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    1. 2018-12-03 Prospective collapse of water structure releasing the dinosaurs and electrocuting big dad

      by , 12-03-2018 at 02:07 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions

      2018-03-12 There have been many dreams of late, a certain theme have played over in its variety of incarnations. Approaching the water, confronting/releasing the reptiles. This dream showed up about a week following our last gathering. It felt big, as intense symbolically as when I have been guided previously by African Dream root. I didn’t intend to dive into it, but it seems appropriate at this time.

      Dream 1: (2018-11-23) A series of events transpire in a complicated building complex with a large body of water, containing dinosaurs in them, which revolve around teaching others to express their needs and confronting children in an armoured “Big Daddy” suit.

      I am in a large building complex, it is very bright and modern looking. There is plenty of sunlight pouring through the windows and there is a lot of greenery spread out around in the building. It is as if the building is roughly centred around a large pool in the middle, which is in place both at the ground floor and the basement. At the ground floor this massive square pool is surrounded by spectator seats, as there are multiple shows of “scary” animals taking place. In particular at present there are two megalodons in the waters as well as a larger dinosaur that during the dream ends up killing and consuming the two sharks.

      In the beginning of the dream there is a show happening in the central room where the sharks and dino monsters are held. To begin with there is a jovial touristy atmosphere surrounding the show and all the spectator seats are filled. It very much has a Jurassic World kinda feel, which is significant in its theming.

      I find myself at the basement looking into the waters through a thick sheating of glass. This is where I observe the massive dinosaur consume the two sharks in the tank. It also slams into the glass, though I am unsure if it displays signs of cracking at this or not. In any case this is where I get the feeling that is common to my dreams “I know how this story plays out”. I know that the massive dinosaur is going to crack the tank, thereby releasing 4 dinosaurs where one is a massive snake, the other is a t-rex, the third is the water-dino itself, while the 4th is unknown (immediately here the theme of the 4th unknown deserves attention as it has been a running theme since the night before our first dream sharing gathering, where I encountered an inner child that I didn’t know all that well amongst 3 others that I knew very well).

      As per usual as I am thinking this an alarm goes off and there is a somewhat panicky atmosphere as the building starts being evacuated.

      I head out off to a side building. It is on the right hand side of the body of water. This time I am on the upper floor. I am sat on a pathway made of steel and below there is a botanic room, again beautiful and floral. I am preparing a workshop. This workshop is about me making myself available to my clients for whatever they dare express their desires around. This particularly is meant for me to teach others about expressing their desires in a public forum, but with me as an object (something that was a major theme at a spiritual workshop in 2017, which I spoke to MA about). F is there and she says that she is interested in a massage, but nothing sexual.

      Then I am in Hornslet, where I grew up. M is there with E on the road from the park, leading up to the council building. For some reason this is still connected to the building complex with the sharks and dinos. I am also there talking to M about what happened between them at the spot, so both while it is happening and after. M tells me how they decided to have sex, despite some of the warnings we had discussed about romantic ideations following transpersonal journeys.

      M tells me: “We had a lot of sex and to begin with it was just vaginal penetration. But then I decided to fuck her in the ass, despite the fact that she had told me that she didn’t want to. It was rough on her, but I decided to do it anyway so she would have the experience from a friend. She needed to learn”. Throughout this interaction there is an implicit meaning between us around E’s tendency of leaning too hard on support from the outside, in particular male support, which can lead to her being exploited, which is what M was trying to teach her tough-love style.

      There is a brief flash of running into my Cousin on a similar steel pathway on the uppermost floor.

      The last full scenario again takes place on the right hand side of the large body of water, somehow in the same place as the last scenario with “expressing desire”, yet also below and somewhat unrelated. Again very bright and a light and pleasant atmosphere.

      I am in a “Big Dady” suit from Bio Shock. I have almost won, yet I am caught off-guard by a grenade that slips under a big white statue or cardboard cut-out of a statue. The grenade is thrown by a little girl and the reason it catches me off guard is that I have stepped in a puddle of water and the grenade explodes in a long arc of lightning, nearly killing me. I try to escape by rushing to the stairways, but am electrocuted.

      I sit down and feign death until the little girl and her mother appears. They walk down towards me the mother approaching. She leans really close checking my pulse, talking to me, asking me if I am dead or not. She has almost decided that I am death until one of my eye-lashes brush against her cheek and she proclaims “I felt a streak of lash against my cheek” and she discovers my deception. But she is so close and in such a vulnerable position that I manage to throw her off and have her eliminated upstairs.

      The small girl that was accompanying her mother knows that upon the death of her mother that she can’t hope to win our contest. I am simply armoured too heavily in my “Big Dady” suit. I walk upstairs and am now confronted by 3 children, 2 boys and the girl. They all know they have lost, but decide to choose their weapons – pillows.

      As we engage in a pillow fight and the kids seem drained of hope, I get a bad feeling. I feel bad for them and as such I decide not to fight to kill them.

      Dream Ends.

      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions
    2. 1,569 Words

      by , 07-01-2018 at 11:56 AM
      I went to bed around 9, after a series of Pokemon Battles which I stopped around 8:14. There was an annoying noise, like someone was playing music in the distance.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      The first time I woke up, I remembered a lot, and thought through them a few times. The next time I woke up, I couldn't re-remember most of it. That was sad! It works most of the time.

      I remember one part when I was in Nana's living room. K S was there. We were talking about reading the meeting format for our group. She said, "You wouldn't want to do your will," and it really ticked me off. I said, "Yes, I want to do my will!" And went into this whole thing about how "I'm not going to keep saying I will do the will of some imaginary diety," with a lot of anger at K S and the other TWNMBD people there.

      There were some parts I wasn't sure if they belonged in round 1 or 2 of dreams so I will put them in round 2.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember a part where I was on a cell phone app. And on a page where someone was asking if certain functions of the app don't work on other peoples phones. It had a black and white interface.

