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    1. Dream Journal Entry #5: Break-dancing Audition and the Antidote to Devil's Breath!

      by , 06-05-2018 at 03:06 PM
      Dream: I was in a gym, rolling (a term equivalent to sparring in BJJ) with some unknown person. I had earphones in and was listening to a song by Flatbush Zombies*. The instructor came over to me, as I was in side mount, placed his hand on my back and signaled for the rolling session to be over. He lined the rest of those in the gym in a line with me and called out the names of those who would move onto compete in a break-dancing competition. Me and some other unknown people were chosen. I seemed very excited to be chosen. I told the instructor it was because I was listening to FZ* that I was able to perform. [My memory of the events that follow are vague...]

      My parents are driving me out of the city of Toronto, surrounded by a few high rises, leading onto an overpass. I mention that this was not the way to the hotel where the audition would take place. My parents turn around and we head to the hotel [Vague...]

      I'm walking through a thin hallway with the instructor who I assume is leading me to the competition. We end up in a room outside where my friend 'BB' blows dust in my face several times, each time I grow irritated. I continue to follow the instructor who leads me to his black van. He slides the side door open which reveals two large tubs full of compacted keef and one seat which the instructor is sitting on, gesturing for me to come in.

      Side notes:
      I attempted a MILD, but I don't think I performed it correctly.

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 1
      Form = 4
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/5 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!

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    2. Confusion in the Candy Factory

      by , 04-11-2016 at 10:11 AM
      Morning of April 11, 2016. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,011-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My dream is a science-fiction scenario, but it seems as if I am in a movie. It may be taking place in the present but with fictitious technology. I am with an unfamiliar girl and an unknown man. There is a teleportation system. The girl has a black spider pillow (about the size of a couch cushion) that looks somewhat cartoon-like. There is a teleportation mishap.

      I am lying on the ground in the woods with the two others. The girl is sleeping to my right. Most of the legs had come off (or had been cut off by the teleportation malfunction) of the spider pillow (a play on my dream self not having real legs). It briefly squeaks as if it is alive or is a robotic pet, but this idea fades, and it is only a pillow.

      Instinctual awareness of being asleep (the pillow, sleeping in my dream, and quantum Zsuzsanna sleeping near me) does not trigger conscious recognition I am dreaming. (My waking-life identity is absent.) I wonder what is going on. (As a spider visually represents the human hand, this is a possible play on having my hand on or under the pillow while sleeping.)

      Another teleportation malfunction occurs. It seems to be part of a spying technology but goes awry. We end up in a candy and confectionery manufacturing building in New Jersey.

      We wander around while the girl seems to have breathing issues. An older woman who behaves like a housekeeper on an old American sitcom gives her something that I first thought might be candy but is medicine. It takes place in a big room where numerous long wooden tables are in an equidistant arrangement.

      My attention wanders to where I try to find something in a big telephone book (seeking communication while in the dream state). I search through the yellow pages, but I am uncertain if this is what I should be doing. Soon, I seem to find what I had intended to see more of - movie listings. The print on the small movie posters is so little as to be unreadable. The features are on two panels shrunk down and rotated to be displayed lengthways. It seems to be because movie posters and theater scheduling information is not as important as residential and business listings.

      I mentally magnify the page to read some of it, but soon realize I am doing it without a magnifying glass. As an illogical consequence, my sight returns to normal, and I cannot read the tiny print. I realize I need to find a magnifying glass, but I do not see one.

      I am in the Loomis Street house living room, but I still see it as the candy factory. Long chunks of dust hang from various areas of the ceiling and walls. It seems no one does any cleaning. I consider I should vacuum the rooms even though I am not an employee. On another level, it seems natural that more and more dust should accumulate.

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    3. Commanding Wind and Dust

      by , 07-11-2015 at 05:57 AM
      Morning of July 11, 2015. Saturday.

      It seems that my family and I are at an unfamiliar and unknown campground (and no name is perceived that I remember). Over time, some sort of unusual phrase seems to dominate the back of my mind in this possibly fictional location. It is something like “dust comes from the dirt weasel” or something similar. It does not seem to relate to an actual weasel or any other animal. At one level, it may relate to the link between “dust devil” and “Tasmanian devil” (cartoon version when relevant to spinning and creating a miniature tornado) and my association with my childhood “Wild Weasel” dream.

