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    1. March 6-9, 2015 | Tamriel, Wolves, Huge Maze Dungeon, Aperture, Vault Door

      by , 01-05-2018 at 02:10 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      3/6/15 (L)x2
      -1(L)-Did a couple brief WILDs. Twice failed at stabilizing. Making loud noises should not include shouting at first.
      -2-In this dream, I tried to use my Action Replay on the gamecube again. I put the disc in, and Melee started up. However, the AR stopped working and only booted up normal Melee.
      [New Scene]
      I thought about Oblivion. Suddenly, I was in Cyrodiil. This guy was playing. He was getting attacked, so he decided to run and jump off a cliff. He was aiming for the water at the bottom, but he undershot the jump, so he landed in the shallow water and lost most of his health.
      [New Scene]
      A wolf ate a poisoned rabbit. Something caused three wolves including that one to become self-conscious and intelligent. Something else caused the two healthy wolves to be able to mind-control a group of humans to save the bloody, poisoned wolf. Suddenly, the scene switched to Continuum, where Kierra was sitting on a couch when Dillon showed up and notified her about the wolf situation as well as something else. He was beginning the second one when Kierra said that he should stop acting like a ???. Suddenly, one of the wolves threw something at a little girl. Then, that thing became clay, and one of the wolves said something funny.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

      Spawn: Somewhere in Skyrim, leaning on a fence with Erandur.
      We were having fractions of visions of the future, where only one of us was going to get out alive from any of the giant maze dungeons. (The giant maze dungeons are super huge places that are extremely difficult to survive in, navigate, and exit. This included Aperture, and whatever was under Septimus Signus’ Outpost. I forgot the rest.) Someone was going to the outpost, and we had to follow. Once we got inside, I quickly realized that this was a bad mistake. After we walked down the first hallway to a circular door, and a window. Looking through the window, I saw APERTURE on the far wall. I thought that it would be suicide to go in there. However, the other two didn’t seem to care much, as they teleported in after we opened the huge door. After that, we looked around the room, completely ignoring the brightly-lit room beyond the glass in the back corner, opposite the door. We continued to explore. We walked through a lighter circular door. Shortly after, someone pressed a button that triggered the slow closing of the doors. We all rushed out and ran to the first door. Only I made it in time. I tried pressing ‘open’ on a small panel (with the other choice being ‘oil’), but it was being overrid with the other command. As Erandur and the other guy were going to become trapped in there, I decided to be trapped with them, rather than be outside, unable to do anything without taking loads of time to prepare first. So, the vault door was closed, and there was no way out. The only thing we could do was explore the facility. Walking back to the same place where the lighter door used to be was now a concrete wall with a doorway on the right. We walked through the doorway and ended up in 20th-century Aperture, with Cave Johnson as CEO. [Skip] [Switch to Cinematic View] Cave Johnson was in a room with 2 other guys holding clipboards. Cave was wearing a hazmat suit, ready to test some gel with a medal something in his hands.
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    2. The Pirate Dungeon

      by , 10-30-2017 at 01:11 AM
      It began with a pirate woman and her slave boy. I don't remember where exactly this took place but I do remember that this woman was able to reverse the gravity in the room and cause things to fall "up." When I came onto the scene I saw that she had her slave boy trapped on the ceiling. She reversed the gravity causing him to fall and then reversed it again before he hit the ground. The boy was clearly terrified and begged her to stop. She wouldn't though. The woman was clearly enjoying toying with the boy like this. I don't remember what became of him.

      Sometime later, I ended up in some sort of RPG-like dungeon. I don't remember who I was with but I remember that we were there to do something. We ended up running a perilous gauntlet and we were able to make it through after several tries.

      As we were exiting the dungeon we saw Sandy from SpongeBob Squarepants holding on for dear life as a flying pirate ship attempted to suck her up through a giant vacuum. We rescued her by pulling her into the dungeon. She was grateful.
    3. Speelbee2 Competition Night 8-14

      by , 04-28-2017 at 10:44 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have succeeded at getting a consistent sleep schedule but my recall has gotten horrible. :/ I have had a lot of fragments though which is good but nothing to write home about. I did only one proper WBTB in the past week but I should be able to get more in before the competition is over.

      I am playing a cool isometric video game. It is like an RPG but you can't leave this really big dungeon but there is lots of treasure to find there.
    4. Nature rules

      by , 11-26-2016 at 11:34 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I was on a train, and the train doors randomly opened and closed. I lost valuables. M is causing it.

      I am on a street. It is dark. There are only black crows. I realise the sun and planets had been banished. They discover I am on the planet's side and I am thrown into a dungeon with them. The sun tells me he was discovered as a 'planet' during a solar eclipse.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. #142 -Walking around town / Survival / Balloons

      by , 10-28-2015 at 08:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Walking around town
      I just remember waking up from my first dream cycle and thinking that I had 2 separate dreams. I was walking around my home town, near the roundabout but not really sure what happened. There seemed to be a large gap and then I was in a new dream.

