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    1. 18 Aug: Meeting a long lost love

      by , 08-18-2019 at 09:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Somewhere with family members and a few acquaintances. My uncle Zé is there, still living. Zilla is also present. I am trying on a dress she absolutely loves. It's a tight, red polka dots, no shoulders dress. People gasp seeing me in it. She asks where I bought it. I think C&A but we check the label with and it says some other brand. Anyway, she is sad she missed the chance to have one just like it.
      We walk to some shops with dresses on their windows. She points to a few dresses, asks my opinion, I dislike all. She gives up, we part ways and she heads to her car.
      Meanwhile, I spot Matos, who just saw me and heads towards me. He looks super thrilled for seeing me, tells me so and invites me for a coffee. I hesitate. He asks if I'm married. I say no, but that I have a commitment. He argues we left something in mid-air in our past, recalls our deep connection and asks if we could restart from where it was left as he never stopped thinking of me. I recall our teenage love with sweetness. But I am through with it.
      I telĺ him my car is in the opposite direction he is heading. Suggest him we should treasure the memories we have but move on with our lives. He insists it was unfair, that we shouldn't have lost touch, that our connection is one in a lifetime. I tell him he was special alright, but that at best he is maybe the 3rd option on my backup list. Not even true, he is no longer on the list. He is heartbroken. I feel sorry but just wanna go away and say goodbye to him.
    2. 6 Dec: Enslaved, nerve gas attack, war zone, brainwash camp

      by , 12-07-2018 at 10:49 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at some harsh environment, like ruins in the middle of a marsh. Looks like a Tomb Raider game. I have to jump from mini platforms to rafts that are already filled with other people, who look Eastern, like Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, not sure.... Then from the rafts we need to reach safe ground, and many die along the way. I manage to get to land, but I am taken as a slave. I find myself in the hands of women who are having fun dressing me up with rich eccentric dresses, probably for sexual slavery to some rich lord.

      I run away and hide ... in a shopping center... I find a small vet office where I bump into my RL vet. He asks me what I think about his new office, it is smaller with less equipment, but he is going through difficulties and trying to keep the business afloat. I feel a bit lost, but say it's ok, while I look at what I am wearing and finding it out of context. He offers me a t-shirt and jeans and says I can stay there and change, but he has to go out. I feel without control of my body, so I slam everything down into the floor and make a huge mess. People from a restaurant next door come to see what's going on and comfort me, thinking I may be having a stroke of some kind. Then I have this insight that I must go after someone who had parked the car right in front and is running away, while leaving behind a bunch of red and green balloons, which are filled with nerve gas and hallucinogenic gas. I was probably already under the influence of it and soon I start getting hallucinations. I hold my breath as I can and try to run to a safe area. Too late to help all these people, as the balloons are popping and there is gas everywhere. I remember that I can fly, so I rise up in the air, in the hope that I can rise above the gas.
      Up in the sky I find a kind of floating amusement park, with giant balloon figures, like Disney characters and in the middle of it, a cabin with a girl inside, looking lonely and sad. She opens the door and welcomes me there. She seems to know what is happening and feeling sad for not being able to help. She is glad she could help me.

      I am with Riverstone and we have a baby boy. But i feel strange that I am seeing this kid for the first time and he is already 2 years old. We are discussing what to name him. Meanwhile he is getting curious about going outside and I freak out. We never go outside (no idea how we get food).
      One day he sees kids playing on the street. He is excited and wants to join them. We on the other hand, just want to tell the kids to hide. It is very dangerous. Then some kids at another building started making signs warning the kids to hide, but they don't understand, look like they are not from here and have no clue. A caravan of military jeeps and tanks comes marching and I tell my boy to duck and be quiet. They start shooting. I guess the kids died. Later we get into a car and get out of there. That's when we cross paths with another car with some people we hadn't seen in a long time and we realize this boy is not really our kid, but their kid and they have our baby instead, a little girl. They also have my mother with them. We decide to do a risky exchange in the middle of the road with the sound of gunshots nearby. I give them the boy and they give me back my girl. My mom also joins us in tears and then we all head to safety.

      With some friends, including Zilla, we're like orphans in a harsh place. We've been taken in by some gangster organization against our will. My friends have accepted it, they take care of us, feed us, give us education. But it doesn't feel right to me. One day they take us all on a trip to some tropical paradise, everybody is rejoicing and I am overwhelmed with the landscapes, the beaches, the waterfalls, but I always suspect their motives.
      One of the bad guys in charge, one day picks up a fight with me. They say it is for practice, to keep us always alert, but I think they just want to beat us, because we are weaker and can't fight back. On that day, it happens that I win and he takes it badly. They warn me to never do that again, I'm supposed to be a punch bag, just as I suspected.
      Later on I mention to one of the few ladies in the organization that I am sick of this and want to go away. She goes tell her superiors. They threaten me. They own us.
      Someday we are enjoying a swim in a crowded swimming pool and some people come by and invite the older kids to follow them as we've been selected to a new group following a new training on martial arts and civics. I first reject, my friends go. But after I see them learning the basics of Kenpo and recall my own training which I miss greatly, so I can't help but join them. They also teach us some sort of theatrical dance and later inject some communist propaganda in the middle of it, like waving the communist party flag. Most kids feel a bit awkward but don't question it. Except me, I abandon the class and go talk to the superiors and tell them they can't get away with this, they must tell the kids what it is that they are luring us too. They are quite upset and basically fed up with me. I don't think I thought this through...

