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    1. Dream - Stack 'Em High & Demolished Grounds

      by , 05-21-2017 at 02:42 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 21 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 117 - Separated Sections

      Dream 117 A - Stack 'Em High (Lucid Dream 7)
      I forgot how I became lucid but I knew I was lucid because I was always consciously aware of things. I was in a small storeroom with this large filing cabinet of three levels. On the third level, there was some nest with one egg inside it. I was ambitious about getting the egg out of that nest for some reason. The first thing I did was call for Dreamy WB.

      She entered the storeroom very quickly after I called. First, she ended up giving me the biggest hug ever in dream history and I am not joking when I say this. In the dream, I said that hugging her was like hugging a really soft sponge... We hugged for quite a long time. Then she helped me by lifting me up to the nest. It's like she was partially lifting me and still hugging me at the same time. Still, I couldn't reach it. So then Mr. B came in and he lifted Dreamy WB up. So the chain was now Mr. B on the ground, then Dreamy WB, then me who this time, successfully got the egg. I don't remember what happened after that.

      Dream 117 B - Demolished Grounds
      I came to Killester for a visit and my main objective was to look for WB. As I made my way to the quadrangle area, most of the place looked destroyed like a mini world war 3 had broken out. Additionally, there were these metal wire construction fences blocking off some areas, including the walkway from the year 9 area to the oval. To get over the fence, I once again found myself using the Balloon Mario method based on Super Mario 64 DS. When I got over the two lots of fences, I made my way to the oval. When scanning the oval, there was no WB... Only junior PE classes in action.

      So turned back and went to the edge of the quadrangle. When there, I assessed my surroundings again and thought that maybe WB was having English in the library. Usually, there is an accessible staircase next to the art rooms but in the dream, there was not. The only available staircase was the main one where the lift was. So I went back over the fences and then scanned the area where the staircase was... Supposed to be! The main staircase was non existent, at least so I thought. There were remnants of the top half of the staircase in which the bottom half had been broken off like the school had demolition day. I looked to see where there were accessible stairs. I eventually caught sight of the newly placed staircase which does not exist in the waking life Killester.

      Leading up to the staircase was this long wooden walkway and in the middle of the walkway, I noticed Mr H conducting a choir. Still, I thought I'd stop by the choir in case WB was in that... But I soon noticed she wasn't. There were a lot of girls and so the space of the walkway was very crowded. Additionally, some strange gravity was always making me fall backwards and almost tip over off the walkway. Eventually, the weird gravity started to affect the girls in the choir as well.

      The dream scene then skipped to me talking to my mum in the car. I was saying to her that I was going to stay longer as I realised the year 12 graduation assembly was today. Either I don't remember what happened after that or I woke up.

      V Behind The Scenes V

      116 A: Why Lucid?
      Although Dream No. 116 A followed a non lucid plot, I felt like I was really aware of my surroundings and the things that were happening. When I am non-lucid, my goals appear to be blurred and I sometimes use crazy methods to get them... Like you know what you want but then at the same time, you're not sure how to reach that goal. In a lucid dream, I clearly know what I want my first resort is to call Dreamy WB. It's sad that I don't remember how I entered the lucid state as it would have been good to write the reality check here to prove it to anyone reading... As well as just to basically share insight on how I got lucid, not just that I was lucid. I think I might do a comparison chart below as to what non-lucid dreams feel like, compared to lucid dreams.

      Non-Lucid Dreams

      1. Summoning Dreamy WB

      There are multiple approaches in non-lucid dreams. First, I find myself looking for her
      rather than just calling for her. Also, I sometimes my get the real version instead of
      the intended dream guide. Although I'm in non-lucid dreams, I can still tell who is who,
      even in the slightest personality differences... It doesn't always have to be nice and
      nasty. Sometimes, they're both nice but the real one acts more informal and teen like
      whereas the dreamy figure acts more motherly like. Basically, she's unpredictable in
      non-lucid dreams and sometimes, I can't even get her at all.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      Anything can happen in a non-lucid dream. Also, it's like the environment controls me.
      I can't really interact with the environment fully, I can only do what it tells me to do. For instance, I know I could have reached WB's place if I wanted to but because it was a
      non-lucid dream, I remained lost because I was unable to command an instant change,
      rather the plot just flowed as it was going to, all the way until the end of the current REM
      3. Ambitions
      My goals aren't so straight forward. Additionally, I find I may only set a certain task if a
      problem arises first. I guess dreams would be meaningless if there wasn't a storyline to
      follow along to.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      In non-lucid dreams, the solution doesn't come to me straight away. Additionally, I may appear scared of confused in front of the enemies I face. Even if I start out strong, I feel
      the enemy always finds a way to weaken me before my dream ends. Especially in nightmares, I am completely helpless and cannot even feel my dream guide's energy around anyway.
      5. In Summary
      The dream tells me what to do. The more violence, the less I can feel energy and instead, I feel rather deserted and lost.

