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    1. Dream - Gaining Powers

      by , 09-15-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 27 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 186 - Gaining Powers

      I don't remember the precise order of events in this dream. I think first of all, there were these TAFE classes going on, on a Thursday or Friday. I was then in this unknown area and didn't know where I was going. I said to myself that although it's not ideal to be following TAFE teachers around outside campus, KG was the only familiar person in this area. So I quietly snuck behind him and walked to where he was going without him spotting me. He ended up going to the public buses and I knew that this was how to get home.

      I noticed that he had met up with KHa at the bus stop. My brother NB then appeared in the dream and he was planning to find his way home as well. NB and I both made ourselves known to KG and KHa. It was planned that NB would go back with KG and I would go back with KHa.... We ended up getting on the same bus. The dream played a bit of the bus ride and then I think the scene changed.

      The next scene took place at my old house in the backyard but I forgot what I was dojng at the start of that scene. I noticed this pillar just next to the stairs that go up to the verandah. This dark grey stone pillar had the four elemental symbols carved into it. From top to bottom, the order of the elements were electricity, ice, earth and then fire. I figured out that the symbols were not active. I had to activate them by adopting the breath of that symbol and breathing onto it. The symbol would turn from its dark grey carving to the coloured glow of that particular element.

      I got ready to breathe out electricity. I made a “z-z-z” noise and as I did, real electricity cake out of my mouth, slowly filling up the inside of the symbol with bright yellow energy. The next pillar symbol to fill in was ice. I made some sound that I thought resembled the ice breath. What came out was a light blue, cold mist with traces of small white dots in it. The ice symbol was full but then I looked up and realised that there was not enough electricity. The electricity symbol was only filled in about 2/3 of the way. So I changed my breath back to electricity and made the yellow symbol full.

      I then moved onto earth, which was the easiest breath to release... It required the least effort and rather, a calm mind and body. The effect was the same as ice but the mist was green. Additionally, the earth symbol on the pillar was quick to fill up. The last symbol was fire which I took a really deep breath in to fill. What was released was indeed a very hot orange mist with warm white dots. Once all the symbols were filled, I stepped back from the pillar and noticed that I now had full power of the elements. I think the dream finished there.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - A Sprig Of Thyme (Use your earth abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Using earth to charge the green symbol on the pillar.
      - Sparkie (Use your electric abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Using electricity to charge the yellow symbol on the pillar.
      - Brave The Elements (Use all 4 elements in 1 dream).
      >> Filled up each of the 4 symbols on the pillar with a different element.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dream - Flaming Fire Fury (+ Side Note)

      by , 09-13-2017 at 02:23 PM
      I didn't post on here for ages. I'm studying a diploma qualification at the moment and the last weeks of term are always so busy when it comes to any type of studying. The schedule has really messed up the quality of my dreams but now that I have a three week holiday... Hopefully the opportunity arises to get my dreams and contact with my Dream Guide back on track. Just wanted to tell you where I was in case anyone was wondering for the past month or so:

      Date of Dream: THU 24 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 184 - Flaming Fire Fury

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember; my family, JO and JH were getting ready to go out somewhere. Some family friends were over at my house and so I was keen to show them the dress that I was wearing. The dream scene went to me looking in my bedroom mirror. I was wearing a short, light blue dress with black straps and some lavender coloured jewellery.

      Then there was a different dream scene altogether, in a different location. It was in some random garage-like room and I was wanting to change into a lavender dress to match the jewellery. Interestingly enough, the dress was going to be in the exact same style, just in a different colour. So I was taking off my light blue dress when this random silhouette of a lady appears on the other side of the curtained window... The voice is constantly yelling at me to hurry up.

      She yells at me so often that I eventually forced to stop what I am doing and so therefore, find myself continuing a portion of the dream naked, or as I felt it, at least top half naked. I go to the other side of this garage room, where the door to the outside is. As it opens, the lady that was yelling at me comes forth from outside. I ended up getting really cross with her and telling her off for what she had done. I find that my temper is actually getting higher and higher and I soon also get hot. I clearly stated, in anger, that I was going to let out the most awful fire fury.

      I end up taking a deep breath in and literally, I see flames blasting out of my mouth at the lady. The flames had really affected her but I wasn't done. I shifted my elemental powers to only a bit of ice, which was not ice itself but rather really cold air... It had paralysed her movements, made her helpless and shoved her out the door. I then turned around and noticed that some invisible wall was up to where I planned to go back to. I whispered to myself “the room now seems to be guarded by fire” and then I said to the invisible barrier, something like “allow us access, do not deny us”.