      I remember going into a gas station or 7 11 kind of thing. There was an Indian man at the counter. I went in for a free slushy but didn't really want the slushy. I opened my wallet to donate a dollar anyway.

      There was this part with J T and blue solo cups. Something about how the solo cups needed to be cut into strips. Also I remember a frying pan being used. J T had cut the cup into jagged and dangerous strips. I knew they were supposed to be straight.

      The manager came along. He was like J from SWT. He didn't approve of the way the cups were cut. I realized he would assume I had been the one to cut them wrong. So I made sure to make it clear that J T had done it. I felt bad for this, but I would be blamed my default, and that wasn't fair!

      There was a part in a class room. I remember the teacher said that A R liked something about my writings or other work. So I talked to her about it. S S was there. I forgot all the details, but I remember telling everyone the importance of recovery from religion and the importance of resting and relaxing. Everyone seemed interested.

      I remember walking around and going into someone's house. It was someone like T M. She had a beard though. I forgot some details of this scene. But I remember she had boots on. In order to hide her height, she had bent her feet up into the leg part of the boot, not put them into the foot part. I could see them poking out. I wondered if that actually reduced her height, since her heels still touched the ground at the same place. Maybe she wanted me to get something for her.

      I remember being at the big food store and looking at some display with adjustable lighting. It may have been the produce section. I wanted to adjust the lighting down a bit. There was a reason but I forgot why.

      An electrical engineering woman, whose name I forgot, came out to tell me not to adjust the light. I said I needed it to be dimmer. I remember being on the phone with her, and going over her website. She was very busy with electrical engineering, but wanted me to review her website and then we could talk. I was embarrassed about the fact that I was an electrical engineering major in college, and yet, didn't know these things.

      At first, we were talking about the lighting, but I asked her about EMF's. She had a whole page about that, too. So I looked forward to our conversation. Her website was like the ones that sell the faraday cages.

      She also told me that she had a condition where she grew fur, like a mouse. It became part of the plot later in a minor way.

      I remember I had a friend in real-estate who gave me a property to sell. It was a big brick building with a huge glass window that looked out on a nice grassy field and other brick buildings. Someone was definitely going to buy it, and I would get the commission. I wondered why they would do something so nice for me. I remember looking at a cell phone, thinking about it, maybe sitting at a table by nana's pool.

      I remember sitting in a restaurant with some friends. We were doing some kind of I-spy thing. Part of it was to find two furry people. We found one and my friend was like, "They have rat fur!" Then the electrical engineer woman walked in. She had on a dress, showing that her back had lots of white-grey, curly hair.

      I didn't want her to be dragged into our game, since I knew her personally, and wanted her help with the electricity stuff. My friend said, "Look, she has rat fur/hair!" She said, "It's not rat hair, it's human hair."

      Then from a table behind me, someone said, "I hate smokers! When they spread their poisonous fumes out the window while driving, it's worse than a drive-by." I was so happy to hear someone say that. I said, "Yeah! I hate smokers, too!"

      Someone else was yelling at me. Apparently I had ignored them before. I yelled back at them in a yelling voice, but saying apologies, and that I wished we could be friends. They left and kept yelling at me as they left.

      I remember some Pokemon battles. I had to re-play each of them. In one, I was deciding whether to leave a certain Pokemon in play, based on whether or not it would one-hit K O the opponent. I decided to go for it. They sliced the opponent in half. But then it showed the opponent in one piece, laughing and walking off to the side. Showing that it was just a game and no one was really getting hurt.

      I remember another Pokemon battle scene where I had a Steel type Pokemon. At first, my steel move did like 50%, so I expected to K O next turn but it only did 25%. I didn't know why. That was the second time I had done the battle. I also noticed I had a move with 10 base power and 25 PP in the bottom right. I was like, 'Why would they include that??' The Pokemon I was using was like Golem. I wonder if I will notice differences between my Pokemon battles in dreams from the ones in waking life and get lucid. So far some of the differences have been, repeat battles, move damage seeming random, and silly moves.

      I remember the kid who had been yelling at me met up with me again as we were leaving. He said that my sister had gotten into a bus or train with their friends and left him behind. I remember seeing a mental image of the bus driver and a red stop sign. He tried to run after the bus/train but they wouldn't stop.

      I told him he could stay with my friends and I. He thought we were lame because we were an older crowd, and declined the offer. I thought to myself, 'We might be older, but we know each other well.'

      I thought I saw N M, a friend from school, but his arms weren't bodybuilder sized. So I figured it wasn't him. I got all excited to say hi but then kept talking to my other friend.

      I remember a part when I was driving my car to leave the city. We had been in the city for some kind of celebration, like new years eve. We thought it would be too early to leave, and traffic would be very congested. But still, I was tired, and wanted to go home.

      I got to one street and it was closed down, so they could run street sweeper trucks. I turned around and went the other way. While doing a U Turn, I thought about song lyrics which rhymed the words "love you" with "snorkle".

      I woke up and recalled those, then found I couldn't fully re-remember round 1. I remembered something with a part where I was gonna write, "[something] with another word after it" in quotes with the word something in brackets because I forgot that half. It was just OTTOTT though.

      I finished the outline by 6 A M and the entry by 6:50 A M. I guess it's nice to have the dream journal entry all done a little earlier, since yesterday's was over 4,000 words and took until 10 A M.
    3. Dream - Gaining Powers

      by , 09-15-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 27 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 186 - Gaining Powers

      I don't remember the precise order of events in this dream. I think first of all, there were these TAFE classes going on, on a Thursday or Friday. I was then in this unknown area and didn't know where I was going. I said to myself that although it's not ideal to be following TAFE teachers around outside campus, KG was the only familiar person in this area. So I quietly snuck behind him and walked to where he was going without him spotting me. He ended up going to the public buses and I knew that this was how to get home.

