitting. I'm calling out "No!" and they are winking and smirking at me, making sure that I know that they know exactly what they are doing. They crush and mangle the bike between their car and the wall, and I am suddenly furious. Thing is, I know I am dreaming, but I am furious that they are intentionally messing with me.

      Spoiler for sex and rape:

      I am just about done anyway, when this rough looking character seems to want to come to their aid. I can tell that he is a thief, so I decide to get a little more revenge by letting him know that the two women (who are staying in the hotel) have something very valuable in their suite. So he leaves them and starts upstairs, to break into the suite. Meanwhile I just fly up the side of the building, sneak in the window, and grab whatever the valuable is, not only stealing it, but framing the thief in the process. Mess with me in my dream, will you? I'm casually making my way out the window when the thief triggers an alarm or something, and he comes rushing to the window. He throws himself out, using some kind of harness or parachute to slow his descent, and as he leaps, he spots me and realizes he has been set up.

      I have no harness, parachute or gadgets, but I don't need any ... its my dream! I fly down several stories, and fly into a parking garage, mostly under control, just slightly wild, and almost knock over a couple walking through the garage. I am not 100% sure, but they look like they are probably Rose and Mickey from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, police cars are screaming into the area to check on the alarm, and Rose and Mickey realize they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. They duck behind a car as a police car drives by, swinging it's search light into the parking garage. (At this point I notice that the front of the police car is slightly crumpled, like it has been in an accident, though this fact has no affect on the dream.) I turn myself invisible before the cop can see me, but Mickey is getting more and more nervous, and suddenly makes a break for it, making himself look horribly guilty, and attracting the attention of all the police.

      He is quickly caught, and he has no reason to try and protect me, so he explains about the guy who flew out of the hotel and into the parking garage, and then turned invisible. The cop is kind of skeptical, but glancing around the area, as I try to shift away from him, it seems he can catch glimpses of my movement out of the corner of his eye. He suddenly calls out to all the other police that he caught a glimpse of one of "them", someone with some sort of power who turned themselves invisible. Suddenly I am backing up from a bunch of cops reaching out and grabbing for my invisible figure in a scene very reminiscent of Harry Potter backing away from Filch and Snape in the first movie. Suddenly there are six or seven cops, male and female, plain-clothes and in uniform, all chasing me. They can't see me, except a brief flicker in the corner of the eye, but that's enough to keep them crowding ever closer. A couple of them are blindfolded, to enhance their other senses, and one of them seems to be a strange whip-creature, flailing long, thin tentacles at me, trying to score a touch which I somehow know might poison me, and things are getting tighter and tighter.

      I make a break for it, and try to fly out of the structure, but somehow they have been getting ready for me, and there are strong, but thin, nearly invisible wires strung everywhere that I trigger and have to punch my way through to get out of the parking garage, and when I do, that drops a strong, heavy net on me. By this time, I have had enough. I turn visible as I tear apart the net, and am soon surrounded by the cops. I start to warn them off. "This is a dream. It is my dream. I am all-powerful in it." I point to one guy. "Your pants are going to fall!" Suddenly his pants are around his ankles. I point at another. "You're about to trip." He flops over backward onto his butt. "Sorry for this!" I point at another one and transform him into some sort of furry animal, perhaps a weasel. I can clearly remember another lucid dream I once had, where it was starting to turn into a nightmare (can be read here) and explain to the cops that I could conjure up a full-blown nuke and blow the entire dreamscape to kingdom come. "Do you really want to mess with me?!?" Most of the cops start backing off, but one big black cop (when I wrote the dream down, I knew specifically who he looked like, but didn't write it down, and now it is gone) is stupidly brave or an absolute idiot, and grabs me, so I tell him he is going to fall down and his stomach is going to explode. The others are seriously backing off now, but not quick enough to avoid being lightly coated with bits of blood and skin as his belly explodes over everyone.

