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    1. 3/18/18 (L) DILD | 100 Years Prior, Skyscrapers, Coastal Flooding

      by , 03-18-2018 at 09:59 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was at the location of my old house about 100 years prior. Multiple houses were missing, and some streets were only driveways. A thunderstorm was going, and a gray, modern vehicle passed by, which I thought nothing of. A few seconds later, I stood on the street and saw a bunch of skyscrapers on the lake and to the south. This could have triggered lucidity, as much of this made absolutely no sense. Time-travel that wasn't even accurate, skyscrapers right next to logging roads and randomly placed, and a modern vehicle in the past. Heck, even the idea of being near my old house should have given me a cue. The only thing that made real sense was the coloration of the skyscrapers, and the cloudy weather. Later on, I was running in traffic at night when I became lucid and started my routine. I got through about a third of it before waking up unexpectedly. I was standing on a very wide 2-lane road with fir trees on both sides.
      [New Scene]
      On the way to Grays Harbor (still 10-20 miles out), I commented that the tide was in, because the water level equaled the height of the perfectly flat road, which was partially and uniformly flooded. Fir trees were present in random places. The weather was cloudy and extremely calm. Everything seemed to be increasingly more dead (except for the trees) the closer I got to the coast. The area felt static and unchanging.
      Lucid Time: 50-80 sec
    2. Singing Chimneys

      by , 08-13-2015 at 05:47 PM
      Morning of August 13, 2015. Thursday.

      In my semi-lucidity, seemingly very late at night, I am aware that my dream environment is only half-rendered. Thus, without focusing that much, or sharpening my awareness with any intent, I do not really feel like getting up and walking into another part of the house, as I will probably just trip and fly forward and become half-awake, as in typical first-stage light sleep paralysis dreams from night to night. Still, for whatever reason, it does not dawn on me that this dream type does not usually render my present home in any discernible way and is usually an area in a city, outside, where I most often find myself walking down the sidewalk. So, already my critical thinking skills are not functioning.

      Not knowing what else to do (again, not being that focused), I continue to work on my computer. Still, I am somewhat suspicious of the technology being feasible in any dream state (where electronic devices sometimes explode into small smoking embers with amazing “realism”). In the back of my mind, I am somewhat aware that this “other world” has Gothic attributes. I feel a slight wariness. I am aware of a presence that is very different to me, like a feature of another world becoming known for the first time. It is very eerie, yet I also somehow sense love and joy at the same time; perhaps some orphan domain of Steampunk consciousness blended with something else.

      A strange sound occurs, increasing smoothly in volume. It is every chimney in the (fictional) neighborhood suddenly “singing” in some sort of low-pitched hollow reed-like frequency, somewhat like a sustained pipe-organ note, but layered (overdubbed) to an extreme. Is it wind somehow speedily and heavily flowing through every chimney in the region? It is almost like a ghostly human chorus. Again, the pitch is very low, but some of the layers are slightly off the pitch by enough cent variation to give it a barely noticeable flange effect. The volume of this chimney “chorus” increases until it is “filling the world” with some sort of intended beginning vigil, perhaps. I am not sure how to mentally respond or take note, assuming I should. It almost reminds me of a factory steam whistle slowed down exponentially and layered infinitely. I remain puzzled; I get the ambiguous association of rows of churches with factory steam whistles calling the public masses into uniformity. Then there is silence.

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    3. Willy Wonka and the Murderering Demon Vampires

      by , 04-01-2015 at 08:40 AM
      I haven't posted in a little bit, but I have been keeping track of my dreams! Alot of them I have been writing in my paper journal for lack of time online, and when I couldn't do that I have an emergency "sketchbook" style notebook to write quick notes in. Realistically I have alot of these sketch-style notes that need to be transformed into journal entries.

      But here I will tell you about how I got Lucid FINALLY after recording and obsessing about recording! In it, my dream journal, the thing most on my mind lately, became my dream-sign.