      Lucid Dreams
      1. Summoning Dreamy WB
      This works pretty much all the time! The first thing I do when I realise a lucid state is call specifically for Dreamy WB. Additionally, if there is no response, the lucid state allows me to keep persevering whereas in a non-lucid, I could risk losing focus.
      In lucid dreams, she always arrives promptly and greatly assists with the task at hand.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      I find that I interact better with the environment, having a connection to it rather than being the environment's puppet. I can actually also assess the sensations. For instance, I may not have described Dreamy WB's hug so vividly if I wasn't lucid. Additionally, in Dream No. 93, I knew it was fading, whereas if I was non-lucid, I wouldn't have realised that the dream was exiting.
      3. Ambitions

      In lucid dreams, I know what I want and am able to stay focused, even if non-lucid aspects of the lucid dream try to set me off course. Most importantly, I find myself having an ambition as soon as I enter lucidity, there is no hesitation.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      So far in lucid dreams, I haven't encountered any real evil yet. I predict that it would be the same as the above 3 points. I predict Dreamy WB going to the root of the problem rather than me having to go on a quest to get help. Also, I think I may be able to assess the dangers before making a move rather than suffering from a wrong choice, influenced by non-lucid plots.
      5. In Summary
      I have a higher awareness and I actually know what I want, rather than being lost and confused and just pushed around by a pre-written story plot. Additionally, since Dreamy WB can be summoned from the start, nightmares won't be a lonely, heart attack causing encounter

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    2. A Lot of Balls in the Front Yard

      by , 02-14-2017 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,320-02. Reading time: 50 sec.

      In the late morning, Zsuzsanna and I are looking over our front yard. It is in Cubitis rather than our present address. (Zsuzsanna has never been to America or Cubitis where I had not lived since age seventeen.)

      The lawn needs mowing, but I am first cleaning up debris. I eventually notice what I first think is a transparent rubber ball (of the kind sold in small vending machines, sometimes with sparkles or a small plastic figure inside). It feels like one when I pick it up. I think it is a rubber ball our children left on the lawn. It is sparsely speckled on its surface. Eventually, there are several of them that have at least two large triangular dents on opposite sides as if partly squashed. I decide they are possibly something else, perhaps a natural anomaly.

      I tell Zsuzsanna and our two youngest sons they are probably eggs (though possibly oversized frog eggs). Perhaps the “rubber balls” with the dents are ones that had hatched. I start to gather them up.

      The life cycle of a frog is analogous to the initiation and waking transition of the dream state. It is an autosymbolic analogy to the tadpole (non-lucid dream self beginning a dream) to frog (emerging consciousness).

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    3. [03-02-2017: Eggs, Tanks]

      by , 02-03-2017 at 09:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in my mother's chicken pens, collecting eggs. The chickens surrounded me and I had to push through the crowd to pick up those eggs. I got three or four of them.


      I was inside a tank, waiting on a hilltop until enemy moves from behind his cover.
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    4. Home Alone 444

      by , 12-24-2016 at 06:41 PM
      In a house im with a load of other kids (yeah I was a kid). We were running through the house across a landing with banisters and down a stairwell. We were trying to get away from someone like in Home Alone. So we get up into a loft with a swing down white square door.
      For some reason there are four ladders that come down. I think there was one then I put three more down to block the entrance. The other kids hide in the loft space while I swing out hanging upside down and throw boiled eggs at the interlopers. It all seems very much like a game.
      When I wake it is 4:32 then when I look again it is 4:44am.
    5. Hey Taurus/Chocolate Mess

      by , 03-26-2016 at 02:10 AM
      I was driving around with weed and I felt like Eddie was there. Maybe I was driving him around or something. Anyways, I was trying to get home so I could smoke. Somehow I ended up parked outside of someone's house. Could have been my house from child hood. I was in the car with Grace trying to get her to smoke with me. Instead of calling her by her name I said "Hey Taurus!" because her sun sign is a Taurus. Think she got pissed at that. She gets pissed a lot.