      Dream 1 - Survival
      Imagine those crypts in Skyrim that are dome-like with the opening in the top, I jumped into one of those and the interior was really dark. It had a similar atmosphere to something like 'Doom' or 'Quake', and there were there rectangle flesh aliens attached to the ground. Roughly an arms length, maybe 20cm wide and 5cm high, they were everywhere kind of just radiating out from the centre. They attack you by lurching one side up and slamming onto you. Their 'flesh' is like a bundle of red sinew that when attacking, will become fibrous and latch around its victim. When I fell into the room there was so much of it and it was grabbing at me. I don't know how but I seemed to kill a whole bunch of them, the 'don't know how' part was interesting because I seemed to have no memory of how anything works. I watched a video on Youtube by Cracked called 'The Stumbling Dead' which is a joke about how the Walking Dead can all understand each other but they have no idea what the f*ck is going on . I seemed to be in that kind of mindset, my hair was ragged and really long, my skin was dirtied and the only clothing I had was a rag around my waist. I tried getting away from the alien things, there appeared to be a tunnel leading out of the dome room on one side which I felt like I had been down before. At this point it was almost like the dream had a game-like theme to it, where if you failed you could retry which was why I thought I had been down the tunnel...

      Dream 2 - Balloons
      I seemed to be dungeon crawling with a few friends, I had been through the dungeon before (was some kind of game world) and was advising them on certain things. It was pretty stereotypical for a dungeon, stone brick walls with high ceilings etc. We turned up in a room which apparently just has a tonne of enemies spawn and the easiest thing to do is just bypass everything by running to the exit. I tell my friends about this but the look in their eyes tells me that they want to grind some experience.. "*sigh*, okay then we'll do that" . We head down the stairs next to the entrance when suddenly I realize there's some stupid event going on. A plethora of freakin' balloons surges up in front of us. 'Ugh god damn it why now?', the aim is to pop as many balloons or a special balloon which gives you heaps of points. I spot the special balloon (which is blue and white) and take a whack at it with some kind of whip-like sword, it smashes against it but the balloon doesn't pop. It seems to be a lot harder to pop than other balloons :/. I chase after it and whack at it a few times but nothing happens. A guy called Chris from my geology class shows up, he's hitting other contenders to earn points. There seems to be a lot of people competing now, in the distance about 20m away I see the announcer of the game narrating the points people are earning. He's wearing a suit and holding a microphone. Chris pokes me in the stomach with a long stick. "1 point to Chris!" the narrator shouts. "God that's cheap" I say, he isn't even trying to get balloons -.-... Chris stabs at me again with his stick which is more like a really long staff. It's pissing me off now, stop it dude. I grab his stick and take it off him, then snap it in half. I know this is against the rules but damn he was annoying. I walk past him and leave, taking the broken stick with me. I notice that he now has a new stick "Ugh what a douche". I enter a passageway leading to another part of the large room the competition is being held in. The place is so colourful now, there's even a colourful playground nearby. I remember thinking about how the whole stick thing was typical behaviour for a friend of mine called Matt. When we'd play Jedi Academy on LAN he would pick the longest lightsabers and then just do flips all over the place that one-hit everyone. And because they were so long you couldn't do anything about it .
    6. Dreams 20.10 - 22.10

      by , 10-22-2015 at 03:54 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      20-10-2015: A false awakening

      I woke up in a bed in my living room. I quickly went out of it, and headed towards the kitchen. Suddenly I felt slight pain in the back of my right shoulder. My t-shirt was wet in that area. I took it down, and saw that I have a huge cut on my shoulder. The t-shirt was wet mainly due to a strange, colourless liquid that poured out of the wound. I looked at the cut for a while, and then woke up.

      21-10-2015: Dungeon crawling fragment

      I've been playing Dungeon Crawl. I had a high-level formicid fighter deep in the dungeon, but something kiled it.


      First dream

      It was in a hotel placed in old fortifications. I was lying in a bed, thinking that the next day I'm finally coming back home. I wanted to pee, so I went out of bed and entered the toilet. The room had gray tiles. There were carpets and hangings with strange patterns. There was only sink in there, so I had to pee into the sink. After a while, doors to secret passeges opened, and someone walked through the toilet. I looked around again, and saw that the urinal appeared, so I uesed it instead of the sink.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. It was 2.50, and it was dark all around. I thought to myself what a weird dream I just had, and then decided to go to the toilet. The lights werent working, so I had to do my thing in the darkness. I could barely see the toilet seat and a mirror to the right. I thought about ghosts for a while. I finished, and when I was just about to close the doors behind me, my grandma went out of the toilet, calling me to herself. Then I decided that I should just go to bed and sleep some more.

      Third dream

      I woke up near a small building in the middle of a desert. There was a motorcycle standing on my right. I sat on it, and drove away. After a while of driving on a small road, I entered a highway. It was warm early morning. I just reached a roundabout on a highway, watching various plants growing on it. They looked beautifull with beams of sunlight spreading between them.

