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    1. Dream - Teacher Festivities

      by , 07-07-2017 at 01:49 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 30 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 143 - Teacher Festivities

      I don't remember the exact order of events in this dream. From where I can remember, there were all these Killester girls over at my old house. They were playing with all these stuffed toys and throwing them around the place like little kids would typically do. Then Mr H came in and he had this shop bought packet of 36 cakes. He was claiming to give 1 to each girl.

      The dream scene then skipped to mum giving me money so I could afford to buy a drink because I was going somewhere. When I got into the service station, I realised I didn't have enough money for anything. She have me $2.00 and the cost of a strawberry milk was $6.48 and so I left the place with nothing. I returned to my dad's car where he and this TAFE teacher were waiting for me to get in. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. Headstand

      by , 01-25-2017 at 10:18 PM
      25 Jan


      I am falling asleep in a sort of FA. I am now sure that if nothing else works to induce a lucid, it will help me become lucid if I write it down on a piece of paper. light sleep.

      I am now deeper in the dream and ascertain that my paper writing induction albeit done in-dream is indeed effective. I'm fully aware staring at the sheet of paper with the words LUCID written. My grandma comes in the room and starts cleaning the table, asking me a million questions. I know it's a dream and there's no point answering, so I tell her to let me concentrate. She refuses to acknowledge it being a dream and keeps on asking me stuff, so I have to move to the side to avoid being distracted.

      I tk a number of small household objects, then tk the door handle and finally the door to the balcony open. I go outside, thinking that I have no idea what to do for points and regretting not making a more comprehensive list of things. The sky is mostly sunny, so I decide to darken it, although it pains me a bit to ruin a beautiful sunny day. The result is a greyer sky but not completely overcast. I also make a thunder sound in the distance.

      Not sure what to do next, I opt for using some weird machine part help me get down from the balcony to the ground (as opposed to jump/flight due stability). There are couple of DCs being rather loud near the corner so I go check what's happening. Nothing too unusual, just a family walking and laughing.

      I recall now I wanted to do the headstand challenge and look towards the street. At the moment the street's empty, but the cars are about to soon reach my target section, coming from the nearby street. Nevertheless, doing the headstand in the middle of the street seems tremendously appealing. I briefly wonder what's gonna happen once the cars start coming, but decide that I can handle it. Actually, the way I start doing the headstand is with my back to the cars - that in a way solves the problem (no seeing, no thinking, therefore they don't exist). Two DCs come distract me as I do the headstand. I scold one of them and tell him to assist me instead and help get my legs straight pointing towards the sky. I had reservations about being upside down in this posture and the dream collapsing but it doesn't. I stay a bit more, then get up.

      We continue to walk down the street with one of the DCs. At this stage I already feel "memory flood" and inability to save/recall some of the details of the dream. At any rate, quite happy this dream already lasted longer than expected and keeps on going. I look over one of the buildings and see the sun shining again, now it seems closer to sunset. I really like how the sun moved like that during the dream, giving quite of a realistic feel of time. The sunset may in addition mean that the dream is coming to an end, I think.

      I recall the basic totm of finding a present under the Christmas tree. A while ago we passed by a nice Asian food shop and lots of other items on a long street I can't recall. I decide to go back in that direction, since I feel it will be much easier to find a tree there. Indeed, in front of one cafe is a large decorated Christmas tree. To summon the present, I say to the DC, I clearly recall they were exchanging gifts in the cafeteria and and am sure they forgot one. I stretch my hand and without looking feel a package right underneath the tree. It contains what looks like empty jewellery carton box and a card. I become very curious and want to read the card although I feel the concentration may have a negative effect on the dream. I try to read the handwriting, which changes from well wishes, to random fortunes, to advertising. Finally, there is a small sheet of stickers for a board game.