      I felt this energy as if the fire barrier was letting me through. When I got to the other side, my assumption of fire guarding the room became true as I got extremely hot and started to sweat. All throughout the dream, I did manage to find some time for Easter egg hunts and in this room, I found a whole heap of Easter eggs laying in a bowl. I thought that there were the eggs that my little cousin collected and beat me to. I tried to remove the wrapper off one of the eggs but it was melted from the heat that the excess of the fire element was creating. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Snowed In (use your ice abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Paralysed the lady with a blast of cold air and then shot her out the door.
      - Burnt To A Crisp (use your fire abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element.
    3. Dream - Fear Of The Furry & Elements Vs Economics (Addition: Trophy Adjustment)

      by , 08-05-2017 at 10:41 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 30 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 164 - Separated Sections

      Dream 164 A - Fear Of The Furry
      I was back at Killester for school and there was a mixture of Killester girls and Chisholm girls in the class. I had one of the TAFE teachers for English. I then had Mrs TB for financial maths but the dream was always making me come 10 minutes late to class, no matter what I did. At one point, I never came back to class. I was then at my house, having piano lessons with my high school tutor PH. There was some weird homework that he had set for me but I forgot what it was.

      I had left home to go to this random milk bar and when I came back out, I saw FT on the streets. She told me she had some meeting to attend with the members of the St. Kilda Football Club. I followed FT up the hill and discovered that the members were in my driveway. I got so excited and told FT that this was my house. Then I left her in the driveway and proceeded into the garage myself.

      In the garage, I saw a grey kitten walking around and it would occasionally hiss at me, which would make me scared. I kept calling for Dreamy WB but there was no answer. The kitten would keep hissing and I got more and more scared. I eventually centred myself and came up with the new technique for summoning Dreamy WB. I spoke to myself, saying that she was going to be behind grandma's car. I then walked to the far side of grandma's car and indeed she was there, leaning on the driver's window. I remember she was wearing a white t-shirt with a black cardi and black trackies, with her glasses on.

      So I went up to her and showed her how much I was freaked out. She then got up and put an arm around me, slowly walking towards the other side of the garage while holding me in a full on hugging position. The grey kitten was still menacingly hissing but then there was a black kitten and a brown kitten who were minding their own business and being all cute. Every time Dreamy WB would loosen and then tighten her grip on me, there was this “counter” that would increase. Once I was in the house and on the stairs, the counter was at 9 and then went to 10. Before we got to the top of the stairs, I woke up.

      Dream 164 B - Elements Vs Economics
      One of the TAFE teachers had given us an assignment for our economics class, except he's not our economics teacher in real life but rather the real life teacher for company accounting. For this case study, I wrote down and drew the symbol for what element suited each scenario. Some I remember were ice to freeze the money in place and then for another scenario, fire to stop the thief from getting away with the money. The dream then skipped to me getting the assignment back and there were crosses everywhere. I was really embarrassed with the result but then discovered that the teacher made corrections with red erasable pen, so I rubbed all his corrections out. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      EXTRA NOTE - Trophy Adjustment/s
      After reassessing some of the dream trophies, I don't think I'd be able to simulate the dream environment required with my current abilities, so I'm making some changes to the dream trophies so they are somewhat achievable, starting from future dreams.

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 3 dreams

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Use your Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Use your Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Use your Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Use your Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Use your Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Use your Fire abilities in 3 dreams

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    4. Dream - Beauty For A Birthday

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:30 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 161 - Beauty For A Birthday

      The first part of the dream was taking place in my bathroom and I was talking myself through my upcoming test. The dream gave me a tip such as when I approach traffic lights, not only to look forward but also to pay attention to the cars bunching up around me. The dream then went to me checking my Facebook. I saw on WB's timeline a post about attending someone's 13th birthday party, with a photo of her and her family wearing medical outfits at the party.

      The dream then showed the actual scenario of the party without the Facebook surrounding. WB and her family were due to wear a green colour scheme to the party and what's more interesting is that each family member was wearing the exact same tone of mint green. The dream camera did zoom onto WB's outfit, really emphasizing the pattern of the dress and the overall elegance. I was then in my driveway and I was going to go with the to the party except my dress was dark blue and so if I was going with the family, I needed to somehow change my dress to be in the mint colour. I did so by activating one of my four elements, earth, which changed my colour to that exact green. Then the dream went further and showed the dress' colour due to my default element of ice, which indeed made the dress an icy blue. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    5. Dream - Elemental Bass Friends

      by , 06-21-2017 at 11:12 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 20 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 137 - Elemental Bass Friends

      I remember the four elemental dragons from The Legend Of Spyro, doing something on a cliff top, very close to the edge of the cliff. They then fell off and when they died, all their elemental powers had been transferred to me, although I didn't really do anything dramatic, I could just feel all this energy and I knew what it was. The scene then changed to this classroom-like setting where there were heaps of students' art on display. It was art from the year of when I was on prep but then the pieces of art looked like high-school standard. I then saw this one painting that was mine and I was telling a random stranger of all the detail of it.

