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    1. The Usual Snake and Porch Autosymbolism

      by , 07-19-2018 at 08:55 AM
      Morning of July 19, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, there is the usual snake scenario, though there are different factors as is typically the case. Our two youngest sons are present in the unfamiliar room. The setting is meant to be the house we are now living, but it is not familiar.

      There is a small snake that does not seem much of a threat. It slithers off into an area of miscellaneous items; mostly toys.

      We see a big green snake. As it slithers out, I swing at it with a sword, though I miss the first time. I chop off its head in my next attempt.

      The nature of my dream changes. Some unknown people are present, but I do not see them as intruders. The setting now seems to be a discernible variation of the Loomis Street house. They are going somewhere. An unknown female is leaving her daughter behind in the back of her car. That seems a bit unusual to me, but I think I will check up on her later.

      Later, the setting changes into what seems to be a variation of the Barolin Street house. I hear a noise on the porch, and I go to check. I consider it might be one of our children, though it now seems late at night. After I open the front door, I see an unknown boy on the porch in the semidarkness. He seems to be an East Indian of about fourteen years old. He is standing in the center of the porch, which is larger than it was in real life.

      “What do you want?” I ask him. He does not move, and I become slightly annoyed. Perhaps he is a neighbor’s son wanting to sell me something, though I remain unsure. I consider that he might be intruding deliberately. I do not know his motive.

      “Suzi, could you get my gun?” I call out to my left. The boy looks concerned and turns to leave.

      "I was just kidding,” I say as he is exiting the porch.

      After this, there is awareness of the world soon coming to an end. I sit on a couch across from Zsuzsanna, and she seems concerned. It is now morning in an unfamiliar lounge room. (It is still implied to be our home.) My dream self does not register the sudden change in time as is almost always the case.

      The world is going to end today. I am not sure how I know. I feel wary of this idea. I think back and understand it somehow relates to an encounter I had with someone. I am in an anomalous state that I cannot resolve consciously. I know it is from a previous dream encounter, presumed to be from before the snake event. Although I know I am dreaming I do not know I am dreaming.

      I soon wake with the full realization that I had been dreaming, feeling relieved. Still, I cannot resolve the enigma of knowing I was dreaming, yet not knowing. It was as if my dream self knew I was dreaming without my conscious identity knowing. Although this has happened on other levels repeatedly since childhood (especially in non-lucid dream control), it has never been expressed in this specific way before.

      The porch showdown with the preconscious avatar (a common form of RAS mediation since early childhood) had different dynamics than usual. The mood was different and seemed more like an interconsciousness avatar. It was even more like an external entity, though this might have been illusory.

      The “end of the world” scenario has occurred regularly since childhood. I rarely have anxiety in dreams, but in this one I did. I think it might have been heavily influenced by “Dream Replicants and the Emergence of Simulacra” by Richard Catlett Wilkerson, as I had also been writing a series of pages about emerging consciousness simulacra. For example, one part in Richard’s text read, “More currently, Carl Jung, and then James Hillman have suggested that even the ego in the dream, who I think of as me in the dream, may also not be me. Linda Magallón has also suggested we give the dream a higher existential reality and address the dream and dreamer and dreaming process as a kind of entity.” Ultimately, it represents my subliminal knowledge of my dream ending.

      I knew from early childhood on that my subconscious self in non-lucid dreams rarely correlates with my current consciousness as in waking life other than with prescience, which is very common.

      The snake scenario, in this case, is typical RAS modulation (which is very common in most people, yet somehow no one ever catches on even with some websites featuring a few dreams a day with the same content). Here, it only served to shift my level of consciousness rather than wake me. Cutting off the snake’s head was autosymbolism for subliminally separating from my conscious self’s identity for a time, as in other dreams. (Snakes otherwise signify different aspects in other dream types when not a segment of the RAS factor, often human intestine, umbilical cord, or electrical cord warnings.) Green shows up more in a particular band of awareness, midway through the dreaming process (also signifying peace and balance depending on the hue), followed by yellow (unification stage of the dream self and conscious self), orange, and red. Red, however, usually only dominates when I have slept too long in the last dream of a sleep cycle.

      Readability score: 69.

    2. Alien Salvation

      by , 05-02-2018 at 06:44 AM
      Morning of May 2, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream begins with the very common circadian rhythm correlation of the “something wrong with the sun” factor.

      In late afternoon, I am in a distortion of my Cubitis home, on the east side of the living room, though it is implied as our present home. I become aware that the sun is becoming too hot for life to continue on Earth. Thus, this is a typical “end of the world” theme (though these are rarely nightmarish for me in the way described by other people), which has occurred on a regular basis for over fifty years. I perceive much of the solar system as being oriented above and beyond the house to the east, with the implication there is no detail rendered elsewhere (such as beyond the other side of the world or to the west). This is surreal, as there are vestibular dynamics where I seem to “fall” into outer space in a dream within a dream and then shift back into my original dream’s setting without waking or with any perceived concurrent threat or concern other than the prospect of the sun eventually becoming too hot. It is as if my dream self is subliminally testing the autosymbolic (vestibular) design of my dream before deciding to continue (even though I am not viably lucid).

      I am aware that the sun’s heat will be increasing exponentially, and that in a few hours it will be about 6,400 degrees (or 80^2). A number of unknown people are present. Some of the others talk about surviving for a few additional hours. Apparently, they believe they can live for an extra hour or two, or longer, by staying in a building with an air conditioner that remains on. We all go out to find a safer location.

      There is a surreal scene where I am temporarily inside an upright hollow rectangular prism. Someone else is near the top looking down at me, as I am looking up from within it. There is some sort of ambiguous association with it being a vehicle. It seems nighttime at this point, but soon switches back to afternoon.

      While in an unfamiliar building on the third floor, I watch equidistant soap bubbles float by outside. I realize that this means aliens are present (subliminally influenced by comic book story I had not thought of at all in years). I consider that the aliens are here to save humanity, even though I only see the spaceship briefly in a dream within a dream. Some of the others suggest that we need to go underground, though we remain on the first floor for a time.

