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    1. Epic Airboat Run

      by , 07-25-2012 at 05:32 AM (Epic Dreamscape)
      ~This is what happened after a transition from the scene in my last post. (where it gets fun ^.^)

      Consciousness of the scene slowly faded in to me, and I saw that I was at a pool party with several of my friends. I went to get one of my buddies to swim with me, but he walked up to me before I even started to search, so we dove in. Once we were under the surface, the scene shifted again (but not much) to show that I was now underwater in the ocean, among many small fish in the murky water. I swam around with super speed for awhile, chasing fish and enjoying being able to breathe freely underwater, but eventually I decided to go back to the surface. The closer I got to the surface of the water, the clearer the water became, until it was simply shimmering air to my eyes. I broke out of the water, and I saw that I was now at the beach with the same person I had chosen to go swimming with, and two other guys that seemed familiar. There was also a crowd of people standing a few feet away from us, looking on as if they expected something to happen soon. It was then that a rather large airboat with only four seats drove itself up beside us, and the two guys jumped in the front seat and the passenger seat before speeding away, nearly knocking me down with the power of the airboat fan. As they sped away, a RC car controller flew out of the backseat and landed at my feet. I picked up the controller to see what it controlled, and as I turned the wheel and squeezed the throttle, I discovered that it controlled the airboat. I played with the two guys on the airboat for a few minutes, terrorizing them with high speeds and sharp turns, but eventually I brought the boat back so that I could get in too. Once in the boat, I drove off at a slow speed in the direction of the open ocean, increasing my speed as I went until I was going so fast that the boat would have flown if I hadn't kept it down. (This is where my control starts to catch up with me.) I continued to speed along until I decided that I wanted something extreme, so I simply pictured a giant tidal wave appearing, and a massive wave rose out of the ocean. It could have easily drowned a couple Sears towers. The airboat shot up the tidal wave, and when it reached the summit, it continued on, flying into the air, up, up, until gravity caught up with us and took us on the adrenaline-pumped descent.

      And that was basically the end to that dream. I drove around on the airboat for a few more minutes, but I woke up after that. By far the coolest thing about this dream was the free-fall that I went through on the way up and down on the airboat--it was like one of those rides at an amusement park that takes you up and then drops you back down, except faster, and I wasn't buckled in xD BEST FALL EVER!!

      Last thing! This dream was also really exciting for me because it's showing the increased amount of control that I'm having in Lucid dreams since learning these techniques and being on this site. I wasn't expecting much improvement in control this soon after being on this site and learning these techniques, but they've clearly already made some progress, so I'm happy ^_^