      It starts out on a farm my landlord owned in my dream. I was looking after it for them with a dream-sister, although there wasn't much to take care of. All the animals they owned had disappeared without a trace, and no one knew what happened to them. I think this mystery, among other things, is what caused them to keep away from the farm and ask me to watch it for them. The farm was a very dull and bleak looking place. Imagine a cold winter day before any snow has fallen on the ground, but all the leaves had fallen from the trees. Barren trees, dull orange dry leaves, dull grey sky. It looked like it was 6AM, just before sunrise, all day long. And this appearance permeated through the entire farm, into the house. It was just very depressing.

      There were other mysteries too. You would hear footsteps of people walking on the second floor, but no one besides me and my little sister were there. I think the farm hands and other people who worked on the farm disappeared along with the animals, so hearing footsteps was eerie. I think there was an understanding that something unearthly occupied the farm, although I am not 100% sure.

      As to my dream-sister, she looked nothing like my actual sister in real life. I might add also, that alot of times in my dreams I am accompanied by a dream-friend or a dream-sister or my own sister in real life. I am rarely alone in my dreams. I like to think its my dream guide. This particular companion was a young girl of 10 or so, with blonde hair done up in pigtail style braids. She wore an old fashioned dress.

      I remember a couple scenes in this house. I remember me and my sister in an office type of space attempting to hook up a laptop so we could use the internet. The only part of this room I really remember is the desk the laptop laid on, and the laptops themselves. The desk was that cheap particle board style desk you see in offices, with the base of the desk being made of beige colored metal. Everything was dusty, too. There was a main section of the desk where the "main laptop" would sit, and two fold out wings, slightly lower than the main portion, where smaller laptops sat. It was designed for a team to sit at the same desk and work together side by side. We were very excited to try and get it to work, but like I said..it was quite dusty and unused. I don't think we could get the computers to even power on, or there just was no internet in the area.

      I remember walking through a small dark hallway in the home to get to a bedroom with my sister. A greenish yellow light glowed through one room to accent the darkness, like a painted yellow window bringing in the dull grey atmosphere of the outside into house. The bedroom, too, had a dusty, grey, old feel to it. The bed looked like it came out of the 1980s, infact. Another particle board mess, very low key and geometric, Blonde "wood", and pastel colored sheets. I think the whole reason I went lucid was because of what I did next. I was acting as if I was awake, and I had to go to sleep. My sister suggested I lay down, and I did. I laid down in the 1980s bed, laying in the same position I use in waking life, to my left side facing a wall. This is where I heard the walking and banging upstairs as I tried to fall asleep. My landlords in real life live above me in my house, and it is an actual thing for them to make lots of noise when getting ready for work at 4 AM. I think my mind was recreating this, only in my dream, ghostly things were stomping around instead.

      I did my best to ignore it, covering my head with the blanket and closing my eyes. Very weird to try and sleep when in a dream, but it was just as it was in real life. Nothing zany happened when I closed my eyes, just the usual darkness. The banging continued, but I just ignored it and continued to focus on falling asleep.

      This next part, I don't know in what order of the dream it occurred. Maybe here!

      I remember I had wanted to grab my dream journal and "emergency" red journal from home, because I knew I would be staying at the house for a while and wanted to use the opportunity to write down all these dreams I have been stockpiling for the past few days. I remember going to my boyfriends house - not my house! - and searching for them around and under the cushions of their living room couch. I reached under the leftest most cushion and..voila! my dream journals! Just as I found it, a little funny gremlin looking demon appeared to my right, in the fireplace or floating near it. He wasn't a menacing monster, just something you would imagine seeing in a kids book or a cartoon. Ugly, but not scary. He popped in to taunt me about my sister, how I left her all alone. He told me she was in danger in a mocking way. Maybe he even implied HE was kidnapping her! I got angry and nervous, and decided to get my butt back to the farm house to make sure she was ok. I vaguely remember the demon showing me a video of my sister. She was sitting with other kids in a daycare setting (the same grey dullness), doing some kind of craft project on little circular tables like you'd see in a school. Suddenly someone called to her, and she got up and walked off camera. So, I rushed to her rescue!

      I guess my sister was taken to the usual place bad stuff happens in my dream, my childhood home, "B Street". Always, no matter what, I find myself back in that house with its spooky basement full of ghosts! Anyways, I had to take a train there to rescue her, but I missed it completely.

