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    1. In a Dark Place

      by , 09-09-2018 at 02:45 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      There is a woman—some dark entity had reached out for her, badly frightening her. She has shut herself away somewhere to get away from it, but it can still reach her. I can hear her screaming there—but I’m on my way to help her.

      The first thing I have to do is get out of a sort of wooden elevator running down the center of the building. I seem to have entered this way, going down, but none of the doors are opening. Somehow, I can see perfectly fine into the space beyond the shaft, but the walls are definitely there, and the doors are not only solid but quite heavy. I’m alone here in the elevator, but in communication with someone else—someone I know to be my mother, although she isn’t my actual, waking life mother. She seems to be playing some kind of guiding or teaching role.

      Above my head, everything just fades into darkness, like the heights of a cavern. Apparently, it doesn’t occur to most people who come here to look up for a while, and so this comes as a bit of a shock to them, but I can remember having been through this series of events before, and so this place holds no surprises for me. Besides that, I have access to a deeper understanding of the space I’m in: it’s defined by solfege, as if the intervals and their syllables are acting as some kind of abstract structural parameters, and they are also structuring what I am able to do in it and do to it.

      Once I finally manage to get out, I find myself in what seems to be an iteration of my old house in M---. This version looks twisted, hollowed out, dark—actually, there doesn’t seem to be a source of light anywhere, which would explain why, even though I feel vividly present here, it has an odd visual quality to it, and the only non-black color I can see here is blue. I’m using night vision. The blue is brightest in the fog hovering throughout the house, moving as though stirred by currents of air. When this fog is concentrated, it indicates the presence of a ghost—or perhaps it simply is the ghost.

      This whole place gives off a decidedly creepy vibe—a palpable sense of decay and malevolence. But the fact that I already know where all the dangers are takes the edge off the creepiness, as does the fact that this seems to be a case where there is no outcome but success. I already know things are going to turn out fine, and so I don’t let the place bother me too much.

      Now the person who is my mother is physically here with me, a couple rooms away—although, either because the walls are in ruins or because I can see through these ones too, she’s still visible from where I’m looking around the living room. Nothing much seems to be happening at the moment. I’m just keeping an eye on the blue fog. There are some mirrors there in the room: I use them to check my form as I practice jumping from side to side, moving between stances I might need to use later.

    2. Dream - A Road Not Travelled

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:21 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 7 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 171 - A Road Not Travelled

      In the first scene, some family friends were over at my house. They had brought with them some sort of pavlova cake but there was only enough for my mum and grandma to try, they didn't let me try any of it. I forgot what else happened in the first scene. I was then in my bedroom with plush toys of Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Toad.

      I ended up taking a walk down the local street and noticed that there was this road that didn't exist in real life. I was subconsciously aware that the dream caused this new street but I was nowhere near becoming lucid. So I walked down that street and soon approached a dead end. It was the “myotherapy centre” and the only way to continue was to go up the lifts, which I didn't want to do. I was just about to head back towards the main door until a man rushed infront of me and slammed it closed in my face. I was now panicking and was literally screaming for Dreamy WB as fast as a broken record. After so many times, no response and so I was now clambering at the locked doorknob, trying to dismantle it myself.

      Eventually, I perceived Dreamy WB's energy as the door swung wide open when I was still shaking the knob. Then I ran out of there, never looking back at the place again. The dream then went back to my house where I was going something with the plush toys. I was making some sort of plush movie, but more in the style of Tito's rather than Logan's. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    3. 16-08-04 Elevators, Other Dimension

      by , 08-10-2016 at 03:32 AM
      I recall a room, and seeing something, a creature or "presence" that scared me. I wanted to flee. There was an elevator in the room. I got in, and pressed a random floor number. The elevator moved, and stopped. The doors opened... revealing another elevator. The floor numbers were all weird and made no sense. The building must have had an impossible shape or height or them to make sense. I think I moved through several elevators before getting out. At some point, in the first elevator, there was a small statue (?) on the floor. I was "sucked into it" and it was revealed that the statue was a gateway to a hidden dimension....
    4. The Doctor and the Daleks of Death

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:28 PM
      05-02-16 -- I'm playing some sort of Doctor Who video game, but the longer I play, the more it seems to be turning to real life. (I can still see myself pressing keys to try and move around, but I'm moving me around in a real-life situation.) I believe I am traveling around in a somewhat hospital-like building, when I find we're being attacked by Daleks. I take off running, and the Daleks are following fairly closely behind, and I can't seem to manage to get away from them.