      I noticed that he had met up with KHa at the bus stop. My brother NB then appeared in the dream and he was planning to find his way home as well. NB and I both made ourselves known to KG and KHa. It was planned that NB would go back with KG and I would go back with KHa.... We ended up getting on the same bus. The dream played a bit of the bus ride and then I think the scene changed.

      The next scene took place at my old house in the backyard but I forgot what I was dojng at the start of that scene. I noticed this pillar just next to the stairs that go up to the verandah. This dark grey stone pillar had the four elemental symbols carved into it. From top to bottom, the order of the elements were electricity, ice, earth and then fire. I figured out that the symbols were not active. I had to activate them by adopting the breath of that symbol and breathing onto it. The symbol would turn from its dark grey carving to the coloured glow of that particular element.

      I got ready to breathe out electricity. I made a “z-z-z” noise and as I did, real electricity cake out of my mouth, slowly filling up the inside of the symbol with bright yellow energy. The next pillar symbol to fill in was ice. I made some sound that I thought resembled the ice breath. What came out was a light blue, cold mist with traces of small white dots in it. The ice symbol was full but then I looked up and realised that there was not enough electricity. The electricity symbol was only filled in about 2/3 of the way. So I changed my breath back to electricity and made the yellow symbol full.

      I then moved onto earth, which was the easiest breath to release... It required the least effort and rather, a calm mind and body. The effect was the same as ice but the mist was green. Additionally, the earth symbol on the pillar was quick to fill up. The last symbol was fire which I took a really deep breath in to fill. What was released was indeed a very hot orange mist with warm white dots. Once all the symbols were filled, I stepped back from the pillar and noticed that I now had full power of the elements. I think the dream finished there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - A Sprig Of Thyme (Use your earth abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Using earth to charge the green symbol on the pillar.
      - Sparkie (Use your electric abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Using electricity to charge the yellow symbol on the pillar.
      - Brave The Elements (Use all 4 elements in 1 dream).
      >> Filled up each of the 4 symbols on the pillar with a different element.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Dream - Masters Of The Elements

      by , 04-26-2017 at 07:18 AM
      Date Of Dream: SAT 24 DEC - 2016

      Dream No. 79 - Masters Of The Elements

      The dream started at my old house, in the sitting room. I was sitting on the yellow couch with a mobile phone in my hands and I would be receiving constant phonecalls from my friend JO. What was really annoying though was that every time we'd finish a conversation and hang up, she'll call back straight away! This kept happening quite a lot of times. Eventually, I saw that the analogue clock on the wall said 9:05 and I said to JO, “Please, try not to call back until at least 9:30”. I don't remember the events in that scene afterwards. I think the dream had skipped on to another part. So, here comes the more exciting part:

      It's in a building which has a blue vinyl floor, similar to the look of Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft. The main door of the room opens to show Mr B with a massive group of girls behind him. Now I don't exactly remember what he said but what I do know is that Ms A was already in the room and Mr B is saying something to her about his choir. So the girls went in to join Ms A and myself and Mr B left. There were these vendors in the room, almost like cordial or lolly dispencers. What was really happening was that Ms A and all the girls were filling up plastic cups with these random sugar-coated fruits.

      During that time, I approach one of the girls, a stranger that seems to have some weird energy about her. I can see yellow in her and so that's when I come to a conclusion about who she is. It is then that she lets out this giant burst of electricity... The room was now pitch black and she shot out these terrifying volts of light blue electricity, so that's when my conclusion was supported. Now the electricity she let out made loud zapping noises, as if she was letting out heaps of the element, unleashing her power. During the times she would let her electricity work, I was shaken with fear but then electricity was not a bad element as I knew she could only gain electricity through a life of happiness and zest.

      I decided it was time to tell her about the power she possessed and so I go to her, “It seems to me that you are Master of Electricity” and then I also explained further so she would know why. After I told her all this, she became astonished... Her face clearly expressing the new insight she had received. And then I go to her, “And look, I am Master of Ice”. I demonstrated the element to her by trying to deliberately exhale excessively. What came out was a streaming breath of cold air which was proof of the ice element. Once again, she was extremely surprised.

      I don't where I was after that... I know I was in the same complex but was just in a random area. There I bumped into Mr O'N but he did not have the same appearance as he does in waking life. In the dream, he had a slightly different figure and his hair was a lot greyer. There were people with him who I had guess to be his wife and then all daughters. There was talk that he was the owner of the temple but the problem arose that the temple could be sold to someone else for a low price which was not the wish of Mr O'N and his family.

      Next, I found myself outside the complex. It was a cold day, the sky was grey, the grounds were wet and it looked like it had just finished raining. I was standing in the “entrance” which was undercover. Approaching me was some Asian boy from a school called Beaconsfield High School. We talked but I don't remember what was talked about. Afterwards, JO made an appearance but for some strange reason, she was wearing Mazenod (an all boys school in real life) uniform... I don't really remember us talking about anything though.

      I then decided to take a walk and eventually, I came across this building that was a combination of a house and a commercial building. This was Mrs O'N's dwelling... Note that this one is not the wife of Mr O'N. Now there was all this tall grass overcrowding the place and so that gave me real clue as to what part she had to play in the dream. I had determined that this grass could only “be the work of Mrs O'N and her calm nature as well as her inner and outer beauty”. My next job was to actually find her so I congratulate her but for some reason, I could never seem to find her. It looks like this was going to be a quest for the remainder of my dream.

      I was then going back towards the original area of the complex but I was going a different way. Rather than going from the outside, I was walking fast through some corridor and in that corridor was a billboard, sitting on an a-frame. On the billboard was information regarding a performance from VCE soloist WB which was taking place on “3 June 2017”, hence in waking life she will be in year 12 in 2017. The background of the billboard was navy blue with plain white text.

