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    1. The creepy monster sang me a song! And then killed me.

      by , 05-24-2019 at 01:45 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Two nights ago, I had a dream about a creepy monster. It started out as an orange snake, female. Then it turned into an evil monster. Apparently, it was called a "ground Shrek", and despite the reference to a kid's movie, it was actually quite terrifying.

      It had glowing yellow eyes, and a mouth that was filled with sand. It sang a song as it began eating/killing everyone, and it went like this:

      "...And we shall be appointed view
      Of earth's eternal sleep."

      There were a few lines before it but I couldn't make them out. It kept singing this creepy ditty over and over again as it killed people, and its voice was now deep, masculine, and hollow. The song had a tune similar to a church hymn that I know, "Go Forth With Faith", which for some reason makes it even creepier.

      It raced towards me, and I couldn't get away in time. The last thing I heard inside of its mouth was this song, and I fell into the sand that fell even further into a black void. At that moment, I believed that I was facing death, and I would finally see what the afterlife was like, if it existed. Then I woke up. Terrifying, but cool.
    2. Hungry Kitty

      by , 08-14-2011 at 03:39 AM
      Teens twice my size are chasing my friend and I. I get the feeling that if they catch me I might not live. Without them seeing, I jump into a grassy slope next to the pavement and lay flat. [In real life my house is only next door to that, I dont think it was safe for me to go there in my dream though.] My friend keeps running around the corner where presumably she finds safety in her house. [ which is technically my other friends house in real life]
      The mother of a boy in my class unknowingly sat on top of me to eat her picnik. Bones crunch. My kitten comes up to me and licks my hand. I fall asleep. When I awake I have no body and am merely a presence looking down on the scene. The boys mother is standing with her sandwich looking dazed. Where I once lay was on only several bones and a boot. I am pretty fucking pissed. How did that woman not notice me being eaten in my sleep by a kitten?! People begin to gather. My friend is there unharmed and possible the teen boys as well. My dead presence slowly fades.
      Tags: death, eaten, kitten