      Soon I find myself in a hallway with three elevators, and I dive into one of the elevators, and start pressing buttons, and instead of moving between floors, I am traveling through time. The problem is, the Daleks almost seem to have managed to link to me, somehow, so every time I try and go a few days further into the past, so I can have time to prepare for the Dalek invasion, they have somehow started their invasion a few days early, and are right there waiting for me, as the doors open again.

      In addition, the elevators are also working as elevators, and moving to different floors of the building at the same time. The problem is, the middle elevator has no buttons, and if you enter into it, you are stuck going wherever it takes you, with no control over where you are going, and I am popping in and out of the various elevators like I was in a Scooby Doo chase scene. At one point, I dive into an elevator, and find it is the one with no controls, so I dive out again, almost getting caught in the closing doors. I try to dive into the next elevator over, but its doors slam in my face, so I throw myself at the third elevator, and only just manage to throw my arm in as the doors slam on it, then bounce back open again, so I can get in.

      This seems to give me a tiny bit of breathing room, but only a tiny bit. I throw myself into an 'office' of the hospital, and explain to the other Time Lords what is going on, and how I am crossing my own timeline, trying to find a way to defeat the Daleks, but that they are somehow time traveling at the same time, and always beat me to it. And as I am explaining, we can hear the laser blasts and screams from other parts of the hospital, as the Daleks are here, but just haven't reached this room, yet. And though I think I am going to be in trouble with them for crossing my owns paths in the time stream, the situation is important enough that they don't seem to care. Unfortunately, the only advice they have for me is something along the lines of 'embrace death.'

      The Daleks are getting ever closer, and I head off at a run, bursting into what appears to be a basketball court, and dodging some players who may be real-life friends of mine (one of them possibly Nick), before I run out another door and through more office-like areas. I finally make it to a corner office, where I run in and find myself facing the Grim Reaper, skeleton, black robes, and all. I launch myself at him, wrap my arms around him, and we both smash through the window, and find ourselves falling hundreds of feet.

      Somehow this is supposed to allow Death to see multiple realities or time line possibilities or something, so that he can spot an action that I can take that will allow me to beat the Daleks, but instead he is just crying about how all paths now lead to the end of everything, and there is not a single hope left in the entire universe. Very depressing and horrifying. Except ... even though Death cannot see a way through it all, I suddenly know what to do, and how to fix it, even as we are still plunging to our deaths. And then I wake up.
    5. A private elevator

      by , 08-31-2015 at 08:07 PM
      I'm occupying someone else's body, and I-the-character am not entirely clear on the body's identity. A woman greets me in Korean, and following her expectations, I enter an elevator. I-the-dreamer am aware that the body I'm occupying owns this building, he's the president of a company, and this is his private elevator to his penthouse suite. There are no buttons inside the elevator; I-the-dreamer am aware it uses facial recognition, I-the-character am surprised when it starts to move.

      The elevator opens onto his suite. There are a number of people in the bed, clearly after a party; the body's owner recognizes one of these people, the rest are strangers. I order everyone out; only that one exception stays. He's sitting up against the headboard, wearing an animal's pelt draped over his head, a wolf or a coyote. (It occurs to me after waking up that we were both wearing something else's skin.)

      Another man appears, and he grips this man by the throat. I recognize him; he's the reason I-the-character occupied this particular body, in order to meet with him. He speaks to me, believing he's speaking to the body's owner. I-the-dreamer switch to third person because I want to see the expressions of me-the-character.

      Speaking in English so that we won't be understood by the man with the animal pelt, I-the-character chide him for being "so eager to sink your teeth."

      He says, "Not the only thing I'm good at. But surely we'll still eat this-"
    6. A dollar off coupon, and Valentine's Day

      by , 07-23-2015 at 11:41 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      CD 14 pre-O

      I was at a grocery store with a dollar off coupon, and for some reason I thought I could just walk up to a register and get a free dollar if I just gave them the coupon. As I was in line I realized that was impossible, but I didn't want to embarrass myself so I grabbed a Ritter Sport bar and bought that. Once I did, I saw it was some gross sour milk flavor, and behind the counter I noticed a guy who looked like LeBron James unloading a box of the flavor that I liked, so I asked if I could switch them out. He said yes, but I'd have to get in line out back. So I wandered around to the other side of the register and there was a wall with a single door, and another line. As I was standing in line, Watson from BBC Sherlock was standing behind me, and I knew him, so I asked "So, how've you been?" and he furrowed his browed and looked at me puzzled and said "Sorry... who are you?" to which I replied "Remember, we used to solve crimes with Sherlock." Then he remembered me and said Ah. I asked him how Sherlock was and he said he hadn't seen much of him. I told him I hadn't either.