      So then I was near the complex again but outside, I think this time just at the side of the temple... Although it didn't really look like a temple at all. As I am approachig that area, I see LB, the younger sister of WB, along with an Asian family, a mum, a little girl and a little boy. They are talking to LB but as I approach, LB turns to give me a look of displeasure which yet draws me to another conclusion in regards to the elements... I had just discovered the Master of the last element. And so I tell LB that she is Master of Fire and she can't believe it... But she is not surprised, she rather rolls her eyes at me like I am talking nonsense and I see this as living proof of the raging fire within her.

      But I decide to make my point known to LB and I eventually get her to breath out. As she breathes, she releases hot air which is also proof of her ownership of fire. At the point, she does acknowledge her pleasant surprise with another facial expression but then quickly goes back to her default frown. Currently, the electricity girl is also with us and I tell the girl that she can actually make the formation of a Christmas Tree with her electricity. When I say this, LB looks at me as If I'm a mental case but then I go to LB, “All you have to do is believe... Imagine!” and that's when the tree is made from the girl's electricity which is this time yellow electricity like the colour of her element... With the backdrop of the dream world becoming black again.

      I think I sub-consciously knew that the dream was coming to end because I made another comment that Mrs O'N was still nowhere to be found and then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Roller-Coaster-Like Toy

      by , 10-12-2016 at 04:12 PM
      Morning of October 12, 2016. Wednesday.

      There are some events related to family interaction but I eventually focus on a large toy that runs on batteries and is somewhat like a roller coaster. However, there are at least two toy cars of about the size of Matchbox Cars, but lighter.

      At the bottom of the toy, atop the base, there at least five different batteries that must go in a couple different sections before the entire toy works though different features of the toy might be relevant to different battery compartments. Some seem to be size AA, though at least two are half the length of the first one put in on the leftmost side.

      After I put a few batteries in, working from left to right on the base, I push a button and a car moves around from one side to the other and closer to me. Another car, lower down, also moves about. Curiously, in the middle, there is a large flat male figure (in profile) of at least twice the scale of the cars. This figure sort of rolls diagonally downwards (from my right to my left) as if it was implied to be on roller skates, though moves somewhat slowly. It seems to be dressed as either a policeman or a mailman.

      A young girl who may be our youngest daughter (though does not look or seem much like her and is seemingly a couple years older), while standing, tips water out of a glass near one corner of the toy on the other side to my left (apparently just to see what happens) as I remain seated on the floor. I warn her not to do this, making a claim about “electricity” possibly harming someone if it gets in contact with water, saying that they would “disappear”.

      Electricity or lightning is typically neural energy or rising in consciousness. The presence of water, since it signifies sleep and the dream state itself, vivifies my dream for a short time, thus the young girl who is present, although a function of RAS, is more likely to be the personified unconscious than personified preconscious, the former being more of an induction factor as is the toy male figure going down from right to left. More so, she is on my left, which is also most often a personified unconscious and induction factor. The waking transition is ambiguous here, but it is my dream self in this case that atypically initiates it or at least “warns” of it, especially as I am putting the batteries in from left to right (typical waking symbolism orientation). Additionally, pushing a button relates to an attempt to focus (not necessarily wake, it might also vivify the dream state into full lucidity, though does not in this case).

    6. A meeting with Carol

      by , 01-12-2015 at 11:40 PM
      There's a secret meeting going on in the basement of a whorehouse; the woman who runs this place and her girls give us shelter on a regular basis. One long table, only two actual chairs which are taken by the leader of one of the larger camps and myself (which seems like a waste since I wind up spending most of this scene on my feet), everyone else makes do without. The last of us has just arrived, and I've started to show a video I recorded earlier, a conversation between me and another man - one of my own kind, unlike the humans at this meeting. I walk around the room as the video plays, narrating here and there but for the most part it speaks for itself. I'm using this video as evidence to convince them to take some action against the other man in the video. When the video's done, the meeting breaks up for a bit. People talk privately.

      As I walk around the room, I come across someone sitting against the wall who becomes very agitated as I approach. I remember him - I'd once done something thoughtlessly cruel to someone or something he cared about. I apologize to him now, and I genuinely mean it - I tell him I don't expect him to forgive me, but for whatever it's worth, I want him to know that I am sorry I did it. I'm not at all sure he understands what I'm saying. There's someone with him who's very protective of him - I leave them alone.

      On the other side of the room, as I'm taking down the video equipment and thinking about the convenient access to electricity here, a woman named Carol approaches me. She's one of the camp leaders, I admire her greatly - we'd been part of the same territory once, but she and her people broke away from me. To my surprise, she's come to call a truce. She doesn't want the personal grudge between us to influence her people, since we're on the same side for the moment. But she reminds me that she's keeping an eye on me, she has people planted in my territory, she doesn't trust me. I remind her that I could say the same to her - I have eyes in her camp, and she's not exactly universally loved by her people, they could easily be convinced to remove her. I say to her, amused, "It's not exactly one-sided."

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    7. Electrocuted

      by , 01-10-2015 at 08:58 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      With a visual migraine, I lay in bed watching the pretty colors swirl around in fractal patterns of beautiful blues, reds, and yellow geometric shapes that grow and pulse with bright color. Suddenly I'm in a dream and am trying to use metal chop sticks on an electrical outlet... I get electrocuted of course and wake up.
    8. 11-19-14 Sod security

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:24 PM
      We put sod down in the sanctuary of a church. The grass was very green and lush, quite pretty. To keep an eye on the grass, (we must have been afraid someone might try to rip it up), we planted a tombstone outside one of the windows of the church and planted a human eye in a round hollow in the stone. It acted as our security camera.

