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    1. The cat again and some more dreams

      by , 05-14-2014 at 11:28 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I see the dream in 3rd person. There's a gang lead by 3 guys who have the worse behavior. The others just follow them without thinking. They are sort of a extreme-right wing party. We (a bunch of nerds) are living in a room next to their place of reunion. One of the leaders commands the troop to fire our room by incinerating their wall first and then he goes out with the other 2. I see it's a stupid idea what they are about to do. The lower ranked guys start to fire their wall, it burns all. They want to spread the fire from their side to ours, but they start having problems with the fire in their own room first. I think if we help them to solve that problem they will follow us. We help them to extinguish the fire using pancakes. Now they are on our side/...

      .../It's twilight. I'm following a dark cat which shows me some secret things buried on the ground. Something about a gold ring/...

      * Alarm clock went off
      * I lost many dreams because of I went late to bed. I wasn't able to wake up after them to take some notes.

      * Nap after work:

      .../I'm walking with my older daughter on another recurrent dreamscape street. There's a group of women walking in front of us. I notice one of them looks like one of my relatives. I tell my daughter she's my cousin, then she recognize us. We give us a hug. The street ends on the top of some escalators. Her parents get there from the lower platform. I have to confirm the other kid's flight ticket. She's at home, we are going to pick her up. She has to flight back tomorrow, otherwise I have to think when could it be. My uncles invite us to lunch in a good restaurant. I explain them we have to pick the little one first and I have to think for the new flight day/...

      .../I'm playing pool. I didn't know I have improved so much my game. I'm playing pool like a pro, I'm surprised! The balls look a little bit older. The cue looks like a scratched long wooden stock. I don't care, I love the game. I fail a ball, it's not a problem because of I'm playing alone and try it again. I put my hand deep in the pocket to take the balls back and try again. I perform a lot of very good tricks, I'm amazed! There are lot of tables in the hall. I'm next to a wall. Two guys are playing on the other side. I miss two balls out of the table. They roll where the other guys are playing. One of them kick them back. I thank him/...

      * I've started to draw fast sketches of the scenes again.

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    2. 7th day - Short lucid and some more connections.

      by , 05-07-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Like yesterday, there were some extra cups of wine before going to bed...

      .../It's a celebration day on the town I'm visiting from a long time. I see an aunt and ask her for her son, my fellow cousin to salute him. She tells me where he is, but I notice "his parents" are sitting in the same table and they're not too friendly. Anyway, I don't care and go to give him a hug. I try to make a joke about me getting drunk at the airport and sitting next to the airplane wheel just before the airplane starts to move. He doesn't get it. I think because of it has been a long time since we don't make jokes together/...

      .../I'm walking on a road, getting in a town where its welcome sign literally states: "Welcome to the state of California. Our little DOF things" (DOF is written in overlapped capitals). Then I get into a bar where a DC-mix of some drunk people I know, invites me to have some beers. I accept although I don't feel motivated to drink. He gets angry with me, and throws the whole content of a bottle on a wooden wagon. Then he asks me to leave and threats me to throw a rock on my head if I don't go because of I'm being a killjoy. I got confused and decide to better go out. In the street, I see the DC going out turned into my dad. I'm walking on the streets, feeling sad. It's cold out here and I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I want to go to the apartment we rented with a friend of mine/...

      * Apparently we rented that apartment in another dream and we live there with some other friends and family.

      .../change one letter game could be bravest from breast...