      Rather than give up hope, however, I said "why don't I just fly there?"

      This is where things get weird. I cant figure out how all this worked out in my dream. Maybe it just doesn't make sense! I am back sleeping in the 1980s bed, or maybe I woke up a little in real life, or maybe I was just dreaming of dreaming again. Whatever the case, I was back to having my eyes closed like I was trying to go to sleep. When I suggested to myself to just fly there, a flash of purple and pink lit up my blackness, and the desire to fly to where I needed to go went from just a mere thought in my head, to a visualization, to a dream. I saw myself sliding down a steep hill like a videogame character, and saw myself glide over a gap at the end of this hill to a platform on the other side. (Very videogame-like. Just imagine Mario64 styled levels or Banjo Kazooie. Very polygonal, this section.) At this point I was having trouble. Its always a gamble with me when it comes to transitioning from "vague idea/visualization" to "holy crap I am dreaming!" because at some point you need to "open your eyes". When visualizing the gliding/flying, my eyes were "closed". I flew from that platform I glided to, and flew a little more to land in a small polygonic valley on the other side. I felt the sensation, that wonderful sensation, of dream flying while I did this. But my eyes were still "closed". I landed all cool in a fancy crouching pose, and just stayed there for a little bit.

      "You have to open your eyes, you know." I thought to myself. "Its always a gamble, but you have to try!"

      So I did. The first try, I opened my eyes to a faded black scene, like a stage set where all the lights are out. You can just see the vague shapes of the things around you but nothing concrete at all. It was because I was trying to go to B street, still determined in my mission. I was trying to visually construct that place with my consciousness, but I just sucked at it. I saw shaped of trees, and the valley I was in sort of transformed into a little side lawn on a side of a house that actually was on B street. But it was all dark and formless. So I closed my eyes again, and thought really hard. "You're in B STREET!". I opened them again. Same thing. I closed them again. As usual when in these kind of pickles, I said "screw it, let me just let the dream take me where it wants me to go." After coming to terms with my suckiness, I opened my eyes one final time.

      Oh sweet goodness! So wonderful to open your eyes when lucid to a new world!

      I was not in B street at all. I was in something that looked like it came out of the newer Willy Wonka movie. I was still in my little valley, and it was still kind of dark like before, but past this was a vividly colorful hill, a bright spring green. It was framed by bright red velvet and gold tasseled stage curtains, and it went up in steps to a scene on the tippy top, like a big green staircase. At each "step", red and white candy cane looking swirlie structures decorated the hill. There were yellow and white flowers, too, and maybe a cobblestone walkway. I was, as usual, in awe of the clarity of being here, and just took it all in. I tried rubbing my hands to get more in the moment, but it didn't really bring any texture or more realism to the situation. I usually don't bother with sensation alot anyways. I find constantly rubbing my hands to be distracting, but I do try it from time to time. I saw on the top of a hill, a little scene. Maybe a tree in shadow, with a park bench sitting besides it, and someone lounging in it, like they were sleeping. It was either my sister fainted from being kidnapped, or the bad guy in the plot lounging in a smarmy sort of way. I couldn't see the top immediately, so I focused my eyes (go me for doing more than one focusing technique!), and as I did so I began walking up the hill.

      Like a dream does, as I neared the top, the scene transformed. I also got a little more numb the closer to the top of the hill I got, but I was still using my conscious mind just fine. The top of the hill transformed itself into a medieval/fantasy looking church, and waiting inside for me was the villain. The church was completely open from where I walked into it. Inside, it had a lobby sized area for maybe a couple of people or parishioners to sit. It was small by cathedral standards but it also fluctuated in that respect as well. To the left of the "parishioner" area was a rounded room, almost a large alcove. It was completely walled in glass windows that gave a view to a forest outside. In front of the parishioner area was where the priest would usually go. In the dream this section was only a few steps higher than the congregation area, whereas in real life its usually a little taller I think. There was a big rounded stain glass window here like a traditional church, but the exit door to the other side of the church was there too. The right side of the church was just a wall. The entire thing was in light grey stone, with pillars and steps and all the nice things you'd find in an older church. Where the priest's place was stood the villain. It was a taller 20 year old with brown-red hair and pale skin, wearing black. She was a vampire. She kidnapped my sister and was going to feed off of her and turn her into a vampire, too. I am not sure what ended up happening to my sister in this struggle. the brunette vampire was, I think, behind her and sucking on her neck or threatening to. She might have even turned her into a vampire already and I had to fight her off. Whatever the case, my sister was getting in the way of my battling the evil vampiress. Either I had to break her neck and push her into the window alcove, or the vampiress threw her in there after sucking on her blood and she passed out and fell in there. In the dream, as in my favorite show "Vampire Diaries", cracking ones neck didn't kill them immediately. It just sort of knocks someone out.