      One guy wanted to build a huge fancy apartment complex directly behind our church. So he wheeled in this huge red condo that was pulled on a ridiculously small trailer. He pulled it into the parking lot in front. It was way bigger than the church. As he tried to back the condo up so he could get it into the back lawn, it kept hitting the power lines and shooting impressive sparks everywhere.

      Something about maggots/worms.
    9. Practicing Super Powers & White Monkeys

      by , 01-04-2014 at 11:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was at home (hometown?) and saw an old man through the window, and I thought, he shouldn't be here/there. And then, I must be dreaming! Immediately, the surrounding became darker, until I can't see anything but darkness. I was then inside our living room (hometown for sure), but surrounded by darkness, and crystalline sparks. I kept saying "Clarity" hoping that it will clear everything up, but it just got darker, and I just got confused. I also focused on breathing. As everything went dark, I thought, I must be waking up, but told myself, no way.

      I was outside on the backyard. I felt like it was ours, but it doesn't look anything like it in real life. It was night or just dark. There's a small field for planting. JV's mom was working on it, tilling the soil, and I started to worry. Some things are out there that might cause harm. Some small things. After I secured my own mom, I dragged her to the sidelines and then I fought the small flying... thing. A small robot. It flew up what looked like an elevated garage. I kept focusing my powers of electricity to shoot it, but once I raised enough electricity, they turn into paper. I tried moving stuff with my mind instead. I raised metals and threw it at the robot. Eventually, I forgot all about the robot (which wasn't retaliating in any way) and I practiced my dream powers, trying to lift a heavy metal pipe with my mind. I kept failing, but eventually I succeeded, but not by much. I thought, This will be cool practicing this all the time now that I can lucid dream!

      I was inside an abandoned building with others. It was night outside, and it was dark inside the building. We were avoiding some things. Bad things. Evil things. (Guh... so that's how Good Omens affect my writing...) We hurried to get out of the gate (invisible, which is quite silly) before something inside caught us. We didn't look back.

      I was outside, still night. I looked back. I saw happy faces of my high school classmates (quite clear was JG's face) as if they just finished playing basketball.

      Daylight. We're supposed to escape by climbing some sort of really tall statue that reaches way up in the clouds. A companion commented how there are some snakes up there now, which didn't happen before. A short scene near the beach (or the road near Victorias, where the road is elevated from the sugarcane fields on both sides): someone was walking on the fields. I was walking on the elevated area (road).

      I was up on the statue. There's a platform where barrels and/or snakes roll out, and we have to jump over them and avoid them, which gets more difficult as the level increases. (I swear to gawd that's what I thought in the dream) There were monkeys somewhere here. At first I was just watching, but then I went into first-person view, and I slipped under the mouth/area where they barrels/snakes go out. I ended up outside a building, holding up a window. I had to, or else the whole factory (house like) will collapse, and all the white monkey workers inside will get crushed. After a while, I let go, and the monkeys were able to escape. The area felt provincial, like the areas I used pass by via Don Salvador Benedicto.

      There's something about a chosen one, a child, but that part of the dream mostly escaped me.

      Spoiler for WARNING: Violence:

      I was watching small girl (the chosen one?) talk to God (he looked and felt like the one on Facebook, but full-bodied). She was asking him questions and he answers her with funny responses. I forgot the details of the exchange.


      I slept around 4 p.m.
      I woke up around 5:44 p.m.
      I meditated before falling asleep.
      I was listening to Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) and The Gorillaz playlists the whole day.
      I thought about how the music I was listening to connects to my high-school memories.

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    10. A Florentine Courtyard, Electricity

      by , 09-01-2013 at 02:24 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/1/2013, 10:00-9:00

      I got up once at like 4:25, and stayed up for 5 minutes. Then went to sleep for the rest of the night. Once again, no dreams remembered before I got up. I also used the mantra, "I remember dreams when I wake up." I got 1 dream and a fragment:

      Dream 1:

      I was at Downing school (the place I've been working for the last couple of weeks in real life). Me, I, J, and Jo were going out the back way to the right of the building. We past the "courtyard" in front of the field. We probably turned left at the next intersection. We kept going down that way until we found a courtyard next to a pretty big street. The courtyard looked nice, with grayish bricks laid on the ground. It had a light post around it, and it kind of looked like it belonged in Florence (it probably doesn't exist in real life, either).When we got there, I and J left. Then it was just me and Jo. I asked for her number, and she said she was too poor to hang out with me . Then, N showed up and Jo eventually left. The dream ends there.

      Dream 2:

      Something about electricity and lightning.

      I also had a few dreams and fragments that I forgot before I could do this, and these are the two that I remembered in the end. I slept upstate today.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Video Game Race/Obstacle Course

      , 07-30-2012 at 02:20 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Dream | Lucid | Commentary

      It was Christmas and me and my little bro were getting presents from the Claus up on the North side. I don't remember what I got, but Adam got some sweet computer game and I played it. I guess I went inside the game too.

      I was on some obstacle course race, and I had a gun that shot electricity, it was used to open doors. I was right in front of some girl, so I was scared she'd pass me while I was opening a door. I came to a door, and I was shotting it with my gun, but it took a second to open.

      When it opened there was some railing fence I had to run around and climb over to get past that part. I passed it easily, but I came up on the next part of the course and it was some dancing challenge. There were already about 15 people leaving from that challenge, and I knew they cheated and took some shortcut, because I was in the lead! I skipped the dancing challenge and tried to catch up to those dirty cheaters.

