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    1. Morning - Non-lucids

      by , 12-04-2016 at 07:30 PM (Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream)
      So interestingly enough my renewed efforts are already paying off! Better awareness, more vivid/consistent dreams, and something odd happened where I almost spotted a dreamsign but my dream was like OH, NO THAT ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, HAHA and changed it. You can't fool me forever, dreams.

      Dream: Being a Good Person
      So first of all, this dream seemed to be set in the past when I was still attending church (good dreamsign, I've dreamed about that church a few times now). I was friends with a girl who was disabled in some way and needed to drink lots of sugarwater, and she'd been assigned to read three verses in front of the whole church, but didn't think she'd be able to do it. So I figured the right thing to do was to offer to read two of the verses for her so she only had to do one. But truthfully I was quite anxious about reading in front of the whole church, and the majority of the dream consisted of me worrying about it. Then my sister pitched in and offered to read one of the verses for me, which I gratefully accepted.

      There were other, more confusing and less straightforward parts of the dream, but I'm not going to write down things that don't translate into real life because it always ends up not being true to the nature of the dream. And maybe if I only write down the parts that make sense, my dreams will start to make more sense?

      Dream: Family Reunion
      So this was a long, fairly consistent and realistic dream with a theme of something like, "traveling." There was a lot of time spent on canoes, in cars, and on metro trains (which children kept falling out of), and my mother, sister, and extended family on my mother's side all made an appearance, as well as my boyfriend. That said, I don't really consider any of them to be a dreamsign even though seeing them in person is abnormal, and this might be because I want to see them.

      I think there's a part of me that is motivated to become lucid by the wish to change the dream and avoid unpleasant things. For instance, seeing my dead grandmother alive again is actually rather unpleasant because I don't know why it keeps happening, and there might be something I'm trying to avoid (thoughts like, could I have saved her from her dementia, or what does it really mean that she's dead ... maybe I blame myself for something, or maybe I miss her, I don't know what it is). So, for that reason it makes perfect sense to make her a dreamsign, because it serves the dual purpose of getting me lucid and allowing me to recognize what's happening and escape it. In the same way, seeing my father in the dream is a dreamsign because I try to avoid him in real life as much as possible, and naturally I would prefer to avoid him in dreams as well.

      At any rate, after a somewhat unrealistic visit from my boyfriend (I left without saying goodbye to him, probably represents my anxiety over doing something similar in real life and being thoughtless in some way) and a half-remembered canoe outing with my mother, I was in a car in Virginia on my way to a famous vacation spot to meet up with my mother's side of the family. On the way there, we passed something I'd never seen before: a theme park or museum or attraction of some kind that featured massive inflatable ships and things floating on the water outside, and enormous recreations of Lego figures. They may even have been moving. I noticed one of the huge inflatable ships looked a little deflated, as though it were a natural result of the thing being on display for so long with no means of refilling it. I thought about how nice it would be to go there with Alex, and figured he'd probably be able to afford whatever the (probably crazy) entry price was, and together we could have the time of our lives in ... whatever this place was.

      Then I was on a train, and children kept getting confused because the train would stop and the doors would open, but sometimes it wasn't the right place to get off and the platform would actually be dangerously receded. So throughout the train ride, children kept falling onto the tracks and their family would have to fish them out. A couple times I thought a kid was going to get crushed, but the dream never acted like one was (there were no freaked-out reactions from the family, for instance), so it seemed like things were... "okay" for whatever reason.

      Adam Sandler (or so my brain called him) and his son were also on the train, going to the same vacation spot as I was. I seriously don't know much about him, but my brain was like "white comedian man" and I figured "yeah he's probably one of the ones that says fuck a lot." I was thinking about how well-behaved his child was in that he wasn't trying to throw himself onto the train tracks like the other kids had been, and then I might've accidentally taught the kid the f-word. I said to Sandler that the kid had probably already learned that word from him anyway, and Sandler just sort of smiled like that was the kind of thing he would expect someone like me to say. He really had a reserved feel about him in that moment, as though he'd completely removed his comedian persona and was just trying to relax and be himself with his son. This got me thinking that I'd made a mistake in assuming that real-life Sandler and comedian Sandler were the same person, and I was chastising myself a little bit because I don't like to make mistakes like that.