      Later on I ended up in the attic of the house I was parked outside of. I was concocting some kind of chocolate milk drink. I was pouring milk from one carton to another but I was transporting it using the cap and I had somehow transformed the cap into a cylinder... milk transporting device. All I managed to do was make a mess... a chocolate mess O.o hohoHOo.

      Later I had to fall asleep in a blanket of eggs... Like the eggs were arranged in little slots on the blanket as if they were in an actual egg carton. I assumed I was supposed to incubate these eggs, as no other reality in which I fell asleep in a blanket of eggs made sense.

      I had a false awakening and my dad left me a voice message that was radio transmitted. He was telling me how stressed he was and it was really eerie. His voice was stacked on top of itself many times... call it doppleganger voice. The number of voices stacked was related to the amount of stress he had. This was all associated somehow with quantities of rags.
    6. Summer Parkour Training in BGC

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 3

      Christian contemporary singing. Trio. Visiting colleges.

      It was summer. I was in BGC training in parkour.

      There are pink eggs.

      I was able to do a two-step wall run. It didn't feel revolutionary but I was happy that I was able to do it.
    7. september 25 th aka no pun allowed for this one

      by , 09-25-2015 at 07:14 PM (Here be dragons)
      I debated a little with myself about putting this dream here, but yeah.

      I am in a anonymous hotel room with twin beds and long windows with thick draps, it's nighttime. I'm with another girl, blond and pretty in a bland way, and modestly clothed. She is heavily pregnant, as I am, and is helping me with contractions. I sit on one of the bed, the pain is slow and burning and is a far cry from what I know about child birth. I prop my legs up and appart, breathing throught the contraction. My fellow in birthing is crouching down and her breathing mirror mine.
      I reach between my legs and feel something pushing out, warped in a thin membrane. It's slippery with blood and fluid and I can't grab it, I have to birth it. I feel a lot better when it's finally out. The membrane is opaque, light pink with little veins all over, like an amiotic sack the size of a 5 kilogramms rice sack. I pick it up, the thing inside is wriggling and slithering. I hold it against me, it's warm. The membrance open up, revealing a colorful snake looking non-venimous (its has a cute :3 face, like a boa) thick as my wrist.
      I woke up, thinking "Ok, WAT?" while Eli was sort of terrified.
    8. Egg-cellent

      by , 09-18-2015 at 04:09 PM (Here be dragons)
      (Bad puns make good titles )

      Woke up the first around 6 or 7 am, didn't want to check in case I could disturb the mighty sleeping kitty. Fall back asleep maybe an hour later.

      The atmosphere of this dream was slightly off, in a uneasy way. I was in this gigantic hospital, all painted white with shiny tiles on the floors and somes walls. I was wearing my oversized lab coat and carrying what looked like a dozen malformed chicken eggs in my bare hands*. The hallways and rooms were absolutly packed with people and I had to reach a specific lab, and I was scared to squash the eggs, as their shells were very soft. I took a escalator, shielding the eggs between my cupped hands, to the upper levels of this hospital and managed to reach the lab I was aiming for.

      Inside was a faceless man also in a lab coat, with dark hair. I started to hand him the eggs; I had to put them in a padded plastic box** he was holding, but he curtly stopped me when he noticed that the contents of the eggs were heterogenous***. He told me to shake them so they were homogenous, and started to pick the one I've already placed out and shaking them forcefully. I careful took one out of my hand but even a gentle shake was enough to break the shell and have the lurkwarm and slimy, light yellow content to ooze all over my hands. I did manage to shake the others without breaking them and placed them in the box. I them asked the lab man were the biological waste bin was, and were I could wash my hands. He told me to get lost.
      I found the bin and put the broken shell inside, then found the sink. It was in the same impossibly big room, but there was almost no light and my slime-covered hands didn't help. I managed to wash most of the stuff off, then woke up.

      *it seem really weird, since those eggs were obviously samples of some kind, and I risked ever to contaminate them of be contaminate by them.
      ** it looked like a tips box.
      Hey I'm new.-2571010.jpg
      *** Translucent on top, yellow on the bottom. It was slighty hard to see through the shells.
    9. Pandora's Box? We are out! Hahaha

      by , 01-26-2015 at 11:45 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Pandora's Box? We are out! Hahaha (WILD)


      Full Dream (+1)
      After writing down some fragments I decided to WILD.

      After what it felt a couple of minutes, my wife suddenly woke up and started moving abruptly in bed. She was trying to hug me in an abrupt way and she started to pull me, pull my arms and shake my head. I knew I was WILDing a moment ago while my wife was hard asleep plus such behavior is uncommon from her.

