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    1. Saturday, June 30

      by , 08-28-2018 at 09:28 PM
      I am at a Dead and Company show with Dad and one other guy, probably a family friend. The venue is on a grassy and sandy slope down to the ocean. Down towards the bottom of the slope, I can see the off-white top of the tent (kind of like Shoreline) in which theyre playing. Most of it is hidden by the incline. At times, I can see the band, but it is intermittent for whatever reason. There are also waves breaking that make their way up the slope and I think into the tent. I end up briefly talking with someone I know, before making my way down the slope. The band has started, and I dance as I walk. I think a few people look at me, but they are smiling. Im by the tent now, and it looks more like a small seaside bar or caf. You can walk right into it. Some people are doing just that, but theyre getting kicked out, as they are too close to the band or too much of a nuisance. The atmosphere other than that is very laid back. The band, in a single small room, laughs and chats while tuning up between songs. I think the drum kit is in a room separate but still connected to the other. Bill Kreutzmann is here, but he is just hanging out while another, older man plays the drums. It seems to me that Bill is unable to play tonight for whatever reason. I start talking with this other drummer, but it ends up being me talking to Bill, with him either on the drums or right by them. For a moment, Im self conscious of taking up time if theyre playing music, but theyre taking a while between songs anyway. I ask Bill, prefacing the question with me knowing that it sounds like a typical fan thing to stay, how he would feel about playing Liberty. I am self conscious of my voice as I am speaking. He looks as if hes really thinking about it. I mention how it would be fitting since its so close to the 4th of July. I also wonder if theyd play it mid-set or for the encore. Bill says hes not sure, because he never really got the pace of the song and his playing was never really coherent on it. I think of versions Ive heard and guess I could see it. He tells me thats why they started playing [something with a longer name] in 94 and 95. This song is, I think, similar to Liberty in tempo and lyrical theme. I nod, thinking of my notes of shows, not sure Ive ever actually heard it. I think he sees the uncertainty in my nod and briefly wonder if hes thinking that Im not that versed in the music, but I know Ive listened to a fair amount of their shows in that era. (Whatever the name of the song was, its not an actual song theyve done).
    2. 15 May 2016 - Music

      by , 05-15-2016 at 12:57 PM
      >Dreamed of playing a few Seasick Steve songs which I picked up easily ("Back In The Doghouse" is one)

      >Later, dreamed I had made an appointment to meeting Jake (a musician I know) in a garage to play drums for songs at 4:05 in the afternoon. I was outside the garage and left because I had recalled I'd only practiced the songs once beforehand and didn't think I was up to it.
    3. Vent Drums

      by , 04-06-2015 at 02:45 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #428 - DEILD - 6:28AM

      I intended to have G + Menthol during WBTB but I just could not get out of bed. Luckily, I pulled off a late morning DEILD. I was slightly disappointed that I got my dream goals all wrong, but I was super stoked to get lucid regardless.

      I am watching YouTube through my TV and I see that CanisLucidus has his own lucid dreaming channel now. There's a lot of how-to talk and then does some funny skits and songs like some variety show. At first I think Wurlman and I need to step up out podcast game, but I quickly decide that we have our own thing going and shouldn't try to one-up CL. I find his show very entertaining and I am amused that we now have a really cool lucid dreaming TV show. I notice my father next to me on the couch and I expect him to say something about how he dislikes what I am watching, but he remains very quiet. I wake up.

      At first I am pissed that galantamine didn't do much for me but then I realize I passed right back out when my alarm went off. I move a bit and get comfortable and settle right into meditation. Instead of focusing on breath I use body awareness in my hand and arms as my anchor. I hit heavy HI really quickly and my daughter says something about my hands feeling numb. at the same time, I realize they are very tingly like I had my circulation cut off. I say to her, "As soon as my hands start feeling different [normal] you let me know. OK?" I wonder, Will that really work? If I lose lucidity will my subconscious tell me when I am fully in the dream? Right after this thought, I notice I have vibrations. I decide now is the time to shift my awareness to something external the center of the room. I start to feel some tendency to separate, so I try sitting up. It takes a lot of effort to move only a few inches and I hear a voice, "You've got to work those astral muscles. It's been awhile so it's going to feel tough at first, but the more you exercise the better..." I accept what my inner-self is telling me and make I several efforts to get up; each getting easier. Once I sit up completely, I visualize the motion of running and a scene quickly comes to view.

