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    1. Blue wine tasting

      by , 04-13-2011 at 07:16 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue wine tasting (Non-lucid)


      It was slow at the Pata Negra store so I decided to take a quick stroll. The store was located in the middle of the country. There were several trees around and the store also had a park.

      The restaurant was on a different building. After a while, I found my boss and he invited me to have a wine tasting. Two made up co-workers were following him and they started to run, so I had to run to. If they outran me, I would miss the tasting.

      We entered the restaurant and my boss's office. The office was different and some kind of aisles. The decor was like a mine. Small round lamps, one following each other, stones on the walls and the ground was unever. There was also a rail and a small train to carry coal.

      After avoiding several walls, I got to a door that almost closed behind me, but I made it.

      My boss was preparing the tasting. For some reason, I felt like extremely drunk. Everything was moving around and it was hard for me to focus on what I was doing. My boss pulled a gray bottle with a blue liquid inside. It was a reserva wine, however, it did not looked like wine. It looked more like a liquor. I tasted it and it had a fresh taste. It tasted indeed like a liquor and not like a wine. I saw a second bottle in a box, but my boss told me it was a very expensive wine and I should sell it instead at the store.

      I saw a few more wooden boxes around this odd room, however, I did not find anything interesting. I suddenly saw a huge sandwitch, of about 15 feet long made with Spanish Chorizo. I was worried because I felt that my boss was going to start to sell sandwiches at the store I my job duties would raise dramatically.

      I left the this room through the restaurant. The restaurant was completely empty, there were not even servers. The restaurant also looked different from normal, but can't describe.

      I got to the store. I was surprised it looked so different. When I entered, the store was twice as big as it is. There was a squared table and a few couches. One food prep employee was chatting and flirting with a much older (and uglier) customer.

      I left the store again but ran back as I forgot something. The store was closed. I was very surprised as I did not close it. I had all my stuff inside and wondered how I was going to get my car keys.
    2. False Awakening at a Men's Spa

      by , 03-15-2011 at 09:17 AM
      There was a beginning to this dream that I forget. I recall I entered a fancy spa while it was still broad daylight.

      I woke up in a male only wash room sauna/wash area, inside a large blue tiled steam room. There were a few guys in towels in the general area and they were waking up and walking out. There was a video intercom on. I could see and hear a group of female employees talking together about working at the spa... The video quality was low, like a low-res security cam.

      One of the ladies was saying how there were a lot of gay men that absolutely loved this place.
      That they liked to linger until the place closed to hookup with other guys. -I became alarmed. I looked around and it appeared to be closing time! There were a few older looking guys with nothing but towels on. I wanted to leave asap.

      I quickly ran up the stairs to a lobby area. There was that same group of girls talking. They went dead silent as I walked in wearing only shorts and a towel. They all turned and looked at me straight faced. I said:

      "Oh hey ladies. I was just hanging out late because some of the guys seemed really depressed and I wanted to cheer them up."

      -They looked at me really funny
      . I realized my explanation had not helped the situation. I wondered how I ended up falling asleep here in the first place. (Low level reality testing.)

      But, the place was vivid and awesome looking. Polished wood and marble floors. Soft track lighting. As I looked around for my clothes and stuff, I heard a missed call from my girlfriend. I couldn't find my things but I felt embarrassed enough to leave without them. I decided to call my girlfriend back. Instead of the call connecting, a recorded message played: it was a strong male voice. This is an exact quote (I text'd it to my GF the instant I woke up):

      "You have crossed the signal line and are unable to get through. I assure you, it is nothing."

      --At this exact moment, my girlfriend text me and woke me up. (PRECOGNITIVE)

      Dreams have a real penchant for embarrassing us. This one was hilarious to me when I woke. I am straight. Like my last recorded dream (Stalked in Dreamland), there was a shocking trickster element.

      The voice on the phone bore a strong resemblance to my own voice. I have unrecorded dream fragments about reaching a prerecorded message left by myself. One other recording in a dream sounded like something I said in real life to someone. I couldn't recall the exact words.

      This reminds me of Dream #043

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