      I decided to do a reality check
      (+1) to make sure my WILD worked (+10) and indeed I was asleep. The dream quality was pretty bad, so I decided to go out and get to fly a little bit above the town (+4) in order to make my dream stable (+1) with good success. The dream when crystal clear in no time.

      I landed and I decided to make some easy points. So I asked the time to a Dream Character
      (+2) and he replied that he was going to be late and started to run... whatever.... I believed I had a dare where I had to eat an entire boiled egg in one bite (which in reality it was a gold fish) so I decided to look for a place to eat a boiled egg. I entered in some fast food place that looked like a subway:

      I started to ask for boiled eggs, and they gave me a tray with pieces of boiled eggs and random veggies. I tried some for points
      (+4) and realized I needed the egg to be whole. There was no way to get a whole boiled egg, and I kind of gave up on it.

      I recalled it was a good idea to hit another ToTY, so I decided to look for pandora's box. I figured that just summoning it would be invalid, so I decided to find it, like I found that gizmo present in a past task. I went inside a store and asked for them to please give me Pandora's box. They started laughing at me, saying they were out of them and telling me I was nuts. I insisted but then a dream character started to make jokes, and I forgot about the box.

      I was then walking around downtown, looking for another store to demand Pandora's box. But I felt my dream fading and for some reason, I did not try to save it, leading to a False Awakening.

      I wrote my dream down and relaxed back in bed, setting the intent to induce another lucid dream, when I woke up for real.
      Tags: eat, eggs, pandora, wife
    10. Traveling and Eggs

      by , 08-15-2014 at 09:59 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      9:09 a.m.

      I was traveling. I was in a bigger kind of jeep, almost a bus, called "double tire".

      I saw an aunt, uncle and their son, R. I said something like I went to the hospital in Silay. The aunt and uncle argued with me about something related to it. I just got annoyed because they were not making sense; why would they be mad about *that*?

      I was in Bacolod. Thoughts about Don Bosco and some huge fleas.

      11:36 a.m.

      Airplane? Almost late? Print? Slow? asdfasf

      4:06 p.m.

      I was in a supermarket. I was looking for eggs. I saw some huge ones with three yolks (I was imagining them being cooked while in the supermarket). I was with a person. A woman.


      Originally slept at 5:30 a.m. Woke up a bit, wrote the crappy notes, then went back to sleep.
    11. Trying to find Manei (LD# 103)

      by , 08-15-2014 at 03:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So I'm in my bedroom (dreaming of course) but it looks a little bit different. All of the furniture along the back wall is gone and there is a giant computer screen on the wall. I'm not entirely sure if it was being projected by something on the ceiling or it was actually a huge flat-screen imbedded into the wall. The picture was really clear and it looked to have been simply a giant screen in the wall.
      Nevertheless, I was able to do things via voice command. I can remember having a browser open, I think it was FireFox. I was goggling things with voice commands. I can remember goggling this really long set of three prhases but I cannot recall what they were. I could feel myself becoming sleepy.
      I decided to google stuff about lucid dreaming, perhaps look at some youtube videos about LDing before I fell asleep. So I googled 'Lucid Dreaming' then lost it.
      I had a few seconds of imagery and found myself in a field.

      Thus began another one of these lucid dreams.
      From what I can recall the feild was fairly wide, perhaps a quater mile by a quarter mile. Surrounding it is a thick forest. There are dirt roads meeting at a four-way intersection in the middle. In one quarter, there was a small drive and what looked like the foundation of a house. There were also a couple of out-of-place trees here.
      It was very hot here. There were two suns beating down here. One of them was huge. If I were to hold my hand up and from the base of my wrist to the tip of my middle finger was about the height of the larger sun. The smaller one was perhaps twice the size of the sun IWL. The twin suns gave a dingy yellow aura to the sweltering air.
      I then saw a Frisbee and a Bicycle ride past me. I then 'remembered' a famous artwork done by a master lucid dreamer who had seen a Frisbee and a Bicycle racing. I also 'remembered' that recreating one of this lucid dreamers' classic lucid dreams was a task of the month on DV (Can I get wings for this?) .
      I begin to chase after them. The bike is small, for a child. It may have had training wheels still on it. It is black and green with the word 'Huffy' in white letters on the side. And it was moving under its own power. The Frisbee was red and had some text in it that I couldn't read because it was spinning. The Frisbee hovered along at an impossibly low speed to keep pace with the bike.
      As the two objects entered the four way intersection at the center of the field, they began flying. (Well the Frisbee was already flying but you know what I mean.) The bike began flying as well. I chased after them, started flying, and tried to grab on. But when I did, I felt some kind of magical field around the two break and they both fell into the tall grass below.