      I forget what happened after that, but I know after this dream I woke up at around 4:45 and attempted a DEILD, but I guess I already moved around too much to do it. So I just tried a MILD, and I don't remember any later dreams.
    12. 2nd Lucid Dream Feb 13, 2012

      by , 02-14-2012 at 09:43 PM
      I am in a classroom on a bed listening to a class discussion about historical figures, in English class. The people in the class are acting normal for the most part. The area I am in is a cubic room, very bright, and with a light design all around of a flowery decor. I go to the bed in the class and at first think of going to my dream journal, which isn't there. This is my first sign that I may be in a dream, so I plug my nose and instantly realize that I'm in a dream at this moment due to the breath I am still able to take through my nose. Suddenly my body is lifted up and I feel and hear the shock of electricity and thunder through and within my body. The dream is now very blurry and I feel sick (maybe because I have a cold in real life). I try to keep calm this time because I don't want the dream to end quickly like last time. I find this very difficult. I look around the room and it's the same room as before, but the people are now gone. I look and see instead the imprints of shadows sitting around me, I hear a faint static and thunder all around me, with these shadows only barely in my sight. I decide to do the spin around technique to try to add some clarity to the images around me. I felt indecisive over whether I wanted to change locations or just make the dream clearer. So the class becomes a bit clearer and brighter but only for a moment, then I am back in darkness. At this point the only light is a blue almost ethereal light as though the lightning is spinning around the room, engulfing it. I stumble towards the exit of the room. The door at the exit of this cubic room is a metallic dark green door with a bronze handle, it's size is rather normal. As I reach for the handle I hear a loud echo in the darkness reverberate through my body with a clear easily understood message. "Not everything is as it appears", the message brings another thunderous boom of static through my body. As I look out of the room, I see a corridor, almost as dark as the room I was previously in. I am now both very excited and incredibly scared at what I may see in this corridor, especially after the message that nearly shattered me. As I look around the desolate corridor, my focus is fading. I don't see anything frightening, but the message and feelings of electricity were definitely enough...I wake up, half paralyzed, with my heart pounding in a flurry. Still a very cool experience
    13. Can't Go To The Movies

      by , 01-02-2012 at 06:18 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      I only remember small fragments of this dream!

      Basically I want to go to the movies with my friends, but throughout the dream things keep haulting our progress to get my goal done. And I never accomplish it either...
      I remember this guy was trying to shock we to death at one point, and we got popcorn a few minutes later but still couldn't get into the movies...
    14. Abducted and experimented on - Escaping from a Nightmare

      , 09-30-2011 at 04:04 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Recently some of the abilities I can confidently use in lucid dreams have appeared in my non-lucid dreams.
      I occasionally find myself using them without thinking or realizing that I am in fact dreaming.
      The most common ones I use are "Fire" and "dragon eyes".
      They're both abilities I associate with dragonic powers in my lucid dreams.
      Creating and manipulating fire is rather straightforward, using the dragon eyes not so much.
      If a DC looks into my eyes whilst I have the "dragon eyes" open, I can order the DC to perform any action and he will obey.
      This works with most DC's, except those who seem unnaturally strong. (those who present themselves as other dreamers or other conscious entities)

      I'm at university, attending some kind of lecture.
      The dean enters the classroom and asks if I can come with him.
      This doesn't really surprise me, I sometimes help the school with some stuff, I assume it's about something related to that.
      I get up and follow him.
      He opens his office. There's 3 men inside wearing suits... weird.
      He closes the door without entering.

      "Mr. Zimmer?"
      "Yes? Can I help you?"
      "Indeed you can, we're from the FBI."
      "Oh? What brings you to Germany?"
      "You do, Mr. Zimmer... Or should I call you 'Hyu'?"

      I'm confused and feel horribly uncomfortable, as if I had committed some sort of crime.
      But I know I have not. Yet I am Hyu, but how do they know? It's the nickname I use on the internet, is this related to some of my online activities?
      It's the Fbi, they have no jurisdiction here.
      I try to remain calm.

      "Mr. Zimmer is fine. Please explain yourself, what do you want from me?"
      "We want you to come with us."
      "I'm afraid I'll need an explanation before I'm going anywhere, you have no jurisdiction here."
      "Indeed, we do not."

      The agent pulls out a gun and points it at my chest.
      I freak out as he pulls the trigger and I feel the pain of something penetrating my skin.
      What the heck? This wasn't a bullet! He shot me with a tranq gun.
      My body goes numb and I fall to the ground...

      ... I regain consciousness. It's cold...
      The room I'm in is dark and moist.
      I'm wearing nothing but underpants, and I am constrained on a metal chair.
      The metal is really cold... and it reeks. I'm scared.
      I try to move my arms, but I can barely move them a few millimeters.
      They are chained to the chair at multiple locations.
      I start panicking and try to pull myself loose.

      But I quickly understand that there is no way that is going to happen.
      My legs are chained in the same way my arms are, there are multiple belts as well, keeping my body constrained to the chair.
      The system is so solid and complex that I can't even turn my head.

      I try to calm down. I need to think.

      Someone enters the room... he's wearing a doctors outfit... it's full of blood stains... fuck fuck fuck.
      He studies a chart and then approaches me.
      He turns on a spotlight attached to his headband, which blinds me.

      "Who are you???"
      "Where am I?!"

      He doesn't give a shit and completely ignores me.
      At first I think that he'll inject me with a huge syringe, but he actually proceeds to drain blood from my left arm.
      He's fucking disgusting. He smells horribly, as if he hasn't showered for weeks, and he doesn't look any better than he smells.

      Fuck this!

      I try to channel energy in order to set him on fire... but it fails miserably.
      Red lights on bracelets on my arms start flashing... and that's it... nothing happens. There is no fire.
      I realize the bracelets have tubes that feed into my arms... what the fuck?

      "Heh. Stupid shit. You're not going to use fire magic for a long time."
      "Guard! We're taking him with us. I want him to see something..."

      A guard enters the room and unlocks some of the chains.
      He then forces me to stand up and follow the doctor.
      The chains around my body are still massive. It's a complex setup of massive steel locks.
      The whole apparatus is heavy, I have a hard time walking with all the weight I have to carry.
      There's no way I'll be able to resist.

