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    1. Coworker Embarrassment

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #414 - 8:44AM - DILD

      WBTB 3:30AM 8mg Galantamine/400mg choline, 400mg DMAE
      This one didn't go so well, but I was lucky enough to pull off one LD late in the morning purely out of desperation.

      I am trying to enter my email login on my phone to see an important email from my mortgage broker. Nothing I type comes out right so I look for my laptop. I have an false awaking and become slightly lucid. I think how typical the previous dream was for electronics failure.
      Next I notice SW from work in bed with us. I know it's not real, but I am snuggled against him and I find it mildly humorous. I push him away and initiate sex with my wife by actively summoning and creating the sensation. Several odd thoughts race through my mind as we do it for a few moments.

      I am now in a classroom in a chair with a trash can between my feet.
      Spoiler for EXPLICIT:
      Shocked at my nakedness and sexual nature, I wonder how my dream would cause me to literally end up like this. I look up and see an and old woman that is an ex-coworker (dead) looking at me sort of curious as well as shocked. I quickly pull my shirt down to cover myself. I feel disoriented and confused. I wonder how I could have had such an obvious sex dream in public. I realize that I am in a room pf coworkers both past and present and if feel embarrassed and devastated that this is happening. I'll never live it down. My life is ruined. I pull my shorts up not really getting my underwear and they king bunch down low, but I don't care as long as I am covered. I feel so sleepy and I rub my face and sigh heavy trying to get my bearings. I still can't believe this has happened. I don't even know how I fell asleep. I try to ignore everyone around me as I deal with this trauma; I just want a way out. I begin to hope that by some miracle of divine magic that I am in a dream. Maybe... I do a nose plug out of desperation and am completely delighted and surprised to blow through. I giggle and the feeling of hopeless despair rolls off me dropping like a lead weight. Forgetting about any nakedness, I stand up and walk over to a group of people talking. I think how I am highly lucid as I playfully push V (fired IWL) over and say I relief, "This is all a dream." V falls out of sight and I smile at everyone feeling triumphant and gleeful. Before I can do much else, the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.

      I had another LD much earlier in the night but I cant recall much so I'm counting. Basically, I was running from some enemy when I became lucid and played with a gun. I wanted a shoot out so I blind summoned a rifle. I goes off against a glass but only scorching it. In some burned out building someones head peaked up outside a window. I fire off a shot, but the dream fades out.
    2. Morgan Freeman

      by , 06-10-2013 at 05:05 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #103: Morgan Freeman

      I'm in a library, laying down by some bookshelves and wearing nothing but some boxer shorts. A young, rather wimpy-looking guy with dark hair and glasses is looking through some books about thirty feet away, pretending not to notice me. I quickly throw my clothes on. I have no idea why I was unclothed, but I feel like I should explain myself to this guy.

      I throw together a cover story, approach the guy and explain, "Don't worry! That part of the library is just where I like to recall any sexy dreams that I recently had." He visibly cringes. I cringe too. What in the world made me think that this was a good "explanation"? I feel very confused, both about my own dull-wittedness and the whole situation.

      Embarrassed beyond belief, I mumble an apology and just sort of slink away into a different part of the library. After stewing in my shame for a few seconds, the strong emotion feels weird to me and
      I realize with great relief that I'm dreaming.

      No longer so defensive and inwardly-focused, I examine my surroundings. This part of the library is broad and open, with a floor of pure white marble, and a high, vaulted white ceiling. About fifty feet away is some kind of railing that surrounds a view of a lower floor. I walk toward the railing to check out this lower floor, but I'm distracted when I find myself walking next to Morgan Freeman. He's much shorter than I'd imagined (no taller than 5-foot-6) and moves slowly, as if decrepit and unwell.

      "You're Morgan Freeman," I say. Astonishingly, I speak these words in Morgan Freeman's voice!

      "I am."