      At any rate, the vacation spot was some set of cabins and things next to a bay, and there were a bunch of friendly squirrels running around in one area because there were so many oversized acorns on the ground. You could pick the acorns up and hold them over the squirrels, and the squirrels would beg for them as though the acorns weren't right there on the ground to begin with. And I distinctly remember eating two of these acorns for... for some reason. Both times the outer shell was a bit pliable and tasted awful, while the inside was perfectly nice, and both times I failed to even try to shell the acorn and suffered the consequences. So... not really the high point of my intellect, there.

      Then, the most interesting moment. I heard and saw my grandmother nearby, and as I observed I realized that her dementia was entirely gone. Somehow she had made a full recovery. And then, the first inkling came that this was important and odd, and perhaps... and the dream reacted. In an instant, Granny had vanished, and one of my older aunt-in-laws was in her place, sounding (though not looking), quite a lot like her. It really had the same feel as thinking you see something, and then looking closer and realizing it's actually something else entirely. Then I overheard someone say (or perhaps it was simply the dream straight-up narrating), that there was an older man who constantly got this aunt-in-law confused with Granny, and it was so sad because he'd been so close to Granny before and missed her quite a lot. Hm. Not much else interesting happened after that.

      I guess I need to figure out why I want to be lucid. I think there's a huge part of my motivation that simply wants to escape bad dreams and images, because this was what originally got me into lucid dreaming in the first place. I used to have nightmares as a kid, and realized pretty quickly that these were dreams and that killing myself would wake me up. For some reason I'm now remembering one particularly memorable time this happened when I was quite young: I dreamed that I was being forced into a marriage with an alligator by my foreign royal family, and that soon I would have to climb into bed with this literal animal and be eaten and torn apart by it. Instead, I locked myself in the bathroom and stabbed myself in the stomach with a fancy pair of scissors. This didn't hurt or feel like anything, but it was apparent that I would soon die from this... when my family broke down the door, all of them crying as they realized what I'd done. They pointed to the alligator in the bed, now slain, and said that they'd killed it, and I didn't have to get married to it and there was no need for me to die. I was crying a little too at this point, if only because they were so sad, because I was quite ready to leave the dream at this point and didn't really want to stay with this odd, sacrificing-people-to-alligators family. Regardless, it was too late. I died and woke up soon after.

      One way to interpret this would be to say that my dream somehow regretted my leaving. But that might be me personifying the dream when I shouldn't be, again. Perhaps I was trying to teach myself that dying to wake up wasn't necessary, and that there were other solutions? Man I'm really not sure what it all means, I need to think about this more.
    2. Adult Link in Ocarina of Time

      by , 12-22-2015 at 08:57 PM
      I'm in Zelda OoT. I'm Link, going through the game. This mostly takes place in Kokiri Forest while it's overrun with monsters of the forest. It's different than I remember. Adulthood is dark, dangerous, and vaguely boring. I'm trying to find something - new equipment, something. Hiding from pursuers, but I don't know who they are. It's just a feeling. I think about how it felt to play OoT the first few times - being adult for so long... then getting to the Spirit Temple and having to be a child again briefly. You've been an adult so long that you forget what it's like to be a child.
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    3. Competition Night 5, it was a long long night ;)

      by , 08-22-2015 at 12:15 PM
      NLD LD Comments/Thoughts

      Bedtime: 1 am

      Sit with a Friend A in a Transporter on the backseats. my phone is sticked on the left site over the window and i/we watch someting. A girl come by and asks something i dont remember (where is the market or something) i tell her and she goes again. we keep watching. slowly someone approaches the Transporter and opens the left backdoor and divert our attention to him while someone else opens the right frontdoor and takes something. i notice this and get out of the car and see whats happening. it is a turkish man with 2 children. he says he was just asking something/looking something and put it back. they go and i get in the car again. I tell A where the charger cabel is and that if he want to he can use it and put it afterwarts in the shotgun seat or backseat. The girl is coming back and asks me on which booth i am working and i answer her at the organic sausage booth. she smiles and tells me that we probable might see each other again. now i am alone in the car and i look out of the window and see some feet away a lantern. on this lantern a companioned couple is sitting up on the lantern. i look at them some time and then they seem to want to go down. she pushes him and he falls down and lands on his head but have enough momentum that he turns 180° and lands on his feet unharmed. [sure this makes sense...] she jumps down. a female friend of mine J comes back and there is a transition and we are in a bed together in a room. we kiss eachother and stand up. she jumps up to me and wraps her arms and legs around me and i kiss her again and go with her out of the room. she leaves to the toilet and i go to two friends L and A. L says schelmak or something to me and i answer sholva kre (stargate). he smiles because he seemed to mean something different. on the right site there is "nature" some trees i think a lake or something. transition and i am in the city at "ständeplatz" [a traffic tram station] and i am waiting for J i go the street down and a bus drives towards me and another friend is sitting in there and he saw me. i think about to wait for him so i can say hi but actualy i want to the girl so i keep going. wake up/dont remember

