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    1. NyxCC in the Challenge #2. ★★★★☆

      by , 07-04-2014 at 02:39 PM (Zödra)
      Getting up frustrated about no LDs. i realize that I am lethargic and can barely see. I keep trying to fix this, but can't. I wake up

      DEILD back. I get frustrated that I couldn't get back in the dream and get up. Something attacks and I can't even move. It drops me to the floor. I want to get up, but it wakes me.

      DEILD back. NyxCC
      I get up. I fly outside really fast and calm down. Dream goals... NyxCC I think, and look around the street, I see a figure getting into their car. I fly there quickly before she has a chance to drive off. I grab her hand before she gets out of the car. She is inches shorter than last time, and wider.
      "Come with me, got somewhere to explore" I say, since she seems to be losing interest.
      "Ok, I know where we are going, I have a way to get there. Just got to grab something fist." She walks around the car and disappears. Dang it. wake up.

      DEILD back. Enemy attacks again.

      DEILD back. NyxCC
      I try to make it out of the house, but my dream body isn't working very well. I lay down and teleport out of the house. I see a lot of cars wrecked in the road. I notice that it is probably my fault, since I am standing right in the middle of the road. I realize that there is no one in any of the cars. Touché dream. I slow down... I try to think of a creative way to find her. I see a body in the wreckage and walk to it and see that it is just legs, not what you normally think of when you think "legs in wreckage", but more like a pair of legs that were made to be that way. On to option number 2, I turn to the sky and don't see what I am looking for, but there are plenty of clouds to conceal it. I decide to just head there. I send out a message to NyxCC on my phone to where I am going (I just touch the phone to send it). I think of where I am wanting to go and direct the wind that way. I start floating over there and realize that I need to fly faster and higher. I walk up a few steps and it sends me from about 5 mph (8 kilo/hour) to about 100 (160 kilo/hour) and about 100 meters up. I notice that I am not alone and I turn around to see NyxCC behind me flying along. She is flying like a DBZ character and looks back to her normal self (normal from what I have seen of her in dreams).

      "Try and keep up!" I yell and speed up to double my speed. She flies above me and I turn around and fly upside down. She pushes me down and I start falling. I can see the water coming at me, smell the ocean. I keep going at that speed and pull myself up at the last second before I hit the water. I can feel the water splashing on my back and I lift my head up to the sky. NyxCC is a few inches away from me and smiling. She shoves me down again, but this time I fall into the water. I go down a bit and then float back up. NyxCC is laughing and I start laughing too. I imagine a small island behind me and start swimming towards it. It is a small floating child's playground. I climb on shore and step up to the playground. I try to imagine a ladder to the place I want to go in the sky, but can't seem to find one. I find a small place under a slide and try to imagine that it is a teleportation device. I make some buttons on the bottom of the slide and hit them. Nothing happens. I decide to just apparate and get there. I can see the place in my mind. I grab NyxCC's hand and turn, nothing happens. I imagine it in my head more and more and am in a limbo between both places. NyxCC's hand makes it more real back on the play-island. I try to do this about six times and it wakes me up on the sixth time.

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    2. The shared dreaming hideout. (dream from this year) 02/02/12/

      by , 04-14-2012 at 08:39 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! for those who read my entries...you know the drill.

      Dream #1 You got mail

      Im in some room connected online (possibly dreamviews) with Kaomea. We are having a conversation about astral travels and possibly sharing a dream one day. We were now on a cel phone talking to eachother, we were talking about Hawaii and i was telling her that i use to live in California with my ex and decided the relationship was not working anymore so we parted ways. I mentioned that i moved back to Michigan and that i miss being back home.

      Dream #2 Party at some random location

      I walk into a house filled with a bunch of people The house was huge and had a big swimming pool in the back. This one young lady walked up to me and started having a conversation with me. She looked a bit like T-Boz from the 90's R&B group TLC. We were both seated on this long couch and she sat next to me and with her legs crossed flirting with me. I take my hand and gently caress her thigh area. I remember telling her she looks good, and the conversation from there was mostly about how she was feeling me.

      Dream #3 Let me take care of them

      Im walking with someone (who looks like Kaomea) we climb down some underground tunnel. We were squeezing thru narrow spaces and trying to get thru this labyrinth tunnel with all these narrow spaces ducking uder leaking pipes. I believe that she is Kaomea, her energy felt warm. i reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Where are we goin? I want to introduce you to some people. Oh ok. How far do we have to go? Mmm it should'nt take long. lol why you tired already? Na, just wondering. We were walking thru a flood of water when all of a sudden..i sensed some energy, Bad energy. Wait ssh, What? Listen...you hear it? Sounds like flies. All of a sudden..i look back and notice these demonic looking Gargoyle looking creatures flying straight towards us. I started glowing gold and began feeling and immense amount of power surging thru me. I launch gold projectile beams and green and purple flickers of fireballs at them. meanwhile the Kaomea look alike is surrounding her self with a huge white barrier. I think she was shielding herself and i told her to let me take care of them. Im running thru them tackling them and bashing them with super human strength. I take them all out and feel drained. The Kaomea look alike, takes her hands and place them a few inches away from my body. What is that. Im rejuvenating your health. Oh, thank you. Mmmhmm.

      Dream #4 Dreamers hangout

      Im now at some underground hideout, where there are a bunch of dreamers socializing and hanging out. I remember seeing a basketball court, a workout room, a sparring room, and a classroom for kids, teenagers, adults, ect ect. I see tracy morgan telling jokes to some girls in this gym, and Gary busey was eating tuna fish sandwich. I remember he was talking and kept chewing with his mouth open, and i kept giving him the elbow telling him to talk the othe directions. I remember him pointing his finger at me, i grabbed it and bent it backwards and said to CHILL MAN ALRIGHT!? Shit... Alright alright, sorry. Don't bite my head off. I remember seeing this guy who was (i believe he was Oneironaut zero) showing some asian dude some new abilities with shooting projectile beams out his hands and some other cool stuff. I overhear some people saying that Wakingnomad is waiting for us he does'nt have all day. There was this one dude who could create wind just by blowing, a girl who can create ice with her hands, a little boy who can clone himself, and a guy who can stretch his arms long distances. I remember the Kaomea look alike was upset about something and she decided to leave. I asked her what was wrong, and she mentioned something about how she did not feel like doin something. (i forgot what is was she said) I told her that i appreciated her healing me, and that i hope we can meet up again soon. she nodded her head and said, mkay, that sounds good to me. Great i'll see you around, take care of yourself ok? K, you too! I watch as she walks down this long hallway tunnel, feeling the dream fading i wake up.

      Notes: Im unsure if i shared a dream with Kaomea. But whoever she was, she had a energy that felt familar to me. Hmm...interesting. but the setting of this underground hangout had a bunch of active dreamers there. and i heard a bunch of DV members names being shouted left and right. Overall im happy with the results, and i enjoyed the stting of this dream.