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    1. 8/25/16 - Bananas

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:15 PM
      I'm gathered with a tribe at a beach and standing near the edge of the water. There is an elder that stands in the water to his waist. Behind me there is a row of people coming out of a line of trees, holding giant bundles of bananas. They carry them to the water and toss them in. The elder then inspects each one of them and decides whether or not they are safe to eat. But then he disappears and really big waves start coming in. Everyone on the beach backs up, but I stay fairly close, fascinated by the big waves. There's still bananas to inspect so I find my little sister and tell her that she's the best when it comes to knowing when to eat bananas. She agrees and goes into the water. The big waves stop and everything is calm again. I gather a large bundle of bananas and toss them into the water for her.
    2. 9/9/2013: fragments: rainbow hair, old people and a criminal??

      by , 09-09-2013 at 04:39 PM
      Mmk, last nights dreams were pretty weird and I can barely remember most of them.

      My mom and I were out in the front yard where there were a bunch of old people, each with a different bright hair color (pink, blue, etc). It was like some gathering but they were all just standing/walking around and talking about Christianity and how my mom and I were a disappointment. We made fun of them together and I said 'awful purple!!' in this manly voice with an English accent and my mom started cracking up.

      Mom with me again, we were in a little seaside cafe. We shared a booth with an elderly husband and wife couple, and they were talking with my mom about her work and planning how they'd help her out.

      I was with a friend (not someone I actually know) in this strange house, and this large puppet/doll with a knife comes in. He's very threatening, but not attacking us, just keeping us there. We're just automatically assuming it must be some creature, like it's not too out of the ordinary for puppets to move around like that :/ But then something happens, not sure what, that makes it fall over and break in the middle. Inside is a creepy-looking guy with glasses and unkempt facial hair. Think he was a wanted criminal?? Anyway, way creepy.

      My friend and I ran out of the house and the area was suddenly way different. We were on this raft in the middle of a body of water that was surrounded by tall buildings and broken down amusement park rides. There were lots of other rafts too, and a few boats. It was very dark, and there was a dense, foggy haze over the whole area and a sense of chaos but I'm not sure what was going on. There were lots of people trying to get to the boats. My friend and I got to one, and sat across from this man who seemed rather cheerful despite the circumstances. He said something about the weather, can't remember. I replied with something like, 'you're not allowed to say that unless you're a pirate!' and we both started laughing.
    3. Nighthog's Journal: 1st July 2010

      by , 07-01-2010 at 12:43 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Looking at a map system

      Me and others in military style clothing are going through these maps in this tablet or similar. We are inspecting a interesting satellite find on one area. We look for anomalies and then go to inspect them like some archaeologists. But we aren't civilian we are a special military unit.
      On the map we go to show various different of satellite feed data and the area of interest is just missed by the more refines higher resolution ones. Like that outcrop on the land next to the sea had been intentionally missed or something to not show any real detail. But the low resolution image we have still gave some kind of hints and anomalies. It looked like streets and buildings. In ancient kind of layout for some temple. It's just next to a cliff that looks like it broke of from a larger landmass with continental drift. I see it's a island really. It's a archipelago coast and many different sized islands populate the area.
      We look at the image and see other city ruin location nearby and the islands seems to fit the mainland. the island has done a 180degree rotation? Well that's what one of the guys or the group leader tells anyway. I try to be sure and have them make a double check before they decide on that. I could not believe it.
      "Check the coast line and see if it really matches" I told them and pointed the outline of them. They didn't take to much of a note. We were ready to leave and inspect.