      WBTB and WILD attempt:
      i forget some of the beginning. I am in my room and lucid. i walk around and after some time a girl is in my room i go to her
      Spoiler for sexstuff:
      but then my vision gets
      black and i try to DEILD. i fail and land in a NLD.
      I am in the Microbiologie Department and enter the lab. my chef [from biochemistry] is sitting at my place and talks to a postdoc. As i come near he stands up and wants to go. i ask him if he wants to see my new results that he might be interestet in. he says yes and i turn on my laptop. that needs some time. he is waiting. i see the desktop and someone come to me and ask if i didnt do anything yet today because its still the desktop and nothing else. i tell him i just booted the laptop. i search the file. now there is a screen plugged in. its a really old CRT screen and stands crooked. i have problems in finding the files i am searching for and try to set the screen straight. my chef [now the chef of the microbiology] gets angry and screams a little bit around and i keep searching. a videogame pops up some times and i have still my problems. but then i remember where to find the documents and tell him i found it sit i will show you. i open the folder but again the game is poping up. i close it with Cntrol F4 and show him the results. he excuses himself for getting angry. next to me J is sitting and working on a gel image. she has two bands and thinks about but 2 proteins in one lane so she gets the desired bands [what would be manipulation of results...] i say something to her i dont remember and leave the room. i head right and on the end of the hallway there is a woman. i come near and she is barefeet what makes me wonder. i look shortly out of the window and turn around. while moving back i get a feeling i might dream and do a nosepinch
      and get lucid. i leave the hallway thru a door and am in the "lounge" of the institute. i go left and some stairs up there stands a girl. i approach her and asks her if i migh kiss her. she asks if i want to and i give her a second look and see that she has a burning scar on her chest and is not that attractive. i say nah and keep going. she goes the stairs down and i shouts "i will summon myself a perfect redhead girl right there". i go to a little waiting area with chairs and so on and want to summon the mentioned girl behind me but it gets black again...

      i try to fall asleep again with counting in the hope for higher awarness into the dream
      i am in a hospital. i leave my room and go into another room where i grease myself some sandwiches. a girl with tattoos on her legs comes in and flirts with me and goes again. i take the plate and go back to my room. i want to eat the sandwiches as a doc comes in and tells me i am not allowed to eat my own food. he takes the plate away but eats the rice on the plate. i say its nice that atleast he might eat my food and ask him how its taste. he says its okay but not good. he leaves and i pour some water of a thermos bottle into my glas. Transition and i am at my old home where we lived before my parents broke up. i am alone and in the living room. interestingly everything seems pretty realistic and as it was then. normaly there always looks something different than IWL i sit on the couch and watch TV. i ate a snickers i think because there is the wrapping lying on the table. i want to eat more and i go to the kitchen. i dont want to miss the thing i watching but i think i could wind it back later when i come back from the kitchen. in the kitchen there is some cut watermelon and i have the feeling my roomate R did this and i wonder why he cut so much of it when he is not even here. i take a piece and keep going to the cupboard and look insight. there are like 10 boxes of ricewaffels with choclate. i again dont get it why we need so much of it. but i think i smoked some weet after a long time and now i can finally run free on my munshies. i look out of the window and see some houses and they are very sharp and vivid and i wonder how long i didnt notice them.
      i turn around still chewing and get the urge to do a nosepinch. this one is positiv but i am not sure what it means because i have something in my mouth. i count my fingers and yes lucid. i take another piece of the melon and move to the livingroom. there comes out music out of the tv now and i think about if i stop and listen but i dont want to wait so i open the balcony and jump and fly away on a near parking lot. i rub my hands and they are sticky from the watermelon. i think this is a good sign and the dream is stable. i want to summon glasses just like that in my hands and imagine to put them on my nose but there where no glasses in my hand and that dont feel right. i try now to summon them out of my pocket but my hand is to fast in the pocket befor i could realy incubate the tought. so i dont find anything. then i think right my glasses are behind me on the ground i sure lost them when i landed from flying. i turn around and there they are. i pick them up and put them on. but i cant notice an effect because in the same moment a foreign guy with his bike stops right next to me and want to know the way to somewhere. he mixes some languages and i dont understand him. i dont want to understand him neither and interrupt him while he talks and say i dont know i dont care i dont have time...i wants to fly away again so he stops annoying me but then he turns around and drives away. i am alone again and want to summon my redhead beauty now. i think that from behind she will approach me and as i turn around there is a redheaded nice girl. i am suprised a little because i notice that i had no image in my head just the words redhead beauty and find it interesting what my mind made of it. i move towards her and she drifts away from me. i say hey dont run away and she smiles and come closer. i take her hand and we walk together. i start to let one stone levitate. then two at the same time. as i want to let 3 stones levitate i dont find anymore... i tell her hey look what i can and let one stone fly far away from us and back again. i look behind and there is a backpack which i let levitate for a short periode of time. we keep going and again everything gets black. i am too excited to DEILD