      Then I drove off to another part of the highway. Despite everyone turning there, the vechicles always moved in the opposite direction there. I had to drive between two trucks to see it myself. Then I decided to stop, and reach an airport.

      I woke up in some kind of metropoly. I was lying on a road, close to a taxi cab. I looked to the cars mirror, and saw that I looked like a terminator. I entered the airport, and took someones wallet, then went to a street and asked who was its owner. A youg, tall and slim lady replied, so I gave it to her and moved on. It was a rainy early morning. There was a kiosk nearby, with a bald man working there. I asked him if they had a telephone cards, but he said that he never heard about something like that. There were two teenagers sitting nearby, conversating about how the word telephone card sounded.

      I moved on. For every meter one could meet a telephone booth. All of them rusty and badly damaged. Then I saw a group of people inside a falling building. I ran towards them quickly and saved them.
    7. Death Knight, car racing

      by , 08-15-2015 at 08:30 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was a warrior. Someone paid me to escort him to a ruined cathedral, placed in cursed lands. He was a tall male, wearing full plate armor. We moved on through the cursed lands. The nature was decaying there - the soil was barren and had gray color, trees and any other vegetation were dead, and there were no animals, only bones scattered everywhere. I said "Are you sure that this is the right place?" and he said "Yes. We must enter the cathedral, avoiding death knight and his servants.".

      We finally reached the building. It was towering high above the whole land. Dark and desecrated it stood there for ages, being a home for the undead. We went closer, and we saw legions of skeletons roaming around it. We started to run around the cathedral, leaving skeletons behind. For some reason, they haven't bothered to attack us. We moved through a backyard full of zombies, and entered the cathedral. There was a lich with group of wraiths inside, reading some ancient tomes. The lich just gave us surprised look and went back to reading, while we jumped down a trapdoor, and entered dunegons.

      We landed down in some kind of alchemist laboratory. It was old, and covered with cobwebs. The whole dungeon was carved in rock. We moved forward, into a corridor, and then we got attacked by group of adventurers. The man in full plate armor showed his true self - he was a death knight. I took my throwing axes and took him down while adventurers were distracting him.

      Second dream - fragment

      I was starting in car races. I was quickly leaving behind all other drivers, but suddenly I got chased by police, and I had to escape from them.
    8. Castle Infiltration (WILD)

      by , 04-24-2015 at 07:52 AM
      Ritual: WTB 12:45am, woke 6am and felt rested enough to do a solid WBTB and WILD attempt. Read LD books for an hour then returned to bed at 7am. I took bacopa, L-theanine, alpha-GPC, and even ventured to add a little galantamine to the mix, breaking open a Galantamind capsule and adding half the powder to my alpha-GPC solution. I lay on my back and counted, also deciding on my intended tasks: muto herbam and my lucid dare. For the hell of it I added in a short mantra on the off-counts: inspired by the DC's weird question last night ("Who is your mantra?") I was using the name of an intriguing DC from a prior dream. I started losing the count quickly and after picking it back up a few times, drifted off somewhere in the 30s. Eventually I woke back up, used the bathroom, and checked the time before lying down on my left side to sleep. It was 7:30am. Woke up at 8am with dream.

      WILD: I quickly started to feel promising bodily sensations, able to move in ways I was sure weren't "real." At one point I felt my husband's face very close to mine, thought I could feel his breath against my face, and was afraid this distraction was going to wake me. Feeling a bit rude, I pushed him away. After that he got up and I hoped he had understood my reasons—recognized that I was in the middle of a dream attempt—and wasn't annoyed. Of course in retrospect, I'm sure that none of this actually happened; not only does the geography of the bed make it physically unlikely, but my husband was still fast asleep on his side of the bed when I woke up to write this report.

      As soon as I felt I had full bodily control, I started trying to get out of bed. I threw caution to the winds because I've started to suspect that a lot of the barriers to transition are self-imposed. So I got out of bed as soon as I could manage it, and although I felt awkward at first, moving very herky-jerkily as I tried to walk out of the room—a bit like a marionette whose puppetmaster is still figuring out the right use of the strings—I soon got back into the feel of it.

      I walked into the kitchen, where my attention was caught by what looked like a big wad of gauze or lace, about 18 inches in diamter. In shape it resembled those scrunchies you use in the shower, but it was much larger and made of lacy white gauze with silver sparkles. The texture was wonderfully detailed, more distinct than anything else in my field of vision, so I decided to pick it up and use it for my first experiment. The simpler of the tasks I had planned was to practice a bit with transformation and with plants, so I held the gauze in my hands and commanded, "Muto herbam," envisioning the form of a long-stemmed red rose.

      The material was resistant at first, so I repeated the command a few times and intensified my will. Eventually it shrank compliantly into a red flower, but the blossom appeared to be that of a tulip, so I continued staring at it sternly until it manifested more layers of ruffled petals. I studied it to make sure it was a proper rose and not just an ambitious carnation, and when I was finally satisfied with its form, I lifted it to my nose to smell it. It actually did smell like a rose! This impressed me all the more because I so rarely have any olfactory impressions in my dreams. (Then again, I guess I don't spend much time sniffing things.)