      The nearby Asian shop looked quite attractive, so I decide to go back and try some foods. In a small fridge they had really cool drinks made from fruits that don't quite exist and also are processed in extraordinary ways. Me and this DC whose apperances keep changing grab a small chocolate bar each. It melts easily and tastes really sweet.
      As we get out of the shop, I begin to lose lucidity. The DC now turns to boyfriend and we get into a discussion. The desire to get more of the cool drinks overcomes me and my awareness increases again, although not as high as before. To summon drinks, I call one of the girls who was working in the store, going a bit back to where we were before. Sure enough, the store appears, now at a completely different place and a different store, but that doesn't matter, it still looks pretty fancy and serves drinks. The girl that works there comes with a bottle full of freshly made exotic drink and a small glass of red juice. She spills the glass, but I am still able to have a try from what's left. It tastes quite nice. I wake up.
    3. Spooky Comp. Day 17 - eating, drinking, smoking, sex :)

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:18 PM
      i am at work sitting on the ground and putting some money into a transparent plastic pocket. my boss is kneeling on the ground right next to me and counting my working hours of the month together. a family is coming in and looking turkish but talking russian? i wonder. a friend of mine (who does not work there) is serving them. i notice one woman has no shoes/only sandals on. i notice a coworker also just has open shoes and for some reason i get lucid by this doing a nosepinch to confirm and have problems believing the fact its just a dream. i phase thru the table and leave the shop and try to pocketsummon something to eat but my pockets are empty. i turn around and see a carazza-pizza (snack) in a shelf. i take it and open it. its way bigger than in waking life but i bite in and it tastes the same. i enter the shop that is an imbiss now again and see a counter. i go there and pick me a coke and drink it. i notice to wear a big jacket now and the pockets are full i pocketsummon a bottle of wine and there is other stuff in there but i leave it there i leave the shop again. i try to think about the new totms of november. i remember that a lot of them needed a dc to interact so i phase thru a building wall and fall several meters to the ground but i feel no pain at the impact and stand up standing right infront of a door. i phase my head thru the door to look inside (damn not wall but floor was the totm^^) and i see a flat. i ring the bell and a petite good looking girl approaches and opens the door. i enter and we go to the living room. i notice that i now have a big joint in my hand i smoke it consciously and it tastes strong and i can smell the smoke. but i feel no effect. i hand it over to the girl. when i enter the living room i notice another girl and some minutes later notice that next to the girl a dude is lying around. i try some mind control and command the girl to take of her cloths. she starts to undress but while doing like i demand she is nagging around. i dont care and from here on some naughty stuff happens i dont want to describe i wake up by my phone ringing in dream and i think its in waking life and wake up -.-
      Tags: drink, eat, phase, sex, smoke
    4. 15/4/2016

      by , 04-15-2016 at 07:28 AM
      Competition night #5
      Lots of little fragments today, frustrating that I can't remember much more of the dreams:

      1) Chosing a drink, I decided on Baileys

      2) I was with a young man. He was going to leave, I asked if he wanted a drink first, he said yes and I reached around to s drinks dispening machine and poured a cup of what I thought was water but it was actually a fizzy drink so I said I'm not going to waste it, put it to one soide and went to get him a glass of water.

      3) I was with my wife and children. I had done some shopping on my motorbike and parked it by the car to unload shopping into the car. My wife reminded me that my mother in law was going home with them so I had to leave room for her so starting putting all the shopping around the seats. there were piles of cardboard boxes. I turned around to see a very young car park attendant wheeling my motorbike away and he parked it - I asked him why he had done that and he lectured me about leaving my motorbike in the way and what would happen if an old granny had tripped over it. I was annoyed but just ignored him.

      4) Something was happening in my field (next to our house) I remember a very old friend form university being there but can't remember much else.
      Tags: drink, motorbike, wife
    5. Uncomfortable dream about ex-crush

      by , 09-26-2015 at 03:25 AM
      I had another dream about this lady I used to be romantically attracted to. I thought we'd get together at some point,but it seemed like all she wanted to do was play games. Needless to say,we did not part on good terms.

      I dreamed I walked into this convenience store. I got a soda from the fountain dispenser and went to the front to pay for it. Jessi and some girl were behind the front counter,sitting on stools and talking. The counter itself was about waist high,the top was gray marble and the base was aqua colored. I sat the drink down but neither of them looked up. It was almost like they didn't see me there. Jessi turned her head and said something to the other girl. Jessi told the other girl she and her husband had gotten into an argument about something trivial. I think she said a glass had got broken and he blamed her for it,even though she didn't do it.
    6. My neighborhood and Abduction

      by , 06-16-2015 at 02:06 AM
      There was people from my high school, theres an exit by my side like a station, when in the sky very far away, it begin to appears several UFO,with rare sounds and strobe lightings, many students went away with them. i run in the subway station and wake.

      This was from 2 days ago.