      last NLD at the morning:
      i am in a apartement and there where some guys eating something in the kitchen. they leave and Farin urlaub [a german musican] is there now. he has strong eye circles and looks wasted. he goes into the kitchen and complains about the fact that its dirty. i tell him it wasnt me. there is nothing good to eat anymore. i propose him that i might go to store and buy some food for him and he gives me 50€. i tell him he will get the exchange for sure back. i want to leave but turn around again and ask him what he wants to eat and tell him that i normaly like cooking but i dont think that i want to cook today anymore. he says he just dont care at all what i buy and i tell him "hey when you dont care i will buy the most discusting thing you can buy to eat" and i ask him if he dont eat something like meat or have some allergies. he tells me that he cant dring afri cola. i dont get it first and he points to a bottle. because there is something [name] in it he tolerate. i say okay and turn around and wanne go. i feel that i need to take a piss and on the way to the toilet i do a RC [i often dream that i need to go or search a toilet finaly first time getting lucid because of the dreamsign] i am lucid but still decide to first go to the toilett and then i can start doing my lucid buisness.... after pissing i feel the urge do brush my teeth *facepalm* i do so and recognize that the sound sounds exactly like my el. toothbrush but its a different system and it feels odd in my mouth. i spit and want to wash the brushead but it gets more and more dark red... i wake up and for good for this night

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    4. DJ#14: Teeny Weeny Lucid

      by , 01-18-2015 at 11:03 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      My first lucid experience this year! It's tiny but its encouragement that I am on the right path.
      Dream 1: Non-Lucid
      I was travelling aboard a cruise ship/ferry with a lot of people from my school. It was all going well until some sort of sea monster appeared on the radar and started swamping us with waves. We managed to stay upright after one pass by of the monster, but the second attack flipped us upside down and we began to sink. I managed to swim out the door and up to the surface, just before I ran out of oxygen. Gasping for breath, I saw about a dozen other people who had survived, out of the 50-100 on board. The monster dissapeared after that, presumably down with the ship, so we swam to the shore and set about finding civilization. We came across an ancient roman complex and discovered we were in Italy, and so two of the survivors who could speak Italian started conversing with a woman there and I went off exploring the beautiful villa. I woke up then due to my brother.
      Dream 2: Lucid Kinda
      I was at school (surprise surprise dreamsign ) and during recess I was in the library trying to find a book. A girl came up and we started talking, And I ended up arranging to meet her after school. I went on to Politics class, which had my brother in it as well which was a bit odd. The lesson flew past with me thinking about what had happened before,almost conscious but not quite. Then the teacher span around and asked my brother, "Do you know what we have talked about for the past 50 minutes!" and he didn't know. She then turned on me and asked the same, and I couldn't reach anything. (I think that actually helped give me some consciousness as it is similar to the reality check of asking yourself how and why you re where you are and what did you do previously) After that the teacher went on to my brother about all these levels of punishment he would be getting, and I sorta tuned out and thought about things more. Bit by bit I became more and more aware until I suddenly thought "This must be a dream", feeling a little foolish because I thought I was just daydreaming/imagining the scene at that time. Lo and behold however when I did that I got a shot of awareness and ding a ling lucidity . Unfortunately I woke up immediately without being able to do anything, I just got tingly all over and started feeling my own body. Ah well, better luck next time!
    5. Lots of Flying & Other Things (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-17-2014 at 07:33 AM
      First part of the dream I was in a completely different house and I was trying to protect someone (don't remember who or why) by keeping them safe inside my house, next thing I know we're in the car on the way to the airport to go to Malaysia, and in the dream I was like "If this was a dream, I would teleport straight to the air port instead of going the entire way by car" but soon after I was in a different 'scene' I guess you could call it.