      I wondered if I should leave the house to perform my next task. I'm still working on my lucid dare, which requires me to find an camp of elves in the forest and join them in making music. My initial impulse was to leave my house and look for the forest, but that hasn't worked well before, so this time I thought I would to try a different approach and transform the environment around me rather than bodily leaving it. I looked around the room for another plant suitable for my experiment and was pleased to discover a spindly sapling with lots of thin twigs tipped with narrow yellow flowers growing in a pot. I went over to it and commanded "Rego herbam," commanding it to grow into a tall tree. Nothing happened at first, but eyeing its numerous twigs I had another idea for how to use it.

      The sapling was slightly taller than I was, so I backed up against it and pulled its flexible branches around me to create the visual impression that I was surrounded by a thicket, once again commanding "Rego herbam." The trick worked! The twigs filling my field of vision became a real thicket in which I found myself hiding on a hillside, trying to remain unseen as I peered down at a large camp of about two dozen people occupying a cleared basin just below me. I hoped they were elves! But they didn't seem merry, and I didn't hear any music. They were dressed in muted earthtones and went about their business grimly.

      I can't remember if I actually observed the camp being raided, but by some means I understood that this was a camp of rebels whose people were being oppressed and frequently captured and sold into slavery by the inhabitants of a nearby castle. I was aware that had several been taken away recently, and decided that the best way to ingratiate myself with the camp would be to rescue them. So I transported myself into the castle dungeon and began to search for the captives.

      The first door I opened led to an empty room, though it definitely looked like a classic dungeon, with rough-hewn and filthy stone floor and walls. Returning to the corridor, I saw that there were lots of identical doors, and I didn't think I had time to try them all, so I let instinct guide me to another door across the hall. At first this seemed promising: there was very little light filtering in through the tiny windows high in the wall, and in the shadows I thought I saw four figures manacled to the walls around the room. As I walked in, planning to free them, I found that either my eyes had decieved me, or the dream had shifted: the manacles were there, but this room was just as empty as the last. It made me wonder if what I had seen were the ghosts of past prisoners.

      As I went to leave the room, I was startled to discover that the door was now half-blocked by a chest-high mound of stone rubble. I started to climb over but it was too steep, and afterward the blockade looked even higher, taller than I was. If I didn't act soon I would be completely walled in! So I mustered my concentration and simply pushed through the pile of rocks. The stone felt very resistant and I had to use all my strength, but finally burst through into the hallway. I was surprised how exhausted I felt after this feat. Given that it was a dream, it shouldn't be any harder to move "rocks" than anything else, but I felt completely spent. While I paused to regain my strength, I heard people approaching from around a corner to my left. There was no time to get away, so I simply held very still in the doorway and concentrated on being invisible to them.

      There were three people in all. One person passed by without giving any sign of seeing me. Two others followed, walking together, and to my consternation they stopped at the door, right in front of me. Although they didn't seem to see me, something appeared to have caught their attention (the dislodged rocks?) because one of them pulled out a handheld device and started waving it in my direction as though scanning something. I wondered what would happen if they tried to walk through the doorway. I still seemed to be invisible, but would they be able to pass right through my body? Or would they bump into me? I decided not to risk it, and I was also a little worried that the scanner might detect my presence, so I reached out and grabbed one of the people with each hand. I willed them both to fall unconscious, and they slumped to the ground. The one to the left was a woman dressed in "business casual," while the guy to the right appeared to be a uniformed security guard. I immediately knelt down and hastily stripped the latter of all the tech I could find on his body: earpiece, cellphone, and a few other little widgets that I didn't recognize. I thought I heard another person coming down the hall, so I transformed into a bird and flew out one of the small barred windows high up on the walls.

      The castle was on a gently sloping hillside, and I was now flying over a wide rural landscape. At the base of the hill was a wooded region, and far beyond that I could see the curve of the ocean shore. I figured I would still be able to find my way back to the camp, since I had just come from there, so I let memory or instinct guide me. Meanwhile I focused on making sure I was flying properly, since I haven't spent much time in bird form. I alternated between flapping my wings and holding them stiff and outstretched so that I could glide on the wind. I felt like a large bird of prey, and I was clutching the tech I had just stolen in my talons.

      I flew over the forest until I saw a clearing below that looked familiar. Descending felt very realistic, because I was circling just like a raptor would, wide at first and then in a narrowing spiral until I landed. To get the attention of the people in the camp, I decided that I should not be an ordinary brown eagle, but a white eagle. Apparently this drew a little too much attention, because on the way down I discovered that someone was shooting arrows at me. I decided I could use this to make my entrance particularly impressive, so at the very moment that I touched the ground I not only turned back into a woman, I also grabbed an arrow that was about to hit me right out of the air.