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    3. Saturday, June 23

      by , 08-15-2018 at 07:22 PM
      Makayla is sitting in some open type area that seems like a pier. It is a bench type seat that seems to be right above some shallow water. The water extends a ways under the covering. It is fairly dim. By her is a large case of beer that has different slots for the different types. I think it has cans and bottles. She is opening a stout bottle and pouring it into a glass. I try it and tell her it is too cold and needs to be warmer. Surprisingly, she agrees with this. I want to have my own, so I open and pour a bottle, but it is the wrong color - a hazy orangey yellow. I see that this is some IPA with a blue label with a fish on it. It is good though, and I am still going to finish it. Later? I am looking for Makayla. I walk down to a row of houses from which I can see the ocean right behind. I am going to go between two houses, but see that it is still pretty much their yard and that there are some people out. I end up seeing Makayla through the screen window of a brown RV that is also close to the ocean. I look up to the window above me and talk to her a bit.

      Melissa has on a floral dress and apparently nothing on under it. She has crawled onto me with a certain degree of fervor and is riding me ‘in reverse’. It’s a very nice moment. The Grateful Dead is on in the background; they’re playing an early (1974) They Love Each Other. After a few lines, he stops singing while the music continues, as if he has forgotten lyrics. I think I was the one singing and couldn’t remember any further?
    4. Dream - Beauty For A Birthday

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:30 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 161 - Beauty For A Birthday

      The first part of the dream was taking place in my bathroom and I was talking myself through my upcoming test. The dream gave me a tip such as when I approach traffic lights, not only to look forward but also to pay attention to the cars bunching up around me. The dream then went to me checking my Facebook. I saw on WB's timeline a post about attending someone's 13th birthday party, with a photo of her and her family wearing medical outfits at the party.

      The dream then showed the actual scenario of the party without the Facebook surrounding. WB and her family were due to wear a green colour scheme to the party and what's more interesting is that each family member was wearing the exact same tone of mint green. The dream camera did zoom onto WB's outfit, really emphasizing the pattern of the dress and the overall elegance. I was then in my driveway and I was going to go with the to the party except my dress was dark blue and so if I was going with the family, I needed to somehow change my dress to be in the mint colour. I did so by activating one of my four elements, earth, which changed my colour to that exact green. Then the dream went further and showed the dress' colour due to my default element of ice, which indeed made the dress an icy blue. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    5. You called their names too soon, Annie.

      by , 06-28-2016 at 08:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking at a room, dark and shadowy. I just entered it. There is light coming from the two open windows to my left. The room is a kitchen, an old one. Everything is made of blocks/old cement. The color theme is faded yellow and smoky black. The rest of the room is under the cover of darkness so I couldn't see what else is inside, apart from a small part of a table at the center. The only thing I can see clearly was the stone floor lit by the sunlight from the window.

      There was a woman standing on a stool in front of the nearest window. She was wearing a long black dress. She was facing the window but her upper body and head was out of my range of vision. I think she was cleaning the upper area of the window. I was walking with a girl towards the door on the other end of the room, but she was a little bit in front of me. I was a young boy.

      The girl said "You called their names too soon, Annie."

      "Oh, dear. But it was already their time," the woman answered, in her apologetic, somber voice, as she continued her work.

      We walked past her, but as we approached the next window, there again on the stool is the woman in her long black dress. We walked on.

      Just as we were about to reach the door, the girl went ahead. I felt the woman's hand on my right shoulder, and she whispered: "Run."

      I smiled without looking at her. "Thanks, Annie. But I don't want to run anymore."

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    6. Toy Set, Giant Worm, Time Travel, News Memories, Secret Mission.

      by , 12-27-2015 at 04:47 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a •. )

      * I'm trying to sell a toy set for a fictional book, but the main character is missing.

      * A giant worm is destroying an underground area in a place vaguely resembling Hogwarts.

      * I seem to have travelled back to the early 1900s. I have repeated run-ins with two horses named "Neighborhood Horse 1" and "Neighborhood Horse 2". I am wearing a dress and seem to be much younger (about 10 or 11). Somehow, I am captured on video and spread all over YouTube, but the majority of people don't beleive what they're seeing.

      * A news broadcast is remembering the five things they will miss at that station.

      * I'm on a secret mission to find someone. An alarm goes off (not my wake up alarm). This scene repeats itself.

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    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-26-2015 at 04:52 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I think it's finally time for a proper entry!

      Nah, just kidding.


      Stock Market
      The compound door hisses shut behind metal, circular steel sliding into place. I reflect briefly on the progression of the war taking place on the battlefield just beyond. Verizon was making headway in its ploy to undervalue Lipton's stock prices. Releasing all the ants in the facilities. You know, the ones whose sticky sap helps seal the teabags. My viewpoint flashes to an image of the ants in question sealing up a teabag. They move along the thread attached to the paper nub, entering the teabag one-by-one, vomiting up a little goopy mess as a worker presses the seal with his gloved fingers.