      (I was still SLIGHTLY lucid btw.) I tried to punch at the vamp while she hid behind my sister. My punches connected but they did little to her, and she laughed them off. Once my sister was out of the way, I kept trying to punch her out and stop her from killing her and me. I didn't want to kill the evil vamp I don't think. I wanted to either cure her or just stop her from hurting other people. If there was a way to end it in a peaceful or less definitive way, I was willing to try it. However, my methods were not working, and I decided I had to worry more about my unconscious sister than keeping this woman alive. Now that I think of it, I think my sister was going to turn into a vampire, so it was a race against time to stop the villain before she turned. I think I needed the evil villain's blood to stop the transformation, or killing off the villain stopped it. Since I was so stressed for time, I reach over to the brunette vampire, said "Ah screw it!", and snapped her neck. Instantly she crumpled to the floor, completely defeated.

      I ran over to where my sister was laying and helped her up as she came to. Did I give her blood? Not sure. She looked differently at this point, though. What was once my blonde, fancy dressed little sister was a squat little anime chibi dressed in kimono. She had a big bobble head, and her hair was black now. She stood up and was fine.

      After that I woke up and happily wrote all this down! Yay!
      VAMPIRE STUFF: Definitely Vampire diaries! One of few shows I watch, I guess I was thinking about it that night. I even thought perhaps the bad guy of this show, "Claus", was in my dream!
      Stompy stomp stomp above my head!: My landlord's wonderful habit of causing ruckuses every morning. Its why I wear earplugs.
      Getting to sleep: I have been OBSESSING with going to bed at a good hour since restarting my Lucid dream mission!

      And of course, my dream sign was MY DREAM JOURNAL because of my recent obsession with writing in it. Having it in my hand in the dream made me think of dreaming, so I was able to easily figure things out. Dreaming was on my mind, so it was an easy transition, and my journal was the reminder!

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    4. Human remains inside couch (recurring dream theme)

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2013. Wednesday.

      This dream uses a fairly recurring idea of human remains being inside a couch (sometimes inside the cushions).

      In my dream, I am sharing a place with the actor from the television series “Lost”, Josh Holloway, that I vaguely dreamt of only once before as his Sawyer character (in a representation of Tom Sawyer in that particular dream). In this dream he is also his Sawyer character, but instead, named Sylvester (even after waking, “Sylvester” seemed to be his “real” name or “identify”). The apartment seems to be one I had in real life at King Street when I was in my late teens, the one where I also had a noisy refrigerator in one of two larger closets and which was an “expensive” $25.00 a week. (I had, in total, three different apartments in that large historical house during those years; the smaller L-shaped one in back, the one in front with the rocket-like cupola on the east side, and a larger one near the middle of the building as in this dream.)

      He is sleeping on the couch in our apartment, but wakes up because the couch seems to be moving inside. A large nail is sort of moving out from its position along the top area of the frame of the seat area in front, near the middle, but closer to the west end. This is very mysterious as if from some sort of ghostly activity. The nail slowly moves out as if representing some sort of approaching eerie revelation. Sylvester seems a bit nervous. I mostly find it curious and not really frightening in any way.

      Eventually, there are bluish-green fingers visible, of a sort of ghostly nature that continue to work in moving the nail. The fingers are the only thing that is visible at the time, seeming to come out of the surface of the wood around the nail. (Some sort of odd play on “fingernail”?)