      I am in a kitchen in a different house. I spot a back door and run to it. As I step into the back yard, I notice the numbness in my hands still, so I shift my awareness from body once more to the dream environment and quickly forget the hand sensation. I try to think of my goals, but my mind feel slightly jumbled. Flying. I was supposed to fly. I look up at the day time sky and begin to make swimming motions allowing me to slowly rise up. There is something about the swimming motion that brings my focus back to my body and the dream darkens, threatening to crash. I stay calm and simply shift my focus back to something more visually external. I see that I am tangled in a tree and I use it to pull my weightless body up higher then, jump onto the roof of the house. Now I think maybe my goal was to make music with random objects in the dream. I look around and, on the house, I see some sort of wooden structure with many different types of roof vents lined up. I decide these will make great drums and I begin to strike them with my hands. At first It is just a dull flat sound with no real rhythm. I try harder to have some sort of pattern, but my visuals won't match the sound. I decide it's better to just look away and I quickly get some sort of drum beat with realistic sounds. A song quickly forms and I sing the first words that some to my mind in a jazz tone, "Well, my little baby... she's a real sexy lady now.... Yeeaahhh." I am slightly startled how different my voice sounds, but I don't let it distract me. Organ music begins play a little tune now as I see movement in the corner of my eye. A black cat is walking along the road out front and I feel a strong desire to go after it, but I can't decide if I want to stop the music now or play a little more. I am torn between the two and sit there undecided as I suddenly wake up.

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    4. Salvoa's Workbook

      by , 01-14-2015 at 04:39 PM
      im in my house talking with a friend of mine and I was telling her about the dream I had in my last cycle and how even though a dream character had told me I was dreaming and there were all these signs telling me it was a dream i still failed to notice I was dreaming. at that point I remembered to do a check and the person I was talking to lived in Pittsburgh so I knew I was dreaming. I went out my front door to check further and it was grey and wet outside. I took notice to how real everything looked and how it was basically the same as it would be in waking reality but then I noticed these purple flowers on the hill that I only get in the spring. the DC was following me around I feel to make sure I was noticing I was dreaming and I told her I was good now since I was lucid and I told her to leave me and thanked her. I then remembered my intention to meet with this Ent I met in a dream the night before so I called out loud and I could hear my voice travel far distances through the trees on my road. I then heard a lord of the rings type horn that I knew was coming from the Ent. I ran down the road towards where I thought I heard it. I go down the road and called again and I heard it closer and looked where I thought it was. I see a tree move among the others and run to it. it was the Ent and I told him to take me to where we were going before and he spreads wings and flies away. I figured he wanted me to follow him but I wasn't feeling confidence with my flying skills ATM. I climb this rock face behind a house to see where he was and once I get to the top I see him perched on a floating platform. he looks like an ancient bird now and he reaches out his tail which was purple and bluish. I grab hold and he lifts me up and we begin to fly. once we gain some altitude I see a giant drum set with a lot more symbols then the one I have and I was thinking how I would like to play it sometime. as we fly the bird does all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers. I was thinking how I would eventually be able to do all these flying techniques once I learned more. my hearts starts racing partially from some fear and the thrill and I wake with the feeling of still holding onto the bird.
      Tags: drums, ent, flying, house, trees
    5. Semi-lucid planning how I'm going to do the fractal dare

      by , 10-29-2014 at 05:26 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, False Awakening, Semi-lucid and Additional notes

      Went to take a nap, and I fell asleep while playing some Sudoku, the hard level with diagonals...