      My view flashes back to inside the compound, I've just poured myself some tea. I take a mouthful...and there's chunky ants in it. I really don't know what I was expecting, I think to myself as I'm spitting the burnt ant remains from my mouth.

      Lying on the hotel bed, my fiance's coworker, J, enters the room from the balcony door, which leads onto the roof. She's picked out a dress she'd like me try on, but I just want to relax on the bed for a bit. She insists, basically forcing me into the dress as I'm lying there. To her credit, it looks decent, but it's definitely a tad long, and the lavender color doesn't look great with the pseudo-knitted style. But hey, at least it got her out of my hair.

      My fiance comes into the hotel room from the hallway, soon after her coworker has left through the balcony. She's visibly upset. "What's wrong?" I ask, worried.

      "J just stole my car." I sigh.

      That all must have been a distraction. I muse to myself. "Don't worry. I'll go get it."

      I make my way onto the roof, toggling invisibility as I go, and see J pulling out of the rooftop parkingspace with my finace's car. She's off before I can close the gap, driving onto the roofs of other nearby building via conveniently placed ramps. I take to the air, maneuvering myself in front of the car, still unseen as I fly between the rooftops. As the car makes another jump, I position myself in the trajectory, phasing through the windshield and plopping down next to J. I drop invisibility, startling her.

      "Really?" I ask.

      She gives some half-hearted excuse that I don't recall.

      Sighing, yet again, I swap our positions, teleporting her to my seat and myself to hers simultaneously. As I turn the car around, she asks "How are you going to get back? You can't exactly drive to higher locations."

      "Guess I'll have to fly it back then."

      "Huh?" she asks as I take the car up and over a ramp, applying flying vehicle properties to it. The car now handles extremely similarly to a Hornet, with a bit of BF Helicopter mixed in. Very soon, I've landed the car back onto the hotel rooftop, and all is right with the world.

      This was it, the breakthrough we were waiting for. I push on the show curtains and step into the shower, a haunting giggle coming from the corner of the tub, behind the shower curtain. Ghost children. They're the key to universal lucidity! "Now, how best to put this into practice," I ponder aloud, just as my alarm wakes me.
    8. Wine and Cheese + Navriela (DILD + DEILD + FA)

      by , 04-17-2015 at 08:29 PM
      Ritual: WTB 2:30am, woke 7:15. I was stressed over something and felt too awake to go back to sleep right away, so I got up and put some time into a project for work. Returned to bed at 8:45am, no techniques, though I wondered if the WBTB would make lucidity more likely (happily it did) and woke again at 10am. Recall: 6/10.

      DILD, "Wine and Cheese": I'm walking down a footpath outdoors, carrying a cat in the hem of my dress. That is, I've folded up my hem to make a kind of pocket with the cat in it. She is an orange tabby short-hair that doesn't resemble any cat I've known in WL. I think she'll probably want to look around, so I try to arrange the "pocket" in such a way that she can rest her paws on the edge of the hem that I am holding and peek her head out. This works for a while, but then I notice that my black inner dress feels too tight around my legs, hampering my movements, and I think I must have accidentally caught it up together with the hem of the outer dress (which is a sheer light brown fabric). In trying to rearrange it so I can walk unimpeded, the cat falls back down into the "pocket," but I figure this isn't so bad, since the outer dress is translucent, maybe she can still enjoy the view.

      However, the cat is getting restless, and I remember something I read the other day on the forums: that if you just keep walking or wandering in a particular direction, the dream will destabilize. Well, such a thing has never happened to me before, despite numerous opportunities, but now I've caught a touch of schema infection from reading about it. [I agree with FryingMan that as a community we should try to be more conscientious about making claims that might infect other people's schemas!] So of course now that I'm anxious about it I start to feel destabilization coming on—I need to do something, quick! I notice that I am walking past a little wine-and-cheese shop, so I decide to duck in for a snack.

      Almost immediately I start to wonder if this was a bad idea... sitting down for a whole meal seems like a very drab and tedious way to spend my precious dream time. I decide to keep it short and just taste a few things; there's no need to finish after all. So I order some white wine and a cheese plate. The lady running the shop insists that we also try a certain specialty of theirs, which turns out to be a kind of spread that you put over toast. I see that all of these menu options are also listed on a small chalkboard hung over the doorway to the kitchen, though she prepares everything from behind a counter that is in the dining room. She serves us two types of their specialty spread, together with wedges of three kinds of cheese. It looks like very high-quality cheese, and I'm surprised (and a bit dismayed) to see how big the pieces are.

      The only seating in the place, which is very small, is a long communal table. I sit down and don't find it odd that I have a dining companion who sits to my right, though I didn't notice her before and my impressions are so vague that all I can really specify (uncertainly) is her gender. The orange cat I was carrying before is on the floor at my feet, and I hope the proprietor won't mind if she sees me feeding the cat little pieces of cheese. I take a sip of wine and a bite of some cheese and I am pleasantly surprised. Normally in dreams my sense of taste is dull and muted, but the taste and texture of this cheese is identical to the real thing. It is a sharp, tangy cheese with a firm, slightly crumbly texture like certain Spanish or French cheeses made from ewe's milk. I feel more enthusiastic about being here now, since I can enjoy a delightful snack without worrying about any extra calories! But on my second bite of cheese, as I concentrate on enjoying it, my perceptions accidentally shift to my real mouth—which of course is completely empty and tastes like night saliva. The dream fades and I very nearly wake up.