      I was at the base of some kind of mountain and I could fly (I had wings, sometimes they were on my back and sometimes my arms became wings and I had to flap my arms either way for it to get speed), but it took away energy like walking would. Mid-way through flying I was suddenly naked and I came to some kind of checkpoint (which were spread out on the mountain) and at the stop was a cold spa so I could cool off, but there was a platform that would push out and in like a coin pusher:

      pain in dreams-0.jpeg

      And we weren't allowed to touch the bottom of the spa or it would suck us up somehow. Got out the spa, still naked so I had to fly up the mountain like that until somewhere in the dream I randomly had clothes again. We soon stopped at some kind of picnic park for lunch, first I started flying around, spinning and having fun with my wings. We then had rolls which had sushi in them and egg and I thought it was gross so I didn't eat. Then I was sitting in some sort of tent and some guy started being perverse so my friend came over and stuck a bomb-mask on his face, but I reasoned with her outside the tent and said we shouldn't kill him, but before we could stop it, it blew up.

      Later I was in some sort of village and my username (TheLucidDragon) was my real name. And Oliver Wood (from Harry Potter) kept bugging me with questions so I snapped at him and he turned into a child and had a tantrum. I came to some sort of yard where Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter) were doing some sort of sword fight with their dad (Arthur Weasley) and I joined in and started having a sword fight and I was super awesome at it. And I'm pretty sure the dream ended after that.
    6. On boat with family in ocean off coast of some holiday place. Water is stormy and black, big waves..

      by , 02-27-2013 at 08:32 AM
      Haven't been on here in a while because of lack of dream recall and things going on in the real world (had an operation couple of weeks ago so currently recovering/healing from that).

      Went to sleep about 1am, woke up with the central heating about 6:30am

      Dreamt I was on a boat with some family specifically my Mother, StepDad, Brother in law & Sister. We were out on the sea just off the coast of some holiday destination we were at. We were doing some kind of test sail before setting of on a bigger trip later. The sea started to get really rough & the water was black & dirty with waves just swelling up seriously high, as high as high rise flats.
      I turned and said to my brother in law I probably wouldn't take the trip later because of the sea conditions & I was worried it would capsize the boat & we'd all drown.
      When we got off the boat I was telling the same thing to a stranger as we were walking away off the beach & onto the street. I was telling him that I wouldn't go back on the boat because of dreams I'd had about water!

      We seemed to get split up on the streets in a sort of market area & I lost my family. I ended up tussling with some guys but not seriously sort of play fighting. I think I was asking them for directions back to our apartment because I'd got lost. One of them was leading me the wrong way & this is what caused the tussle! They were making me follow this florescent tube light that was sort of floating before me or suspended by a translucent string. Eventually I moved it aside and broke off from them after a little play fight & some laughter then I threatened to smash up some fruit on their market stall!
      Eventually I'm back in our apartment but my family have already gone on the boat trip I was so scared of going on. I feel devastated because I'm certain they'll perish, I'm crying out for my mother in despair, I'm looking around a mess of tobacco & bits of weed on the floor..I rush out to see if I can get to my family in time to stop them from going on the boat trip & save them but I forget my keys so have to go back for them..suddenly I wake up & realise I've been dreaming.
    7. Traintracks

      by , 10-17-2012 at 12:54 AM
      I was annoyed because there was a train track in a location that I had to cross to get to school every day, running at high speeds with no barrier or warning. The location doesn't exist in real life, that's dream geography, and dream geometry as well I reckon. I wondered if the train actually ran during the time I cross it in the morning, and, examining the track, take out an electrical plug thing, before hurriedly putting it back, as not to break anything.

      Railways as barriers, or hazards, in places they really should not be, recurs in dreams for me, quite often.
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    8. First Try

      by , 03-16-2011 at 02:34 PM
      I'm new to the site, so forgive me if this is in the wrong category.

      Anyway, my sleep schedule is always a little odd, so I am usually not in bed until some time after 1am. This morning (16Mar11) I was up particularly late, reading a few articles on lucid dreaming, which I have always had a passing interest in. At around 5, I finally settled in to sleep, and wasn't really trying for any lucid dream. I was laying on my back, with my arm wrapped around my dog that shares my bed with me. In the back of my mind I was thinking "I will have a lucid dream tonight" over and over, but I was pretty positive the chances of me having such a dream were low.