      The dream then skipped to my dad and he had mentioned something about his four bass playing friends. I told my dad to go and see them now and stop putting his project off. The dream then played a scene with each of them and each had resemblance to one of the four elements. The dream then stated that they all lived on the one road. The dream scene then went back to me and my dad was angry with me some reason. I remember he said something but I've forgotten specifically. I do remember saying it's 2016 when he started the project in 2013, so he'd better get moving now than never. That's all in regards to this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    6. Dream - Stick Strife

      by , 05-14-2017 at 03:37 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 14 MAY - 2017

      One Dream Combat Championship Challenger: DEFEATED!!! There are now 6 challengers remaining in this round... Do you and Dreamy WB have what it takes to get to them in time and reign victorious?

      Dream No. 113 - Stick Strife
      Lucid Dream 6

      Although I've forgotten exactly how I became lucid, I do remember that there was a change of awareness in me. I was now consciously aware that I could change some aspects of my dream. I was in my house, in the front room, when I said to myself, “I want to find the area and fight that pot plant now”. That's when the dream camera shifted over to an image of a bowl with fuzzy, tangled vines in it, almost like very thick strands of knotted hair... But that's not what I was facing.

      The dream camera then went back to the front room, which claimed to be my arena, although it didn't look like an arena in any way. There was now a stick laying on the floor, just laying there like a normal stick in a backyard would. The only special feature about this stick was its two, long-shaped black eyes on the top. I thought that to defeat the stick, I'd break bits off it until it came to nothing. The only problem is, every time I'd break the stick for the first time, it's “head” would keep “regenerating”! At the same time, my mum was sitting on the couch and she was trying to tell me what I should do but then she was also distracting me. It's like the dream was using her to break me out of my lucidity and the pot plant (stick) task at hand. I told her I knew what I was doing and so she eventually stopped and minded her own business.

      I was frustrated and frightened because I was still breaking the stick for the first time and it was still growing back. And so I yell out, “Dreamy WB! What's going on here? Do something!”. In this dream, Dreamy WB wasn't physically there but rather, she was an invisible force. A subconscious message came to me that I had 30 seconds to break down as much of the stick as possible. In the dream, I found myself counting out loud to 30 and when I hit 30, the stick became rigid again. So the stick was about ¾ way broken when it decided it would now “attack” me.

      The dream camera had showed a close-up of my eye and these was now a toothpick going vertically up it, like someone trying to keep you awake. The phenomenon was that the stick had put the toothpick there to cause a lump on the outer socket, intentionally causing injury. So I was in no condition to handle the stick. The dream somehow subconsciously suggested to get Dreamy WB and that she would place her finger on the lump to heal it. Once that idea was expressed, I had some sort of warm, fuzzy feeling surrounding me. I noticed that the lump had disappeared and so I continue to handle that stick.

      I then thought to myself, “You are going to pay dearly”. I noticed I had control of my 4 elements. I used fire on the stick but that did nothing. Earth was next and that didn't do anything either. Electricity was the third try but had no effect. Last of all was ice and that's what ended the life of the stick, making it shrivel up and shatter. Surprisingly, that's the only dream I remember from that night.

      There will be a "Behind The Scenes" entry for this dream.
    7. Dream - Masters Of The Elements

      by , 04-26-2017 at 07:18 AM
      Date Of Dream: SAT 24 DEC - 2016

      Dream No. 79 - Masters Of The Elements

      The dream started at my old house, in the sitting room. I was sitting on the yellow couch with a mobile phone in my hands and I would be receiving constant phonecalls from my friend JO. What was really annoying though was that every time we'd finish a conversation and hang up, she'll call back straight away! This kept happening quite a lot of times. Eventually, I saw that the analogue clock on the wall said 9:05 and I said to JO, “Please, try not to call back until at least 9:30”. I don't remember the events in that scene afterwards. I think the dream had skipped on to another part. So, here comes the more exciting part:

      It's in a building which has a blue vinyl floor, similar to the look of Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft. The main door of the room opens to show Mr B with a massive group of girls behind him. Now I don't exactly remember what he said but what I do know is that Ms A was already in the room and Mr B is saying something to her about his choir. So the girls went in to join Ms A and myself and Mr B left. There were these vendors in the room, almost like cordial or lolly dispencers. What was really happening was that Ms A and all the girls were filling up plastic cups with these random sugar-coated fruits.

      During that time, I approach one of the girls, a stranger that seems to have some weird energy about her. I can see yellow in her and so that's when I come to a conclusion about who she is. It is then that she lets out this giant burst of electricity... The room was now pitch black and she shot out these terrifying volts of light blue electricity, so that's when my conclusion was supported. Now the electricity she let out made loud zapping noises, as if she was letting out heaps of the element, unleashing her power. During the times she would let her electricity work, I was shaken with fear but then electricity was not a bad element as I knew she could only gain electricity through a life of happiness and zest.