      I was in my neighorhood with my cousin and my mom, i was in my brothers bedroom with my grandma and i dont know why i start to pump my chest , i walk to the lobby and my brother leaves us with a girl, he comes at 3:30 drunk with a bottle and a middle aged man. There was a stretcher that went to my room and i said, yes put him right there. Drink juice and spit seed, and my brother cellphone was in the fridge
    7. Cafe Conspirators (NLD)

      by , 04-02-2015 at 10:04 PM
      Recall: 2/10 upon waking, 5/10 after finding the thread. It was hard to remember anything at all when I first woke up, but I persisted until a few details came back, and that let me pin down a few detailed scenes at least. The overall plot remained vague. There were a lot of additional fragments from earlier sequences or prior dreams that I've left out.

      I'm hanging out a woman who is at least a generation younger and we're getting dressed to go out. I have a vest in grey and black hues that swirl into one another in a cloud-like pattern, resembling the soft color variations of tie-dye, but subtle and not at all gaudy because of the dark colors. I'm wearing it over a thin long-sleeved, collarless knit shirt. I don't remember the color, maybe sort of mustard or yellow ochre. Then I try on a few pairs of pants to figure out which will match best. I decide on the dark grey corduroys but now I can't find them... where did I put them? I was just trying them on! I go through all the drawers of the dresser and they aren't here. Now I'm stuck wearing dark blue denim pants that don't match at all. I go into the next room and am relieved to find the cords on the bed... not sure how they got there since I didn't remember coming into this room, but I assume I was just spacing out and don't think to RC.

      Some unclear sequences. The young woman and I go into town, and meet up with a third woman, who involves us in some kind of conspiracy. There is a fourth woman visiting town that she wants to engage in conversation under the pretext of just being friendly, but she has some more complex, sinister plan (that I don't remember in the slightest). We follow the visitor and after she ducks into a cafe, we follow suit. It has gotten cold and rainy out, so we pretend we've just stopped in for a hot drink. We hadn't intended to engage the visitor yet; the conspirator wants to do so but the young woman and I are afraid it will come across as too abrupt and awkward, so we are frantically trying to communicate across the table with our eyes and subtle shakes of the head that she should not go approach her. (The interior is small and no one else is here, so we can't speak aloud about our plans.)

      The waitress comes over to see what we want to order. I see a drink named "Raksiteli" on the menu that I'm sure I remember having here before: I recall it is served hot in a tiny glass, tastes like honey mead but is strongly alcoholic. (I think the dream was merging "rkatsiteli," the name of a grape used for Eastern European amber wines, with "raki," a strong spirit that I did once try in a delicious honey-flavored version.) However, each glass was priced at $22, which seemed way too high! I remembered having four or five in a row last time... did I really pay that much? I thought maybe this time I should just get some coffee. I spent so long browsing the menu indecisively that I started to think I must be annoying everyone, so I told the waitress to get the orders of the other people at the table while I made up my mind.

      Meanwhile, the cafe was filling up quickly with other people. The whole time I was inspecting the menu, I was also glancing up occasionally at the woman, the one we were targetting, sitting across the room at the bar. I thought it might help if I caught her eye a couple times, making it seem accidental, so that it wouldn't seem so random if we did decide to approach her. I was startled when she began walking over to us, but it turned out she was joining some people who had recently sat down at the table to our right. This worked out well, because overhearing their discussion (the tables were very close together) we made some comments and soon joined their conversation.

      They were talking about apples for some reason—probably also deciding what to order—and I commented that I really don't like apples, especially cold from the refrigerator. "You should warm them up, then," said the woman sitting on the bench just to my right. I admitted sheepishly that the one way I do like apples was to hollow out the cores and fill them with butter and brown sugar, then bake them in the oven until wrinkled and brown on top. After I confessed my sweet tooth, the visiting woman, our target, now sitting across from me but at the next table, took a plate of whipped cream from their table and offered it to me. I couldn't tell if she was just being kind or if she suspected our plot and was getting ahead of it... might the cream be drugged? Was it intended to knock me out? But I thought it would look suspicious if I didn't accept some. I exchanged some silent glances with the people at my own table while we tried to assess her motives and decide what I should do. Without saying a word, we decided that I would try some of the cream, but that my companions would not, just in case the friendly gesture was something other than it seemed.