      A little later, the east arm of the couch opens up from the front (I think we both may have pulled the upholstery off) - on my left when facing the couch - showing it to be somewhat like a two-level shelf. The bottom area holds a human skull, the second “shelf” or part of the internal couch frame holds a bowl of old human eyes and hair, and a skeletal hand is also inside the arm.

      Sylvester is rather alarmed and of course, people must be told. There is no idea at all of whom it may have been or what happened. I am thinking that the bluish-green hand may be part of an arm that was kept in another part of the couch and acting somewhat like ghostly “remains”.

      It is easy to determine here that the “ghost” inside the couch (a dream sign, as one can sleep on a couch) is a subliminal distorted perception of my sleeping body. But why Josh and why is he called Sylvester? He played a character that was on an island (dream state within sleep as water represents sleep). I associate the name Sylvester with the cartoon character Sylvester the Cat. A cat is a circadian rhythms feature (as well as a liminal space element) typically based on nighttime activities (such as dreaming). (Even though a cat seems to sleep a lot, they are of course active in the daytime.) The skull on the shelf represents lesser critical thinking skills (such as reading books) while in the dream state.

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    5. Creature Under My Bed

      by , 11-11-2012 at 10:02 AM
      I could see myself sleeping. I looked peaceful. Everything was dark in fuzzy like how it would usually look when I was going to sleep. I thought, this is going to be okay. I don't know where I am... I don't know how I got here but you know, this is alright.
      I wasn't completely sure I was dreaming or not. It seemed so realistically deceiving. I realized it wasn't reality. It was some type of dream. But then I though, maybe my spirit was pulled out of my body, and I could see myself, like in those shows?
      I know, it was a ridiculous thought.
      I saw a dark, what seemed to be burnt hand. It was just a blank dark figure, in the shape of a deformed hand. It no nails, that I was aware of. But it's fingers were big and sharp. I tried to scream out, to scream out for help. I tried to blink hard to wake myself up. Sometimes, when I'm barley awake, it wakes me up. Like that's going to work in this situation. The hand was coming out from under my bed. It grabbed me and pulled me down. For a quick second, I saw my bed. It was... the same as it was when i was asleep. That's what scared me, because everything was so...real.
      I was then brought onto a horrifying, yet fun adventure.
      But I think I'm going to say that one for later.
    6. Time Travel and How It Effected Today (and Easter).

      by , 04-02-2012 at 01:38 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Well, back from my lack of dream recall, I woke up remembering the strangest of dreams that I had last night.

      There was not much foreplay I could remember of the first part of my dream, but what I do remember of it was strange and somewhat disturbing. I was with another person, though me and him were very similar, actually, in the way that we weren't actually humans, but white boxes with plain faces. Still, the other box told me that he had made a time machine. This was in the room of my dad's house, actually, so it all felt too strange. Still, we debated, and eventually used it. I believe we went back to the 60's, 70's and 80's. I don't remember going anywhere else, but I do distinctively remember going into a cliche 70's store and looking through 70's rocker clothing, in otherwords, baggy torn jeans, vests and headbands. Realizing that I couldn't wear any of it, due to my shape, we went back to the present. Things seemed quiet and eerie, though had a sad tone to it. The other guy told me that we couldn't go back anymore, due to a reason unknown. I went to go look into the living room and kitchen, and it was all empty, save for the kitchen, which on the chair sat the other guy, or so I thought. He now looked like me in my pre-teen years; Long hair, red t-shirt, acne ridden and with cargo shorts. I shook my head and went back into the room and told the other "Everyone's gone. No one is on this planet!" and he replied with "No one?" I nodded and looked at the other again with a concerned face "Well, you are sitting in the kitchen." he looked terrified as I said that and began ranting on about how bad this was.

      That was the end of the first part of my dream, some sort of end of the world scenario. Things were similar in my next dream though, but very different as well. I believe we were in a spaceship of sorts, a very futuristic one at that. It was close to Easter, and my dad was buying me a bunch of animals for pets, and I mean a lot. Rabbits, cats, chicks, ducks. Loads of animals, even small cheetahs and other wild cats, though all of them would need to grow from their cub state. Still, My dad for some reason told me to pack all of the animals into a storage area on the ship. Soon enough, Easter (I guess...) would come and I would open the storage thing to find the creatures. I wanted the small cheetah-like kitten the most, though I found the... "cub", though it was like a small bug, spotted like a cheetah, but I even questioned it in my dream. Still, I don't remember what quite happened between there and the next event, but suddenly, all the animals were gone, just vanished. Something after than happened, and there was mention that it was "The end of the world".