      I start to fly off, but everybody who has been in the area is now convinced I am a god, and I am surrounded by people calling out for me to do things for them. Some are nothing more than greedy, selfish users who just want wealth and valuables, but many others are desperate, homeless, or horribly sick or injured. The ones who are truly in need, I feel for, but I am not god, I am just dreaming. I am only limited by what I can conceive of, but the mass of people calling out for help are large enough that it is more than I can conceive of. I land in a convertible next to a slim, attractive blonde woman, and I pull aside her top and start playing with her nipples, but neither of us are really into it. I just can't stop thinking about all these hurting people.

      Meanwhile, I spot another thin woman who is not so attractive, and is very hillbilly-ish. She seems to be a cross between the wife of the farmer who gets turned into the 'Edgar suit' in the first Men in Black movie and Cletus's wife on the Simpsons, and she is calling out for help for her husband, who cannot leave their car. I glance over at him, and he has a cheap mechanical heart made from a gallon milk jug, sitting in an almost non-existent torso, and is obviously in bad shape. This is at least somewhat beyond me, but I lay hands on him and start to pray for him, hoping I have enough faith to do some good. Thankfully new skin starts to grow around his torso, and I seem to have managed to bring forth some serious healing for him. One of their kids is a teenage daughter who no longer believes in anything at all, and I am trying to figure out some way to help her, but that one is going to take some thinking. They have a slightly younger son who is a little pudgy, and reminds me a bit of Pugsley from the Addams Family, who is working on some sort of school assignment, and is trying to make either a sword or a musical instrument (which it is changes moment to moment) from a bit of scrap, and I move over to him to start doing something.

      The mom is trying to stop me, not wanting me to do it for him, as she wants him to get whatever grade he earns, and learn from the experiment. Instead she calls out for me to just make him some candy or something. But she doesn't realize what I am doing. I am not making whatever it is for him, I am just changing the scrap he is working with into a very fine and valuable piece of lumber so that if he does fine enough work with it, the finished product may be worth a lot of money. Leaving him to do the work, but greatly increasing the potential value of that work. As soon as I finish that, I wave my hand and the candy the mother asked for rains down on both children.
    3. The Witches and the Evil Wizard, French Thugs, and Run-Flying with a False Awakening

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:06 PM
      05-19-2013 -- [Three or four dreams in one. Had a false awakening in this dream where I was recalling it as three separate dreams, before falling back into the dream for yet another part. Entire dream took place between 4:15 and 5:30 in the morning. All earlier dreams while sleeping very badly were rather fragmentary, but may have included Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      First part I can remember (and there may have been a little before this) was somehow driving around the Orlando area with Carl while trying to work on a story I had first started writing back in college, which involved wizards and magic, and lots of history and legend about the world where it is taking place. Oddly enough, though it is a fictional story, I seem to be working on it for possible publication in the Hornet Newspaper. There are twin sisters, witches, living in small, circular cabins somewhere on campus.

      One of them officially opposes the evil wizard, while the other pretends to work with him, but in truth she opposes him, as well. The one who officially opposes him finds that her house has burnt down, and as I am looking at it, I can see the somewhat poor burnt house graphics that I was using in my attempt at creating a Realmz scenario, many years ago. Writing a story has turned into writing a RPG computer game.

      I am thinking of bringing back Merlin to defeat the evil wizard, then set himself up as a good dictator, and it is now turning from a computer game into a comic book that I am trying to do, which is actually a very bad idea, since I can't draw worth beans! Soon I find myself half running and half biking through long corridors, of stairs and cabinets of china and the like, as dream things shift.

      This is where the false awakening claims the first dream ended and the second dream began. The scene is slowly shifting, and I find myself running / biking on one of the major roads from Orlando to Kissimmee (OBT or Orange, I think) and it is very late, perhaps 1 or 2 am. As I am moving along, I find myself being chased by two guys on bikes. I soon find they are threatening me, and they are punks who mug people and steal their stuff.