      Anyway, after a few minutes I apparently fell straight into a dream. I was talking to a man who resembled an ex-boyfriend of mine, a man who causes me great stress and anxiety. In the dream, I remember thinking he looked like my ex, but not being sure, so I spent a while trying to get a good look at his fingers, since my ex was missing a finger, and this is something I do in waking life to almost all men subconsciously now. After a minute I saw that he had all fingers, and was relieved, and able to take in my surroundings. I was in a large room, with cement floors, and some form of clutter on the walls, tho I can't remember what it was. The man was sitting on a four-wheeler, a green "Bear Tracker" to be precise, which is the same kind of four-wheeler I had a few years ago. Some how, we ended up fighting, and as he was begining to yell at me, I was suddenly back in my room.

      I felt like I was looking through my eyelids, like my memory of what my room looked like was allowing me to be in my room, while still asleep. I remember feeling like one hand was holding my phone, which it was not, and I was holding my dog, just as when I fell asleep. Lights were flashing, and I felt pressure on my chest, and a tingling sensation in my neck and face, and had no ability to move any part of my body or cry out. I remembered reading about Sleep Paralysis, and that it was important to just calm down. I was fine, until my dog started shaking in my arms, and I was powerless to stop it, lying there feeling useless. I had the thought to press my forefinger and thumb together, and somehow that must have woke me up because a moment later I was in my bed, dog sleeping perfectly fine, scared out of my wits.

      That was about an hour and a half ago now, and I'm contemplating trying to sleep again, with the lights on this time. I'm usually pretty brave, but that one scared me a good deal, and the whole ordeal lasted only 20 minutes, from 5:00am-5:20am.

      Anyway, that's all I've got for right now.

    9. Lucid Week Pays Off: On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate:

      by , 03-14-2011 at 04:13 PM (Adventures of a 21st Century Dreamer)
      Lucid-Comments-other dialogue-Inner thoughts

      This week I've been trying to have a lucid waking life by staying aware of the present, the now, that way I don't have to physically reality check all the time. I've also been treating my life like a dream.

      Flying mission:

      Some business woman had recruited a bunch of apprentices to help her beat up her boss and I was one of them, for some reason everyone could fly so instead of using the door, we were instructed to fly towards the nearest skyscraper and get in through the window, which was her office apparently.
      Flying is one of my dream-signs so. I became lucid and decided to part company with the flying crew. I was already relaxed and extremely aware so I just flew around for a bit upside down until I was satisfied...

      On the street:

      But after a while I decided to interact with some characters so I landed on the street and realised I was in Korea (never been to Korea). I seemed to have a lot of time and didn't feel like the dream would end any-time soon so... I took a time out and looked around at all the characters seemingly going about their daily lives oblivious of the situation..hhmmm..what do do.., then I saw a beautiful girl across the street looking at me with an odd expression on her face, I couldn't be bothered to walk so I used my telekinesis and drew her to me. She seemed amused by my little trick.

      "Hi, so um do you want to have sex or something?"

      she though it over.

      A part of me kept thinking ( "this is a dream remember?, you can do whatever you want"

      "yeah but if she doesn't want to, I'm not going to make her".

      "but shes not real!".

      " whatever"

      So I turned and started to hover...

      "wait, I'll have sex with you if you change your hair".

      "huh, what's wrong with my hair?" as I reached up to feel it..

      " I mean sure its not combed but considering I'm"... ( I didn't want to tell her it was a dream)

      So I fixed it with my hand. and started taking off her clothes.

      "wait, right here on the street?" she protested.

      "yup" I replied.

      "but I don't feel comfortable with all these people watching"

      I took another time out..

      ("listen man, aren't you going to ridiculous lengths? she's just a dream character remember?")
      " just make her do whatever you want")
      "I'm not falling for this"
      "ok lets find a hotel" I said to her

      During this exchange of words, I hadnt realised that I had turned into this guy...

      After finding a hotel. We finally had sex no need to bore you with the details but it was worth it( take that subconscious).
      As we lay in bed holding each other, she turns to me and says.

      "I know why you did all of that".

      "Did all of what?"

      "searching for intimacy", "you don't need it".

      I smiled got out of bed and handed her a towel, at this point I knew the dream was ending. This how my mind works.

      "get up its time for you to go".

      She protested " why, what did I say?"