      I decided it was time to tell her about the power she possessed and so I go to her, “It seems to me that you are Master of Electricity” and then I also explained further so she would know why. After I told her all this, she became astonished... Her face clearly expressing the new insight she had received. And then I go to her, “And look, I am Master of Ice”. I demonstrated the element to her by trying to deliberately exhale excessively. What came out was a streaming breath of cold air which was proof of the ice element. Once again, she was extremely surprised.

      I don't where I was after that... I know I was in the same complex but was just in a random area. There I bumped into Mr O'N but he did not have the same appearance as he does in waking life. In the dream, he had a slightly different figure and his hair was a lot greyer. There were people with him who I had guess to be his wife and then all daughters. There was talk that he was the owner of the temple but the problem arose that the temple could be sold to someone else for a low price which was not the wish of Mr O'N and his family.

      Next, I found myself outside the complex. It was a cold day, the sky was grey, the grounds were wet and it looked like it had just finished raining. I was standing in the “entrance” which was undercover. Approaching me was some Asian boy from a school called Beaconsfield High School. We talked but I don't remember what was talked about. Afterwards, JO made an appearance but for some strange reason, she was wearing Mazenod (an all boys school in real life) uniform... I don't really remember us talking about anything though.

      I then decided to take a walk and eventually, I came across this building that was a combination of a house and a commercial building. This was Mrs O'N's dwelling... Note that this one is not the wife of Mr O'N. Now there was all this tall grass overcrowding the place and so that gave me real clue as to what part she had to play in the dream. I had determined that this grass could only “be the work of Mrs O'N and her calm nature as well as her inner and outer beauty”. My next job was to actually find her so I congratulate her but for some reason, I could never seem to find her. It looks like this was going to be a quest for the remainder of my dream.

      I was then going back towards the original area of the complex but I was going a different way. Rather than going from the outside, I was walking fast through some corridor and in that corridor was a billboard, sitting on an a-frame. On the billboard was information regarding a performance from VCE soloist WB which was taking place on “3 June 2017”, hence in waking life she will be in year 12 in 2017. The background of the billboard was navy blue with plain white text.

      So then I was near the complex again but outside, I think this time just at the side of the temple... Although it didn't really look like a temple at all. As I am approachig that area, I see LB, the younger sister of WB, along with an Asian family, a mum, a little girl and a little boy. They are talking to LB but as I approach, LB turns to give me a look of displeasure which yet draws me to another conclusion in regards to the elements... I had just discovered the Master of the last element. And so I tell LB that she is Master of Fire and she can't believe it... But she is not surprised, she rather rolls her eyes at me like I am talking nonsense and I see this as living proof of the raging fire within her.

      But I decide to make my point known to LB and I eventually get her to breath out. As she breathes, she releases hot air which is also proof of her ownership of fire. At the point, she does acknowledge her pleasant surprise with another facial expression but then quickly goes back to her default frown. Currently, the electricity girl is also with us and I tell the girl that she can actually make the formation of a Christmas Tree with her electricity. When I say this, LB looks at me as If I'm a mental case but then I go to LB, “All you have to do is believe... Imagine!” and that's when the tree is made from the girl's electricity which is this time yellow electricity like the colour of her element... With the backdrop of the dream world becoming black again.

      I think I sub-consciously knew that the dream was coming to end because I made another comment that Mrs O'N was still nowhere to be found and then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Portal opening

      by , 01-05-2015 at 01:15 AM
      Me and a few others have been poking around this seemingly abandoned house, and I have a suspicion that I'm getting more and more certain of as we explore. I finally voice it: this is my house, or rather, this world's version of me; a female version apparently. I'm reasonably certain we can use this as a way to connect between the worlds, since neither version of me is in our original world right now. We'll test it by passing through some random object - I pick up what looks like a game piece, a notched wooden peg painted green. I'll go to sleep with it in my pocket, and it should pass over to her side while I'm asleep.

      Time skip. One of the people I'm traveling with - earnest young blonde man, round glasses, dressed in robes that remind me of the Magician's - is setting up what looks like a summoning circle, directing the others. He fills me in on what happened while I was unconscious this time around: the people in the other world were able to deliver the third of the necessary artifacts to us. It goes unsaid, but the important part was less the specific artifact and more the fact that it was an object that had passed between worlds, though they also have to represent specific elements. We're going to use the artifacts to open up a portal we can all get through. I'm vaguely annoyed about having such a one-sided view of things, only being able to see the events unfolding in this one world, getting half the story; but it can't be helped, I have to be asleep for any communication between worlds to occur.