      Earlier I had not made sure whether or not the people in the camp actually were elves, and now that I look around at closer range, I see only round human ears. I approach a couple people who are talking authoritatively, like leaders of the group. One is a capable looking woman with short, dirty-blonde hair. I ask her if there are any elves in the camp, thinking to myself that if I do find some, I'll give them the tech I stole as a friendly gesture. No one can specifically point to any elves, so I ask, well, who was shooting at me? I figure that if there is an elf, it might well have been the one lobbing arrows. The woman points across the camp. Following her gesture, I notice a slight figure huddled on a bench, completely wrapped in a dark grey blanket.

      I walk over and lean down in front of the figure, trying to gently tug the blanket aside to reveal its face. It seems shy, hiding its face under the blanket like this, but I soon discover the reason. As I begin to reveal its features, they are the last thing I would have expected. The head is made of molded transparent plastic, with a suggestion of human features on the outside and circuitboards within. It is an android!

      The android has a high, almost childish voice, and evidently feels very bashful about its unusual appearance. It tries to prevent me from pulling back the blanket, protesting, "I look repulsive."

      I completely disagree, and tell it so: "No you don't. You look amazing." It reluctantly lets me tease aside the blanket to reveal its whole head.

      At this point a man walks up to us. He looks to be in his forties, balding, a bit stocky in build, and with rounded features, kind of resembling Rob Corddry. From his dress and demeanor, I immediately intuit that he is the creator of this android. I realize that he would be the ideal person to give the tech I stole from the castle guard.

      "I have something for you," I say without preamble, and fill his hands with the little pile of objects.

      He looks delighted. "This will be really useful."

      We start chatting a bit about the android, and I ask if he knows where to find any elves. He's not aware of any in the camp, but I overhear a snippet of conversation from people standing nearby that I think might be relevant to my question; one of them mentions a place called "Junkyard Bay" and I resolve to check it out.

      "What's your name?" I ask the inventor. I feel a bit silly always asking this of DCs, but I like to know.

      "Dira," he says. That's how I assumed it was spelled, but from the pronunciation it could just as easily be "Deera." He asks mine, and I tell him.

      Dira is looking at me like he finds me really familiar, but can't figure out where he knows me from. "We haven't spoken before this? No beer? No comfort?"

      I am perplexed by his laconic queries until I realize that he's asking if he might have met me in a bar or a brothel. I might have been offended at the implications if I weren't so fascinated by his distinctive manner of speaking, so unlike my own speech patterns. How could a DC, a projection of my own mind, demonstrate linguistic traits so utterly unlike my own, to the point where it took me a moment to make sense of what he was saying? It was one of those moments that make me wonder if my reductionist assumptions are correct, but I'm not ready to go down the path of madness without better evidence than this.

      I shake my head, since I'm pretty sure I've never met him in either dream or waking life. He asks my name another time, and I repeat it. I've been using my WL name, having forgotten my former resolution to use an alias with DCs.

      Dira starts explaining something about the locals: "What's particularly important for the native Ukaran communities is the..." there was more, but it was complicated, and I was still trying to figure out what was going on.

      "Ukaran?" I ask, to make sure I heard correctly.

      "Yes, the Ukaran and the Utankaran."

      I had the impression that he was implying that the Ukarans were the people in this camp, and I'd already seen the problems that they were facing—oppression and human trafficking on the part of the people in the castle. I wondered if the oppressors were the Utankarans. The similarity in their names suggested that they were closely related but (in the manner of such things) probably deeply opposed social groups.

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    9. [09-04-2015]

      by , 04-09-2015 at 03:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Non-lucid + DILD - ToTM attempt

      I was wandering with three sisters. From conversation with them, I received an information that they are princesses, an evil queen took the throne, and they are in a serious danger. I wanted to help them, but didn't knew how.

      We were moving away from the main road, close to the forest. When getting closer to a village, we spotted some mercenaries of the evil queen. I lied down on the ground. It was cold, I felt grass touching my skin. Two of the princesses hidden behind the trees, but one of them spotted a carriage, and ran to it.

      The carriage stopped in front of her. She thought that it was her mother inside, but then the evil queen went out of it. The other princesses ran to help her, and all of them were kidnapped by queen. I decided to try and help them. I grabbed the carriage in the last moment, and it started flying to the sky.

      When getting close to the clouds, I lost my strenght and fallen. When close to the ground, I suddenly teleported to another place. It was dark dungeon. I found a torch and lit it. It was empty, I felt alone... left behind. I entered a huge chamber. There was an old man in dark robe in the middle of the room. He had completely white eyes.

      He turned around and looked at me. Telepathically he sended my information about who he is. It was a powerful necromancer, surrounded by creatures summoned by his enemies. I grabbed a stick lying on the ground, and wen to the lower level of dungeon.

      I opened the door, and faced a melon monster. A huge melon with razor-sharp teeth, walking on two frog-like legs. I bashed it with stick, until it collapsed into a few melon slices. I found another such creature, and killed it too. The stick broke when I dealt the last blow.

      The I felt strange. Everything was blurred. The necromancer teleported me to the exit of the dungeon. It was a gratitude for my help. I opened a hatch, and found myself in the basement of my home. I went to the kitchen, and met my siblings.