      The bus ride to the location of interest

      Next thing I note is I've been showed of into a green bus and I'm sitting in the back on the right side. There are various men inside the bus which I recognize as team-mates for this unit. We are the first bus on the line and I see behind like 3-4 more buses following.
      We are on a more sparsely used asphalt road near the area. We are crossing through pine forests and bare bed rock on the ground here and there on small hills. There are small lakes and such here and there. I spot swamps also and many bodies of large rivers.
      Next to the road on my right just beside the water of these swamp grounds and n the pine forest next to it on slightly drier higher ground I see a went of steam coming out from the ground next to the road. I'm fixated on it and wonder what it is? A potential volcano or similar I'm thinking and go to note for the others to see it as we cross by and move on. They don't seem to agree it's a volcano sign but it just goes to give more pressure. We crossed several high piles of cut down trees placed next to the road for pick up.
      As I go to look back as we passed by I soon see the road go up and crash down into a pit and more steam and such gush out from the ground where we just where before the tree piles. The other buses are caught on the other side and soon I see all the cut down trees roll around and block the road completely. I just can't figure out anything but it's the initial signs of a volcano to blow out in the location.
      We are alone now in the single bus to head forward. We ain't stopping and continue as I look back to see the small destruction occur to stop the reinforcements for out troop.

      Not long forward we see more trouble. The area is completely flooded with large amounts of waters. The road goes under the water on many places where it goes to lower ground. The bus goes through anyway and we worry will it be safe but it seems the driver is experienced with this and just goes through liek it's no trouble. The water is quite high at the first point and we all kind of panic as the waters from the lake goes to rush into the bus and even reaches my feet in the back high end of the bus. The ones in the front including the driver really must be quite bogged down. But it just goes forward and then we pass through the first waters and the water goes down to not be a issue inside the bus any more. I was kind of the most calm in the whole bus and tried to calm others down not to panic or run around.
      We headed a little further and we are to exit the main asphalt road to head off into a gravel and dirt roads into the forest on the side. I see they are much muddy and we pass through some smaller waters and have a little trouble at one point as the backside of the bus goes to fall down back into a lake off the road for a moment but the driver manages to get us out quickly before the whole bus went under.

      We headed next up to higher ground and this hill. It was another challenge. The bus didn't want to go up the hill considering the loose ground and how there was a turn in the middle of it a bit higher and a split in two roads one going up the hill and another going down to cross next down a cliff side that has the road cut into the rock. After having gotten up the hill and then going for the cliff side road it was asphalted but the road or rather the hill from above had collapsed down to crush the whole cliff side road. We were driving on a perilous road that was really not there any more. It was full of gravel and stones and we drove on a tilt so to fall down the edge down into the water that was below.
      It felt many times like we would fall down into the waters below as the bus tilted dangerously as it drove on the small edge and ground that was left. It was a long path that took it's time to cross but we passed through with no real trouble and were relieved we came out through it safely. I was still wondering why are we going through these dangerous roads anyway.

      Again we encountered a flooded road. This was a river this time and there was supposed to be a bridge here but it was now underwater and including the bend of road on the other side and road continuing onward was all under water. I could not see where the road would go but down into the water.
      The bus had stopped for a moment before it progressed to head out again. It drove slowly and to make sure it wasn't going to drive off the road. Water didn't come inside the bus this time but it was deep waters.
      It took a while looking like driving blindly but we made it to the other side and were back on the roads again in the forests and were heading higher and higher again. We were soon to arrive at the place we had seen on the map.
      We were back on forest dirt roads but there was much grass in the area and soon we arrived to drive next to this cleared area that seemed off. We could see there was something there but it was covered by something like a invisibility cloak and force field to hide it away. This was supposed to be the location of where the buildings should be.

      We have arrived

      We stopped the bus and headed out and walked the ground and next to the field. We saw and could feel it was a energy field or something. We could not pass through it. We felt only a strong electrical current of sorts if you touched the field. You could throw rocks at it and they would stay on top of it. The field was tilted and you saw the forest on the other side here slightly distorted.
      We walked back and forth having some comments and then I spotted a weaker spot where you barely could see what was inside. It was hard but you saw there was a building inside. We went to walk further up the road and went to spot a crossways and then a road heading the other corner of the field back behind next to it on the backside you had a house and yard where I saw older people walking about. Even children. I first commented that I had found a elders home to the female commander we had around. We went to look closer from the crossways and I saw and mentioned there are children and others there. Maybe it wasn't a pension as I first had suggested with the many elders but a full family abode.
      I and three others of the unit were standing around the crossroads and soon saw that the people were leaving and getting into cars. Everyone in the house were heading away in a hurry as they had spotted out presence. We saw a couple cars pass by not doing anything but when the more ones were I was hiding behind some trees and trying to get my companions to do the same but they just stood out around the road as they watched the cars leave the area in a hurry.