      DEILD, "Navriela": Luckily I realize that I am not fully awake but just below the threshold, so I think I can probably DEILD. Initially I try to DEILD back into the dream I just left, but it has fragmented beyond retrieval. So I just focus on getting the dreamstate back. Visuals kick in first: I see what looks like the vantage of a movie camera tracking steadily from left to right over something that resembles a grim, minimalist palace interior, perhaps an empty throne room. Everything is smooth and metallic grey and vertical. Probably because I start to wonder what was supporting the camera for this shot, which is too smooth and gravity-defying for a human cameraman, I now hear a male voice off-screen saying, "It is difficult to make a movie like this." I listen and continue to hear voices conversing about the film, so with both sight and sound back in play, I know that dream is kicking in.

      The camera has moved right through a doorway into the upper landing of a stairwell, and now I see a slender woman dressed all in silver begin to descend the stairs. To stabilize my senses I study her outfit, and I'm impressed how clearly I can perceive its details. She is wearing a kind of short jacket over a lower garment that reaches to her mid-thigh. It is not shorts or a skirt, however, and as I study it closely I observe a series of folds that suggest the garment consists of a single piece of cloth that was tucked between and through her legs to form something resembling short pants. I recognize this style of clothing—it looks like jongkraben, a kind of lower garment worn by both men and women in nineteenth-century Siam—but I'm surprised to see it in such an unusual context as this medieval/futuristic palace, worn by a pale, lithe, elf-like woman with white-blonde hair. I think I see some tassles dangling from the front, so I circle my perspective (still disembodied) around the woman to confirm what her outfit looks like from the front, and then continue to follow her down two flights of stairs.

      At the bottom of the stairs she encounters an elderly but vigorous old man with a long white beard who resembles Gandalf. He starts talking to her and at one point asks, "What is your name?" I'm pleased that he has asked the question I was wondering. There is something so youthful yet elvishly ancient about the woman that she strongly reminds me of Galadriel in LOTR, even resembling Cate Blanchett a little bit, and I half-expect her to say that "Galadriel" is her name, especially now that I'm thinking it. But the dream surprises me, and she answers with something that sounds equally elvish, but a name I don't think I've ever heard before: "Navriela."

      I start to think I should embody myself in this dream and work on some task. Had I been a little more on the ball I might have thought to accompany Navriela to a nearby forest to make another attempt my lucid dare, but I am too distracted by my growing attraction to her. I reflect that if I was one of the guys I would surely go "caveman" on her, and this gives me an idea for an experiment: what if I try to become a man? I sometimes identify as male characters in NLDs, but I hadn't attempted this before in an LD.

      I imagined myself as a guy and approached Navriela with romantic intentions. She was compliant as I took her into my arms, and we fell together on a bed that was conveniently placed in an adjoining room. I started trying to make love to her as a man, although it was all rather vague and hasty (I don't even think we took our clothes off) and I didn't notice any differences in my anatomy. Nevertheless, there was something very arousing about it and I quickly orgasmed. "It's always so much easier for men," I thought wryly—overlooking the fact that it is always easier in dreams anyway.

      FA: I woke up and immediately went to my computer to start writing my report, but I was having trouble accessing my word file. First I tried under "Open Recent," in Word since it's usually somewhere in that list, and when I didn't see it I tried typing the name of the file in the search box, but that didn't work either. I resorted to my back-up plan, dropping to desktop and clicking to the alias of my dream journal that I'd placed there, but even that failed for some reason. Since I actually do often have trouble accessing the file when I'm half-awake and hastening not to lose precious seconds of dream recall, it never occurred to me that my technical difficulties this time were evidence of an FA—even after discovering that my computer was in the middle of doing a full scan of some kind, and that my files were all locked until the scan was complete. Instead, I rationalized this by "remembering" that I had updated the OS just before I went to bed, and that concluded a mass file update was part of the process. Fortunately the progress bar was already at 56% and resolving quickly, so I waited it out. The OS shifted over to the new version, and now a new icon appeared on the top of all my window frames. It was a cartoon-like graphic of a noble male face haloed in a bright burst of sunlight, resembling a demigod or superhero. I figured this was the logo of the new OS, the name of which I knew at the time, but I wasn't paying much attention because finally I was able to open my dream journal file and start taking notes. Initially I started jotting down a lot of keywords and short phrases so I wouldn't lose any key events: "Navriela," and "four kittens" and "wine and cheese shop," and then started filling in the details.

      Eventually I woke up again and realized the last sequence had been an FA. Unfortunately my overall recall was now somewhat eroded the delay in waking up properly, especially of earlier sequences before I became aware that I was dreaming. I don't think there was ever a clear boundary or "aha" moment when I got lucid; it just seemed to naturally dawn upon me while I was walking down the path carrying the cat.