      My dream becomes more vivid and I am now in a distortion of the Loomis Street house, near the back door. A doll walks in from outside. It is about a foot high. It does not talk but makes clicking and humming noises as if to analyze a person’s status. A teddy bear also walks in as well as a stuffed elephant (with a floral print) walking on its back legs. They are all the same height.

      In the final moments prior to waking, I consider that the friendly and helphful aliens are very shy, so they sent in these devices to make first contact and to study people for a time before taking the human race to another planet to ensure survival.

      The “alien” association is caused by the transient subconscious self not being correlated with the conscious self identity while in REM sleep (as the non-lucid dream self has neither viable contact with the unconscious, such as consistent memory of personal history, or the conscious self identity as in waking life, though most people do not have the ability to realize this at all, hence belief in nonsensical forms of “interpretation”). This is not quite as common as more mundane RAS correlation factors. This is resolved by the introduction of the dream state indicators, teddy bear (first-level dream state indicator) and doll (autosymbolism for the physical body being inactive in sleep - more specifically, my subliminal awareness of Zsuzsanna also being asleep). An elephant, the last “toy” to enter the room, is autosymbolism for the waking alert factor in this case, due to how it “trumpets” (initiating the return to waking consciousness). Once my fictitious dream self subliminally accepts the dream state indicators, RAS modulation begins the waking process. Additionally, this is also a form of doorway waking symbolism, as the “toys” walk in through the back door from outside. (There is no personified preconscious factor as the “toys” hold this role.)

    3. Complete story dream about asteroid and dream about weird bus trip.

      by , 03-16-2018 at 02:08 PM
      I remember the dream starting where I am exploring a new version of the "Nuketown" map from Call of Duty, only this time the houses on the map are even larger, and as I'm exploring them I find one part that leads to what seems to be a seemingly massive Bathroom. I leave and run into a map deaigner who explains that during a game, this part would be sealed off since it's too large and would take too long to find players hiding in it.

      I then leave and go outside and see people getting on a bus, taking an unknown trip and I get in line and get on. No one seems to know where we are going and the guy next to me is acting weird, disturinging other passengers and has to be moved. The girl sitting in front of me tells me that she's only 15, when suddenly a woman in the front of the bus reveals that everyone on this bus is actually 27 (I'm 25.) and guilty of horrible crimes, and then the bus drives into some nearby water.

      I'm then telling this story to myself while looking out the bedroom window of my house as I see all these people outside just hanging out and I ride my bike to a nearby theater to see a movie. During the previews for the movie, there is an ad showing an asteroid labeled "0W-05" and a joke about it come to ruin everything. I look it up on my phone and it was in the news that a massive asteroid is headed right towards Earth and there will likely be no survivors. I talk to the guy sitting in front of me about it, who is someone I know in real life, but I forget the conversation.

      We then watch the movie and it's Avengers Infinity War and I think about how we could use the Infinity Gauntlet to stop the asteroid if it was real.
      We then leave the theater and I'm waiting in line for various fast food places, then go to a somewhat full Panda Express that doesn't really have a line despite only one person working behind the counter. I think about how everyone is now just eating whatever they want.

      I then am at a psychiatrists office, and he says that he's going to have the session end at a random time and we are then watching a short cartoon about a kid like Jimmy Neutron trying to rescue another kid who is stuck on top of a movie bus. I remember the cartoon being awkward to watch, but then an ad for the next episode showed that it would be a lot more mature and be about the kid's relationship with his younger brother.

      I then talk to the psychiatrist about what it's like knowing the world is going to end and he asks me what I want to do on my last days, and I think about all the things I want to get done. I'm then reading through a bunch of Justice League comics that I wanted to read, but then put the comic down and start actually making a list of other things I want to do.

      I'm then at a church talking to people about how weird the asteroid ending the world is since apparently it means the world isn't ending the way the book of Revelations said it would, and even if right before the asteroid hit us it occurred, it wouldn't make sense because we aren't supposed to know when it's going to happen. One of the guys mentions that it's possible that some people might survive, then dismisses this possibility. He then asks me if I'm familiar with something in the Catholic Church called the "Devil and the Lamb on your shoulder." I tell him no and he's confused that I never heard about this common thing.

      I forget how exactly the dream ends, but I remember I'm with my father and aware it's all a dream, but am thinking about what I would do if the world really was going to end.

      Psychiatrist, Panda Express, revelations, comics

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    4. The Solar Storm that was not

      by , 11-25-2017 at 08:07 AM
      Morning of November 25, 2017. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we presently appear. The setting is unrelated to real life, though my dream self lacks the memory and awareness of our real living space as is often the case (depending on the depth and extent of sleep). It may be sections of streets and buildings modeled after ones in La Crosse (America), Brisbane (Australia), or both.

      Over time, I become aware of the typical “something wrong with the sun” scenario. There are streams of plasma reaching Earth. At one point, far above the horizon and over the unknown city, I notice streams of plasma moving outward from a central point. There are a few resets of this dream. There is a scene where the sun explodes like a small fireball in the sky, but later events where the sun is still present.

      Eventually, the end of the world is assumed, though I am not that fearful of what is to come. Many people run around screaming as pieces of the sun slam into skyscrapers but there are unusual distortions in later events.

      For example, a blob of plasma from the sky heads toward the middle of the street. Instead of an explosion, the blob slows, stopping a few feet above the street, and transforms into a giant transparent pale orange puppy (about ten feet high) that then walks slowly about on the street.

      After a time, I start to realize that, despite all the streams of plasma hitting the city, there does not appear to be much destruction. One crashes fairly close to me and I am unimpressed and consider that it is not real (though not with viable lucidity).

      There is another change without a cohesive transition. Members of my family and I, including Zsuzsanna and at least our two youngest children, are now riding in a car with an unknown dark-haired male driver of about forty. Streams of fire and plasma hit buildings on opposite ends of the street we travel through. However, it is learned that the falling plasma is created by some sort of machine on Earth and is only holographic, with no physical repercussions. This also explains why there appear to be no destroyed buildings at this point, though the event is still continuing.