      Lucidity goes full throttle. I then turn to see a white pickup truck pull into the drive where the house foundation is. I want to see if Manei is in there. I fly down and land by the drivers side window. No. It's just my aunt. She is wearing these really narrow sunglasses that look something like the commander data visor from Star Trek.
      Undaunted, I still want to find Manei.
      "Have you seen Manei?"
      “Yeah… she looked like a...sort of a…fleshy thing.”
      "Yeah, no crap, She's a human! Also, those sunglasses you are wearing look a little dorky... Just a little."
      "I know." She sounds sort of sad, as if I were supposed to like the sunglasses. but I get the inkling that she is joking.
      "Well where did you see her?"
      "I found her in a Boygen."
      "What's a Boygen?"
      "They are pods that fall from orbit with people in them."
      She gestures to a corner of the field. I can see an egg-shaped pod barely big enough to fit a person. The inside has filled with dirt and there is grass growing out of it.
      I get a vision of my aunt helping her get out of the pod in another location. Coming out of these pods is like coming out of an egg.
      I then begin walking along one of the roads, then running. I am determined to find my guide. I think my aunt started driving the pickup truck to follow me. I begin staking across the ground as we head into the woods and find ourselves in some apartment complex.
      The dream started to blur as we were making our way down the road and I found myself inside a beautiful asian-styled building. I stabilized the dream to prevent anymore unwanted transitions between locations by rubbing my hands together. As I did, I thought about how my hands were just part of the dream.
      I began yelling for Manei, saying her name over and over. I could tell she was close, but she wasn't responding.
      "I'm right here!" I recognize my dad's voice.
      "I'm sorry but you're not who I am looking for!"
      "Too bad, I'm coming!"
    12. Dec 9 Dream Journal: Train and trailer women

      by , 12-09-2013 at 07:30 PM
      I'm in front of a pretty decent house in the suburbs with a slanted driveway and a manicured front yard. It's getting to be the evening or so, and as I'm walking down the street on the sidewalk, what looks like a middle-aged addict wants me to go with her. She's dressed in a style that would not be out of place in a trailer park summer BBQ. I don't recall her face, though, but I "know" it's the face of a casino-lounging smoker. I politely decline and keep walking.

      After walking some more, I turn around and get a view of the street I just walked, and it is indeed a picturesque sub-urban neighborhood filled with relatively upscale houses and good looking yards -- suburbia hell, basically.

      I see a younger, short, and slightly overweight blonde, just as "down home" style as the addict above. Again, can't see her face, but I "know" she has on way too much make-up. She asks me to marry her so she can have children, but asked in a way that's so sad that I think she's being forced. I politely decline, and tell her about adopting foster kids. She has never heard of this concept, and leaves very excited. She disappears into the back of the crowded train.

      Yes, somehow, I'm on a pretty swank looking train now. People are dressed in formal-casual wear, except in a 20's style. It's well-lit, and way more spacious than a train. If not for Dream Knowledge that I'm on a train, I'd think I'm on a cruise ship or something. Oddly, all the vendors here use a point system to sell their things. Bottled water is worth something like 15-1600 points. Egg(s), though, costs a ridiculous 9999999 points on a big deli board menu in the middle of the train.

      I spot C and Z, friends from high school i haven't seen since, in benches or pews on the train. I hop over some benches to go say hi, along the way seeing the younger woman again, only now she looks like Clara from Back to the Future III, complete with hair-color change. She seems happier. Don't know if she adopted her baby, though.
    13. Suburbia

      by , 12-03-2013 at 11:06 PM
      1. I dream that I am in a grocery store, and that part of the grocery store is a bar. There's a girl in a cutoff shirt, or something. I pay for my groceries and park my cart outside the bar. The bar's very dark - the walls and floor have been painted black. I have a beer and buy a 6 pack of cider. When I return to the cart, someone has stolen half of my loaf of bread, and 6 eggs out of my egg carton. I complain to management and show them, and ask if they will reimburse me for the bread and eggs.

      2. I dream I am in the attic of an old house. I've broken in. There's a lot of old stuff stored in here, some of it mine... how my stuff ended up in here, I don't know. Some friends and I have packed it into boxes. The attic is filling with water, and I'm moving through thigh deep water trying to sort through these boxes.