      It was Valentine's Day and I was with Amy in a giant convention center type place. We passed by a gift shop that was full of people, so full that there were lines just to walk a circle around the store. She asked me if I wanted to go in and I said no way, but then I realized that she really wanted to go so I pretended to change my mind and we went in. I told Amy to pick out something and I'd buy it for her since it was Valentine's and all, so she chose this toy of Mickey Mouse on a bicycle with a thing of candy attached to it. I also saw those little boxes of Sweetart hearts but the hearts were Spree instead, which was awesome.

      I was escorting a dangerous criminal out of a building with some man in a blue jacket. We were waiting by the elevator with this criminal chained up and there was a random person standing behind us, so I wanted to kind of freak him out. I leaned over to my escort buddy and whispered loud enough for the person to hear "Can you imagine if we lost this guy? The whole building would have to be shut down and quarantined." The person totally looked uncomfortable haha. Unfortunately I jinxed it and the criminal actually got away and jumped into the elevator by himself. We grabbed the next elevator, but realized it had only one button so we could've just run down the one flight of stairs and intercepted him quickly.
    7. Faust and a god's tower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 08:21 PM
      A production of Faust, I'm going over a written list of the scenery needed for each scene. One scene is described as the Altar of Hell, and I have a mental image of Faust being pinned to a circular stone by two demons; that's the contract signing scene. The next scene is set in a field surrounded by trees, and my perspective changes so I see this as the audience would.

      Curtain rises on Marguerite and women of the chorus in the field; shortly afterward Faust enters from the right. In response to what the women had been singing, he sings something satirical about the dangers of love and the unfortunate fools who are caught up in it. This annoys Marguerite, and she turns away and pointedly ignores him. The women of the chorus exit, and Faust realizes how angry Marguerite is, so he jokes around in the hopes of getting back in her good graces, teasing her by singing a humorous song that starts with a verse about roosters and hens. She forgives him easily, and by the time he gets to the chorus she's joined in the song, flirting right back at him. The second verse is about deer and hunters, and she playfully leads him on a chase around the stage. As they exit, laughing, Mephistopheles strolls by in the background, keeping an eye on how things are playing out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are four men, or people who were once men and are now weapons, kept chained up in their sleep. Two 'chains,' really - the collars around their throats, but also something much deeper that's never meant to be removed. I'm removing that second 'chain' from each of them. They wake up as I do so, and their first reaction is to moan about the pain, but gradually they regain a sort of awareness. It's interesting to watch - they're becoming aware of how much of their personality has been stripped away from them, but without actually regaining that personality they lost. Their master arrives then, and I expect them to attack him in revenge - that's the whole reason I freed them - but instead they cower in the corner, just looking at the pair of us.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember, I've gone semi-lucid in order to pursue that master of theirs. He's closed himself off inside a tower where I shouldn't be able to follow, with an irritatingly arrogant attitude about it - he's essentially the god of this place, it won't allow me entrance if it goes against his will. Or at least it's not supposed to. The tower's a sort of futuristic art deco confection, lots of spheres and glowing purple lights, and I'm flying around it, demanding that it create an opening. With my next pass around the tower, I find an entrance has been created, opening onto a single room containing an elevator. It signifies that this place is as willing to depose its 'god' as I am. I take the elevator up to that man's private sanctuary - the elevator doors open to show me a vast pool lined with twisted white trees without leaves, and quite a lot of statues, including some of himself. This guy is unbelievable. There's a mansion at the far end of the pool, and I expect his mental trail to lead me there, but instead it leads me off to the right, to another body of water, and I focus on a light at the end of a pier.