      This end of the world dream is somewhat atypical in being revealed to not be a celestial event as in many other such dreams. However, the majority of my common end of the world dreams since early childhood often present “something wrong with the sun”, rather than for example, “something wrong with the moon”. There is a logical reason for this…

      As a dream occurs while unconscious and typically not during the main part of the day (other than during an afternoon or early evening nap), a dream, based on circadian rhythms factors, will symbolize the nature of the conscious self identity as the sun, because the sun is associated with wakefulness and the moon associated more with sleeping and dreaming. As one is asleep and dreaming, “something wrong with the sun” occurs far more often simply because one is not awake. This is validated by fairly rare “something wrong with the moon” dreams occurring at a different time in the sleep cycle than the “something wrong with the sun” dreams. In fact, the specific dynamics (studied from when I was only a child) relate directly to the specific time within the sleep cycle, which validates it has little to do with “interpretation” and more about biology and not being conscious at a specific time.

      “Something wrong with the sun” in a dream is simply a metaphor for not being conscious and being aware of the real sun. How hard is that? Dreams, after all, are all about distortions, errors in memory, and the failure of thinking skills that naturally comes from being unconscious (other than literal prescience, which is not limited to the dream state anyway). An “end of the world” scenario is often just a result of the dream inevitably coming to an end when more sleep is subliminally desired, though all factors must be looked at closely, though not in wrongfully assuming that the “I am” of the dream state (personified subconscious, which has no viable memory or intelligence) is the same as the “I am” of the current conscious self identity.

      It is rare for the personified preconscious (in this case, the unknown male driver) to passively sustain the dream state since its purpose (via RAS) is to mediate waking. However, my dream self had already worked out it was not the end of the world, though I did not attain viable lucidity prior to waking.

    5. The End of the World and Discovering the Sleeper (Prescient)

      by , 09-26-2017 at 03:26 PM
      Morning of September 26, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 1

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children (mostly as we appear now in reality) are living in a house that is similar to our present home (and implied to be our present home), though it has a fictional second storey.

      Over time, I become aware that the sun is too hot. I mostly become aware of this upon going to the second floor with Zsuzsanna, which is mostly featureless and resembles the second floor of the Loomis Street house when the apartment was empty, as there is a singular window on one side of the large room and a ceiling sloped on both sides. (I have not been in this house in real life since 1994.) I feel intense heat and so I realize that we need to go back downstairs. I assume that the world is ending, but I do not feel very emotional about it. I tell our youngest son that the world will be burned up soon. Still, I want all of our family together for “the end”.

      In the last segment of my dream, we all go into our oldest son’s room. Zsuzsanna and most of our children are present in the room. Our oldest son is seemingly not present at this time and I become concerned about his well-being. Eventually, Zsuzsanna and our youngest son slide out a cardboard storage box from under our oldest son’s bed (in the same location as it is in reality). (The large cardboard box has similar colors and sparse imagery as that otherwise found on a pizza box.) Our oldest son is sleeping in it. I am relieved, though I still have concern about his health and hope he will wake soon.

      Friday, 30 March 2018: What I presently understand about this dream, based on the following real-life event: From exactly one week after this dream, in real life, our oldest son had to spend four days in the hospital from severe food poisoning where I then held the same mood that my dream self had.

      Despite The Sleeper factor (as well as the rendering of the bed) otherwise being a common dream state indicator since early childhood, signifying the subliminal recognition of being asleep, it was specifically linked to very detailed prescience in this case. Our oldest son being in a cardboard storage box under his bed seems to be a subliminal association with both a pizza box and a coffin, and as such, could have been a very specific warning had I paid more attention.

      Additionally, on November 7, our oldest son’s room is where my family gathered for protection from the storm, though this proved to be futile, as the roof had been torn off and rain poured through the ceiling, though of course it was not the literal end of the world.

      Dreams in which there is “something wrong with the sun” have been very common since early childhood. The usual cause of this is based on the conscious self identity not being viable within the dream state, as the sun symbolizes the conscious self identity in the context of clarity of awareness and with viable thinking skills (which do not otherwise exist in the dream state). Some people might catch the play on “something wrong with the sun” regarding our son, as he did have a fever in his severe illness. This specific association could be coincidence, but since the validated-as-premonitory thread “something wrong with my son” could very well be the autosymbolic trigger in this case, it might not be coincidental.

      It may also be relevant that the Loomis Street second-floor window is to the east in reality, and this is where our oldest son sleeps in orientation to where Zsuzsanna and I sleep, as a window has been validated long ago to signify unconscious communication with someone else in some cases.

      The fictional second floor implied to be of our present home is possibly a transpersonal factor (interconsciousness) related to a certain band of liminal space (though is otherwise only an emergent consciousness factor). Dreams that are dominantly prescient also typically lack the usual RAS mediation found in other dream types.

    6. Being Calm During the End of the World

      by , 06-26-2017 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2017. Monday.

      I am back on Loomis Street (where I have not been since February 9th of 1994 in reality) within a typically distorted dream-self identity of not being with viable memory beyond that of my eighteen-year-old self. I am in the living room of the Loomis Street house. There had been details that the world will be having strange weather, which has something to do with the sun. At first, my dream seems to be based on only unusual weather approaching, but not that threatening. However, the concept changes, becoming far more dramatic, before my dream ends.

      My mother is alive and seemingly well and in the west bedroom of the Loomis Street house. I have no memory of her passing in 2002.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in a state where I decide to play around with the world itself by spinning the entire atmosphere, clouds and all, as fast as possible. That is, rather than causing Earth to spin faster or to slow down, it remains at its present rotation as I spin the sky around, north to south. The clouds are white and fluffy against a bright blue sky. The realism is extraordinary as I look out through the porch windows and watch the clouds dart across the sky as I willfully spin the atmosphere. I am doing this to show a few other (unknown) people what might soon be happening naturally due to the celestial events. This goes on for several minutes.

      Eventually, the celestial changes come and the sky changes. Very unusual clouds appear in the sky. I sense people’s fear while not feeling threatened myself.