      "Nothing its just time for you to go"

      Her: Will I see you again?
      Me: I start laughing.."its doubtful"

      I wake up with a smile on my face.

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      lucid , memorable
    10. Overlapping time and saving Jim Carrey

      by , 11-18-2010 at 09:56 PM (Dreaming on my feet)
      Type: Non-lucid, DS
      Vividness: 7/10
      Lucidity: 1/10

      I'm in a small carpeted basement of this girl's house, and there is a stack of pillows against the wall which I immediately think is a grow room for whatever reason, and it turns out I am correct. There is a rather small square shaped crawl space in the wall which apparently leads to a grow room, but she says [some name] the guy who actually takes care of it doesn't like her showing people. Then I see the shadows of his footsteps near the entry of the room and decide that I want to spy on him, so I run up a flight of stairs that are incredibly similar to a childhood house of mine, but then the stairs continue, and are very windy and massive, going up a down in ways similar to a roller coaster but not so extreme , I crouch down and wait for him.. He comes up the stairs and walks over to a computer desk, and I realize that he can plainly see me and I'm actually quite close.. not a very successful ninja. He calls me down and asks me to check out this projector- apparently he is producing and selling a new movie and is going to project it in a room and wants me check if the screen is large enough, which I affirm it is because it's massive. There are a bunch of oak desks with cell phones and other weird paraphernalia that are apparently related to the movie. Other DC enter into the room and the dream fades

      This dream is important to me since it is another occurrence of a suspected common dreamsign of mine- huge spiraling/twisting staircases, paths, or roads which are an incredibly obvious impossibility in waking life . I will use this as a visualization for becoming lucid this week.

      Jim Carrey
      I'm riding on a bike in a city [similar to Boston which I just visited], riding through many shops, restaurants, a writers guild [?], all of them are empty and incredibly elegant decked out with hanging glass and crystal lights, dark oak woodwork on the benches tables and walls, white drapes and large windows. Made my way to a main road, and now there are cars and people walking about normally. I ride down the sidewalk but feel out of place.. the shops I just rode through felt like they were from another time period . I felt like I was experiencing two time periods simultaneously in the same city. I ride away from the buildings and wonder what it would be like to attend a food market/buy food in the older times as I cross a large road. I come across a large open area, with green grass and some sparse trees and what seems to be a market of sorts. There is a pretty huge hill next to the market which is also incredibly thin, [definitely physically impossible, looked like a poorly rendered video game environment] and I decide that I'm going to instead ride to the top of the hill to collect some rare fruits instead of shopping at the market. So I'm pedaling my butt off up this mountain while hearing the people below playfully joking at me since it's so silly. The terrain changes quickly under my wheels from grass to rock to dirt to snow, I'm so high up I can't even see the market. I reach the top of the hill, there's a small area next to the path and I find Jim Carrey looking like a bum laying in a pile of leaves! [haha!!]. He's unable to move for some reason [faking injured?] and I think "Well, I didn't find any fruits but if I save Jim I won't look so foolish", so I pick him up and put him and his bags on a nightstand which is now behind me instead of a bike [looks just like the nightstand next to my bed, probably appeared as I wondered how I might transport him on my bike] He's in some weird sort of character acting completely pathetic and demanding and ridiculous, so I let him fall off of the shelf that he's laying on and he looks up at me full of mock hurt/ offended.

      Hilarious and fun ending to a very enjoyable and abstract dream. Funny that I missed the DS of my bike morphing into my BEDSTAND. hahah.
    11. July 7, 2010

      by , 07-09-2010 at 03:18 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Starcraft Unit:
      I was in the game starcraft. I think I was facing what appeared to be a cave but it had some boxes in it among other stuff, so, basically it was already controlled by humans. There was some new unit and I ended up grabbing to from within the cave before another guy did. I also made another guy work even though "he didn't want work".

      New Instructor:
      There was a new driver instructor in town. He was wearing circular glasses and a reddish shirt. It seems that he was trying to recurit people to teach them but none would get into the car for the lessons that he would be providing. He ended up coming up to a drive-thru where a lady asked where he was from. He had a large piece of paper which had an address. I was only able to catch the word LeBreton. She asked if he played games and said she could join if he plays since it was obvious he was going to have a hard time teaching when he was brand new to the community.