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    9. W.I.T.C.H. and Mr. Peabody & Sherman

      by , 04-27-2014 at 02:24 PM
      I couldn't remember my dream from yesterday, but from this night I could. I am having trouble to remember, but I am working on it.

      I had two dreams fragments.

      Fragment 1
      This dream was about a series called W.I.T.C.H. (yes, I am watching this. I watch 'kid' series when I am stressed because it calms me down).
      There was something about air or water powers and who's power is bigger/better/higher than the other. I see it as a triangle. But what is weird that I found/felt that the air and water powers are the greatest or the best, but I visualize a triangle were water and air power are at the bottom and not on top as I was feeling.
      Here is an amazing homemade triangle that I visualized or also felt kind off =D, but I saw the words written in the elements (the letters are like water drops or vines from plants)Lucid Dreams-dream-26-27-april-2014.png

      Fragment 2
      I don't really remember a story (for me in dreams, I mostly dream like you are reading a book or watching a series. Like it is a story), this dream didn't have a story. I think I remember seeing myself or the dc character that represents me. I felt a strong desire for the movie or the name Peabody (movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman). What is weird that I don't know this movie (I watched the trailer like 4 moths ago), I have never seen this movie or had any strong desire to watch the movie.

      I had also trouble writing down both fragments, because I was so tired that while repeating the dream in my head, before writing it down, I fell asleep again >.<
    10. Elements and Chaos

      by , 12-05-2013 at 07:58 AM
      I was going to write about another longer dream I had, but I'll post that one next. For some reason I feel I should write about a dream fragment I had some years ago.

      Other things happened before and after this fragment, but it was more clear to me than the others. I was standing on the edge of a large lake surrounded by mountains. A forest grew from near the banks of the lake to the base of the mountains. It was beautiful. The water was a bright blue, the leaves of the trees a spring green. The sand and dirt beneath my feet were even a nice shade of yellow and light brown. Out of nowhere my peaceful environment went crazy. The wind started to pick up, blowing the tops of the trees. A large fire started in the forest on the opposite bank of the lake from where I was. The harsh wind fueled it and the flames grew. The water level of the lake started to rise until my ankles were wet. I scrambled up the bank to get away from the rising water. That's the end of that fragment.
    11. scramble of the elements

      by , 05-17-2012 at 02:21 PM
      I am standing in a unknown room filled with people, a person standing next to me says
      "potassium, people prefer active chlorine!"
      i reply "ya, pure potassium spontaneously combusts on contact with water"
      as i walk away i hear something about a lab with gold and some other element (tantalum) so i make my way to the edge of the room and grab a large plastic tub labeled GA,GEF.

      at this point my alarm goes off and just before i open my eyes the last thing i see is a turtle moving across a sandy beach.
    12. Eating a Leaf, Rampage & Angels

      by , 05-17-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      Leaf Tastes Like Chicken

      [This one happened at 3:45AM, which is really unusual for me, my LDs are almost always in late morning]
      [I kept repeating "In the next dream i'll realize that i'm dreaming" while falling asleep... somewhat like MILD, and it worked ]

      I was in school, where i got lucid by an old classmate of mine, who had a country flag and a nickname floating next to his head... kinda unusual i'd say.
      The dream was surprisingly clear, considering that it was during the night, but i felt somewhat dizzy for some reason.
      The first thing i wanted to do is get out of the school. I looked at a tree from the window and immediately found myself in our garden, looking at another tree. I didn't mind because i got outside at least.
      I took a leaf from a bush and flew up in the air immediately. I started chewing the leaf, which tasted bitter like before. Then i decided that it should taste like chicken. It took only a moment until the taste changed, now it tasted exactly like grilled chicken, it was really nommy... too bad it was one single leaf...

      I kept flying above our garden in circles, while admiring how nice everything looks. During one of the circles i made in the air, i noticed our cat, Buci walking down in the garden and looking up at me... [This made me a little sad, because she is actually missing since 5 days in real... she was never away for that long before... ].
      I was going around for a while, enjoying the flight, but then i woke up as i unintentionally thought about the possibility of waking up... of course it happened.

      [I was so hyped because of this dream, even while it was short.. because i thought that i won't get a single LD this week. I couldn't fall asleep literally for 2 whole hours after this...]


      Icy Rampage, Angels

      [I woke up at 9:50AM and my first thought was that i didn't get another LD yet, even while i did a WBTB. This thought was enough to get me an LD soon]
      [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

      I don't know what exactly got me lucid, i don't remember anything extraordinary.
      I was on a street in our neighbourhood, where a lot of cars were going by. During my sleepless hours i decided to find and talk with a DC in my next LD, and this was in my mind here.
      I noticed a guy standing close to the road, looking all bored. I walked up to him and got a sudden thought that i should posses his body... [I don't know where this came from].
      I didn't possess him after all, but i wanted to talk with him. Althrough when i walked closer to him, i got distracted by the thought that i should do at least one of my personal tasks for the competition thread on DV.