      NLD: I can partly recall an even earlier scene, non-lucid, where I was in a store, looking through horse halters. I was surprised to find horse supplies for sale at a mainstream store like this—it resembled a budget department store like a Target. I compared several halters but didn't like their quality or appearance. One that I rejected was covered with pale pink fake fur; another incorporated a fly mask but I wasn't sure if the eye holes would fit properly. I ended up rejecting them all and walking away. As I left, I noticed that the halters were on display in the children's section of the store, which annoyed me: why is horseback riding so often pigeonholed as an activity for young children? Certainly it helps to start young, but it takes years of practice to get any good at it. I think it was after walking out of the store that I was carrying the cat in my dress, where my dream report started, but the transition is unclear. I also now have no idea what the keywords "four kittens" was referring to, among all the notes I had recorded in my dreamed dream journal—so there is probably at least one lost scene.

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    9. Working at Unscheduled Times, My 91-Year-Old Grandma Working, and a Weird Garden Experiment

      by , 09-13-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was working at Target (never worked there IWL). It was a HUGE Target. I was walking around the store when a young lady stopped me and asked me if we had this one belt in her size, which was a weird size, a 70/30. She pointed to a big but short rectangular black belt that had holes down the middle. It was hanging up with a bunch of other belts that were all mixed up. It was the only belt of its kind that I could see. It looked like it wouldn't even fit around most people's waists because it was so short. Maybe it stretched. Anyway, I told her I didn't think we did, but I'd go check. I went to the front of the store and entered an office where a manager, a female, was standing up at a computer and working. I asked her if they had any more of that particular belt in a 70/30. She looked up the inventory on the computer and came up with nothing. Just as I thought, that was the only belt of that kind we had. I went back to find the lady; the store was so big and had so many shelves and aisles, it was like a maze. I found her looking at some dresses that were hung up on shelving instead of on fixtures. I told her we didn't have her size, a 70/30. She then said her size was a 30/70. I guess I had mixed it up, but regardless, we had no more belts like that. She then took a long, flowy, almost prom-like light blue dress from where it was hung up on the shelf. She was going to ask me if we had it in her size, but she then said
      "Oh, it's dirty!" I looked at it to see if it was, and did see a dirty spot. She proceeded to throw the dress on the floor.
      She asked if we had any more and I said no, we didn't. I looked at the other dresses that were hung up, and there weren't very many, but they were mixed up like the belts were. She started to complain about the store, all while smiling.

      Then, there was something about a video game, an online one that had to do with the store, though the content of the game had nothing to do with Target. It was more like an open-world RPG. I was playing and noticed parts of it were closed. I think there was some kind of maintenance or update that was going on. I was then at the store in an office with many other employees where the managers were having a meeting with us about it. I don't remember the meeting or what was said, but after that, I kept coming into work and clocking in when I wasn't scheduled. I'd stay for a few hours, walk around, play the game, or help the bakery (waking life work coming in here), and then clock out. No one had said anything to me about it, and I thought it was ok because I thought others were doing it as well.

      Then, I was clocked in not at my scheduled time. I was in the bakery. It was nighttime. I was thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I then started to think about if I had worked too many hours and I as going to hit overtime. I was also trying to justify myself coming in not on my scheduled time, thinking that at least this time I was helping out and not wandering around the store for no reason. A manager then came up, the assistant store manager. He was telling Taylor and whoever else was scheduled to work something about staying late or leaving early or helping someone else out. I can't recall. But he didn't address me. I figured it was because I wasn't really scheduled to be there.

      It was then 9:30 pm and the lights in the bakery all went out. We were closed for the night, even though it was a bit early for that. I guess they wanted to bakery to close early for some reason.


      I was in the bakery again. It was nighttime again also. It felt a little like my last dream, but I can't recall if the scheduling thing carried over or not. I was about to leave when my grandma walked into the back. Her hair was up in a bunch of tiny buns, and it was blonder and thicker than it is IWL. Wow, she was working at 91 years old! Impressive! I think I "remembered" something about her having worked there for years and years. She wasn't working as a baker or anything though. She was actually working in the meat department. She got out her equipment, a knife and so forth, and started to cut some raw meat off the bone. Her hands were shaking as she did it because of her age, but she kept up. I wondered how the other employees felt about her being there for so many years. Everyone must know who she is, the 91-year-old woman still working in the meat department. I was now standing a few feet away from her. She was stooped over the sink area working. I then noticed she cut her hand a little; I saw her bleeding, but she'd just wipe it off and keep going. I asked her if she cut herself, and she said yes, but didn't stop what she was doing. Maybe she was used to it; maybe it happened all the time.

      Then, I was in the bakery again on a different day. I asked someone I was working with, who was working on something on a back counter, if they knew Helen. They said yes. I told them she was my grandma. I don't remember what they said. I asked someone else this as well, and told them that she was my grandma.


      I was with Dallas at our apartment. I was planting a bunch of vegetable seeds...in my nose. Yes, in my nose. I think Dallas planted some things in his nose as well. I had also planted some in a roll of paper towels in the bathroom, and had planted some in some cardboard or in some other substance in the living room. It was some sort of experiment we were doing on how different conditions affected the growth of the plants. I planted carrots in the left nostril and lots of tomatoes in the right nostril. I also was planting some tomatoes and possibly other veggies in the cardboard/whatever it was in the living room, and watching as sprouts would come up almost immediately after I would plant them. It was really cool to see! I saw a timer at one point that started at zero and as the plant was sprouting, it would gradually increase. I knew I needed to water them and take care of them. I knew the ones in the bathroom would be ok because of the moisture and humidity from the shower when we showered. I was thinking about watering the ones planted in the living room. I was also thinking about how in the world the ones in my nose were going to survive at all.