      As they start talking, I find they are French, and really, really stuck up. They think they are the toughest thugs in the world, and are now traveling the world to mug people in different countries to show just how bad they are ... but I find it halfway funny that they are mugging me with little, tiny pocket knives. Still, I'm no fighter, so I am trying to outrun them, and get to the nearby police station for help.

      I am somehow riding under and jumping over things on my bike, which really shouldn't work, but I manage to stay ahead of them long enough to reach where I think the police station is, but it isn't there. Instead, I find myself facing a cross between a motorcycle gang and the A-Team. They are toughs, and in a van. They might have been trouble, if it weren't for the circumstances (or they might not), but when I explain about the French thugs chasing me, they decide they'll take care of them, and it turns out the French guys aren't nearly as tough as they think they are, so I turn around and start heading back to Orlando.

      According to the false awakening, this is where the third dream began. I'm heading back toward Orlando, but I catch a glimps of a couple of bike riders in the distance, and am worried that it might be the French guys. I know they've been beaten up by the American guys, but also figure this could make them very mad at me, so I don't want to run into them.

      I start to run, but slowly rise in the air. I manage to fly by running fast, and am soon running among the roof tops of 2 or 3 story buildings, and big industrial buildings, and thankfully, even if they try, nobody can manage to follow me, so I soon manage to put some distance between myself and the people following me. As I get better and better at this running through the air stuff, I start to think of myself as a sort of super hero, and am becoming more and more impressed with myself.

      It is on one of these rooftops that I suddenly find myself "waking up" (though I am still on the rooftop), and I start to write down the three dreams I've had in my dream notebook. And I am very specific in writing them down as the three separate dreams, as I repeat them and try to get all the details down good and firm.

      Then I kind of slip back into the dream, and find myself still between Orlando and Kissimmee, but back on the ground, and I start running through the air again to try and reach the rooftops. But now it is a lot more difficult, I can't do nearly as well (find myself almost to the height of a one story rooftop, but have to struggle and scramble to climb onto it), and now the people who are chasing after me seem to be able to run through the air as well as I can, so they are right behind me now. Thankfully, they are not the French guys, but a couple of fairly attractive ladies, though I wake before I find out if they are chasing me for pleasant reasons, or unpleasant.
    4. Harry Potter and Vampires, Doctor Who Filming, and Harry with Vampires Redux

      by , 05-15-2013 at 02:18 PM
      05-15-2013 -- Three dreams from last night, all kind of inter-related or tied in with other dreams. Kind of.

      First was a weird Harry Potter dream that I can't remember in all that great of details, but it was a lot of fun. Somehow I was Harry, and was fighting against some kind of very attractive female vampire, except that very quickly we weren't fighting, but instead having sex. This was followed by minor conflicts with several other female vampires and other attractive females, which always seemed to also turn to sex. At more than one point, I would end up with multiple identical vampires from different worlds all at the same time, which was a whole lot of fun. It was lots of great sex while at the same time, fighting evil and making the world a better place.

      At the same time, I was kind of 'responsible' for babysitting the Malfoy from my world, who was nothing more than a petulant, whiny brat. But at one point during the various misadventures, one of the vampires from one of the other dimensions has brought along the Malfoy from her own world, who was pleasant, mature, and her lover, and when at one point myself and several of my vampires and the second Malfoy and his lover all end up in the same bed as the whiny Malfoy who wakes up to see the other version of himself with a vampire, he looses it and starts screaming bloody murder.


      An odd Doctor Who dream where I seem to be traveling with the 7th Doctor in the TARDIS. We've landed somewhere that very much has a feeling of past dreams that include a bathroom or locker room in a sort of construction site, which I may or may not be able to point to another specific dream here. Anyway, at this construction site or hotel or whatever, the TARDIS is sort of acting as an elevator, moving between floors, and I wander into the locker room on maybe the second or third floor, and am just wandering through.