      .../I'm in the corner of our building. There's a garage door turning to the left side of the corner. Apparently it's part of our apartment. I take two low tom drums and sit next to the playground. I start playing some rhythms that I consider to sound like a war call. I like how it sounds and want to record this one. I see one of the patches is broken. There are a couple of punk kids walking around the neighborhood. I decide to go back into the house taking the two drums with me. Apparently the dream has ended and now I'm still laying on my bed 'thinking'. My 'thoughts' start to appear in front of my eyes, I don't consider this to be a lucid state, I just know that I'm not awake. Then I remember that I have the fractal dare in my things to do list. While I'm waiting for the dream to properly 'materialize'. I look for an image of a fractal where I could start this task. The whole floor turns into a cut shell structure like this:

      I'm standing on the lines and notice it's diffracting in small portions of the same pattern to the borders like the borders of a crocheted doily.

      I go there thinking that in order to perform the task, I must dive into those small structures. I think I have to zoom into those structures in order to do so. I knee on the web of lines and stare deeper into the structure. It doesn't take too much until I'm inside a huge 3D fractal structure of the same pattern. I think this is going to be awesome when I'm fully lucid. I turn on my back thinking that it's the best image I could come up with. When a thought (those very imaginative thoughts that only show up when I'm dreaming) gets into my mind: "What about if I cheat it? I mean, I could jump into foam bubbles and wallow on it! That's a fractal too". Then I remember it should be a romanesco and the task would be awesome too, like this one shell like pattern I'm wallowing on right now. I wallow extremely happy on this structure.
      Then I turn and fall to my side and end laying upside down against the mattress which is leaning against the wall. It's very uncomfortable here. I think I could RC to confirm if I'm not already dreaming when some hands pull my feet to the other side of the mattress. It's my wife and she seems to be very horny. She kisses me but her tongue tastes a little bit disgusting and I don't like it's texture, but damn, It has been so long (?) since she doesn't do something like this. I go on with the play trying to drive her passion in the right way/...

      * Woke up to realize my little mistake...

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      Tags: drums, fractal, wife
      non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , side notes
    6. Drums recorded in my reading.

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:46 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Drums recorded in my reading. (Non-lucid)


      I guess this would be a silly nightmare, but oh well. This is what happened in waking. Yesterday I got an order from someone for a psychic reading, and he was pretty much disrespectful and it felt it was making fun of it. He requested for me to not have the music on during the reading. Upon awakening, he received the reading and was very happy with it (even though there were tough thing for him to hear, I am glad he accepted it lol) We live in a house and we have a 2nd floor rented, and the neighbor likes to play the trumped and the pipe bag and he is a bit annoying lol. So here was the brief "nightmare."

      I was in my computer wrapping up my work and sending all the readings to my clients. As I played the reading from this client that did not want music, I could only hear drums, and not my voice at all. I was like what the heck is going on... and this guy did not want music and he is going to think that I put rock in my readings instead of a soft spiritual background music.

      I was upset because I thought if I had music playing, it would have recorded instead of the drums, and my voice would be heard as well. I started to wonder what to do and I figured that the best was to channel all the information again and start the reading over, but I was upset because it was a long reading.
    7. OBE or induced lucid dream, orrrrrr?

      by , 09-24-2012 at 02:43 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      The Induction
      Now, I feel that this was not a directly induced lucid dream. Here's my method. I woke up to my alarm at 4:30, and then after my alarm goes off, I usually just go right back to sleep and try to stay aware long enough to do a finger induced lucid dream. those seem to work well for me. But I remember very lightly doing the FILD, and hardly even doing it. And then I felt myself snap into a dream but hardly really. I plugged my nose as a reality check and I could breathe.
      This is where it changes.