      I decided to wait with the chat a little and try to transform myself partially. [I didn't try full transformation yet]. I was wondering a little about the possibilities, but then i got a good idea.
      I decided to turn my hands into ice... I held them in front of me and focused, but they didn't want to change at all. I thought i'll do it the easy way then, i put my hands out of my vision and thought about them turning to ice. When i looked at my hands again, it definitely worked. They were made out of solid ice, with ice spikes coming out of them all around. It looked nice and flashy in the sun

      Somewhat like this, just more spiky.

      I got a little crazed [which happens sometimes in my LDs] and i went on a little rampage. I started creating some magical ice spikes with both of my hands, then i kept shooting those at the cars that were close to me. I did it for a while, but the cars never turned to ice as i expected at first. The spikes just left some icy scars on them, but that's it.
      I noticed some kind of long racing car passing by... The driver was clearly visible as the car didn't really have a cover... it looked like a desert vehicle or something.
      I got the urge to throw him out of his car, so i went to the car and picked it up with my hands. I turned it around in the air and the driver has fallen out of it to the ground. Then i just thrown the car away.
      He had a helmet, but i still knew that he was surprised by what i've done.
      I walked close to him and decided that i'll talk with him then, since the other guy already disappeared.

      - Hello there. How are you?
      - What? Why did you do that?
      - Well, i just wanted to talk with someone.
      - Oh.. how nice of you.
      - Well, don't be that upset...
      - Of course.. of course..
      - You know.. you seem like a really smart person, who knows a lot, so it would be nice to talk with you.
      I couldn't keep myself from laughing in my mind and think that he is just a dumb racing car driver DC... Of course he heard my thoughts... but it was too late already.
      - Sir, no. I won't talk with you. I'm not that easily fooled! /crazy laugh/

      After that crazy laugh, his face turned into a hyena's face, and he kept laughing like the hyenas from Lion King...
      I wanted to turn him to ice or something for calling me a Sir and refusing to talk with me, but i decided against it... no need to hurt every DC that doesn't agree with me
      I flew up in the air instead and decided to go on. I was looking at how awesome the sky looked, it was filled with tiny clouds all around.
      Then i noticed two clouds moving fast far away in the sky... for some reason i thought that there must be some angels there and it would be nice to borrow some wings from them...

      Just as i thought this, i turned around and noticed some clouds really close to the ground, with angels standing on them. There was also a jungle of some kind next to the clouds and it was really dark in there.
      I flew to the angels and noticed 6 little angel girls, all looking differently, like they represented a different element... fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light.
      There were some grown up angels as well, they gave some kind of instructions to the little ones... i just knew that they will be teached to keep the balance of the world with their powers.

      They actually called each of the angels by their names and introduced them to eachother, but i don't remember all of the names. The earth angel was called Nidalee. [A champion from League of Legends is named like that... yeah i played that game too much these days, it influences my dreams ].
      Then suddenly, once they introduced Nidalee, she flew past me at high speed and disappeared in the jungle. One of the grown up angels yelled something like "We knew it, she broke the balance! Try to find her before it's too late!"
      Everything started getting darker just as she said this.

      I decided to fly after her in the jungle and the other angels joined me as well. As i got to the jungle, suddenly i heard a narrator voice, who kept talking about the battle of the angels... It was just like if the voice would be reading a book. I was distracted by this and just lost my focus on myself.
      The narrator said something like "She was weak and couldn't do much anymore... she was just laying there, helpless..."
      Just as he said this, i've seen everything from the eyes of someone who was laying on a huge tree branch.
      He continued: "She couldn't see anything other than the assassin, Akali, standing in front of her, sweating because of the hard battle.."
      [Akali is also a champion from League of Legends... ugh... i really need to play it less ].
      The narrator continued again, while i heard loud noises of battle coming from the dark jungle: "She didn't see the assassin anymore... she didn't see anything. The poison worked fast and it was too much to bear........."
      My perspective suddenly changed to a "flying camera" like and it slowly moved towards another huge branch, where a shotgun was placed. This was the last thing i've seen before i woke up.

      [I didn't really do what i planned for today (meet Amy Lee), but it was fun anyway. That angel part of the dream was weird, especially the narrator thing, but i kinda liked it... It was like i lived a book or something ^^]

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    13. 5/12/12 The Elemental Hunger Games

      by , 05-12-2012 at 11:42 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Art of Rocketing
      I remember being at school. I was the only one in the hallway except for a girl. She walked up to a table near to me. I looked at the table. On it were books that had a lime green color on them. The girl noticed my interest and said, "You should check out this book. It's really great." Then she walked away.