      I used an online program to try to create the floorplan of the cafe. I didn't get the proportions quite right, so there should be four seats at the bar in the upper left corner, and two seats across from the wall benches at each of the small tables (allowing them to seat four people each), but this gives a general sense of the layout. I was sitting with the two other woman at the table on the bottom left side of the room, the younger woman to my left and the conspiratorial woman sitting in the chair across from us. The visiting woman was sitting at the bar at first, then moved to one of the chairs facing the table just to the right of ours, where two or three other people were initially sitting.

      Gay marriage ban-04-02-15_cafe-floor-plan.jpg

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    8. Time Stop + Sphere (DILD + DILD)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 10:23 PM
      Ritual: WTB 11:30pm, WBTB 5–5:45am. Took supplements (l-theanine, alpha-gpc, piracetam, bacopa), did about half an hour of relaxation/breathing/counting on my back. Toward the end had brief series of vivid hypnagogic images (close up of eagle's head, view of a forest) then snapped back to full wakefulness. Not worried, this always happens. Turned on my left side to fall asleep. Woke with dream at 6:30am, so I had probably been asleep for about fifteen minutes.

      DILD, "Time Stop": I've just finished a multi-course meal at a nice restaurant and I'm standing a the bar afterward, where the proprietor is offering me a special drink. While she prepares it, I notice that I can barely stand, my legs are crumpling under me, and I stagger as I try to regain my balance, hoping no one will notice. I kneel at the bar, which is low enough to accommodate this, to disguise my inability to stand. This is so embarrassing... am I drunk? I think back and don't understand how that could be, since I've only had ordinary wine pairings with my meal. Then I realize the truth: ohhhh... that incredible heaviness in my legs, that's just because I'm falling asleep!

      I'm relieved to understand what is going on, and also impressed that I can think so clearly about the fact that my real body is falling asleep in bed without disrupting the dream. I decide to go on with the narrative that is playing out because I really want to try this drink. The bartender sets an unusual glass in front of me. It is shaped like a particular wooden table made by Isamu Noguchi circa 1941, but with a semi-circular indentation on top for the drink. It is made of hollow light blue glass and the interior is full of crushed ice, to keep the drink cool. The whole thing is very small, like a sake cup, and the indentation looks like it holds less than an ounce of liquid.

      The How Many Grapes Can You Fit In Your Mouth Game!-isamu_wooden-table_c1941_sm.jpg

      I try the drink, which is a clear liquid, pleasantly bright and floral in taste, in flavor a bit like St. Germain but lighter-bodied and not so cloyingly sweet. I complement the bartender and ask what it is made of. "Catfish liqueur," she replies. I'm impressed! I wouldn't have guessed, as the taste was not the least bit fishy. Another girl asks how the drink is made, and narrates as the bartender shows her: "So you mix it with that blue stuff, then top with..." I look at the bottle she's indicating. It is a gallon-sized jug made of translucent plastic containing a clear liquid. It reminds me of those extra-large bottles of Heinz white vinegar, but the shape of the bottle is more like that typically used for laundry detergent. There is a graphic of naturalistic forest trees on the front of the bottle which makes it resemble the cover of a nature magazine. The brand name clearly reads: "Gesuckt." From the name I assume it is a foreign import, probably German, and wonder if I can buy it at any of my usual grocery stores.

      My earlier thought about "fishiness" has now taken the form of a chunk of sardine or mackerel that I discover lodged between my gum and upper lip. I reason that it must have come from a dish I ate during the meal earlier. I prod it out with my tongue and finish chewing it. Meanwhile I'm walking away from the bar toward the restaurant area. There are a lot of people in the room, which reminds me—hey! I could try the TOTM again, see if I can do it properly this time.

      "Freeze!" I say loudly, but people keep going about their business. I remember the difficulty I had with this last time, and it also reminds me that I'm supposed to be stopping time, so I switch wording. "Time stop!" I command. I say it a few times, still not getting much result, so I decide an explanation is needed, addressing the room in a loud voice so that everyone can hear. "I said 'time stop!' That means everybody stops moving. Time stop! Time stop, everybody!"

      I look around and find that everyone has frozen in place. Okay, this is better, I seem to have gotten the point across. Now I'm supposed to put someone in an embarassing position. I didn't plan ahead for this, so I'm going to have to come up with an idea on the fly. My gaze falls on a stout old lady in the middle of the room. I walk over and unbutton her light blue jacket and white blouse. Inside, she's wearing a pink bra, and I'm relieved to see that it has a front closure, so I unhook it and reveal her breasts. I hope I'm not being too mean, but remind myself that it's just a dream so there will be no lasting harm.