      The Rest..
      I stand up and get out of my bed but think nothing of it. I walk through my house, very fatigued, and I felt very heavy. I got see everything very clearly. Everything appeared to be hyper realistic, which I generally associate with an OBE. I've never had one though, so I don't know what it's truly like. I walked slowly through my house due to my fatigue. My vision was blurry through one of my eyes, and it was mostly blurry from farther distances. I heard a drumming from my garage, which is weird because I don't have any drums or anything. I went to check it out, and it was my friend Javier. He just said what's up to me and that was the end of that. I started walking back through my house a bit, and then I heard my music playing from in my room. I tried to plug my nose, and see if I was still breathing, and woke to find I wasn't.

      So now, I'm just wondering what this was, but I think it was more likely a LD. I didn't experience any rushing noises, or any vibrations usually accompanied with an OBE. Either way, if I didn't accomplish a dream goal, it was still pretty cool.
    8. Legend of Zelda to Driving through our Village; Forts and Video Games; Collecting Drumsticks

      by , 07-25-2012 at 05:03 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      In my first dream last night, I was playing a Zelda game on the Wii. I don't know what game it was; it wasn't one that actually exists. When I say "playing", I mean I was watching the game from a third-person point of view (so my entire field of vision was what was displayed on the screen), but I was still aware that I was using a Wii remote (this is similar to how I usually play video games in dreams, except I'm not usually aware of the controller).

      Anyway, I remember Link being able to shrink down (and return to normal size) at will, like in Minish Cap, except he could do it anywhere. I (remember, I'm playing the game and, therefore, controlling Link) used that to get into this building where I was in this room full of people.

      Suddenly, I was actually in the game myself! And, no, I wasn't Link (I have no idea what happened to him); I was myself. I had to play Epona's Song on the ocarina for some reason. Strangely, though this seemed normal at the time, instead of covering the holes and blowing into the ocarina, I had to press buttons to play the notes. For some reason, I kept trying to play the notes for Saria's Song (though I thought I was trying to play Epona's Song), but I kept messing up.

      This man approached me and I told him that I couldn't seem to get the notes right. We ended up talking about Legend of Zelda for a little while (he was a Zelda fan, too), and I forgot about the ocarina entirely. Soon, I saw my parents arrive, so I said goodbye and told him I enjoyed talking with him, then I left with my parents.

      Next thing I knew, we were driving through the village where I live (well, I actually live in a town just outside of the village itself, but I used to live in the village). The man was in the car with us, which was unexpected, since I'd said goodbye to him and left. Anyway, we were driving along South Main Street, going past the power substation, with the bridge just up ahead. It didn't occur to me in the dream, but my mom may have been driving us to our old house (where I lived until I was seven), as that was literally just a few houses away. The dream ended before we got close enough to see our house, though.

      (Note: I'm sure that bridge will forever remain in my memory, along with the "beep beep" of reversing trailer trucks. You see, the bridge could be seen from my old house. Even though there was a warning sign stating the height limit, many truck drivers would ignore the sign and try to drive under the bridge anyway... which usually resulted in them subsequently getting stuck under it. This, of course, was followed by the high-pitched beeping as they reversed out to take a detour. I lived in that house until I was seven (or eight, maybe; I can't remember exactly), and I have seen many trucks get stuck under that bridge.)

      I woke up after that and decided to try DEILD. I quickly felt myself being pulled into another dream. Unfortunately, even though I know I'm not supposed to move during DEILD, my half-asleep brain decided it would be perfectly okay to roll over as long as I didn't get up. That completely ruined my DEILD attempt.

      I quickly went back to sleep anyway and had another non-lucid dream. In this dream, I was with my friend Lizz. We were in her backyard, but it didn't look like her backyard - or anywhere I'd recognize, for that matter - in real life. So there we were, as well as three little girls, around seven or eight years old. I can't remember who the girls were, but I have a feeling the group may have included her little sister and/or some of the girls around that age at my church.

      Anyway, we were in "teams" (i.e., Lizz and I vs. the other girls), and each time had a "fort". Our fort was "defensive", as it was a shed with a wire fence around it. The girls' fort was "fun", as it was a colourful playground set with a treehouse (i.e., a swingset and slide with an attached treehouse). I'm guessing the "forts" were for some kind of game, though the dream skipped ahead to the next morning before anything much really happened.