      Though it is the men's locker room, there are many places where you can look right across into the ladies' locker room, and see the women changing, and I kind of enjoy watching and looking a bit, as I slowly walk back out of the locker room. Somehow I've gotten so close to the womens' locker room that it is the one I end up exiting from. I am soon heading back toward the TARDIS.

      Except now it is turning from living Doctor Who into filming an episode of the show. The TARDIS elevator is only a flimsy set which seems to be falling apart, and Sylvester McCoy is wandering around muttering about his lines and rehearsing them. I am trying to get back to the locker rooms using the 'elevator' which is now more of a platform with a rope and pulley painted blue, but it is kind of separating from the side of the building, and when I manage to force myself back to where I think the locker room should be, not even the door is there, much less the room, itself. And though I keep changing floors, I still can't find it.

      Then things somehow switch, and I have gone back in time. The TARDIS elevator is back and sturdy again, and the locker rooms are back, but we are still filming an episode of Doctor Who, and somehow I have gone back too far in time. We aren't ready to film, yet, and while the women are in place in the locker room, they are all frozen in suspended animation, until we're ready to film. I wander around and find a couple of attractive blondes enclosed in ice, and start kissing and cuddling with them to thaw them out. While none of them mind being thawed out like this, some of them are (understandably) quite ticked off about being frozen in the first place, and start stomping around angrily, complaining about it. Very weird stuff.


      Somehow I am in a house where I have a bedroom to live in, and I am recalling the first vampire dream up above, and trying to write it down as a story. It's not going very smoothly. My writing is horrible and stilted, I can't think of how to say what I want to convey, and though I am trying to compare it to something black and white along the lines of film noir, I remember it with colors like red, green and yellow, but all of them mixed with black to give them a more dingy, dirty appearance, but not anything that could really properly be called film noir.

      Meanwhile, I am trying to write it as a big fantasy story taking place on another world, when I suddenly start to realize that it was actually much more along the lines of a police procedural (yeah, a police procedural about having sex with lots of vampires ... right), and wondering just how much that is going to conflict with the garbage I have been writing, or whether I am going to have to scrap the whole thing. It isn't that I can't remember the dream, it's just that I can't seem to put it in words.

      Meanwhile, I am being asked to wash dishes in the kitchen for a meal I didn't have any part in eating, and soon decide I'd rather leave. As I find myself walking around the house, it suddenly changes to walking around the Moran house on the beach that I first dreamed about being chased by Voldemort around it here, and have since dreamed about at least a second time.

      I find myself creating a new (really lousy) song parody to the tune of 'Secret Agent Man' about the dream, humming 'Secret Vampire Man' to myself as I am suddenly riding a bike around the front yard, wondering if Bonnie has the dogs or not, this time, since she has given them away, and then brought them back a couple of times now in my dreams.
    5. Possible New Entrance to Mammoth Cave and Other Bits

      by , 10-17-2012 at 07:16 PM
      10-17-2012 -- [AAUUGGHH!! Bought some apple juice but forgot to drink before bed. Woke this morning with an interesting seeming dream, but couldn't remember more than half of it. Finally drank apple juice, then spent four hours trying to get back to sleep only to manage about one more hour, and a rather lousy dream during it! ]

      I'm pretty sure this started with a bit where I was at home at the Hickory house with my family, everything decorated for Christmas. Especially remember lots of silver wrapping and/or decorations. But that's all I can remember.

      Led somehow to something about the Hornet Newspaper and perhaps the college, but no details available. Soon I found myself traveling with Dale to Disney World or something. I think we were in the park, but there's nothing there. No details. Soon we are outside, and are going to drive somewhere. Dale has this weird rig set up which is something like a pick-up pulling a camper, pulling a boat, and the camper is sort of flipping down to seal Kevin inside for the drive.