      I walked up to the table and eyed the books. They were all the same. I read the cover. "The Art of Rocketing." it said. I flipped through the pages and decided that I wanted to try it out. So I started to read it.

      The dream turned into the scenario of the book. Two friends were out in the woods with their rockets. They placed the rockets under them and strapped on. One guy flew backwards; the rocket facing the other way than his body was. He shot through the trees. I could see the fire coming out of his rocket blazing throughout the air.
      They flew their rockets over to a creepy house that was for sale. A map was shown in front of me of the whole house. Apparently there were ghosts in some rooms, as it showed on the diagram.

      The Elemental Hunger Games
      I was sitting there with some people I knew and some I didn't know. We were sitting on a bench in a waiting room. In front of us was a wide mural of what looked like a map.

      I think I knew where I was. It was just like the Hunger Games; only you were on teams. You had to kill each person in each team to win. I think there were 4 teams with 5 or 6 people on each.

      My friend sat beside me. She looked over to me. "Hey," she said. "I hope we're on the same team."
      I nodded. "What elements do you know?" I asked her.
      She held up her hand and produced water in it, making it float. "Only water."
      I held up my hands and showed her mine. First I created a fiery ember in my hands, moving my hand all around it. Then I summoned a piece of earth in my hands. Next I created water the same way my friend did. Then I felt a gust of wind in my hands. I felt it circling around me.

      "So you know all of them, huh," she said. "I guess you're the avatar then."
      I didn't think that this was strange at all.

      Soon we had to go disperse into teams. Before I knew it, we were all on the battlefield sitting in our underground base. Everyone took turns going outside and guarding. It was a matter of life and death; we waited for the other teams to get beaten while we hid. It may have been cowardly, but I guess it was smart. It was my turn to go guard. I emerged out into some kind of junkyard. And to my luck, a large boy with what looked like a spear in his hands (this may have been Cato) came charging at me.

      I ducked as he tried to hit me with it, and threw an uppercut into his stomach. Staggering, he threw his spear straight at me. I dodged it; hearing it whistle by my right ear. Somehow I killed him, I don't remember how I did.
    14. The Olympics In The Ditch. November 10th, 2011

      by , 11-12-2011 at 06:39 AM
      No WBTB until I'm better.

      Also, I'm going to write this one as if it's a story. Let's see how this'll work out. The parts I don't remember will be represented as an ellipsis.

      Expect it to jump around. There's going to be a few plot holes.

      I could only use one element at a time, it seemed, represented by my failure to fuse rock and water. The mud born from the experiment sank me down to the bottom of the pond, where it then proceeded to restrict my movement. The room I was in was just large enough for a small pond, and a path around it that seemed to lead into the next room, marked by a dark doorway. The pond itself was wholly artificial, and resided within a large cubic indentation in the middle of the room. Lily pads of varying size and shape populated the surface of the somber-colored water, and every quick glance at the pond emulated within me the sense of danger that mixing elements presented me with. ...and jump from platform to platform, as you would in a game...on our adventure.

      Anthony and I, along with some faceless friends, thought it best to use the rocket scooter. ...We knew we wouldn't be able to get out so easily. I took inventory of our surroundings. Snow blanketed the entire area, and business was booming. Crowds devoured the product stands, and tourists walked about the place. To my left, there was a stand built out of the walls of the enormous, inside-out hill we were all inside. While business was indeed flourishing, many people seemed eager to play in the water at the shore to my right. I could see through the hole above the stand in front of me that the Olympics were going to start soon. I looked up at the snowy hill we flew down, and could barely make out the top. The wall behind me responded to its doppelganger with a half-pipe sort of shape. With a bit of thought, I arrived at the idea of momentum. I mounted the rocket sled we came on and put my plan into action. It seemed to be working for a little bit, but I found myself sliding back down the hill only inches from my goal. Another man grabbed my attention when he grew frustrated with a similar problem to mine, and decided to dig his way out. Just then the dog was in many, tiny, blocky pieces, and committed a foul act on the red carpet. The house we were in consisted of only a single room, and a door to the road from where we came. There was a red couch at the far end of the room, and complemented the position of the door. Miscellaneous pictures and paintings hugged the maroon walls, and where there were none, there were windows from which I could make out the Olympic ditch far down below.