      My nose felt runny and full from the growing vegetables. I even looked in the mirror at one point and saw some weird vegetable growing out of my nose. It looked nothing like any vegetable I know of IWL. It was long and skinny at the top, getting fatter at the bottom. The top was white, and the bottom was brown.

      I then had an idea of another place to plant the vegetables, which made a lot more sense than any of the other places I had planted them. I had some white, square dinner plates on the living room floor lined up in an upside down "L" shape. I couldn't plant the seeds directly on the plates, obviously. I needed some soil. Dallas was going out somewhere, so I asked him to get some soil while he was out. I looked at him, and noticed that he was wearing a red and white vertical striped button up with a red emblem on my right (his left) upper side, on his chest, but it was unbuttoned. He had a shirt on underneath it. IWL, he would not wear anything like this; it isn't his style at all, so I was surprised to see him dressed like that. He looked skinnier than he does IWL and younger too. He had no facial hair and a few freckles on his face. In fact, in a way, his clothing reminded me of something Ryan, a guy I dated over 3 years ago, would wear. His looks kind of did too, but not a whole lot.
      "You look good!" I said to him.
      He really did. He looked very polished and cleaned up.

      I was bent over the living room garden when something fell out of my nose. I was surprised at first, and I took a look at it. It was a large, weird looking carrot! It was orange and very fat on the top, getting skinnier towards the bottom, as carrots do, but it looked more "fake", cartoonish or something; it was very smooth. It had some leaves on the top, but not many. It was also slimy from being in my nose. I held it in my hand and examined it. I then exclaimed to Dallas
      "THIS came out of my nose! THIS!!"
      I was so shocked that something so big could come out of my nose!

      I then had another carrot, one from the living room garden. It looked quite similar to the nose carrot, but looked more "real"; it was more rough to the touch than the nose carrot, and also wasn't slimy from the mucus. It looked healthier to me. I was thinking about why that was. I thought about sunlight and water. I think I went to wash the nose carrot off to see if that made a difference, but it still felt smooth to touch. It still didn't seem as healthy as the living room carrot.


      That last dream was quite vivid, especially when I was looking at my husband while he was dressed in the red and white shirt. Really, all the dreams were pretty vivid last night, I'm guessing because I was so tired and didn't sleep much the night before. All in all, a great night of interesting NLDs.
    10. 7/21/14 - Long Curls

      by , 07-21-2014 at 07:56 PM
      I'm walking through a house in a pretty dress. I have really long hair reaching to my lower back. It's soft and curled. I feel beautiful.
    11. The Beach With Bridesmaids, and Declining a Vacation

      by , 07-17-2014 at 12:11 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the house I grew up in, in my parents' room. I was there with my bridesmaids, though none of them were actually the ones I had IWL. I remember one girl, Kristin, who was in my friend Rachel's wedding IWL, and I believe my high school friend Grace was in there too. The rest I don't remember, or I didn't actually know them IWL.

      Anyway, they were still wearing their bridesmaids dresses, which also differed from the IWL dresses. They were long and white, with a touch of baby blue in the middle. They looked kind of old-fashioned. They had been wearing them since the wedding, which, in the dream, was a few days prior. I was still wearing my dress too. We were finally changing out of our wedding clothes.

      Then, we were at the beach, swimming in the ocean. There were other people swimming as well, one in particular I remember being an older man. He was talking to us, though I can't remember what it was he was talking about. Something about swimming in the ocean.

      I wanted to swim to shore, because I was afraid of sharks. We all started to swim to shore, which wasn't very far off. The water was extremely clear. I saw many animals swimming around that looked like sharks, but they didn't pay us any mind. Closer to shore, I saw one very close to me, but discovered that it was a dolphin, not a shark, so there was no reason for me to be afraid.

      We made it to shore finally, and I was wanting to get everyone's attention to tell them something about my cat. They were all ahead of me. We were on the sand, walking away from the ocean. Someone mentioned that there were crabs buried in the sand that would pinch you if you dug down. I then saw crab claws sticking out of the sand in places I was sticking my hands into the sand. I would stick my hand in more places, and feel the hard shells on the crabs, and pull my hand out before I got pinched. I was sticking my hands in the sand so I could try to more easily get up to where everyone else was. It was a small incline that, in reality, would really only take me stepping up, but I was trying to climb.

      I finally somehow got up to where they all were, and started trying to get everyone's attention. It was failing at first, but an older man, the same from the ocean I think, helped me. Everyone quieted down. Finally, I could speak. I feel as if I was standing on something so everyone could see me and my voice would project. I began.
      "I know all of you think that my cat is mean, but it's only because you pick on her and try to pet her. She doesn't like you. She only likes me. She isn't mean, she's just unfriendly."


      Something about David, one of my old supervisors from my previous job. I remember being by the cash registers.