      Now I have to get everyone moving again. What's the opposite of "time stop"? I try some variants: "Uhhh... go. Start. Start moving." This works, but meanwhile I had taken my eyes off the old lady to check whether everyone else was back in motion, and when I look at her again, her clothes are already back in order and no one is reacting as if they had seen anything unusual. I chide myself for not paying closer attention. I'd better try again.

      "Time stop! Time stop!" This time the DCs react much more promptly, like they're getting the hang of it. Okay, what should I do this time? I look around for ideas. Among a group of people in one corner are two meathead-looking guys. I go over and start posing them really close together, much closer than a couple of straight men would normally be comfortable with. As I move and angle their bodies, I notice that it doesn't feel so much like time has stopped as that they are just playing along while I reposition them, and there's some difficulty, maybe even slight resistance, as I lean their faces together as though they were about to kiss. Finally I get it just how I want, so that their lips are almost touching. Then I step back a few paces so that when I restart time, I'll have a clear view of both their reactions and the people around them.

      This time I restart the scene with more confidence, like I'm getting the hang of this too. "Okay, renew!" I command, punctuating the signal by clapping the first two fingers of my right hand into the palm of my left. It feels like being a movie director.

      I watch closely as people start moving again. I was hoping the two guys would either react with comic embarrassment or, even better, be overcome by a latent attraction and really start kissing. Instead, they simply draw away from one another without any expression or commentary, and no one around them takes any visible notice. I'm disappointed with the blasé behavior of all these DCs, but I have to admit it makes sense: they're projections of my own mind, after all, and I'm fairly blasé myself most of the time.

      Observing a dog walking through the room, I momentarily wonder if I should try again, but the lackluster reactions of the DCs has sapped my motivation, and I feel that I have adequately performed the TOTM. I wonder if I should wake up and write... but the dream seems stable, and I'm reluctant to end it earlier than I have to. However, I'm aware how easy it is to start forgetting the details if I don't record them promptly, so I do the next best thing and start verbally recounting my memories of the scene, to help fix them in mind for later. As I'm doing this I end up waking anyway.

      Interlude: From 6:30 to 7:15am I record my notes and then return to bed, going to sleep with no further techniques. I wake up at 8:30am from another DILD.

      DILD, "Sphere": The plot has been going on for a while but I don't remember much detail from before I become lucid. I'm sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of a house that belongs to a male friend I've been hanging out with for most of the dream [!WL]. I feel guilty when I notice that I've almost used up all his toilet paper. I tell myself that I should really stop giving into the urge to use the bathroom when I'm dreaming. This isn't waking life, where it actually makes sense to go if you feel like you have to. In a dream it's completely pointless, a waste of time, and kind of gross. If I'm doing this, it's because I'm too caught up in the idea of a physical body. I'm reminded of something Sageous wrote in the forum, how he doesn't really have a body in dreams anymore. I should work on getting less attached to mine.

      The How Many Grapes Can You Fit In Your Mouth Game!-michio-ito_fox-mask_1915_sm.jpg

      I get up and go over to the bathroom sink, studying my reflection in the mirror. It's actually a close resemblance, as far as I can tell through the mask that covers most of my features. The mask is reminiscent of the one worn by Michio Ito in his 1915 "Fox Dance," though mine lacks the long snout and doesn't cover my mouth. Also my eyes are clearly visible through the sockets. The fact that I am wearing a mask does not strike me as odd, and instead I ponder what to do about my body. I don't think I can eliminate the idea of it all at once, so it might be best to proceed in stages. What's the most radical distortion I can think of? I know! I'll become a sphere.

      I keep watching my reflection as my face starts swelling and widening. It looks disturbing at first, like obesity or an illness, and I have to focus on making my whole body expand, not just my face. Not only can I witness this happening in the mirror, I can actually feel it. As I become rounder and rounder, I remind myself that there is no reason a sphere should only see out of two frontally positioned eyes. I should try to expand my concept of vision to include the area behind me. This only partly works: I'm now getting visual feed from what seems like the opposite side of my sphere, and can perceive the rim of the tub and a bit of the floor and shower curtain, all very close up. However in the process I lose my frontal vision, and as I try to experience both visual fields at once I become disoriented and start rotating in place, which makes sense given that I'm a sphere with nothing to stand on anymore. The disorientation gets so bad that I'm afraid it might disrupt the dream, so I let my body snap back to its familiar structure, satisfied that I had a reasonable success for my first try.