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    8. Samael in the company cocktail lounge

      by , 10-16-2014 at 05:51 PM
      I got on an elevator expecting it to go up, this being the ground floor - there's only one floor above us, and only arrows instead of floor numbers. But it went down. I wonder how many basement levels there are. I reach to press the up arrow, saying something about my mistake to the woman still on the elevator with me. I'm new to this building. We talk about the company a bit as the elevator continues down, about finding your way around the various floors, and various luxuries that are provided for employees. I mention soul-selling and Satan, meaning it as a joke, but she talks about Satan fondly. We reach her floor, and she leaves.

      My point of view switches to follow her - she walks down a hallway into a club. Her brother who goes by the name of Beelzebub - a fake name, it's really Samael - is lounging around with a cocktail glass in his hand, some glowing blue drink inside. He's a pretty man with long dreadlocks, wearing something black covered in stylized eyes in red. The woman's removed the pale coat she was wearing on the elevator, and the dress she's wearing underneath matches her brother, black and covered in stylized eyes in red. They consult about someone he describes as "a friend and a most simple prize."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's this swirling black mass of many colors, like an oil slick, lit up from within like lightning seen from above. I'm eager to dive in immediately - it's a portal - but I'm also thinking I should stop and go lucid first. As I'm torn between these two desires which are apparently conflicting, I wake up.

      (Side note: that last was a reaction to trying reality checks. As a rule I'm not interested in them, but I have a lot of false awakenings that I tend to just spend dream journaling and I thought I could put reality checks to use there. So today I tried a reality check as I wrote that first dream up, and apparently this sort of thinking is the immediate result - associating lucidity with stopping what I'm doing to perform an action. Nuisance.)
    9. 7-22-14 pea soup duck warrior cannibals!!!!!

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:59 PM
      I dreamed about the largest shopping mall of all time. It was terrifyingly large. It was so huge it had to be built underground.

      There were these three "people". I say people because that's the only way I can describe them. They were more like weird human-animal things. Anyway, these three people broke into the mall one night. There was no one there. It was creepy and huge and fancy. They split up because they wanted to see different things.

      My dream mostly followed the female character. She was either part duck or part chicken. She wandered about aimlessly till she got to the end of a hallway. At the end there were several elevators and a door. She tried the door first. Inside it, there was a huge room, with the floor covered in expensive white marble tiles. But just as she was about to step out onto the floor, it disappeared, revealing a huge chasm that dropped down for miles. She gasped, ran away and closed the door behind her.

      Then back in the corridor, she tried the elevators. But they kept doing weird things. Like the doors would only open part of the way. Finally she gave up, but thought she'd look into the huge chasm room once more. The floor was still gone, but she felt a strange urge to walk over the edge into the depths. She tentatively put a foot out, and her foot stepped on something solid. The floor was invisible! She could walk! She giddily ran out into the middle of them room, when suddenly an army of pea-green duck warriors came out of an invisible hole in the floor and hauled her under.

      They chopped her and sliced her and sent her remains down a brass chute. The remains came out where her two companions were, and they promptly made the remains into crab cakes shaped with cookie cutters and dipped them in pea soup and ate her.

      Then there were ghost hunters. One of them was explaining to me the functions of different flashlights they carried. He showed me a black light and turned it on. Suddenly, wherever they were, his companions turned towards the light and came to it. He explained that humans have an irresistible attraction to black lights, and they will come to it against all odds.

      Then my grandfather was trying to cut down the largest tree in the world. It was like several miles high.
    10. A room full of scrolls, an embarrassing tape, and "brain surgery"

      by , 08-30-2013 at 07:40 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from August 28.)

      I was walking through a big room that was full of Egyptian jars that held old scrolls. The jars were all shaped like scrolls and had heads of the gods as lids like the canopic jars. The room was semi-outdoors and had a roof open to the sky. Afiel and I walked through the room and marveled over the different scrolls. I remember the first thing I said when I saw the room was "Look at all these scrolls!" We walked through a door to another open-air room. This one had stone paths and lots of plants so it was more like a greenhouse. However, there were also scrolls all around the room here, but the scrolls were all unrolled so we could see what was on them, and there were also old books opened up and scattered among the greenery. As Afiel looked around, I stopped in front of an old biblical scroll, I think it was excerpts from the Book of Enoch. I remember seeing a verse on the scroll that mentioned angels somehow, and I felt really sad and ran my fingers over the verse. I can't remember what the verse said though.