      "Heeeeyyyyyyy," I say, testing out my amazing new voice. I do a theatrical hand-wave and really pile on the dramatic reading. "All of this... is a dream!"

      He nods, smiling faintly. "Very nice."

      "Everything sounds a lot better with this voice," I say. "How's this work? Is this dream teaching me how to talk like you? Am I still going to be able to sound like this when I wake up?"

      He stops, giving me a cross look. "No."

      I think for a moment about my goals. I can remember my primary goal of getting to the Alamo to catch up with Art, but I forget the Task of the Month and don't think to talk gibberish to Morgan Freeman. I'm planning on phasing through a wall in order to get outside or enter the void.

      Morgan Freeman seems to sense that I'm about to leave and turns urgently toward me, suddenly speaking very rapidly. "Wait! Before you go, I need to tell you something that you have to do. You need to find Patricia [??some last name??] and you need to tell her about..." His voice becomes garbled and the scene breaks down. I expect to enter the void and transition from there to the Alamo but instead
      I wake up.

      (I do know one Patricia but the last name had more syllables than hers does. I'm still stumped by this last part.)
    3. The Phone Call [Mutal Dream Attempt #1]

      by , 05-25-2013 at 12:03 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I was going for WILD after my WBTB but I was very tired and my WBTB was too short. I had several awakenings but only remember two of the dreams.

      I am at work with some silver can in my hand it looks like a tall boy beer. I get the idea that has huperzine in it. I take a long drink and note the taste. It is very sweet and fruity with a pleasant alcohol after taste. I look at the can and see its Blueberry Pomegranate flavored. I remember taking huperzine earlier and try to calculate how much huperzine is in my system now. I worry that it will be too much.

      I see Frank walk by and he comments on my drink. Something about how he wants to try some so he can get lucid. I am shocked and happy that I turned so many people at work on to lucidity. (actually just 2 in waking life).

      I realize that having beer at work will get me fired so I try to hid it under my desk. Then, I not a horrible side effect of drinking huperzine beer in the day time. I am incredibly aroused and it will not subside. My boss asks me to come over to talk to her but I am too embarrassed get up out of my chair. I quickly wake up.


      I am at my old Jr. High cafeteria in Smithville, TX watching some play on the stage that was there in waking life. Then play ends but we they begin a second showing and every moans about it. We stay because we all feel obligated to support our children.

      The curtain opens and someone is trying to hang something on a wall that had busted out sheet rock. I am curious if this is the actual play of if they need to fix the set. I wonder up on stage and some toddlers come out to play with me. I talk to one and then realize I am on stage. I duck and army crawl away.

      I have a brief awakening and focus on my awareness and body.

      #186 - 5:18AM - DEILD

      I find myself back at my old Jr. High but I am outside in the commons area where we used to hang out before class. I am staring at the concrete and see the trash can that is always there. I look and see the grassy center and the structure around me. For a moment the memory is so vivid that it conjures up old indescribable emotions that are only connected to that time and place. For just that moment, I am completely overwhelmed and think that I literally somehow teleported there in waking life.

      I quickly recover from this and assure myself that I am dreaming. I look around at the scene and note how correct everything seems. After a moment my vision gets a little blurry so I stop and remember my task. I walk around toward the gym and shout out, "CANISLUCIDUS!" CL's name sounds and feel a little thick in my mouth so I shout out his real name which is much easier to say. Nobody shows up so I decide to just call him on my cell phone. I reach to my right pocked were it always is and at first I feel nothing but after a few pats I feel a lump and then the shape of my phone.

      I pull it out and blindly push something on the screen saying CL's first and last name then put the phone to my ear. I immediately hear a very stereotypical Russia man on the other end.

      The details are a little hazy with the dialogue but I remember basically what was said. I may have to paraphrase a little here.

      Man: This is [firstname][lastname].
      Me: Uuummm. OK. Where are you?
      Man: Rustonovic Farms (or something like that then some Russian phrase)
      Me: Rustonovic Farms?