      I am brought into a room similar to the one I was held in.
      There's 2 prisoners inside.
      A girl and a guy, both about my age.
      I quickly realize that the girl is dead.
      It looks like she died of blood loss, which she lost through her eyes.
      How horrible!

      The guy seems quite scared. He looks at me, and I can see the desperation in his eyes.
      He knows he is going to die.

      The doctor approaches him. He is going to inject him with the blood he's taken from me... why?

      "They're going to kill me... just like they killed the girl."
      "Your blood killed her."

      The doctor intervenes: "Shut your mouth."
      But knowing what's going to happen to him, he doesn't care.

      "If there's anything you can do... do it."
      "They will torture you until they find a way to extract your abilities... and after that they'll have no more use for you."

      Fuck... if this is true... I have to act now... but how? I can't do shit with these bracelets.
      The doctor gets ready to insert the needle into his arm.
      I can feel the adrenaline pumping...


      The bracelets... they prevent me from using fire...

      "Hey doc!"
      "Shut it!"
      "You know, this is not going to work, you can't transmit the fire genes like that..."

      I'm pulling this out of my ass... I just need him to look me in the eyes before he performs the injection.
      Maybe they don't know what I can do if someone looks into my eyes, maybe they only know about the fire.

      "... Those tricks are not going to work. Don't waste my time."
      "Don't inject him and I'll tell you how to transfer my powers..."
      "... I've actually got them from someone else, I wasn't born with them."

      This is never going to work...
      He turns around and looks at me.
      Or maybe it will?

      "Look me in the eyes, do I look like I'm lying to you? My fucking life is on the line."

      And he does.
      Got you!

      I open the dragon eyes and stare right into his soul.
      I can see every bit of evil inside of him. What a disgusting and horrible person.
      He tries to resist, so I push it.
      His eyes turn bloody... he won't be able to take this for long.
      I need to hurry up.
      I order him with my mind.

      "Undo the bracelets!"

      He approaches me like a puppet and begins deactivating the bracelets.
      The guard notices and freaks out, yelling at the doctor to stop.
      But he doesn't... he can't even hear the guard, he can only hear the overwhelming voice of my mind.
      The guard pulls out his gun, but it's too late.
      The bracelets are off.

      The concentrated fire bullet I just launched at him hits him in the head and splits his skull.
      He drops to the ground dead.

      "PLEASE! Help me! I can get us out!"
      "I know the way, and I can open the doors."

      I don't have a choice, I have no idea where I am.
      He's wearing bracelets as well.
      I concentrate some fire onto them and they stop working.
      He closes his eyes and all the locks on his and my constraints unlock at once.

      "I control electricity. I can control most electrical devices."
      "That's useful..."

      I spot a small red led at the top of the room... fuck... a camera.

      "We need to get out. Now!"

      He gets up and we start running.
      The corridor outside the cell leads straight to a big steel security door.
      He opens it with his ability. It starts lifting upwards.

      But behind it, a whole armed task force is waiting for us.
      In panic, I prepare to set them all on fire, but it seems my new buddy got this.
      With a simple hand motion, he creates an electromagnetic field dragging all their equipment towards the ground.
      The belts of their machine guns prevent them from getting back up and we just run past them.

      This guy is amazing. He locks all doors around us, except for the ones we need to escape.
      We encounter little resistance on our way out since everyone is locked in other rooms.
      Finally we reach an elevator and get inside.

      Apparently we're at level "-28" which is also the lowest level.
      Where the fuck are we.
      It goes all the way up to "0", which is where we are going.

      The elevator doors open and we get out.
      We're in a rather small room, with some sort of reception and a big steel door which presumably leads outside.
      I can see a nuclear warning sign on it... I see. We are in an old nuclear bunker.
      A girl working the reception freaks out once she spots us and grabs a phone.

      "Do yourself a favor and don't bother..."

      I feel more confident now that we're nearly out. I'm not really that scared anymore.
      She drops the phone and puts her arms in the air.

      "Good girl."

      My new friends opens the door with a wave of his hand and the bright light from outside blinds me.
      We step out, not seeing anything, but then my vision normalizes...

      "Yes. I thought you knew how to get out?"
      "We are out. But I had no idea where the fuck this facility actually was..."
      "Well shit..."

      We're in the middle of the desert.
      You can see extremely far from where we are, but there's nothing to see but sand.
      Never ending sand and the fucking door leading back into the nuclear bunker.

      Armed forces stream out of the bunker pointing their machine guns at us.
      There's a guy in a suit with them, presumably the leader of whatever is going on in the bunker.

      ... Hold on a second... I can teleport, can't I?
      Or... wait...

      I'm angry... I'm properly mad.

      The guy I escaped with is confused.


      I'm so pissed. How did I not notice.
      I need to unleash some of this anger...
      I approach the guy in the suit.

      Everyone starts shooting at me, emptying their magazines, but the bullets just bounce off me.
      What do they expect? I'm lucid, they can't do shit.

      I grab the guy by his neck and lift him off the ground.

      "If you meet my subconscious, kindly ask it: 'What the fuck?'"

      I set him on fire. The flames are purple, and so strong that he immediately disintegrates, not even leaving behind any ashes.
      In my anger I call out to Faye, associating her with my subconscious and thus as someone responsible for this nightmare.


      She appears and immediately makes me a sign to let her say something first.

      "I didn't do this Hyu. This is not my fault. It wasn't me."
      "Then who did?"
      "No one... nightmares don't work like that..."

      I finally manage to calm down.
      And then I realize something rather important.

      "Sorry Faye... I didn't mean to be angry at you."
      "And I get it now. This is actually a positive experience, not a negative one."
      "Aha! How so?"
      "If I had this same nightmare and I wasn't lucid dreaming, I wouldn't have been able to break free from it."
      "The habits I've acquired in lucid dreams have helped me to escape from this nightmare, and from many others before."

      She smiles in agreement.