      I had an embarrassing tape of myself that was worth a lot of money, so I destroyed it because I didn't want it stolen. Later on, I found out that my grandma had made a copy of it and was going to sell it. She was staying in a big hotel in town, and found out that I knew about the tape, so I was racing against her to reach her hotel room, and the tape, before she did. I jumped into an elevator and went up. Her room was on the 35th floor so I had to get there. For some reason the elevator wouldn't go that high, so I had to get off on an earlier floor and onto a different elevator. The other one was a little weird, I walked onto it and the floor was covered in gym equipment. Mostly barbells that were taken apart so the weights were scattered on the floor and the bars themselves were rolling around everywhere. The floor was also ridged so the bars would fall into the ridges and get stuck there. The elevator stopped and a man with a big brown dog got on. The dog was super vicious and growled at me, so I grabbed a barbell bar and waved it at the dog all menacingly and he whimpered and avoided me. I finally reached the 35th floor and ran to grandma's room, only to find that she was already there when I opened the door. Then I blacked out for some reason, I think there was some kind of accident, but when I woke up I was sitting on the bed with a surgeon who was operating on my brain. My face was unhinged like a door or a robot face, and the surgeon was working on my brain from the big hole where my face usually goes. I was all annoyed and telling the surgeon what to do, but all he did was take my brain out and then reattach it inside my skull by tying a single felt thread to it and then tying the thread to the top inside of my scalp. I remember it stinging as he threaded the needle through my scalp. As I'm walking around after the "surgery", I can feel my brain swinging around in my skull, hitting the sides and such, and I get super annoyed by it. I went back to the surgeon and complained about it, hoping he'd reattach my brain to my spinal cord instead, but he just took another felt string and attached it to my scalp with two strings instead of one for "added stability". I was annoyed by that too, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude.
    11. Earth Ends by Tidalwave

      by , 12-09-2012 at 01:34 AM
      Last night I had a dream that I was at a beach or something, watching people playing in the ocean, when a warning came in that something had happened to create a huge tidal wave out at sea, and that we would soon be seeing waves hundreds of feet high. They evecuated the beach, of course, and pushed everybody back into the hotel to get their belongings, and then move further inland.

      For some reason, though, there were a very large number of us who refused to evacuate any further. I'm in the lobby of this hotel (which is all glass, and stretches several stories high) and I'm watching these huge waves rolling up on shore, and thinking how much fun it might be to try body surfing in them.

      Some of the panes of glass aren't fitted very well, and the water just comes pouring into the lobby, and rolling back out again, with 30 and 40 foot waves moving freely through the place. I try to ride on a few, but the waves are just too powerful, and I find myself being dumped in the water, pounded by it, and generally, having a fairly unpleasant time, so I write it off as a bad idea.

      I manage to avoid being pulled too far out by the last wave I was in, then rode the crest of the next wave back into the lobby, and managed to grab ahold of a railing near the top of the lobby, and pull myself out of the water. But since the waves are still growing, I start running through the hotel, finding stairs to take me higher and higher.

      This has a feeling of New York or something, because there are all sorts of huge buildings, but frequently they are connected by bridges or walkways or something, so I'm able to get as high as I can on one building, then run over to another, even taller building, and start climbing even further. But always, the water is just one step behind.

      Eventually, I find myself in the tallest building in the area, and oddly enough, the top three stories of the building are a multi-level shopping mall. I'm on the lowest level, but I want to get to the roof, so I can be at the tallest point in the whole city, and can survive as long as possible, before the water gets me. There is one elevator which actually goes to the roof, but one needs a special key to use it.

      I find somebody in mall security who has already been overwelmed by the waves, and I take their key, but annoyingly, I can no longer find the one elevator which will go to the roof. Its getting harder and harder to avoid the waves, as the water is already starting to flood the lowest level of the mall, but I notice that the roof is tiered, and I can actually get out onto it through a window, then run around to another, higher part of the roof.

      As I'm just beginning to reach the top of the roof, I see there is a single rescue helicopter waiting to take a few people to safety. I am running for it, and find the helicopter is being piloted by Captain Sheridan of Babylon 5, and they are almost full. Unfortunately, there is only room for one more person aboard, and they make the choice to take Sixx aboard, instead of me. (I swear, I'm not making this up ... I really dreamed it.)

      I'm disappointed, but it is their helicopter, and they can make whatever choices they want to, and I acknowledge their right to do so, even as I doubt their wisdom. (And understand, I don't really know Sixx ... I just know the trouble they used to have with him at the Cafe.)