      .../I have to deliver something in the 14th floor of a house. The elevator door gets closed when I'm about to step into it. The door opens while the elevator goes up. Now it's just a platform and I can see the stairs and all the stuff around. I must stay standing in the middle. I see an old woman going upstairs. The elevator stops in the 15th floor. I get out of the platform. It's just a sort of stairs with huge steps that I have to go down. There's a big empty space in the middle. The woman stands in the opposite side where I am. I ask her to be careful, she says something and makes a wrong move, then she falls. I run to take a look down. She's sitting on a table talking with a girl friend. She mocks about something pointing at me. She's not dead. There's something going on here. I want to go downstairs very quick and think I could take a shortcut by jumping if it's what I'm starting to think. This place doesn't make sense, I know what it means! This time I don't want to jump due to the vertigo. I go on with the plot, I still have her delivery in my hands. I throw it close to her. She doesn't like it, I don't care. I look around to see how can I go out. I see some escalators on my side leading to a wall with a hole above it. I command them to stop. They stop and I have to climb to get on the roof of a building. I hear she is quite upset following me. I command the escalators to move again to squeeze her against the wall, but she gets out before getting trapped in the motion. Now she looks very young but angry, she wears like a witch from the middle age. She stands in front of me yelling something. I feel scared but I have to control myself. Using my mind, I throw her against some sharp spikes I see in front of the house. She gets impaled uttering some spell on me. Her mouth looks like a Venus flytrap and it opens to the sides. I command with my mind the spikes to open up. It finishes her. Now I see the dream in 3rd person view. I see a DC who looks like Harry Potter, getting out from my point of view, he gets close to a door that I previously saw stating it was level 13. Now it's time for another level, the number on the door changes to a lower one, and it opens to show a wall. There's a couple of brown werewolves getting out from a window. The female one has two bats flying like flies around her head. The traffic in the streets is weird. Most of the cars move backwards. The authority car has a toilette in stead of a seat, and the driver seems to be taking a shit while driving. He speaks with somebody with the radio. This place is weird and I'm wondering what have the werewolves to do here/...

      * I have to point out about this one, when I started to write down some fast notes (which is really tedious due to the fatigue) I barely remembered a couple of fragments of the final scene in the city where I wasn't lucid anymore. It was not until I wanted to go back to sleep, when I was able to remember the whole lucid sequence. Then my scratched writing turned into something more devoted.

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    3. Airport Sushi, Sinoblak, Cookieh and Oblivious Searching, One-Fifth Monster

      by , 07-19-2012 at 06:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Airport Sushi (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside preparing myself to go inside one of the planes in an Airport area. There are a few people going on the plane as well. The sky is light gray, feels like it's either going to rain, or maybe it's early morning.

      I follow along with the group of dream characters, just to make I don't miss my flight that's right there in front of me. An elderly man that looks a lot like a tennis coach I used to have is here to direct us inside the plane I believe.

      He had gray hair, wore one of those safety vests on top of his long-sleeved shirt, wore long pants, and was Caucasian. He didn't really talk much, and I can only recall him using hand gestures. Before we follow his instructions, a gust of wind hits me and everyone else all over, and I realized that this must be generated by the plane that's actually being operated at the moment.

      I ignored how dangerous that was, and then finally went inside some small building to get ready to go on the plane. I go inside, and the building feels empty. The building's composition is glass all over, even for most of the doors. There are escalators both going down and up, and I follow the dream character instead of waiting for the others to respond.

      It seemed the path we're going to would lead to boarding on the plane. I knew who the person was that I'm following. I only saw the back of his body, but his hair alone was enough for me to know.

      He had blonde hair, slightly dirty blonde hair, wore a fancy black polo shirt, and khaki or a really light gray long pants. He probably wore a light brown or black dress shoe. Oh, and let's call him Con.

      As I'm waiting for the escalator to send me all the way up, Con wastes no time to start skipping, even when there's no rush to reach the boarding area. I start to do the same, and then we have to walk a little before going down on an escalator.

      I didn't wait for this one to carry me down either, I just started skipping the steps and finally reached the bottom.

      I hear two females talking to each other, and I believe they're wondering how they are going to find their seats or something, I just assumed they were completely clueless based on the tone of their voices.

      I think the dream shifts to where I'm finally on the plane, but for me, this feels like I'm in a mini-hotel or something. Instead of analyzing the environment around me, I just take advantage of the bed or chair I'm sitting on and just relax.

      There's a female asking us if we would like something to eat, because they have a lot of food to offer. I didn't want to go at first, but I finally got up and followed the lady to the right on my right. The flooring is mostly dark red carpet, and maybe dark blue at some other rooms as well.

      Things felt luxurious for me when I saw all of the food on the table. The foods that caught my attention the most were various Sushi and chopped up chicken breasts. I get a bowl, and I believe it's a red ceramic bowl.

