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    1. Bad Schema

      by , 08-11-2016 at 09:32 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      For those new to lucid dreaming, I don't wan't you to read this entry and think that WILD is hard or that it is difficult to stabilize dreams. It will only poison your mind with bad expectations. WILDs are normally much more vivid than most lucids, actually.

      I again took 8mg of galantamine, 600mg of alpha gpc with one scrambled egg. I did SSILD after half an hour and then started WILD.

      08:30 AM
      Bad Schema (SSILD WILD)

      I start to have imagery of the game dwarf fortress. It must have a really good graphics pack because it looks almost intelligible! It is adventure mode and I am in a dungeon with two companions. There is an enemy coming at me and it is actually multiple tiles across! I am sitting at my computer in my room and can feel the chair now. What version of dwarf fortress is this? I look and see it is part of the masterwork mod. For some reason I hear my sisters voice coming from my roommates bed. I wonder if the dream is stable enough for me to do anything and try and look over. I have a weird sensation and everything beyond my desk is very blurry. I look back now and the main monitor is off now. The second monitor has the dreamviews irc. I try to turn on the main monitor with the button but it does nothing. I type "Hi, This is a dream." into the chat and notice that everyone's names are abbreviated. Mine is MM. Other people reply but I don't really read what they say. I will the main monitor on with my mind and navigate back to dwarf fortress. I load the vanilla version because that is what I prefer. I play around with it for a bit but wonder if I can get on with the dream now and try to summon a stability potion with my left hand. I don't feel the potion though. In fact, I can't feel anything with my left hand. I try and stand up but my right eye flutters open for a split second and I see the wall by my bed.

      I am laying in bed. This was probably a false awakening but I wasn't sure and could hear my roommate walking around and don't wan't to disturb him. Actually, I could hear a ton of voices talking with him. He left to go somewhere this morning. Is this him and his friends stopping in to get something for their trip? No, this has to be hypnogogia. I can even feel their footsteps vibrate my bed. After a few minutes I hear the door open, close and there are no more voices.

      A new dream starts to form. I am at work with a coworker. I am going through the motions of work even though I am not actively controlling my body yet. It isn't terribly vivid but I hang on and I'm patient. I do a nose plug RC and it works but the dream isn't getting more vivid. I try and summon a stability potion and it doesn't work. I see a blurry green bottle on a table and think it may be the potion so I pick it up and drink it. It tastes a bit weird but it's not so bad.
      In retrospect, I was drinking window cleaner without realizing it. Bleeeeegh. I walk outside expecting things to get more vivid but things still don't seem right. I have tunnel vision and feel really weird. I waddle around and realize I am at the school I went to as a kid. I walk onto the playground and while I don't feel vivid I might as well get on with it. This is probably just bad schema making me unstable and I should be fine if I engage with the dream. I stick both my hands back and imagine FireFlyMan and DreamCafe11 both grabbing hold. I loose my balance a bit and my face feels really swollen. Nothing happens. I try again and again just loose my balance. I start to wake up and try to DEILD but it seems to be taking a long time. Maybe this is an FA! I do a noes plug RC and nope, I'm awake.

      I went ahead and wrote this down so I would at least get points for a WILD and tried again.

      10:30 AM
      Muh-Nems (Semi Lucid)

      I go to the store so I can buy a comfortable chair to take a nap in in the hopes of getting a WILD. I am semi lucid but clearly not all there. I look at the price and even though the lawn chair is on sale I don't think it is worth the money. I go outside the store and fly to my car and go home.

      I am with my girlfriend and we have some guests over. We have some snacks and I am eating M&Ms and find one that is extra large and oval shaped. I try and read what it says but it is smudged so I eat it and find another oval one. "#Special 1/1000 M&M" It says. My girlfriend says that who ever finds the 1/1000 M&M's has to pay for all of the drinks. I eat all of them without saying because they are more chocolaty than the other M&M's!

      Even though this didn't go so great I am making progress with WILD. I tried specifically to wait for the dream to actually form before moving but I still should have been more choosy on what dream I actually let form. If I didn't engage I could have waited for a vivid dream or false awakening and started my lucid from there. That is what I will try next time.