      I look back in the mirror to check my appearance again. My reflection looks like it did before, and I'm still convinced that it is just like waking life—although in retrospect I realize that my dream-self had a brunette bob rather than the shoulder-length brown hair of WL. I'm still wearing the mask and want to look at the face underneath, so I take it off. There are more layers of mask under the first, and I peel them off one by one, until I'm finally just wearing glasses, and take those off too. Finally my face is uncovered, and I am satisfied that it is a good likeness. I notice an unusual vividness to my eyes, which are sparkling and happy, and I am pleased with my appearance.

      Stepping outside, I realize that I'm still carrying my glasses. Should I just throw them away? I feel a natural reluctance, but remind myself that it's a dream, it doesn't matter. Then I reason that I might want to use them later: this could be a good trick to improve focus if the dream gets hazy. Sure, I could always manifest a fresh pair, but that will be easier if I condition my expectations by saving these now. So I slip the glasses into my jacket pocket.

      What should I do now? I'm in a great mood and have no particular task in mind, so I decide to explore the dream world. Perched alone on a grassy hillside I see a strange building, very gaudy, with red roofs under a gold dome: it looks like a cross between an old McDonald's and a sultan's palace. I realize it is a restaurant of some kind and head over there.

      I'm still feeling unusually happy and excited as I walk in, so I pump my fist and go "Woo!" My enthusiasm has been making the people around me more friendly, I notice, and remind myself that I should try to be more like this in WL. The restaurant is small inside, like a cafe, with a several tables and a counter where I go up to order. Despite the counter it is not a fast food restaurant: the menu consists of about six innovative dishes printed on a small square of white paper.

      "What's the tastiest thing on the menu?" I ask, then realize I have a craving for spicy food and ask, "I mean the tastiest spicy dish."

      "The D-4," replies the server. I check the menu and the description lists this as a big steak dish, which sounds too heavy and will take forever to prepare, so I look at the appetizers instead. There are only three listed, but two of them sound like they consist of just three pieces of fish, served nigiri sushi style. The fish that interests me looks like langoustine, but with the soft, ribbed texture of monkfish. The server tries to warn me that it's a very small dish, but I say, "I know. It looks like someone has already left one here," pointing to the piece sitting on the menu.

      I put in my order and take a place at a small table, then get up to think this over. Can I really commit valuable dream time to sitting down for a whole meal, even a small one? Shouldn't I be doing something more productive? Maybe I should just leave. But I consider that the experience might be interesting, and I can even try to combine it with a task—the circumstances are ideal to work on summoning, something I've always struggled with.

      I walk back over and tell the server, "Actually, I'm here to meet somebody." I pull out my phone, wondering who to call among the characters I've tried (unsuccessfully) to summon over the years. But then I notice that someone is already sitting at my table, so I go over to see who it is. I've never seen this guy before: he looks like he's in his twenties, with straight, mousy-brown hair and thin, very pointed features.

      "Hi, are you here to meet me?" He nods.

      Okay, I think, rolling with the circumstances, this could work. I'll meet someone new, like a blind date. "What's your name?" I inquire.

      "I'm Denny, a crass ass." He looks bashfully down at the table.

      This odd term rings a bell. Didn't I, much earlier in the dream, long before I got lucid, meet a guy named Paul who used the exact same term for himself? What an oddity; I don't think I've ever heard that term in life. What could it mean?

      "Did you say, 'a crass ass'?" I ask, enunciating clearly. The young man nods.

      "Why would you call yourself that?" I am genuinely mystified.

      "It's what my friends call me."

      Unfortunately I woke up before I could find out anything more!

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    9. 10-10-14 "Good Lord, boy!"

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:02 PM
      I took violin lessons from Professor Snape, and one day I forgot to bring my violin. I was mortified!

      My mother and sister were baking something, and these two old men were kind of aimlessly wandering around our kitchen. twice, one of them nudged my elbow and said in a hillbilly accent, "Good Lord, boy!". The second time this happened, my mother started giggling uncontrollably.