      We needed to execute a quiet escape if we were going to get away from the experiments they were performing on human subjects. The sheer size of the island would be enough to discourage most people, but we were up to the task. Dylan and I kept our cool for the most part, but James Franco was nervous about our plan. The prison complex we were getting out of turned out easier to navigate than initially expected. Dylan's acid spit kept spewing from his mouth, and served as a constant reminder of the position we were in. We were out of the bulk of the complex, and we enter the night air. There wasn't much room on the metal rafters that we had to continue on. From the rafters, I could see the ocean. The calmness of the dark waters juxtaposed the danger we all faced. ...As I pulled myself up on the platform, I froze. The surveillance monkeys fled their cages, and knew their targets. I had to keep still until they turned away, and when they did, I seized my chance and climbed up. Hitler below me several stories down was not a happy fellow. James Franco chose a very bad time to have a nervous breakdown.

      Sorry the third dream isn't written as strongly as the other two. I got lazy.

      Also, I might do this again, but a little differently. I felt limited the way I did it this time.
    15. The Camping Ground - 34th Lucid

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:01 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The dream begins in the bush with dad. We just got out of a car at the edge of a new camping ground. It is small, rounded and at the edge of the ground the tree line begins, and continues on into the forest. There is a very large kangaroo a few meters away from us, looking over occasionally. It is after mid-day and the sun is shining through the trees, creating a beautiful dappled afternoon and a joyous feeling as we arrive.

      Dad starts commenting about the camping ground. "Gee, this is pretty ugly. I thought it'd be bigger." I have memories of this place, perhaps from a previous dream or the terrain was created from a memory of bush land. I think it's absolutely beautiful, but I just talk along with Dad anyway. "It's a bit small I guess", for most of this time my eyes have been glued to the kangaroo, who is still standing around and un-afraid of our presence. To the left, there are two people sitting around some sort of camp-fire, I catch them in my peripheral vision as they stand and say "It's nice once you get used to it". Dad makes a comment about how he could take out the roo with a shotgun, and is now standing at a table where the car was parked, looking at a long box which contained a shotgun.

      Memory jumps a little here, but I assume the two people start taking us in to a large wooden cabin. We walk through a door on the left side of the building, the inside is a large hall space. A boy from school I don't often talk to - Max - walks up to me, and the first thing he says to me is "You're dreaming, you know?"
      "Oh, I am?" I wasn't quite sure - everything seemed very realistic and I hadn't realised till now the strange dream-like feeling. I could tell before I had RC'd, but I did it anyway, and plugged my nose and breathed in. Awesome!

      I turn to him, start rubbing my hands together to stabilise, and with the situation at hand I take the opportunity to ask a question, directed at the dream character but aimed to get an answer from my subconscious, I look him straight in the eyes.
      "How come this doesn't happen more often?"
      "How come you don't normally tell me when I'm dreaming?"
      "Oh, you know, uh.." He was really unresponsive.
      "Is it an effort thing?"
      I can't remember if he replied or the dream skipped, but he ended up saying
      "You know, where I'm from there's this trick with water-"
      and instantly I remembered - Yes! My goals! The ToTM!
      "Thank you!"

      I start walking backwards out of the building, and think "When I turn around, there will be water." I pictured a lake, or a large, clear puddle behind me. When I turned, there was a few trees in front of a clearing, where there was a murky, muddy puddle. I walked towards it, saying in my head "I am walking to the water" over and over.

      I stood infront of the puddle, facing towards the cabin. I stepped, trying to stand on the water and my foot simply planted straight into it. Hm. I tried both feet and failed. I believe I could have tried to lift myself out of the water after having both feet in, but I can't remember it completely and I'm not going to count it as complete. When I was done, I stood infront of the puddle again - this time for the advanced task. I started with water bending - something I've done completely naturally in a lucid dream before - but now I was thinking about it. I try and raise the water in a stream, using my hands to guide it up. It doesn't work, but I somehow make a splash in the puddle, and increase the effort and concentration I'm putting into the telekenesis. The murky water collects into one ball at eye level, gently swirling around while I increase the intensity to gather more water.

      People started to gather and I realised I needed to control two elements, and not just water. While holding the ball of water in the air, I focus on the ground and try and raise up the dirt in columns - it doesn't work. Okay, wind! I start yelling, louder and louder as they do in Dragon Ball Z, feeling as I draw in more energy. The last time I did this in a dream I woke up just before I was finished and I didn't want that to happen again so I stopped increasing the volume. Loads of people were standing around me now - one was filming. I could see the wind blowing around me but I couldn't feel it yet - and the dream was starting to fade! I put all my effort in and felt the air rushing forwards against my back - success!

      I woke up into a False Awakening, hearing an occasional dull buzzing noise. I presumed it was my phone, and turned to find out I had fallen asleep in bed on IRC with my netbook. I had been added to a private channel with ShockWave, Raspberry and a few new members I didn't recognise - I was also using webchat. I closed the windows and had a sudden panic that the lucid hadn't saved in the word document! (Which I never typed.) I woke up, as I went to check for the document, and started writing the dream out.
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