      I think there is something that kind of resembles Knott's Jungle Island, except it quickly turns to some sort of Polynesian themed resort that happens to be in the middle of Mammoth National Park. Some guy is walking next to the tennis court, planning to get something from his cellar (which is oddly under a palm tree by the court) but when he goes down the ladder to the cellar, he doesn't come up again.

      His wife or girl friend is starting to worry, and glances into the cellar, but a recent earthquake or such has cracked the foundation and leads into a new cave entrance. He's gone in and gotten lost, and his wife is freaking out about how he could have gotten lost in what must obviously be a very small cave if it has never been found before.

      I am trying to explain to her that they've discovered that almost all the caves in the world are almost certainly connected if you get deep enough into them, and if you could find ways through flooded and collapsed passages, and she doesn't believe me. "How unlikely is that?!?" [In truth I take it too far. There is a very good chance that almost all caves in the part of Kentucky where Mammoth is located, the entire area under the Central Kentucky Karst, could be connected through passageways that people haven't yet found, but very unlikely that they go beyond that karst region.]

      I'm trying to explain how Mammoth became the largest mapped cave in the world because of all the connections found between Mammoth, Morrison, Salt Cave, Crystal Cave and so on, but she just doesn't believe me. Thankfully there is an information desk at the hotel, and I am asking them to help me explain. Among other things they have a very thick guidebook that is actually the three Roger Brucker books bound into one larger volume, and I am trying to get the info desk person to read about some of the connections listed in the second book, Beyond Mammoth Cave.

      Soon I find myself at an airport with B & C and some others. B & C are heading somewhere, and lots of us have come to see them off. Almost everybody else has already said goodbye and wandered off, but I figure I might as well stay with them to the gate. But B seemed opposed to this idea, so I wander off on my own and start out of the airport, only to find I still need to go through security.

      I make it through the security check point to find myself on a deck area that doesn't start out as one, but seems to turn into an aircraft carrier or something. I see what first seems to be low-flying odd planes shooting by, but soon turns into almost a sort of centrifuge test thing to check on pilot stresses, g-forces and the rest. This thing seems to have four capsules on four arms swinging in a circle with only one above the water at any one time.

      Soon there are two of them, one on each side of the ship, and as one is loading up soldiers to train and test, the other is letting them out. The ones being loaded up are all young, fit and the picture of health. The ones being released are in bad shape. Old, out of shape, either fat or skin and bones. Parts of one seem to be an actual skeleton, while others are missing limbs. Whatever they are training for, the training seems incredibly rough!


      Bonus, since it is not worth posting on it's own. I am sitting in a bedroom at a table, playing with my computer. I am playing some sort of game that involves collecting small blue gems that kind of look like the shatter pattern of a bullet through glass, or maybe making them. As time goes on, it is certainly making them, except it turns to making them out of a play doh-like or gum-like substance in real life, while sitting in front of the computer.

      Whatever this stuff I am making is now in purple as well as blue, and it is something that I am taking to help me remember dreams. But a few of the bits have fallen off the back of the desk onto the floor, and I decide I should collect them. To try and climb under the space under the table, I have to move a box fan, but there still isn't room, so I have to try and shift my bed and a large (but low) bookcase as well. A lot of work. When I get under the table, I find several bits of the 'stuff' that has fallen, including a couple that have been down here for months and are covered in dust. I decide I'm not going to try and swallow those, and throw them away.

      As I come back out from under the desk, Rosemary is bugging me to clean my room ... I just did, woman! I need to go to the bathroom, but as I am walking up to it, there is a handyman walking out. He has a sign on the door showing he is working on the toilet, so it is not available. I figure I will use the other restroom, but when I walk to the door of it, is is nothing but a huge hole in the floor. For some reason they seem to have removed the entire bathroom.

      Walking back to ask Rosemary about this, I find the dogs have been stuck inside, and in the last two minutes they have virtually covered the floor in dog poop. Yuck! Nothing but problems and fails in this dream!