      Mostly, there are two males that seem imposing. I am not certain of their intent. I somehow control movements of wind and dust (at some points, as an actual dust devil) to keep them back. One man seems particularly intent on possibly getting to us, and his motives are likely destructive or at least problematic, but I manage to hold and control whatever forces (which control the wind and air-blown “streams” of dust) are pushing him back. He never gets past this implied barrier, though the forces vary from strong to very strong to light enough so that he is able to move one step forward (though always moves back a step). Wind and dust both usually relate to the passage of time.
    4. Rundown houses, and a call I may never get 2-26-15

      by , 02-26-2015 at 09:32 PM
      I was in a broken down old house that was set on some support beams above water and mud. Maybe a river bank. I remember that my ex had called me. Specifically, he called me to apologize and he wanted me back. I remember wondering out of the door, over a wooden plank on to an open platform, I could see that I was very high, the sky was cloudy, like it was going to start raining. I jumped to another house straight across from the platform and it looked a lot like the other house only it was way more run down. The floor was weak and every time I took a step it creaked and bowed beneath my weight. I was still on the phone with my ex and I eventually stepped on a weak spot and fell through the floor. I remember a dusty Tv on a dusty dresser in the room where I fell. When I fell I landed in the mud, about chest deep, and not long after that, the dresser and tv fell but barley missed me. I must've went into a deeper sleep, because I can't remember much else.

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    5. (August 10, 2014) Abandoned building of fear

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      I fell back asleep after remembering these dreams so bear with me

      my rating 4/5

      +First dream is on a foggy day, i am driving in my truck to a camping location. i have friends and family following behind me in another vehicle. we drive through a strange trail of twists, turns and bridges. we see other people camping as we drive by. the grass has some gravel in the tire marks of old tracks so we know where to go. otherwise it is not maintained, the grass is tall. we come over to a bridge, very narrow but the vehicles drop down a few inches once off it because the bridge drops abruptly. we drive off to the campsite. I dont remember much about the actual site itself, i remember walking around observing the landscape. eventually we decide to drive back, and we get as far as the bridge but the vehicles cant drive back over it because of the drop off,so i get out and decide to cross the little water way under the bridge. it is very short but i find out it gets super deep. its also cloudy water. i am handed a heavy pack and it almost sinks to the bottom so i grab it and get out and search for a new way over.

      +This dream was kind of creepy. I was with someone, in an old abandoned house in a old style town, like almost colonial times. the house was barren of almost everything, at least in the main areas like the foyer and the hallways, was just dirt and dust everywhere as if wind had blown it around over things. we had to leave because we were going to be found so we went back into this dark room full of candles, a few tables, and a skull, and had to blow out all the candles, making the room pitch black. while i was leaving i walked by a pool of water that must have been from leaking roof or pipes, it was in a little pocket in the dirt. a man and two woman appeared and started talking to me,i walked over till my feet were ankle deep in the water, the man and one of the woman disappeared, and the third woman tried pulling me under water but i broke free from her grip and got out of there. i was then out at some old place that looked like my grandfather's liquor store with a friend. it was the dark of night and the only light was out front. we walked out back where there was a crowd of pale creepy looking people staring at me. i stopped for a moment and i think my friend left. one guy with a shaven head and a jailbird outfit came over and started to attack me, saying something about leaving the house. i had no choice but to fight back. i pulled out my smith and wesson swat folding knife and retaliated. he said "nice try but i can just close this" not knowing the lock was engaged holding it open and i cut his hand, the then tried something that was very painful, like wow couldn't believe how real that felt for a dream, and my stomach hurt like crazy but i told my self keep calm, the military wont need someone who will break under pressure, and i used the knife, (leaving out details here), and killed him. another person tried attacking me but i just threw him far. then the dream ended.

      +I got back up and fell back asleep and had another dream. first, i was in an old house know i have been in before. and was trying to explore all its room but i was limited trying to keep my younger brothers away from going so they wouldn't be lost or hurt. so i never got to the room i wanted to. i saw part of it and knew ive seen it before, and don't know why i did not become aware of it. i eventually ended up at a colorful museum and play place type thing where i climbed colorful stairwells into other rooms where i found a box, but i had to climb up ropes to get it, which i did. the feeling of climbing the rope felt pretty real. i eventually got the box but never looked inside.

      i have seen this type of building before many time in dreams, the one directly above. or at least, the color scheme is put on a lot of buildings. i also saw an old house i have not seen in a long time in my dreams. both are not real places but memories of places i created in dreams.
    6. Nov 22, 2012 - High School Name Test

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      4:00 pm:

      I was in a van. I think it's the same location I go to when I'm in Cebu, in Mactan. A couple went down. One has marijuana. The driver and a passenger wanted it as well. It seems I was a dealer of sorts. I told them I can't give them those, somebody already bought them, or something.

      I experience something like SP in a dream. I can't see but I 'know' I am in a school of sorts. I was finally able to move around. There's J.C., high school classmate, talking about something. He asked about the name of our high school Filipino teacher. Or the fourth year janitor name. I was unsure, but I gave him the first year Filipino teacher's name, but he already said it was wrong because he was asking for the janitor's name.

      I was traveling. Not sure if it was with a companion. I was walking in a dusty road. Need to hide. I was on a skateboard and using an umbrella to push/pull me through. I was in the bus station. 3 days and I have to leave.
    7. The dusty room

      by , 08-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      I was in a grassy meadow about 30 by 50 meters, surrounded by a low cobblestone wall. Beyond the north wall was a road and then terraced houses. beyond the other walls were trees. I was there with a few girls, and my dad had supposedly dropped us off there. Before he left, he told us that ghosts lived in the meadow. We made our way to a small corrugated shed, and went inside to sleep for the night as it was rapidly becoming dark. The three girls were talking to each other about the ghosts, reassuring each other that there were none. I said goodnight to them, and headed off to my own shed. I climbed in and shut the door. Inside the walls were oak panelling. A small bed was in the room too, into which I climbed and fell asleep.