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    2. The world ends

      by , 11-22-2015 at 11:33 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Late autumn. It was cold, rainy night. I was going out of my house with my two friends. We were going to friends house. On the way we were talking. One of my friends said that the world is going to end soon, just when new release of Dwarf Fortress would see the day. He said that there would be something wrong in the code, that would trigger death machine.

      Suddenly I found myself on a desert town. There were like two houses, salloon and a graveyard. I immediately went inside salloon, where a strange old man hired me. He said that I should check the situation in the local graveyard, as three of his last messangers disappeared there. Without hesitation I went there. There were only ten to twelve graves and a chapel.

      I saw that there were three bodies on the ground. I couldn't remember what happened after the last time I met my friends, so I didn't know what killed them. Suddenly I heard moans and screams. Zombies were coming out of graves. There were also huge hordes of them on the horizon.

      I quickly ran into the salloon, and saw that the old man hidden behind some kind of a barrier. He said "They're coming... Let's rock!" Then he started to play a heavy metal song. I hidden behind a counter, the building shaked, the barrier broke and he made an earthquake. He disappeared, and everything stopped. The zombies were still coming however, so I went to the place he was standing in.

      There was a huge hole in the floor, that led into some kind of caverns. I decided to jump down there, and landed safely. I turned around and saw that there were many angel-like figures. All of them looked the same - they were wearing steel armors, red cloaks and red checked trousers. They were floating in the air, only one of them was sitting on a huge rock. He said with a calm voice "Do you liked that? I was writing it for 30 years, and it's the best song I made in my one hundred years long carrier!" Then they have just disappeared, and there was just darkness. The world have ended.
    3. Living Dead Girl and the Snowy River

      by , 09-17-2014 at 04:35 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am playing Dwarf Fortress, and mix with the game a little as I micro-manage the Dwarves to build an epic tower defense style entrance to their underground Fortress. It should be impenetrable! But I have to meet my friend A for coffee before I go to work.

      I drive to the coffee shop on the North end of town in a white pickup truck, keenly aware that I don't have much time before I have to go to work, in the opposite part of town. I don't see her as I arrive, so I park in one of the open spaces and get out. There are little Dwarves around me, and a large wooden post next to the truck. I tie the truck to it with a rope as the Dwarves climb over the rope, the post, and the truck. Seems normal. Then the truck next to mind pulls away, and gets stuck on something, pivots substantially, and puts a big dent in the side of my truck.

      Ignoring the dent, I still don't see any sign of my friend, so I go into the coffee shop. Immediately, some people ask me to participate in a study. I recognize most of them from when I was involved in the same study earlier. I was an auditor, checking in on their work, and never found out exactly what it was they were doing. Out of curiosity, I agree to participate. I thought I saw needle marks on some of the other participants, even though no needles were involved, so it seems like they have something to hide.

      Assuring me that they just need to do a couple blood tests, a strong guy literally picks me up off the ground by my left arm and carries me down the hall. I would've walked, so I let him carry me. Then I suspect that perhaps the reason for this treatment is because what they are going to do to me should make me want to run away. I struggle to break free, but he is ridiculously strong. All my struggling has puffed out my arm veins. He stabs a big needle into my main bicep vein, and quickly draws blood out of me. I conclude that this all was just a very efficient method to get blood samples, and I relax.

      I overhear a few scientists talking about one girl who they gave an injection to earlier. She has turned into some sort of monster, and is very dangerous. They have her barricaded in one of the lower levels of this building, about two floors below us. They then tell me that as part of this study, I must feed her, and they hand me a brown tray with a few unappealing plates of food on it. Apparently, she has killed all the guards, and everyone else who has gone near her. Great...