      My mother had a pinched nerve, and she read online about a remedy. She took some dill seed, some Fresca soda and some coconut oil, and combined it all in a glass. If the draught was to be at all effective, she had to drink it as fast as she could. She did. It tasted terrible.
    10. 19th Apr 2013 Fragment

      by , 04-19-2013 at 11:12 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps. Not much because was trying some DEILDing(unsuccessfully).

      I was at home and there was some kind of dare game, as a result of which i had to drink some beer apparently, later i was napping and then when i woke up i was very badly pretending that i saw an UFO outside( ), while it was just some scrap metal.
    11. Football

      by , 01-22-2013 at 04:21 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      IWL, I've been spending time at a friends house watching and throwing a football, eating and drinking, and so forth.

      Last night I dreamed I was at this house, but didn't bring anything to drink. At first I was lying down. There wasn't enough room for me to lie down.

      Then I was up and realized I needed to get something to drink for the party. There was snow on the ground, but I was determined so that I wouldn't be asking to drink other people's beverages. Others were advising against leaving under those road conditions, but I was going to leave.

      Dream skip

      I'm going to throw a football. I can throw my "The Duke" football, or another professional size football. I feel the other ball to determine which I prefer. I prefer my football--"The Duke," but I wanted to feel the other football well since I'd already made my decision. This was the best part of the dream. It wasn't so exciting, but I got a very good sensation of feeling from the football. It was really cool.

      The End

      My dreams followed close behind what I was thinking about as I went to bed.
    12. Winning the Game

      by , 11-30-2012 at 05:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      This is my dream after my LD.

      WARNING: Mature content.

      I was walking with some friends at night. I think it was ST and RP. There were a few people drinking by a table outside. We grabbed some chairs and sat down. I declined a drink. I am with RP inside a feng shui store. He was talking about how people go to the jewelry store to sell their jewelries. Why not to individuals? He said for a rare/good 25-cent coin, you can get as much as 3 pesos. I jokingly told him I have lots of 25 cents at home.

      I am out in the field. It's daytime. I am waiting for a sports game of some sort with some friends. Some jock challenged our team. Everybody arranged the net near the goal. It looks like a mix of rugby-football and soccer-football. I think we won, although I don't think I even played. For some reason, I ended up jumping (or catapulting) to the other side and penetrating the jock who was stupid enough to challenge us. He was on top of me. I worried about unsafe sex. The guy was arrogant earlier. Now he's submissive.
    13. Monday 1st October 2012

      by , 11-26-2012 at 01:53 AM
      Last Nights Lucid Dream

      I am with my youngest and I instantly realise that I'm dreaming.
      I am on a broom stick and I am flying about in the sky and my daughter is sitting on the front of it. My daughter now leans to the right and nearly falls off so I grab her and hold her tightly. I now say to my daughter "J your dreaming, this is all a dream, your really lying in bed asleep!" I keep repeating this to her trying to make her understand. It's night time. I now fly into a cave because someone is chasing us. I fly to the top of the caves roof and see a hole going up further, so I fly into the hole, still on the broom stick but then I stop as I look into it further. I think "I need to get out of here because a dragon might be up there!" I had seen something up there and decide to make a quick get away!
      We get out and are now flying above the caves. I try to move my stick upwards to fly up but it doesn't work, I now think "doh!, I need to think it instead" I now think "up" and we fly upwards.
      I now see another building, a modern building which is situated on top of the caves. There is a party going on inside this 3 storey building. My daughter is no longer with me but I don't worry because I know it was just a stupid, dumb dream character! . I go inside and have a walk about, there are loads of people here, all drinking and enjoying themselves.
      A man now comes around me, he's not at all good looking but he begins touching me while I have my drink in my hand. I say to this man "do you mind if I just freshen up first!" Lmao, he looks at me and nods. I now walk through the crowd and into the toilets. Suddenly I realise I'm wearing a skimpy white shirt, which is tied just above my belly-button. I'm also wearing a short, tight black leather skirt and black high heels. I have a wet and notice that the toilets are nice and posh. Usually I have dirty toilets in my dreams with doors missing so this surprised me. I wash my hands and look in the mirror, I look really good lol.
      I decide to unbutton my shirt so I'm showing my breasts, I think to myself "its only a dream so its not going to hurt. I now walk sexily back into the party. A woman looks at me as if to say "why's she half naked!" Lmao. I pick up a drink and have a sip, it tastes fruity and bubbly. I put my drink down for a minute and when I go to pick it back up it has disappeared. I say "my drink..where's it gone?". I panic because I feel I need a drink to loosen myself up for this man . I now pick up a different one but then that's gone as well, I say "fuckin dreams...this is fuckin ridiculous!!" Lol.
      A young man hears me and gives me his drink, it's pink and even tastes pink lol. I now go back to the man who is waiting in his room for me. He starts touching me up again and kissing my neck really gently. He slips off my clothes, leaving me in just my bra and skimpy knickers. I'm thinking "this dream is quite nice actually, and it is only a dream after all", I grin to myself and just let him touch me and then I wake up.
    14. a new school, a new beverage