      What's with all these apocalypse dreams? Hmm... Maybe I can predict the future, eh?
    7. Noche de los Muertos

      by , 08-01-2011 at 02:54 PM
      Inception style dream happened to me last night and had me pretty hooked. It began with a false awakening, of course I took no note to the oddities of my room and left to my garage (the hangout in my house) to find several close friends, family members and acquaintances gathered there. I remember a couple of them, particularly my step mom Laura and her son Jeffree wanted me to stay but the majority of the crowd just told me to go back to bed. So I did. Upon doing so moments later I had another false awakening, once again taking no notice of the now even stranger room I was in, and left into what I thought would be my living room. I (gotta love dream logic) walk into a completely different house from my bedroom without noticing anything is amiss and find a few of the people who were in my garage the previous night. I begin telling them "Oh my gosh you guys, I totally had a pre-cognitive vibe about this. I saw you in my dream last night." A young chubby girl asks me what that means, and what I assume is her mother cuts her off and answers, "it's hard to explain." Which may simply be bad parenting. Anyway I think it was right about here I either realized I was dreaming and tried to wake myself or simply found myself in another false awakening, but I was now in my bed again. Unsure, if I was really awake I try holding my nose, "I'm still breathing!" I shout in my mind and try blowing really hard through my nose to jar myself awake. I knock myself off the bed and assume that it worked;it didn't.
      I left the bedroom and went into the living room and find now that several of my close friends, a couple family members, and even total strangers are having some kind of slumber party at my house. I go up to my friend Jon and excitedly start telling him about the dreams I'd just had. In my excitement I began speaking very loud and was shushed more than once. So I try pulling him into our garage which has a view of our neighborhood, as I open the door a large stranger of Mexican decent approaches and says something in regards to what I was telling my friend. His comment makes me realize the fact that I felt very much like I was on a psychedelic drug at the moment. So I get even more excited with what I was telling my friend. We get into the garage and I see a parade in the streets about to start. The people from my house tell me it's for the day of the dead and as it starts I completely forget about telling anyone anything and run like a madman, or a child, through the cars and the parade, and the fireworks. I forget how it happens but soon after that I awaken one last time. Thinking to myself, "I wonder if that day of the dead stuff last night was real." I check the street through my window and sure enough the decorations are still up, and my street is still a mess. but no one is outside this morning. I go to the bathroom, as per usual. And I notice my body is covered in strange bumps. This shakes me up quite a bit, so I finish up my business and go to ask my mom what she thinks of it. She sees only one at first and thinks it's nothing, but the notices that there are many, and a weird look comes up on her face. We begin talking about my upcoming doctors appointment and...that's all I remember.

      As a side note, there were more awakenings where I just stayed in my bed and tripped out on whether I was awake or not. One of which there was recording equipment near my bed playing some kind of message recorded by what I assume was the previous owner. In another I used the chance for visuals to play some Assassins creed, literally within my mind. Also throughout the course of the dream there was an eerie feeling of some kind, difficult to describe.
    8. The Flooded Nursery

      by , 03-14-2011 at 05:52 PM (Soups Dreams)

      I got this vivid dream, after my alarm sounded and I went back to sleep because I still had some time before I had to go to college.

      In the dream I immediately woke up again, and panicked when I saw the time. 1 pm! My class was starting right at that moment! I had to be in college and it's a 1,5 hour trip to get there. I texted some classmates I was going to be quite late.
      To my disbelieve, the moment I stepped out the door, rain came pouring down like a true tropical storm.
      I asked my dad to drive me to the train station, but he refused. At that moment I decided to stay home and call in sick. But before I could do that-after a scene I can't remember- I was suddenly outside, and the sun had already set.