      Making my way down to her floor, through some sturdy doors, and down some big stairways, I see her at the end of an abandoned hallway. Several open rooms are on either side of the hall, with no one in them. Some doors open, some closed. Blood, debris, and trash is strewn all over the floor and walls. It looks like a massacre. ...Quietly, I walk up to her from behind as she is hunched over a dead guy wearing a white lab coat. It looks like she's eating his flesh. I poke her gently in the back with the food tray to get her attention. With twitchy reflexes, she turns to face me abruptly, her cheeks and mouth covered in blood and weird black slime. Letting out a low growl, she begins to turn her body to face me as well as if she's getting ready to pounce like a cat. Basically, she's one of those scary fast zombies now...

      Dropping the tray at her feet, I turn and run as hard as I can down the hall back the way I came. I hear her approach, but don't dare look back as even the slightest hesitation might be the edge she needs to catch me. I dart to my right into an open room, and close the door, locking it faster than I thought possible. A sturdy wooden door, with a very narrow window, I feel safe now.

      Smashing the door right through the frame, she jumps into the room after me. I back away, and jump over a bed, putting it between her and I. She slowly walks up toward me, and climbs onto the bed. Laying down on her side facing me, she begins to speak normally. She tells me of how she no longer needs to have sex to reproduce. Having been discouraged by many males' eagerness to have sex, and concerned about that, she gave it up in favor of killing people to reproduce instead. Somehow it works for her. Almost on queue, I jizz in my pants. Yes, just like that SNL skit... "Well, now I especially am in the position to get killed by her!" I think, as I try to stay on my feet.

      I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her, and am teleported to a river in the middle of the night. I am positioned precariously on a steep snow bank, that is rapidly being dissolved into this raging river. I try to climb out, but the snow is too wet and slides down the bank, nearly taking me into the river with it. It all turns to slush around me.

      With a few steps, I leap across the 10 ft river, onto the opposite snow bank that looks like its in better shape, and try to climb out of that side. The top of this one is crusty snow, and large chunks of it break off, falling over my head as I try not to fall with them into the frigid rapids right behind me. However, I have no other choice but to try, so I make another leap for the edge, only to have it break away, sending me falling backwards into the river.

      Now looking down on the river from up in the sky, I see that I have died, and my body is being carried by the currents downstream. I watch as it floats along. Then it is carried to a Dwarven Fortress that is harnessing the water for some sort of industry. They fish my body out of the water and pass it to the medics to see if they can revive me. I watch as they try, and then conclude that I have died.

      I re-materialize in front of the coffee shop again, having just parked the truck. This time there is a parrot on the post that I have tied the truck to. The parrot criticizes me on many levels. The parrot seems to have been emboldened by being let out of its cage. I let it criticize me, not really caring, because soon I must deal with the demon girl. I warn the parrot of this girl, and how the parrot himself should be careful - as she is very quick. I perceive images in my mind of the girl transforming into her demon form after being a cat, then a demon cat, in various stages of development.

      I realize that time is not linear as we normally perceive it, and get in the truck to drive to work.
    4. 27th July 2013 Dwarf Fortess mod install, Some story and Video of some game

      by , 07-27-2013 at 01:34 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was talking to someone about napping times and then was installing some mod for Dwarf Fortress that was called 'Dragon Expansion', which somehow also added tons of stuff to the browser like scripts that automatically added some dragon pics to the signature or something. I got curious and started checking installation code, which had different parts for different windows'es, for win8 in code it added something to start menu as well, according to code.
      Then later i was on the bed, eating some meat, and soon everything stopped somehow, then i
      woke up.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in my room and there was a sconce on the wall and i grabbed it and was ready to throw it somewhere but woke up.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I had some list of anime to watch, stories to read and some games and there was some story that was made in RPG maker about farmer who fell in love with some girl, who was a ghost, and due to that she somehow became an actual girl.

      Dream 4:

      I was watching Yogscast playing some weird game, it was third person game about some explorer who was exploring some arabic-style place. Then there was some tomb/ruins place that had pyramid-like elevation inside where they had to fight boss using some kind of solar sniper rifle that apparently added 99 HP to wielder. The boss was using attacks that created shockwaves that knocked players back, then it went into second phase of the fight where it was sending homing grid of nine transparent eyes that were shooting some projectiles, the only way to destroy them was to shoot middle eye at the right moment, and boss was sending them quite quickly.