      We hear people in the house below. I get worried that they will discover us, so I start trying to put the boxes away neatly so they don't realize that their attic is full of someone else's things. I'm also worried they'll notice the water pouring down from their ceiling, since it's draining but I don't know where it went. Another friend gets on a cot that's built against the wall and starts talking about how in his college dorm, it was so tiny that he had to pull his knees up any time someone opened the closet.

      We decide the coast is clear and start handing boxes to someone on a ladder outside the door. From there, it's easy to go down the ladder and through a hole in the fence into my own yard. The boxes have some of the homeowners' stuff as well... I plan on selling it at a yard sale.

      My house is an old white two story. It's about a hundred years old, and there's nothing particularly special about the house itself. The yard is full of trees; one is much older than the house, and towers above it. It is an old oak tree. My grandpa is there now, and he is talking about how everyone cuts down their trees, and everyone's yard looks the same, and it's bland and sterile. I look at the yards of the other houses on the street (somehow they are bland-looking mansions) and see that they are all treeless and perfectly manicured. I flop down on my side and roll down the hill, and my brother (who is suddenly there) does the same thing, while our mother walks behind us. When I look up the hill, the contrast between my yard and the rest of the yards is striking. The trees rise above my house, and their branches weave in and out of each other. My grandfather comments that having so many trees in the yard is pleasant and adds character to the house. I pat the perfectly mowed, perfectly green grass at the bottom of the hill and tell him that the rest of the neighborhood seems very sterile in comparison.

      I wake up briefly and then go back to sleep, and the dream resumes, although it has lost some vividness.

      I continue from the bottom of the hill into a neighborhood beyond the bottom of the hill. I walk along a sidewalk. It is bright and sunny outside, and probably June or July. There are some preteen girls standing in a yard, chatting, and a little boy in a red striped shirt on a big wheel. This neighborhood is also quite uniform - suburban America, at its most mediocre. The vividness is returning. I realize I am dreaming and try to push through into full lucidity, but the dream is still too thin and everything goes black, and I wake up.
    14. 14th Apr 2013 Fighting eggs

      by , 04-14-2013 at 07:47 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(Fragment):

      I recall some kind of train.

      Dream 2(Fragment):

      I was some kind of creature, i think similar to devilite from Spiral Knights, i got to the library, there i grouped up with more of creatures similar to me and we were discussing/planning something, then we went to some kind of cave and we were fighting... chicken eggs? They were fighting back somehow and our mission was to deal with them before some time limit expires.
    15. Nice music

      by , 04-07-2013 at 01:57 PM
      Total sleep time: 6+hrs

      Dream recall method: key words;

      Other: Weekends can be so loud, tried WBTB but woke up bf instead and he began walking around. To make it worse neighbours contributed with lots of noise, waking me abruptly, my last dream memory was completely erased.

      HH: the melody of my toy when I was very young

      Dream1: I was talking to a friend of my mom and her son. We then together dye eggs. I am supposed to help them, but I do it wrong. They tell me you have to put the eggs in boiling oil otherwise the paint won’t hold. What? Her son, who is about my age, comes to me and starts caressing my shoulder or something like that. I am not very at ease with this, although the feeling is nice. This is a somewhat awkward moment, I don’t look at him but instead try to think of a question to ask him to stop him from being so close to me, and his mom is watching this. This feels weird.

      Dream2: was in deep sleep (3:00-3:30 hrs after falling asleep); some very enjoyable dream, but have no memory at all; just a feeling of happy elation

      Dream3: Out of the darkness, I see some kind of music clip that begins to play, the sound is everywhere. It is a very pleasant music, relaxing, resonating everywhere. The video is very appealing to me as well, some wise Indian men in their city, their daily life, the camera travels in the city. I like it a lot, watching the video and listening to this nice music.

      Then, I become part of the video and it is a tour of Honk Kong now, I see the skyscrapers. I am in some kind of bus and the inspector comes for my ticket. I start looking for it, but it is not in my pocket. While I do that some things of mine fall on the floor, the inspector picks them up. I finally find some kind of ticket and show him, he smiles and goes on his way.

      [This is the closest style to the music I heard, the melody was different]

      Fragment3: My dad was angry about something…My parents are there, I tell them I want to buy two plates for myself, very beautiful ones, but as I point them out the plates change shape and become bowls…My parents say no…I am disappointed.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
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