      Soon we at the group went to explore further continuing the same road we had come ahead and we came up to some farm lands and fields there. I saw much grasslands and some stone walls. It's old, really old style. We soon came up to a village of sorts. The ruins of a mediaeval stone built housing and others buildings. The roofs and others had collapsed and many walls were down but there was one interesting building there. We saw what looked like a dead soldier in one. He had a silver helmet and weird kind of clothing. We all went to inspect it and it was a humanoid looking alien in a crashed spaceship. Though the supposed spaceship wasn't really anything but maybe this small model sized thing when we picked it out. Looked something like a formula racing car without tires.

      The female commander of sorts had come over and we figured out we could acquire something from this body and the stuff it had. We got it analysed and digitized and we had a code to shut down the forcefield after a little fidgeting with some kind of device we had around.

      We had gone back to the building and the forcefield and stood beside our bus and soon the field went down to enable to get inside.

      I woke up shortly but got back into the dream quickly.

      The building and the weird questions

      As I came back to the dream I had entered the building just now with various classmates. It looked like some kind of school. We were presented with a two choice question to answer in this booklet and notebook. There was some person there instructing us how to do it.
      I can't recall the questions but the firsy one was novice and everyone passed. Second one was a little harder and a few failed and it kept going like this and fewer and fewer people got to advance but I was doing well.
      Then on the 7th one I was presented with a new question and we only had half of the people left. At first we mostly spread out somewhat but the question had only the answers "yes" and "no". I was first leaning unto "yes" whit a couple others while the rest had picked no.
      Soon the instructor came about and ordered everyone to pick "no" I had now retracted my statement for "yes" and had not chosen anything. All the others went to pick "no" as they were instructed. It was related to the question. I just new this was wrong. I can't pick "yes" or "no" both are false. And I can't follow the orders. She kept ordering me to pick no. I refused and all other friends and team-mates were trying to coerce me to follow them as I can't stay around without a choice in this. They were like I would be in real trouble and hurt if I didn't so as them. Nothing good happened to them who failed from before.
      Time is ticking away and... time is out. "yes" lit up green. "no" lit up red as wrong. but then a f for failed came about to both "yes" and "no" for them to both be wrong and I'm declared to be right and everyone else failed.
      I'm the only one who passed the 7th round of the group I was with. They all could not believe it and disagreed and complained but the had failed and that was that and I was to continue onward.
      Next room I came to be united with the few that had survived so far from other groups. We were only a 4-5 people.

      I came to meet up and pair up with my high school girl crush. We went to work on things together and the 11th round of questions was formed in such a way that you could only pass if you teamed up with another to cooperate even though it was said to be forbidden in a way. You were to have give the exact same answer by writing down a A4 paper with something. We were not allowed to talk or look at each others answers but we got it figured in a way that one of us would turn around to be the other and write both documents in same way and have the other not do anything but be the other for a moment.
      I was chosen to write and turned and disguised myself as her and she as me for a moment and then turn back. it was a little strange. The referee came back to check it out and we had passed. What we did was allowed and didn't brake the rules as the others had complained and refused to acknowledge our idea.
      they all failed but we two got to continue.
      We quickly got 12 right and then to question 13. Or task 13 was again a little different. It was the last one. We got a paper and a quiz of sorts. We were supposed to with this figure out the solution and also the location of the exit. It was a riddle. We went to explore around the building from one room to another. We had a map of the building in our hands that showed more and more as we went around the building. We did some few things and as we were about to solve it and figure out where the exit was in the end I woke up.
      We only needed to go to the exit any more to finish.

      In continuation I woke up time and time again to see a somewhat of a continued fragmented following.