      For a time, the sky looks much like an analogue television screen that is not fully on the channel. That is, there are diagonal lines and flickering bars across the sky. There is one very loud thunderclap. Looking at the sky again, it resembles an empty multicolored spreadsheet, with each cell randomly billowing downwards slightly, the whole expanse with somewhat of a wavering effect.

      I know I should see my mother. She sits in her bed in her room and seems upset, saying how it is “the end of the world”. I do not feel any sense of fear or even concern for humanity. I calmly accept the fate of the world and of myself.

      It is obvious that this dream utilizes liminal dream control and originates mainly from my current conscious self identity and understanding of the dream state (virtuous circle effect) than anywhere else (even though I have no memory beyond my late teenage years while still within my dream). That is, I know I am creating my dream, and yet my dream self identity is not aware of this at a viable level. It partly comes from having looked at a childhood dream from 1971, that was in turn, based on having seen the movie “Crack in the World”, the childhood dream association of which also influenced at least one other dream of this date.

      The evidence is not only obvious, but continuous on different levels. Firstly, I am able to spin the entire sky with no effort. Secondly, the sky then becomes like a television display not being on the channel. This is direct evidence that I view the sky as something I can willfully change as if with a television remote and that my thoughts are still based around liminal dream awareness. Then, the next stage utilizes an emergent focus on critical thinking skills (which do not viably exist in the dream state) when the sky then becomes like a multicolored spreadsheet, as if waiting for my conscious thinking skills to ascend and fill it with organized data. This same focus makes me subliminally aware of the waking symbolism - that is, dream state cessation as an “end of the world” metaphor (which has been a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood). (Why would dream cessation symbolism relate to the conscious self in a negative context? This is the ridiculous mistake I have seen people continuously make all my life with so-called interpretation, which I learned to dismiss at a very early age in light of truth.)

      The fact that my dream self has no fear of this supposed end of the world is more evidence of liminal dream awareness and potential control being a major factor. Why should I care if my dream ends? It is a perfectly natural event. Even more obvious is the “return to bed” metaphor (yet another subliminal thread of acknowledgement of being asleep in reality), even though, in this case, it is typically distorted to a different time and characterization. The real puzzle still remains. What determines the status of my dream self (regarding altered age and time distortion factors)? What determines when and where any precognitive threads (or “input” from the collective unconscious or the Source) dominate the patterns?

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    7. All this and not lucid.

      by , 05-13-2017 at 02:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Hallucinations in the sky.

      I'm pretty sure this theme was prevalent throughout a few dreams. First impression was of me walking at night with someone through a forest trail at night. I saw a city line in the distance. Then when I looked up in the sky there was a mirage of it in the sky. I pointed this out to my walking companion and agree with me that it was a mirage, but very breathtaking.

      Next part is I'm walking through the city. A bunch of people are running in panic. Someone says that a Russian satellite armed with Nukes is losing orbit and will soon hit earth. They seem to think that it will set of nuclear explosions and start world war 3. Later when I looked up in the sky I see a very large mirage image of a satellite orbiting earth. it looks way bigger than the moon. This freaks people out even more. I just continue walking and laugh at the whole thing.

      Next thing I remember is walking in a street at night in toronto. for some reason I get a little scared myself as I pass the panicking people but get over it quickly.


      I'm in a kitchen of some house. I have to steal something, but I have to do it carefully. I take the thing of the bar part of the kitchen and find a cubby hole by the sink to hide in. An alarm goes off and I hear a robot go by, it blares an announcement that it is looking for me, and will find me. It goes close by my cubby hole and I am about to be discovered. This scene rewinds and happens again 3 or 4 times. Nothing I can do stops the robot. During one rewind I stay and let the robot see me it a bit. It doesn't recognize me as a threat. Then I hide until it leaves, so That I can leave.

      Don't wanna be a vampire.

      I'm in a rocky area at night again. I'm with the night stalker guy who mind controls me to be a vampire or something. We scare a couple people walking around the place. Then we take off flying. I kind of dog paddle through the air a bit, Him and his other freind get too far ahead of me so his effect wears off. I'm suddenly wondering why I'm on the side of evil. Plus I think Vampires are lame and I don't really wanna be one. So I fly back to the people we attacked to see if they are okay.


      I'm flying and find a familiar van driving along a road at night. I fly in through the back window, kind of phase through it. I'm in the backseat with a small group of girls that are 3-6 years old. Their faces are dirty and covered in dried snot. They seem to know me and I seem to know them. A girl with light brown hair and a perm hands me a magazine to read. She points to a story she wants me to read. So I read it quietly. I don't realize it at the time but it's a page and a half story about the dreams I just had, but in a more linear sequence. The girl grills with questions based on my reactions to the story. She asks if I really believe in WW3 and that it's soon. I say, no not really. She then asks If I really believe that I'm in telepathic communication with her mom. I point out that I never voiced those thoughts out loud, so, that obviously telepathy is real. Her friends giggle at that. As far as her mom is concerned, it's more like a pics or it didn't happen kind of thing. Until I have solid confirmation while awake which is extremely unlikely or realistic, That these dreams are just something that I'm just going to have to endure for a while. I'm not sure if I say these things or just think them, but the girl has a bit of a sullen look on her face, but fades when she realizes she's home.

      I follow her into the house but I hang back a bit. I peer sheepishly into the kitchen and see Bjork in a purplish Victorian outfit leaning over the table leafing through mail. Instantly I feel like I couldn't deal with her. I get too nervous so I quietly fly above her not making a sound. The girl goes up to her and starts talking to her. I am above them and the ceiling is high, So I'm not noticed. I fly into a living room area and find a nice big chair. I land on it and fall asleep.
    8. Villiaphim and the End of the World

      by , 05-05-2017 at 11:05 AM
      Morning of May 5, 2017. Friday.

      This is a very long dream (with only some scenes posted in the online version), but the basic scenario relates to a typical “end of the world” situation which often simply symbolizes dream cessation as a circadian rhythms factor, especially as many of mine relate to the sun. Still, “end of the world” dreams additionally seem to have a factor that is more long-term, which I suspect is also of additional biological symbolism.