      The eldest sister when looking at the broken stick told me:

      - Hey! This was my stick before!

      - Yeah... it was.

      I went outside, and found a huge swing in the middle of my backyard. I used it for a while, and then entered my home.

      Suddenly I realised that it's a dream. I took another stick lying for some reason in my home, and went outside. I tried to point to the ground with it, and got teleported to place I pointed. I tried it a few more times, but it didn't worked. I felt that I slowly lose lucidity, and I thought to myself "This is my dream. I am lucid dreaming."

      It was enough to make the dream more stable. I tried to teleport with a stick again, but this haven't worked. I though again "This is my dream. This would work now." And repeated my last activity, to no avail.

      Then I recalled the basic task for this month. I looked at my neighbors house. I decided to go jogging. I ran for the street. I wasn't running with unbelievable speed, but I was running quite quickly. Surrounding area changed from countryside wih forests at summer, into autumn tones.

      Everything get blurred on the sides, only the area in front of me stayed sharp. I decied to turn left, and ran through and old village. I made a few turns around old buildings, and ran back. The road in front of me was empty. I saw my house in the distance. I ran much more quicker.
      When getting closer to the gate of my house, I lost lucidity and woke up.
    10. The Bird People, The Naive Boy, and the Dragon Curse

      by , 02-03-2015 at 11:37 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (The dream is a "Mix." I don't know where it started and where it ended.)

      I was in a forest-like area where there are people gathering. It turned out to be a gathering of humanoid birds. They look very human except that they have feathers and wings.

      I was watching a guy (who looks like Nara Shikamaru) and a short... bird-doll-like person hiding. Shikamaru had to hide under a.. horse? He put on a wing-like object behind him so he won't be seen. He blended nicely. The other person became a female humanoid bird. The (real) humanoid birds (or birdlike humans) were male.

      The (real) humanoid birds spread out in a circle and missed them, then they started moving counter-clockwise with their eyes closed. Shika and the other person thought it's safe to walk away now, but somehow, one of the bird-people bumped into the female bird-person. The male bird-person kissed her (eyes closed?). Female-bird person probably thought it was Shika and kissed back (eyes closed?) and then realized it wasn't. The resulting commotion brought the rest of the bird-people's attention and they opened their eyes.

      Somehow, the two were just knocked out and thrown somewhere. I watched them dumped near a broken bridge (or else the bridge is still being built). It was starting to rain, so the head of the bird-people left them some cover. The "female bird-person" is now the doll-like creature again. I guess it's an ability.

      It turned out that they were doing a mating ritual, where a group of bird-people (all male?) go out in a faraway area and form the circle we saw, moving slowly at first and then flying away in a bigger and bigger circle (eyes closed). I don't know when but when they finally open their eyes, the first person (other race?) they saw will be their mate. On the other hand, the two idiots were there for revenge against the race. In a battle where the bird-people were involved, one of the doll-person's friends was killed. I don't know how.

      Next thing I know I was watching them walk on the bridge. It was a bridge for a super highway. It looks unfinished rather than ruined. I think they're still just building it. They walked and jumped over gaps while talking about a naive boy who died. He's a friend of theirs. He died young. One of them said maybe it's for the better. With his naive mindset, he would have died anyway. The other one said he would have been there to protect him. I thought of a gift.

      I was under one of the super-highway bridges. There was water down there. I think I was on a motorboat, but I wasn't the one driving. I was just directing it somehow. I thought of making a game but that I don't have the system for it, especially if I want to make 3-D games. The surrounding area looked like some place in EDSA (the part between Guadalupe and Taft, at least), but instead of the EDSA Avenue, there were water everywhere. The buildings are still there though.

      I directed the boat to a huge gate that opened. I thought of confronting a dragon. I was then inside a "dungeon" or a dungeon-like area: small corridor, small entryways, like in the old first-person D&D computer games. Someone was with me. Gerard (from PKPH). He suddenly bumped into the entryway of the dragon's hoard and he's inside. He shot flames towards us. The "door" was wooden and so I said it wouldn't hold for long. I jumped back and towards the edge of the "balcony." I hung on there so I can avoid the explosion of the door and the flames. Below that, there's an old arena of sorts, like where gladiators fight. Gerard was still up there, thinking the door would hold. It didn't. When the door was about to blown to bits, he jumped down and landed on the arena floor. I climbed down instead. I couldn't yet jump from a higher place and land safely.

      The dragon flew down on us. It has a smaller body compared to its head. Its skin was dried-lava red. The body size was human like, the wings were wide, and the head probably the length of its body. It's "young." We disoriented it (I think) by moving around. Finally, I thought somehow that it has just... 20 HP? Other PKPH peeps were there. We ganged up on the dragon. We held onto its limbs and huge head. I bit down on its arm/leg. Finally, somebody used a sword to slit its throat, its blood splashing. I caught the splashing blood on my mouth. Nobody else wanted to. This was a human cursed to become a dragon, not a real dragon. Drinking its blood meant carrying his curse. It meant I was going to turn into a dragon. I was already starting to feel the flame inside me and the others pointed out that I might "explode" after seeing the inside of my mouth light up from the flame.