      This last, short part is a lot more interesting, weird and vivid.
      I found myself outside, alone in the rain, in the dark, and I was only wearing boxers for some reason. I didn’t mind being half naked. Even though I was soaking wet, it wasn’t cold and there was no-one in sight. I ran down the street in which water was gushing down trough. After a short while I arrived at a weird looking building. It was quite modern and had a big glass wall near the entrance. From ouside you could see the big hall and some stairs along the sides. Some kids in nothing but blue plastic raincoats where walking up and down the stairs. The kids walking around at this late hour seemed to be boys around the age of 6-8. One boy in particular caught my eye. He was standing next to the door and staring right at me with his hands up against the glass.
      Suddenly I got cold and I decided to take shelter from the rain in the building which had already intrigued me. It had an eerie feel to it. I thought it was some kind of nursery/day-care because of all the children, but there clearly where no supervisors around. I entered the strange building which also had a sort of hospital-feel surrounding it.

      The place was flooded by the rain. The water was ankle-deep and the lights in the floor made it look quite pretty. The boys walking up and down the stairs didn’t pay me any attention and kept walking as if hypnotized. Only the boy by the door noticed me and kept staring. It wasn’t creepy, I was in awe of the place. It looked abandoned but still had something serene about it. I walked through the water, opened the door immediately to my right. It led to the toilet, a big bathroom with 3 stalls and a door at the other end. The place was not as well-lit as the hall, and a tiny bit creepy. The wall separating this room from the hall was made out of glass as well. I could see the boy staring at me again, trough the wall, his hands up against the glass. I turned to my right, towards the outer wall. There was a sink, with a mirror above it.
      At that point I remembered the reality-check technique for lucid dreaming vaguely. I started wondering if I was dreaming and looked into the mirror. I can’t remember anything weird. Aside from the fact of being half-naked in a flooded, dark day-care, I looked quite normal. The technique didn’t work. I looked away, and into the mirror again. Nothing.

      I looked away, to my left, for a second time. A little girl startled me. She wasn’t there a second ago, and was now standing right beside me. She looked up at me and had the weirdest of smiles. She was a bit older than the boys, probably around the age of 13-14. Unlike the boys in the hall, she was wearing normal clothes. Behind her, I could see the door at the other end of the bathroom. It was cracked open and golden light shined trough it, reflecting in the water.
      I turned around and noticed every child was now staring at me, not just the boy at the entrance.
      I got creeped out a little (though not a whole lot, considering the situation) and woke up soon after.

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    9. March 11, 2011- A Tad Morbid

      by , 03-12-2011 at 03:49 AM
      I dreamt last night in black and white, which is a first for me. The set-up of the dream was odd; it was like a game or simulation. An experiment. I was on an old luxury boat, and it was sinking. There were four groups of people staying in different cabins- one was a single mom and her two kids, one was two good friends, one was an African tribe that stayed above deck the entire time, and the other I can't remember. I had to experience each group, as if it were a level in a video game, as they tried to survive. I don't think they made it; the most vivid part of the dream was me dying. I often die in dreams, but I always wake up before I'm legitimately dead. This time, however, I died all the way- I fell backwards, and then there was a rapid progression of black-and-white imagery. Then I woke up.
    10. Hallway of Cats and Fog

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      Morning of January 4, 1969. Saturday.

      This childhood dream journal entry has been revised on Friday 20 October 2017 to complete and clarify revelatory dynamics to more coherently define the meaning. This dream occurred about 3:30 in the morning. Sunrise was not until about 7:20 a.m. I had attempted to watch the 1942 black-and-white movie “Cat People” (which started around one a.m. on this Saturday morning), though our television was black-and-white anyway, but I slept through most of it, though I did not go to my bed until about 3:15 in the morning.

      In my dream, as I am walking out from the front of our Cubitis carport (after deliberately “stepping into” the stabilized hypnagogic “portal” rendered as the unlit carport area), seemingly only about three-thirty to four o'clock in the morning, and walking in a northwesterly direction towards our neighbor’s orange grove, I maintain my lucidity.