      I was now viewing a different place and couldn't feel my body. The room was startlingly vivid, particularly for a non lucid dream. It appeared to be an old Victorian manor, with dark wooden floors and various antique furniture. Everything was covered in a thin film of dust. The room was dimly illuminated despite the window being closed by a thick curtain. I then floated out into a hallway, where a woman resembling queen Victoria ran in a huge dress shouting "Begone foul spirits". As I watched, the spirits in question chased her and knocked her down. They didn't seem to be malicious, appearing as ghosts from luigi's mansion.

      I then woke up.
    8. The Dusty Town

      by , 04-17-2012 at 06:33 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I was with my friend, Aaron, and some other kid who I didn't know. We were at an odd warehouse, in the middle of a dusty, old looking town. Aaron said he had to go, and drove away in his car. I waved goodbye, and started to take a walk.
      Soon after, I ran into none other than Aaron himself. I wondered, I thought he was leaving...?
      "Hey, follow me," he said. Okay...? I followed him, curious as to what he'd want to show me.
      We ended up in another large warehouse, and this one had a large, rusty looking car in it. The car had a dusty, flame decal painted on the sides. Aaron said, "Behold!" and waved to the car. It was pretty cool looking.
      BUT THEN. For whatever reason, these small, strange, white crabs started crawling from the roof and down to us. They were snapping their pincers at us as a threat. Aaron grabbed a pipe and started hitting them.

      And then I woke up. Dun dun dunnn. That dream was really odd. I liked the environment of it though. It was like an abandoned city, all dusty and rusty. Gave off a cool feel. anyways.
      This dream was actually a lot longer than this, but I forgot a lot of it after waking. Oh well.
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    9. July 18, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 02:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Dust Magnet:
      My computer screen had a lot of dust build up. I wondered why that was the case and started scratching them off one by one and there was a ton to scratch off.

      Random Kids:
      I was in some neighbourhood with my family(mom and brother). We just stepped out of the car when two kids approached us. It seems that my mom knew them and they greeted us with "Salam" then some random stuff I can't remember. I was feeling totally confused and was about to talk, paused and then said "I'm totally lost, do I know you?"

      Thoughts: Nice to have recalled two dreams even though they were pretty small. Recall occurred during the day though. I might be able to recall better now as I am making progress in my meditation. Hoping for a lucid i the next couple of days

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    10. The Rose in the Prism

      by , 02-06-1972 at 08:06 AM
      Morning of February 6, 1972. Sunday.

      This was one of my more vivid and seemingly meaningful dreams of this time period. It had a profound long-lasting mood and added color and introspection to several days that followed. It seemed to have a very distinct feel to it, somewhat like “Picture It, Strangely” (September 26, 1969). As with that dream I tried to make a more coherent story after the original documentation, but of course, due to the surreal nature of dreams, “proper” stories are highly unlikely unless much content is removed, which kind of defeats the purpose of dream study in the first place. In the way that a dream uses composites, unusual or unlikely associations, time shifts, illogical or impossible events, linear stories are not typically feasible.

      I am in my fifth grade class on seemingly the last day of school. It also seems to be the morning of a weekend. Danny H is standing in front of the class and is given a special award. It is a fully transparent vertically rectangular prism, somewhat like a small column; a crystal with a red rose inside. However, this award seems to be some sort of “put-down” or sarcastic act of some sort (or perhaps a gag gift related to his feminine nature) rather than a sincere gift or award to him (and I perceive that a couple of our classmates are even snickering, including John C). For some reason, I mostly seem to be standing to Danny’s left (facing south and viewing the rest of the class) though my classmates do not really acknowledge me. The enclosed rose seems perfect and “frozen in time”. It is vaguely somewhat like the concept of an insect in amber, I think.

      Danny H, though, seems very cheerful and appreciative and says “Thank you”. A short time later, he says “it’s dusty” and blows on it a bit.

      Suddenly, a great wind filled with dust overcomes the class. All of a sudden everyone is much older. Everyone has aged to such an extreme, it seems like they are close to death. They suddenly all appear to be seated at a large rectangular wooden table in a business office (though bilocated in the fifth grade class via one viewpoint) and it seems to be the distant future and everyone is sort of gray all over and covered with dust (in a somewhat unrealistic way, as if they had not moved for fifty years though while still remaining alive). Oddly, I seem to be “swept” from the scene, remaining my own age, but still viewing everything. I am aware that Susan C had been working in real estate much of her life (which turned out to be precognitive).

      It should be known that wind almost always represents the passage of time in my dreams, often in a precognitive sense. The rest of it likely represents my somewhat disconcerting transition to middle school.

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