      I'd apparently spent the night at her house, since I was still there the next morning. We went to the dining room (again, it looked different than it does IRL) for breakfast. She started asking me what I thought about some video game that she'd assumed I'd played (I forgot the name of it, though). When I told her I hadn't played it, she decided to show it to me.

      I guess the dream ended before she had a chance to show me, since the next thing I remember is from the next dream. I was playing the "drums", though it actually looked like a keyboard (a piano keyboard, not a computer keyboard), not a drum kit. For some reason, the drumsticks I was using were short and made of black plastic. I think the "drums" may have actually been a keyboard, as I had to set it to 101 (first percussion setting on a MIDI keyboard) to get the right sounds.

      The next thing I knew, I was at home, and my parents were there. I put the drumsticks down on the table. It turned out I was supposed to have three more (I only had two), so I had to go outside to find the rest. Instead of just three, I ended up finding a lot more and setting them all down on the table.
    9. Headphones for Cymbals (Oct 23, 2011)

      by , 10-27-2011 at 08:56 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The dream starts off in my old middle school, I ask my teacher ms. Mcgaw if I can let the students waiting outside in. She says that I can, so I open the door to the classroom and wave them all in.
      The classroom has a smart board in the middle of the room and bleachers set up near the door. All of the students find a seat, and I happen to sit next to a pair of cymbals.
      (I happen to be a percussionist in real life so this is probably where the cymbals came from)
      A African American teacher, looks to be in his forties or fifties walks into the room and begins to teach. He is talking about teen couples that have babies in high school.
      I forget the names of the couple who he was mainly focusing on though. As he is speaking my leg whips out and accidentally knock over the cymbals causing a barrage of sound.
      Even as I pick the cymbals up and place them back onto the bleachers, they are still making a ringing noise. The noise then stops completely and the man resumes teaching.
      After a passage of time the ringing noise appears. The man stops teaching one again and speaks to me.
      "Maybe you should go to the main office and get some headphone for those," he suggests.
      The dream ends with a view of the main office.
    10. 29th July 2011

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:14 AM
      I am at a Fete and I have been to all the stalls. I am now at Richard & Judy's stall ((you know the couple that used to do "this morning")) I have paid them to enter the compertition to do the brushing of the drums for a famous group, I am really excited about having met them and about the audition. ((dream skip)) I am now in this studio kind of place, Cheryl Cole and 2 other famous people are asking me "what do you feel when you sing" I say "I feel alive and it comes from inside my soul". ((dream skip)) I am now wearing a top but no skirt, my naked ass is fully on show. I am under the controll of a group of Jamaican men, there are about 5 of them or so. I go to walk into a room but 1 of them grabs my hand and pulls me back so I just do as he wants or I know I'll be in trouble, he says to another bloke "am I dreaming, her ass is gorgeous and pure" ((lol)) he looks again at my ass and feels it he then says "I've never seen one like it before" ((LMFAO))
    11. Cornerstone

      by , 07-25-2011 at 03:52 AM
      Not sure quite when this happened.

      One dream:

      I was at Cornerstone Music festival and had been talking to some guys in a tent. It was night. I left the tent and crossed the road to the tent across from the one I had been in because I hear some interesting music coming from there.
      When I entered the tent, the first thing I noticed was that the place was packed. There were lamps somewhere giving off a dull, orange light that didnt flicker, but sort of waved. There were two drumsets set up, one at the corner across from me, and another diagonal. The second was being played, lightly, to accompany a guy who was playing the mandolin better than Id ever see someone do.
      And that was it.
    12. Fragments for July 15 2011

      by , 07-16-2011 at 06:46 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm at the movies with my friends K.G. and C.W. My brother and his friends are there as well, and we start talking about a new sport called "sniper golf." It's pretty much self-explanatory; one team plays scramble golf as the other tries to pick them off with sniper paintball guns, then the teams switch.