      I repeat the Rustonovic Farms and the phrase several times to remember. I quickly decide this is gibberish and let it go.

      Me: I want to talk to the real [Firstname][lastname]

      There is silence on the line but I wait. Then...

      CL: Hey! How are you?
      Me: Hey! What's up,man? This is Mike. You know from the Internet. It's Xanous. (CL begins talking excitedly but I interrupt him.) I want to tell you something. You are dreaming.

      I want CL to actually be here so I look over to my right expecting to see him. He's standing right next to me on a cell phone but he doesn't seem to notice that I am here. I look at him while talking.

      Me: You are DREAMING. Get it? This is a DREAM.

      The light of recognition seems to come into CL's eyes now.

      CL: OH WOOOOW! Yeah I am.
      Me: Ok good! So here's my code word. It's [code word] Remember that. OK what's mine.
      CL: Account numbers.

      I realize we started walking together now and notice that we made our way over to the high school parking lot. I look over at CL and he still has the phone to his ear like he is talking to someone else.

      Me: Really? Account numbers? That's two words.
      CL: [Gibberish]
      Me: Ok so account numbers it is.

      I realize that CL's voice has gone sort of flat and lifeless. I wonder if he's lost his . I look back over at CL and I see that he is a boy now and we are at my waking life car. I open the door. The dream is getting unstable and my lucidity is starting to slip. CL climbs up into the car and sits in a car seat. I go with the motions and strap him in.

      Me: You're not really lucid are you? Are you even [first name]?

      The scene goes dark and I find myself in the void. I quickly wake myself to remember the dream.

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    4. #15. Dream-Style Karate Tournaments

      by , 06-14-2010 at 03:59 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      This dream took place over the course of several days, with time-skips between unimportant parts.

      A woman shows me a new kata.

      I'm on a farm, apparently visiting my Oma. She gives us (myself and a girl) a ride into town. I make fun of her car.

      We arrive at the tournament, which takes place in my hometown. The girl (I have the feeling I knew her) and I are going to perform some kind of strange team kata that's some kind of dance, and the one we're doing has a male and a female character. I'm playing the male character even though I'm female in the dream.

      It's about 10AM, and our part doesn't come around until around 1PM. I'm not dressed yet and I can't find my sword. I might have to ask my Oma (whose car I made fun of) for a ride home to look for it.

      My mom brings my sword, but I'm still not dressed. It's into the afternoon now. I peek out of the dressing rooms to check that they're not calling for us.

      For some reason, I'm not wearing my karate uniform, but something more like a dress robes. There's a red dress long... robe-like thing made of a kind of satin-like material, and an outer set of long black robes that look more like my gi than anything I've seen yet in this dream.

      Oh, yeah, definitely. That is totally what I meant.

      I'm standing beside my partner for the team kata (who looks a bit like a geisha), wondering about the feminist implications of this performance. I mean, one of us doesn't actually do anything.

      Oh, yeah, you do that fan kata.

      Wait, we actually both have a kata to do.

      This is followed by several minutes of panic, within which I realize I've forgotten my kata.

      Then we're standing in front of the judges, and I'm going through the motions of my sword kata, which I've known for a very long time.

      You know, my partner hasn't said anything this entire time.


      I'm at a boarding school with my high school classmates, or I'm finishing off a karate class. We're all actually at a dream-changed version of a parish hall in my hometown.

      "Line up!" Calls Sensei B, one of my old instructors.

      My high school classmates mill about (quickly) in confusion, most of them not having been in karate. In the chaos, I'm trying to figure out which line I should be in, with my... red belt.

      I'm a green belt, right?

      I'm standing in line when I realize that my already ridiculous costume has been substituted for a sheer lingerie-style robe.

      I think Sensei B is making fun of me.

      Dream-Style Karate Tournaments. Scare Factor: 3.5. Would prefer to avoid.

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