      I guess it makes sense for me that it's red, especially since I used a red ceramic bowl for eating cereal yesterday.

      I don't hesitate at all while I'm adding stuff to the bowl, I took a lot of what looks like the Sushi and the chopped up (and cooked) chicken breasts. The chicken breasts had a very light brown color.

      I most likely went back to my fancy room, still not cognizant on whether it's a hotel, airplane, or even both at the time.

      I think I'm called again if I would like more food, and I think I follow another lady for more to eat.

      Sinoblak (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Sinoblak on the Dream Views forums, something related to our dreams. All I was paying attention was her avatar and name, everything else went out of focus for me.

      Except when she posted about shifts or something in our dreams or something like that.

      Cookieh and Oblivious Searching (Non-lucid)


      I did a WBTB before I recalled these sets of dreams, which is why my recall for everything right now is okay.

      I'm waiting for a train to come, and while I'm being passive in paying attention for it to come, the train is already halfway through. I still have a little distance to make one final dash.

      I tried doing a curved dash, like moving away from the plane while running, and then turning to the right to leap and hopefully get a grip on the bar on the back of the train, but I failed.

      I had some feeling that I shouldn't be on the tracks, but I saw at least one person walking near the tracks to go up the stairs somewhere. And the actual tracks themselves, I thought it would be dangerous to step on them because I thought it would be an electrical hazard.

      I step over the tracks, nothing bad happens. I get out of the train station, and randomly walk around, trying to find some place to go. I don't know why I wanted to take the train I just missed, but now that I'm in a huge conflict with not knowing where it was going in the first place, it's very hard to find any kind of guidance in the dream.

      I think I run a little bit, looking over to my right at the skies. I think I see some huge city skyscrapers, and decided that I should find a way to head over there. While I'm running, or just power walking, I think I'm going into a section with various warehouses and storage garages.

      There are a few teenagers, maybe around the ages of 16-18, and they look like Skater posers or something, based on how they dressed themselves, and how most of them are practically skinny.

      But this was a rushed rationalization based on what I saw from my peripheral vision, or at least when taking a 1 second glance at them approaching my direction, but not necessarily to talk to me or anything.

      I started to develop a fear that they were coming after me though, since I'm all alone in a random section with warehouses and storage garages outside, I just couldn't help it. I ran a little bit faster, and then the feelings of fear eventually faded away.

      I don't know where I ran, but now it seemed I'm finally in an area with some people to start asking questionings too. The first person I talk to is red-headed. Her hair is somewhat long, almost reaching her shoulders.

      I assume this person is Cookieh, just because of other features I've noticed that matched the real one.
      (And I mean that in a non-creepy way).

      I asked the Cookieh look-a-like a question, most likely relating to where the hell I am at the moment. She looked a little depressed for some reason, and I asked her if she can give me a ride to somewhere that I can't remember. She's still looking down, and I guess I just take that as a "no."

      I don't think she wanted to talk to anyone with the state she was in. I open a glass door to go into a building, and I get some kind of mental flash that someone posted a picture of a nipple on the Dream Views forum.

      And because of that, I had some reflex that basically made me think, "YOU CAN'T POST NIPPLES ON DREAM VIEWS!!!!!"

      I take a look at the animated nipple in my mind, and it's oozing out so much breast milk, and the fact that it's not attached to anyone's body freaks me out a bit. After that random episode, I think I ask someone else for directions.

      I can't remember if it was a male or female, but they pointed to the sky. I look up, and they mentioned about how I could go to some big company to get more information on what to do next. The same finger that was pointing up was geared towards some huge building being held by some large machine crane, ready to drop it at its new location.

      Seeing a building lifted up like that was pretty cool, but also scary because with dream logic and all, it could end up pretty bad if it fell somewhere else.

      The dream shifts to where my perspective changes to where I see myself walking to someone.

      While I'm in this spectator first person view, I see gray hair to my left, and then realize it's an old lady, and apparently, she's the owner of whatever section I'm in. I shift my perspective back to the dream body of myself that I was previous contained in, and the lady continues to declare that I could go anywhere but near her and her daughter.