      Then, I was at my current job, though instead of the bakery, I was working in the deli. I was walking out on the floor, when a man, a middle-aged Asian man, picked up a bag of pepperoni that was on display on a table in the department. He asked me if it was included in the sale. I looked at the sign before I asked someone, and the sign said you could mix and match brands, and included a list of brands. The brand of pepperoni, which started with an A, was included, and I told him. He put it in his shopping cart and told me thank you.

      There was then an employee, a girl, behind the counter, I actually think it was my friend Cherie', talking about some creme cake she had. The cake had white and light blue icing, and wasn't very big. It was a small rectangular shaped cake. It was supposed to be some fancy cake through some company she was using her mom's account for. She was really excited about it, so much so, in fact, that I was worried about her not doing her job. The cake was supposedly absolutely delicious.

      I then saw the remainders of the cake in a bread pan; there was about 1/4 of it left. The frosting was melted, but it still tasted good. It was just too sweet to eat any more of.

      I remember something else about this weird premium account that Cherie's mom had. I remember trying to do something with it, but was locked out of the premium things.

      Then, I was texting my mom, and she was asking me if a 12 o'clock noon flight would be good for my husband and I to fly out on to go to the beach. Without thinking, I said "Yeah!!!". I wanted to go to the beach, and my mom was offering us a vacation!

      Then, I thought about it a little. He would not be ready by noon, because of his job. Besides, I couldn't get time off with such little notice. I was trying to figure out how to make it work; maybe we could drive instead of fly so we could leave whenever. Still wouldn't work, not with the short notice to our jobs.

      I talked to my husband about it a little bit. I think we were texting about it, either that, or he had gotten off work and were talking about it.

      Then, our family friend and the one who officiated our marriage, Jamie, texted us to tell us she was leaving for the beach. We were then walking into an apartment, not sure if it was ours or was supposed to be where my parents lived, and the lights were off. I also remember it was evening, and the sun was setting. My mom was sitting on the couch wearing a white button-up tank top, some subtle white and blue pinstripe capris, sandals, and I believe a light white scarf. She was also getting ready to go to the beach. She was going to drive there alone. I was talking to her.

      Then, my alarm went off.


      Another night of barely any sleep for whatever reason. I was tired enough, but just couldn't get to sleep. So frustrating, because I've been so tired. Oh well, maybe tonight will be different. Fingers crossed.

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    12. Before a test.

      by , 01-03-2013 at 12:58 AM
      I am in school (in Cuba), in A college or something like a university. There is going to be a test about physics, but I reason that I have not attended all the classes and I'm not ready. I am approached by girl in a short green dress and we exchanged a few words that I do not remember. Then she walks toward a kind of balcony with brown slabs but no balcony railings. It is a colonial building and the height is like a multi-story building. I went out to the balcony and the height gives me vertigo. I warn the girl to leave the balcony but she does not listen. Suddenly the scene changes for no reason and I see myself approaching the facade of a house. There is a door and two windows and I realize I'm dreaming, but I wake up immediately.
    13. Mall, Paint, Secret Room

      by , 12-29-2012 at 07:07 PM

      The dream picks up and I'm in a mall, I know the stores are about to close. There are three across from me, one on the far left has strange bright colored dresses on display high in the window, the store in the middle looks empty and is already dark, the one on the right has mannequins on the floor in vibrant blue and green shirts. I can't imagine myself wearing anything they have there, but I know time is short and I need to look anyway.
      I go into the store on the right, the floor, ceiling and walls are all blinding white. I can't find anything I want to wear, everything looks strangely shaped. I don't recall going into the other store, but somehow I know that both stores have the same clothing just in different colors.

      In the next dream I'm buying Olympic Maximum Solid Deck Stain ((I don't know, I work for Lowe's in the paint department but I haven't mixed that in a long time....and I don't have a deck.)), I've shared a blue flat cart with another customer and for a minute I'm afraid that I'll get charged for what they have on the cart. It seems my worry is needless, the cashier at the next register takes the other customer's stuff from my cart. For some reason they mix the stain at the register, there's a paint dispenser and everything right underneath the monitor. Unfortunately the cashier can't figure out how to mix it even though I have a 5 gallon lid with the formula on it. I show him the lid, it also has a sheet of paper with my boyfriend's name written on it in sharpie. I have no trouble reading it. The guy dispenses the formula but as he's about to charge me for it he 'accidentally' dispenses 96 shots of white, somehow turning the red I wanted into a grey.
      "Why did you do that?"
      "The machine made me." He says, but I saw how he had just hit keys and instead of it taking him to checkout it took him to the dispense screen. While I'm standing there waiting I look doubtfully down at the 5gal containers, I wonder if I should be lifting them. Maybe I can get someone to do it for me....?
      A guy I used to work with comes up to talk to me. He looks sad, behind him the daylight coming in through the exit doors is bright and warm. The store itself is dark, like it's about to close...but it's the middle of the day.
      "I guess you've heard the news?"
      "Yes," I lie because I feel like I should have heard it. "I was going to call you..."
      "It's alright, I didn't expect you to."
      I'm reminded of an event that happened just after I left that job, how his girlfriend died along with the baby she was carrying because of pneumonia.
      "Things will get better." I say, patting him on the back.
      "They already have."
      I look at the cashier, he's frowning at the bucket of stain. I'm really annoyed, the trip shouldn't have taken this long. I decide I'll go and get another of the base I need. I think I'll only need one, but then he somehow screws up the second 5gal. I leave, cutting back through the store.

