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    1. Jumping through hoops

      by , 10-10-2016 at 01:00 PM
      D1 - I was at my parents house, everything was really white (as usual in my dreams). I threw some rubbish out of the window and was spyed by a neighbour so I scooted out of there. Apparently I was running late for work (a lot) and ran down the road to the only bus stop in thre little village.
      Got to work late wearing black jeans and there was some kind of function going on (reminded me of old work place). I then am climbing across a semi circular structure made of giant metal hoops, it is not easy at all but the other employees are trying to use the stairs? as well a man and a woman in evening dress. The man is particularly annoying, criticising my method of climbing. I am practically falling off by this point.

      D2 - The are two kinds of bees, blue and green. Although they look fairly alien, nothing like bees at all.
      The blue ones make a clicking noise and clip together?
      Next Billy is trying to carry a load of gold and bees? precariously on the top of a car that is being driven slowly around a sloping road. He is on top. Somebody tries to stop us and I get fed up and cut his head off with some kind of wire. We then have to run for it. We are in a posh edwardian building wearing black tailored tailcoats. We have metal trays to protect against the impending barrage of bullets heading our way. One of us has green on and one blue.

      The blue and green seemed to represent the two people I contacted, yesterday or two possible routes for me to take in life.
      Blue for the blues, green for go I guess.

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