      I don't know what she thought I was going to do to her daughter, but I think I remember seeing the daughter at some point in the dream. She was hot, but it's not like I was going to sexually assault her or something.

      After the old lady gave me the freedom to walk around this city, and by the looks of where I am, either the city is just naturally dark, or maybe it's night time in the city.

      I don't remember what I do next though.

      One-Fifth Monster (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, but I think I'm fighting, or getting close to fighting a random monster. I don't know its name, but someone declares that it gives 1/5 Retribution or something like that.

      Guess it was some kind of RPG-esque kind of dream.

    4. Creepy firework man with bowling balls

      by , 01-15-2011 at 06:42 AM
      I was at, once again, my old farm where I grew up called Talla Bena. The dream was very hazy, as I don't have very great dream recalling skills. Me and my grandma were inside and heard sirens, so we went out into the fornt yard to investigate. All i remembered from that part were some giant police cars roaming around the yard. Later, we went out the back door and saw more enourmous police cars. They had no driver, and one veered off to come over towards us. We asked the car what was going on, but it ignored us and turned away.

      The scene changed, I was in an area similar to the place where the National Quidditch tournaments are held in harry Potter. It was a slightly cleared area of woods, and there were some tents around us with people coming in and out, holding drinks. My big sister was with me, and so was my mom, although I didn't see either of them until later, I just knew they were there, maybe heard their voice. Somehow i know my sister is pregnant. (She already has a baby and is not currently pregnant again) A shifty looking man in his early 60s slithers over. he is thin and wiry and has lots of facial hair. He asks if we want to buy some fireworks. We decline and he moves on.

      The scene shifts to where I am walking through a similar place with just my sister. i feel very calm and warm because even though we used to despise each other, now we love each other loads. We are talking about something pleasant and then a red bowling ball with a trailing ribbon rolls out of the trail ahead. It stops, leaving a long strand of ribbon behind it. More roll out, crisscrossing all over the ground. The shady man comes out again and yanks on a ribbon, and the whole network erects itself into a canopy. All of a sudden there are pounds and pounds of fireworks inside of the open thing, laying all over the ground. I walk forward, stepping on them, to examine them. They are all different shapes and colors, a bronze fleur de lis sticks out in my head. The man gets all up in my grill and I decline again.

      I am now in the car again with my sister, riding shotgun, going over the Causeway bridge. Once again, I felt welcome and cozy with her. Then I have a sudden image of a silhouette of myself jumping in the air and clicking my heels in front of a window. The window doesnt have scenery outside, it has graduated red to blue, with white dots in between.

      Now I am in a huge commercial building with my father. There are about 438474099 escalators in every direction, and as many people. I suddenly

      am lucid. I don't feel the dream is too stable, though, so I make the best of my surroundings and start jumping off of the escalators and floating down. unfortunatly I feel myself waking up because my eyesight is suddenly blinded by light, I can see the dream fading. Then it quits, and with quickly fading lucidity, I realize I must get back to my dad. I look around and find him a few escalators away.

      There is a line of escalator people blocking my way, but kindly, this rather large young boy steps aside so I can jump down and see my dad.

      Then I am on my grandmas bed....Sketching pictures of my vagina. Not in a weird, sexual way, but it was actually because I had wanted to draw the human body more often earlier that day. (im not very good at drawing people) I guess that some how worked its way into my dreams. Surprisingly, the pictures were very good. O_O

      Then I was in class, and my science partner claimed she was pregnant.
    5. Mushrooms.

      , 06-18-2010 at 11:50 AM
      I dreamed dreamt that I was with TW in Sweden (!) It was really weird/cool actually. I got there and there was this escalator thingy I had to go through. Damn and then I wrote - "eurgh I cbf typing it all out"

      Another dream I had last night, I had this bag of mushrooms and I was delivering them to some place or person. I took one out and ate one, and was like "shit this is a magic mushroom", even though nothing actually really happened, I just suddenly knew that they were magic mushrooms xD Then because I was carrying them, I was afraid of getting caught and ran away or something. It was like an adventure actually, it was fun.



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