      by , 05-29-2012 at 02:02 PM
      i am at a place with a school type feel with people rushing around me to get to their classes, i walk up to a person with short brown hair who is wearing a red t-shirt and ask if they want to buy something. i pull a small plastic sphere out of my pocket and as i do this they walk away. i make my way through the crowd and with a little difficulty finding it i walk up to a tall green locker and open it, i put the plastic ball inside and pull out mostly empty cup of coffee, frustrated i say "dang!" and turn the cup upside down splattering a little bit of coffee onto the clean blue and white tiled floor. feeling foolish i realize that there was some in the cup and take the last sip it will provide, (i then slowly drift away and awake)
    15. Driving a car in a lucid

      by , 02-09-2012 at 10:04 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the car with my dad, driving to school, wearing my uniform. We're on the long straight of road, when I realise things look a bit weird. I count my fingers, and become lucid. "You've got to be kidding me..." I say, at first, I guess I was frustrated that I'd got ready, showered, sat in a car, and it turned out to be just a dream. However, I soon realised that this was a good thing, and looked over at dad, who sat there happily, smiling. "What should we do?" I asked, thinking of things, while rubbing my hands together for stabilazation. I realise we were in a car, so I moved onto his side, and I teleported him to my seat, whilst looking away (I thought it'd be easier if I didn't have to SEE him dissapear) I turn back around, to see that he's gone, but for some reason I stare very closely, and he slowly appears into the seat, like little pixels forming. (first succesful teleport! YES)

      I grab the steering wheel tightly, and press down on the accelerator, wary of all the cars. I move into the right lane, and begin overtaking all the cars. I do this for a while, when I realise a BIG green truck is heading towards me. I wonder what to do, waiting for dad to shout at me to turn a certain way. He says nothing, so I swerve left, whilst braking, which results in the car kind of locking up sideways, heading towards the ditch at the side of the road. The truck, is also doing the same thing, and everything just kind of turns into third person view, I wonder what will happen. I wonder if I'll "die" and wake up so I prepare to DEILD. I do wake up, but I decide to jot a few words down so I remember.

      -next dream-

      I'm in a classroom, with people I don't know, and the bell finally rings. The teacher trys to say something like "Remember the spring carnival!' But everyone screams and shouts over him just to annoy him. I look back, he seems frustrated. We all walk out the door, emerging into a somewhat wide hallway filled with students. On my left, is a drink fridge kind of thing, the shelf-like ones that have no door. Everyone is taking them, so I presume they're free. I grab to solo's and walk towards the exit.

      I hear my teacher attempting to say something again, but we all scream, and he seems to stop trying. I throw my solo up in the air, hoping to cause a bit of excitement and stir the students up, and they all laugh, and shout. The teacher that we've been ignoring, comes up next to me, and says something. I turn back, looking for my drink, and grab it. "Half price discount!" He tries to joke, because my drink is now only half full. (I'm not sure what happend to the other one, I think it just dissapeared) I decide to throw it at him, so I shake it up, fall back into the crowd, and throw it at him. Nothing comes out, but it hits him softly in the back, and he turns around, looking a bit depressed that no one seems to like him.

      I walk next to him, and say "Where's your car?" because I'm planning on throwing the drink through his window. He tells me the name and model instead, so I figure I should just follow him and find out. Unfortunately, I see my dad, who looks a bit suspicious, waiting in the car to pick me up. So as the teacher says something about a bodyguard, and I insult him one more time, I walk to my car, and get in. I wake up. -End Dream-

      Fragments: Impulse deoderant. On a ship trying to solve something I think. Playing this game that was very complex and required you to press three buttons at once to perform an attack that always changed.
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