      2. I'm playing a Survivor challenge game that the host introduces as "capture the bag." The arena is set up in a cross shape, with four sloped paths leading to a high plateau in the center. Two teams of three try to throw bags at a dinosaur statue in the first round, with the most hits winning the round. In the second round, the goal is to get all six bags by any means necessary, and a fracas ensues.

      3. I'm at my old grade school when I'm called to the principal's office to see government agents. I'm a little scared, but when I arrive they just want to say hi and give me some candy. I start walking back through the halls, boasting to everyone I meet, when a teacher rolls her eyes and tells me to go home.

      4. I'm playing Drummania in an arcade, a game like Rock Band. Towards the end of the song I'm playing, the standard notes turn into a series of walls, which my sticks break down.
    13. Buddhism scriptures, party, finals.

      by , 05-11-2011 at 06:29 AM
      4/18/11. I have decided to put some dj entries from my laptop on DV, buut I'm not gonna post them all at once because that would drown everyone else's journnals, so I'll put them up gradually.


      DREAM 1: I was in Kohlhepp's class taking my final (I FUCKING HATE THIS CLASS WITH A PASSION, and I just took part 1 of my fin als from her. She is my biology teacher, and ranked by most as the hardest teacher at school), and in the end it was apparently the last day. everybody went nuts and started playing shitty rihanna music and ran out of the class like maniacs.

      DREAM 2: Me and my dad went to some nice house, william shatner opened the door in a pirate costume. the house was like a variant of the Kumar's (one of my landscaping jobs). my dad started talking about rumble tone (My dad used to be a singer in a band when I was like 10, they got big to the point of playing a 5,000 perswon show), and how his buddies from the resturant were in it. You could tell that william didn't care. At one point, marty (my drumming teacher) ran out in an indian costume, you could tell something was going on inside, like a party.

      DREAM 3: I just kept cycling through these girls talking about their favorite buddhism scriptures while at the beach. What didn't occur to me was that there ARE no buddhism scriptures, but it was hard to catch because it was like watching a movie on youtube or something.
    14. Drum Stick Break

      by , 02-13-2011 at 12:14 PM
      I was playing the drums at a band practice at my friend Bryn's house, and I snapped a drum stick
      Tags: drums
      dream fragment
    15. Drums, and a weird tech class?

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:14 PM
      So, I was trying to dream last night, and for some reason I wasn't remembering anything. Then I had this really weird/wacky dream within the course of a half an hour right before I woke up.

      Drums, and tech class? - I was in some sort of tech class. We were learning about music. Our teacher was trying to instruct us but he really had no idea. I was uploading some of my music so that I could rip it apart and take bits of it and make it into new songs. This girl came up to me and asked if I could share some of the songs, so I said yes.

      Fast forward where we're in some HUGE garage. We are split up into three groups: Guitarists, Bassists, and Drummers. The guitarists and bassists had to choose the drummer for their band, so most drummers were just jamming out to whatever hoping to draw their attention. It was weird because all of the drummers were playing on the little electronic guitar hero kits, and it was hilarious watching them trying to be badass playing them. I had my big professional electronic kit, so I looked alright. But I forgot my amp, so no one but me could hear me playing . I ended up getting bored when I noticed a group next to me was playing the intro to Judas Priests' "Nostradamus", They had a cheesy drummer so I ended up playing along, and somehow they could hear me O.o One of the guitarists ended up getting angry at me because he though I was stealing his audience. (What audience?). Then a girl leaned over the wall while I was messing with my kit and told me that personally, she would NEVER let me drum for her band. I was kind of shocked by her just randomly saying that, but I kept my cool and told her it was ok, because my band would be here tomorrow, with my amp.

      Fast Forward again to the next morning, me and my band end up setting up in the early morning next day, when everyone is waking up and heading to practice, we begin blasting "HellRider" (Solo and everything) to everyone's shock. I lean over to the girl, who's standing there mouth agape, and just smile

      I'm charming aren't I?

      Then later there was something about playboy bunnies
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