      So I'm on the top of the highest roof, and more and more people are joining me, at the highest point we can reach, and we are watching the waves rise higher and higher, realizing we have only a few more minutes before we'll drown.

      That's when the flying saucers appear, and start beaming us all up. As they explain they'll be taking us to a new place to live, where we can start our lives over again, they are lecturing us on Ayn Rand's beliefs, and explaining how that is how the new land we're going to is run, and we'd better get used to it. I, of course, am quite happy to hear it.

      Once we reach the new land, however, they need people to build the elevators that allow us to get around, and it is dangerous work, since it means climbing around these (currently) empty elevator shafts, preparing them for use. I'm jumping around happily, pleased to find I've got something worthwhile to do.
    12. Wrong Birthstone/Hospital Fight and Car Trouble

      by , 08-13-2012 at 03:07 PM (Into the Whirlpool)
      I'm in my apartment with Josh. He says he's planning on getting me something with sapphire in it for my birthday (like a sapphire picture frame?) and he wants to know whether my room is an appropriate color first. We go into my room and look at the walls; they are sky blue, and in places they are shot through with rugged veins of white and darker blue - like the room has been carved out of a strange rock face. Well, the room will obviously match something made of sapphire, but I'm wondering why Josh doesn't know that my birthstone is actually amethyst.


      I'm in a hospital bathroom that would probably be fairly spacious in normal circumstances; however, there are four people in here, and we are fighting--myself and one other person against two men who I identify as gang members of some sort. We are throwing each other against the walls, which are plated with mirrors, and these mirrors begin to shatter under the continued impacts. They don't shatter like normal glass, though; instead they break into many tiny pieces, but stay on the wall for a time before gently falling away as though they were paper. I'm not experiencing any pain despite the violence, but I do know that there's no way I'm going to be able to make it out of the hospital without running into the police.

      Then everyone else in the room is gone, and I leave the bathroom to head for the elevator. When I reach it, I notice the "up" button is flashing rapidly, as if to signal that the elevator is partially broken and I can't go up. That's OK, I want to go down… but when I enter the elevator door, there is actually a staircase there instead, richly carpeted in what might be velvet. I make my way down the stairs; I don't have to go far since I'm only on the second floor. I emerge in the hospital lobby. Outside it is late afternoon and overcast. I begin to walk quickly toward the exit. Before I get there, though, I notice a couch (with a late-middle-aged woman sitting on it) and a table, upon which is a chocolate cake. The cake is there for visitors to eat, and I think about taking a piece for myself, but decide against it.

      Now I'm outside the hospital and walking down the street. As I go, I pass Mom walking in the other direction. She's wearing some kind of dark denim blouse and a flared skirt--not something I normally see her wearing. As we pass, she gives me a look of recognition but doesn't say anything. [skip] It's nighttime and it has rained recently, since the road is wet. I'm still walking along the street, trying to get to my car. I pass a large clump of parked cars (is there a church service or funeral being held nearby?) before coming across my own car--and a man crouching by the driver's side window. He's writing me a ticket. "You were parked on the wrong side of the road for too long," he says in a half-apologetic way, then walks away. I'm dimly aware that the other cars on the street have also received tickets, and I'm not really mad; it's my fault for parking incorrectly, after all.

      I'm in the car with Mom and possibly Josh. As I back out of my spot, I look over at the opposite side of the wet road and see leaves lying there. They are a mix of brilliant red and yellow and look almost petal-like rather than like normal leaves. Whatever they are, they're gorgeous. I have a bigger problem, though… I'm backing up the car but can't seem to actually *stop* it. In fact, I'm slowly speeding up. "Watch out for traffic if you're going to do that," Mom says. Thankfully no cars are coming. As I roll down the road, I begin to understand that I'm not going to get the car to stop normally, so I pull off into a parking lot, begin to downshift the car gradually into first gear, then throw the parking brake. The car stops, but I can feel it sort of quivering--the second I take the parking brake off it's going to start moving again. I don't think Mom was worried about the situation at first, but as I slowed the car down it seemed to dawn on her that we were actually in danger. Now she speaks to me in a quiet, fearful voice. She says it's OK if I want to keep driving, but if I do I have to promise to get myself help because I have "issues." The car is sitting just off the road at the corner of a four-way intersection; as I watch the road I see three or four police cars pass. I'm not sure where I actually want to go.