      The main scene is viewed in the nighttime sky, seemingly to the west (as my dream’s setting seems to be a distorted composite of Loomis Street and our present address, though with the emphasis on Loomis Street in America in the last scene). There is a beautiful coin-like disk hovering in the sky which is just above the moon. The moon and this disk are both about the same size, the moon probably about twice as large as presently viewed in reality. (In my dream, it is a full moon, though in reality, it apparently is moving past the first quarter at 65% visible.)

      The face of the coppery disk seems to have a mix of Orion and Sagittarius as one character. It is directly above the moon. Bright beautiful rays of light are flowing out from each feature, mostly upwards. I am somewhat wary, as I consider the disk will probably alter the moon’s orbit. The rays are a mix of gold and blue. The imagery amazes me for what seems like at least fifteen minutes.

      This turns out to be real-time symbolism for shared dreaming between Zsuzsanna and I, Zsuzsanna being the moon and the Orion/Sagittarius composite being my dream self level of consciousness. Even though the moon and the disk do not make contact, the thin rays (which actually appear as separated dashes and hyphens at times, in a perfect circumferential span) cross over each other. The moon seems to be pulling the disk into Earth’s orbit.

      Next comes waking precursor symbolism and typical dream signs. I go up to the top of a hill (real-time conscious identity symbol) and there is a tomb that has been revealed due to the celestial events. The temple around it is fairly small, part of it serving more as a solid base that is only about the size of our bed. A group of unfamiliar people gather. I look closely at the tomb. It is of a young girl who is also an angel, with the name of Villiaphim. (This is a dream-generated name I have never heard before.) Curiously, there is a modern silver latch attached to the closed coffin at somewhat of an angle. I reason that this was added the last time the temple rose. I am thinking that I will now open the coffin but end up talking about the overall setting.

      As I am talking about the details of the tomb that I recognize (such as the number two, in pairs of various orientations, forming the different symbols that Zsuzsanna and I had matched over the years, including the two facing another mirrored two as the “heart on the horizon” symbol), the personified preconscious shows up to become the usual nuisance it often is when I do not recognize my level of consciousness as a vivid dream. This time, he is an unfamiliar male teenager who makes fun of my inability to see the coffin as real-time bed symbolism.

      The question mark sequence (in a set of four steps) appears engraved in a short squarish column to the left of the tomb. I am about to explain how the question mark was created by the collective unconscious to be found and used by Yang incarnate in his quest for Yin incarnate when he (the personified preconscious) starts mimicking me about my fallacy to not realize I am simply dreaming about the bed my physical body is in rather than an ancient coffin. He traces his finger over the engraving of one of the twos, copying what I am saying in an annoying cartoon voice. I am annoyed and start chasing him in a circle around the tomb. (This is subliminal coalescence recognition, stage one.)

      As I am doing this, I shift to being with Zsuzsanna in the backyard of Loomis Street. I expect the sun to explode on the horizon (and it seems afternoon now) and it does. I know it is the end of the world, but I do not feel any fear. Zsuzsanna and I hold each other. Curiously, the sun had been just below the northern horizon, which of course is not possible. Still, the fire comes from the north as Earth burns. Just as the typical waking coalescence begins (while hugging Zsuzsanna), there is no mild abdominal jolt or other biological waking dynamic yet. Instead, I look around and see the fire only a few feet away, wondering what had happened, and why I (as my dream self) am still aware and in my dream. The ground is covered with what looks like runny egg yolk as well as egg white. Zsuzsanna and I are lying on the ground at this point. I reach over and pull the oversized “egg” from the ground (some of the “yolk” running out over the grass) and consider that about half the surface of the planet will now have to have this stuff peeled off as the “egg white and yolk” solidify a little more. Humanity will survive. I wake up to find that Zsuzsanna and I are in the same positions in bed in reality as we were in the waking symbolism (though this is not always the case).

      As I have written often before (but certainly not every time it happens), at least one dream per day (of the six to twelve I more clearly recall, not including all dream types) apparently comes from Zsuzsanna’s mind rather than mine, which are always thoughts she has that I could not possibly have known about, and it often follows a specific pattern. (This general rule occurred long before we met and has been validated virtually countless times.) It is also usually one of her more sustained thoughts relating to something that is different than usual. In this case, it related to her thoughts about runny egg yolks when she was frying an egg for herself (which is not a regular activity - and I have rarely had fried eggs in my lifetime).

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    9. One World Ends, Another Begins

      by , 02-17-2017 at 08:54 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was not myself, I was a father with dark curly hair. My wife and two kids, daughter and son, had dark curly hair too. I had false memories, a lot of them. The world I was in ended. Apocalyptic event that wiped out almost everything. Before it happened, we escaped into another reality. A world with magical creatures and dangers that were all new to us. It wasn't a world were my family would be safe, so I tried to find my way back to a portal.

      To get back we needed a boat. We were in a flooded city. Like Manhattan with 10 meters of water on the streets. Frog-like men lived here. The surface was covered with water lilies and other such plants. After years of trying to survive there, I managed to put together a makeshift boat and led my family through a tunnel that I recall was the way to a portal. Several rapids and waterfalls later we passed through a gate leading out of this world.

      When I saw the smooth, green ground, hills in the distance and a mountain with a castle on top, more false memories came back to me. This used to be just a flat green surface, an artificial world with nothing in it. A pocket dimension that humans built. It was created as a safe haven for us, when the world was destroyed. Now it looked somewhat complete. I led my family to a small house nearby and we met a woman. She kindly let us stay in her home. Some food was prepared, beds made and my wife chatted with the lady. I kept asking what year it was, because clearly we had been gone a long time, since this world was now complete. She didn't tell me. I searched the house, the food items for best before dates etc. I found nothing.

      Sad and frustrated, I wanted answers. What happened to the survivors? What sort of state was the world in? I headed towards the door. Her front door didn't open into the pocket universe anymore, it led to the old world. It was night and a destroyed city opened up in front of me. Piles of rubble and monsters wandering around. The lady followed me outside and offered to guide me, if I insisted on exploring. She told me to stay away from the Gravity Wheels: big wheels rolling around on their own, made of human-like flesh.