      The store is bigger than it should be and when I turn the corner on one of the aisles I realize I'm not just in Lowe's, I'm in a mall. I forget what I'm looking for, I know I've come to this place before in other mall dreams. I stare down one of the vast halls, past all the stores, trying to remember what I was doing. I realize if I just keep going the hallways will circle around to where I started, maybe I'll just explore until I remember why I was here. I see a bookstore, I pass it. I keep walking until I find a wide stone tunnel ending in a domed circular room. The walls are all rough black stone with electric blue sigils carved deeply into them. The only light is a fire next to a muscular dark-skinned man stripped to the waist, wearing black leather bracers, sharpening a sword.
      Straight across from doorway is a stone wall that bows toward me, on either side of it are deep alcoves. Neither of them have doorways. I examine the alcove to the left of the bowed wall. I'm extremely annoyed.
      "Come all this way and there's a dead end?"
      I say this and realize I'm directing it at the man.
      "It's not a dead end, look closely at that wall and you'll see the truth of it."

      I go back to the wall and I notice a hairline crack running from top to bottom. I lightly push on one side and it swings open. It wasn't a wall, it was a door. I step into the room, I decide I want to take off my shoes. I try to do this without looking but even though I complete the motion the shoe won't leave my foot.
      I look down at my feet and see I'm wearing a white dress with tiny bouquets of rainbow colored flowers all over it along with pink beaded slippers. Once I look at them, the action is easy. I peel the slippers from my feet leaving behind hot pink lint, on one of my feet this has also removed a coat of nail polish from the middle toe on my left foot. I know this should concern me, but I decide not to follow the dream. I toss the slippers aside.
      There's a small button shaped like an egg cut in half and sticking out of the wall. It's made of pieces of plastic. I twist the pieces into place so it forms a whole egg top and I push it. A section of wall slides away and disappears, revealing a curving staircase. I can't see what's at the bottom. I know that this is the way to the Room.

      Then I wake up.

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    14. November 22th - I raped her

      by , 11-23-2012 at 09:42 AM
      I appear in another dream, I'm at a very familiar place, the place where I grew up. It's very sunny and some families are playing with their children. I'm on one of the more elevated places, in the middle of a patch of grass. I become lucid immediately, and I remain at the place. I think "Okay, I'm dreaming, this is a dream" "What do I feel? Can I feel my body" "What are the 5 senses again.. uhm... "okay, I can feel, can I see? What do I see?" This is when the ground randomly tries to eat me, I attempt to get up but I struggle. The ground has swallowed my legs, but I manage to get up. (this is actually weird for me, I rarely actually see my body)

      I walk forward a few meters to tarmac and start spinning while I say "I'm dreaming, this is all just a dream" I stop spinning because I'm afraid if I continue it will collapse the dream.. It's very vivid, but still very far from being close to reality. I don't really hear anything, I can't really feel anything, no sun, no wind. I have absolutely no smell. But the visual part is on the better end, even though it's far from being reality. I can really only "focus" on one thing at a time, but the focused thing looks pretty real.

      This is where I get bored and sexually attack a woman running after her child. I was actually questioning my choice at one point "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't, this is an inappropriate place" Then I realize I'm being naive and that this is all just a reality created by my brain. I pin her to the ground stomach down, take of her dress and penetrate her, although only the tip of my penis could get in, it was a lot more vivid than it has been before. At this point her upper body is completely gone. I didn't seem to mind, as I was beginning to lose lucidity and understanding of what was going on. I didn't really feel arousal or pleasure except for the excitement over being lucid. I see a white blurry cast over my vision and I lose the dream.
    15. Fun & Games!

      by , 09-06-2012 at 10:07 PM
      This morning's dream was really a lot of fun! First I dreamed that I had mastered the art of telekinesis. I could move objects without touching them. Specifically, if I concentrated hard enough, I could make a red thermos leap into my hands from about a foot or so away. I kept doing it over and over. It was so much fun. I couldn't wait to show others my new skill. On one practice try, I had to admit that it did look like a spirit was picking up the thermos and tossing it to me. That kind of made me nervous. I didn't want people to think there was something satanic about my new talent. I hoped there wasn't!

      Then the dream switched and I bumped into Mark Hamill. I think we were in a store. He was very funny and friendly.

      Then I dreamed that I was shopping in a second-hand store. I was looking for a certain type of skirt, short but with layers of ruffled fabric. This particular store didn't have any skirts like that. I did find a cool dress in a gorgeous fabric. It was a lightweight, satiny material in a sort of cream color, but as the material moved it looked green and gold too. It was a halter style dress with a really short skirt. A friend said the dress was too revealing. I said I would buy it if it fit. I tried wrapping it around me, but it was too small. A friend from school, Olivia, was interested in the dress so I gave it to her to buy. I thought she was going to get it, but then she changed her mind! I kept searching the racks, but didn't find anything else as good as that dress. I walked round and round the same racks looking for a skirt I liked and couldn't find one. I was still shopping when I woke up!
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