      I had gone out of the building and left away in the bus once more and was travelling around on some roads again. We were back soon to some military restricted areas for military training in forests and similar.
      I ended up walking around soon after being in a village. Then I was with my mother for a short instance and a couple of friends walking around some forests before I separated with them to go and check out these children that were playing around at a check point booth.
      I just passed and didn't say anything to them and headed back to base or the exit but was stopped by a guard that I was no allowed to leave. I was sent to the commander and was given a order and was soon on a boat on a lake/river heading away to get fresh water from some dams to the place from were I had been as they were out of it. I was on a mission to get water to the village and similar as they had busted water lines and also dried rivers etc.
    4. Failed Vision Quest

      by , 06-20-2010 at 10:58 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am young than I look now and wearing a grey and red poncho. I am in some sort of museum or cultural center focusing on North American Aborigonal Societies. I am there to participate in a vision quest and arrive late in the afternoon to recieve instruction on what to do. I am told by some Elders that this vision quest is more like a savenger hunt because I have to obtain seven various items from safes that are hidden around the facility. The safes are locked with complex systems that require finding the right item to open them, and not all of the items are plain keys, which are also hidden from plain view.

      I see that there are several other young people in the meeting room, some I know in real life and some I know in the dream. They have already completed their vision quests and are just visiting the facility. One of the coditions of the vision quest is that I must find and do everything alone and cannot ask for help from anyone. I go over and say hello to some of the people I know but many of them outright ignore me or are reluctant to talk to me.

      Evening comes and many people leave but I want to stay as late as I can and get as much of my vision quest done as I can. I walk through the facility and looks along all the walls and corners for hidden safes. I find one but it is locked and I do not yet have the key to open it. At first I am closely observed by some Elders who follow me around and take notes on my progress and discuss it amoungst themselves, but I lose track of them at some point and left to explore on my own.

      I find by self on the second floor of the building and come to an area that is open to the floors below and is crisscrossed with wooded suspention bridges. The only way to the other side is across the bridges and as I start to cross I notice two Tolkien inspired elves standing in the middle of one, observing my movements and loudly discussing me. One elf looks like Peter Jackson's version of Elrond and the other is a dark haired elf with a stern look on his face.

      I cross the bridge and explore some of the rooms that have many indegenous artifacts on display and see two of my friends who are First Nations peoples. One of them I know completed their vision quest years before and the other says that he is just starting his, which confuses me because I thought I was the only one. It dawn on me that this is now a race because if he obstains the items before I do than I will obviously be unable to collect those items. I do not tell him that I am also on my vision quest. They move on and I continue searching the display cases until I find a gold token, which I hope can be used to open a safe.

      Finding nothing more of unterest in the remaining rooms of that area I head back towards the wooden suspension bridges where the two elves are there and still watching me. They are having an argument about something and as I cross the bridge and walk past them, the Elrond looking elf grabs my arm, leans in and tells me tells me where to find the next safe and how to open it. I pull away, plug my ears and run because I am not supposed to recieve help from others and I don't want to get in trouble.

      Back on the ground floor though I go straight to the safe he told me about but it will not open. Nearby in a potted plant I find another gold token. I wander around some more and find an arts and crafts room that has a safe sitting on a table. Down the hall from this room is a women's bathroom and another safe. The safe on the table contains a coin operated locking system but which I put my two gold coins in, they are immediately spit out. Ayoung boy working on a craft in the room tells me that I need three tokens to open that safe and the the item and key inside will open the safe down the hall.

      Just then my friend who is also doing his vision quest walks in the room and inserts his three gold tokens into the safe which pops open and reveals a green jadestone medallion and another key. He then uses that key to open the safe down the hall and loudly declares that he has completed his vision quest. Several Elders and other people enter the room and congradulate him and they all walk out to celebrate somewhere. Just then the public announcment system plays a message that the facility is closing. I watch everyone in the building leave via the main exit, but I am crushed by my failure of the vision quest and I hide in a women's washroom that contains a lounge and cry.

      I suddenly have a backpack with me and I open it and find several key chains with lots of keys on it, some stones and shells, a picture of my first cat and various other random crap that seems pointless and meaningless to me because they would not have helped me on my quest anyway. Many hours pass and a cleaning man discovers me sleeping in the bathroom and alerts security. A friendly brown haired security man wakes me up and offers to drive me home. We hop into is light blue 1956 Ford pickup and drive through the country. I don't talk to him because I am very despondant and depressed. We approach some train tracks and despite the warning lights that a train is coming the security man just keeps on driving. I fear that we will be hit by the train but cross just before it does and it misses the truck by just a few feet.

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