      Another type of monster was in our path. Very Rick and Morty -style appearance: ugly, slug-like, dirty blue and spits green acid. I watched how one of them spit acid on another poor explorer and he melted instantly. The lady showed me how the monsters shrunk when you scared them. She ran at one yelling and the monster shrunk to the size of a cat. It was harmless like that. While running past them, I failed to scare one and I got sprayed with acid. I waited for it to melt me, but I was fine for some reason.

      We went into a tunnel and found a couple teenage girls doing drugs. I asked what year it was. One of them smiled and said "It's...six?" like it was obvious. "Six years after the end?" "Yeah." Alright. I was happy with that answer.

      This has been a recurring theme in my dreams: World ends and I'm forced to move on, survive and find my place in the world again. I actually really enjoy dreams like this, even when they are sad.
    10. Doomsday

      , 10-29-2016 at 11:49 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, bed 9pm - 3:20am

      I surfed the TV just before bed and stopped on a show called Doomsday. I had a bunch of "end of the world" dreams before and wanted another intense dreams like that. This is what I thought about while watching ICBMs streaking through the skies.

      I just got to some beach. I'm walking to the sand and at the edge of it there is a pile of white socks. I laugh, knowing that all those people took their socks off to go on a sand and never got them later. I take mine off too, but I put them in my bag. I get to a building and walk inside. I walk around up and down the stairs and pick up two magazines to read later.

      People start running around and I hear from someone, that Cesar (forgot the name) was assasinated. I think of the same reason that began WW1 and I know the war is about to start. I pull out my phone, throw the magazines to the floor and I need to call my mom to kinda say goodbye.
    11. Balloon Travel, Dodo Birds, and Meteors in the Distant Past

      by , 10-25-2015 at 04:25 PM
      Morning of October 20, 2015. Tuesday.

      I and my wife Zsuzsanna, and our children, must be living in the 1600s. I assume this because we are living in an unknown region where there are eventually a lot of dodo birds walking about. The building we live in seems vaguely like the Duffy Street apartment, though. My father (deceased February 14, 1979) is alive again and appearing as he was perhaps in the early 1960s. At one point, I have a wall-to-wall array of comic book stacks (they all look new), though each stack being only about six or seven issues high at the most. I eventually realize that this would make it difficult for my father to walk through the room (from a room on the other side of where I am), so I gather them all up into one higher pile, being only vaguely concerned about the numerical (issue number) order at this point.

      The main concept is impersonal and relates to some sort of mountain-like structure, an isolated ridge which is much longer than its width, so much so, it seems there is a potential of it falling over at one point, and much of it contains small caves and a network of tunnels. It is apparently full of various kinds of fossils as well as living dinosaurs. There is a scene where a small duck-billed dinosaur (Hadrosaurid) comes out of a cave and bites lightly at my hand (though I do not feel threatened). There is another scene when I am watching the dodo birds where I also see a supposedly extinct animal that looks somewhat like a cross between a wombat and a guinea pig.

      I inform a group of scientists (dressed as if in the early 1800s rather than 1600s) I seem to be informally working with that the mountain will likely fall over if they try to elevate it. Regardless, they somehow attempt to elevate the very large feature to possibly see the contents of underground caves. The whole feature somehow tips over once in midair and becomes upside-down before aligning back to ground level. At least one brontosaurus inside one of the many caves is seen falling over during this event. I also hear numerous pieces of bones and fossils falling about.

      Later, I am standing with my wife Zsuzsanna in a large oblong hot air balloon, which is what they had earlier used in part to elevate the mountain. The oblong basket is large enough for a whole crowd of about twenty people, at least. We are at one end and the rest of the people, including scientists, are at the sides. It seems to be a beautiful night, and we are looking out over London as it was a few centuries ago.

      Over time, looking at the beautiful nighttime sky, a few light clouds here and there, we notice unusual bright white lights streaming slowly downward in a few different locations. These turn out to be small meteors (which are unrealistic, as real meteors would move much faster). They sometimes even arc in a different direction before hitting the ground. With great visual clarity, I watch some of them hit various parts of the streets, leaving a large hole and cracking the ground a fair distance. There are also a few fiery explosions, which are very enjoyable to see. In the far distance, a much larger meteor seems to destroy an entire area when it hits. Eventually, there is a vague concern that a meteor may come to near where we are, but that does not seem very likely. It does not seem to be the “end of the world”, just the end of London in the distant past. Throughout much of this dream, I felt very cheerful and happy.

    12. California separates from continent; Saphire ocean

      , 09-28-2015 at 07:19 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Sleep 2pm 9"45pm before night shift

      I intended to wake up around 7 for a 30 min WBTB then nap on a sofa like yesterday, when I got a DILD. But I was too sleepy to do that. Instead, I got one of the longest, most vivid and detailed, interesting and beautiful dreams I had in a long time.

      DR 1:
      I missed mom's call. I'm trying to call her back, so I open the contact list. As I do that, about 15 tiny thumbnail pictures and videos start to load as a list of contacts. Screen is smallish, so the names are cut off. I pick one that says "call ..." because I thin that is mom, and I hit dial.

      Someone answers but says nothing. Instead a video starts playing. Rather a live feed and I recognize my mom's street. I start talking, asking if it;s her.

      Pisture changes and now I see a young boy playing on the beach. I recognize him as a kid I used to babysit. I realize I called his mom and somehow I see the video she is taping with her phone at that moment.

      Somehow I'm transported to that location. I'm sitting on a beach, kids and their mom is there. I look at the ocean and I can't believe it. It is incredibly georgeous. Saphire blue, see through to the bottom. Waves are mixing in some whites into the blues and the sunshine is giving some light effects like what you see on the walls or ceiling of an indoor swimming pool reflected of the waves that are splashing around. I'm looking around and waves are hitting the beach from few different direction, then retrieving back to the ocean. The blue is incredible blue.

      I look at the sand and it's pure white. I say to kids that it's time to go find some seashells. As I look up and down the beach, I don't see any large ones. So I just look close to me where we are sitting and a few colorful small ones are there.