      I feel a lot better, somewhat refreshed actually.
      Beating a nightmare feels good. I feel strong, like I have an ability that most people don't.
      The dream fades away...
    15. the dale epic

      by , 09-20-2011 at 02:19 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am with a group of people. we are connected via friendship, or maybe circumstance, but not necessarily blood.
      maybe blood too. i can't tell, or maybe i can't remember. we're not all related though. there's about 6 of us.

      this epic i awoke from is fragmented, and i carry over only pieces, like a drunk night's morning. they are probably not in chronological order, but i'll try to make it make sense.

      scene one
      i am in the woods with the group.
      we are together, but spread out over the trail. i can see the last person and the first person.
      we are looking for the "bad guy" of the story. he's some king but only the word applies, he's not royalty or at least its never talked about. for some reason we know he is in a "cold room", which is a specific thing.
      quite all of a sudden, and i mean ALL OF A SUDDEN a train cuts thru the middle of our group. i can't see the rest of the people, and one lady is missing. she might be my grandmother, but that's a 50/50 chance.
      the train goes by, or somehow we all re-group with the train still going, and after everyone thought she died, she is here, fine, shooken up but alright.
      i think to myself how we really have to be careful because the trains can come from anywhere, anytime. there are no tracks.

      scene 1.5
      we all go to the train station. the train hasn't arrived yet. there are two hobos who are waiting for it, to jump into the boxcars and go. there's a third man, standing and staring at us. well fuck, that's the guy!
      someone says his name is "dale" or something with a D....the train arrives. he was on the other side.
      me and someone else go into a boxcar just to see how it is.
      it is pretty much the inside of a VW, two facing seats inside a rectangle box. kinda nice.
      we get out and the train leaves. no dale and the hobos are gone.
      my mom is with me, or maybe she's part of the group. she uses my phone to call someone named dale.
      "wait no, now he'll know my number and know where i am!" she called the wrong dale, i had two: some guy, and THE EVIL GUY!

      scene 2
      we are outside a supermarket. we are coming up with some kind of plan. we go in, and everyone scatters.
      time goes by, maybe i do my part in the plan, i don't know. after some time, i start to panic.
      where is everyone!?? i run thru the aisles, and there is a feeling like i'm being chased or watched or waited on.
      i see a boy i know who wasn't part of the original group but was part of this plan. he's running around with his cart empty, so i go up to him. he talks to me and i help him put a lot of wine in his cart.
      i hold a broom. it's part of a plan.
      we escape now, and run out the door. the alarm goes off, and they chase us out for a second, so i throw the broom at them. "yeah i stole it, here have it back," is what the action meant to say. they didn't notice the wine.

      scene 3
      i am running, running running up a hill, towards a bingo hall. i am with someone else.
      we run up to the top of the hill that it's on finally and hide. we are going to try and track down where the cold room is, where dale is.
      i go into the hall and it's a store. i take a magazine and when i come out and open it i realize its 300 pages of models. boring. i text heather. my mom's here. we're going to look together.

      scene 4
      i am in the cave/forest/dungeon/tunnel/room. the final one. the-boss-key kind of room. we will find the cold room here, and dale, and defeat him or whatever we're doing.
      we are all spread out in this long room. its like mountains and forest inside a cave, inside a building.
      i climb thru some of the obstacles for awhile. its just a hunt for a long time, dream-time too. climbing and climbing.
      then, behind me someone yells they've found it!!! what? i'm pretty much at the entrance.... she's behind me even further. how'd we miss it?
      seriously, how'd we miss this: at the beginning of the room, there's a secret ledge. there are footholds but they have no depth so they don't look real. well, they are. she climbed up 'em and at the top is the cold room!
      which isn't actually a room. it's a cylindrical hanging piece of cloth, and i guess dale is inside that. and it's probably cold in there...because that's what someone told me.
      well, okay, looks like i'm gonna be the one to confront him first. i grab a ribbon thats hanging from the ceiling and swing over to the ledge, grab it, and hang on. i climb up, and talk to dale.

      his voice booms, like thru a loudspeaker. it is just like wizard of oz. a big big boomy death voice...actually a man behind a curtain. well actually...dale gets to talking, and the voice is completely female afterawhile. whatever?
      dale asks what i want to eat, and i say a grilled cheese please...i get it, and eat it, and it's good.
      now he confronts my mom, who's sitting at the entrance.
      lobster! duh....he sends her lobster. she's eating, and then dale makes it rain electricity all over her.
      what. what. what. what. he just killed my mom!!!!
      it's still raining, and i don't want to live without my mom, so i jump from the ledge onto the floor where my mom's sitting.
      i get struck by electricity balls already accumulating on the floor and more from dale. the feeling is crazy.
      my whole body is conscious of every other part of my body, and i can feel my skeleton. i am my skeleton only.
      i crawl to my mom, and close my eyes.
      then i open them. i'm not dead...this just feels really cool. she slowly opens hers, and she's not dead, but she's worse off than i am. we sit together as dale addresses my dad now.
      i don't remember what he asks to eat, but he doesn't get struck or anything bad. just eats.
      after dale asks everyone in the entrance what they want, he talks to me. (he's talking in a male voice for this now, before it was very female).
      he says something about music to me. recently i have wanted to try my hand at an instrument in waking life because i've never really studied music, or how it all works, or really listened to music with a musician's ear.
      he talks to me about this, and scolds me by saying how i've never listened to real music.
      he offers me more lemonade, which i guess i had a glass of with my grilled cheese. i say no...
      my mom says "that's like a GOD and you're not accepting more of the food he's producing on his own by magic???"...shit, put that way, i realize i'm an idiot.
      he offers my dad more watermelon and he lets me have a piece, now that i realize what this food is. (somewhere along the lines, dale became a neutral figure, not good or evil, and very magic...)
      the watermelon is the worst i've ever had. it's chewy and without water.
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