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    13. Olympic Watersliding

      by , 07-30-2012 at 05:00 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in an Olympic water sliding event that people take very seriously. People are pissed because this is my first time ever participating in the event and I am dominating the sport. A couple of kids are being very nice to me though. The water slides have obstacles in the middle of them.

      Dream 2:

      I am at an Angels game with great seats but I don't watch the game. I am trying desperately to find someone and Rose (from Lost) is helping me. We are taking elevators everywhere (it is kind of like a hotel). The first place I try to look is the 11th floor but the elevator keeps skipping it and gaining more and more speed. It feels like I am going to die - like the elevator is broken and is going to fly through the top of the building.

      I find myself momentarily watching the game and a foul ball comes my way. I calmly say "got it" and I catch it. My wife wasn't there to see it because she took a slide down to lower levels of the stadium. She never came back. The Angels are in the field and the bases are loaded with no outs. The batter hits a pop up in the infield. The fielder drops it but umpires call the infield fly rule so the batter is out. This confuses the hell out of the fan next to me. The next batter hits into a double play which Pujols drops but picks up just in time.

      Now I am back on my search for someone - some rich person. I go to the penthouse but they don't let me in. I am going down some flights of stairs impossibly fast. I am basically diving head first and rolling to get to wherever I am going.
    14. Nancy Pelosi, naked with coworkers, LD, first successful reality check, childhood bedroom

      by , 12-31-2011 at 07:42 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was in an office complex where my company's building joined with a governmental department next door. In search of a bathroom, I wandered to the other building attached to mine and saw Nancy Pelosi, who worked there. Though we've met before, she didn't recognize me, so I took the opportunity to get her to say something stupid. We talked about how the elevators and floor line up in our two buildings, and she mentions something about how doors and Muslims are involved in a complex liberal conspiracy. I tell her it sounds ridiculous and ask what her evidence is. She walks away, telling me to say hi to [my husband's name], showing she did recognize me after all.

      Feeling silly, I wander back over to my office on my side of the building. My coworkers and I are sitting around, drinking and socializing. I see an ex-colleague and we have a friendly chat. Then, feeling sick, I take off all my clothes and lie down on the ground, and immediately wonder if that looked too dramatic and people will think I merely want sympathy.

      Then, I was in bed in my childhood bedroom, and I noticed my vision was fuzzy and wavy. I decided to do my LD reality check and examine my wedding ring. Success! The bands were moving around, so I knew I was dreaming. I did a few other standard reality checks: tapped the palm of my left hand with the forefinger of my right, and it went straight through my hand! I also jumped in place - yep, jumped too high for RL. Definitely LDing.

      So, what should I do next? I was still in my bedroom and worried that my sleeping body may be mirroring some things I did in my dream, so I decided to stay there. Sex with a friend came to mind, so I tried to create a friend in my bed. But, it really didn't work well - only parts of the person were visible at a time, and it never looked like them. I gave up and decided to just masturbate in my dream to see what it felt like. But, as I laid down in bed, I felt a sharp pain: I'd laid on a stiff comb, whose bristles were jamming into my back. I felt the dream fade as the pain continued. I desperately yanked the brush out and spun in place to get the dream back. I spun and spun and things stabilized temporarily... but then they became fuzzy again and I woke up.

      Note: This happened on a Saturday nap after I'd already been up and around. Was very tired from the day before. I really am not good at conjuring up specific people in my dream. This is the first successful use of my wedding band reality check, which I've been doing several times a day since I joined DV.
    15. Upscale Building

      by , 05-19-2011 at 07:01 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Upscale Building (Non-lucid)


      I was in downtown looking for meet with Theresa to talk about some Crystal Bowls and my guided meditation to work with customers. I was driving in downtown because she moved.

      I stopped by her location, which was a very upscale building. Parking was forbidden from 6pm to 6am, however, the building had it's own valet parking, which I decided to use. For some reason, I needed to walk inside the garage, which had several luxury cars parked.

      The building on the lobby looked old and crappy. There were two elevators, the right one went to the top, the left one, a few floors only. Someone entered and wanted to go to the top floor, so I told her the good elevator. I got into mine and reached like some sort of hotel's lobby. A female employee greeted me, but I ignored her.

      I found some Bell guy who talked with me about how expensive was the parking on the building for the tenants. I told him that I could afford the parking, no issues. I went to some sort of breakfast buffet looking for Theresa, but I woke up.
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