      Then we are sitting in a small swimming pool. Kids are in the water, I'm sitting on the edge. It looks like a small gazebo. It's separated from the ocean by a metal gate on one side, so water comes in but not anything dangerous. I ask them how is the water, because I was freezing. (I had the AC on and was getting really cold)


      I'm traveling back to California. At the house, I look out the window and I'm amazed. There is not much land around. The house ( I see it now from above) sits on a piece of land that is not bigger than the house itself. All around us are small islands, channels of water and ocean.

      Islands are all elongated in same direction. As if they were leftovers of the land that tore itself apart by being pulled from 2 ends. Some islands have trees on them and they look like tops of hills or mountains that used to be there before.

      I ask what happend and they say "liquifaction".

      I feel the house moving, as if floating away on the water. I tell them that it's the same sensation I had in a dream not that long time ago. (it's true, dream of house floating away on the sea of lava in India - "Volcano in India")

      I'm taken to a house to visit someones family. (All these 3 dreams are somehow connected)

      I walk into the house and we are walking by a living room full of people. Another one, also full of people sitting on sofas and chairs, watching TV and just lounging around. I realize they have to have more than one living room because the family is huge.

      I say hi to all of them and they reply. Some I meet face to face and I'm surprised some are black. I wonder who married into black family. They are all very nice but I sense some tension.

      A boy walks up to me, says hi and I shake his hand. His face is disfigured.

      Another very tall young man walks up to me. He is in boxer's shorts and he is telling me that he is in the boxing championship in Saudi Arabia and he is doing quite well. I shake his hand and it's all rough and also disfigured, and his face too. I realize that you can be successful like that as well.

      I walk into a very small bedroom. The bed is right next to the wall and the window and the ocean is righ against the window. As the waves are splashing around, they are starting to spill into the room. I yell at someone to come and do something.


      We are on the ocean. I look to the righ and a humongous wave is coming at us. It's a tsunami and we all say this is it, we are done. Goodbye.
    13. Star Storm and Being a Lamp

      by , 09-13-2015 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2015. Sunday.

      I am in a seemingly isolated area that feels somewhat elevated (such as some sort of “floating” featureless room), in semi-lucidity, enough to know that my conscious thoughts can make and shape my (unscripted in this case) dream. I think about a snowstorm for no particular reason and I watch a few snowflakes swirl through the air outside, in the darkness of seeming night, seemingly looking west (considering the vague focus and orientation of our real bedroom). I see no land features, just the snowflakes. After a few minutes, I see a blizzard though I do not feel cold at any point. I feel a deep sense of peace for a time, watching the snowflakes swirl around.

      I eventually get a vague idea that I am looking into outer space rather than looking outside and into a snowstorm, and then I eventually realize that I “actually” am looking into a “real” outer space scene. Now, stars and planets are swirling around, crashing into each other with brilliant explosions. I am somewhat amused that a simple blizzard transforms into such an amazing chaotic event that seems to imply “the end of the universe”. I start thinking of the scene being reminiscent of “The Wizard of Oz”, where Dorothy is watching all the strange imagery through her window. I even do a vocal “doot-doo” version of the scene where Miss Gulch is riding her bicycle.

      I soon get the idea that the little melody of Miss Gulch’s bicycle ride is not really that suitable for the end of the universe, so I try to vocalize “The Ride of the Valkyries” but keep shifting into the “National Geographic” theme. No matter what, I cannot grasp the melody from “The Ride of the Valkyries” without it switching to the other tune. I “realize” that the two pieces have much the same music but with slightly different timing and accented parts. The exact “The Ride of the Valkyries” melody keeps eluding me and I get more and more frustrated that I cannot remember it correctly. In the background, the “National Geographic” theme keeps distracting and even “teasing” me every time I get a little of the other tune correct.

      From here, I see that the end of the universe has changed into a basketball game. This seems reasonable, as a sphere is still bouncing about the “cosmos”. I watch passively for several minutes.

      “Could you move?” says a young friendly female voice from behind me. Indeed. I find that I had not been looking out a window (even though I was - my dream just typically changed as such), but sitting in front of a large television where a basketball game is being broadcast (and perhaps the other scenes were relevant to a cowboy show followed by a channel changing to an astronomy show followed by it being changed to this basketball game). It is a young version of my wife, seated on a couch and wearing a light pink robe, but in a scenario that implies it is years before we met. “I didn’t know girls watched basketball,” I say. I get up and suddenly stop when I see two people I do not know coming into the room. They are likely token parents of Zsuzsanna’s in this scene. So, obviously, I transform into an antique brass floor lamp. The “father” comes over and pinches my nose and my “bulb”, implied to be at about the same level as my head, lights up the room a bit better. Zsuzsanna has an extraordinarily mischievous grin growing on her face, as she seems to be eating popcorn.

      Remembering that I am dreaming (rather than my lucidity being consistent throughout), I decide to try to come out of my brass floor lamp camouflage. This is difficult and I succeed only in wobbling my base while rocking side to side, making a curious clanging sound on the wooden floor. The other male looks around curiously, but then continues to chop some spring onion in the kitchen.

      Well, I cannot move as a lamp, so I might as well wake up, which I do.
    14. Self-Decoding CME Dream

      by , 08-05-2015 at 02:05 PM
      Morning of August 5, 2015. Wednesday.

      More. There is always so much more. Just when I had finished “The Macaroni and Spaghetti Mystery - Solved?” (August 4, 2015), the Source decides to start playing with me again and confirm at least some of what I already knew, yet alarm me with another end-of-the-world dream. It carries much the same theme as “Explosion on the Sun” (April 26, 1972). I believe, just as with an atomic bomb, a catastrophic CME mostly only represents the waking process and the transition of energies between different levels of consciousness. I know this from “A Place in the Sky” (November 26, 2014) where I was able to “pause” the nuclear event (though it was still occurring extremely slowly, though so slowly as to not be perceivable or represent any kind of a threat) and thus my dream did not end and it became more vivid (though not quite to apex lucidity - though it did not “need” to be) and longer than usual.