      There was a part in the dream where I was playing something like a tic-tac-toe or a board game, except it looked like a fractal-floor-board game. Players jumped from "boxes" drawn on the floor. There were enemies, goblin-like creatures. Water area.

      (photo of New Bay Bridge)



      - No, I wasn't lucid.
      - It's an afternoon. 3-6 p.m.
      - I went to sleep after drinking paracetamol coz I wasn't feeling well.
      - I thought of putting up an alarm but decided against it because it might distract me from remembering my dream.
      - Kinda sad that the next dragon I dreamed of was an enemy. At least this time I was going to become a dragon.

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    11. Better Off 12/15/14

      by , 12-19-2014 at 07:41 AM
      My subconscious rarely tells me happy love stories. It was interesting though, and there were also moments where we heard each others thoughts.

      My character was not defined, I wasn't precisely myself, but I wasn't a character from the show. My love interest was actor Matt Ryan wearing the guise of John Constantine from the TV series. He wore his trademark white button-up, loosened tie and black slacks. I feel like there was more before this point and I just don't remember. Anyway. Constantine is lying supine on a flat elevated surface, in a barren living room with one large window and dull beige carpet. There are two other people in the house, a man and a woman. We are holed up here while we wait for some threat to descend, they hate John and me by association. The man comes into the room and hovers over John who is clearly unconscious.
      At first he only mutters insults under his breath but soon this abuse escalates to pinches and prods. I rush to his aid, yelling at the man to stop, hastily dropping to my knees beside Constantine's head as he stirs restlessly. He raises his head and shoulders wrongly convincing me that he's conscious. I cradle his head to my folded knees with one hand and grab the man's wrist with the other to stop him, but he proves too strong and wrests himself from my grip. He lands several blows to John's rib cage, growling at him.
      John's eyes snap open, fogged with confusion and enraged by the intrusion. In a moment of fast building tension, the man's aggression begins to peak, incensed by Constantine's own irritation. I know that if he lashes out he'll just regret it. I try turning his attention to me by speaking his name. He doesn't notice and just smacks weakly at his assailant telling him to bugger off. Jesus, he has the accent and everything. It's confusing, John recoils under a rain of shallow strikes, but once John is lucid, it's his acidic remarks that turn the man on his heels.
      "Hey, I'm sorry okay?" The apology turns his focus to me. "I tried to stop him, but he was too strong." I need him to know I wasn't just standing by while someone hurt him. My hair falls in a dark curtain past my shoulder as I lean over him, my palm to his cheek, fingers along his jaw. His expression is unusually...soft, unguarded, like he's not sure he's awake. It startles me because I'm not used to seeing him without his sardonic armor. I realize he has said something to me and I was too busy staring at him to hear it. "What?"
      Why are you looking at me like that? he thinks, saying "Is everything alright?"
      I notice also that one of his eyes is half green and half brown, split vertically. It's extraordinary. "Yes." I say, thinking I've never noticed your eye before...I brush my thumb across his cheekbone, he closes his eyes all the tension easing from his face. I know he would like me to believe that this attraction is one sided so I withdraw my hand and eventually he sits up and I leave him.

      The second part has a little WoW mixed in. There's a complex building, a dark warren of rooms and narrow halls. A young woman in our group was turned by a supposed ally and brought here by a cultist, to cast a spell that would serve the Rising Darkness. I slip into the hallway from the courtyard. The door at the other end stands open and I see one black-robed cultist raising her arms and chanting. In the first room to my left is an Ogre boss that I know I'll have to kill before going into the final room. I turn to fight. It shakes its weapon overhead, enraged at the sight of me. I seriously miscalculated, it wasn't alone and I died horribly, so I had to run back to my corpse like in the game. By the time I returned it was all over.
      The house suddenly feels busy, Constantine comes into the Ogre room through a broken window, followed by Chaz and several others. The daylight shines white behind him, outlining his frame in a glowing aura. His face is what strikes me though, his features are grimly worried and exhausted, with a thin sheen of sweat. His dark eyes glitter in the half light, and I hear his thought clearly. You're better off without me, love.
      But I'm not. I think.
      This has never happened to me before, it is not a sensation I'm familiar with even when awake so this was also particularly striking. An ache settled into my chest and arms with the absence of him. Never have I been so consumed with the need to embrace a person and I couldn't decide what was worse: the haunted way he was looking at me, or the negative space between us.
      I close the span between us and and whisper a word past the sudden knot in my throat, unable to articulate my feelings. It was unthinkable to leave him standing there alone, to leave this aching unattended. When did this longing become such a deep, unspoken part of our interactions? When did it become this?
      I knew then that he would have left without telling me and had instead came here to my rescue. I had, after all, charged off on my own. Our arms went fluidly around each other, two halves suddenly made whole. The malaise vanished. I could feel where his wrists crossed between my shoulder blades, unyielding as stone, he was solid. Real. I was short, like my waking self, so the top of my head only reached his shoulder. His shirt felt coarse against my cheek and ear where they pressed hard against his chest, I could feel the fine tremor that shook throughout his entirety. Because this hurt too, in a different way. I feel one of his hands move up and the pull of my hair on my scalp as his hand clenched into a fist in it before settling on the back of my neck. No, I wasn't better off at all.