      Even though I am lucid, I feel somewhat vulnerable when I find myself walking into the opening of a fictional feature. It is a hallway in which the walls are seemingly made of fog, yet with a suggestion of at least partial solidity. This eerie hallway starts from between the middle area of the driveway and the neighbor’s orange grove, and runs from east to west towards Highway Seventeen (and is perpendicular to it). I do not perceive the potential length of this hallway or clearly discern a door or doorway on the opposite side, which makes me hesitant in continuing.

      From here, I see various domestic cats (at least fifteen) in various positions throughout the hallway ahead. Some cats are sitting or standing on tables (one near a vase on a table) and some are sitting or standing on the implied hallway’s floor. One cat jumps down from a table (or simple platform) on the left side in this scene and walks toward me though never gets very close or attacks. An unknown male narrator’s voice (seeming to come from above and to my left and as if from a loudspeaker with slightly fuzzy audio) only says “cats” in a very informal way and without emotion. I feel that he may not be speaking to me as it may be a voice that was recorded years ago. There is also the vague idea that I may not be fully in the setting but looking at a realistic three-dimensional movie scene either superimposed or bilocated into the front yard area. Despite my lucidity, I feel somewhat wary, uncertain, and passive to what I am seeing even though there is no discernible threat. Soon, with deliberate intent (lucid choice), I fade from my dream with a soft awakening. (The liminal space transition is also softer than usual.)

      Following is an extensive and highly revelatory explanation of the most likely factors and personal history responsible for this dream along with their related meanings. I have recorded this dream as of the doorway waking symbolism type.

      It was obvious to me at the time (despite being only eight years old), that my dream was trying to fill in missing details from “Cat People” even though that was not my original dream entry intent (which was to visit my younger neighbor and friend, Brenda, who lived north of me). However, my dream was completely unrelated to the movie’s plot as my distorted memory implied that the movie was about an older woman with a fear of domestic cats.

      The otherwise ambiguous hallway setting is modeled after two common real-life locations and progressions, one, walking through the hallway in my Cubitis home, and two, walking down our Cubitis driveway (as the fictional hallway was rendered as just north of it and parallel to it) to wait for the school bus on week day mornings. The possibly implied exit of the fictional foggy hallway would be at the east wayside of Highway Seventeen and it should also be mentioned that while waiting for the bus on week days in this time period, there was sometimes dense fog. Fog was far more common as a dream feature during the time periods there was fog in the mornings in real life, although fog also seems to be a factor of the dream state itself, possibly influenced by dream scenes in movies that include fog (to represent that it is a dream), though is also a natural association with dreaming.

      There is also an association with Carl Sandburg’s poem “Fog”; the line “The fog comes on little cat feet” (which was silently integrated into my dream near the last moments). The poem was first published in 1916 and my mother was born in 1916. This seems to be the association with the “old woman” (my mother) with a supposed fear of domestic cats (again, not what 1942’s “Cat People” was about). However, neither my mother nor I had any trepidation relating to cats. In fact, my mother had a pet gray tabby named Dewey at this time. The mild trepidation in my dream was more about my lucidity being intruded upon by the absentminded association with the movie that I had not even seen much of, based on my earlier wondering about it (but not consciously intending for it to be carried into the dream state as it was).

      There is one more relevant commonly recurring factor I should include here. The doorway waking symbolism and other types that sometimes include the liminal space cat symbolism (in addition to the term “putting the cat out for the night” as subliminally relating to shifts in unconsciousness and waking symbolism itself) curiously was validated to have come from having seen the ending credits of “The Flintstones” (an animated television series) so many times. A domesticated saber-toothed cat is seen throwing Fred out of his house (after Fred firstly put the cat out) during the end credits, resulting in Fred pounding on his front door and yelling “Wilma!”, waking the whole neighborhood. This also established not only the relevant waking symbolism but additionally established this symbolism as a more influential dream state end marker in many examples throughout my fifty years of dream journaling. There are additional reasons for liminal space cat symbolism, one being an influence from the 1962 animated movie “Gay Purr-ee”, another with my childhood association of a cat sitting on a fence as existing between dreaming and waking (that is, a fence as the liminal space divider between dreaming and waking). Additionally, I think of cats as being more active at night or while people are sleeping and dreaming, thus a natural symbol of the dream state itself.

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