      In this dream, I am living with my family in a completely unfamiliar building. My mother is alive again and there are a few bags of books apparently from the library. We llive on the first floor of a building that seems somewhat commercial as the windows are like glass walls. The residence seems to be in a larger city. Along with books, there are also some music CDs and movies. For some reason, I find myself looking for a certain CD and cannot find it anywhere. I also note the variety of books, some quite large. I say something aloud about wandering why she had checked out so much as she will not have time to read all these books, or in fact, even finish one of them.

      However, I realize that Zsuzsanna had also likely checked out several items from the library, including several children’s books. There are at least four larger bags full and I continue to search for something I was sure was there before but cannot find it now (recurring dream situation).

      Meanwhile, around this same time period, there had been some solar flare and aurora activity that was not threatening in any way. It seems to have stopped. The time seems to be just after noon.

      I notice one very odd DVD cover, a movie I am not familiar with and I am very surprised my mother had checked it out, as it looks like a very amateurish adult (X-rated) movie. I then see that the unlikely DVD had somehow duplicated itself so that there are now two copies, though this does not trigger lucidity. The cover is extraordinarily ugly and disturbing and vaguely reminds me of a vampire theme (though is more lamprey-like facially). It features a girl with a huge perfectly circular mouth, so large as to almost be twice its normal size and it almost seems I can make out gills on the inside (on each side). I find myself staring at this imagery in a typical “frozen” surreal dream event (similar to “Dennis the Cyclops” from June 1, 1988). The “lamprey girl” apparently seems to only serve as an oral sex vessel in the movie (I assume), though this does not make much sense in afterthought, as her mouth is far too large to be able to give pleasure in any way. As I continue to gawk at this horrendous image, an unknown female (possibly an implied secretary or nanny) comes into the room and asks me about the solar flares and CMEs, as she says “the sky is flashing again”.

      I go out to the front room and notice that the sky is indeed flashing (that is, the light in the room is cycling as brighter and dimmer in perfect timing). I look out and see a very vivid and realistic scene of strips of plasma coming down from the clouds and setting things on fire when they hit. It seems like it may be the end of the world. Through the glass walls on the opposite side of the room, I see Julia (from “Under the Dome”) running towards our building with her side on fire and smoke coming out. (This scene was obviously influenced by the “Ejecta” episode of “Under the Dome” though it is not her that is killed by the fire.) I first thought she was my wife (before she got closer to the windows) but then I realize my wife is probably safe inside. Still, I wonder how long this will last and if it really is the end.

      Shift. I remember the entry “The Macaroni and Spaghetti Mystery - Solved?” and realize what I wrote was correct, though there is more. Though macaroni does indeed represent the human brain (because of its appearance) and implied mental energies, “macaroni” is also an in-dream play on “my corona” (my crown). This causes me to reflect on another layer of “As the Worm Turns” (May 17, 2014). The worms falling out of my hair and becoming dried elbow macaroni are a play on the loss of “my corona” (my crown) in that I was leaving the dream state and no longer the king (though I was not lucid in that dream anyway - it was just more vivid than usual).

      Also, the typical day-to-day precognitive layer follows (though as stated before I do not always document it online); my wife opened a letter from the library shortly after my dream and it said she had one overdue CD - which included songs from the “Twilight” (vampire) movie. I had no way of knowing this otherwise.

      This also influenced me to have another look at “Dennis the Cyclops” due to it reminding me of the “lamprey girl” to some extent. Here are my words from that entry from my dream of June 1, 1988: “The ‘Dennis the Menace’ comic prior to this date was a gag where he said 'Guess what, mom! All the mirrors in the house look like ME!’ (and the one on this date - not yet seen at the time - having him ask Mr. Wilson, who is digging, 'Who buries the worms here in the first place?’ - nothing I know of relating to any 'explanation’ for this imagery other than the eye being partly mirror-like).”

      Note the “worms” play again right after the unusual reference to what could be a play on Universal Mind (“All the mirrors in the house look like ME!”). Also, June 1, 2001 (not only exactly thirteen years after my dream but also exactly thirteen years after the “worms in the ground” panel he drew) is when Hank Ketcham, the artist of “Dennis the Menace”, passed away.

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    15. Pokemon investigation, I'm a cop, end of the world, basketball and girls

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:47 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      these dreams are form the morning of 10-19-14
      Dream 1
      I am with my family on an island type thing. There are different sections of the island. (like water, fire, grassy etc.) Me and someone else have to figure out where these pokemon type things are going. Gollum follows us around. We take a boat out in a lake and figure out that a pokemon thing disappeared because it was just a really small thing in a costume of a fish and a dark pokemon thing had eaten it along with the other pokemon things. Te dark pokemon was sixteen years old and the others were 15 and apparently from 15 to 16 there is a massive change in their size. There were other pokemon who posed as the dark pokemon that we had to stop. We also learned that my grandpas cancer went away. (He passed away a few years ago and he never had cancer)

      Dream 2
      I am at Cross Country practice and these end of the world things start happening like meteors and earthquakes. We all start running around to stay alive.

      Dream 3
      I am a cop and am sitting in the car. I was at a park on the outside of a track and my partner and I see a guy we were tracking down. We rush over to him and I pick up a glass that was on the ground. It has liquid drugs in it and we are arresting the guy because of this. I start drinking it and I can't stop. I know I should stop but it tastes really good. I know I'm getting addicted and finally I stop. Then my partner and I are on boats chasing criminals in the same environment as the pokemon dream.

      Dream 4
      I am at school waiting in the lunch line, though the line is the size of a really popular roller coaster. Gandalf and Legolas help me get towards the front. When I get up to the food area, W is talking to R. R is a really hot girl and I keep staring at her. K kept saying a certain greeting that for some reason no one else could say but her. Then I went to the gym and started shooting hoops but I couldn't make a shot. I left the gym and my dad was outside and he asked me something. A little kid told me to move in the hallway and I thought bout beating him up. I went into my science class and the tables were totally rearranged ad there were people in there that aren't IWL. I even asked why the tables were changed in the dream.
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