      There's a lapse and I'm most definitely myself, in my kitchen, talking to my dad on the phone. This was a couple days after my first student showcase where I've been learning guitar, and I didn't invite my dad because he can be overly critical. He has heard about the showcase and called to ask why he didn't know about it until after. He has somehow seen a recording of it and starts in on my performance. I get really angry and start yelling at him, saying "THIS IS WHY YOU WEREN'T INVITED." I drop the phone, and people in the other room can hear my argument. Constantine thinks I've hung up and mentions loudly to someone nearby that he can't believe someone would treat their daughter this way and calls my dad an asshole. Because I'm actually still on the phone, I start talking loudly hoping my dad didn't hear any of that....and then I woke up.

      Apparently I like anti-heroes. *eye-roll*

      Post-edit 12/22/2014: Okay, so on the 12th I watched the most recent episode of Constantine. I borrowed a few elements, but I hadn't watched it closely because I was getting ready for work and I only just now really sat down to watch it.
      Spoiler for Vague Constantine Spoilers (Because I'm too lazy to go into exact detail):

      Certain lyrics from The Honey Trees songs, Golden Crown and Siren.

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    12. 7/29/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 03:42 AM
      I was with a group waiting at a bus stop after a movie or something. I was waiting while playing a game that had me going through a dungeon. Megan called me saying she was scared and needed help because some guy was calling her and masking his voice. I acted like I didn't care but I did and I thought of ways to help her. I didn't have my car so I couldn't go to her.
    13. 7/5/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 11:04 PM
      I was playing a little game trying to escape from a dungeon. The dungeon was falling apart and I had to hurry. Once I made it out, I found a boat that could get upgraded so I would buy cargo space and a few turrets. I drove around with it and was looking for battles. There was a girl who liked me but I was neutral with her or something. We watched the news about a guy who did a mass shooting and the media twisted the story to make it anti-Obama and that it was his fault. Even though I don't like Obama, I still got mad and said "It's stupid that they're blaming him." The girl said that her horoscope told her something about me being a cop.
    14. Level Up (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-22-2014 at 07:57 AM
      I was walking around with one of my friends (who we'll call Elise) around my first primary school + some random school. Then out of nowhere came a bunch of twelve/thriteen year olds and they were talking about a new trend, similar to YOLO but it was #Disconnect. No idea what that was about. Elise soon left my side because she was arguing with two guys about something Marvel related.

      I then came across this dark dungeon and I soon discovered it was some sort of game arena. You had to go through the underground cavern, fight something and then you would level up. In one of the games I did I became a small dragon (I keep doing my LD goals in non LDs, what's up with that?) and had to fight another small dragon. The only thing that bothered me about this was that we were moving EXTREMELY slow as if we were in slow motion the entire time. I somehow managed to break through that and defeat the opposing dragon.

      Later I was being bothered by some guy from my school who annoys me a lot, he kept trying to hit on me and grab my hand (in the dream), so I turned around and kicked him in the balls. That didn't send him the message, so I got inside some house and then it went into a Sim game edit mode and I built a wall around my house, plus two staircases, one led to the 'level up' game and the other lead to the ground thousands of ft below.

      After that I was in my school, except it was a lot bigger and I went to have a shower. Then someone from outside the shower demanded that we had to get out of there ASAP. I peeked through the door and I saw someone taking my towel and clothes. I didn't want to walk out naked, so I asked if someone could get me a towel. I soon got one, but I had to step out naked to get it. I then had to walk around in a towel and underwear. I got downstairs in this building and saw a girl from my school with my clothes and towel. She gave me my clothes, but I only had a shirt, so I hid behind a table stacked with clothes, put the shirt on, removed my underwear and put on pants (totally logical, well done me).

      Somewhere in the dream I went to do a RC (not because I questioned my dream state, just out of habit) but I woke up just before I did and my arm was moving to do it in real life so I ended up doing the RC whilst awake .
    15. The dungeon barber

      by , 05-12-2014 at 10:55 AM
      So last night was yet another unsuccessful lucid dream. I can't really recall much of it but what I can remember is worth the write. So I was in this castle. And there was dungeons all over the place and people that I knew.. (not in real life). Anyways I was taken to a dungeon and once the door flung open I saw a barber standing next to a chair, that had been fashioned pike a torture device. Gasping, I tried to escape but my attempts were pitiful as I was unable to run, as if my legs were buried in quick sand. They strapped me in the chair, and before I knew it I was getting my hair cut. That's all it was. Not some scheme to get me to talk or to torture me in some way. It was just a regular barber with scissors and a shaving machine. The doors bolted closed, and I recall hearing a voice saying, "Untill that hair is cut, he can not leave.". Exiting right.... No..
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