      Thoughts: Unforuntely, I can't provide more details about the SC dream. I would have loved to see the units or to have operated it, but, alas I couldn't recall that part and it is lost. As for the second dream, pretty odd since I'm been having more car dreams lately. I dreamt it when I took a nap since the last 2 days my sleep has been very minimal due to work shifts
    12. July 3, 2010

      by , 07-09-2010 at 03:17 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Neighbour Involving Work:
      My neighbour was going to visit my work with her kids. Since she wants to get a discount on her food order, she calls my mom and tells her to put her name on the list so that she can get a reduction in prices. I am standing infront of the food display in the store and my mom somehow gets me the message. I find it pretty funny that she is calling me so that I can get her a discount when I wouldn't be able to, since, there is no such thing at my store. I end up doing some inventory for 2 hours on this Tuesday. I also think about the outcome of such an action and imagine being fired if I do it. I end up getting fired later on and was told "way to go" sarcastically, by who I can't recall.

      Pretty worried:
      I am at the store and my mom is pretty worried. She tells me that the car has overheated and that would happen unless my dad who was driving the car has been in an accident.

      Thoughts: Well, nice to remember 2 dreams every once in a while. I'm afraid nothing fancy ATM. The second one obviously won the odd prize, but, since when did I have a list?

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    13. July 2, 2010

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:13 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Interesting Encounters at Work:
      I was working at TH. It seems that my shift just finished and I was ready to sign out and get my coat to leave. My wife's boss, K is also there. For some reason, I have a bad feeling and I notice that she is looking for something. She had some vertical trays which had some files in them spread out across the bench near the sheet. I decided to help her out and asked her what she is looking for. She looked at me with those eyes and asked why I'm still here. I guess I took it as a message of "I don't need the help", because, the dream skips and I'm walking through the store to the front door. It looked pretty similar to my actual work from what I recall. After exiting the store, I plan to make a run for my bus since I see it coming around a curve. The parking lot and location of the store is totally different. The atmosphere was pretty dark. After taking a right turn from the traffic light, one must go straight to reach a curve. After passing through the curve, one has the option of turning left to either find a parking spot or turning left and continuing straight to reach the drive-thru. They could also continue straight from the curve and take a right turn which would bring them to a bus stop but nothing more. I saw the bus near the curve behind two cars and sprinted around the store. I bent down under the white poles that are in place to prevent cars from coming into the drive-thru without ordering and continued running until I reached the other side and turned left to reach the stop. It would have been much easier to just walk to my right after exiting the store to get to the stop. I ended up getting to the stop just as the bus was able to get there. Along the way near the bus stop, I saw some cans of diet coke in a small box, similar to the one the 24 pack come in and I picked it up and brought it along. As I entered the bus, the driver was supposed to charge me $10 but when he used my card, he ended up charging $100 and swiping it through. I was pretty furious and felt that he did it on purpose because he added the last 0 just as he was about to swipe, since, he already had it at $10. I pointed out his mistake and he printed a receipt that showed that I paid only $0.72 which took me by surprise and I felt as if a trick was being played here.

      I think I dreamt about a car that I was in and was told that I could pass the middle white line.

      Thoughts: Well, I thought the first dream was pretty good. Was nice and long with a great atmosphere. As for the second one, it was just a fragment There was also a third which I couldn't remember anything about, but, I knew that it was long as well. Pretty nice to have a long dream in comparison to my previous couple of nights
    14. June 23, 2010

      by , 06-25-2010 at 03:39 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Brainstorming at Work:
      I was at work serving customers like usual. For some strange reason, I was brainstorming words that started with a particular letter such as the letter s and the words were sun, street, scuba diver, etc.... There was a match coming up but I don't recall what it was about.

      I think I had a dream about tornadoes. I think I was looking through a car window out to see one of these large tornadoes split into three smaller ones, but, nothing else.

      Thoughts: Well, back to the work dreams again. It's sooo frustrating to have similar dreams. It seems that work is now a dreamsign, makes me wonder if it'll vanish soon enough though. I have been RCing a bit at work but not in large numbers, so, not 100% positive if I would be able to go lucid then. As for the tornado one, there was a tornado in the news yesterday and I remembered having a dream about them during the day, but, couldn't recall much details. Seems my dream recall has gone south the last couple of days since I've been slacking off and not paying as much attention. Plan to re-focus and increase their clarity, vividness and recall
    15. June 21, 2010

      by , 06-22-2010 at 04:15 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      At work again, just serving customers. There was something about a car, but, couldn't recall what it was.

      Thoughts: Didn't have time to try and recall the rest of the dream and lost some of it as well
      Tags: dreamsign, work
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